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130 University Blvd, Harrisonburg, VA 22801

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REVIEWS OF Omar's Hair Salon & Barber Shop IN Virginia

Angela Drummond

Ok so this is my new post. went in to get a cut for my son and came out so disappointed!! I told the lady leave the length please do not cut it to short on top. Had a picture now I know it wouldn't come out just like it but it Looks NOTHING LIKE IT WAS SUPPOSED TO! My son is in tears. I could have done the regular boring cut. I have posted pictures but there not posting at the moment. A Great place to get your haircuts! My son wanted a Specific style so we went to Omar's. They went well and above what I expected out of a salon in Harrisonburg! Used to pay $45 + tip in NY for a cut like this. I was amazed when I went up to pay and it was only $20. For those people who are complaining about the pricing here are just crazy! Just remember you get what you pay for. I am looking forward to booking an appointment for myself and the future.

Wheelchair Living

Excellent service, friendly staff and best haircuts around

Eric Nickel

Omar is very talented and my sons love the cuts. it is a very welcoming environment, and all barbers are skilled with a straight razor. Good value for the prices.

Flor Salazar

Best place in town!!! Im so in love with my baby brothers haircut! I was nervous at first because it was his first haircut ever and just turned 1 year old today but the guy(Ahmed) did a great job he was so gentle and patient with my baby brother I would definitely recommend. Great staff & Excellent service!

Sean A

One of the cleanest and most professional barber shops I have ever been to. I would not recommend going without an appointment, as they are always busy!

Danny King

This is in my opinion the best place in Harrisonburg for a male to get a hair cut these guys take the time an pay attention to detail.

Mark Shapiro

This is the best place in Harrisonburg to get your hair cut, hands down (at least for a barber - I cannot attest to a female hair cut as I don't have experience). Omar runs a VERY clean, up to date shop. He only hires people who truly care about what they do, and it shows in the quality of work that is done there. All of the stylists are masters of their craft, and I always recommend people to this place.


Great place to get hair cut.. $20

Estrella De Cristo

This shop is Awesome. I would highly recommend Bryan he did an excellent job with my son! Best place on town to get your hair cut and styled. Very please with the service! The place is beautiful and high class!

Bonnie Dalton

My son, a JMU student, needed a haircut. He went to Omar’s today and his hair cut was so bad he headed strait to Hair Cuttery after to get it all shaved off. So now not only did he have to pay for the bad haircut at Omar’s, he had to pay a second time to get it shaved. He tried to let the guy cutting it at Omar’s know that he was not cutting it the way he wanted and I’m not sure if there was a language barrier but the guy continued to tell him “no no it’s good this way”. So I say to sir it is not good this way and he will never be back. So disappointed.

Travis Hedgepeth

Went there for the first time yesterday and loved it. Very professional and nice people. Barber did excellent job. Thought it was 20$ for the cut, he did an excellent job. Would recommend to all people, regardless of hairstyle/texture

Joel Silver

Went there today for the first time and it was a great experience! They are very busy so call a head for an appointment if you dont want to wait. Waleed cut my hair and his attention to detail was fantastic! I will definitely be returning and highly recommend them!

Salah Abdallah

Good and highly experienced Barbor shop and nice customer sery

Dylan Bernetich

Great cut, Good looks, and very professional. Thanks to Omar!

Canessa Collins

Did an excellent job on my boys haircuts. They spend the most time on haircuts I have seen and they make them perfect.

Kyle C

They give very detailed and good haircuts. Defiantly take their time to make sure it’s perfect. Customer service is good as well they are very friendly. Defiantly come here if you want a good haircut

Paul Barnhill

Great haircuts for a great price!

Greyson Glancy

Absolutely no lines!

