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REVIEWS OF Pigtails & Crewcuts: Haircuts for kids - Chesapeake IN Virginia

Monique Womack

Love love love this place fir my daughters hair cuts. I did call ahead (highly recommend) and I walked and we were were called ....all the stylists were super friendly and great with kids !!! Cant wait for my daughters next haircut

Melissa Fulir

I love taking my boys here. The staff is so friendly and the boys love receiving their little prize at the end

Navya Gaddey

Ashley S

They are always so welcoming and patient!

Jessica Ziegler

We tried this location on a whim and it was great! We came the day before July 4th and the staff was still awesome. We only had to wait 15 minutes to be seen and I love how they called my son's name when it was his turn. They didn't do that at the Virginia beach location. I think I will start coming back because it is super close to our babysitters house and its not as busy as the Laskin road location. Overall we are going back!

David Fadden

Awesome experience. Great value, everyone super nice. Must for all my kids!

Sarah Skipper

Prakash Raj

Les Ibarra

Nathan delany

This place is wonderful not only did they cut my seven-year-old’s hair but they also cut my 18-month-old hair who hates having anyone touch his head They are amazing and hands-down we will be back

Erin Hawthorne

Kid friendly and very patient with my special needs child! He did wonderful and everyone was so nice!

Lisandra Lezcano

There was about a 25 min wait, we didn’t call ahead but we know now we should. It was worth it, they cut my daughters naturally curly hair so well and she was surprisingly calm for a 1 year old lol. We chose this first haircut package and I’m obsessed with it, they give you a piece of their cut off hair and hand you a diploma for their first hair cut along with a Polaroid picture of them after the haircut. What’s even better is they have two separate waiting areas with fun entertaining toys for your little ones to enjoy while they wait for their turn. Another thing is they also paint nails, how cute!

Daniel Mcmonagle

Little boy loves getting his haircut here, and the ladies are great!

Justin Carlock

Only place I take my daughter

Cindy McGhee

My son was cut so bad in several spots to the point he was bleeding and they tried to tell me it was a skin irritation I said we’ve been getting his haircut for four years never had this happen it’s not an irritation it is clearly bleeding and then they said well it was probably because The clippers are dull!!! She was a heavyset black lady please, do not let her hurt your child I am going to try to post a picture so you can see what she did to my son’s head!

Alison Eisinger

Pigtails and Crewcuts is a great children's hair salon! It is bright and clean and children can choose to sit in a regular salon chair or a firetruck, police car. The staff have always been friendly! We really love the receptionist, Maddy! She is very friendly and my daughter loves her! Even though you can't set an appointment, we call ahead and try to get Paula, but all the stylists we have had have cut my daughter's hair very well. They also sell hair products if needed.

rob perez

They did a great job with all 4 of my kids. The price seemed a little high. You have to call ahead of time. Do not try to walk in.

Ron Corey

Nice staff

Rebekah Brumage

Tiffany F

My kids absolutely love this place! The stylists are all so patient and kind to my children as well as me. They go above and beyond to make my kids happy. It is extremely family friendly! My kids can play while they wait and we are always seen quickly. Honestly my kids beg to wait longer because it is so fun there! I highly recommend going here. My son struggles with hair cuts and actually loves getting hair cuts now. He even begs to go! I am so happy I found this place!

Amanda Jarrett

I finally found a place that my kids love and we all love their haircuts. Great customer service, too!

Tim Trea

We went to get my grandsons 2nd hair cut. Great staff and great place for kids.

Chris Allen

Never a bad experience. Multiple kids and smiles from all of us every time. It's well worth the few extra bucks over a budget barber.


I took my son here a couple months ago and we won't be coming back. The hairstylist did an ok job, but was very rushed due to how crowded it was. The haircuts are very expensive for children. We had to wait 45 minutes to get a haircut. There were children crying and screaming. It was a stressful and chaotic experience. There are a few toys for kids to play with while waiting, which is a plus. I recommend going to hair cuttery or somewhere cheaper. This place just isn't worth the cost.

mariana youssef

Colleen Russell

Called the day before to make an appointment and was told they don't accept appointments but to call ahead 15 minutes out. I called ahead the next day and was told to be there within the 15 minutes and we were. Had to wait more than 30 minutes while other children went ahead of us. They have a flawed system that they apparently don't even follow. Entirely too expensive for the services offered.

April Edwards

Berta Madlock

Kayla Blythe

Michael Barker

Probably should be three stars they always struggle cutting my son's hair and recently botched bangs on my daughter, however my kids love going there.

