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Mama Struggle

DO NOT .. I MEAN DO NOT GET YOUR HAIR DONE HERE !!!! i went to get my hair colored there over the weekend went in told them what i wanted they assured me they could do it got finished and my hair was orange and brassy i told the lady and she assured me it wasnt it was just the lighting the lady didnt even let me look at my hair the whole time she was doing it !! i got home and looked at it and it was sooo bad ! went back told her i wanted my money back (80$) shes told me i wasnt getting my money back and the only thing she would do is dye my hair back to what it was and she fried it !!! they are soooo rude please dont go there you will regret it !!! i will be telling all my military friends not to go there ether !!!!!!

Emily Cartwright

I absolutely loved my experience at G Salon! I've been looking for an established and professional salon for a few months now and I genuinely feel as though I hit the jackpot after my experience here. It is clean, the stylists are sincere and nice. They make you feel comfortable and included in the conversations while doing your hair. I am very happy with my new hair and plan on coming back very soon!

Malinda Minney

My daughter and I got our hair cut today and we both love the way it turned out. We both went very short from a medium length. G cut mine and Erica cut Tiffany's. Mine was all razor cut and Tiff's was was scissors and clippers. I had searched the web and was so impressed at all the techniques they knew and they do PERMS which seems to be a foriegn language at some shops. Thank you so much for giving us such a lift today!

Regina Cremeans

I moved here from Ohio, looked for 2 years for a good salon and hair styles. I love my hair and the G salon

Tkiia Carrington

My daughter absolutely loved her hair. Such a great atmosphere the women are so friendly and inviting. Definitely will go back.

Tara Dalton

I have been going here a few years and this place is great! The people who work there are so friendly and the service is exceptional. The people who work there are very good, experienced and focus on customer satisfaction! Highly recommend this place.

Carolyn Heaton

Awesome hair care by wonderful staff.

Caroline Cassle

I now have had my hair cut and color at G Salon by Liz with short and long hair. I've walked out of many salons upset over the years and never once have been upset leaving here. She clearly asks through the process what I want done and clarifies anything. My highlights nicely fade into my hair so when I'm away at college I don't have to worry it'll look bad until I get back home. I only go to Liz at G salon.

Tiffany Miner

The new salon is really nice and the location is closer to me. I'm enjoying the Brazilian Blowout, better than my usual relaxer. The new stylist Liz was cool to talk to and down to earth. My hair is looking great!

Stephanie Stuart

Absolutely awesome place if you need your hair done go here Tiffany did an amazing job on my hair. The salon is very clean and welcoming, definitely recommend going here!!!

Christie Gorrell

G is most talented and professional! Best stylist I have ever experienced and I know many great ones! I will make the trip from Nashville and so glad to have discovered it when looking for Kevin Murphy products one day! Staff are friendly and welcoming too!

Brittany Archibald

I went to this salon this evening... I had a longer stack hair cut that needed just a little trim and the bulk taken out of it.... the owner G cut my hair with a razor only said it looked great. I told her I didnt want the length gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well i know have like 2 inches gone NO swing on one side and its chopped all to hell and G of course left early to go have drinks.... she passed me off to Kayla to finish my color and style... I was balling It was uneven and terrible I mentioned it to G and Kayla! After G left Kayla called her and told her I was crying and unhappy with my hair cut...... G said to Kayla I dont know why she is unhappy its an awesome cut!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOO its terrible!!! I have to pick my husband up very soon upon his return from afganistan and I look like a FREAK!!!! You have been doing hair for 30 Years????!!!! Time for a refresher Course! Then to still charge me is for the Cut.

Olena Bilynskyj

Been seeing Mrs G for almost 10 years! She is fantastic and i won't let anyone else do my hair! She uses only the best quality products. She stays absolutely current with the latest hair trends. She is an artist and hair stylist extraordinaire! She listens, hears and always spoils me. I won't let anyone else do my hair! Okay, maybe Liz,

sam bravo

Very good nice place

Leigh Newman

Phenomenal cuts and colors by Liz! I highly recommend going here and placing your trust in her hands!

Briana Ayende

Get my haircut by Josh and he's fantastic . Love the environment .

Kori Henning

Liz Schuster - Thank you so much I love my Hair! I came back to work and everyone loved it too. I highly recommend this salon they are fun, friendly and great at what they do.


It's not even a one star. I spent 200 dollars on a color that they messed up and told me to come back after a couple washes to fix. So I come back for them to fix it now they want me to spend 200 more on a mistake they made. Hell no I don't recommend this place for color. It's a waste of money that I could've saved for my car.

Stephanie Griffin

BAD EXPERIENCE!! Just got my hair cut here. It is completely uneven. “G” (the owner) cut my hair. One side is way shorter than the other (at least 1-2 inches shorter). I took a picture that I wish I could attach to this review. We agreed she would cut off an inch but she took off way more and I now lost a lot of my length. We also began the trim under the agreement that it would be $25. Then when I get up to the counter to pay she says it’s $30 because she had to use a razor. WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS PLACE!!!!!!!

