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REVIEWS OF Sharkey's Cuts for Kids - Southlake Texas IN Texas

Gladys Cabanas

Meghna Sharma

I am shocked at the haircut my 5 year old twin boys got today. Kim was the hair dresser and it looks like some cut the hair with a blind fold . She seems to be new but I would expect for the price we are paying Sharkey management is screening who they employ . Never visiting again We have a vacation coming up and the pictures are going to be ruined . Very very disappointing

Dinnar Hooda

I like the haircut

Jacqui Mckinney

I'm so excited to be apart of the team here. I was at Pigtails and Crewcuts about 5 years. Everthing I know prepared me for the place I'm at now in my life. Knowing what goes on behind the scenes. I know we strive to give all of our little customers and parents a great experience and make this a place that we can watch them transition and grow. Makes my heart swell. Love this place. No other compares hands down.

Robert McKay

My son is scared of haircuts....or was. Thank you Sharkys!

Aaron Metzger

Generally have a good experience every time we come. You cannot tip on your card anymore which is dumb. So bring cash for a tip. Also, even if you have an appointment you'll likely have to wait a long time.

Christina parker

I was having to much fun! Cool hair

Sandi Contreras

The wait was ridiculous. Was told my kid was next and proceeded to wait another 30min however was offered a discount when asked how much longer but didnt get it at checkout since someone else rang us up

Candace Hargett

Eric McCutchan

Robin Jewell

What a great experience for kids.

Kyle McKamie

Love this place. Our son always gets an excellent haircut. The only downside is that traffic can be pretty intense depending on the time of day. This facility is fantastic, but if you come here during peak hours it will take awhile to find a spot to park.

Gabriella Castro

My son hates haircuts. Each person that cuts my sons hair is extremely patient with him. And i appreciate it! They are all so friendly. Definately recommend bringing your kids here. Decorated cool inside. Jessica cut my sons hair last, She is awesome. Will probally continue to book with her.

Andrea Major

By far the best haircut experience. We have been several times now and my daughter loves it. The staff is great!

Michelle M

Amanda Burns

This place is a wonderful place to get your child's hair cut! I took my two daughters for their first haircuts and they did a fantastic job and even gave me a momento and a lock of their hair. The inside is super cute too! They have a section of Barbie cars for the kids to sit in while getting their hair cut, and also a section of rescue vehicles too. My girls both got their nails painted and a cute little play ring to top off their visit! I will definitely be returning for future haircuts! They did a fantastic job on my girls hair and they really know how to work with younger kids! I can't say enough good things about this place!!!

Davin Duch

I have mixed feelings about my experience. One part gives this place one star, and the other part five stars. First time here for my daughter's first haircut. We got there five minutes early for our appointment. Signed in and awkwardly waited. I say awkwardly because it felt like there wasn't any direction. No one told us who'd be our stylist or what to expect/do. The employees were kinda just talking amongst each other about "first haircut". And when our stylist came, I was expecting someone a little more kid friendly since it is a business catered to children. Our welcoming just made us feel out of place. The stylist asked if she'd like a shampoo, and I said she doesn't have to, but she said it's included so I said okay. We get to the shampoo station, and the stylist said my daughter doesn't have to get a shampoo if she doesn't want. It's her first haircut so everything is unfamiliar, and my daughter wasn't freaking out or anything. Like I said, awkward. So the stylist was asking us questions. Daughter's age, do I have other children. I said yes, I have three. She asked their age, I said 23 months. Right away she said, "triplets?! I'm sorry!" Now, I've gotten the "I'm sorry" reaction many times before, and shrugged it off. No big deal. People react differently. I understand. But based on our unwelcoming experience so far, I had a smart response to her reaction, and said, "well, I'm not sorry." Right after, she called over one of the other associates. I don't know what they were whispering. It went from awkward to more awkward. She proceeded to cut my daughter's hair. The stylist may have had a bad day. I don't know, but what I do know is that I have bad days too (today was one of them). Overwhelming and chaotic. But I don't let that affect my outside surroundings, especially if I were on the job. At the end, she asked if my daughter would like her nails colored. So I asked my daughter and she said yes, please. The stylist left. We waited for at least five minutes, and I saw her cutting another client's hair. So I went to check out and asked the lady at the counter that my daughter would like her nails painted. The stylist could have said so and so will be doing the nails. Again, no direction. But I could tell the associate that painted my daughter's nails and also checked us out, was trying to better our experience. She was more kid friendly, so thank you. The price was reasonable, but it felt like we didn't belong so that concludes my review and any future visits to Sharkey's.

gemma vollmer

Great place for my daughter and sons 1st haircut. Staff are so friendly and professional. Will def be going back.

