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Trisha Long


anti-blackness in the hairstyling/salon/beauty communities is no surprise, this place is atrocious


They treat Black Femmes horribly here and are extremely anti-black and racist. I would not recommend. BANG is an unsafe establishment.

Hailey H

You need racial sensitivity training for your employees. Very unfair business practices, did not give your employee promised hours... unsafe workplace for POC. Do better.

Sarrah Blinderman

would give zero stars if I could. Bang and specifically the owner, Casey and manager Alahanah have exhibited behavior that is nothing short of blatant racism and anti Blackness. they boast a “diverse” environment when, in reality, they are quick to demean, abuse and then dispose of Black women. When confronted about their behavior, they are both dismissive and extremely defensive-refusing to even issue an apology. Do not support this business if you care at all about the livelihood and safety of people who aren’t white.

Kelsey Hrubes

Lauren Huntley


dont support racist businesses!!

AB Hoffman

A receptionist here was forced into quitting after racism by management and lack of care from the owner. Do you not support racist business.

Jeremy Caney

Lori Schwark

Kat did a fantastic job with my hair! I was nervous to try a completely different style, but I'm completely in love with it! Thank you!! I won't be going anywhere else!

Jay Scherbring

Ask for Keri! One of the best stylists there!

Sean Happenny

Lane Trujillo

Forest Gauthier

I was going to write a review on Yelp, though I noticed it looks like the owners have paid off Yelp or something to that degree so that many of their low reviews are "not recommended" and so many can't see them and it doesn't factor into their overall rating. This business is incredibly aggressive and unprofessional. They behave like children and leave nasty replies to people who were not satisfied with their appointment and putting the customer entirely on blast. Doesn't look good on you folks, no one sides with you. Then of course there is the way they treat their staff. What the hell even is "Your identity your support"? They are incredibly anti black and NOT a safe space. Stop putting on a facade of a "safe" space, it's gross. Ultimately, there are a bunch of great hair salons on cap hill and there is absolutely no reason to deal with this business. Stay away, folks. Stay far away.

Ashley Del Villar

Cancelled within the communicated timeframe and was asked for a $100 deposit to reschedule. I was already super sad about having to reschedule and this on top of it was so disappointing. I get wanting 24 hours notice but they asked for 12 and I gave 18 but was penalized. Update: the unbelievable response to my review from the owner "Hi Ashley- Thanks for your email and your 1 star google review. Happy to communicate things with you. We have a 12 hour policy for cancellations. That means you can cancel your appt on schedulicity up to 12 hours prior to the start time. It is also means that unless you have a pending appointment WITH a deposit then you are welcome to cancel your appointment with no fee to you. Whether or not a deposit is required to book another appointment is to up to the stylist. If you paid a deposit it is for a very specific date and time and could be forfeited. Again, this is up to the stylist. Thanks for letting me clear that up for you. I really hope in the future you allow businesses to respond to you and clarify before taking to the internet to voice your concerns. There's never really a resolution in that approach. We hope this email if helpful. Your Identity ✌

Sadie Gallant

Mimi Bernhardt

I have been going to both locations for almost a year now. Amelia has been doing an amazing job each and every time. She is a kind and skillful stylist. She is always open to my suggestions and also makes recommendations accordingly. I am happy I have found her and cannot imagine going anywhere else. I would highly recommend the salon and Amelia to everyone!

Alannah Hed


Dusty is awesome

Rickey Mayor

Racist and unsafe, not recommended.

Erin Boudreau

Sweta Jinnagara

Julia Wesbey

Tomasz is a freaking champion. My hair turned out better than I imagined. Thank you

Hannah Kramer

I had my first appointment with Kat this week after a friend recommended Bang, and I'm so glad I did! I wasn't totally sure what I wanted to do, but after chatting about my hair goals, Kat recommended a strategy and I couldn't be happier. My hair still feels soft days later, and it looks amazing too! I would absolutely recommend this place.

Lydia Dean Lane

Kalevi BTSL

Jamie did an AMAZING job on my hair! I will definitely be going back! Best in seattle hands down.

Brandon Bagley

Ashley over at Bang on Pike street is a truly skilled artist. I came in with a few different screenshots of possible hair ideas (all pretty unique) and she came up with something that mixed the color from one photo, with the cut from another two. Guys, If you want something more interesting than the standard fade absolutely any barbershop in the country can do in twenty minutes... Do yourself a favor and try Bang.

