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REVIEWS OF Supercuts (Copperas Cove) IN Texas

Allie Easlick

I made an appointment over 3 weeks ago to get the final cut and color for my WEDDING! Not only was my stylist not there, she didn’t call to reschedule and left no notice that she had an appointment! The one person that was there was very rude and very unhelpful. Her only comment was to repeat “well she’s not here!”. I left extremely upset that my appointment was not honored and no remedy was offered. This is for my WEDDING, I don’t have a lot of wiggle room right now. I do not recommend any place that has this lack of concern for their customers!

Misty Altizer

Frank Leslie

Great staff.

Wayne Williams

Jeremy Perdue

He was so funny and did a great job

Robin Ramey

Love it my hair dresser is the best Tiffany..... love you girl.

avery siwula

Worst hair cut ever. Even after I described exactly how to cut my hair, using picture references provided by the stylist she immediately cut my hair to short. I will now spend the next 2 months growing my hair back out so I can go to a new hair salon were the stylist aren't so incompetent. Thank you for a waste of $15.

Joanna Lee


Convenient, good pricing, nice staff. There is usually not a lot of wait time either.

Cee Jay

Very professional

Kristen Oakley

Supercuts customer service is amazing! I was waiting for a friend to show up so they could keep my two year old corralled long enough to get my hair cut, the ladies there were super sweet and offered to keep him occupied while she cut my hair! It meant soo much to me seeing as how I'm a single mom and it was mothers day! It started my day out great seeing someone else be soo compassionate towards someone struggling. Also if you knew my two year old, you would know that was one challenge! They were fast and efficient, and a pleasure to be around! Thank you ladies and I hope you have a great rest of the day!!

Arthur Verville

Always have had great service and they always seem to remember me, and how I like my hair

Melissa Seale

Fun fun fun..Melissa...

Theresa Lamphere

Pamela Vizuete

I like the stylists and the prices for the most part. (Wal-Mart's sells Tea Tree products for less.)

SR Roddy

I've been a customer for several years along with my entire family. Each of my kids claim a different style and they've never had an issue fulfilling their requests. Overall I've always experienced great service. The staff is professional and they maintain a friendly atmosphere.

Jess McFarland

The wait is always SO long. They are super understaffed!!! They really need more stylists.

Luis Sanchez

Signed my name in to the clipboard, due to the website not allowing me to check in, when I arrive I was told it would be an hour wait and I was happy to wait. Until an hour went by and my name was never called, and when I walked up and checked the clipboard my name was scratched out, as if I’d been called up already. When I informed one of the attendants, they didn’t comment back or apologize or even just offer to cut my hair next. So I sat back down hoping there was some confusion and maybe I’m next, only to be skipped over again. Never coming here again.

Theresa Jones

Melissa did an amazing job on my 13 year olds hair!! Made him look presentable again!

Rebecca Borja

Melissa did a great job. Thanks girl. This is the only place we come.

Mark S

Stormie Reed

Enjoyed the actual shampoo, cut and blow dry styling... but there was only one person and the waiting list was longest I have ever seen 30 to 45 minutes. They really need more staff/technicians

Deborah Allen

Michael Bolman

Waste of time, had an appointment for a haircut but they didn’t honor it... not going back

Scott Wyman

Great shop. Stylists are very friendly and do a fantastic job on my hair.

Rayann Algarin

Melvin was the best

Tiffany Probus

Melvin Kessler

Tamatha Hasting

Very good staff. Melvin did a great job on my grandson and was very patient with him. Melissa cut my daughters hair and was fantastic as my daughter is tender headed. Cora was wonderful and I am very happy with my cut.

Robert Luthi

Walked in, wrote my name down, and the singular employee working told me, frustratingly, it would be 45 minutes to an hour. Crossed out my name, went to a salon in the Killeen mall.

Ronald Wagle

Flora Herod

Good service no long waits

Trisha Long

Just left there very very unhappy lady with short hair does not no how to cut kids hair she wasn't even going to line up the bottom and around the ears until I told her she needed to never going back

Cora Pryor

Nateman Bateman

Melvin is absolutely amazing! I don’t know exactly what I wanted but worked his magic and I absolutely love my hair!


