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REVIEWS OF Fosbre Academy of Hair Design IN Washington

Shiianna Anderson

As someone that comes and gets many things done here at Fosbre, I have had nothing but GREAT experiences. The students always do their absolute best to ensure that I leave happy! Between the esthetic girls who give wonderful facials and the boys and girls that cut and color my hair, I'm always pleased. & not to mention there is always an instructor there to observe the job that the students are doing with a welcome helping hand! Nothing but a great experience, always!

Carol Rutledge

I've been going here for over a year. Always pleased with the products as well as my hair style. The stylists are very professional, friendly. I suggest you give Fosbre Academy a try; you will not be disappointed.

Susan Bosler

This is the second time that Randi Clark has done my hair. She did a hair cut amd partial foil. Her quality of work is of a true professional that has been out on their own. My colors blend beautifully and the colors she has chosen allow my silver hair to act as a highlight. Thank you Randi for making me feel pretty again!

Lori Bird

Noah is such a great stylist and his staff are friendly and experienced. Best deal in town to have a student manicure or facial.

Graham B. Knowles

Bad treatment of guests

Sarrah Creelman

If I could give this place 20 stars, I would. Staff is amazing, owners are attentive. I will go here as long as I possibly can.

janet antrim

Not a happy camper student does great job but management does follow thru on agrrements

Emma Barnes

I have been a student at the Fosbre Academy for the last four months or so, and this has by far been the best time of my life! it is a professional environment, yet fun and relaxing at the same time. every single student here is a capable, professional stylist who i would trust with my hair, color and cut! i highly suggest coming to this salon!

Megan Dhuyvetter

I highly recommend this place to anyone! Love the people, tunes, and the service! Carlee Collins did an amazing job on my hair!!!

Nicole Mercier

This is my second visit to Fosbres. The first time my daughter's friend Emma needed a Guinea Pig to do color. Noah advised and guided her and the results were fantastic. I was impressed with the professionalism that he has. Watching Noah cut hair is something else! I had so many compliment on my hair that I decided to go back. I just went again today for a haircut and Emma was not available so Hannah cut my hair. I am also VERY happy with the results. It's nice that we have such a great place to go in Olympia. I will be back!

Kathy Wintrip

Ann Fleming

I get my hair foiled and cut every 6 weeks and receive professional service every time by the students. They guarantee their work and truly strive to provide you with beautiful results.

Maria V G

Had the best experience at Fosbre. The girl that cut my hair really knew what she was doing and did awesome with my hair. I have very thick, and rebellious hair, so I’ve heard. She let me know the product she was using on my hair, I liked it so much that I ended up buying it. My hair ended up perfect. After she was done, she called another girl, to check and make sure it was done correctly. I also had my eyebrows wax, that girl also did awesome, and did not end up with redness around my my eyebrows, she was very gentle. I will definitely be going back and soon. Thank you fosbre academy.

Ellen Hamlin

excellent work by all the students. People are friendly, courteous and want to make you comfortable. Use high quality products on your hair. No worries, the owner and main teacher Noah Fosbre is there to supervise all work and follow up with the students. You have a choice to pick junior or senior students. Either way Noah is there to help you get the result you want. I have been going there on and off for years. They are always glad to see me when I return. Make an appt or just walk in. you may find the perfect hairdresser that you want to follow the rest of your life!!

Logan Obermire

Fosbre is awesome! I discovered this downtown Olympia gem a couple years ago and have not gone anywhere else for a haircut. You do not just get a haircut here. You get a broader and more beautiful self-care experience. My hair dresser is Leah Hitchens. She is amazing. I've rarely been able to get my hair cut exactly the way I visualize, but Leah gets me and does it every time. As soon as I walk through the door, I am greeted by her beautiful smile, asking me if I would like something to drink. Then, we start shampooing and talking. She's very engaging and cares about me as a person and in her art of hair dressing to make sure I leave feeling more fully me. Last time, I locked my keys in the car right before I parked and came in. She recognized something was weighing on me and I told her what happened. She did everything she could by asking the other staff for support and we found a locksmith to come and take care of my key situation as we continued our haircut so I could let it go and enjoy the experience. In the middle of my haircut, the locksmith came in with my keys and I left without having to wait around. The haircut is always so enjoyable. It begins with a neck and shoulder massage, followed by more engaging conversation and Leah's artful use of her tools - should I call them scissors, shears? I don't know. It feels like it should have a more cinematic word the way she uses these tools to care about and craft every detail. I highly recommend Fosbre and Leah Hitchens.

