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Lisa Licata

Kenya Reid

sarah rucker

Very honest, clean, and personable salon! They made sure my daughter was happy and comfortable and gave me lots of great tips with her type of hair. Will be a returning customer!

Daissy Torres

Zakira Luna

Liz Allen

Shells & the wonderful staff of Versus saved my wedding day! The day before my wedding, the hairstylist I booked had to cancel due to a family emergency, which left me in a bind because I am terrible at doing my own hair and wanted to treat myself for my wedding. I started running around to all of the local salons and places I had been in the past when it was recommended that I try Versus. I walked in the door and was greeted by an incredibly friendly and helpful receptionist - Chelsea (if I remember correctly) - who was so thoughtful and kind to me and listened to my tale of woe. She then pulled aside Shells who agreed to be my wedding hairstylist the day before AND to travel to the hotel where I was going to get ready. Shells was an absolute joy to work with and made me feel incredibly beautiful for my wedding day. As an added bonus, it was all well within budget including the styling, travel cost, and tip. If you're looking for someone to style your hair for a big event - I highly recommend Versus - the entire crew went above and beyond and helped make my wedding day a wonderful experience. And if they're this wonderful for a last minute, walk-in bride - they have got to be incredible for haircuts and styling as well.

Danielle McWhite

Christina Bryant

The salon was orderly, clean and free of strong chemical smells ( I have allergies ). My stylist, Michelle along with the staff was very friendly and professional. Michelle was personable and extremely knowledgeable. She answered all of my questions and effectively communicated with me through every step of the visit.

Cece Baker

Arionia Slater

Tiffany Danette Garnes

Warm inviting environment with relaxation while getting your hair styled.

Realcurlz Espinal

Joy Hart

The ladies were wonderful. Briana was AMAZING. All the ladies were welcoming and they made me LOVE MY HAIR!!!

Notpaul- YT

Kaitlin Johnston

I feel like I’ve finally found a salon and hairdresser who understands my hair! They seem to specialize in curly hair, which I don’t have, but I think their ongoing education and focus on texture really helps the staff understand anyone’s needs who walk in the door. The first time I came they were running behind and called me, although for some reason the message didn’t come through until later. When I arrived at the previously scheduled time they were very apologetic and gave me a small discount to make up for waiting. Since then, they’ve always been on time. I really like the atmosphere and staff, and positively love my haircut!

Markesha Evans

Very knowledgeable, professional, and great with not only making hair look good but also ensuring hair hea6

Diana Inguna Barboza

I had an appointment set in the afternoon and I arrived with my little son in the stroller and my service animal in my side. The service animal has a valid ID. The women in the front desk refused to do the requested service because of my service animal. This is discrimination against people with disabilities!

TheLast Don

this has to be the worst visit i ever had , i had to pay for a service i didnt ask for , and on top of it all the customer service was horrible , as well as the stylist that did my hair. i will never return here . i never met a more rude group of people in my life .


Lennise Rodriguez Garcia

I had my first Devacurl experience with Deniece today. Not only did she underatand exactly what I wanted, she went above and beyond to make sure i was comfortable and she gave a full explanation of what she was doing and why she was doing it. She really knows what she is doing and cares about her work. I would recommend her to anyone! Today was the first time in over 10 years that i have walked out of a salon happy. Thanks girl!

Cloe Cowles

I had my consultation with Deniece Zink and she helped me plan out how to fix my horrible haircut I got. She explained in detail what she would need to do and she reassured me that it would look better than before and that I would love it. I set my appointment with her and look forward to working with her. I recommend her highly!

Jacorey Stamps

Shameika Harris

I love this salon. I have gone here before when they first opened to help with different shows. As I was trying to gain an understanding about my hair, I googled a lot stuff. One of the main things that I ended up finding was the Deva Cut. I ended up scheduling one with Shells. I am very scared of getting my hair cut, but she made me feel comfortable. My cut came out great, then I scheduled for a full highlight set the week after. I recently went back last Saturday for a touch up on my high lights. I got a full set once again. I was greeted by Chelsea, who is very nice. Shells slayed my color once again, giving me what I asked for. I feel as if a treatment is needed after a color and they provide that! I will def will be going back.

robert dunn

Christina Holland

They did a great job on my daughter's hair! She got a devacut and it looks amazing!

