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REVIEWS OF Looks Hair Design IN Pennsylvania

Karen Willar

Love my cut and color! Thanks Jackie and Minta.

Annie Klodd

I had a great experience there! They really care about making sure their customers are happy with the haircut/style. 10/10 would recommend.

Jessiminne Knepper

I have never had my eyebrows done more perfectly in my life! I would definitely recommend Christie, she is amazing!

Jessica Taylor

I came to looks for a wedding. The salon was beautiful in itself. My sis in law got her hair and makeup done and looked fabulous and FLAWLESS! I got my hair done and it was being stubborn and not working with my stylist Sarah but she was fantastic, got Sami as backup and they both finished my hair and it looked awesome. Also she recommended a hair product that is really helping my hair repair itself and return to its pre-colored and damaged texture. Also, they squeezed me in for a gel manicure the people were all sooooo nice! I wish I lived closer and could come all the time!

Wes Richards

I think I may have been trying to respond to Great Clips, not you. I will remove my review. (Later: I see no review I wrote of your salon. And I believe you are mistaking what I wrote about Great Clips which I like, patronize and will continue to patronize. If you can show me my review I will be glad to remove it.)

Wendy Hagigi

Stacy always does an amazing job on cut and styling. Looks is clean, open, and the staff are so welcoming - Highly recommend!

Henry Wight

They are lgbe friendly

Marie Taylor

Austin Kessinger

Beautiful salon and staff is very personable. Great location in the heart of pennstate main campus.

Mike Martin

Trisha Miller

Jennifer W

Birgitt B

Jenifer Mahley

Siara Margo

Very nice hair dressers and they do a wonderful job. I just don't think the way my hair was cut suited my hair texture.

Erin Jenson

Wonderful staff. They do a great job.

Teagan Hammond

I have type 3A/3B curly hair and therefore find it really hard to find a good hairdresser who knows how to cut and style curly hair. Sarah Vollmar cut my hair and she did an amazing job. She was the first hairdresser who I had met who knew what to deal with my hair and suggested a dry cut. At first I was nervous, but it turned out perfect. I will defintely go back!!!

TJ Zawadzki

I had a chance to go to Lien lately and was *extremely* satisfied. My long to medium-short change turned out awesome.

Vlad Damian

Kaelah Shaffer

When I moved to State College, I went as long as I possibly could without a cut & color as I've gone to the same stylist all my life, aside from a few attempts at branching out that left me disappointed. I finally caved because I'm not someone that can left their hair unattended to for that long, and I remember thoroughly reading each and every review on here before making an appointment. I ended up going to Sammie and she's the absolute best. She's so great at what she does and is always up-to-date with the latest trends. Best I've ever experienced with color- I've had so many issues with people making my color brassy or my highlights streaky in the past, and this has never been a problem with her! She's also very personable so going to the salon is always something I look forward to. She'll never push products, but she can definitely make great recommendations if you'd like. That being said, I've been to other stylists when Sammie's been sick and it's been just as great of an experience- I have several friends that go to various stylists at this salon and love them all! The whole staff is wonderful. Can't go wrong with this place. :)

Esha Vaid

Caitlin Hodges

Kirsty MacLeod

I was super happy with my experience at Looks. It was my first visit, and I felt very welcomed straight away. My stylist made sure I was happy with everything along the way, took suggestions, and ultimately I was happier with my cut there than I've been anywhere else! Price is pretty good also. I'll definitely be back.


Madison is awesome!

Gloria Andrade

Karen Krupa

Klarysa Forczyk

Super cute place, friendly and enthusiastic staff and great location! Only downside is that they are very pricey.

b. johnso

The salon is nice but pricey compared to the midwest, where I moved from. They are a redken salon and offer continued education to their staff so they are well versed in color, style, and new trends.