Zow Zoe

Garbage. Bad people. Bad area.

Cherity Parish

I went to Fosbre and I loved every day of it. The owners and staff are extremely supportive and loving. They went above and beyond to help me through one of the hardest times in my life. They teach their students the importance of professionalism. (Which is why they have certain rules that will follow you in a everyday job) The staff not only are there at the beginning and end of each service but are available during the service if the students are needing help. Their no cell phone rule is part of them teaching so that the students will learn how to be professional and put the clients needs first. During the time I was a student I never once witnessed the staff using their phones on the floor how ever the staff is allowed to use their phones in other areas of the building. I did my research before starting the cosmetology program with Fosbre and noticed a major lack of professionalism and passion at the other schools I visited. I will never regret choosing to go to Fosbre and would do it all over again!

Nickolas Durant

Alexandra Josephs

An establishment with a happy, encouraging, supportive, and laid back vibe; also classy! Growth happens in loving spaces, and I sure do see it here! Totally worth it to get a haircut at a decent price and help someone learn! Let them help you help them to help each other!

Mo Grey

I’ve had my hair done here a number of times and each time I’m more and more impressed then the last. Never going anywhere else!

Min-ji Jang

I am not going to believe google review. They were not nice, and I hate my hair now. They are just students. They are not good obviously. Although their prices are cheaper than other salons, don'y waste your money and just go other places.

courtney edlund

I attended fosbre last year for the Master aesthetics program and then the cosmetology program. My experience at fosbre was nothing but the best. They set me up for success, providing me with all of the tools to be successful in this industry. After becoming licensed I’m still able to reach out to any of the staff at Fosbre with questions and they’re willing to help with no questions asked. I was actually sad to graduate because I didn’t want to leave fosbre because it felt like a second home. They made learning fun. I recommend fosbre to anyone that is wanting to join the beauty industry!

Adrienne Barnhart

I've been a very happy client of Fosbre Academy of Hair Design since they first opened! Everyone here are super sweet! I usually go to a different stylist each time I come in and am always amazed when I leave about how professional the students are! I am well taken care of the moment I walk in the door and have complete trust with all the stylists! I always leave a happier new person with amazing new hair! :)

Hailey Charlton

HillCrest Nest

misty barlan

Kayla H. Did wonderful work she looked at my pics listened to what I wanted and provided. Awesome job.

Susan Malloy

I have been a client of Fosbre Academy for 9 years. I've watched numerous classes pass through the academy and graduate.' It's always been a very professional atmosphere and positive experience. I read a comment here that there was an issue with transients sleeping in the doorway and that students were being "dressed down" publically in front of guests and other students. Let me say I have never witnessed any of this. I'm sure that with my every 6 week visits I would have noticed if this was the case. As far as transients and homeless people sleeping in the doorway, that's utter nonsense...if a street person does happen by and makes a nuisance of himself , he is quickly escorted off the permises. I would recommend this school to anyone who wants to graduate a cut above the usual cosmetology school ...Fosbre Academy is a very professional school using the highest quality products and adheres to a very strict standard.

Sheareen O'Kelley

I scheduled my appointment on a Tuesday and was in on that Friday. I came in for a cut and maybe color or perm depending on what was reccomended for my hair type. So as I entered the establishment and checked in , I was offered a beverage . I also brought my infant whom I nurse and my mother who would be caring for the baby while I would be serviced . I was a client of a nice women named Katy. Katy also made sure my child and mother would be accommodated as well! So with expert advice I went with an angled bob? Upon request, my additional hair that would be cut was saved in a pony with no problem! Katy was precise with every hair and detail! She also made sure that I was comfortable, if it was the apron was tight or snug, my neck was getting tired from bowing, if combing was too much for my scalp, the heat of the blow dryer was too hot! Which made me feel she actually cared! Katy is not only talented at her profession, she is so charming and humorous ! I would absolutely reccomend her and anyone at Fosbre Accademy. Thank you Katy and Fobre family!!!