Kayla Manarin

I went on Saturday, March 31, 2018. I live in Richmond and there are no level 3 stylist near me and I just so happened to be going to my aunts house for Easter weekend and she lived about 30 minutes or so from this salon that had a level 3 stylist. So I went to there salon’s website and set up my appointment for 2:00 on March 31. The first thing that upsetted me was that they called and woke me up around 9:00 A.M. to ask me if I could come in early. I then explained that I could try but I had something to do at 10:30 A.M. and I would be there as soon as I could but I couldn’t make any promises. They then told me that’s fine and to come in as soon as possible. I was on my way there around 12:00 pm and I got a call when I was about 10-15 minutes away and they asked me if I was on my way and I said, “yes, I’m about 15 minutes away” and she rudely told me if I wasn’t there in 15 minutes I had to reschedule to 5:00 pm. Without realizing I said okay and the lady hung up on me. When I got off the phone I was confused. If I had an appointment schedules weeks in advance for 2:00 pm and they asked me to accommodate there schedule by coming in earlier and I told them I would try. If I couldn’t make it then I should at the least still have my appointment at 2:00 pm. This was my first deva cut but I watch so many YouTube videos on it I know how it should be done. I had a a lot of damage from treatments and heat, so I was doing a big chop. I am no hair stylist or expert, my hair dresser (Michelle Williams) was suppose to be. She asked me what I wanted done and I told her to cut off all the the straight hairs and give it a style if she could. And she told me I had to show her a picture of what I wanted. But because I didnt know how short it had to be to get all the straight hair off I couldn’t show her an accurate picture. She then started working with my hair. She raked her fingers through my hair with no gentleness whatsoever. And started cutting. But she wasn’t trying give me a big chop she was trying to save my hair. That was not what I wanted. She kept stopping and asking me if I was good and I had to tell her a bunch of times “please just cut off all the straight hair”. Michelle was such a messy cutter! I had hair everywhere; down my sweatshirt, all on my face, in my shoes, and all on my pants. When she was finally down she took a blow dryer to my head to get the excess hair out of my hair and WITHOUT warning she took the blow dryer to my face. Then she took me to the washing station. She spent less that 10 minutes washing my hair. And I don’t know about everyone else but my favorite part about going to the hair salon is getting my hair washed and scrubbed. So I was very dissatisfied with my hair wash. She then stuck products in my hair with no communication as to what they were and stuck me under a dry. She put me there and then told me I she be there for about fifteen minutes and went to tend to another customer. I’m not sure if she forgot about me or what but I sat there for 30 minutes before she came and got me. She then used my phone to take pictures of me and told me to send it to her. I paid and left. It was honestly the worst salon experience I’ve ever had! I was in and out within about 45 minutes. She was rude, didn’t walk me through the process or talk to me about my hair concerns like all deva stylist are suppose to, did not give me and authentic deva cut (cutting by the curl) but instead raked through my hair, and she did not seem to care for me as a client. I will never return or ever recommend this place to anyone. Michelle Williams is the worst stylist that I have ever gone to!

Brooke English

Rebecca Louth

I couldn’t be happier with my experience at Versus yesterday. Shells was absolutely amazing throughout the entire time. She taught me about hair care, products, and styling tips with such a fun and knowledgeable energy. I’ve convinced my sister to come see her- and she lives in North Carolina!

MikA 100

D'Marie did an amazing job with my much needed silk press and trim.

Sandra Walker

Damaire is awesome!! He took the time to talk to me about my hair and the services the salon has to offer. I would recommend Damaire especially with his relaxing shampoo washing techniques.

The Zurcaled

K McIntire

Versus Salon is one of my favorite Shops in Virginia Beach. I feel like Im in a very upscale new york shop when I got there. They gave me a great cut and awesome color I would definetly go back there again. For a great new style in a very relaxing atmosphere I would recommend this shop


Every aspect of my appointment was 100% perfect. If you are a first time client, book your appointment knowing you will be there for a while. Frankly, don't go back to work because you will want to walk around, showing off your new look!

