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REVIEWS OF Gene Juarez Salon & Spa IN Washington

Adrienne D

Debbie Johnson

I like the attitude here better than at the Bellevue location. It doesn't come across as modern and swanky but the people are nice. Highly recommend Brooklyn for massage and Nita for nails. If you do the massage in Redmond, there is an amazing steam shower. One star ding for the product sales that some people push after a service - I'm there to relax and already paying a good amount; I don't want the sales pitch.

Hanan Patel

Melissa Todhunter

Hope Yeats

Richard Edwards


I love Vivienne! Very talented artist!

Ana Virginia Cisneros

Ambika Manan

Christina Enoka

Great experience! Finally found my salon home. This salon doesn't miss a single detail while managing their high volume and doing so quite well! Great talent, great vibe, nice touches.

Sarah Renee

Student coloring in Bellevue (Jewel was the colorist), cut in Redmond (Shaia, hairdresser). I could not have been more pleased by both services and individuals. The salon methods employed by Gene Juarez are unconventional by American standards and that is what sets them apart from the average salon. Deep tissue scalp massage, complimentary beverages and hair treatments that work long-term are just a few of the delights you can expect upon your visit. I will return in the future, thank you!

ericka fink

Miranda mccoard

Nisa Rahim

mary west

Heidi Cooperrider

Lao Shee

Ram Mohan Chalam

Excellent quality skin therapist!

Zelda Spellman

Im happy with how my hair turned out but they charged me $30 for a blowout that i though was complimentary.

z nv

Sherri Baker

always a pleasant experience. I have been going here for years. special call out to Iris for taking care of my curly hair and Feri for my waxing needs

Itzel Perez

Curly haired clients: make sure you get a very real confirmation that you booked a curly hair expert! Vanessa at the Redmond location was a godsend. She saved my haircut! Wonderful stylist with loads of experience.

Julia Winters

I just recently had a baby and went out to treat myself. I went in for a cut and a balayage, I was told the color stylist was a expert in balayage. I told her I hate streaky highlights which is why I wanted a balayage in a very light brown or honey color ( I have dark brown hair). Paid more then $300.00 and got ugly streaky highlights through out my hair, from my roots down. Now I wear my hair up in a pony tail and wear a ball cap till I can afford to get it professionally fixed. So disappointed.

Yulya K

Make sure you check your receipt (especially if you are buying a few products)! They just tried to overcharge me (happened 2nd time).

Maryline Desjardins

Allison Hopper

I've come to this location regularly for the past 2 years for hair cuts, color treatments and massage and have an excellent experience every time. I usually end up scheduling my appointments at the last minute (cuz I'm super organized....) meaning I get a different stylist each time - none of them have ever disappointed. I always walk out feeling confident about my hair. I'm a very happy client and don't plan on leaving any time soon!

Linda Long

Sheri Rearick

Katrina Swett

Elijah Miller

cheryl storey

Nicole Binette

Excellent customer service, instant satisfaction. Friendly staff. Comfortable environment.

Valeria Saeedi

Kerlynne Kirkland

A1 Place to go. They make you feel special and care about what you want.

Nicole Chaffey

I grew up going to the Bellevue salon, but now work across the street from the Redmond salon, so I thought I would give it a shot. There is a very clear difference in quality of service and atmosphere between the salons, particularly since the Bellevue salon moved to the Bravern. The cut: I have loose curls- and opted for a cut with a Curl Expert as I badly needed a reshaping. The cut I received was fine for an ordinary haircut, but in no way different or better for my curls than a cut I have gotten anywhere else. My stylist was lovely, and it is nothing against her personally, but the title of "Curl Expert" really should come with a higher level of training around shape and dimension. Curls are complex, but this is why people seek out curl specialists. The atmosphere: This is my biggest gripe. The salon itself was very loud, especially for being a higher priced salon. There were children in the small chair station area I was in, playing loud games on their tablets. Several of the stylists and their guests would have to talk over one another to be heard. All in all not the salon experience I would expect for the price of the cut I paid.