Alexandra Oropesa

I love looks hair design , and have come here for quite some time. It’s a friendly atmosphere, and the stylists are great. Today I came in for a devacut , my stylist was very friendly, but I was disappointed that she didn’t personally style my hair. She had her assistant do it , and her assistant didn’t really know how to diffuse hair . It looked kind of bad until my stylist came back over and tried to fix it (my apologies, I can’t remember her name it was my first time going to her). Also I asked twice (once at the front desk & once to my stylist ) how much it would be and I was charged $85 instead of $75. My hair looked pretty at the end but I was kind of disappointed in the cut , it took my stylist 5 minutes and was an extremely expensive cut. So overall, I would recommend the devacut if you have extremely unmanageable and unruly hair that’s long , otherwise it’s kind of not worth it for the time it takes to do the cut and the level of styling afterwards

Sydney Mariie

First time going to Looks. I'm very picky with my hair and haven't let anyone touch it since the last time I got it cut it turned out too short and very crooked. Avery cut and dyed my hair and was so helpful and very sweet. The salon is very welcoming and nice. Definitely coming back its worth the money!

Gabriela Amaro

John Matthews

Great service, friendly staff!

Jamie Levers

Olivia Reales

I was really nervous going in cause people in the past have screwed up my hair but am so glad I went! I believe the girl that cut my hair is Cassidy? Anyways she did a great job. Reasonably priced too.

amalie mk

I had such an amazing experience here! I got a set of acrylics done by Phi, and her attention to detail, friendliness, and expertise are stunning. She made me feel so comfortable and went above and beyond with her service. I would so strongly recommend her if you’re looking for picture perfect acrylics, long or short. Looks always makes sure they use disposable or one use things per person and they sanitize everything that isn’t single use between each customer. It’s so clean and happy and comfortable I’ll never go anywhere else.

Karen Robuck

THE BEST!! Christy was great!!

Tyler Washburn

Josh Faber

Haircut was neat

Anna Kochersperger

Justine Lee

Bad dye job and they wouldn't refund money. Offered to fix, but it didn't turn out much better & they stood by NO REFUND policy. Basically, they can do whatever they want to your appearance with no downside on their end. Seems like a bunch of stylists who don't care at all about their clients...just money no matter what.

Ai-Ling Xu

Girls are always super sweet, they're really talented too! Best hair & nails in State College, hands down.

Jennifer Smith

I've never had a bad haircut or experience at this salon. Best salon in State College.

Martina Vecchi

Natalie Sutton

Cynthia B

I can't speak on hair experience because I never got my hair done here, but I can surely speak on my makeup experience. First off, I called in to get my makeup done because I was graduating that day. I was in the middle of doing my hair at my friend's house which was 10 min away this place. This young lady named Jayla told me I had about 10-15 min to get there or else she couldn't take me anymore by the time I reached there, she was still on the same client doing their makeup, and she told me that wait about 10 min more. FINE. When she started doing my make up she seem liked she was in a rush. I was originally told that it was $40 to do my makeup and I was fine with it. I'm thinking I am going to get a really nice look. Well I thought wrong! She quickly explained to me she doesn't have time to give me that "sophisticated look"She caimed So im thinking to my self she's probably gonna spend about 20 min on my face or whatever. Then this other client asked her how long is she going to spend on my makeup, and she told the client about 8 min! Are you serious ? I'm paying $40 and you are only spending 8 min on my face ??? She also told me how she'll contour, highlight, etc. When I got up I looked so ugly, First off the foundation didn't even match my dark brown complexion, she didn't even cover my acne dark spots, they were still showing. I was sooooo unsatisfied. So when I got to the front desk,, I wanted to remove my wipes immediately. Jayla had the audacity to tell the sales receptionist to take of $10. and she looked pissed when I tod them I refuse to pay. Reallly so I can still pay $30 on an 8 min makeup session ?!? I told them I refused to pay and I wanted to remove my makeup.everybody else in there were trying to fufill my needs and were being helpful but Iw as just pissed. I left my hair appt for nothing, I was running so late for everything. Never again.

Laura Kaltwasser

I went to Looks for the first time a couple of weeks ago. Everyone was extremely friendly as soon as I walked through the door. Joe was my stylist. He took me back for my consultation and made sure that we were on the same page as far as what I wanted and what I would need to be able to style it at home. He was a pleasure to talk to while he was cutting my hair. It came out exactly as I pictured and a couple of weeks later it's still easy for me to recreate the style on my own! I would definitely recommend this place and ask for Joe!

Abdele Elkachouty

not that great, wife went to get nails done and she said they were rude and didn’t care much for their customers and manicure was not neat at all

Dennis H

Great place for a haircut and coloring. Friendly staff and nice atmosphere.