Korin Long

Deneice is amazing. Professional cut with professional service. I wouldn't trust anyone else with my hair. Even within that specific salon, I wouldn’t allow anyone else to cut my hair. I was tight on time earlier this year and tried Michelle. I had to have Deneice fix it. Seriously. She’s the best.

Aerial Conyers

Shells did my cut and treatment and it turned out great! I loved how she took her time and really educated me on how to properly care for my hair. Great experience and I will be returning!

Kristine Caval

Will not be coming here nor recommend this place to anybody anymore after my experience with Da’Maire. I came back here after a year because Ms. Deniece took care of me greatly. Today wasn’t the case. First, i was informed that he’s falling a little bit behind on our appt. was informed 15-20mins delay, so i showed up around 1:21pm instead of 1pm. I wasn’t picked up til like 1:55pm. I tried to understand since we all have unplanned things going on. I explained to Da’Maire what I wanted (showed him pictures too) because I rarely get my Hair done professionally on the fear of having different person messing it up. He ended up chopping off my hair to about just by chest length (my hair is up to my bottom part) after i told him I don’t want it short because I’ve been growing my hair for a year now. He didn’t start on a small part to show me if it’s how short i wanted it like Ms. deniece did. Da’Maire just went ahead and cut the whole back. I stopped him at first but he insisted its how it’s done. So he went on and cut the Front left side and asked me if its how short i wanted it and i said no. He realized he messed up and walked away left me there balling my eyes out. To talk to Ms. Chelsea on the front desk. Now, I understand it will grow back but my time of the YEAR of taking care of it won’t be back. I walked away of the salon crying because i felt heartbroken looking at my hair on the floor. They tried to make it right by having me come back later the afternoon or night time, I don’t have that time hence why i made the appointment but it took them an hour to have someone just to cut it even and appointments are made for a reason (like people who have kids, who don’t have the luxury of time in life) . I was supposed to get the whole cut, wash, blow dry and partial highlights but after the whole traumatic experience I just wanted to get out of there. This May sound very dramatic to other people but i value my hair dearly and it took me months to convince myself that I need something done on professionally.

Jacqueline Koch

Awesome Place! Will definitely recommend this place to all my friends. Deniece was super nice and funny. She did lots to my hair and took the time to do it correctly. Even when my appointment ran super long and her next appointment was waiting. Everyone has complemented my hair and the colors. Thank you Deniece!

Shelby Pawlus

Lyditra T.

The customer service is great. Brianna made sure that my highlights were exactly what I wanted. I’m very happy with the results.

Mrs Bultitude

Premier spot for natural, curly, and wavy hair in Norfolk/VA Beach! I got an AMAZING Devacut here with Deniece for a GREAT price, plus all the Devacurl styling products I needed. I can't recommend them enough - will be going back again and again!

Aquasia Sneed

D’Marie Did a great job on my silk press and trim

Michele Tavares



It took me a while to decide if I wanted to give a review on my experience at this salon. I made an appointment for a deva cut because my hair needed volume. The salon was very nice and I was happy that the stylist consulted me before she started cutting. Most haircuts I’ve received start with a line at the nape and cut up from there. For my deva cut, she just started cutting here and there. Once I got home and styled my hair, it noticed that it was very uneven. While it has the volume I wanted, one side is definitely longer than the other. I was charged $80. The cut itself was $60. Not sure what the other $20 was for. I’ll fine someone else to cut my hair once it grows out some.

The Allen Squad

My experience here at versus salon was amazing I got a devacut and my stylist was deniece she was amazing I loved how friendly and welcoming everyone was when I came in. I enjoyed how deniece educated me on my hair before actually working on my hair everything she did she explained step by step I love the experience I highly recommend this salon if you ever looking for a devacut experience!!! Thank you so much versus salon for such a great experience I will be returning very soon!!!

