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REVIEWS OF Curl Co. Hair & Beauty Salon IN Utah

Amy Hanich

I have very curly hair and was afraid to go to any hair stylist before coming to Curl Co. I met with Lacindra she helped me not only get the best cut but also taught me how to best maintain and style my hair.

Shirley Grover

Love this place! Great cut and color with great prices!

Morgan Hunter

Love curly cut!! Anyone with curls needs to get a curl stylist. Megan is a rockstar

Carrie P

Frankie is amazing! She knows what styles will and will not work for me. I always feel like a million bucks when she's done. And the scalp massage is an extra bonus! I will never go to anyone else!

Leah Swett

Megan is my literal miracle worker!!!! I came back home after my mission And ended up getting a haircut by someone who had no idea what they were doing and ended up ruining my hair! Megan took on the challenge, and got my curls back to where they should be. She’s got a lifetime client from me!

Jennifer M

I went wth Ryan and I am so pleased by my experience! She was friendly and I didn’t feel any intimidation when it came to explaining what I wanted. I feel as though some hair stylists try to lure you into something else but she really gave her full attention into what I wanted. I love my haircut and I got exactly what I imagined! I have 3a type hair and her Deva Curl products really did the trick and gave me a lot of moisture and definition! Would highly recommend for ladies who have curly hair.

Bryan Tompkins

Shannon Laidlaw unlocked this fierce flow, definitely check her out if you need some work done.

Karina Coffin

I love Megan! I used to go for curly cuts and she spent a lot of time with me teaching me how to take proper care of my curls. After a few months they were SO healthy! Too healthy

Katrina Gonzales

Savina just started at this salon this week and I am so excited! The location is fantastic and the inside of their building gives off a great vibe. I have been going to Savina for over 2 years now and I can't say enough good things about her. She is so easy to talk to and I trust her implicitly with my hair. I just recently got my hair colored by her, went from medium brown to rose gold and I am super impressed. She talked my through the whole process and took the time it required to make such a drastic change. She gives my pixie cut the perfect amount of edge each time. If you are in the search for a new stylist I would say look no further, she is your gal.

Edith Rivera

I haven’t been in a place with such a class, superb people and the Manager (I can’t remember her name) is PERFECT! never been happier with my hair

Danielle Southworth

Love the ambiance! Savina does an AMAZING job with both cuts and color. Arrive 5-10 minutes early as parking is limited.

Brianna Tello

I loved this place! I feel like I know EXACTLY what my curls need now!

Claire Donnelly

Ryan McCormick knows her stuff. Love going here for cuts and color. I have very thick curly hair and she's great.

Matthew C-Bar

Curly hair DOES NOT EQUIL ethnic hair! I had a lady cut my hair and I will say that I was pretty impressed by it at first. By the time I got home and really looked at it, was a mess! The fade was terrible, it was not an even cut, and it was not at all close to the image I showed the stylist. Worst of all their “We do not give refunds” sign waves you goodbye on the way out. Honestly one of the worst hair experiences I’ve ever had.

Elsa Ojeda

Tina is great! She did such a great job lightning my hair with it being so dark. I will definitely go back again!

Sala Tumanuvao

My fave salon in town. Go to Kristin. She does great work!

Elana Olson

Megan is the very best! Her skill and personality surpass any experience. She is a master at cutting curly hair.

Katelyn Brenner

Love love love this place!!! I always leave happier than when I came. No matter which stylist I've had, the cut is no less amazing. Alisia is a great stylist, very accommodating, kind and great energy too! Also, the stylists are a wealth of information about how to take care of curly hair which can be a bit difficult at times. Can't say enough good things about this place!

Sarah Kay

All the stylist are talentes, and really good. And they're so nice. However, the stylist I went to did not color match my hair well at all to the picture of the style or new hair dye I wanted. Because she didn't want to bleach my hair. But other then that the vist was nice She showed me methods to curl and pull out the waves I have in my hair. Without using heat. And overall the dyed hair isn't that bad it's cute it's just not what I expected. She didn't even talk about the colors with me. And I wish there was more commuication. ***Update*** I took a really cold shower it was freezing, to help preserve the colors, and it fadded all the pink was gone and beame an orange. I could've dyed it nysemy and got better results. Also they gave my hair a trim and it took a lot of my hair. Not going there again.

Shanai Olson

Frankie is the best!I have been using her for all my hair needs for 4 yrs and would never trust another stylist with my hair! Thank you thank you thank you

Hannah Chick

They were so knowledgable and fun! I felt so comfortable there and my hair turned out amazing!