James Lee

I’m a honest guy and Ill give credit where credit is due. I’ve been to Omar’s now about 4-5 times. My barber Sam, although a pretty quiet guy gives really nice haircuts and I appreciate it. I truly think that Omar’s is the best barber shop in Harrisonburg, that being said today I left with my mind changed. The taller barber directly across from Sam (with the beard) is incredibly rude. I’m a very easy going, empathetic guy and I’ve worked in/currently working now in retail/food/you name it for several years. I know the right way to treat and the wrong way to treat people who support your business and that guy getting all aggressive and rude for no reason whatsoever is uncalled for. I tried reasoning and being logical but what can you do when someone has a short temper and just snaps? So I left and I won’t be coming back again. Sad because I really liked this place. In reply to your reply Thank you for responding. I 100% understood what Sam and the other barber were trying to say. On that note, I said 3 times, that I was willing to show my American Express App that listed the Omar’s hair salon 20 dollar charge. Last two times this happened Omar, I waited in line for over 15 minutes while the nice lady behind the counter took care of other things. I wasn’t going to spend another 15 this time. I repeatedly asked if either Sam or the other barber wanted to check my phone to see the charge had been made but they didn’t want to hear me. Sam was very polite and I don’t blame him. The other barber was very rude and immediatly got aggressive and wouldn’t listen to any logic. This is why I left a bad review. I am willing to call the store/you to sort out this misunderstanding. Omar, the first time this happened, I did what the barber asked of me and the second time as well. There was no formal check out process explained to me by the lady at the front counter. She said essentially to just go on my way and that since I already paid, all is well. Since this is my third time It’s different.

O Cruisin

Didn’t give me the cut I wanted. The barber cut my car really short not what I asked for. Never ever going back

Zachary Gochenour

Experienced barbers who take their craft seriously. I always get a good haircut here and they put in the time and effort to make it as good as it literally can be. The price ($20) is just a little more than you pay at a budget place for a rushed haircut. The downside is this place is too popular. Never under any circumstances come in as a walk-in. If there are even 2 people ahead of you that might mean waiting an HOUR or more. It's absurd. Just make an appointment. It makes no sense for this place to take walk-ins so do yourself a favor. All the staff are totally competent so it doesn't matter who you make your appt with, just make one.

Dmitriy Shumeyko

I'd have to say this is by far the best salon in town. When my wife saw me she said "wow that's very nice" Omar knows what he's doing, give him a visit!!!

Lindsay Alexander

Great barbers but wait can be very long and if you don't have an appointment you get skipped

Gabriel Cucalon

Got a great haircut, left very happy.

Ali Abdulkarim

It's so beautiful everyone should go and visit it and get your best hair style you love

Patrick Crowley

Salam treated me with much dignity and respect. I felt like a human being after my visit. The hair cut is only 50% of what you receive. The rest is in professionalism and (again I repeat myself) respect. I set an appointment with him next month. This was my first visit with Omar.

Mr. X

Best trendy haircuts in the area!!

Abbie Oscar

Omar's always does an amazing job and the staff are so accommodating

Brandon Gillard

Great haircut, friendly workers. Kinda pricey, but this is the best haircut you'll get around here.

ilya Shelest

I have been to many barbers in this area. Omar's is the place to go to! Want a state of the art experience. This is the spot!

David Simmons

I like everyone I've ever dealt with at Omar's! I can't recommend them enough!

John Ricketti

I have been going to JMU since 2011 and I have not found a Barber Shop that I could truly rely on until I discovered Omar's. It is a great location for anyone in the Harrisonburg area and the salon is very clean. I have had three great hair cuts and will continue to get them at Omar's. Omar is an extremely friendly barber, even when I encountered him at a local spot. Omar's is highly recommended!

Roy Corbeil

An hour for a boys haircut is ridiculous.

Cristal Torres

Omar's hair salon and barber shop is the best in Harrisonburg! Nice workers, talented barbers and the owner is great!

Devin Frend

Guys with beards, This is your spot! I used to drive all the way to Richmond from Waynesboro to get my beard shaped. I couldn't find anyone out here that did a real beard shaping and light trim. This place does! If you have a beard, and want it to look top knotch this is the place you need to go. Nowhere in the valley, or even in Charlottesville does it better! Not to mention the haircuts are tip knotch. I'm balding, and they make me look good...not easy to do. I highly recommend this place to any gentleman looking for premium quality hair cuts and beard shaping.

Shannon Wheeler

Took a two year old little boy for his second hair cut. ALI was great with him. The cut looks amazing it was fast and the staff where super friendly .

Tysha Brown

Never will I ever go back

Marleen Skoff

Great barbershop. Everyone is very good. Excellent!