Shaundra Holmes

I went to have a protein treatment and silk press done on my hair. I paid $120 and it lasted for one day. The next day my hair was poofy and frizzy. Additionally, my stylist was ripping through my hair while detangling it and my scalp is still sore from it. It seemed as if she was in a hurry and was not interested in taking her time. I am extremely disappointed! Waste of money and time :/

Se'Quoia Morris

Did a great job on my hair but was misleading about the prices . During the process nobody told me there would be an extra fee until it was time then $20 was added to my bill. The owner wants to comment and say it’s in the fine print but customers are not supposed to just KNOW those extra cost applies to them. Never when they called to confirm my appointment did they let me know it would be extra, never when I walked into the shop or during the process of getting my hair done. It’s horrible business to not inform the customer. By the way my hair isn’t that long or thick . They just look for any way to charge extra

Tekola Wells

Bee Marie

Michelle does my hair and I absolutely love my Deva cut! They take great care of you. She also dyed my hair blonde and she was very careful not to mess up my curl pattern. I love it & so does everyone else ! Xoxo

suchi shines

Place is nice it was my first visit specially being new to this city and Michelle is very friendly heard everything I had to say and arranged the materials in accordance with that. Keeping on account of my every limitation of products but still bringing in the best style for me it was really nice of her..Would certainly recommend this place..

Nancy Laporta

YaHuWaH's Elect

Friendly stylist, comfortable atmosphere. Upscale

Mykella Palmer

I'm a multi-textured natural with 3C-4C hair and I have difficulty getting the shape that I want from wash n gos. I needed a trim, and decided to go here for a deva-cut because I wanted to get a professional's opinion on shaping. I was worried they would cut too much off, but my stylist (Shells) listened to me and did an awesome job trimming and shaping my hair. She also gave me some great tips on how to deal with my unique mix of curls and consistently get the shape I want. She didn't push particular products and instead focused on teaching me the technique I needed to use at home. The difference between what my hair looked like going in vs going out was subtle but big impact. Very little cut off but cut and styled in such a way that my hair framed my face better. Everyone noticed the slight difference and I got tons of compliments. I also feel confident I can repeat the styling/shaping on my own because of the great education Shells gave me about my hair. I will definitely be returning seasonally to get my trims.

S Wright

It is sad to say that I am still very disappointed with my experience. Despite how pretty the salon was, my stylist was not worth the trouble I took to find her. I live in Newport news and came to this salon with the promise of a "Deva Cut" I was to come with my hair dry and the cut would start there. As soon as I came in Michelle had some one in her chair and another waiting. Immediately they said I needed a "treatment" I never asked for this service and I felt pressured to get it done. That cost me money I was not prepared to pay. Which I am still very upset about that. As soon as the other stylist put me down for a wash (which I had already washed my hair before the appointment) I felt it all going down hill. As this is happening some one else walks in for Michelle. 20 mins later they put me under this machine for this expensive treatment I never asked for but did have to pay for. I sat there for 30 mins wondering what the hell I signed myself up for, sitting under this expensive hair bowl while Michelle saw others as they walked through the door. Thats not even the worst. I am then again put under for another wash and condition!! (thats number three) Finally Michelle sees me and starts twisting my hair into a curl pattern that I NEVER do all while asking me if this is how I do my hair and I kept telling her it was not. THEN she sits me under the dryer for 45 mins!!! Im sitting under a dryer to dry the hair for a deva cut that was already dry when I walked through the door.... unbelievable. The timer goes off and Michelle leaves yet another person who walked in for her and checks my hair, says its not dry enough and puts it back on for another 45 mins!! Seriously I would not just say that. I was ready to just walk out. I try to tell her that I needed to be back to Newport news for work in less than 35 mins and so she hurried me over and started some type of cut that I would not classify as a deva cut. fluffed it a little and asked if I liked it. I should not have lied that day but at that point I just wanted to get out of there... I got there at 1:30 and three and a half hours later I ran out of there with over 100 dollars less in my pocket for a crappy first time experience at a salon, fear of being late for work and regret for even going there. Maybe if Michelle wasn't completely overbooked things would have went better. Months later I am still very unhappy.