Natalie Hernandez

I went in with a (professional) dye job gone wrong, think green ends and orange roots. I went in hoping for the best but expecting to Hate my hair for the next few months. From the moment I sat in the chair Charity reassured me that getting my hair to where I could stand to look at it would be her end goal. The instructor was very nice and knowledgeable and from the start let me know that because of the state of my hair it was going to be a long appointment. Charity was amazing, she was so understanding and professional. I have A LOT of hair and she did not make me feel like it was an annoyance to deal with like other professionals have in the past. Charity is a perfectionist and a life saver! If I could give her more stars I would! She is AMAZING! Her and Laura (I apologize if I Misspelled the name) stayed after close just to make sure my hair was perfect. I cannot thank them enough for their hard work and dedication and above all their professionalism. Thank you. I have recommended them to everyone (especially those who compliment my hair).

morgan dalrymple

I am a student there currently and it couldn’t be any better! I have learned so many things since I have begun in September! All the instructors are the BEST! Wouldn’t recommend any other school!!!!

Andre Sipes

Amirah Sipes did a square cut best haircut I have had very professional environment will be back very soon for a color ❤️

Adam Hert

Fosbre academy of hair design is the best beauty school located near Olympia, Lacey and Tumwater! The focus at this beauty school is to educate their students in relevant subject matter related to business and communication, and of course becoming an amazing cosmetologist that will be a step ahead of their piers once employed in the industry.

Arch Company

I really enjoy my experience every time I attend Fosbre. The students are always professional and very welcoming. I was nervous at first because I’ve read previous reviews about homeless people and drug dealers outside. Anytime I’ve been there I’ve never had that experience. I look forward to continuing to visit fosbre. They also do spa tours at our company and love how kind and professional all of the students are.

Pineapple Animations

I loved it here. When I got my hair done, I was thinking that they might help with my frizz. They said that the frizz actually looks good with curly hair like mine, and that made me feel a lot better about not having to worry about my hair being frizzy in a bad way. My mom requested that they cut my split ends, and the said that it would take a few inches off my hair, which I didn't mind. They were really nice and made the occasional small talk, which was nice. Overall the trip was amazing and I would love to go there again if I were able to.

Allyn Lane

Great customer service and skilled at waxing

Lillith Fulton

the people were nice, kinda. I got my hair dyed here and it bleeds, so i called they said that happens with permanent hair dye, which i've never had happen. Now a little more than a month later, it still bleeds and its faded. I will recommend this place to anyone or will i ever come back.

Shelley Dahle

Carlee was extremely friendly and professional. I loved my haircut. I will follow her into her professional career. She will be my new hair stylist. :)

Glenda Fox

Hair turned out just ok

Jack McGill

I was very surprised at the appearance and atmosphere of Fosbre Hair Academy. When i walked in everyone was very friendly and made sure i was helpled quickly. The student who cut my hair was very friendly and made sure that she took her time to pay close attention and do a good job. Noah Fosbre stopped by every couple minutes to make sure everything was going well and that i was being taken care of. I was very pleased with my haircut and would go back anytime for another haircut. I would suggest Fosbre Hair Academy to anyone looking for friendly service and a good haircut.

Sheila Ottosen

I’ve had wonderful experiences at Fosbre! The students are taught professionalism and to be personable as well as the skills needed for a cosmetology career. The owners are extremely involved and invested in their students, clients, business and school!! Highly recommend!

Daniele Favaro

Can't trust 'em keeping their words for an appointment: I called twice to say I was going to be late, and check if I needed to reschedule (accident on I5); they said it was going to be fine, and when I got there after 1 hour sitting in traffic just to get there ASAP, I arrived at the time I expected and told them, but they said now the appointment was cancelled.

Sheena Paylor

After recently moving into the area and not knowing by who or where to get my hair done I tried out Alisha at The Fosbre Advanced Salon. I couldn't be more pleased with my find!!! Alisha does wonders and is always a delight to visit with. I highly recommend her and the salon.