Stephanie Hough

I absolutely love Frankie Nemanic!!! I literally let her do what she wants to my hair and I know I'm not ever going to come out looking bad. She knows that red tones don't work for me and she knows I can't pull off a pixie but when she has an idea for me she shows me her thoughts and I know it will turn out perfect!!! Go check her out!

Kasie Hall

I've had 3 appointments with Megan & she is fantastic! Amazing at what she does and she really wants to teach you about your curly hair! Salon is nice, clean & comfortable.

Jamila Ipyana

Overall I had a good experience here at the salon. Everyone here is nice and willing to help you learn more about your hair. This salon uses devacurl products which some may like them and others might not unfortunately. I went and got my hair colored, trimmed, and styled. Color wise; at least the first time it didn't go so well. It was my first time getting my hair colored and I thought I liked this color, but I ended up not liking it at all. Luckily I was able to come back in the next day, no extra charge to get it fixed and I was happy with the results. Trimming was also pretty quick and shout out to them for knowing not to cut natural hair wet! Styling wise, I'm gonna say 3/5 and here is why. I think a lot of it just has to do to with the products that the salon uses, but also the method that they use for styling the hair. I have 3C to 4A hair and I also have high porosity hair and typically when you have courser hair, you have to work the product in every individual strand of hair. Otherwise it's just gonna frizz up. I left the salon (both times) and my hair was still pretty frizzy and I didn't really feel like how the products were added as well as just the products themselves did my hair justice to be honest. I even personally bought the devacurl products for myself which by the way, only buy the products from the salon if you are 100% sure these are the ones you want as they don't have a return policy (I would recommend just ordering them from devacurl personally so if you don't like them you can send them back). The products themselves left my hair feeling dry and brittle and I experienced more of my hair falling out when trying to detangle with the conditioner which did not have any slip whatsoever. Even the styling products, I felt dried out my hair quite a bit. And I do not use products with silicones in them and I always use a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner (that's one of the biggest reason why sometimes these products might not work). All in all I would recommend going if you want to learn about your hair and for the experience because you may have a better experience here than I did. I definitely learned a new technique going here and I would still go back to get my hair colored. Styling though I'm not super into the products to be honest.

cheri bonzo


Rebecca Anderson

Max has been cutting my hair for years. I struggled with my curls until I found him. He has made me love my hair.

Cecille Osborne

10/10 will definitely return. My stylist was Chad, who was GREAT, and the whole place was just wonderful. Clean, comfortable, spacious. Very good experience.

Amanda Snow

Jon did a fantastic job doing a treatment, wash, and style for me. He did so amazing! I felt like a brand new person

Sabrina Grover

I have searched for years for a great curly hair salon, and I'm so happy I found this one. They really know what they are doing.

Raina Martinez

I had my hair cut by Max for the first time and I am very happy with his work. Not only is Max talented, but he is a delight to chat with. I will not need to go back for a few months, though I am already looking forward to it. I also learned some new (Deva Curl) techniques that will be useful when styling my hair at home. It's really great that Salt Lake has a salon that celebrates naturally curly hair, and is dedicated to teaching people how to care for it. The price was much higher than I am used to paying, but I was looking for an updated style that would compliment my curls and I ended up with just that.

Alyssa Yeates

I was so nervous to get my hair cut. I have very curly hair and every time ANYONE cuts it, I always hate it. Today was the first time in 23 years I left a salon feeling beautiful and confident! If you’re scared to get your curly hair cut, PLEASE go see Shannon! She is an amazing person and a brilliant stylist. I live in Ogden, but I will only be coming to her. The drive is definitely worth it guys! I hope this helps ease some people’s anxiety, I read all the reviews on here before I set up my appointment and even then, I was still unsure. If you go see Shannon, you won’t be disappointed!

Mitzi Greenwood

I was visiting SLC and had an open afternoon. I called and the receptionist was able to get me in. I was scheduled with Susan and loved my experience. She taught me how to style and care for my curly hair at home. I was so impressed I scheduled my daughter with Chad the next day and had another awesome experience.

Mary Castillo

We hd an appointment with Chad, he was awesome! Very helpful and answered all of my questions!

Tamra Zeller

LaCindra is talented beyond words- Curl Co. is _so_ lucky to have her there!!!