Nevaeh Mac

Wonderful salon, amazing stylists! If you want an incredible experience ask for Kylie anyone would be privileged to sit in her chair. LOVE LOVE LOVE your work Kylie!!!

Anthony Beran

Allison Dorn

Casey Cragle

Thank you Aubrie! I finally have a hair cut that I love and don't just feel meh aobut!

Krista Rae Szaflarski

Erin was amazing! I really felt listened to and loved how she took time to hear me out, as well as explain what she was going to do and why. She also talked about price before she did anything which was super helpful as well! She was also easy to talk and had a great attitude even when I kept her late. The salon is super chill and not uppity in the least. Everyone I encountered was lovely. I had a great experience and will be a client of Erin's while in Seattle. I highly recommend her for color!!!

Taylor Adams

Don’t support this awful business. Not only is it generally bad, but it’s less than appealing to look at inside and out.

Sydney M

Awful experience, would not recommend.

Amelia Oswald

Rob McGuire

Consistently good haircuts

Haley Mosley


An employee was forced out of this position because of racist anti-blackness in the workplace

Kristen E

Ty H

Trash establishment. Point blank period. If you value your time, money, and energy don’t even bothering coming here. Is there a way to give negative stars?

Amber Medico

Stephanie Mattera

Kristin Lavigne

Monti Coburn

Perfect hair everytime

Jessica Bryant-Bertail

Julie Bonaduce

I found Kylie Butler on Instagram a couple of years ago and have been in love with her ever since! She is super sweet, professional, creative and amazingly skilled with both color AND cuts. GO SEE THIS GIRL! She will make you feel SO beautiful that you'll never let another stylist touch your hair ever again!

Scott Sweeney

j v

Exploitative and racist establishment. Employ your employees for the hours you promise and don't call them dirty when they ask about it.

Alex Nichiporchik

This place is kind of crappy. Overly expensive for bad service and they'll also paint your face

Susan Elizabeth Baker

Kylie, a young, petite girl with bleached blonde hair, working at the Bang Salon on Pike, was late, rude and unprofessional. She gave me the worst haircut of my life. Avoid her.

Maeve B

Shrish Mishra

Levi Thomas

Friendly and lively staff. Paige is fantastic. Perfect haircut.

Bijou Bara

Blaine Parrish

The colors and highlights on the right are what we asked for. The dark color and few highlights on the left are what we got for $407. Two stars for how nice the people were, otherwise it would be one. New to the area, so we will keep searching!

Orla Curry

Lucy Briggs

Carlos Michel-garcia


Taylor Peterson

Somehow Tomasz gave me the exact cut and style I've wanted for forever even though my one reference picture was all sorts of wrong. Can't thank you enough for giving me such a confidence boost!! ^_^

Alison Ferro

I was nervous to try a new place after moving to Seattle. Aubrie did my first balayage after I had been getting foils the past 1.5 years. She really listened to what I wanted and my haircut and balayage came out great! My fiancé was away for the weekend and hadn't known about the appointment. Without prompting him, he asked about my hair and commented that he really likes how it came out.. double points for Aubrie :)

Skye McIntyre Blomdal

This hair salon is extremely anti-black! They have treated their black queer employee with such disrespect and blatant racism, calling them “dirty” and going back on previously arranged agreements regarding pay and hours. Please do not support this business, don’t give your money to racist people who claim they support “your identity” but only if your identity is nonblack.

Victoria X. Lin

Michael Taylor-Judd

Brittney Thornton

Larry Alexander

Very poor work/service, but more importantly, they’re racist. Do not support..

Loreen Veronica

Ruthie B

Rachel Gunter

Support POC, not Bang Hair.

Fiorella Torres

Priscilla Anderson

Quick and friendly. I have lots of thick hair and was cut and styles within 1hour!

amber hayes

do not visit or work here if you care about the ethics of the businesses you support. they claim to be an inclusive work place and salon however they displayed violently racist actions towards an employee that worked here. they refused to give her the hours she was promised, made insulting and hurtful (but most importantly racist) statements towards her and then proceeded to gaslight her when she expressed how she felt about their actions. there are way more ethical places to get your hair done. do not support these business owners that lie about keeping a safe space. it is nothing more than a marketing tactic. also- if you check out their instagram they seem to have a lack of stylists that are not white or white passing AND only appear to target one texture of hair in their work. would give a 0/5 if I could.

Stephen MacRae

Sophia Elizabeth Archambault

It has taken me 6 years to find a salon and stylists to the quality I found in SF and NYC. I loved working with Tomas. Thursday, I worked with Janine who gave me the best cut to date! It falls naturally and looks great styled or just waking up. Every contact I've had with the Salon, from receptionist to stylist was top-notch, hugely responsive and kind. I Highly recommend Bang!