Derek Ellis

I recommend you always call ahead for any appointment and I would not go on a Saturday. We arrived at 1003am on Sat morning. Was told 15 min wait. At 1045 I politely asked how much longer and was told 30-45 min. It was clear that somehow people who were calling ahead even if it was after we arrived were getting service in front of us. At 1045 there were still 5 people ahead of us. Dont give false waiting estimates, especially when it's a childrens place and your trying to keep little kids occupied for unexpected long waits in a small waiting area. I had always recommended this place and was willing to pay the extra bucks for a kids haircut until today. A simple I'm sorry their was a misunderstanding would have been nicer than the way the front desk simply dismissed us and didn't care. Very disrespectful! This was an unsatisfactory visit followed by no haircut after waiting over an hour with crying kids on the way out.

Sean Price

Lindsey Goetz

Haircut is a little pricey in my opinion but the staff is wonderful.

Kyla Granados

Angelique Connell

I tried cutting my sons (1.5 years old) hair a couple of times and it was HORRIBLE I was nervous to bring him to a professional setting, sure he would cry and throw a fit the entire time. The seats provided entertainment and when that fails they have kids movies playing to try to distract them as well. They did a very good job introducing new tools to him when they had to switch from scissors to clippers as well. Super fast, very good hair cuts, and you can even get your cut while your child gets theirs!! and the price is AMAZING

Candace Evalenko

A great place to bring the kiddos for a haircut. They can deal with wiggles and whiners and do a good job.

Deysi Angel

Sam was amazing! First time my toddler stays still without crying during a haircut

Rachel F

Great hair cuts for me and my 2 year old, very patient and accommodating, they took great care of us.

Danielle Sawicki

We love coming here! The stylists are always patient and kind with my kids and work with them to get their haircut as drama free as possible. They love sitting in the different seats, and really love the entertainment while they wait! The call ahead option is fantastic for us too!

Marisa Bockelman

Sarah Morris

Grace Hoss

Chris Kennedy

Adrian Stahl

100% recommend. They are cautious about my sons allergies and skin sensitivities. The hair cuts are always amazing, but the service is what is great. Super kid friendly from the fun chairs, the toys while they are waiting, tv while the kid is getting hair cut! They make it fun for kids when this could be something scary.

Casey D

Libby cut all three of my kids hair and was very patient with my screaming one year old and did a great job with the hair cuts themselves. Good place to go for a first hair cut or if your child needs that fun atmosphere to ease their fear of a hair cut.

L Duval

They have a awesome staff

Jared Bryant

Awesome place. Brought my son in after calling in and he loved it. A little pricey but it’s worth the money when they manage to cut children’s hair while they’re squirming around.

Meredith Larson

Great place for kids cuts. The cosmetologists are really fast and skilled at a cutting kids hair. Screaming, fussy babies don't bother them as they have toys and TVs and animal crackers and lollipops to distract them! A big train table in the back keeps kids occupied while they wait. Saturdays are crowded so expect a long 20-30min wait unless you call ahead to put your name on the list before driving over. Place is closed on Sundays but open most public holidays on Monday. My kids love coming here because they can play video games on the XBox while they get their hair cuts! Only downside is the price. Corporate made them raise their rates to $19.95+tax for a child's cut. I have 2 children so I purchase the prepaid 10-pack of coupons which equates to $17.95+tax for each cut. Get a punch card so every 10 cuts you get a free one!

Samantha Stoner

My kids LOVE this place. They love getting to play with the toys, they love having their own seats, and my daughter loves having her own stylist. Anytime we talk about getting haircuts, they get so excited it's nearly impossible to contain. The staff is great, and they are super sweet. I recommend calling ahead, because the wait can be quite long. Even so, the wait is worth it.

T My

Hair cuts galore

Evan H L

Friendly staff and professional barbers. They definitely know how to give the kids of all age ranges great haircuts while keeping them distracted.

Gabrielle Blake

Yuliana Kivel

Liz cut my boys hair today and she did an amazin job. Between my oldest who has autism and my youngest who was tired. Their hair looks great. She was even was even able to get around their ears which no one ever gets them calm enough for that. Besides the hair cuts being a little pricey it sure does beat having to cut their hair myself and worry about their wonky haircut.

Trish Morrisette

Love the train table! Kept my 2 year old busy while waiting!

Melissa Harrison

My favorite haircut place for my son

Lori Lister

Shannon Lambaiso

Mike Arrigo

Good times for kids but not very well staffed and always seems to be a excessive wait.

