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REVIEWS OF Circa Barber Shop IN South Carolina

Collin Studemeyer

I plan my trips through town to make sure to get a haircut by Emma. She's the best there is!

Ryan Pasquini

Em is one of the best barbers I have ever been to. The first time I went in, I gave Em a general idea of what I wanted and let her control the details. I left with one of the best haircuts I have ever gotten. Every time I come back she is able to recreate the same look with precision. I am continuously impressed with the quality of cuts and service she provides. If you are nervous about seeing a new barber, or you don't know exactly how to describe the look, I suggest going to Em. She does a great job of informing you what she is doing and why. Thanks Em! 10/10.

Dustin White

Pretty chill experience, great location, and they know how to cut hair. I definitely plan on going back.

Stephen Kelly

I've been going to Circa since I moved here. They have talented and friendly barbers. I've never had a bad cut from here.

David Goza

Four stars, but only for the lack of parking options. This is a great place to get a trim, or a complete makeover. I saw Em, and she was very helpful in terms of recommending a style for me, and executed it to perfection. I will definitely be going back to see her in a few weeks! Booking, canceling, and rescheduling are a breeze through their website. No hard sells, and a great value for sure.

Forrest Tucker

When I came to Cola for the first time as a student at USC a reliable barber was at the top of my list of needs. I found Circa and Em Thompson on Main Street and the rest is history in the making. Em helped me develop a sense of home here. She has always provided me with good conversation as well as a great trim. This runs true to this day and I'm sure the good experiences will continue. She and everyone else at Circa are true friends that anyone would be lucky to have in their lives, let alone cut their hair.

Butch Davis

Sarah was very personable, professional, and knowledgeable. She listened to my concerns and did a great job cutting my hair the way I requested. I recommend her highly!

Will Gettys

Easy scheduling, super friendly staff, and a great cut. Looking forward to my next appointment!

Bruce Lobitz

I've been a regular for many years and have always had great service. Highly recommended.

Justin Jon

My hair looks sexy now. Thank you!

Jaide Wardlaw

I have a super short pixie and see Sarah at the Main location and she's great. She's so sweet and adorable and does an awesome job with my hair every single time and the conversation there is always entertaining. The very first time I went she even took a note down in her phone about what length we did so she would remember for next time. I highly recommend this place

Jordan Johnson

Top notch service every time. Friendly, professional staff that make you feel like family. Plus their shops are awesome and clean. I always recommend to everyone that'll listen.

Nathaniel Kelley

First time going here. Went to the Main St location and had Hailey do my haircut. Both ladies were friendly, professional, and casual. And my hair looks great. She had extreme attention to detail which you just don’t get when going to other lower cost shops. You get what ya pay for! Definitely recommend.

Mike Mewborne

Great beard trim! Best experience at a barber I’ve ever had.

Terry Bennett

I’ve been going to Em for my cuts for two years now. I mean it when I say this haircut is always one of my favorite days of the month. I always get a great cut and great conversation, even tips on how to better style my hair. After two years it’s like I now have a standing monthly appointment with a friend. I always recommend Circa to my friends. There’s nowhere else I’ll go as long as Em and Circa are here.

Shane Whatley

Excellent barbers and great customer service.

Michael Soles

I went into Circa with no Idea of what I wanted in a hairstyle/cut. I've been in the military for almost 19 years and have done the same thing over and over again. I scheduled a appointment with Sarah and she made me feel totally comfortable and kept me in the loop with what she was doing. The best haircut/style I've ever had. This place is the best!

Thomas Hamod

Em was extremely helpful and professional, and gave me a great haircut in spite of the fact that I had no idea what to ask for. I can't recommend her highly enough

Adam Hopkins

After moving to SC from Michigan, it was hard to find a good barber in new city. Circa is now the only place that I will go to in the Southeastern United States. Circa is more than comparable to a really solid big city barbershop; it is simply superior. It is hard to find a barbershop that retains the old fashioned image and charm of a shop from the 50's, where you can go for not only a haircut, but for good conversation, camaraderie, and friendliness. I would not only recommend this to someone looking for a haircut, but would recommend this to anyone that gets their hair cut. You have to go and see for yourself.

Steven Cote

Sarah is a miracle worker! She is friendly and very good with shears and a comb. I thoroughly enjoy visiting sitting in her chair and highly recommend.

Danny Mudd

Alright, let's first get the perceived nepotism out of the way, yes, Sarah is my wife, but boy is she awesome at what she does. Yesterday was the latest in a long line of fresh cuts (at varying lengths and styles - patience is a virtue!), and it can only be described as majestic! The vibe in this space is amazing! If you want to have a professional experience, with two Barbers who will not only give you a great cut, but also provide ample laughs to either get you through the rest of your workday, or destress you at the end of one, THIS IS THE PLACE! Much love to Sarah and Emma, always a pleasure whether getting a cut, or just popping in to say hi :)

matthew mcfadden

Roses are red Violets are blue I go to this awesome barber shop And so should you While I'm happily married, my family knows I have left all my worldly possessions in my Last Will and Testament to Circa Barber Shop - they're just that good. I even tried to leave Circa a SIX star Google review, but it didn't work. Cannot recommend a barber shop more highly than this place! Hands down these are the best barber shops on the East Coast...and the West Coast...and everywhere in between! Been a customer since Day 1 and never plan to leave.