Kara Lynn

I have been coming here for a couple years now. I had gone to several different salons previously and just couldn't find the right fit. After my first appt I was hooked. I love it here. I'm always beyond happy with my service. Everyone here is wonderful and talented. I constantly get compliments and people asking where I get my hair done. I'm happy to tell them I come here. The prices are extremely reasonable. Noah Fosbre is a very talented man. And he really is just the nicest guy. I couldn't be happier having my hair done here. It's healthy looking and beautiful. Thanks to the team here at Fosbre Academy!! Also, being a stay at home mom, outings such as these are far and few between. I really look forward to my time here. It's very relaxing but fun!!

Mary Boles

I had the best deal for my color and trim ever. Toney was so gentile and he did a great job. Excellent price and I love my hair now!

Adrienne Delaney

this is a fabulous salon! the students are super nice and knowledgeable, you can tell the instructor has done a wonderful job sharing his confidence and talent with the students. i have been in on several occasions- gotten cuts, color and styles- all of which were incredible! i have, and will continue to recommend this salon to any and everyone i can! for the price, you just cant beat the quality of products and attentiveness you will receive here!

Dustin Carlson

It was awesome! Great prices and even better service! Love the atmosphere as well.

Hayden Warrior

The owner was yelling at a student in front of us guests and made her cry!! Very unprofessional. We left and will never be back.

faye welch

recently visited Fosbre Academy for a foil and haircut and would like to share that I had a great experience, I love my hair and have received many compliments and I would definitely have my hair done again by this salon. The salon is classy and professional yet lively, young and fun and I felt very comfortable there. The student that did my hair was professional, friendly and knowledgeable offering me advice and options as she listened to what I wanted. We made a decision together along with her instructor, Noah Fosbre, for a cut and color that was perfect for me. I am very satisfied with the service and the way my hair turned out. I learned about hair care and purchased some high quality products that continue to improve the condition of my hair. In fact, it hasn't been this soft, shiny or healthy in a long time. Fosbre Academy exceded my expectations and I will recommend them to my friends and family.

Erin Moore

This is my favorite place to get my hair done. Very nice students and staff and I always leave LOVING my hair! I highly recommend this place

Laura Penn

I have a lot of hair so it looks like I have thick hair, but it's actually really fine and can Frizz really easy. Noah has been the first person to recognize that and give me a cut that gives my hair fullness without making it choppy and frizzy! Great salon! Highly recommended! Plus their just plain fun!!! I've been there several times and love the results every time. When you think of a someone just learning to cut your hair it seems a little scary, but it's not at all like that. They talk to you about what you want, then they go over the plan with Noah, and they work together to create what you want. They do an amazing job every time. Even the most junior students skills are beyond that of many graduated students from other schools... And they're very professional. Top quality service and unique talent! Couldn't be happier!!!

Michelle Garcia

The color was great! And it didn't take as long as it has in the past to do my hair. The only thing I could recommend would be for my stylist to learn how to look at someone and say "you would look great like this." I don't really have much fashion style for hair and can use the extra help.

Trish Wilder

Angelica Curtis

It was great everyone is super friendly and my stylest did an amazing job. Super happy with it.

kenady wintrip

Wonderful atmosphere! The services are performed beautifully! My 30 minute facial was the best I've ever had! Everyone seems so happy to be there. I won't go anywhere else for any hair or esthetics services!

divine miss

I wanted a nontraditional, asymmetrical haircut that didn't cost much and I found it here. The instructor worked with me to design the style I was envisioning, and then he did the cut himself with the students observing. I loved the haircut and since then I've come in every month or so for the students to maintain it -- I was nervous at first because it's an unusual cut, but they've all done a good job and the instructors stop by to give assistance when needed. It's well worth checking out if you've never been there.


I have learned so much here and I love the environment.

JOAN Warrior

As a professional in the field, I would not recommend this school to any student.

Kelsi M

I've been going to Fosbre consistently for about 6 months. I could never go back to another salon after multiple great haircuts/ color. The girls are always friendly and Noah is very helpful. Nicole did my hair color last ( went from a bleach blonde to a warm brown) and did a phenomenal job. Definitely would recommend for a great finished product and price. :)

Valerie Albright

Noah Fosbre is an artist! The day of my daughter's wedding Noah styled her hair in a natural way that highlighted the texture and wave of Alexa's hair. It was exactly the way she wanted to look for her special day. Thank you Noah for always exceeding expectations and for the fun you bring you to life!