Joseph Garaffa

Kat Loman

Only the best!!

Gabby H

As a graduate Gene Juarez student, I'm completely disappointed with the service. I thought Gene Juarez was all about customer service but they are clearly not at the Salons. I had my appointment set for today , and they over booked the stylist who was going to do my hair. SO THEY CANCELLED ME instead of the other two that came way AFTER ME. And they didn't have the decency to call me. The stylist message me letting me know this. Very mad and disappointed.

Jen Gray

I would give this place zero stars if it was an option. I am currently a Spa Member and the practices I have seen in the last three months are appalling and gotten increasing worse. Three months ago I witnessed a line of >6 people trying to either check-in or check-out. As the line grew the faster associates walked away from the front desk refusing to help customers. Then most recently my service was cut short and I was asked if I wanted to use my spa membership ($90 paid) for the shortened $65 service. I agreed because I never want to return to this spa again (we will see how cancelling the membership goes...). I was shocked and disappointed by Gene Juarez. I am not sure if this has happened to others. Beware of the spa membership! Beware of this location (I can't speak to other Gene Juarez locations).

Matthew Rice

Ankita Kshatriya

Got a nice haircut couple of months back. I would say, service was great, staff was very professional and responsive and friendly as well

Ashley Gothenquist

Valentine Scott

Akshada Bijur

While I loved the Alderwood Mall Gene Juarez Salon, the one in Redmond Town Center was not good at all. As soon as I entered the salon to check in I was greeted by a very bored and Rude girl who informed me in a very arrogant tone that my stylist was running 15 minutes late ...that's it no apology or neither any politeness. After waiting more than 20 minutes my stylist was available and experience after that was good. But the initial welcome felt so unwelcoming that I will not be returning to this location again

Austin Davis

I have been coming to this salon for years and it has really gone down hill. For the premium price you pay for services, you should not have to wait 15 minutes for a blow dry after a color has been done. The stylists used to know what the latest styles are but now they have become complacent and do the same thing every time. My hair has a lot of natural body and each time the stylist flatten it to my head. Time to change salons!

Josiah Long

Haldis Gonsalves

Allison McDonough

Got my haircut on Friday and all my stylist did was talk about herself the entire time. Not ONCE did she ask if I liked the cut, if I wanted anything changed, or if there was anything else I wanted. Very disappointed in the service as I am usually very impressed with this salon. Luckily my haircut turned out alright!

Dawn Thompson

Negative comments win me over. I won't even try this place. Thank you.

Judy Rae

I went here and my hair was almost down to my lower back dimples. My hair was healthy with no split ends. I went there to donate 12", my daughter and I would donate 12" of hair every year. I went to the Redmond location and I told them what I wanted to do. They were excited and so was I. I told her I had done the this for the last three years and it was for a great cause. I sat back and relaxed, ready to have the extra 12" gone, and a lighter bounce in my step, however when she was finished cutting my hair, it was up to my earlobes. I was in shock. This had never happened to me before. I couldn't even put my hair in a ponytail without the side falling down. I deal with horses everyday and can't have my hair falling in my face. It would even stay behind my ears. She told me that my hair was tapered down my back so she first cut it straight across, removing about 6" of hair to the floor. Then she said she cut off another 12" + inches, saying she had to because they need a full 12" of hair to be able to use it. I was blown away, you have to donate at least 8" but can donate any length after the first 8". They knew what I wanted and what was doing when I made the appointment. She should have done her research. She apologized and said she wanted to make it right, but what could she do? Only time could fix the damage. Lucky for me my hair grows pretty fast, as stated I was donating 12" of hair every year. It took 18 months for my hair to grow back. It's almost down to my dimples again. Wanting to donate, but don't want to relive my past experience. Having to wear a hat until my hair grew back was months filled with awful...

