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REVIEWS OF Caoba Hair Salon & Spa IN Washington

Kira Krostag

I was the unsure, indecisive, traumatized hair freak that every hair dresser must hate. My step mom owned a hair salon and did my hair until she retired, since then I have had more than a few bad hair people that sent me out the door with a midlife crisis "school mom" hair cut and color. I read a few good reviews online and made an appointment for the next day. I didnt go to Hair By Joey with the 170+ great reviews, crazy prices, and seemed to have complaints about a phone stuck to his ear. Instead, I chose Jacks salon, Caoba, with only a few good reviews and more reasonable prices. That was the best decision I have made all year. Jack gave me the best hair cut I have ever had in my life. I wanted bold. Jack gave me bold. I never knew sleek, sexy hair could exist on my head. Now it does.. Plus, its PINK! I love it. I wish I could post a picture. Jack, you may not be a man of many words, but you are a true pro.. Thank you very much. P.S. My boyfriend loves it. He came home and pet my hair and said he feels like hes cheating on me.. Its great. Jack is the best, Im telling you. You wont regret your decision to give him a shot. I know I have finally found my match.

Anila Swamy

Very good service and great hair salon

Emmele Photography

Jack is awesome. I have short hair and no color needed and he always squeezes me in when I call him to make an appointment at a last minute. His haircutting gift and talent found a perfect style for me. Thanks Jack

Devin Cornelius Lundberg

Great haircut for a good price. Staff is always friendly

Beatriz Duenas

Great hair cut and Jack was very friendly and nice. Definately recommend Caoba Salon.

Roy K

I've been going to Jack for years and am always happy with the results of every appointment. He is an excellent stylist and very professional. Sometimes I'm not totally sure what I want when I get a new cut, but I know I can always trust him to make my hair look awesome when I go in. I've been getting my hair chemically straightened (Japanese relax treatment) for a long time, and have never gone anywhere but Caoba to get it done - it's a long and potentially damaging process, but I have never had any problems with it. Jack is always very careful and informs me how to take care of my hair after the appointments. He's very good about listening to any questions I have and offering suggestions as well. I definitely recommend going to him for anything you need to have done to your hair - he's a master!

Nicole Steiner

Janis Clark

Walked in and Jack gave me a fabulous haircut at a good price. I will definitely go back, good experience.

Jessica Marshall

Went to Jack for a cut and highlights and love both. Reasonable rates and a happy customer.

pauline basaraba

DO NOT GO HERE. Worst Solon experience I have ever had. Jack was very rough & didn't seem to care about my comfort. I asked to keep the length & no more . My hair is now short with layers. I was very emotional afterwards. I will never return!

Rosita Hsiue

Leo Lam, PhD

It's been 10 years, and I am still going to Jack, I think that speaks of his service loudly. I am not sure how the negative reviews can be such an opposite of my experience in a full decade. I have recommended numerous agency-signed fashion models to Jack, and they are all still going to him. Jack has been in business for 10 years, and that's a good testament to how good he is. Salons rely on repeat customers. I first went to him when I lived at the Solara apartment complex (directly above him). Talking about repeat customer, I am still seeing Jack once every few months to have my haircut, even though I have moved away from the Solara complex in Lake City to Fremont for the past 5 years. Trekking back is worth my time. Why? He is good. And he is nice. He is a hardworking man who is very pleasant and I can always count on looking as good as I can walking out of his salon. His prices are still very low compared to the high end salons, but you are not getting any less quality. And since I am in the fashion business, I know quality when I see it. Jack is an artist and a great example of a successful first generation immigrant. I am proud of his achievement. In short, I recommend him, after 10 years of continuous patronage!

Abhishek Chhajer

Sally Beahan

I've been getting my hair done for 3 years and Jack does an amazing job. He is a perfectionist and is an excellent stylist. I too get compliments on my color and cut all the time!

Karl Vennes

Konstantin Ivanov

Never ever come back!!!!!!!!

Barbara Otterson

I get constant compliments on my "Jack Haircut"!!

Shea McAuley

Perfect! Came into town yesterday and was looking for a quick cut today! Best Haircut I have had in a long time! Thank you so much! I will be back next time I am in town!! :)

Steve Hayes

Jack at Caoba does excellent work at very reasonable prices. I've used him four times now and I'm very pleased. He also cut my two year old son's hair.

Thomas Martig


Gabriel C

Ash Ley

Went to see Jack for color and haircut. Asked for a balayage and loved how my hair turned out. Jack also did a great job styling my hair.

Kevin Chan

Mike F

Jack has done it again. I searched around and found the reviews for Coaba they sounded too good to be true. They weren't. I have very fine hair that shows every cut and forget clippers I have had so many bad haircuts from people in a hurry that I always wait until I can't stand it, to get it cut again. Jack did a fantastic job and now I don't have to choose between unkempt rag mop and Beekerish.

Carlos Dominguez

Andrew H

Went in to talk about trimming my hair as I grow it out for a more even look and he literally rolled his eyes as they glazed over. I walked out in the middle of a useless conversation in THE MOST awkward business transaction I've ever experienced. Jack could not have had less interest in my needs.

jaime rodriguez

(Translated by Google) Stylist excellent and very professional appointments. (Original) Exelente estilista y muy profesional con las citas.

Lovella Magbuhat

I finally found my go to Hair Salon! Jack welcomed me as a walk-in client. I showed him a picture of a hair styleI I was interested in. And WOW, my haircut and style looked better than the picture! He is meticulous with his styling, precise with each snip, took his time parting and flat ironing, really amazing professional work. Not to mention his shampooing/conditioning felt like an invigorating head massage! I read another great review about Japanese Hair Straightening that he is able to do on dyed hair. I'll give that ago next time. Thanks Jack!