Dakota Bush

Its a nice place they keep it really clean and everyones really friendly Cory cuts my hair and does and outstanding job recommended.

Motor Maniac

Excellent service


Staff seemed really friendly and they probably can give decent haircuts but the reason I am giving such a bad rating is the haircut I received was the worst I have ever had by any barber shop. The barber did not listen to what I asked for them to do.Then they rushed through my haircut because their appointment Just showed up. Then they shaved my neck and cut it in two different places. Worst experience and most expensive barber shop I’ve been to. Would not recommend to walk in.

Danielle Hamilton

I enjoy my visit each time at Omars. I always walk out of there feeling amazing. The kindness shown by the staff is also very appreciated.

Ray Diaz


William Mullins

Best place in Harrisonburg.... maybe in Virginia. If you want a premium haircut, you need to go to Omars! I spent years going to cheap barbers, and got referred here a couple years ago and i havent even considered going anywhere else since! A+++

Matthew Clements

This was my first visit to Omar’s. I had heard excellent comments so went to check it out. I set up an appointment online but still had to wait 15 minutes when I arrived. I got a “decent” haircut but am not overly impressed. She didn’t style it just washed and blow dried it. Not worth the drive or wait (even though I had an appointment).

Levi Barnes

Amazing place and amazing people!!!! Will be a repeat customer forever!!

Tyler Miller

Best staff and great haircuts

M Al

one of the best hair cut I have in my life. Professional barbers.

Aaron Sipe

First time here. They gave me first class treatment. This will be the place I go to from now on.

Richard Khanna

Bryan did awesome work on my hair. Fading and outlining it nicely, as well as making sure he got it just right. All while being cordial and professional too.

Synthia Parham

They lied about the cost for a simple cut and trim around the edges. Then they lied about a barber who could do my kind of hair. Then they lied about my being 2nd in line and would be serviced in 30 minutes. I waited about 2 hours and at that time all but one barber was busy, and 2 other people walked in. My barber serviced the others and then worked on a man who came in after me for almost an hour before he came to me. I waited patiently hoping I was being treated fairy. When he finally came to me I asked him if he could do my kind of hair and asked him to touch it becaue it is very soft and fine. I expained that I just wanted a simple afro cut. Then asked if he used pick before. He said they get many black clients. When he started to pick out my hair, I had to tell him to stop because I was in pain because he was pulling my hair out from the root and breaking my hair off. I asked him to let me show him how to do it right. But he kept assuring me that he knew what he was doing and that he has been a barber for more than 15 years. He looked no older than 32 so he must have beendoing black hair since he was a teenager. He had a strong non American accent so I'm not sure how long he has lived in the USA, and question seriously if he even really touched a black person, not to mention their hair, 15 years ago even in this country. Yet I tried to give him a chance but still had to pick my hair out myself. He proceeded to cut my hair in 2 different directions because he could not angle his hand to cut my left side in the same direction and was patting my hair down. I asked him if he could just shape it nice and round like a ball using scizzors instead. I picked my hair out again to show that he did not cut it evenly. I could tell he was getting irritated. Then in the middle of what he was doing, he was called to the back. I suspected it was to talk about me in their language. Altogether it took him longer than he should have because I had to show him how to cut my hair and pick it out myself, and show where he cut my hair uneven. Nonetheless, I thanked him for doing the best he could, but obviously he did not have the experience he said he did. When I went to pay, the girl at the register had left and my barber had to take my money. He said my simple do cost five dollars more because his boss said that it was a hair style not a hair cut. They spent more time on the men with way less hair and charged them less(SMH) I was going to refer my husband but not after my unpleasant experience. They really should have not have lied and then overcharged me. I'm sure they had jokes and laughs about me. They got my money but not my trust. I really trusted them as professionals and I was mislead (SMH). I observed that they are all excellent barbers and obviously have many happy clients. Just sad I wasn't one of them.

Jessica Espinoza

I went in with dark, uneven, broken hair & Valeria completely transformed it with a blonde balayage and a beautiful shaped cut! She really did magic on my head and I couldn’t be happier with it. Everybody in there was so friendly and upbeat. It seemed like they were really doing something they love! If you’re on the fence, just take the leap! You’ll be glad you did.

PK Juke

Love this place. Always walk out happy !