Ashton Damian

Edarling Fields

My grandson looks so handsome after his haircut.


i specifically told the stylist I didn't want thickness at the bottom of my child's hair and so she used a tool that she claimed would give the result I wanted. I didn't have a good feeling about it but Being that she's the stylist, let her do her job. After her cut I did a look over and saw that her hair was flipped out and so I asked her if the ends were going to fall into place without bulk.....wrong. After we left and her hair dried completely, not only did it not lay how it should've but the cut was completely crooked on all levels. I refuse to go back to have them fix, so I'll do it myself. Aside from that, the staff was nice but I definitely will not be going back to the same stylist.

Keri Cressotti

Savannah Salmans

Colleen McMichael

We have a son with special needs and every stylist at Pigtails and Crewcuts goes out of their way to give my son the best hair cut and treat us like family. They give us the biggest grins when we walk in and they are so calm and are so efficient but quick! I’m so grateful that an experience that could be very stressful they make absolutely enjoyable! Thank you!!

Jay Allsbrook

Has been pretty good until our last visit. Cut was uneven across the back and bangs. Stylist wasn't overly friendly. Could have gotten a similar, if not better, cut at a Great Clips for half the price. Probably just an off day, but dissapointed regardless.

Michelle Willke

They are amazing! They don't complain about having their hair brushed there and come out looking lovely afterwards. The prices are the same as going anywhere else so why not take your children to somewhere they will actually enjoy. Wonderful experiences every time we go!

Nadine Drilon

steph prever

I love how patient and caring they are with my daughter! We love Mrs. LIBBY at the Chesapeake location!

Kate Graney

Mischelle Hill

My two sons and even husband love coming here to get haircuts! Libbie always does a great job and listens to every thing we want. She is great at giving suggestions too! A lot of people think their prices are expensive, but I think it's worth it! They do such a great job with distracting the kids so they won't get impatient and throw tantrums while getting their haircuts. This place also does adult haircuts. Very convenient for daddy and boys to get their haircuts together when mommy isn't able to make it!

Nicolette DiCola

Mandalyn Ringersma

They are excellent on dealing with kids in the spectrum. They will do special time slots for kids with sensory issues as well. Only place my nephew is ok getting his hair cut. Love them.

vickie sparrow

Katrina Jackson

Great for kids!! My grandson loves getting his haircut there!

Angela Adcock

Theodora Dennis

Took my almost two year old here (22 months old) the staff could not have been nicer or more calm about how much my Son was fighting the hair cut. Will absolutely come back 100% well worth the $19.95 in my opinion

Raymont Henderson

Kendra Sahr

Someone recommended I go to Libbie, and what a great recommendation. We will be returning to see her from now on!

Kathryn Parsons

I was not impressed with this place. It is pricey but could be worth it if you get great customer service and get a good haircut for your kid. However, most of the reason for my three star review was due to the stylist. She was pretty rough and not helpful or all that friendly. She didn't really listen to what I told her and was difficult to converse with. It seemed clear to me that she does things a certain way and does not really like to deviate. She seemed impatient with me and my daughter, who is a pretty well behaved 5 year old. Also, just a note, there are TVs all over the place which is great for distracting kids who are nervous or scared. However, they are placed in a way that kids have to look up to see them. So when the stylist asked my daughter to keep her head down, of course she kept looking up to see the TV which resulted in the stylist impatiently telling her to look down, look down. Overall not a great experience, I likely won't go back.

Loretta Baker

The hairstylist was great with my granddaughter and gave great tips

Bill & Mary Ann Malone

The shop looks so much fun for kids. My child love getting a haircut. The crew are so good with kids & friendly to parents.

Nirupa Maharajh

We love this place absolutely wonderful experience and the ladies are amazing!

Andrea deBonoPaula

Stylist did great with my son. Waiting area was toddler/kid friendly. Love the little airplane/car chairs

Celeste Sigua

Samantha was awesome with my 2 year old! We will be back:)

neleh poletsky

my almost 2 year old's tantrum during his cuts don't stand a chance against these professional stylists! Bless their hearts as they are so patient with all the little ones. I'm so thankful I can take my son there and leave with a feeling of success!

Andrew Garrison

They always do an amazing job here! Kids (most) love it. Well worth an extra couple of bucks for.

Gladdie Gomez

Jessica Bakas

Great place! My four year old is terrified of hair cuts but she loves it here.

Stephanie Zehner

Rachelle Thomas

Patti Morrow

natalie dison

Fantastic, accommodating staff and great location. Exactly what we needed for a fussy 2 year old.

Christopher Robert

Susanna Garvey

Libby is amazing!! Definitely worth the drive.

Karem S. de Olaciregui

Terrible haircut, expensive y not friendly!

Leslie Brennan

Friendly staff, clean store, love that they take time to talk to kids and provide comfortable environment! Patient and kind

Kendra Jewell

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