Thomas Simpson

Excellent service and friendly staff. Nothing fancy just a quality haircut from outstanding professionals. I am constantly getting compliments on my haircut, even from people I don't know. Highly recommend Circa for anyone who values great service and quality. Make an appointment with Sarah, she's awesome.

Jared Thomason

Got there last minute and didn't know I had to schedule an appointment but she helped me put showed me how and squeezed me in. Great hair cut great shop! I will definitely be back! Thank you Halie!

Nick Hayden

Visited Circa for the first time. They are extremely professional and efficient. The barbers were friendly and held a great conversation. There is a lot of potential for this barber shop if they continue their fantastic service. I will definitely be returning the next time I need a haircut.

Win Morgan

Best cut I’ve had in a long time and got useful tips on beard trimming. Nice location with great use of a small space.

Will Bonarrigo

By far the best barbershop in Columbia. My hair can be hard to work with, but DR has taken up the challenge and always does a great job. He makes sure that my cut doesn't just look good the next day, but also for the next month after it grows out. I probably average 1 or 2 "where do you get your haircuts" a day and would recommend anyone to go here. My girlfriend has even started getting her haircut here and loves it!

Tim Kadar

Best people in the business in Columbia?

Jonah Crisanti

Great experience at Circa Barber Shop. Em was amazing to say the least. Would definitely recommend!

Jonathan Carmenate

This is a dope concept and they have truly skilled barbers. D.R. was super efficient, knew how to achieve the look I was going for and they've got a lifetime customer in me.

Anthony Lowery

Love this place. Never disappointed. Shout out to Halie and my fresh cut!

Brian Troncoso

Probably the best haircut I’ve ever had

Scott Whiteman

My son loves his cut

Derek Clement

I dislike change and when my barbershop closed, I was at a loss. Google told me that Circa was the place I should try and I’m thankful that I did. I see why there are so many great reviews and my personal experience has been better than I expected when going to a new place for the first time. Sarah has provided me with the perfect cut the two times I've been thus far and I highly recommend her and Circa for those looking for a new barber shop.

Andy Hannon

Finally in Columbia I find the barber shop experience I want. Service was top notch, and I walked out of the place feeling like a million bucks. I've found my Columbia barber shop.

Andres Hernandez

I attend Circa on Main. Em is the best! She is diligent with making sure you get what you want but still providing that professional input... I have been to other barber shops when I moved to Columbia and after attending her and Circa, I won’t be going to anyone again! The vibe is cool, new coffee shop is a nice touch in the same space as well... you won’t find a better cut/fade from anyone else.

Brandon Jones

Best barber shop I've been to. I consistently get the best haircut and experience. I highly recommend to anyone.

Josh Davis

I went to Circa after receiving a bad haircut somewhere else and had the hopes that they could fix my cut. Not only did I receive an awesome haircut that was exactly what I was wanting, but the barber showed me a cut she thought I would like, and after she let me know when to come back and what her plans were with letting my hair grow back out and get to where I really want it to be. I will absolutely go here from now on and will recommend Circa to all of my friends!


Outstanding service with "DR" at main street location. Professional, friendly, & pleasant experience. I highly reccomend "Circa" for anyone searching for true Artists.

Tanya Godin

They ( Martha & DR, Em,Taylor) all have been so awesome and accommodating towards me.As well as Very talented n friendly.

Lindsey Shealy

D.R did exactly what we asked and customer service was great!

Daniel Talarico

Excellent service! Haircut was amazing and the staff are all super friendly. Highly recommend Sarah for anyone headed to the main st location

josh smith

I guess I’ve been going to Circa (Main St) for about a year now. I had bad cuts and my beard butchered by other barbers in town too many times. Em Thompson is a PRO!!! An absolute perfectionist. I’ve never had a less than stellar cut or beard trim.

Ryan Montalvo

Of all the barbershops in the area I had an absolute fantastic experience here. I went in to get my haircut for my wedding and they did exactly what I asked and made it even better. Beard trim was also professional and really completed the whole look. Will go back again.

Eamon Alexander

Emma did amazing! Totally recommend her!


Great place. Great haircut. They know what they're doing!

Matt Corley

Excellent haircuts, definitely a step above even better barber shops. Highly recommend them and I'm extremely critical of anyone cutting my hair. I consider my hair a huge point of expression, so you've got to do it right and they do.

David Bergmann

Great staff, great space, and stylish haircuts.