Michael Pondrom

Debbie Borcik

nach ulos


Rachael Osborne

Marguerite Jones

We love Sharkey's Cuts for Kids! Both of my boys go here regularly (4 and 18 mos.) What's amazing is they do such a wonderful job, even when the kids are super squirmy. On one particular occasion, they took extra special care with my older son who had an eczema flare up. The way they treated him with respect, were so gentle, and reassured me the whole time made a WORLD of difference! We'll be back, time and time again! Thank you, Sharkey's!

Krista Masters

Amy did a fantastic job as usual and this time added a little Aggie Pride !!! Shout out to the Aggie owners and for always doing us right !! #gigemaggies

Jennifer Torres

This place is great! I was previously going to cool cuts in Arlington, Texas closer to where i lived but they closed it down. I was not pleased with the previous place i used to go. I started to get nervous because, It had been since August my toddler last haircut and he needed a kid friendly place. So a co-worker of mine told me about Sharkey's and i decided to try it and let me tell you great customer service. They made us feel welcome and the lady that cut my son's hair was amazing. She made my son feel real comfortable. I highly recommend this place to all parents with toddlers and children. All i can say is A M A Z I N G!!! And they give you child a balloon which always puts a smile on there faces. : )

Stephanie Ferguson

Michelle Slater

I took my daughter for a haircut and it was a horrible experience. I made an appointment online, but that was useless because we had to wait as if we just walked in. The stylist was rude; she did not wash my daughter's hair, she did not blow dry it, and when I asked for a locket of my daughter's hair she had an attitude about it. She obviously did not want to help us. My daughter also did not get a manicure. The stylist kept asking me if I was sure she wanted one, so I just said no. I was so uncomfortable and felt as if we were an inconvenience. The wash, haircut, blow dry and manicure is included for $25. When I explained that my daughter did not get HALF of that I was told it is still the same price. Also, I saw below that they claim to offer Military discount. If you do, your employees are not aware of this. My husband asked out of habit and was told no, they do not have military discount. Overall this was a terrible experience. We definitely felt as though the stylist was judgmental (My husband and I have tattoos and he has a big beard. So we certainly stood out at this salon). I have felt so discriminated against in my life.

Miranda Weller

Ryan Harris

Fazlika Beg

THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE!They have absolutely no idea how to manage appointments and employees. Basically if you dont look like someone with money, or white - they will make you wait for hours even with an appointment. They dont even understand the concept of appointments vs. First come first serve. This place is a complete waste of time and money. I wouldn't have even rated them 1 star. They don't acknowledge their mistakes nor do they apologize for it. Giving a haircut for free does not make their extremely rude and quite frankly disturbing behavior acceptable. After speaking to a hairdresser that my toddler son is next in line who was also in agreement with me, decided to kick me to the curb and cater to another man's child who had an appointment for an hour later than mine. No one did anything or remotely attempt to fix the situation and accommodate my child. If you plan to take your kids here for a haircut even after reading this review, then I'd suggest you take your designer bag with you.

Elizabeth Reyes

Poornima Venugopal

I must say that initially I wasn't happy with the hair cut my son got and left dissatisfied and Called Up the next day and they promised to fix it and Amy did my sons hair and viola !! Wat a transformation and her work was very neat .love love love my sons new hair cut. I would defo recommend this place mainly because if you are not happy with the style they are ready to fix it for no charge and did not rush through..thanks a million Amy ,,, also I have to mention how helpful and compassionate Claudio was at the reception.thanks a ton for being so patient and sweet, ur a delight to talk to .over all thumps up for this place..