Darian Carson

I love coming in to have my hair cut/colored and to have my brows waxed. In most cases I can schedule all three appointments with all three specialists in an afternoon. It can get busy, but I have never had a problem. The spa area is very relaxing. They go the extra mile there. I can use the term 'specialist' because GJ makes their employees choose an area of expertise. My colorist Effie (who is a little more expensive because of her vast experience) only does color. My hair color has been amazing every time. My hair looks shinier, feels softer and looks great for weeks after an appointment. My stylist Jen only does hair: cuts, blowouts, updos etc. She takes the time to hear what I am saying, offers advice and she taught me how to flat iron my hair like a pro. I am very grateful because it has saved me so much time and frustration! This place is expensive. This is not Fantastic Sam's or Supercuts! This is not the Barbie Doll Factory either (unless you want it to be for yourself). These are real people doing what they love in a corporate environment that seems to encourage a fun and relaxing environment. I appreciate that they specialize and they receive extra training in their area. I appreciate the attention to detail and the friendliness of the staff. I appreciate that they offer me water or tea or coffee even though I usually bring my own soda. I appreciate that they do special surprise treats sometimes: One time I was offered a hand massage while I was under the dryer (free) and another time I got to try a hair gloss for free because that was the special that day. I appreciate that the location is easy to find and parking is free and plentiful. You can shop before or after or meet people for lunch or dinner there.

Theresia McLynne

My facial was great, but GJ doesn't have that "special customer service touch" of going above & beyond (prior to & after the facial), from the minute you walk in the door, like they used to (referring to Bellevue & Redmond locations).

Heidi Mendez

I have been going to Gene Juarez for over 15 Years and they used to be a quality hair salon but lately I have had NOTHING but problems with them. There are noticeable issues after every color appointment (huge chunks of area with no color) and my hair cut is never even (and I get a very basic cut with long layers and framing). Today took the cake though - I booked an appointment 2 weeks in advance and they call me one hour before my appointment to tell me I can still get my color but they don’t have anyone to do my hair cut. Not what you want to hear when you’re about to go on two weeks of travel and have no other time to get your hair done. This place is absolutely terrible. If I didn’t have a gift card, I would find some place new and never look back.

Archana Nityanand

The attention to detail by hair dressers is great.

Kathleen Jackson

Maggie Kerr

Front desk isn’t organized well. Employees will make eye contact with you as if to engage and begin checking you in, but then suddenly walk away and ignore you. You stand akwardly for a few minutes until someone’s else finaly asks if you have been helped.

Sheryl Mathew

Great service

Nicole Sheldrake

Cee Cee

Holly is great for facials. She is professional, courteous, and does a great job. She keeps the product out of your eyes and hair. She listens to my requests and addresses them. I highly recommend her. I also tried Sharon for facials. Upfront she lets you know she is heavy handed on the facial massage, so you can request differently if that is not to your liking. On my last visit, she attempted to apply paraffin wax to my hands after the facial was underway, which was a disaster. She got a plastic bag, loaded it with hot wax and put my hand in the bag and just closed it up. its like leaving your hand in the hot wax bin. my hand was burning up. i couldn't tolerate the burning sensation and told her to take it off. with paraffin, usually you just dip your hand in hot wax bin for a second. i do not advice the application method she used, which was like leaving your hand in the hot wax bin. i was concerned it would leave burns on my hands. my hand stung for the rest of the day, but luckily no damage to the skin tissue other than pinkness. whoever is in charge of training should tell all spa staff to avoid that method. It is very dangerous.

Laura Mack

I have been going here for several years. The staff are always helpful and the stylists are great. This location was starting to look a little worn. Hopefully with the new owners they will update. Love the online scheduling.

Fee M

Olivia Roshelle


Drew and Shaya did a lovely job! Very sweet people too. :)

Meli Ed

Absolute awful, my hair turned out blue and I asked for blonde...I hair was left with different colors of blonde and damaged will never be going back

Kerry Peck

Lots of specialist. They were able to squeeze me in on short notice. Wasn’t the best cute and color of my life but was satisfied with purchase. Will likely return till I find that stylist connection. Hair is so personal.

kathie mcfall

Maureen Ihle

Great burgers and steak. The filet is always excellent.