Google Me

J. H.

Brittany Roberts

The hospitality and atmosphere was great! I am very happy with my curls! I have been wanting a DevaCut for awhile and it was completely worth it! Michele did my cut! She was very sweet, personable, and gave me a lot of good advice for taking care of my curls moving forward. Definitely recommend!


Versus is amazing. The stylists are so nice and listen to what you want, everything is always in a great atmosphere and talkative. I had crochets done there and I'm going back for a regular style definitely a place I will keep going to!!!!

Quis Person

Best colorists and team one could ask for. When one hair stylists is busy I just ask who is available to take me and I have never been disappointed. The fact that they consult with one another and help eachother out is a plus because I mean how can you go wrong if everyone is on the same page as u no matter what it may be . A color a treatment a cut. It’s a family dynamic in Versus and that’s what you want someone who is going to treat your hair like it’s theirs. Definitely recommend this shop and everyone in it. And if they don’t know how to do something they dnt mind saying hey I’m not the one for that but “this person” definitely is ! I love it. There’s no one else I trust with my hair than Versus

Alexa García

I had a great time at Versus. Shells was my stylist. She was very friendly, easygoing, and knowledgeable. I learned how to take care of my hair, and I had an amazing transformation before and after!

Akira Bradley

My hair had undergone heat damage and was in need of a little shape (and a lot of love), so i decided to give the DevaCut a try. Michelle was very polite and patient while we reviewed pictures with me to figure out what shape I wanted. She revived my curls, and I’m so happy with the results! Thanks Michelle! I’ll definitely be back.

Hassie Peck

I love this salon, I've never had a bad experience. Each stylist listens and truly works with your instructions or ideas

tamika mosley

Dezzie Rez

I go to Michelle for the keratin treatment and she's great! Wonderful at her job and fun to talk to!

Marina V Rodriguez

Been coming here for almost 2years and absolutely love it here. Everyone is always friendly and the stylist all work together to help one another. The stylist I go to is Briana Cece, she is awesome at everything she does. She does it all!!! Her creativity is unlimited. You tell her what you want and she will try her best to match what you want. Always gives me a realistic view on how things will be and the maintenance of it all.

Katisa M

Because customer service is always great, my hairstylist is always so warm and welcoming. Educating me through conversation about my hair amongst suggestions for better quality and different styles. Duration works perfect for my busy schedule as well.

regina wiley

Love Versus and the stylist Very professional and friendly staff Michelle does an excellent job maintaining her salon as well as hiring the best. Demetria did an excellent job with my hair


OMG! This salon is the best!

Ebony Schoenfeldt

I've been using the stylist Deneice for the past four years and no other hair stylist has ever compared. She is patient and attentive and super knowledgeable about all things hair related. The entire staff is friendly and the salon itself is clean, modern, and fun! I am so lucky dot have found Versus Salon. You won't be sorry!

Ashley TRU Ward

Versus Salon has been my go to salon for 4yrs. I love the upscale atmosphere and the care that each stylist gives their clients. Michelle has helped me nurture my natural hair since I started my natural hair journey 3years ago. She has helped me learn my curl pattern, how to strengthen my colored hair, and gave me an awesome Deva Cut to keep my hair stylish while growing it out. As with any high quality Salon, it can be busy, but I take it as a sign that I am in the right place. This Salon is edgy and keeps up with the latest trends in hair. I like that people notice my hair and are always asking, "WHERE DO YOU GET YOUR HAIR DONE??!" Thanks Michelle!!

Odessa Morgan-Kesse

Mia Bell

I got my hair done by Shells on April 4, 2019, and I just washed my hair and discovered that I have heat damage. I went to Shells because she did my hair exactly a year before and she did an awesome job, with no heat damage. I assumed and trusted that she would not disappoint. I am natural and only straighten my hair once or twice a year. I messaged the salon to inform and ask if there was anything they can do, since the damage came from my last experience there. They reached out to offer a take home treatment which I believe made my hair worst. I washed my hair again and used the treatment and it took almost a week for it to dry. I then reached out again to the salon informing them that the treatment did nothing for my hair but in fact make it worse. At this point, there is nothing I can do but cut my hair off. I asked if the salon would take a percentage off of a deva cut. And I was extremely disappointed by their delayed response, which was, "no, since we gave you the take home treatment." For a company who prides themselves on healthy hair I was disappointed by this response. I would not need the treatment if my hair was not damaged nor the deva cut if my hair was not damage and since the damage came from the salon, I thought they would do all they could to reclaim their reputation for clients leaving with healthy hair.


