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Jamie Fuller

I came here on a recommendation and saw Miguel in (I think) late 2014. I gave a very vague description of what I wanted, and he gave me the first haircut I've loved in years. After my most recent visit my hair has never been this curly and he showed me how to do it myself. The music, other staff, artwork, and Star Wars stuff don't hurt either. Thanks Miguel!

Jen U

I found Foxy Cut because I needed someone to fix the bad dye job I received from another place. Miguel did a great job. He listened to what I wanted, and more so, made sure that my hair would look and feel healthy after so many dye treatments in such a short period of time. Miguel even made sure I went home with the right products to keep my hair vibrant for as long as possible, and keep my hair feeling soft. I now get compliments about my hair being a work of art. It’s the best fantasy hair anyone could hope for. It was also a very fun and enjoyable day at the salon, my boyfriend came with me, and we made a day of it. Miguel made sure to give me and my hair all of his attention, and we all had fun talking about geeky and interesting stuff. I needed an artist for the look I wanted, and Miguel was that artist. I came in with an idea, and an open mind for any suggestions for improvements from the artist I chose, and he offered many fun ideas for my hair, to make my original idea into an amazing, beautiful, and fun final piece of art. And yes all these pictures are my real hair, the color is layered so it looks different depending on lighting and hair style for the day. I walked into Miguel’s shop, Foxy Cut, with an idea for cute hair that I wanted, and left with better hair that I love.

Meredith Rock

If you are planning to see Miguel, I strongly suggest you read this first. This review is my genuine opinion of this establishment and I have no personal or business relationship with Foxycuts. In mid-January, I called Foxycuts to schedule an appointment with Miguel. They told me that he does his bookings online. I went to their website and requested an appointment for a cut, dye and full balayage for 10am on Feb. 24th. I added a note saying that they would need to reserve extra time for me since I have very long hair. I got a confirmation text and email saying the booking was approved. Miguel is the owner and has some glowing reviews and pics online. When I arrived, he was speaking with a client in the waiting area. I waited 10 or 15 minutes. Then he told me I was only booked for a 15-minute slot. Apparently they were having problems with their new booking system. I mentioned my note and that I had booked this over a month ago. He made a few calls, and luckily one of his clients said she wouldn't make it. My hair is naturally medium brown and I wanted to dye it very dark brown with lighter brown balayage. We spent time talking about this. He said it would be very hard to achieve and take all day. He brushed my hair out and then told me he had a man and his son coming in for a quick haircut. I was confused because I thought we were about to start. "So, like 30 minutes?" I asked. "Uhhhh, 45 maybe," he said, and sent me back to the waiting area. An hour later, Miguel was finally finished with the pair. He then sat down in front of me to enjoy a lunch of Mexican food. When I finally got back in that salon chair around noon, I told him I just wanted the dye and cut and that maybe I'd come back for the balayage. "Are you serious?!" He asked incredulously. I said yes. "Do you have to be somewhere?" I reminded him that I had already been there for two hours. He said, "Ok, I understand." A few moments later he said, "You know, you've been really patient so I'll tell you what. If you come back for the balayage, I'll do it for free." I was very surprised, but appreciative. Turns out his offer had a catch. He later said that since he was doing me such a big favor, I was obligated to let him do a bright, unnatural color like pink so he could use it for his portfolio. This was disappointing. I didn't want a funky color. Later on a guy came in and said he had an appointment with Miyoko, who was out sick. Miguel said he'd take him, and then rushed through my cut. As he was blow drying my hair he asked if I liked braids. He said that he wanted me to leave with something amazing. So I said ok and he put a fancy but very tight and painful five-strand braid in my hair. The braid was cool looking but I had frizz sticking out everywhere. The next morning--this is 100% true--I woke up with an awful migraine from both the tight braid and the strain on my neck while he was braiding. On top of all that, when we rescheduled the balayage, he was totally unaccommodating. I asked for a weekday evening slot (I work until 5:15) and he said nope because they close at six. Their other stylists have offered to stay later so that I could come in after work, but not Miguel. I would have to come in on a Saturday again, and his first opening was in another month. And finally, as I was paying him, he threw in another caveat to my "free" balayage. He said that because my hair would be so damaged by the process, I would have to buy at least $70 worth of product from him. I spent a long time straightening my hair the next day to see what the cut actually looked like. One side was tapered a lot shorter than the other and the ends had a straight edge with no layering (not point-cut like in the picture I showed him.) Ultimately I decided to write this review instead of taking him up on his offer. Miguel's behavior was so unprofessional that I won't be patronizing Foxycuts again.