Marilyn Lazaro

It was very expensive and the hair cut that was given to me was as if I had gone to the mirror and chopped my hair off myself. Their was no style and what I wanted wasn't done. Even though the hairstylist said numerous times that my hair looked really nice, and I actually believed it. Until my hair dried (because he didn't dry it), and then it looked horrible.

Christina Adams

linda garcía

Siyu Yang

Heather Wilson

Couldn't believe they had one hidden away here in Redmond! I will definitely go to this one again before the one in University Village. Parking, friendly staff and a full soa/salon. I had Jasmine as my stylist and she was super sweet. Very trendy stylists here!


Great service

Julie Lausterer

Katia Tran-Nghiem

SunshineLaw Fan

Eugenia, in skin care, is a bona fide pro. A low-key, approachable woman with a feather-light touch. I trust her completely. This expert is worth every cent and then some. A+

Jackie Pena

I loved the downtown Gene Juarez so I have tried the Redmond location several times since moving to the eastside. I am very disappointed in the treatment I and my daughters have received here. Not only have I noticed several times that we are not asked if we would like a beverage-something I notice everyone else is asked - but on each of our last 3 appts I have not been asked if my daughters's hair came out alright (they are underage) and one time not asked if I was happy with my cut (which I wasn't). I am a short Hispanic woman so I feel they see us like we can't afford the place so "why bother". Maybe I am being paranoid, but why do I have to ask for a cup of coffee or tea for my kids every single time when it is OFFERED to others. I always tip over 20% hoping for better treatment next time, but to no avail.

Isabel Esquivelzeta

Colleen Masterjohn

Would highly recommend Taylor Stone for color. She consistently does a great job with my color.

Monika Aring

Long wait for phone responses, reception not very customer service oriented, my hair stylist, Vanessa is fantastic.

Lindsey Schwab

Adrianne White

Franchesca Havas

Best massages, facials, and nail work ever!

Lauren Skiles

My friend and I were beyond excited to get our hair done for the first time at Gene Juarez, the girls we had were very nice nothing wrong with that! We explained what we wanted but came out with the total opposite of that. My friend wanted a semi balyage with a few inches taken off, the color didn't look any different than her natural hair and took a ridiculous amount of length off. I asked for my hair to be a full balyage, but my stylist bleached my entire hair (with no highlighting or nothing like a balyage) my whole head of hair is blonde with crazy patches of yellow/orange spots. I could tell everyone at the salon was starring at the way I looked because it looked atrocious. I didn't like the fact that the stylist put on a fake smile saying it looked good, when my friend, myself and my family think otherwise. We're never going here again, spending over $200 plus a $40 tip will be spent somewhere else. Thanks a lot.

Jenn Nicholson

Bernie did a great job as usual!

Tanuja Kulal

Got done keratin smoothing done for 300$ and there is no change in hair after first wash. Waste of time and money

Nalita Devi

Wouldn't let anyone else but Ericka to do my facials and eyebrow wax! Thank you!

Karen Schanzenbach

I love Gene Juarez. I won't tell you who is good. Because they are super busy.


Ask for one thing, get something entirely different...

David Smith

Loni did a great job

Carolina Duclos

Devyn Crawford

Peter Horne

My go to place for a haircut has just gone down in my estimation. They no longer greet you, you are expected to sign yourself in on a screen - so no personal contact, which for a place like this that charges premium prices is ridiculous. Same great haircut though.

Kelly Berg

KMart service at a Nordstrom price. Stay away.

Chaitan Bandela

Elyse Korwel

You guys suck, thanks for wasting my time.

Maha Rangavajjula

This place is just awesome. My hair was messed up at different salon and JC from Gene fixed it for me with an ease. The other employees and front desk were so helpful and answered all my questions. You guys rock and keep up the same good work.