Hazelgrace Marie

I can't begin to even explain how AMAZING my experience was today at Looks getting my first Brazilian wax!!!!! Lien was beyond friendly comforting caring professional and just down right AWESOME!! I Was very nervous a bit uncomfortable however she had me talking and I ended up using that and laughter as a distraction and I couldnt be more happier!!! Thank you so much and I will for sure be doing it on a regular basis because its perfect!

Sarah Mazzocchi

I chose Looks to do my hair & makeup for myself and my bridal party the day of my wedding. They did an amazing job - the salon is big, spacious, and they had a great area for us to bring in champagne and snacks while we were getting our hair and makeup done. My bridal party loved the stylists, and each look turned out exceptional. I had a hair trial done a couple weeks before my wedding, and wanted some things changed - my stylist ended up designing the perfect hairstyle to match my vision. I will mention that I got married in 100% humidity and my makeup looked gorgeous throughout the entire day. The curls in my hair fell a little bit, but it still looked stunning. All in all, I am really, really happy with the service I received at the salon.

Jake Colega

girlfriend needed a haircut so we decided to go with the place with the best reviews, which was Looks. The atmosphere there is perfectly fine, everyone's friendly and what not. While we knew how much we were going to pay from the beginning (much more than I would haha) the price ended up being higher with no explanation as to why. After a few hours she decided to get a shower. As her hair was drying we began to notice the poor haircut she had received. Parts were longer than others and it gave it an odd look. She eventually was able to fix it herself which shows it wasn't too bad of a haircut. However, when you see these reviews and pay as much as she did a much higher quality outcome is expected. I am giving it three stars because it may have just been the hair dresser she got, I don't want to fault the whole business for one poor employee. (Amendment! Somehow looks managed to link this review to my girlfriend (still not sure how though) and called her. Its good to see a company care about their reviews and shows they really do care for their customers)

Kelly Wellington

Chris Johnston

Ashley Mack

Jessie Rose Sorensen

They always do an amazing job! If you are looking for a new hair salon this is the place. Everyone is so nice and they have a wide selection of products.


Love it! I have been going to the same stylist for my hair since I was little & I have never had anyone else wax my eyebrows. I saw good reviews here so I decided to try it. I usually pay 10 dollars for a was at home & here it was 14. For just 4 more dollars, she made sure I saw what was happening in the mirror, she trimmed, and she filled in with a brow pen- never had that at home for 10$! Planning on getting my hair cuts done here in the future. I had Christie by the way!

Miranda Williams

I went to have a quick consultation done for hopefully getting tape in extensions. I was super stoked they could get me in that night. When I got there, however, I went from being hopeful, to being embarrassed and feeling like I wasn't good enough. My hair was pulled up because it was growing out its fashion colors and it's just pulled up most of the time when my roots are bad. When the girl who was giving me the consultation took my hair out of the bun, she acted like it was the most disgusting thing she has ever done. Then quickly started telling me it was impossible to match to my fashion colors before she even asked me what I wanted. I then explained that I wanted my natural color with extensions, and she said "I'm not sure I'd be comfortable trying to getc you back to your natural color, you'll probably have to lift it." (My natural hair color is black, it's going to cover any fashion color). Then, she proceeded to say "I'm not sure about your financial situation, but these tend to be expensive". And my heart dropped... because she assumes I dress alternatively, that I don't make any money? I don't know, over all I felt very uninvited and like I didn't belong there. If you're looking to feel comfortable, please go somewhere else.

Maya Sh.

I used to go this salon for everything. It’s ok if you don’t have a particular request. Then they really messed up my balayage without an apology. I went in for a braid once and came out with an updo. I kept repeating that I did NOT want an updo but the stylist just knew updos and did her thing anyway. I stopped going there for hairdos and haircuts after that. Recently, I don’t know why, I left a message to make a mani appointment. No one got back to me which didn’t surprise me. I have had a bad experience with this place.