Brett Porter

I highly recommend Omar's! I was looking for a new barber because Fantastic Sam's was butchering my hair and then I was referred by a friend to visit Omar's. The two haircuts I have received have been top notch and Omar is one of the friendliest people you will meet. Omar's is the real deal!

Anthony Merchant

Wednesday, May 29th I had gone into there new shop and really liked the new place, but was not satisfied with who cut my hair and the results. I have cuts on the back of my neck and you can clearly see where he had cut me, and not even an hour after getting it cut my neck began to break out and swell up and became irritated. I’ve had Omar himself screw up my hair. He can’t stay focused and always talks to the people around him. I get that it’s his shop and should be friendly and welcome to his customers. But for Omar himself to screw up someone’s hair is ridiculous.

Matthew Alsbergas

New location is amazing! You won't be bored waiting!


Been going for half a year now. Always satifyed with my cuts. They should get rid of the cheap haircuts sign. Its $20 a cut + tip. I know places that have $7 hair cuts, but its not nearly as great at omars

Ben Schaedler

The guy completely ****ed up my hair cut. I told him I wanted a 4 on the sides and longer on top, and he gave me a line-up...

M Baize

They claim to fix "cheap haircuts," then gave a bad trim. Overpriced and overrated.


A great salon for everyone. The staff are friendly, waiting area is comfortable, and the interior design gives it an impressive feeling found in metropolitan cities. Prices are very reasonable and feels first class.

margaret jones

Love it. It was my 1st time an i got my hair cut how i wanted an the price was good also.

Ryan Boshart

Top notch hair cut. Would recommend to everyone.

Jack Needham

Stopped in today without an appointment, waited 5 minutes, and then got the best haircut of my life for only $15. Well worth it every penny. The place looks fantastic, and I felt very comfortable. I brought in a picture, explained to the barber what I wanted, and he gave some nice feedback and suggestions, then explained what he was planning on doing for my haircut. I'll definitely be coming back.

Maxim Moroz

Quick, easy, and quality cuts. I would recommend making an appointment. Also, free coffee while you wait.

Stephen Shepard

Fantastic Decor and great barbers!

Jeremy Kruger

The best in the valley, haven't had a bad haircut yet.

Matthew Kinman

I did not feel welcome here with my 9 year old son. We waited for about 45 minutes. During that time, other customers who were waiting for less time were offered hot beverages while we were ignored. We finally left after several of the employees and customers started cursing loudly and obnoxiously. Reminded me of a locker room. Found out later at a more hospitable barber that I should be glad they didn't cut my son's hair. Several of omar's former young clients have been cut by straight razors and they just tried to cover it up with powder and still charged full price. Too bad, I wanted to like this place.

Mohamad Badawa

Good place to get a fire hair cut✨✨

Matt Stonehill

I'm very happy that there is finally a place in Harrisonburg where you can get a good hair cut. I told Omar what style I wanted and he nailed it. The location and atmosphere is really cool and I feel comfortable in saying that there is no hit or miss here, you can relax knowing that you will always get a good hair cut.

Amec Feliz

Best u Will always come back I promise that

Halat Canybee

Omar's Barber Shop is amazing; I have been getting my haircut from his salon since my freshman year of college. On a professional level he’s very well organized and scheduling appointments is fast and easy. On a personal level he’s very friendly and kind.

Dana Metz

Can't think of anything negative and there's too much positive to list!

Mark Khatman

Best haircut by jack wright, totally satisfied, recommend over any other hair salons

Cody Pillow

$20 haircuts are expensive for a simple cut.

Junk Mail

Use to love this place, but they rush through the cut and don't listen to what you want. The haircuts have been really good or really bad, it's unpredictable what will happen. They need to slow down, take their time, and become more organized. Because of this, I have found somewhere else to go.

LeRoy Johannesen

Best haircuts in my life from Sam at Omar's. Followed him from Charlottesville, and my extended family agrees that he is the best, and will no doubt make the journey to Harrisonburg.

Just my Opinion

Omar’s say they take walking but you’ll have to wait until you cut all the regulars

The Dabb Hatter

They have some good barbers but they need to get their wait time down a lot and some of the barbers have an air about them as well

Hector Rivera

Nice clean place, modern and staff is very friendly. Raphael is a great barber.