Joe Miller

Spencer Lee

This salon advertises as a safe space and advertises inclusivity yet they dehumanize and embarrass their only Black employee to the point of them having to quit their job is the opposite of a safe, inclusive space.

Stuart Axelbrooke

Your hair is the clothing you always wear... Invest in it! I know I can come here when I know exactly what I want, or when I'm looking to push my style somewhere new!

Ly Vu

Change from long to short hair so I am still deciding how I like it. But 5 star for the friendly and supper nice Dusty. Updated : I LOVE my hair even a year later it still looks good when it grows out. Very recommended Dusty

Sahaja Shapiro

Aubrie and the gang were wonderful and accommodating, and made sure it was a pleasant experience. They were friendly and helpful, and I didn't feel stressed to make small talk. I went in not knowing what I wanted and left with a super rad haircut that is more me than I've felt in a long time. When one of the treatments reacted differently with my hair than we thought it would, Aubrie without prompting took care of it and spent extra time making sure I left looking amazing.

Sophia Lorraine

This salon is way over priced and has racist practices. They have said things about black women being dirty and smelling poorly. Do not support racism. Do not support body shame. Do not support this business.

Miki Hobgood

I see Manda at the Pike location. She's the best stylest I've ever had. We've taken the kids to various other stylists and have good luck, though the barber location is less kid-friendly.


I am VERY disappointed in the reviews I am seeing on this website. To think that someone would would purposefully mistreat, lie and manipulate their employee is sickening. I will NOT spend any money at this establishment. Also I read some of the replies you left to people's reviews and you people are TERRIBLE. I will urge everyone i know to never go here.

Nic Fazzino

This salon needs to take a hard look at the way they treat employees. A friend of a friend worked there, was denied hours, had to endure racist comments and unfair scrutiny about their personal hygine, and had their time wasted. After trying to explain to management that their actions were racist, they were told they “weren’t the right fit.” Yikes... what that sounds like to me is that, rather than try to see where they could do better for their employee, they made it clear that this black person just didn’t fit in their business model. The proof is in their reaction to being called out. It’s also important to note that this all took place after they used this person’s image across their social media platforms with hastags like “#youridentityyoursupport” in order to performatively promote an “inclusive” environment. Essentially fishing for hip, queer, people of color’s business, while simultaneously profitting from the mistreatment of black and brown employees. Try to be concious of what businesses you support, and whenther they’re supporting the community (the whole community). If you have questions as to why the salon’s actions were anti-black, feel free to reply or message me kindly.

Becca Shim

Madeline Cohen

I love the hair I leave with every time. Highly recommend.

Jessie Tyler Camarena

stop exploiting people and communities seeking safe spaces. you cannot claim inclusivity or support if you don’t support everyone! especially your own employees. you can’t get away with that and your blatant racism and disrespect towards others, though you clearly think you can! the attitude in response to customers that have had poor experiences here is gross but still not as disgusting as the anti-black sentiments and prejudice.

Michael Everitt

I got a haircut from Kat. She was very helpful and informative about my idea for a hair cut and how to adjust for my hair's behavior. She gave me a great hair cut and showed me how to get it styled just right. I highly recommend her.

Estefania Blanco

Unsafe environment. Not recommended

Angel Arpin

Awful experiences with people here

Kathryn Caldwell

Greg Manuilit

My wife gets her hair did here. Very hip. A little upscale. The receptionist is friendly and didn't make me feel like a jerk for waiting out the last part of my wife's haircut there.

Haley Gilbert

Zara Layman

I got a balayage by Ashley and I've never loved my hair more!! She was realistic and kind I'm so happy thank you!

Maria Falvey

Katie Paul

Got a great cut from Manda, and would recommend Bang to anyone!

Cassandra Locey

Isabelle Ewing

Don’t live anywhere near Seattle, but I sure as hell wouldn’t give business to a RACIST salon. Don’t bother coming here, seeing as how they still haven’t caught up with the times and are blatantly racist even to their own employees.

Beau Reed

do not recommend. Rude and disrespectful staff.

Piper Debella

Brandon Beahm

Allie Waggener


Donna Ippolito

Kassi is amazing. My ombre bayalage is brassy no more. And I got the high textured long a-line bob of my dreams!!!

Zoë Nelson

Cannabis Corner

Fantastic experience. Fantastic staff.

Karina Joya

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