Kayla Sakamoto

Raven Apigo

Let me preface this review by first saying that I couldn't be happier with the end result. Working with Miguel and this awesome new bleach allowed me to take my dark, Asian hair to a bright wine red in one sitting without completely frying it. After over 2 months of having vibrant purple/pink hair, I can definitely speak to the longevity of the color. Miguel sent me home with tons of product to keep the color going for as long as possible (more on that later) and it definitely worked. With that, let's break down this review. EXPERIENCE: I found Miguel and Foxycut Salon in a way that I assume most people find them: via reviews and searches for the "best hair salon/stylists in Seattle." Having read all the 5 star reviews and browsed through countless pictures of previous coloring jobs on their website and Facebook, I went ahead and booked an appointment with Miguel via StyleSeat. As other reviewers have mentioned, if you want an appointment with Miguel, plan ahead (about 6 weeks)! Unfortunately, after waiting those 6 or 7 weeks for my appointment, Miguel was sick and had to cancel. Lucky for me, a client ended up canceling their appointment and I was able to get into the salon only a couple days after my previously scheduled appointment. Throughout the scheduling process, Miguel was quick to respond to my messages with professionalism and poise. My experience within the salon was positive as well. Miguel is quite funny and was making conversation with both stylists and clients throughout the appointment. I'm not a talker myself and I didn't feel forced to carry on the conversation, opting to simply interject now and then. When it came to answering my more technical questions about maintaining my color and taking care of my hair, Miguel left me feeling confident and much more knowledgeable about the bleaching process, color-safe products, and more. This salon definitely lived up to my expectations! PRICE: Miguel’s pricing structure is pretty straightforward. There’s a base price that accounts for the skill involved in doing your hair and additional costs account for how much product you use (bleach, color, etc). I have pretty long, thick hair so a majority of my costs fell in the “product” category. Again, plan ahead! I ended up paying a bit more than expected, but the results were definitely worth it. If you have no idea how much bleaching and coloring costs, I recommend scheduling a consultation with Miguel to talk about your hair coloring plans. LOCATION: Foxycut Salon is pretty easy to get to even without a car. For a college student like myself, that’s great! It’s right across from the Link Station at Pioneer Square. Pioneer Square tends to be pretty noisy and hosts quite a few homeless people, buskers, etc. but that’s the norm. BONUS POINTS: Foxycut Salon sells Olaplex, a product straight from the hair gods. Miguel offered me free refills whenever I bring the bottle in, which is great considering how tiny it is. This stuff kept my hair from completely getting fried by all the processing. I’m not going to lie. It’s not cheap to get your hair done at Foxycut Salon. I will say that Miguel and the other stylists at the salon know what they’re doing and will do their best to get the results you want. As someone who went from virgin, black Asian hair to a vibrant red/pink in a single day (almost unheard of), I would definitely recommend Foxycut to anyone who wants the job done right the first time.

Davarene Destiny

Lily is amazing! She worked wonders with my natural dark brown hair to platinum.

m l

The designated opening time is 10:30AM. I waited till 11:00AM and no one was there to open the store. I called multiple times. No one is there to to pick up.

Monique Kidd

Have not been


If you're looking for experts on unicorn/fantasy hair and everything else in-between, this is the place to go in Seattle! Always lovely service.

Tory Harrison


Miguel is a scissor wizard!

Mimierz Kogs

Carmen Rodriguez

Rumeet Waraich

Alicia Shen

Very good haircuts, also hands down the best place to get fantasy hair colors in all of Seattle. Definitely give it a try especially if you have "minority" hair types (like super curly hair, or pitch black thick hair like mine).

Elizabeth Quintos

I can't recommend this place enough! I went to the owner, Miguel to get my hair colored purple after my previous hair stylist messed up my hair. Before I got it done it was a mix of various blues, purple, brown, orange, green and black (my real hair color). It was a mess to say the least. Miguel gave me a realistic idea of what can be done with my hair to get it a step closer to my dream hair (pastel) which was much appreciated. He worked from 10:30am to 7:30pm to make sure he could get it as close as he could and to make sure I was happy with my hair color. I'm obsessed with my new hair and I feel like myself again! I'll definitely be back.

Amy W

I fly in from out-of-state to see Miyoko! She first styled & cut my hair Jan ‘18 and it gave me the confidence to get a gnarly scar on my head. Many patients that get brain surgery are opting to shave their head, but I loved how Miyoko kept my length and worked with my natural waves. A big thank you to Foxycut for listening to my needs and hair habits before picking up scissors!