Ayah Ismail

have gone here around 4-5 times, phi would do my nails so wonderfully and beautiful in which i consistently thanked for and always give gratitude w compliments and tips. i was very disappointed and disgusted when i got a phone call from the manager/owner to tell me that they refuse to service on me and ended my welcome for no clear or apparent reason. when i asked for cause, all i got was assumptions of me being unsatisfied in which i have never in my life expressed or complaint. the owner was being extremely rude and disrespectful to me and would even yell at me as if i was 10. this is such a horrible and disgusting behavior especially for a owner who owns a business. and for phi, incredibly shocked and disappointed as she has done my nails every 2 weeks the past 2 months and is now “too uncomfortable” to give me service. this is clearly not a professional place re: that is a extremely dishonest response as i have never disrespected nor hurt anyone but rather go out with a smile and a ton of gratitude towards my techinician. i have never once complained about any of the services i have received. this is proof that i am assumed for actions i have not performed.

Svetla Vitanova


Devon Carroll

Wonderful salon! My stylist Rachael listened carefully to the cut I asked for and executed it perfectly. The salon is clean and everyone friendly and knowledgeable. I will be going back.

Connor Price

This is where I get all my haircuts at and I would not recommend anything else besides looks. Great service great people.

Cera Dickerson

Salua Kamerow

I love the work these people do at this hair salon. First of all, all the stylists and workers are ALWAYS well dressed with their hairs in perfect shape. That is your first hint that they will do everything to make you feel and look awesome. Also, they take their time getting you ready. They don’t overbook their appointments so you can have a full time stylist for your appointment. Senior stylists oversee junior stylists and everyone have mastered either color, cut, techniques, etc. My favorite girl is Lien for hair color and cut.

Jorge Jovel

The absolute best salon in State College.

Brigitte Astrin

very disappointed in this fancy place, looks nice but employees are not competent in there job descriptions. waited a good 30minute and person supposedly call a nail tech. was horrible she new completely nothing about doing a pedicure . They should not have helper that wash hair and swept floor act as nail technicians. please learn from my mistake wasted my $$

Susan Kukic

Abeer A

I was told that I'm never able to cancel an appointment without being charged since I did that twice before but I have been going for years and no mention of a previous cancelation. The most recent (only) cancelation was 22 hours before the appointment because I wasn't able to reach the salon through the phone. I attempted to reach out to understand the situation with no response or follow up (in over 2 weeks) and then business owner comments on my previous review on the same day saying that all I need to do to schedule an appointment is to call or message the salon and leave my credit card info... Very strange experience for me. And I have had several previous issues of waiting a long time to get into my appointment and a bad experience with a hairdresser looking at her texts while doing my hair but I did not expect this after all.

Emma K.

I have gotten my brows done multiple times, and the girls have always been very nice, understand what you want, and the do an excellent job!

Zarabeth Cook

They were amazing! So nice and kind. They walked you though everything and were so efficient. I had never gotten waxed before and I can honestly say I will be going back again. They exceeded my expectations which were already high.

Erin Meczkowski

I've always had a good experience at Looks. Sam did my hair and make up for my wedding 2 weeks ago and I loved it! She used this bright pink lipstick on me, which caught me off guard at first since I don't wear a lot of make up. But it looked incredible in pictures and it's now my favorite lipstick. She's really talented and you can tell she loves what she does. Definitely recommend!


Katie Howell

Sara McGhee is an amazing stylist and person. Kylie and Christie are the sweetest nail techs and are incredibly creative.

Jessica Glick

Just had Aaron do my makeup, and it looks fantastic! She is knowledgeable, accommodating, and super friendly!

Mercedes Snyder


Josh Bannon

Katarina Van Ledtje

I’ve been here many times and always loved it! Last week I had a bit of a problem (my hair was fine) so today I called and talked to the manager and she was SOO nice and they fixed the problem for free. I’ve had both bleach and tone and brunette glazes done here and every time my hair has been perfect. Felt the need to write a review today after their amazing customer service. Super nice girls, super nice management, and fair prices. Thanks so much to the girls who helped me out today. I definitely suggest Looks to anyone who needs a salon in State College! And if you ever have an issue, definitely reach out to them (nicely!) because they are more than willing to fix it.


Megan Runion

I had an excellent experience at Looks Hair Design! I'm new to the area and did not know any stylists, so I chose randomly and made an appointment with Sarah. After making me coffee, she took a few minutes to ask me about my hair and what I wanted done - I didn't have anything specific in mind, so she made a few suggestions about styles and explained why she thought they would fit me well. During the haircut, she continued to ask me questions to make sure that I liked what she had in mind. Since I have really thick hair my cuts usually take a long time anyway, but Sarah dedicated over an hour of undivided attention to cutting, drying, straightening, and re-cutting my hair once it was dry. I love the finished style. She also made suggestions for products she has found to work well on hair types like mine, but was not pushy about selling anything. Sarah was friendly, focused, and professional the whole time. I have paid more for much lower quality haircuts. Sarah will definitely be my go-to stylist in State College!