Tiana Francy

Ryan was fantastic! I hadn't seen my natural curls fully in years, and she did a fantastic job! So happy to be curly again!

annette b

Kayla is the best stylist in the building, hands down. I would never ask for anyone else. I love her.

melissa jacobo

OMG. I love coming here. Staffing are amazing lovingly maintained. Good Energy. I get my hair bone by Ceci. She always have a beautiful smile and always makes me look beautiful. Thank you Curl Co.

Laura Perez

This was my first curly cut and I could not be happier. Chad was super helpful. He explained each step he was doing and was clear about how to do the same styling at home. I drove 4 hours to get this cut and will do so every time I need a hair cut. I have received so many compliments, even from people who don't notice things like hair cuts. LOVE my new curly cut.

James B

Great vibe, always courteous. Great staff

Laura Allred

KAYLA took so much care in my hair an my 6 year old daughters. She taught me how to manage my daughters hair!!! Must see!!!

Aubree Bennion

Don't tell them to cut off an inch. They'll end up cutting it way shorter than you wanted. Especially when I just said a trim. Other than that he was fine.

Catherine Kirkpatrick

Asking always for Sandra G. Jowett Professional Best ...experince

Hollie Anderson

I came in for a curly cut and some education on products. I've started embracing my natural curls and wanted some guidance. I booked an appointment with Ryan and she was beyond amazing! She sat down and talked with me about my hair, what I wanted, and taught me to properly care for my curls. She was meticulous and precise with the cut, payng attention to each individual curl. When washing my hair after the cut, she gave me a mirror and taught me how to wash and condition my hair to define and hydrate my curls. She recommended product and taught me how to apply it, but was not pushy at all selling it. She told me which products she'd start with knowing I couldn't drop $200 on product. My hair turned out amazing! My curls have never looked better! I was so pleased with the whole experience! The salon was beautiful, with kind employees offering drinks while you wait. The price for a curly cut was fair, especially for all the time and attention I was given. I will be back again and again!

Janelle Peat

I tried this salon once (it's been a while- I'm just now getting around to writing a review). I have naturally curly hair and have never found a hair style I really liked. I read so many great reviews on this salon I decided to give it a try. I was so excited when I went in, but so disappointed when I left. I didn't get the great cut for my hair I was hoping for. Rather, I got a very standard, boring "trim". They were nice, and they do tell you a lot about how to care for curly hair, but I already knew most of what they told me. Maybe my expectations were too high based on all of the great reviews, but for the almost $100 I paid for a shampoo and cut, I expected something more. I can't say I would recommend this place.

Rachel Bates

Ryan cut and colored my hair this week, and it looks fantastic. I have naturally dark hair that I have been coloring blond for more than 20 years. Ryan has the best color sense and makes my hair look naturally blond, with a fantastic depth of color. My hair is also naturally wavy, which, if I don't blow dry straight, looks like a frizzy mess. When Ryan gives me a curly cut, my curls are full and smooth. I don't know how she does it; she must be the curl whisperer. I love to be able to air dry my hair; it makes doing my hair while traveling so much easier.

Lexi Farrer

They are the best for curly hair. They have the full line of deva products plus L'Oreal products and others. I love the Inoa ammonia-free hair color line used. I have been going to Max for a decade and cannot recommend him enough. He's a passionate, detailed perfectionist that is a master of his craft. He has a thirst for knowledge and continues to impress. He also has trained a handful of the stylists. Great overall team at the Curl Co.

Kelli Green

Savina is a hair god. I don’t trust anyone else with my hair. She has an eye for knowing what cuts fit which faces and always has great suggestions. The salon itself is clean and cozy. Everyone is very friendly!

Andrea Saunders

Really sleek and modern but cozy salon. I've gotten balyage, pintura, and 3 curly cuts here. If you're looking for a "Deva" dry curly cut this the place (they also do regular cuts if your hair is more tame than mine!). Suzy is awesome, just saw her today! I've also had appointments with Shannon and Alisia, they're all great

Kristin Garcia

Love this salon!!! The stylists are so educated and it's such a unique atmosphere! I would recommend this line for all of your hair care needs!

Sienna Scheid

I got the full curly cut with Suzy and I was thrilled! I've never seen my hair so bouncy and silky. The stylists are so sweet and they take great care of their patrons. It's a little expensive but worth the treat every once and a while!

Kava Tukuafu

Ruined my hair one week before my wedding. Refused to reimburse me because they are a booth salon. I paid 200+ to get my hair ruined by them. Then I had to turn around and drop another $250 the next day to get a color correction in order to …

Eva Gillespie-Larsen

I never used to be able to trust anyone with my hair because invariably it turned out badly. This place has been a game changer for me. They do an amazing job with my curly hair and I only go to them now. Highly recommend it to anyone with curly hair!