Mel Good

After two visits with Foxycut Salon I can safely say I'll continue going to them for a long time. They have a diverse team who know how to style many types of hair, which was very important for me with my thick Filipino hair- it's a disaster if not styled right. The salon itself has a fun atmosphere and is very intimate. Only detractor is the line from the restaurant next door frequently blocking the entrance.

Jackie Schaubel

Amazing spot, would definitely recommend going here!

Collin Tabata

Melise Edwards

Hewe from Foxycut Salon is AMAZING! The entire process of getting my hair braided was enjoyable from start to finish. Hewe worked with me to help me get the perfect sized braids since I wasn't exactly sure which size I wanted. The atmosphere at the salon was warm, welcoming and felt like a place I'd want to hang out at all day! Hewe did an excellent job and my braids (now, nearly two weeks later) look and feel incredible and turned out better than I ever could have imagined. I will definitely be coming back for braids, twists and more! Thank you Hewe! You are an angel!

Lita De León


do u guys still do bantu knots for curls

Tizita Assefa

Miguel has become family. From early on he's taken care of our hair- the kids would only go to him - we're a BIG hair family, so this means a lot. My trust for Miguel and the people he's brought on board to care for our hair is part of my Seattle foundation. This is not easy to find, and I don't take it for granted. I appreciate that I can go someplace just as I am and be welcomed, respected, seen, supported, and even transformed.

Beverly Spiva

I read nothing but positive reviews for this salon so I requested an appointment.. never received any type of response.. not a positive experience!

ann cao

Great experience here!!

Erin Bryan

Not only did Meyra and Miguel give me an amazing cut, but they showed me that I actually have super curly hair that's just been weighed down all my life. Incredibly nice people and I will be coming back!

Megan Durham

Amrit Gill

I will say there were certain parts of service that could've been better (like waiting 15 minutes), but it was overridden by the fact that I had learned more about my hair in that time than I ever have before. It got me to take a serious interest in my curly hair, which has been stamped out by my shame of being unable to take care of my waves (I thought they were waves, until now) and straightening them just to look put-together. Now I'm slowly learning about my curly hair, thanks to Miguel who taught me about chemicals that were bad for my hair, what products to use, and basic styling during my appointment. It was basic for him I'm sure, but to me, it was the first time someone helped me understand my hair. Thank you!

Jackie Lubbers

WOW! Mahaira is AMAZING! It was my first time ever getting my hair dyed, ever. So i wanted to do something special. Mahaira walked me through everything and did an AMAZING job! I feel like an Instagram or Pinterest model! I get compliments on my hair multiple times a day! I couldn't be happier. Highly recommend! I will be coming back here again and again. The salon in general is cool and very chill. We watched movies and music videos while our hair processed, chatted about all sorts of things, and just generally hung out and had a good time. I was there a long time, so I got to see several other people get haircuts, weaves, and dye touch ups. Everyone working here seemed experienced, knowledgable, and talented. I love Mahaira, but I would feel like I was in good hands with any of their stylists or colorists.

Staci Gould

They always do an excellent job cutting my curly hair!

Saki Sato

Carla Buys

I came to Foxycut for the first time over a year ago and visit the salon every four weeks. Based on both my own results and those I see of all the stylists' clients, I have yet to come across someone who was not satisfied with their stylist's work. I love Lily's work so have always worked with her; she's gotten to know exactly what I like and is always willing to take the time to ensure that I am happy with the final product! It's clear that the stylists know many of their clients well; these long-term relationships are a direct reflection of their commitment to helping clients look their best. What really sets Foxycut apart, in my mind, is the cool vibe, fun and friendly environment, and consistency of the results. I highly recommended this salon for anyone who is interested in getting an excellent result and working with some awesome people!

Freeman Alex

The stylists at Foxy cut are creative, communicative and very good at what they do. I've been going here for 2 years for trim and dye. No complaints!

Madeline Nutting

Foxycut is the best. The whole staff of stylists make you feel at home. They're personable, funny, and so nice. Hiwot styled my hair- I had asked for a very difficult dye and style- and she was Amazing! My hair looks fantastic. I would recommend this salon to anyone; certainly to those wanting to up their style or have a more fashionable look. Perfection!

Christy Siuda

This salon recently held an event where they gave homeless teens and young adults free haircuts. My client got a full on makeover, a beautiful cut and they dyed it FOR FREE. She is so confident in herself now and ready for her job interview. As her case manager, I am so grateful. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!