Joshua Jackson

Not a good experience. I walked in at 2:35PM on a Sunday and was refused service. One employee was sitting in her chair playing on her phone. Another Employee was mopping. The sign on the front day states they close at 3PM on Sundays but that is a lie. Evidently they had something better to do then cut hair.....I am never going there again

Brittany Brady

Always perfect service, my son and fiancee refuse to go anywhere else.

Gerald Travis Phillips

Didn't have an appointment so had to wait a while but stylist I got was very good and took great care of me. This was my first trip ever to a barbershop. They do not have a ton of wait space so we had to wait out in the cold on the benches in front of the shop for a little while but it wasn't too bad. I would certainly go back if in the area.

Rodrigo Vazquez

My haircut was very satisfying and the people who work there are very nice.

Chico Daniels

Mohammed is a gentleman first and foremost and an excellent craftsman. He gave me a perfect haircut. The shop is never empty and everyone leaves happy and satisfied.

Ghazanfar Ali

Average cutting, fancy shop

amanda vance

So I ended up with a botched haircut and undercut with design from another salon and I came to Omar's to get it fixed. I walked in and didn't have to wait to long and I got Muhammed Ghazlawi he did an amazing job fixing someone else's mess and gave me what I was looking for the first time and killed it!!! Thank you again Muhammed!! Anyone who read these reviews please go see Muhammed he will hook you up with amazing work!!

Rell Born To Shyne Suggs

One of the best barbershops in town I'm a usual customer.

Quiet Assassin

Diverse barber shop that is very elegant and professional

Daniel Wilson

Omed Kirkuki was very professional. He was juggling between calls and walk-ins because their cashier was out, but he did so very fast and efficiently. Best of all, I got a perfect haircut. He listened to everything I had told him about how I wanted it cut, and delivered 100%. Thank's Omar's!

Paul Johnson aka PJ 74

It's hard to get walk-ins is a good barber shop I like that new location very elegant


It was great, went here many times and did a good job.

Tyler Good

Gives amazing haircuts with very friendly service


Have had decent experiences there before the owner is a very nice man. Unfortunately cant say the same about the staff or their store policies. Was little more then 5 minutes late for an appointment and they had already sat someone else (a walk in) in my spot had no other barbers available and the front desk lady was very dismissive about my issue. I was sad/upset to see this is how they treat returning customers.

Steven Phillips

while waiting for my haircut over heard a barber yell at the girl working the front desk about why she would let me stay instead of telling me to leave. I came in at 5:45 on a saturday when they close at 8 PM. Barber complained about how he was tired and didn’t want to cut my hair.

Joanna Cruz

Excellent service, always does an amazing job on my son. Best barber shop in town.

Mike Kline

Awesome experience. Had Salam for a hair cut and a beard trim/clean up. He was very thorough and I'm very happy with the results. Omars is clean and professional. I will be recommending this place to everyone.

Jason Forsyth

I have had my hair cut several times at Omar’s and the service is always exceptional. The staff were excellent and take good care of you. My only advice is to book an appointment as they can get busy at times.

Rob Burge

Thanks to one of the workers there (male), you guys have just lost a customer. Granted, the haircuts are good, but when I called in to make an appointment, some guy (not Omar nor Carlos) picked up the phone. I asked when's the next available time, and he cuts me off and just leaves me waiting on the line for more than 5 minutes. Not once, but twice! I really hope Omar will fire him, because with that attitude, no one will want to come back.

jordyn meadows

Did my hair perfect the way I wanted it listened to what I wanted and did a amazing job most places do it the way they think it looks good. Omar's is my new spot best around here.

Gregory Tullo

Finally found a great barber! My hair was a mess and Omar fixed me right up: hair, beard, eyebrows. My wife freaked out when she saw the results. She was thrilled to have a polished version of her husband back. Omar has a great business here that he built from scratch. Support this local success story!

Nacho Montero

Always a great service. Nice hairtcuts and great barbers. Always a good choice to cut your hair!!

Omar Alzaben

Omar's Hair Salon is a great place to get a haircut. Everyone there is really friendly and they really take there time and do a good job.