April Pickens

Love Joshua Marie.

Amber Hamilton

The girls are super friendly and very professional! They will tell you what you need to hear in order to get your hair the way you want it and for it to stay healthy! Candace and Mary Katherine are my favorite!!

Jessica Schumacher

I absolutely love this place. From the moment you walk in you feel welcomed and relaxed. It is a very clean and friendly place to get your hair done. I had my hair done my Liz, one of the stylists, and she did an amazing job. I have always had long hair and decided to take the plunge to chop off my locks. She made the transition from very long hair to short hair very comfortable and easy. She took my ideas and plan for my hair and executed it perfectly. Would definitely recommend this salon!

CS Brown

The environment has a nice feel to it. The stylist listened well to my daughter's request and now she loves her new do.

Ginger johnson

My experience with G Salon has been the most satisfying of any salon I have been to previously! G is a master stylist and her talent for color is extraordinary! The atmosphere is warm and welcoming with friendly, experienced stylists! G also takes a personal interest in insuring the satisfaction of every client! I can't imagine every going anywhere else!

Tati Ulmerton

If I could give it a zero I would. So my husband and I came in for a haircut each. We brought our son with us as well. The "manager" of the salon REFUSED to cut my son or my husbands hair. Later to find out she doesnt even own a pair of clippers. How can you manage a salon and not offer every single service? Not to mention Liz (the supposed manager) spent the entire time in the office(?) with some sort of movie or something playing incredibly loud, that had crude language and gun shots! I surly didnt want my son to hear this! So the stylist who was doing my husbands finished and went on to my son. My husbands hair was WAY TO SHORT?! I get we're in a military town. But not everyone wants a high and tight. By the time the girl was done with both my son and husbands cuts the "manager" strolls out like she just took a nap. Put a blanket back on the wax room bed. (Im assuming she fell asleep in that room. not sanitary!) the "manager" didn't offer to correct the ridiculous difference between the length of hair on top and the shaved sides. (This is when I learned the "manager" doesnt even own a pair of clippers to be able to fix what went wrong). So I stated that I didn't even want my haircut there anymore. When I left the manager was clearly irritated I didn't want her to cut my hair. I paid $35 for 2 horrible, horrible haircuts and an even worse experience. This was a little over a week ago. I didn't even want to write a review. But maybe this will SAVE SOMEONE ELSE THE AWFUL EXPERIENCE! And mistreatment. I wonder if the manager would have been able to take a nap if the owner were there? Or maybe this is just how they operate! Will never be going back!! Not to mention the entire salon smelt like a sewage system.

Linda Austin

This salon is awesome. It has the most comfortable shampoo chairs I have ever seen and is very modern. The workers are all very friendly and make you feel very special. I recommend this salon to everyone.

Emiliani Weeks

NEVER EVER let a customer sit in your chair thinking you are going to meet their expectations UNLESS you are going to deliver!! If you have any little doubt that you cannot do what they ask, tell them first hand!! Don’t wait until after you are done and ruin some ones hair and charge them $240 to tell them what they wanted will not be done in first session that they would need several sessions to get what you want! This should have been expressed FIRST. It has been 7 years since I last dyed my hair. After months of pondering and anxiety, I convinced myself to try something new for my husband whom I haven’t seen in 6 months, who will be home in 1WEEK!! I chose something I thought would be simple for a professional to do….. Not only did I not get what I wanted but it was not even close. I told the girl Candace that it’s not how I wanted towards the bottom and she told me “You can add more the next time.” So I pay $255 and leave, thinking maybe it’s just me. Maybe I’m just over whelmed by the change after 7years of my natural hair. I get home and I’m inspecting it and I take a pic of the back to examine…. WTHECK IS THIS?!!!! I immediately get a hold of two professionals from my home town in FL and was told to go back in and get it fixed because this was unacceptable. So I called the manager at G Salon and expressed my self calmly, she proceeded to tell me to send in pictures of my hair and the one I showed the girl. She calls me back and tells me that the reason I didn’t get what I wanted was because of multiple reasons. 1 my hair was previously dyed (7yrs ago, not a hint of that color was in my hair). 2 every ones hair is different (Umm that’s why you go to school, to learn how to deal with different types of hair) 3 I need several sessions (should have been mentioned BEFORE she started on my hair. I would have said no and left) The manager said she will fix it BUT I had to pay for it on top of the 240. This was not a hair issue this was something that was done by the “professional”.

