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REVIEWS OF Shear Bliss IN Virginia

Alissa Teodorczy

I had a wonderful experience and cut from Nicole. She takes your interests at heart and takes her time with your hair unlike other salons which try to rush you through. She does an amazing job. She was able to give me layers without the scissor cut look and framed my face nicely. Everything came out evenly too! I will be requesting her again.

Zoë Toth

Came here a few months after a bad perm and the staff were so nice about the whole process (I'll be honest, someone messing up you hair can make you feel horrible and they were so nice about it) and worked super hard to to give me a beautiful perm. It lasted so well that when I came back, the owner suggested I wait another two months to reperm and gave me a haircut and spent a good bit of time teaching me to style my hair. It's been about a month now and I feel so confident in my hair right now and have been getting tons of compliments from people. The owner is so knowledgeable about perms and it's amazing the difference that comes with it!

Laura Mae

Shauna is literally the only person I let touch my hair! She’s taken sooo much time and effort to get my hair back to a HEALTHY blonde after it was destroyed for years by stylist that had no idea what they were doing. I will always recommend her and proudly say she did my hair every time someone says they like my hair.

Karina Krzyszczak

Nicole does a fabulous job on my daughter's pixie cut! She is on point with what we are looking for, plus she is personable and fun so my daughter loves to come in and see her.

alexis whitman

If I could give zero stars I would ... this place needs some more training so unprofessional a friend went here n got what she did not want n so posted for other pple to see n the manager holly talkin about shes about to press charges .... do nottttt have shauna do your hair she will mess it up .. I'd suggest going to a new salon.. unless you dont care about your hair..


Amber, the new owner, has done a wonderful job with both my and my wife's hair for years. She always listens to what we want and has the patience and skill to provide a great hair style and cut. Friendly and upbeat, it is well worth the 30 mile drive for us to get our hair done and done right.

Matthew Stallings

Pat L

Getting my hair done was a lovely, pleasant experience. I originally found them on Google, and I would very highly recommend going to Shear Bliss. I drive from Norfolk to Virginia Beach because I love it there so much!

Zach Beals

Leta Sharkey

Christine does a fabulous job cutting short, straight hair. It's hard to find someone who can "blend" so the cut doesn't look choppy.

Pamela cook

I saw Melissa for highlights and she did a really thorough consultation. We ended up using Olaplex since my hair was unfortunately a bit fried already. I absolutely LOVE the Olaplex and how SOFT my hair was after it was used for me. This is basically the best salon in Virginia Beach.

Craig Lively

I have been steadily going to this salon for several months now and never have had any complaints. I have been very satisfied with my cut every time I go! It is a very friendly environment, and all the staff seem to have great knowledge in the work that they do. 5 STARS

Christina Holland

Cute little shop! All the staff was amazing and very friendly. Wendy did a great job correcting another shop's cut...I'll be back for sure!

Jacen Fiscaletti

Maggie Wade

Samantha Mullins is the BEST!!

Keri Christmas

Updated review: I went in originally for color & cut. The cut was/is beautiful and the color was actually very pretty, just not what I asked for. I asked for a vibrant red and came out with what I called black-red, super dark with a hint of red in the sunlight. The color itself as I said was really pretty, just not on me. Like, I really couldn't pull it off. I'm super pale and it looked odd. Being the first time I had attempted to get my hair colored, I just figured it would wash out. So I washed it....sometimes 2x/day. And it faded...some. But still dark and still not what I wanted. So I found a guy who said he could fix it and set the appointment, and we talked, and he definitely got me fired up about coming out of a salon unhappy with a different color than I asked for. So I wrote a review, mainly so the salon would know I was unhappy, and I even sent it in. I honestly expected nothing. I was fine going to my guy to get it fixed, I really was. And the I got a shock. I was emailed back and the salon offered to fix it! At first I was like, no, that's cool, but I thought it over and said "what's the worst that could happen?". I'm so glad I gave them another shot. When I got to my second appointment I was sat down and basically given some basic hair education. For real, I know nothing about hair & hair coloring. Apparently, if you're unhappy with your color, the best time to get it fixed is within about a week. Who knew. Anyway, the stylist told me what she was going to do, and it sounded good so we went with it. She definitely seems to know her stuff. Like wow. She knows more about hair and coloring and all that than I could ever. But that's what you want with someone adding chemicals to your hair, right? Honestly, I kinda went in not expecting any miracles. I'd been told it would be hard to get the bright red-orange color from my black-red hair, so I really set my expectations LOW. I was super surprised with how LONG she spent on my hair. They were doing this fix without cost even though it was quite some time later (like 7 weeks) and again, I had low expectations. I was there 3 hours. She really tried to get my hair as perfect as if I was a paying customer, which was awesome. Anyway, the final product is done, and I honestly still can't believe it. It's basically the exact color that I went in there for in the first place. I don't know how she did it (she did explain it to me, but it's kind of a blur now), and that's fine with me, but my hair is a miracle. It was my 6 year anniversary with my husband so I left the salon and went straight to an early dinner with my husband. He was amazed by my hair, said it looked like it did when we got married (which was the goal!!). And every time I went to the bathroom and caught a glimpse of my hair, I just smiled and got happy all over again. Like really happy. I hope the salon doesn't hate me, because they'll probably never get rid of me now. Customer for life. Oh, and check out Holly, she's the stylist who "fixed" my hair. Although please don't take up all her time because I expect to be able to book an appointment with her too. :)