Jocelyn Wedlake

Sean Holt

Rachael is amazing! Everyone at Looks is friendly and welcoming. Make sure to see Christie for nail services!

Shereen Elkachouty

If I could give this place less than 1 star I would. Would NEVER recommend going there, horrible service, rude manager/owner. You just lost a paying customer!

Kristina Nauman

Hands-down best nail salon in town. I went to Looks regularly for the two years that I worked in State College, and every experience I had there was exceptional. I saw Christie for a gel manicure service every couple of weeks, and she did an excellent job every time. Not only did my nails look BEAUTIFUL, but the process was professional, sanitary, and very relaxing. The staff is so friendly and engaging, and it was obvious that they wanted to do everything they could to make clients happy. Christie even went out of her way to order a new polish color for me that I had mentioned was one of my favorites - so sweet! If you're looking for a quality nail service in a clean, relaxing environment, Looks is the best place for it.

Robert Ifkovits

The stylish are awesome to talk to and are always a pleasure to be around.

Scott Hinty

Lien Ngu

Elvira Kozhevnikova

Most of my interactions with this place were for haircuts and they were generally very positive. I came in here to have my wedding hair done and they exceeded all expectations! Due to circumstances it was not possible to do a trial run, and I generally have very difficult hair to manage/predict the outcome of. However, the hair stylist managed to do amazing work based on a picture and some descriptions, and gave me perfect wedding hair that looked good throughout the whole evening, the curls falling slightly, but nonetheless looking spectacular even at the after-party following the reception ending. I am very impressed that she managed to make my difficult hair look exactly how I wanted it to, with no test runs. Overall, this place is fantastic and I wish I had a hair salon this good where I live! The lady who did my make-up was equally skilled and I was very happy with her services as well.

Madalyn Meyers

I went here because of the good reviews, but I ended up being extremely disappointed with my gel manicure. Typically, my gel manicures last me almost a month. This time, the artists who did my nails just pushed back my cuticles, didn't bother to cut them, and didn't bother to rough up the top of my nail, meaning she painted right over my cuticle and the whole nail started to peel up three days later. I struggled to keep them on for the next couple of days because I got them done for my sister's wedding. But after that, I easily peeled them off like stickers. Not sure why I would go back here considering they are also $10 more than any of the other salons I have visited in the area.

Mae Wisor

I’ve been to Looks for all sorts of services- hair cuts, hair color, and waxing - most of which are with Lien, who is amazing - and all of them have been nothing less than phenomenal. I LOVE Looks and would strongly recommend to anyone looking for new services!!

Shannon Imhof-Clark

The salon looks and smells lovely and the staff is talented and friendly. Very pleasant experience for my first time in the area and needed my hair done for a special event

Elizabeth Cline

I was in town for a wedding and Christie gave me a gorgeous manicure and pedicure. She was so friendly and fun to talk to!

Megan Jordan

Love, love, love Looks! They are friendly, inviting, and ultimately want you to leave feeling refreshed and beautiful! Sarah is fantastic. She gave me advice for my face shape and I loved the cut I received. I trust their staff whole heartedly. Would definitely recommend to anyone male or female. Fantastic!

Manraj Singh

Welley Loc

I've been going to this salon for about a year now and have had Stacey and Erica cut my hair, pixie style. This place has one of the most welcoming atmospheres in town. It looks and feels like a high end salon without making you feel uncomfortable about what you're wearing, coming from a long day of work or classes. Highly recommended even if you're a dude. They literally do their hair research and know what they're doing.

Phi Le

Purity Hileman

Favorite place to go! Lien is my go-to girl and very much worth the hour drive. Welcoming environment, great customer service and awesome staff!

Martin Čech

Gary McCarthy

Excellent staff, excellent service!

Allison Haas

Great service, many options, the owner is great!