Edgar Fierro

Great place! One of 2 places I will ever get a hair cut at

A Belmont

Luanne cut my hair. She did great. :)

Brittany Glynn

I went there to get my hair colored back to its original color as I could not keep up with the cost of highlighting my hair. To my suprise when it was time to check out the bill was $175!!! I have never in my life heard of a color and trim costing $175. When asked for the breakdown of how she got to this she was ride and unwilling to see why I would be upset. She charged me $100 for color plus another $25 due to my hair being long. $25 for a trim that took all of 2 minutes and another $25 because she blowdryed my hair. I asked how she could charge $25 to blow dry it and not ask me first if that was an extra charge ans she said "we assume you want it done". Who wants to pay to have their hair blow dried?!?! Also if the point of blow drying is to allow me to go out and enjoy my dair with my new hair then why in the world did you leave my entire forehead covered in hair dye. I got out to the car and my entire forehead all the way around was covered in hair dye. For $175 i would not expect to have to go home and shower again.

Nicole Lanier

The place was lovely. The service started out rocky and it was because Mrs. 'G' had a lot on her plate that day. Could use more staff to help. However, at the end the price was way more that quote and way more the the website even states. The website says "Color All Over 95" and i was told 115 for color after it was done. Which is outrageous since it doesn't say and up. I had another service done to and its price did say and up but not for the color. The price is just ridiculous.

Leslie Bair

Love it here! Not only is the atmosphere awesome and relaxing the stylist are well trained and from what the owner tells me once a month they close down on a certain day of the week to keep updated on the new styles and what not. I love how they really listen to you too.

Diane Phillips

Fantastic. They did exactly what I wanted. Very friendly, very personable and reasonably priced. I will be going back.

Sarah Bielinski

I first went here back in February 2015, I was referred to Joshua Allen by a friend from work. She always had awesome hair so I scheduled my appointment. I was nervous because I wanted to do ombre but I haven't bleached my hair without severe damage ever, so I talked to Joshua about my concerns and he came up with a solution. I got complements from complete strangers on how good it look, and I loved it! He was professional, caring, and has a gentle touch. After a terrible experience at another salon, I went back to Joshua in order to fix what they had done, and again he did a wonderful job. He turned a bad situation into a good one. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a great stylist who really listens to what you want and helps you figure out what you need! He also answers my silly questions about what chemicals do and other stuff I don't understand about hair products.

Sammy Reed

Very very rude owner! And very expensive for mediocre service. Was lied to about prices until it was time to pay. The whole time they talked about ppl. Very unprofessional

Kristina Michelle Leonard

Excellent experience. I was nervous about using a new stylist since I had only liked having my hair done by a couple of specific people in my lifetime. The day came that it was necessary. I found myself guided to G. Well, Color me happy!

Ruben Quizon

Jenn Smith

I know its just hair. I know it will grow back. This was still a very bad experience. If it were possible I would attach a picture of this cut to my review. My profile pic is not my new haircut.

Samantha DiPiazza

It takes a lot of talent to cut with a razor and my hair turned out great!! Thanks Ms.G!!


Kristen Watson

Josh is fantastic with cutting men and boys hair! He's done an excellent job with "hard to cut" hair and cowlicks! G has cut my hair (ladies) and I got exact the haircut I wanted!!!! We will definitely keep coming back it's worth it!!!!

Ben Keel

Angela Slough

Love this place! Liz knows exactly what I want and I always leave feeling like rock star!

lorna doone

The worst! The owner "G" did my hair. She gave me her I Pad, showed me pics of styles & color, had me "pick one". As she washed my hair her hands barely moved & I'd picked blonde color...walked out a brunette! Very expensive too! Did not complain as she was too "scary". I felt that she wouldve ruined my hair on purpose.

Carol Bauer

Rhoda White

Melina Fellers

I went in with somewhat of idea, and they put every effort possible and I walked out more satisfied than I ever have from ANY salon. Finally after years of disappointment, I've got to the beautiful color that I've been wanting.

Carolyn Clendenin

Josh is awesome!

Elizabeth Cassle

I've been going to G Salon for over a year now. Liz does a great job! I love how she colors my hair....just the blonde I want. Getting my hair to the perfect style has been a work in progress and she has been so patient with me. Liz does my daughter's hair too and it is always gorgeous. I also love the atmosphere of the salon...I always feel at home. Oh and the prices are great!

Amanda Calhoon

Corey Daniel

I was in search of a great stylist after another salon in town messed up my hair horribly. My first call was to Liz. She fixed my hair, gave me an amazing color and a beautiful cut! She's super bubbly and always lifts my spirits when I go in for my appointment! I get so many compliments on my hair now that Liz is my stylist. It costs a little more than I used to pay but TOTALLY worth the money!

Ana Vela

I had a wonderful time at Gsalon. They were so great and so responsive to my emails for my hair color. Liz did above and beyond with my hair, so glad i found her. She did my hair exactly how i wanted, definitely will be coming back for my touch ups.

Joy Collins

Stephanie Fowler

G did an amazing job on my perm love it!

Nyah Kline

Tricia Hale

cheyanna and Mitchy Briggs

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