Stacey Vandell

Had a massage recently. While the massage was good, she completely missed my hands and arms. Plus you book and hour massage for $160 plus tip and you really only get 35-40 minutes...which is why she probably missed my arms. It seems like they count the time you are waiting to go in the room and they are soaking your feet on an uncomfortable bench as massage time. The place is getting run down and really needs to be updated. The mens bathroom didn't even work so my husband had to get dressed and go out into the salon to use the restroom there..uhmm..not relaxing. I do not reccomend.

Georgene Jones

I have been a patron here since 1998. I've worked with several hair/color stylists over the years and have enjoyed their spa services on a regular basis. They offer consistent high quality services and I highly recommend. If you can get in to see Addison for a hair cut or Becky for a massage, you will not be disappointed!

Kelly Valenti

Nicole Zurita

Great haircuts! Definitely worth the price.

Paul Tanner

My stylist is very consistent with my men's haircut. Good value for me. Saturdays are challenging because there is a car show there many weekends. Check for conflicts

Stephanie Burns

Deidre did a beautiful job on my color. Very happy! Third person I went to and she managed to get the color right. It wasn't easy...very complex combination. This is the second cut Yelena's done for me. I absolutely love my hair. I'll be back with both of these ladies. Very easy to talk to. I'm so happy to find someone I can trust to do my hair.

Roxanne Borders

I get my hair colored by an amazing man named Dan. He always gives me exactly what I want and asks me to come back once it’s cut and styled so he can see how it looks. He is a big reason why I will continue going to this salon (:

Rylan Johnson

Theresa Hernandez

Mark Milkovich

awesome spa! all around. good location

Arushi Jain



Is hit or miss with staff. Some are *amazing* while others should be avoided. Likes: HOLLY for facials. She takes her time, describes what comes next, & provides a great serene spa experience. KENDALL: for all over color. Everytime my overall color is spot on. KIM: for haircut. She listens, describes, explains, and works with you. She provides a reassuring experience. Haircut was *best* thus far at any GJ salon. I get a long layered v-cut with a little feathering for that soft floaty integrated layer look.

J.Russell Schneider

Been going here since 2011 and though I am now on my 3rd stylist they never fail to get my hair done right. The prices have gone up over the years but worth it to make sure the job is done correctly.

beth jorgensen

This place is ok. More so highly overrated. I’ve tried this place a couple of times. Customer service is great, however the service for haircuts not so much. The times I have been my haircuts were horrible, uneven, totally not what I asked for. Not to mention overpriced for what u get,

Harini Reddy

Gina Stevens

Alessandra Baccini


Recently I had a hair cut done from Vivienne and I must say she has magic in her hands!!i loved the way she designed my hair.she is extremely friendly and would highly recommend my friends. Thank you Vivienne

Michael P Snapke


I don’t write many reviews unless the service was above and beyond and the experience I had today qualifies as such. Jordan is an incredible colorist who took care of me, really making sure I was happy with my look, and my hair is stunning! I will absolutely be coming back to her from now on. June also did a great job with my haircut! Overall, I was blown away by the customer service I received. I highly recommend these ladies!!