Thomas Price

First off, this place was FANTASTIC my first time. I had Corey and he was amazing. Extremely gentle, thorough, and it was the best cut I have ever had. He gets 5 stars. This is my second time though and it was the WORST cut of my life. Mohammed G. Just brutalized me! The cut was okay, but he destroyed me with the clippers the entire time (i attached a picture of the back of my neck and trust me when I say the picture doesn't do it justice). He spent maybe 10 minutes on the whole cut with 1 minute being the worst hair wash and 1 minute being the clippers on the top. Mohammed gets a 1 Star AT BEST. The only reason I'm giving a 2 stars is because of how amazing Corey was. I will be coming back ONLY to get a cut from Corey. I suggest any one looking into this place should to the same.

Nathan Hunt

I was in town on business and needed a haircut. Their skill sure beats other haircuts I had before. A great hair cut at a great price. The folks are friendly. Great value for the money, you can't go wrong with this place...

Lance Burton

I went to Omar's Shop and at first I was kind of unsure about their service.There was a misunderstanding, but they were very professional in handling it. I was happy with the outcome and I do recommend them. Omar's shop proved to me that the customer does come first! Thank you Omar's Hair Salon & Barber Shop for renewing my faith in good customer service.

Anthony Correa

The place looks nice and neat and the staff are ok. I went twice to two different barbers and received less than ok haircuts. I’d show them what I wanted or ask for suggestions but they kinda just did their own thing. I have curly hair and they didn’t cut it dry.

Jigisha Vyas

I had never been to this place, thought I should try it. Impressed with huge space. The lady who cut my hair, Avast, is excellent. Just got me exact hair cut I wanted. After that all price is very reasonable. Thank you!

Mohammad Qadir

best barber in town! he has a very beautiful and clean shop! get your haircut here!

Tim Williams

Wow... Such a great business. I like that if you make a reservation they'll text you to remind you. The shop is super clean, and Salam (in addition to the rest of the staff) was so kind and professional. I hate getting haircuts because I never know how to say what I want, but he sure seemed to know. He just got right to work, took his time, and gave me one of the best haircuts I've ever had. Usually I wait for return trips to NoVa to get my haircut with my guy there... Looks like I'll be getting more regular haircuts here now.


Just moved to town and read great reviews about Omar's, but I left feeling fairly disappointed. I got a butchered cut and had to basically teach my stylist how to cut hair. Also, kind of surprised they don't use separate shampoo and conditioner. I assume it was a 2-in-1 product that left my hair and scalp feeling very dry.

Bryan Horne

I highly recommend Omar and his staff! It is so refreshing to experience outstanding customer service and to be treated like you are the most important customer in the salon. The owner, Omar Alsamraay, and his amazing staff take their profession seriously and it shows with the service, cleanliness, and efficiency of the operation. Omar is also involved in giving back to very worthy causes. This is the type of local business that our community should support!

Thomas Rea

Great team made us feel at home and totally went the extra mile.

Valeria Zaldivar

By far the best barber shop in Valley. If they have clients driving 2-3 hours just to come get a good cut, you know they are the real deal. Their skill, knowledge with trending styles and welcoming atmosphere is always the highlight of my day. We are so lucky to have such talented barbers in town. Coming from a family of very uptight fashionable men, i know what a good cut is. I can definitely recommend people to Omar's and know they won't be disappointed.

LoL_ Its_Jo-

Great barbers

Emmanuel Irizarry Martinez

Just got a wonderful cut by Jasiel Torres, that's the man at Omar's. If you want a design, that's the man to see.

Joel Rodriguez

Great place to get a hair cut ask for jack

lil boss

They cleand me up fresh hands down the best place to get a new cut!

Brad Taylor

Always the best with the kids! Great styles as well!

Ali Shama

Thanks Omar and Ali for always going above and beyond.

Robert Grodon

Best shop in the valley...Raphael is a true professional

David Campbell

Finally a " barbershop" with class. New to Harrionburg, and the look of the place made me to want to check it out. A pooltable, and the receptionist, cute I might add. But I was there for a cut, and Jerry didn't let me down. Very perfessional, and meticulous. Will be back and telling all my friends.