Sara Bendrick

Appointment started off a bit rocky. She was running about 30 minutes behind schedule, but she offered to have me reschedule or wait. However, once the appointment started, Krysten was nothing short of amazing. She went above and beyond. Not only do I have extra long hair, but I have a lot of hair. She took no shortcuts and even stayed beyond closing time to finish. She was able to take a horribly faded ombre and make it look natural. I would highly recommend not only Krysten, but Shear Bliss in general. I will definitely become a repeat customer.

Frances Black

If i could give zero stars i would. A friend went into their salon, specifically seeing a ms Shaunda Bandy. She wanted to go lighter blonde, after not 1 but TWO visits she botched her hair and it is now a dark gray. They refused to refund or offer to fix the color and the manager was no help. Simply saying "your bad review wont matter because we have plenty of happy clients". Poor quality service with zero talent from hairstylist and management was less than unflattering with her response. A womens hair is often her identity and confidence and for a business to not only ruin that, but not even offer to fix the damage done is dispicable. Save your money for a more deserving business that actually CARES about their clients and not just the paycheck.

Michelle Dominique

K Rey

I got my haircut done by Melissa who helped me select the right product and style for my hair and honestly gave me the best haircut I have ever had. Shear Bliss was freshly renovated and under new ownership. Melissa was very friendly. A+ Best hair salon in Virginia Beach!

Tasha Doton

Christian Johnson

Edited to add looks like the owner Holly blocked me too after this review! HORRIBLE customer service. My wife went here last week and saw Shauna for highlights to make her hair lighter and I thought she changed her mind and decided to go darker when I saw the hair she came home with. Christina has gotten her hair done a lot over the years and I have never seen her be so upset with it. She was completely blonde before going in and now it’s a dark grey color all over that she can’t fix. She messaged Shauna and the owner and was blocked on Instagram and Facebook after politely asking for a fix or a refund. After posting her story the salon owner Holly called her from a blocked number and she put it on speaker and Holly told her to take the post down she will be pressing charges against her for the post. And she said she “was going to refund her but now she would rather put that money toward her lawyer” and hung up. The unwillingness from the stylist and the owner of the salon to fix it or refund us is shocking.


Great cut by Holly! Truly a perfect interpretation of what I wanted! Salon was spotless, atmosphere was very professional .i highly recommend this Salon!!

Jodie Monro


Shear Bliss doesn't stand behind their work. Shauna refuses to correct her mistakes and then has the audacity to be rude about it!!!. The owner, Holly, was of no help either and refused to correct or refund money. Whatever happened to the customer is always right?

Chelsea Sheppard

Holly is absolutely phenomenal. She always knows exactly what I want to do before I even tell her and she is always down to try some of my crazy ideas.

William Pearson

holly passaro

no me

Lauren Truslow

DO NOT NOT NOT NOT get your makeup done here. I requested an updo and makeup for an event I had and was told they could do both. Updo was great (and I would say HAIR WAS A FIVE STAR very good at hair here) however the young woman who "does makeup" wasn't even aware she was doing makeup that day and casually acted like that wouldn't be an issue, implying experience and talent to be able to do it, I was at a salon after all. Not the case. I showed her a picture of a smoky eye that I desired (see below first pic), she took TWO AND A HALF HOURS and I looked like a deranged version of a Candy Skull. She then blamed ME for her ineptitude and said it was the words I had used, (both "fanned out" and "crisp lines" both of which are possible at the same time but that's beside the point). I am positive semantics had nothing to do with the fact that she had no idea what she was doing, was clearly unable to replicate any acceptable variation of the photo I had shown to her, and left me with little to no time to prepare. The manager attempted to assist after I scrubbed the Halloween-skull esque horror off of my face, only to also, not have the time or experience to do professional makeup, she made me look like a washed out drug addict. Neither did highlight, blending, etc. i.e. what would be necessary to make my makeup look professional or come close to the photo shown. I came home and did my own makeup and did it well I may add, however had to be a bit late to the event. It was very upsetting to be told by the salon over the phone that they could do makeup, to be willing to pay for it since working with black shadow for a smokey cat eye can be tricky, only to sit in a chair for hours just to end up looking like a practicing middle school girl trying black eye-shadow for the first time, and then have the 19 year old blame me for it!!!! Just be sure you have a professional makeup artist do your makeup and do not get that done here. They shouldn't tell people they are capable of doing a face of full makeup that they charge for if all they have is a 19 year old girl without any extensive experience in the field taking a stab at it. This was extremely upsetting that day and I have learned my lesson with this. I will be asking for a portfolio and verifying reviews in the future if I ever risk getting my makeup done professionally again. Below please find in order 1. the picture I showed the "makeup artist" prior to her beginning the makeup, of what I wanted it to look like, 2. an example of what the first attempt looked like since I didn't get a chance to take a picture of that as I was too upset, followed by 3. the SECOND attempt photo where the manager attempted to fix this mess (I had already washed off the first two hour black hole eye effect shadow from the initial disaster before taking a picture) and then 4. finally a photo of what I did for myself at home afterward in the last photo. Clearly, possible.