Jody Giuntoli

I began as a client of Noah Fosbre and graduated to a regular guest at his Hair Academy. I look forward to each visit and consistently leave with great hair! I especially enjoy how easy my experience is on my budget.

Jovita Murphy

I have been getting my eyelash extensions for a few months and love it. All girls are so wonderful and they do a fantastic job.

Kendra Stewart

I Have been coming here several months now and have done many different things to my hair and the service is always awesome, and the atmosphere is fantastic! I would recommend it to everyone! Carlee is always consistant and friendly as well!

Hannah Olsson

I have been attending this academy since the beginning of May and I really could not ask for a better place to receive my education at! Noah is a very knowledgeable, professional and talented instructor and hair stylist! Before applying, I came in for a tour and was blown away by the fact that this looks like a very high-end salon rather than a cosmetology school. Just judging by my first impression, there was no way I could say "No, I don't want to go here.." and I have yet to be disappointed in my decision to attend this school!

Kay Henderson

Great cuts, color, music and staff! Love coming to Frosbre Academy!

Jill Bracy

This a school of learning. Have patience & if it's not perfectly what you asked for, they make it right. I certainly appreciate that. A heads up! Victor is amazing .

Lissa Gilliam

I really like getting my hair cut here. Hannah did exactly what I asked for with little description and a bad photo of some 90s soap opera celebrity from the internet. She took her time and wasn't scissor happy like so many stylists I've encountered.

Amy Shephard

I love using the student services option. It's less expensive, your helping the students learn, and there is always an experienced instructor checking in!

Jesseca M Smith Esthetics

Not only have I seen Fosbre transform the skin and hair dreams of many aspiring cosmetologists and estheticians, I've seen the owners improve the stylist community as a whole. Fosbre Academy is a gem in Olympia that brings their love for the industry and community and continues to improve upon every aspect of this industry and it shows. I've personally had the opportunity to teach here and I can tell you first hand that this school goes ABOVE AND BEYOND for it's students to give them the utmost cutting edge in inustry education and training. Not just the standard. It is clear they care and strive for the best. It is an honor and privilege to have been a part of the Fosbre family and what they continue to bring to my hometown OLYMPIA. Thank you Fosbre and everyone who continue to do what you do each and every day, in excellence. I know it isn't easy. Y'all are amazing. Much respect and love. Jesse XO

Sarah Upton

I was a student here and I can assure you that you’ll be pleased with you hair after your appointment. The instructors are always attentive and check all services after make sure your experience is good and you leave with great hair!

Janna Ryan

Student stylists cost less, but keep in mind that a student is cutting your hair. Allow a lot of time and be flexible about the outcome. I wish the instructor had provided a little more oversight on my cut. I also wish there were mirrors in the student areas. I like being able to watch.

Loni T

Charlotte Ryan did such a beautiful job styling my hair. She's wonderful! Instructors were also professional! I very much enjoyed my visit here! Everyone is so kind, such a positive atmosphere!

Joan Joseph

I gave this place 2 chances. Unprofessional. The tall gentleman who greeted me didn’t give me the time of day and cut me off when I asked about the extremely long delay. The experience was horrific to say the least. I don’t know who would want to work in such a hostile environment or be a student there.

Ashley Davis

Love this school! Location is amazing!! Starbucks right down the street, Old School Pizzeria, and if you want to do some shopping; Super Silver and Archibald Sisters are right next door! The instructors strive to be their very best to teach us students, and answer all of our questions. The owners, Adam and Noah, go above and beyond for the students, staff, and guests. Proud to be a student at Fosbre Academy.

Julie Knowles

The owners talk down to the students in front of other students, staff, and customers. They bully, humiliate the and berate students in front of clients & other students. The "clique" atmosphere is horrible for the students. It is a very toxic atmosphere. Education is so-so in my opinion. If safety is an issue..... lots of homeless people sleep right outside the doors. I didnt feel safe!!!! According to New Market, my daughter was not removed :-) from the program. My daughter is an adult who will be transferring herself from the program to another safe cosmetology program. In my review, I was referring to my experience as a guest in your salon. I read several poor reviews on YELP before checking Google. Other students and parents have contacted us and claim they will be teansferring out of Fosbre due to unsafe facility and the continued harrassmement.