Mediocre/acceptable haircuts. Fair pricing. Now, I'm sure you have all heard barbers say something along the lines of "we will start it at this length and you can always go shorter" a million times. The last time I was in I was getting a cut from the gentleman in the back left chair. Nothing remotely complicated; it was simply a buzz cut with the sides slightly shorter than the top. This gentleman rushed through the bulk of the cut in about 15 minutes (no big deal) but when I noticed him start to make the finishing touches, I could tell the cut wasn't turning out the way I wanted it to. The blending was haphazardly done so I asked if he could take the top a little lower (to counteract his poor work). His response was that he would have to charge me for the price of another haircut...I kid you not. I was probably in his seat for 25 minutes at this point. I wasn't sure what that was about so asked him to at least fix his dodgy work. He sort of did. When your motto is "we fix cheap haircuts" it is not a good look to give a low quality haircut and say it will cost the price of 2 to fix it to the customers liking. Not going back.

Glen Martin

Absolutely the best barber shop I've been to hands down. I have no desire to go anywhere else. These guys are first class, and do the most professional job I've seen. Always clean and employees are always dressed sharp. Highly recommend Omar and his staff.

Peewee Stevens

Hollywood style with hometown people and the prices are reasonable.

Elena Dresvyannikov

My kid love to get his haircut there.

polley d

Amazing Barber shop best in the burg

Christopher Neil

After my first time @ Omar's, I knew I found my spot. I will never get my hair done anywhere else.thank you Ali and Crystal.

Nicholas Barth

Got my hair cut here a couple times and it was fine, I was happy 1/3 times. Had to write this review because the last time I went was so terrible. First don't go in without an appointment because the barbers usually just go on break whenever they don't have appointments booked whether it is busy or not. But when I finally got my haircut after a long wait, 1) he gave me a fade even though I did not ask for a fade. 2) He literally cut almost all of my hair off and messed with my hairline even though I asked him and reminded him multiple times to keep most of the length on top. The funny thing is he would not stop talking about how poorly my hair was cut from a different barber. I would much rather have a 'poorly done' haircut but it is what I ask for instead of one which I did not ask for at all.


Best shop in town. Hands down.

Matthew Bratton

Though the haircuts are great the service is no where close to being on point. You pretty much NEED an appointment otherwise you will be sitting there on there "walk-ins" bench for a couple of hours while you watch the barbers take 45 minute breaks. I moved to the area and loved my haircut here but I don't have all day to wait. If anything go to Sports Clips across the street for a better/cheaper haircut that is done faster and with a lot better customer service!

sandon knicely

Sam is great! Knows what hair style will look good on me and my head shape. Does an amazing job with my beard too. It's defiantly worth waiting for Sam. Others might be okay, but I stick with what I know for certain will look good.

Jacob O'Laker

Best in town, hands down. I've had good cuts from Jack, Sal (retired), Omar and his brother.. but Rafael is my dude. Best barber I've ever had - and I'm a man that takes pride in his hair. You can't go wrong with this crew. 5 stars.

Jonas Hart

Always takes good care of us.

Tim Comeau

Do NOT go here if you need a haircut in a timely manner. I walked in and asked if they take walk ins. They failed to tell me that 90% of their business is appointments. I waited an hour and a half on a Monday at noon for a quick buzz cut. I left before they took me. Get an appointment or just go to sport clips.

dylan vetter

Excellent place. Beautiful inside, the people are very engaging and genuine. Highly suggested

Chris P

Rarely do I like the way I look right after I get a haircut until it grows in for a week or so, but Omar's gets it right everytime. Call for an appointment, they're busy, and for good reason

Brandon Pitt

The haircuts are pretty good to decent. but what i will tell you is this, They do “appointments” and “walk ins” but trying to make an appointment can have you getting a haircut a month from now because they’re ALWAYS booked. so they tell you to walk in and sit for 2 hours before getting in the chair. they’re always more walk-ins than appointments. and if they’re too many walk ins, they will cut people off and basically customers will be left without a haircut. never in my young life(currently in college) have I gone to a barber shop and was not able to get a haircut due to THEIR behalf’s. Wasted time & gas. one thing I can never get back and the other cost money which I do not have considering being a college student athlete.

Kevin Flores

I've never seen a place so clean. Best haircut I have ever gotten. Will definitely be coming back.!!!!!

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