Michele Yugen Lewis

Ildiko Dobondi

The hair stylist he's great he's very detailed about haircuts highlights I follow him for 18 years City to City and I wouldn't change him for nothing in the world my hair is very healthy because he takes good care of it . The minute he touch my hair he knows what treatments I need I go to his Salon every week and for me it's worth every penny cuz my hair is very thick healthy shiny and looks fabulous also I got a lot of compliments on the quality of hair !!!

Aleisis Reyes-Sotelo

It was a wow moment for me Jack made my wife look like an 'A' grade model!!!

jaime curay

Excelent services!!!!!!

Salim Rabaa

Eamonn Colman

When I move to a new city it takes me forever to find a stylist I can trust to always do a great job and also come with new styles in case I don't know what I want. But I usually know exactly what I want - and Jack always nails it!! I won't get my haircut anywhere else but here. Caoba is a great place for a guy to go get his haircut for a reasonable price from a very good hair stylist.

Nathan Parkin

I've been visiting Jack for a couple years and have always enjoyed the haircut. Jack is consistent in his work and pleasant to talk to.

Kayte Anderson

Called to see if they had any openings for a consultation, I couldn't make the times they had open so I said I would call around but thank you, they hung up on me.

Ronald Imbert

Sara Mihali

Jack is amazing! First time there, he nailed the color and style! Reasonable price, totally happy!

Jay Dub

It has taken me over a year to write this review as my experience I had at this salon with Jack was traumatic and it took me a long time to recover from (mentally and financially). My hair is STILL recovering and breaking off at times). Jack wrecked my hair. I took my son to Jack to have his hair cut once and really thought he did a phenomenal job. Despite the fact that he was 15 minutes late to open the salon and didn't so much as apologize for making us wait, I scheduled an appointment for myself. His social skills are sub-par. I was impressed with the cut he gave my son so I scheduled a cut and color. I wanted to do a balayage. I found pictures and proceeded to my appointment. I noticed about halfway through that it looked like he literally was painting every single section of hair and not leaving any out of the foils,halfway up each shaft of hair. I mentally pictured it would look like crackhead grow-out and texted my friend "I think he is going to mess up my hair". She told me to trust him, so I did. He took the foils off and started to dry my hair. I began to see that it, in fact looked like crackhead grow-out. My eyes began to well up. He began to cut my hair, he gave me a decent hair cut and then finished and said "What do you think?". I was amazed he would even dream of letting me leave looking like that. It looked nothing like the picture and was not a balayage. I told him I did not like it and it did not look like the picture. He told me I would need to do two colors, and that would be extra. My response to that was "Well, if you had left some of my darker, un-dyed hair out of the foils, there wouldn't be a need to do that. You just cost me extra money and ruined my hair!" He began frantically scrambling around with palettes and mixing more color and began to put foils in my hair. He pulled them out and washed my hair, toned it and began to dry it. The result: I had my natural colored roots and then at the halfway point (unevenly around my head) the rest of my hair ranged from white, to silver, to green. I began sobbing and he offered to fix again and began making up excuses telling it was the type of hair I had and the picture I gave him was impossible to do to my hair. I asked him why he attempted then if he knew he could not do it. I told him to stay away from me and I would not pay him as he wrecked my hair. The next day I sent a picture to my boss. He said my hair was unprofessional and to try to get it fixed. After many consults that day someone at Seven Salon said she could fix it at the most reasonable price. She said she had never seen a color correction like it from a professional and shook her head the entire appointment. She was just as angry as I was. Luckily her professionalism and social skills top Jacks and she provided many chocolates and lattes throughout the appointment. This took two sessions about 3 months apart to fix....and $600. So in total the amount of money lost because of this: $60 -leaving early from work for Jack to mess up my hair, $30 for childcare costs for a babysitter while he messed up my hair, $180 in lost wages for a whole days work to get hair fixed, $300 for the first session to fix my hair, and $300 for the second session to fix my hair. ALMOST $1,000!!!!!!!!!!!! This doesn't even include product. My hair is still breaking off and thin from the damage A YEAR AGO. The guy can cut hair, but that is it. DON'T LET HIM DO ANYTHING ELSE. Jack, you suck!


I walked in to ask about getting a perm. It's something I have always wanted to try and I had finally worked up the courage to do it. There was only one man in the store and he was incredibly rude to me. He said terrible things about my hair and the decision to perm it. I left feeling very embarrassed and self-conscious about my hair. I've never had an experience like that in a salon before and I will never walk back into that place.

Yasmin Lang

Great service, nice atmosphere, I totally recommend this place and rate it 10/10 or

Rob Nelson

Always a nice visit and friendly service!

Jes Bertrand

I called earlier in the week to book a pedicure. The guy who answered the phone was rude and not very professional. I had second thoughts on going there, so I found another salon. Called to cancel my appointment and was again treated extremely rudely. He didn't ask my name or time of my appointment - just said ok and hung up. Dodged a bullet.

Jonathan Gamero

Jule Gust

D trainer

Wierd place..they had only one person.who was at the back somewhere when we went. Didn't look like a professional place at all. He seemed a bit hesitant to make an appointment.We didn't stop for long as we did not like the set up.

Emma Ordonez

Very good attention, professional services.

Squrie Wolf

Jack does amazing work, and is fun to talk too!

Brett Miller

They close at whatever time is convenient for them. That's not convenient for me.

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