Molly Garner

I come here for haircuts, color (bleach & tone too), spa pedicures, massages, facials, and waxing. Mel is the fastest, and least painful Brazilian I’ve ever had. Seriously. The Spa Attendants are very attentive and help me relax into my spa services without worrying about time, where to go, etc. I’ve never had a bad massage from this location either. Ever. I’ve seen all of their therapists and I’m EXTREMELY picky when it comes to my body work (I have scoliosis, a history of fractures in my spine, and have done loads of competitive sports. My body has a lot of miles on it for somebody my age, AND I’m also very much in tune with it).The group of massage therapists they have there are extremely sensitive to the needs of their clients. Never once have I been made uncomfortable or left in pain. When it comes to haircuts, I’ll name a few names only b/c I haven’t had a hair service by every single designer or colorist they employ: Designers: Michael—gives AMAZING scalp massages at the shampoo bowl. Vanessa—gives the most gentle, relaxing haircut even as she’s cutting (doesn’t fold my ears, or knock into my head with long, fake nails, etc). Janine—is extremely technical. You can see it when she picks through your hair for the consultation. Amazing. Colorists: RUBY—she’s young, but don’t let her sweet little face fool you, this girl knows her stuff. I’ve seen her for 2 bleach & tones and even a corrective color visit. She is extremely honest (which I value) with your vision for your hair; meaning, that if you come in with a drastic idea (like I often do. My hair is naturally dark brown, and it’s now silver—thanks to Ruby) and it’s not going to work with your skin tone, or it’s going to damage your hair SHE WILL CALL YOU OUT. In an honest and forthright way. Amen sister! ALL THE POSTS ON HERE about “so-and-so ruined my hair” are BS. Ruby will not let you mess your hair up. And let me just say, Ladies & gentleman, if you’re coming in to a hair service barking orders about “this is how this is going to go” let me remind you that THESE PEOPLE ARE PROFESSIONALS. If they’re advising you to go in a different direction with your vision for your hair, IT IS FOR GOOD REASON. ____________ As a whole, I urge you to recall that these people went to school for their craft and have spent years honing it—just like most of us have. They take pride in their work and they’re looking out for the BEST INTEREST of their clients. Truly. I say this with ALL of their service providers (Estetitions, massage therapists, color and design, and nail techs). I can think of no other establishment where you are welcomed in the door and cared for so attentively than at this Gene Juarez.

Chau Luu

Effie's been coloring my hair for the past 10 years and I would never have anyone else. It always come out exactly how I want it and she always make sure the process and color choice works the best for my hair. Thank you for always making my hair color look natural and amazing!

Gale McNeilly

It's the best!

Lane Kuhlman

Best spa!

Dianne Young

The botox and fillers with the medi spa were excellent. My face was well balanced whereas other places weren't able to accomplish this. I will continue to use them for these services. The mani/pedis are also amazing.

Lois Walsh

I had one stylist for a year. She never cut it the way I wanted, was always twenty minutes late. So I finally asked for another stylist. Jackie has cut it twice now, and I loved it both times. Wish I hadn't stayed with Cory for so long. They are disorganized at the desk, but I don't sweat the small stuff! My son just gave me a gift card and I can't wait to use it.

Meera H

Carie Jackson

Matt Loporto

Thank you Effie! My hair color looks AWESOME! I'll definitely be back again!!! GREAT JOB : D Matt

Jacob Monahan

Very expensive, but very high quality products and servicea

Jennifer Hamilton

Consistently high level of service. Love that I can book online.

Arden Kuhn

I've been coming to this salon for over a decade. Some stylists have come and gone but the customer service has stayed the same. Very friendly and polite staff. Kudos for adding to its outgoing wait-mesaage about parking because of a car show.

Tabea Bruce

I had a professional hair cut experience with excellent customer service.

Patricia Salamanca

Always so glad and enjoyed with this place. Everything is wonderful . Thank you !!! for the excelent work with my hair.

Annika Flewelling

They were over prices and one of the ladies that was cutting my hair left it all choppy and I had to do get it redone at Hair masters...

Diji Sreekumar

Giving a star for how the scheduling was done.Had great expectations.Poor hairstyling experience and extra length of hair cut than desired.Never going back!!!

Carrie Quinn

Great place. Everyone super friendly.. First time there will go again

Riya Nadkarni

I used to come here all the time and they were great but the last time I went before my trip to Hawaii it was a disaster. I simply asked for my hair to be about two shades lighter. I came out with orange hair which she initially fixed. Finally after it all I ended up with orange, literally orange, hair again. I kept showing the pictures to her but maybe she had never dealt with thicker hair or something i dont know. But it was the day before vacation so I became very self conscious until the ladies at Seven salon fixed it for me.

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