Akila Ram

By far the worst haircut experience. They are not prompt even when you setup appointments. They try to squeeze walk-ins and you end up waiting for 30 minutes or more, even after getting an appointment. The worst thing is they do not clean the place properly after every haircut. Not worth the fancy trucks and cars!!

Lindsey Anderson

brandon klein

Zack Sosa

Jessica did an amazing job! It was our son's first haircut and she made not just him, but us feel very comfortable from the moment we walked in. The place is super amazing and she was very patient with our son. We will definitely be going back here and recommend it to anybody who has kiddos.

Shivani Seth

Great place for my sons first haircut Amy was really good

Carlie Jordan

Christina is the best! She cut all 3 of my little boys' hair (5, 4, and 1) and she did an amazing job. I didn't have to hover over her or anything, I just told her how I wanted the cuts done and she did them perfectly. Then she even washed their hair out for them which was such a fun experience for them! It's also a great atmosphere in the salon, very kid friendly and clean. I'm very impressed with how Christina and also the owner went out of their way to make sure we had a good experience! Truly a 5 star all around!

Deyanira Garcia

The environment is nice but the hairstylist cut my sons hair way too fast and because of that my son now has uneven hair all over his head and he even has a bit of a bald ( not completely) spot. I will be returning to give it another try and hope to have a better experience but if not we will be going elsewhere

Pablo Guerrero

I'm 30 years old. I've been searching my entire life for someone that really knows how to cut my hair the way I like. After getting my hair chopped up something terrible for the millionth time at one of the big chains nearby, I ran into Amy at Sharkey's while my 3 year old daughter was getting her haircut. She offer to fix me up and restored my confidence after looking into the mirror at monster. I felt funny being so old getting a haircut at a kids place but after my second haircut with Amy just now, I've decided I'm moving my entire family to LA so I can pursue a modeling career. I'll hire Amy to follow me around once I hit it big.

Rahul Parikh

Made a 1030am appointment, didn't take us until 1130am. Very arrogant management.

Matt D.

We chose this location based on recommendations for a back to school haircut for our 8 yr old and 6 yr old girls. As we approached the door to go in there was a women having a complete emotional breakdown outside, crying and complaining how stressful her job was and loudly expressing how dysfunctional her life is. Fast forward, after waiting 20 minutes for an appointment, this is the stylist for my 6 yr old daughter. She was so unprofessional and clearly had limited experience cutting hair. She poked my daughter three times in the eye and did not apologize. While cutting her hair she cut it uneven and upon styling her curly hair she used a blow dry with out a diffuser and twirled her finger around the hair to create curls. Both my kids hair was ruined, my 8 year old was also cut uneven and to "add layers" it looks like they cut a staircase into her hair. They will both require us to have a professional stylist cut it shorter now. Checking out my daughter said "can we never come back here again" and the receptionist gave us $3 off. You can keep your $3 off. I hope this review saves parents from a horrible mistake like we made in selecting this place.

Kristin Ries

Lici Baker

My daughter absolutely loves coming to Sharkeys! The stylists are friendly, personable and great with kids. We would highly recommend Sharkeys!

Norma Rivera

Great service


Linda Henderson

We took our 4 years old daughter to have her haircut at Sharkey’s! Atmosphere was clean and kid friendly! My daughter loves the kid’s novelty chairs. We met with hairstylist, Kim! She was wonderful and the staff was friendly! Kim was very attentive and kind to our daughter’s needs! We definitely will come back and see her again and recommend Kim to our friends! Thank you Kim for making our daughter looked beautiful with her haircut!

Kimberly Vine

I called ahead of time, and I was told the wait would be 20 minutes. I ended up waiting for 1 hour and 15 minutes. I asked the lady to cut a part into his hair, and she didn't do it. Very unsatisfied. Bathrooms are disgusting too.

Alexis Loya

Great Atmosphere But The Haircuts Are Not Good. My Sons Hair Is Choppy Not Blended At All Looks Horrible My Poor Baby :( Will Not Be Back.