This place has no clue how to staff appropriately. Wait times are avoidabke if they just staffed correctly, but it seems morons run this place.

camila peralta

Melvin was awesome! really explained to me what my curls were about! if you need the hook-up come check him out!!!

Jessica Shell

Just paid 41 dollors for a hair cut because the girl used a blow drier and straightner on my hair! She said it be alittle extra but not 25 dolors extra! She did a good job but i really feel ripped off! Not going back!

Lawrence Elam

Melvin was awesome! He cut my wife's hair and recommended the perfect product to keep her hair healthy and alive!!!

Noemi Chaves

Uriyah Msteab

Best service ever ! I have curly hair and they took amazing care of it ! Melvin is the best !!! If you have curly hair come !

Paula country

I can't beleave on a Saturday afternoon they only one person working. I called ahead so i would not have to wait long and i waited 45 mins past the apt before i left. They need petter management.

TRACY Tobalt

Kheara Rhodes

Cindy Wheeler

Cora did an amazing job. Its been 2 years since my last hair cut. She was very friendly and made me feel at ease. I will be going back!

Robert Hennagin

Very friendly and professional staff. If you ever have concerns bring it up and they will make sure you get what you want.

Dessa Birt

They say they do more then cuts, well don't go on sundays.

Isaiah Fulbright

I walked in at 5:20 and the lady was like sorry I'm not taking any more people there's 2 ahead of you. They dont even close till 7 lazy workers and rude

James Barresse

Melissa did an excellent job! Thank you!!

Jessie Johnson

Melissa and Cora both are excellent when working with children! Highly recommend them!

Isabel Austyn

Kori Ward

Grandmother’s hair was cut by Phoebe. She did an amazing job and the store has an absolutely wonderful atmosphere!!! Love it!

Marisa Reeves

Amazing cuts, and fantastic customer service!

Susan Davis

I love the ladies here. I have been a customer for more than 10 years and have referred a number of people to this location. The best Supercuts in Central Texas.


Had one of the best experiences in my life at supercuts! Would definitely recommend this to anyone and everyone.

Andi Gengler

Since moving to Texas I have not been able to find a stylist that could do my hair the blonde I like; until I could Melvin at Supercuts!!! He did a fantastic job!! The color he did was amazing:) I have found my new stylist.

Brett Davis

Went today to basically get maintenance on my hair, a basic trim. I've gone here for the past two months and my hair always comes out exactly how I want it. Today was different though. For starter's there were 4 people working in the store but they were only cutting two people's hair at a time. The wait was very long and there was only one person in front of me when I got there. The employees would stop cutting hair to talk constantly so a simple shave took 20 minutes.The stylist who cut my hair decided that she didn't want to listen to what I wanted to do with my hair but instead cut it how she desired as if she was a five year old cutting a barbie doll's hair at her whim. I asked her to cut my hair above my eyebrows because that is how I like my bangs and couldn't even do that, cutting my bangs halfway down my forehead. She cut it way to short and shaved the sides with a guard that was too low. While she was cutting she said "it's just hair it'll grow back," as I told her to not cut it how she was doing so. Awful experience will NEVER return.

David Harris

Get the Gentleman's Barbershop Cut from Melvin

Angela Mcmurtray

I’m so upset, the last 3 or 4 times I came here were perfect! But today I went and I don’t know if the girl was just in a hurry or didn’t know what she was doing, maybe she’s new but she was suppose to cut 2 inches and she got carried away and cut way more and I couldn’t tell while it was wet but when I got home and dried it I noticed a huge chunk missing from the front on one side.

Sherri Cove

ACTUAL HOURS: M-F: 10:00 AM - 08:00 PM Sat: 09:00 AM - 07:00 PM Sun: 12:00 PM - 05:00 PM ☺

Chris Hodges

Poor service. There has been a very long wait time each of my visits here. They only have one person working. Also, they advertise online check in but once you arrive they do not honor it. Avoid this place, not worth the coupons.

Rachel W

Kathrin Parker

Really happy with my experience here! Kaushia gave me and my son exactly what we were wanting with a smile on her face the entire time

Nora Rye

Its a goid place. Just need more help

gracie jackson


I got the the worst hair cut here. The girl spent too much time talking and not paying attention to what she was doing. I went home and dried my hair I was beyond disappointed I didn't know a trim and a few layers was so difficult. Even my daughters hair was awful and it was a basic trim to even out the bottom. I had to fix it myself. I will never be returning or recommending this place.