Robert Kasko

My girlfriend and I were walking around and saw the clothing store and decided to walk in. When we walked in, we saw that there was also a barber shop in the back of the store! As we were shopping, the owner of the shop asked if I wanted a free haircut, that way he could help train his new employee and show her some tips on the fade haircut. The customer service was amazing, and he helped give me the confidence to try a new hair style, which I now love! Amazing place, great stylist, and a professional atmosphere. Definitely recommend 10/10!

Porter Balderson

What a wonderful place to get a haircut. Sarah does a fantastic job and always has a smile on her face. Circa Barber Shop has set the standard for great customer service. Thank you!

I. Will Salazar

Halie was great! She provided the service and quality I have come to expect from Circa. She is friendly, detail-oriented, and a great barber. I like the relaxed atmosphere that Circa has, and if I hadn't been in a rush, I would've gotten a coffee after my cut.

Philippe Labbé

I like this place because of it's staff and interiors, a modern white theme I completely like. Been here twice or so to get my hair cut and beard done. Sarah was my stylist and she was good with her skills. My friend recommend me Circa and I'll too recommend Circa. Will be back next month.

H.J. Wicko

Circa rocks. Em rocks. The whole place rocks. I have always had a great cut and have always had great customer service. This is the only place I will go to get my haircut and have been doing so since 1.5 years ago. I recommend this place and Em highly.

Ricardo Rodriguez

One of the best gems of South Carolina! One of the excellent qualities this place has, is their customer service and customer satisfaction. Their attention to detail is superb and they constantly place the customer needs and desires above all else. They listen, they recommend, and they deliver an outstanding service like no other place in South Carolina. I have been coming to this place for about a few months now, and my hair and my beard has never looked this great before. I have to thank DR, Em and Sarah for their excellent service. That's also a great perk about them, no matter who you go see, you are in great hands. Thanks you all!

William Matthews

Excellent barber shop. Convenient location. Convenient booking option with Schedulicity. Staff is friendly and professional, and very good at what they do!

Todd Carson

These barbers are the best in the business. I've had Em, Sarah and Martha cut my hair and I have been highly pleased with all of them. I feel confident that no matter who were to cut my hair in this group that it's going to be a quality cut. I get so many compliments on my hair now too. I've gotten to where I look forward to getting my hair cut because I know that it's going to turn out good. I'm not going anywhere else now that I have found Circa.

Max Miller

Before going to Circa I went to a family friend to get my haircut (eye roll I know). Probably as you would imagine my hair always looked subpar. When I needed a good haircut for an interview, I decided to finally listen to the recommendations and go to Circa. Not only do I feel like they brought my hair to a whole new level, that any regular barber couldn’t reach, but I feel like they turned something I dreaded doing into something I enjoy! In short: Circa is great in terms of service and haircuts. If you are reading this contemplating if you should go, just go - you seriously can’t go wrong. If you aren’t sure who to schedule Sarah is always amazing (seriously love her. 10/10. great human being. great hair stylist. overall just one of my favorite human beings ).

Zach Santiago

Killer beard trim/hair cut by DR. Super cool location right by Indah coffee so you can grab some jet fuel after the cut!

Morgan J. Hamby

I've been here quite a few times now, & so far every experience has been above excellent. I get my hair cut by Emma & she always does a great job. Recently I've also started getting my beard trimmed/shaped up & she has done an excellent job with that as well. The environment is also very nice, all the employees are friendly & make a concerted effort to converse with you both before, during, and after your haircut. Will definitely be returning.

JC Glick

The best experience you could have! This place is the best in the state! I cant say enough about the owner and the team that works there - they have built something of amazing value in Columbia and SC. Worth the trip in every way!

Matt Eason

Attention to detail, friendly service, and making sure the cut is done right the first time. Emma has an eye for details and knocks it out the park every time. Why I’ll always suggest y’all to anyone in Cola looking for a barbershop

Brian McLoughlin

Been to many different places for a haircut and Circa has by far left me the happiest with my cut. Sarah did an amazing job and has definitely locked down a new client! I would 100% advise anyone reading this review to get in there as soon as possible and book an appointment with her as she's new, but her spots will surely be filling fast!

Mackey Leventis

I went to Circa for a haircut. Little did I know Halie Bradstream would give me the best haircut I’ve ever had. She was meticulous and professional. She went above and beyond what was expected. 10/10

Will Montgomery

Love this place. I go to the one on Main St. and the girls are always great. Couldn’t ask for a better place or cut.

Wesley Andrews

Sarah (cuts mostly at the Main St. location), is one of the most talented barbers I have ever come in contact with. She is also extremely kind and personable, taking it from a normal haircut to an encouraging bright spot in my day. Fantastic work.

Georgia Dahlquist

I got an amazing haircut at a reasonable price. Will return when I need a trim.

Peter S Korper

You won’t find better in Columbia! Sarah is the best of the best!!

Mike Baldassano

Quant little two-chair, old school barber style shop, my stylist Em is excellent. Attentive, personable and a perfectionist... Great little shop

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