Amy Anderson

Super cool spot and very nice staff. Our little one loves getting hair cuts here. It's perfect for children. Tad on the pricey side... but bless those who take on the challenge to cut little kids hairs.

Kimberly Knieper

Fantastic place. Must take your kids. They will love it.

Kris Keith

Great people and cool kid atmosphere, but it isn't free.

Jonathan Snyder

We took our two-year-old in for her first haircut (also happened to be an emergency fix-up from big brother playing barber) and we're very happy with the results! Our little girl is cute again, and had fun, not fear, while getting fixed up.

Karla Medina Figueroa

Lindsey is the best! We are so glad that she is back! All the staff is super professional and patient with the kids.

Sarah White

They are always so sweet and kind. The staff always remembers my girls! :-)

Paolo Dias

Fun for kids and dad cuts

Nick Cates

Jerod Dunn

mad art

Awesome very friendly and helpful thanks!!

Grisel Ramirez

John Maese

Great stylist and a wonderful do for the child. Now she wasn't the most happy, but no tears and no crying!

Amy Holbrook

Shelly Howard

Jennifer Kupke

Took my kid to get her first haircut. She was all smiles and not afraid at all. Great experience!

Jennifer Weingarten McGee

Amshu Shrestha

Ronnie Brito

They actually listen

Brandon Stakes

Staff is incredibly patient and helpful with my 2yo son, who fights getting his hair cut. Even after a grueling ~30-45m of toddler wrangling, his hair always looks great.

Brandon Addington

Too busy and there is never parking space available.

Kirstie Harper

Awful customer service.

Contact BZListings

Not a good experience, was there for my son's hair cut, they did not finish the cut, uneven hair after the cut. Looks very bad.

Brooke Schuster

Brian Luznak

We took our son here for his first haircut. The stylist was great and the staff was friendly. We got the first haircut package. Only reason why I'm giving 4 out of 5 its due to the size of the establishment. I was expecting it to be more spacious. But we'll try to come back for his next cut. He did well and was a real big boy. Only cried for a moment and then realized everything was okay.

Amber Boudreau

Friendly staff and great atmosphere. my daughters first haircut went very well and they made sure it was a good memory for her. They have video games for the kids to play while getting their hair cut and offer a lot of neat packages for parties and parent/child days.

Victor Cordova

We started taking our daughter for a haircut here and they are amazing always nice to all of us. Last time we had my daughter in, my wife decided to also get a haircut and she was very pleased. I had my own place but after my last experience at my place, I decided that I was also going to try Sharkey's in Southlake. I have never gotten so many compliments on a haircut before. I'm going to become a regular now and today is my second time going. Lindsey is amazing.

Merissa Ludwig Green

Great first haircut! It was time to trim up my 14 month old's unruly hair, and the ladies at Sharkey's were great! The hairdresser was very careful with my little one, asked what we wanted for his hair, and gave him a very cute cut. They were super quick too! The "first haircut" package gets you a pic, lock of hair trimmings, balloon, and certificate for $25. Will be going back for the next cut!

Ebonee Bryant

Ms. Christina is the S.ugar H.oney I.ced T.ea she has so much patience with my child who has sensory issues we are so grateful for we'll see you in 2 weeks!

Brenda Rosenblad

Monica Lizama

They do not support military families! You can't trust a business that doenst have a heart for employees when there husband is deployed to help the ones in need after Hurricane Harvey hit the Houston area. I begged her to work with me only to be told no bc I couldn't work weekends. We're new to the area and I didn't want my kids to be home alone. I am ashamed I ever worked for ppl like you!

Aaron Shapiro

Great atmosphere, fair price, terrible haircut

Jaime Colatriano

Goyal Manish

Nice decor. My son loved the fireman truck. The hair cut however was ok at best. The thing that they need to fix is the tipping system. They accept only cash tips. No tips on cc but they have an ATM at the back! They may think it is smart to make a few extra bucks on ATM fees but it just shows the lack of focus on customer experience. I will think twice before returning there.

Keep It Simple/ Katia Heard

My son had his first hair cut at Sharkey’s Cuts and it was a very good experience! Staff was nice and patient with the baby. We even got a picture of the first hair cut at the end.

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