Janie Meyer

Super place!! Love love Cora!


Jesi cut and colored my hair twice. The last time the cut was terrible. She rushed through and left long strands hanging. The second color job was bad too. She was definitely distracted by her young son's presence and left big stains behind my ears and across my forehead. Won't be going back there!!!!

Ghost gaming Nunez

Great place for the whole family to get their hair cut. My boys will only go there. It gets crazy busy on the weekends. We prefer weekdays to go in or expect a wait or call ahead.

Shanna DuBose

Dolly is our Go to with a family of 5 She does great and does her best to remember us all and we are not even regulars

Katrina Robinson

Had a cut from Melissa love it. Thanks so much. Will get one from her again.

Atsunai Kimchi

Gina Montgomery

I had Shelby is my stylist and I actually got the haircut I've been trying to get for 2 years. So I'm very happy

Barbara Dole

I will never go back to this place. I made an appointment for color, I asked if they could do blue and I was told that they do and when I asked how long it lasts I was told up to 6 weeks depending on how often I wash it. I got there 30 minutes early to check in and ended up waiting 2 hours just to be told that they didn't recommend the color because it would wash out after 1 wash. The whole time I was waiting they kept looking at there book saying ugh we have 2 color appointments today. It really seemed like they just didn't want to do the color and wanted me to change my mind. I'm not upset that they wouldn't do it, I'm upset that they knew what I wanted and let me wait for hours and had a bad attitude about it.

Rebecca Hollowell

Always quick considering how often that they have a waiting list.

jenelle taijeron

It was the worse I asked for 2in which the lady did do, by the time I got home my sister looked at my hair and she said it was crooked I highley do not recommend anyone to go back for a haircut or suggest going here for a haircut find some other place if you want the best of the best! This certainty is not the best at all.....

Bruce Morgan

Ashley Rice

t luc

Mrs Dolly was awesome with my 2 yr old son quick fast and he looks so handsome thank you!

Amber Fukitol

A week ago a woman named Melissa that works here messed up my hair.. I called spoke to dolly the manager which reassured me and said she would fix my hair today at three. Well guess who left early because it wasn't busy enough and didn't care that she had an appointment? Dolly! So her "assistant" called her and dolly told her to fix my hair. Oh I forgot to mention her assistant completely messed up my daughters hair a few months ago, I wasn't going to let her touch me... I got a refund and left. I'll never return to this establishment.

Dawn Hill

Great check in online. Cora is super friendly


Melvin is amazing, great cuts and great convo. I'll come back for my next cut just to see him!

antonio martinez

Yikes! Definitely will not return here.

michael brackett

Laura Fisher

Melissa was great! Kaushia did a fantastic job on cadence and Cecilia’s hair! Cecilia has curly hair so it’s hard to cut her hair. Thank u! We will be back!


Cora was my stylist. Can I just Say Wow!

Matt Rodgers

Samantha Wheeler

Big Swole

15 minutes to closing, turned away there was someone ahead of me. Doors were still open. should probably close sooner if you want to to leave earlier. All down to work ethic and yall dont have it. Went to 190 & Robertson & was taken care of

Alexander Graves

They Messed . Up my hair


Mom works there


Mike Perez

I love the atmosphere and the friendly staff

Diane Tavoian

Did the total opposite of what I wanted.

Esther Maymi

Long wait

Anntwan Jones

How does this company hire people who can’t do a simple fade. Isn’t that in “how to cut men’s hair 101”?

Shiloh Matousek

I went here following a hairdresser I really liked from another shop. I checked in online and was given a wait time of 10 minutes. Imade my 10 minute drive to the shop. When I arrived I learned that online check in means nothing because I still had to sign in on paper and only the paper list mattered. As a result I spent 45 minutes. That entire time every hair stylist some only to each other about an upcoming event and about who was dressing up and who was not. They were not aware of those in their shop. I even contacted corporate, but received no response.

Julie Moudy

Great haircuts for the kids. Beauticians were very good with them.

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