Eva H

Since this salon is getting so much negativity from people who only know one side of the story, here's my review. I've had one experience with them in the past and it was probably one of the best I've had with a salon in the area. I had a Yelp coupon and I'm not sure who my stylist was, but the results came out so well. And to add on, I had the same bad experience at another salon (I won't mention the name because I don't take pleasure in destroying the reputation of a business) and I had paid $200 per session, twice. I didn't make a big deal about it and shame the business because I know that one mistake doesn't mean the stylist is bad at their job.

tonya whitley

Great amptopshere and staff

melissa rinaldi

The staff here is so friendly and talented!

Joel Stark

5 Stars should say enough. Melissa was great when cutting my hair i just sit in her chair and let her work her magic.She is great with kids as well very patient my son is so relaxed when getting a hair cut from her.The salon is a very relaxing atmosphere and up to date on the newest fashion and color. So for an amazing cut and color check out the ladies at SHEAR BLISS!!!!!

Christina Johnson

Edited to add: The owner Holly called me from a blocked number and threatened to “PRESS CHARGES” against me for posting this entirely factual story in a local moms group. She told me she “was going to refund me but now she’s putting that money toward a lawyer” I went to Shauna Bandy at Shear Bliss and the first appt I booked was an “express partial” which I thought was a partial highlight just without the cut/blowout & style and I thought that was perfect because I’m breastfeeding so I could be back quicker/spend less etc. When I got there it ended up being only 10 foils which it DID say online and I missed, so totally my fault. (They didn’t offer this service at my salon back in FL) Anyway, we did the 10 foils then she told me to really lighten up my blonde I should book an actual partial a couple days later. At the first service she did leave a strange spot of roots at the front of my hair but I wasn’t too worried about that because I knew I’d be back in a couple of days. I just wanted an all over lighter/brighter blonde as it had been 4 months since my last partial. So at the second service she did all the foils then put the first toner on and started blow drying and said hmm this is too dark so we went back to the shampoo bowl and she scrubbed it twice before putting on a different toner. When she finished I said wow this is darker than when I came in

Vanessa Ann

I took my daughter for a haircut here today and Wendy did a great job! She was patient and very kind even though my daughter wouldn’t stop fidgeting.

Jessica Swain-Garcia

Shauna Bandy is perfect for color blocking and long styled haircuts! I came in with 25+ inch hair, very dark with faded tints of burgundy. I asked her a few questions and she responded very quickly - booking me the next day! I got everything I wanted from the EXACT color I wanted... not a mix of colors to make the color. She cut my hair before product use so it was easier to lighten and used less product meaning not as expensive. (Smart thinking) She is not only 6 months pregnant but a hard worker. It is awesome how much detail she will ensure you have and you get exactly what you pay for. I recommend 100/10. Congrats chicka! Holly is also very kind and loving owner to the customers as well as her staff! Sometimes people who are SUPER blonde don’t realize how much TIME AND, lemme say this very loud, MONEY to get it done properly to the right level of blonde or even to keep it up. Then they get angry at the stylist when all they did was what you asked for. Don’t be that person. Rise above the hateful reviews when it isn’t true or you have never set foot into the salon.

beth rusch

Been going for a few years, the ladies there are talented and never disappoint!

Christina Sullivan

10/10 Reccommend Holly she is amazing! Will definitely be back.

B Nicole R

Really beautiful inside with friendly staff. Also, the music is awesome and it is an all around lovely experience.

Diane Slawson

you know how you notice when a friend's hair just starts to look better and better? Well I did and I needed a new stylist so I asked my friend and she told me she went to Holly at Sheer Bliss. I had an appointment with her to have my hair colored and I could not be happier. I went in with growing out blonde highlights and she worked with me and gave me the richest most beautiful color I have ever had. And she's an amazing conversationalist so that makes it even better! I am so happy to have found Holly!!

Jane Wright

So today was the first time I’ve gone to Shear Bliss. The atmosphere of the salon was Amazing. The environment clean and calming. Shauna Brandy was my stylist. She gave me exactly what I asked for, with extraordinary service. I was looking for a new stylist and now I’ve found one. I will be recommending shear Bliss and Shauna to my friends.


I have question, I’m a man and I’m wondering if you can use rods to turn my hair curly? I have straight hair.

yelsin carpenter

I had such a great experience. Holly was just super! Great atmosphere, will def go back.

Colleen Cannon

Love my hairdresser Kim! Just wish it was a bit more affordable

Amanda Lewis

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