Tristan Shacklett

I recently had my first experience here at Fosbre Academy, and it was amazing. I would recommend that anyone come here and I know I will never go anywhere else to get my hair done. I would recommend Hannah Olsson to do anyone's hair. She was able to take me from red to blonde, which if anyone knows about hair color, that is amazing!

Cassandra Sharron

The students & the stylists, are Always there to help. The prices are better than any other in Olympia.

Ashley Thomas

So other than "Yay, I love these people!" here is my story: I took my sister here and paid to have her hair done as a birthday gift. She has long hair nearly down to her butt and a very sensitive scalp. The last time we had her hair colored at another salon they had to rinse half way thru the 1st application, still charged a fortune, and in the end messed up her color. The experience had her scared to have anyother color work done. So I explained to the student before the service and she and the instructor worked out a way to apply all over color and weaved highlights without burning her or causing any discomfort. They also used a special product to blonde her highlights even though she had colored hair. Apparently it leaves hair healthier than any other bleach by actually replacing protiens! So good prices, top quality products, and they care about their clients specific needs. All over great salon... maybe I need to go to school haha ;)

Morgan Heimann

OMG OMG I LOVE THIS PLACE SM MY HAIR LOOKS SO GOOD!! I've been to plenty of hair places and this is by far my fav place. Kayla is such a gr8 dresser and person. I'm so glad I went here!!!

Kendra Ladd

I have been going to Fosbre since 2009 and they always do a great job. The student and instructors listen and help work out a style and color that fits. Noah runs a great team!

Linda Phan

Noah and Adam run an amazing school that has kind and knowledgeable staff. Everyone here goes above and beyond for the staff, students and customers. I know because I have been all three at one point in my life. They really are the best!

Wendy Breeden

I love Fosbre Academy. Everybody is friendly and knowledgeable. I always leave satisfied and happy.

Denise Baggett

Fosbre Academy is not your typical beauty school. For those of you afraid to risk your hair in the hands of students, fear not. Salon services at Fosbre equal any professional salon. They use the best products and produce well-crafted styles. Often, you can get services for half the price you’d pay in any other salon. The environment is lively and fun, think Studio 54, but with sunshine. People are loving their work, and it shows in the styles the create. The owner checks the work of every student and ensures that clients love their hair, and you can take home styling tips if you pay attention while he instructs. The only sacrifice you might make is a little extra time. Students are not as fast as professional stylists, so plan accordingly. Fosbre Academy of Hair Design is a jewel. Glamour is not dead.

Marki Allen

I have been going to Noah at Fosbre Academy for about 4 years now. I first learned of him when a friend from Texas who had been searching for a decent person to color her hair found him. He is awesome, both in his hair coloring/cutting/and styling ability. But his professionalism and work ethic is inspirational. I drive 300 miles from the other side of the mountains to have my hair done by him. Because of my extremely thin hair, no one else has ever been able to help me maintain it to my liking. In the years since meeting Noah, I have brought several family members to him for Christmas presents. My mom and my granddaughter both loved what he was able to do for their hair that no other stylist was able to accomplish. I could not recommend Noah more highly. I hope you try out his salon and meet all his friendly and professional staff soon.

Emma Peterson

Jessica edmondson

Wish I could give ten stars! Honored to call myself a graduate of Fosbre. This school has provided me a with a phenomenal education accompanied by deeper understanding of myself in relation to this industry! The cosmetology program here is designed to encourage creative pathways to financial independence and personal best. As a result of this curriculum I can proudly say that I have developed (continue to develop) a greater confidence as a young professional female in the service industry. Part of what drew me to this particular academy was it’s location in the funky urban streets of downtown Olympia. This school really has a progressive and diverse student body as well as clientele. Perfect for an edgy creative like myself! Huge thanks and admiration for the young hardworking owners/geniuses, Adam and Noah who founded this Academy.

Laura V

I got a haircut and color at Fosbre and I loved it. I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on how good the color looks. I have long hair and I’m very picky about who cuts my hair. I’m not going to lie, but I was a little hesitant about a student doing my hair, but it turned out great! I’m also glad she did not make any comments about my hair being so long, like I normally hear. Definitely going back.

Si Cave

Exceptional service!

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