Brittani Payton

They amaze me every visit! The owner and staff are very professional and knowledgeable about natural hair! This is very helpful because I recently did the big chop. This will be where my daughter and I go for all hair services as long as I’m stationed in the Hampton Roads area. I’d defintely recommend this salon! They slay the Devacuts!

Debbie White

I recently took my daughter to Versus Salon to get box braids. We sent a text to the salon with a photo. I received a text back from the salon to purchase (4) packs of 1B Kanekalon hair. A week before the appointment, I went to the salon and paid a deposit. I saw the stylist who would be braiding my daughter's hair and showed her the picture of the style she wanted and confirmed that I was supposed to purchase (4) packs of 1B Kanekalon hair. She asked me, "Who told you that?" I said, I don't know - it was a response in my text from someone at Versus (perhaps Chelsea, the office manager). Corvette said, "No, you need to purchase (5) packs of Jumbo hair and you can get the cheapest brand." I also showed Corvette the length my daughter wanted for the braids because the photo that was sent had shorter braids and Corvette said okay. I said thanks for letting me know because I would have purchased the wrong hair. The week of the braiding - the cost for box braids is $185 up to five hours. Each hour after that is an additional cost. Corvette took six hours to do my daughter's hair with a total of 45 braids. The braids were barely shoulder length and they were not even in length because Corvette told her she didn't have enough hair. But remember, Corvette told me to purchase (5) packs of hair. I brought (7) packs of hair with me. My daughter showed Corvette the length she wanted (which was past the shoulders - the same length I showed her the day I paid the deposit). But Corvette told her she couldn't do the braids any longer because she didn't have enough hair. Corvette went on to place gold braid rings around my daughter's hair. She told my daughter that some of the gold braid rings would hide her natural hair that was sticking out from the braids. She told my daughter that the humps would straighten out after a few days. Two days after my daughter got her hair braided, the braid rings started to tarnish. We took them out and noticed over 15 braids were messed up (her natural hair was poking through). The humps in her braids never went away. We tried using hot water to make them straight, but it didn't work. We contemplated calling Versus but decided to see if we could use a gel to mask her natural hair sticking out from the braids. A week went by and we decided to contact Versus. I spoke to Corvette about the state of my daughter's braids. She admitted that she put hair rings around some of the natural hair that was poking out but said it was only 2 braids. I said no, there were definitely more than two braids that were not correct and about the humps. She said she could see my daughter this past Saturday to fix her hair (let me say here - there was no mention of a maintenance fee - you will understand this comment a little later). I receive an email from Versus confirming a 15-minute consultation. I called the salon because I was confused how this short time period could fix the issue. I spoke with Chelsea who said, "We put it in as a 15-minute consultation so your daughter would not be charged." I said okay and thank you. At the appointment, Corvette tells my daughter it will be difficult to fix the braids with the hair she has in now. Corvette said it would be better if we had new hair. She also counted the number of "messed-up braids" and realized it was much more than the two braids she claimed over the phone earlier. My daughter told her she would rather come back another time because we had to buy more hair and it appeared it would take some time to fix the horrible braiding Corvette did. My daughter was to return to Versus at 2:30pm today to have her braids fixed (hair poking through and humps). I received a call from Chelsea at 12:30pm. She said, "You will need to pay $25 per hour maintenance fee to fix your daughter's hair." This is the first time I was told of a maintenance fee to fix something that Corvette messed up in the beginning. We believe that Corvette and Michelle put their heads together to bleed us for even more money over an error that Corvette herself made.