Maekyla Rosendo

I made my appointment online via Vagaro two days prior asking for a full balayage. To give the salon the benefit of the doubt, I came in with very long, thick hair that had existing color from a previous salon. Given the condition, length, and thickness of my hair, I'm very used to sitting for long periods of time during coloring sessions. Despite all of that, I felt comfortable booking since the salon had great reviews, posted impressive colored dye jobs, and the stylist's final looks on Instagram made it seem like they knew what they were doing. In my situation this was not the case. I walked in asking for my current copper/brassy hair to be toned to an Ash and provided the stylist with various examples of what I was trying to achieve. She agreed, but warned that if she wasn't able to get to the lightness I wanted, there would be a darker ash tone; and I acknowledged knowing that my hair already had preexisting color and would affect the outcome of the dye. However once the entire bleach/toner/style process was done I was nothing short of disappointed. My hair was all but one minimal shade lighter and nowhere near the color I chose from the dye book as well as the picture examples I showed the stylist. None of the brass was removed and I had rose gold hair as opposed to a light Ash as requested. The process started at 10:45am and didn't end til around 6pm. My stylist was forced to volley back and forth with another customer also getting color, which drove the process to take longer than it needed. It was very disappointing having to sit for about 7 hours and pay $400+ to walk out with almost the same hair I walked in with. While I'm sure Foxycut can provide excellent hair care, this experience has left me wishing I still had my copper locks and $400+ back.

Tiffany Blake

Elna Albino

Came to get my hair done because my hair was getting too brassy/yellow/orange. Booked an apt with Thoa and asked for an ash blonde balayage and it was $140 without tip! Super affordable place and I'm so happy with the results.

Crystal Eng

I'll never get my hair done anywhere else! They're not only the perfect hair salon.. They're family


Great experienced stylist!

Jen H.

What a vibrant and artistic salon! Miguel and Miyoko were friendly and fun to chat with. Miyoko did a great job with my cut, helped to clean up my curls, and even taught me some neat tricks to keep them alive and springy! She is patient, sweet, and detail-oriented. Worth the wait for an appointment with her!

Gregory Miller

Love this place! Miyoko always comes through with a great haircut!

Alexandria Skrivanich

Brian Moore

Foxycut's new location features more original artwork in a much less cramped space (with free parking!) but the same great service. Miguel, Miyoko and the other stylists are masters of their craft but aren't pretentious about it. I've been going to Foxycut for 10 years and have never left disappointed.

Genevieve Fisher

I am so happy to have found this salon after relocating to the area. Miguel is super knowledgeable, he not only did a great job with the cut but also showed me how to style my hair two different ways. He takes his time to educate and make sure you are happy with the service and are able to replicate it. Although I didn't get any color the staff seemed extremely knowledgeable about colors as well, if I were to do that I'd definitely go there. Awesome place, I highly recommend it! I won't be going anywhere else.

Kosey Smith

Jamila Abbott

Nathaniel James

Ingrid Bain

Good service. Thanks.

Follow The Grow

I love Crystal

Swathi Karthik

This is one of the best salon in Seattle area. Handsdown, Miguel is one of the best hair stylist I ever met . He knows his work he takes time to know the style you want and also guides and talks to you explaining what he is trying to do. I always had a long and layered cut never tired a short hair and was very scared to try a new style, but now I am totally rocking in my new hairstyle. Thanks Miguel! You are the best!!

Amber Chapman

At Foxycut Salon you feel like family. Since returning to the States in February, I have been looking for a new stylist that is both exceptionally talented and affordable. This is not an easy combo to find. I saw the great reviews for Foxycuts and decided to give them a shot. Foxcuts has created a real community for themselves over the past decade+. This was evident by the numerous smiling characters that popped into the shop during my morning appointment. Some for cuts, others to just say hello! The owner Miguel is both charming and knowledgable. His warmth and passion for his business are what make Foxcuts so special. I have very curly, long hair and often flat iron. After months of travel and endless abuse it was not in good shape. I, of course, did not want to lose any length though. So Miguel worked his magic, taking his time to trim out as much of the splits as he could while maintaing my style and as much length as possible. I was amazed. I am positive any other salon would have immediately told me they needed to chop at least 4 inches off and wouldn't have taken the time or care Miguel did. I also think it's great that Foxycuts is a wholly multiethnic salon, both in staff and clientele. While there I saw people of all races coming in for trim and color, braids, weaves etc. Awesome!

Dylan Eng

Great place to get a haircut I pick my sister up from here and the ppl who walk out all have great hair cuts

Ananda Burke

Claretta Suender

Had a hair exactly what I wanted! Thank you especially to Hewe. I will definitely go back!

Alicia Ross

Samyukta Jadhwani

Amanda Whitmore Searles

This is definitely not your grandma's salon. Miguel focuses on "difficult" hair (dark, curly, thick) and giving amazing service. He actually listened to what is important to you, and teaches you how to style your new look instead of just doing it for you. I cannot recommend this salon highly enough!