Alina Rapp

My hair stylist was Marissa and she is amazing! I am very pleased with the results of haircut and color roots. I never thought it can be so quickly and beautiful! Thanks for positive experience. I’ll be back

Alyse Christiansen

I got my haircut in May, but LOVED my experience. It’s hard enough finding Devacurl certified stylists but I’m almost certain that every stylist here is certified. I can’t remember the name of the lady that cut my hair, she had pretty red velvet colored hair. She did SUCH a good job with the cut I wanted and getting my natural curls to shape nicely on their own!! She also did a peppermint oil scalp treatment and it was amazing. I don’t live in Utah anymore but I 100% recommend coming here!!!

Erin Clark

Frankie Nemanic is the stylist you need. She's great with color. She's great with cuts. I was happy to find her. She listens and gives you what you want while offering her expert advice to make sure everything turns out wonderfully. She values her customers and she's really, really nice.

Mallory Winkel

I was really appalled by how awful my haircut was for how much I payed. It was an inch and a half longer on one side and the color was bad too. I went back to get it fixed and will have to end up cutting several inches to even out the blunt layer I left with. My stylist offered to fix it a third time, but I’ll be going somewhere else. I’m sad I had such a bad experience. I expected a lot more from a salon that claims to have so much extra skill and training with curly hair. This is probably the worst hair cut I have ever had. I haven’t worn my hair all the way down since. *UPDATE: I reached out to the manager after she left a comment on my review about a month ago and still haven’t gotten a response.

Taylor Warner

Great salon with knowledgeable staff. I always have a wonderful time when I go there

Jared Gay

Shannon cuts my hair here. I've never trusted someone so much with my beautiful locks. It's a nice, clean place with a comfy vibe.

Cherise Vargas

Happy client! Chad did an amazing job!

Kaela Powers

The atmosphere of the salon is amazing! Kristin is experienced and always takes the best care of me and my hair!

Saumya Jain

I absolutely hated my haircut. The hairdresser was nice but I wish she could've done a better job. I thought I was clear that I wanted to keep the same haircut and go a couple of inches shorter. She gave me really short layers in the front - it looks like a terrible haircut from the 80s lol. I told her that I look like a boy. At least she tried to make me feel better by remarking "It looks edgy". Oh well, it'll grow back.

Re Von Kramm

Got curls? Here is your safe haven for the locks you never knew you could love so much. I usually see Max. All the staff trained for curls are exceptional and the product is excellent here! Devas and Dudes with curls rejoice!

K. Bryn H.

I had bored with my hair for too long and have had many traumatic experiences from stylists who don't understand curls. I'm so grateful for a hair studio devoted to specializing in curly hair! This was my first Deva Cut. Ryan cut my hair …


Great salon, great location, great stylists, and extremely friendly. I personally see Ryan McCormick here and I have curly, difficult hair. My hair is very fine and is thick on top but thinner on the sides and bottom. It's really easy for it to be weighed down or stringy. Ryan has helped me embrace my curls (for years I attempted to straighten) plus has taught me a lot on how to keep my hair healthier, even though I do dye it. She is a true pro who will be honest about what it will take to achieve your desired look, if it's possible, and how long it will take. I don't know much about hair, so it seems reasonable in my mind to go from dark dark hair to platinum in a day, but thanks to Ryan, she explained the chemistry of this and why it won't work without frying my hair. I really appreciated that she took the time to help me understand. Her prices are extremely fair for the work she does and for the fact that she is a pro. She's also done my makeup for a special event, and it was GORGEOUS! I wish I could hire her every day to do my face. The rest of the staff is also awesome, very friendly and welcoming!

Erin Butler

Finally someone that UNDERSTANDS my curly hair! Max did a great job with my curly cut and gave me lots of tips on how to care for my hair. Very professional and friendly. The best experience I’ve ever had at a salon. I will be recommending him to all of my curly hair friends.

Bretni Kennon

I had a bad experience with a previous salon and decided to try the Curl Co. I read all the bios of the stylists and chose Ryan as she was touted as the most experienced. I told her of my awful experience and I wanted to regrow my hair. …

Elizabeth Lucas

Best place to go for a cut if you have curls or a perm, though not a prerequisite. Fantastic professional staff who don't make you feel underdressed. Nice relaxed atmosphere. No high pressure sales tactics.

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