Vicki Williams

Kheaira Peguese

I AM DISAPPOINTED. I rarely get my hair done professionally, but my 21st birthday was coming up so I thought I would treat myself. After extensive research I thought this salon was the one to get the job done... I went in for a consultation and booked my appointment (a whole month away) I waited about 3 weeks & was SO EXCITED, being that I never get my hair done and it had never been colored before. They sent me a confirmation text two days before my appointment that I replied to. THE DAY OF MY APPOINTMENT the hairstylist gave me a call confirming that I was coming and she seemed confuses on what I wanted even though we thoroughly discussed it at my consultation, she also told me I could come in early (GREAT.. so I thought), AN HOUR LATER they called me to tell me that the hairstylist was "accidentally" overbooked and that my appointment would have to be rescheduled. They told me that I would receive a "discount" for the inconvenience. I ended up getting my hair colored elsewhere, but still wanted to receive my promised discount! Therefore, I rescheduled an appointment for a silk press. I feel like he was in a rush, he didn't take his time at all. When he saw the gel that he left on my edges from not washing it thoroughly he laughed and asked what it was, and proceeded to just wipe it off. They only gave me $10 off and my total came up to $75. I tipped him $10 because it was right thing to do. My roots are still curly and I know it not because of the humidity or sweat because I walked out of the shop like that. Come to find out, they included his tip without telling me so I double-tipped him and didn't receive a discount at all. The price on the website for the service I received is $75 and they charged me $75 so they lied to me about the discount. The ABSOLUTE WORST. I was lied to, cheated, and scammed! The saddest part is that I had really high expectations.

Bianca La

If you want a great haircut from the nicest salon lady ever Maria, go here. Neighborhood is quiet so it isn't overly packed. I got my cut around 5:30 on a Thursday. She doesn't overbook either so it was convenient when I missed my original appointment and rescheduled the same day. I've gotten nothing but compliments on my hair, she did a great job!


Bethany McCaskill

Deniece was well worth the drive to Virginia Beach, not only did she do an outstanding DevaCut but was very educational and informative, allowing me to recreate the style at home. I've already scheduled my next two appointments through their convenient online self scheduling portal.

Tiffany Bucknor

I didn’t know what to expect when I booked my appointment but the young lady who called me back was very kind and professional. When I walked in I was greeted with a smile and asked to fill out my new client form (which wasn’t long at all). While I was doing this, the stylist came and introduced himself as Da’Maire and told me I could follow him. He asked me what it was that I was looking for as far as hair results and after it was all said and done, we agreed that I needed a protein treatment and a cut. He washed me and placed me under the steamer and proceeded to rinse and put me in his chair. He had wonderful conversation and it was a pleasure to get to know who the man was behind the chair. I was totally pleased with the results of my hair and I CANNOT WAIT to get back to him next week and for him to get my hair where I want it. I received so many compliments on my hair at church the next day that I was pleased and honored to share his information with several people. Thank you for a wonderful experience Versus Salon and Da’Maire!!! ♥️

Lisa Williams

Smaller, but very nice salon. They are capable of styling all hair types and textures. If you're looking for hair coloring, I especially recommend them. The stylists dont just "do" your hair, they care about your hair and will take the time to tell you how to care for it. They sell products in the salon, but they arent annoyingly pushy about it. They accept walk ins. There's not a lot of seats in the waiting area, as I believe this is to discourage bringing guests/children/friends to appointments so you could end up sitting uncomfortably close to someone if you end up waiting. They usually offer bottled water and snacks. Located at the very end of a small plaza they are a little tucked away. Plenty of parking. Overall, recommended! Edited to add: After a few visits, I still feel the same way. I especially recommend Skyla! Shes awesome!

Skyler Derai

Shells was great. so sweet and the experience was wonderful, everyone working was so nice. the cut was perfect and the color was exactly right.

Kiana Barnes

Love the atmosphere! Great, friendly, professional staff. My hair was amazing. I will be recommending Versus to my family and friends!!

Amanda Marano

Layla Rifai

I had Shells (Michele) do a balayage and it came out perfect! I always have a good experience here, especially with my natural curly hair!

Anna Wood

It was very nice. The young man who did my hair was so kind and good!

Gabrielle Porter

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