81 3231

Lily is great! She takes the time to reach and try new things with my daughter's hair! Highly recommend!

Mark Leslie

Foxycut moved due to problems in downtown Seattle. They have settled into a new place but the team remains as fantastic as before. After six years, while I'm often willing to try new places and things, Foxycut Salon and particularly the stylings of Miguel are literally and figuratively a cut above the rest.

Stephanie Aure

Went in from a recommendation of a friend. Sat with Miguel and like the bad customer I am, just said I need a change. He chopped it, layered it (gorgeously I must say) and showed me how to style it. I'm so happy with my visit. Can't wait to go get my peekaboo color! Highly recommend going there to get a new do!

Neisha Bhagwandin

Got my first professional haircut and first haircut in 6 years from Miguel! I was so nervous and hesitant because I have curly hair but he’s very knowledgeable and I love my new hair soooo much. My sister (who has the same curly hair as me) loved it so much she scheduled an appointment online as soon as she saw my haircut. We will both be getting our haircuts here from now on.

Jasmine Arit

Austin Bui

William Anderson

I am very unhappy with the service this time around! My partner got his haircut with Miyoko and even though we had to wait, the haircut was fantastic! Made another appointment for 6 weeks later, which she respectfully rescheduled with me due to illness. Now we show up which happens to be my birthday and find out that she is still sick, and this time no call to reschedule. Miguel who I heard great things about through reviews offered to cut his hair for the inconvenience, we gratefully accepted cause he made it sound like it wouldn't take long. An hour later he finally gets to us and while cutting my partners hair he was all over the place, on his phone, with other people, and spending to much time with playing his music videos that had inappropriate language for a business in my opinion! My point is that another hour had past before we left, and that didn't even include a wash. In customer service and technique Miyoko was definitely better! Just wish she would have rescheduled with me again. 2 hours of my birthday gone and this was supposed to correct a mistake!

Rota ThreeThreeThree

Fantastic service, always on time. I go here for color and trim.

Haylee Gilman

really unprofessional and unmanaged salon. the woman who did my hair did a good job at the color but when it came time for the cut she cut off way more then we discussed. the manager was completely disorganized, he got a bad review while I was there and thought it was appropriate to read it to everyone that was in the salon at that time. the salon was a mess, they were giving away samples of their products but didn't have anything to put the samples in so they gave me a paper cup with a rubber glove on it. there was multiple scheduling issues while I was there, including multiple customers come in with appointments that the stylists forgot about. I went in for a cut and color and was there for almost 8 hours. definitely wont be going back.

Rachel Way

Squid Drifter

Gigi littlefield

Aaron Rowell

Did a lovely job coloring hair.

Reilly Steele

Sharon Im

Colin Walker

Huey is amazing!!!

Vicky Lee

Girl, I have found a new curly hair guru in Miguel Vigil at Foxycut Salon. I legit just almost cried in the salon after he was done with my hair, cuz it looked that good and I felt so sexay because of it. For all you Latina curly hair girls, and all other kinds of curly hair peeps, please go see Miguel. You will not be disappointed. The whole experience was great, and my expectations were exceeded. I went on a Tuesday morning and it was very chill, I was the only one in the salon. The vibe of the place is great, kind of funky and fun and he had some good music and music videos playing which was entertaining. Miguel took great care of me and my hair. He took the time to chat about what I wanted in my haircut and really listened and asked questions to understand what I was looking for. He cut it dry, which is pretty customary from my experience when it comes to curly haircuts. Then while he was shampooing he noticed my hair was kind of dry and sad with a lot of build up, so he took the time to thoroughly clean my hair for me and also gave me a bonus deep conditon treatment. Like I said, I felt well taken care of and he seemed to really want to help my hair look it's best. He also took the time to talk me through the styling and drying process so I could learn how to do it on my own at home. Bonus points there for sure. After it was dry he took his time and perfected the cut to give it a good shape. He definitely seemed to understand curly hair inside and out. From the haircare to haricut, he was very knowledgeable and helpful. Overall I am beyond happy with the experience and my new hairstyle. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Miguel! Sincerely, your newest repeat customer.

Ananthi Rangarajan

Miyoko did an amazing job on my pixie cut. I would recommend her hands down. She is pretty detail-oriented and makes sure you know exactly what you want and also offers her recommendation when you need it. Pixie cuts are intimidating, but a lot less so when you're with an experienced stylist.

Erica Cabrera

Haney Maxwell

Miguel gives excellent haircuts; they look good when I get them and stay looking good all the way until my next appointment, every time.

Emily Nutsch

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