Mersida Kurti

Great service

Angela Rivera

I just had my nails done today here and I'm so excited I had to write a review right away! I've tried just about every nail salon in the state college area and I FINALLY can call this one my new home!! Good location, cute and clean, and the warmest, friendliest staff I have ever encountered. Christie did an amazing gel mani on me, took the time to explain each step and product, and even educated me on other services done here. I left the salon feeling amazing. Love this place already xo

Leilani Kavanagh

The services are great however time management is off. Whether I'm waiting to get brows waxed or hair done I find myself waiting at least 20 minutes for appointnents. Great ppl here make you feel at home.

Monika Cechova

Aubrey McCleary

Great experience. Hannah did exactly what I wanted and my hair feels incredible. Definitely recommend!

Laurie Andrews

I see Kelsie at Looks and she's amazing and always does a perfect job! Everyone there is so nice and gorgeous and stylish!

Melissa Stevens

Emily did a wonderful job today on my mani & pedicure! A delightful space and friendly staff. Very accommodating! Emily paid great attention to detail and made a relaxing afternoon delightful. I was visiting from MN and my daughter-in-law suggested this place. I definitely recommend it! Great vibe and after working in the salon biz myself (in the past) this place is one with personality, cleanliness, and flair!!

rebecca homan

Courtney B

Jojo Goulet

I absolutely adore this place! Went for a hair cut/style today and I think it was the first time I've ever in my 18 years of life been happy with a hair cut! The people there are so nice and genuinely care about making you happy with your hair. They listen to what you want and tell you what they can do and tell you about different products and everything! I love this place and will definitely be coming back!

Dominique Dec

Phi did an amazing job on my nails and has a really light touch with the tools used. My nails came out looking great and I'm looking forward to going back there for another service. Everyone I spoke to was really nice and welcoming.

Maralee Fye

Jen Buchan

Jenn Kauffman

Leah Levine

Joseph Malley

Gteat service

Stacy Myers

Wish I could post a picture.... Worst manicure ever! Not only expansive $45 I was told only senior stylist could do nail art, the worst part I was cut!,,,,! She cut my thumb and refused to acknowledge it, I then asked for a discount the lady running salon with the short red awful hair told me it might be because I'm a man transitioning? I can't believe she could even knew as I go Stacy and wore a Vera wang dress but disgusting manicure with disgusting behavior date 5/31/17

Christine Mitinger


Katherine Van Sice

Absolutely love this salon. I get my hair cut by Meghan Colley who is amazing! She's talented and really sweet. I always get tons of compliments on my hair after seeing her.

Mark Simpson

Sola Zhang

I went in the first time, the result didn’t come out as what I expected. So I called Looks two days later, and they immediately fixed my problems. (Within 2 days) and I can’t say how happy I am with my result! Highly recommend this place, the stylists there know what they are doing, very professional, and give your advices. Would love to go back again! Special thanks to Sarah, Lien, Hanna and Sara.

Nicole Serfass

I had a GREAT experience at Looks. I am a student at the university and never got my hair done in State College, but desperately needed a trim and color. After doing lots of research and talking to some people I decided to go to Looks. They did an incredible job and I couldn't be happier! The only thing is it is very pricey I paid $155 (not including tip) which is a little more than what I pay at home, however given the great cut and color I got it was totally worth it.

Melinda Fasnacht

Very Disappointed!!! I brought my bridal party here for my wedding last weekend. We all got our hair and nails done. Less than two hours after leaving before the ceremony even started everyone’s hair fell out. I can understand if we would have been jumping around or something, but we were just relaxing in the suite waiting for the wedding to start. They also increased their prices from when I initially booked them. For how expensive it was, it should have stayed in all night!! The nails looked beautiful, but did not last either. Everyone’s began to chip after only a few days and the acrylic nails fell off before one week was over. The communication throughout the planning process was also challenging since they are not very responsive to emails. Even the week before I was calling to confirm and change times because I was unsure what was going on. The only reason I am even giving two stars is because the staff was very nice. I would not recommend this salon to any bridal party; it is not worth your time or money.

Elizabeth Hunt

Kelly McMurtrie is a color and style goddess. I moved away from State College more than two years ago, and I still miss her. Request Kelly for expert services, attention to detail, and perfect color.

Tawny Holm

Chelsea N

Joe Dentici

Love this place. Very friendly. Great staff.

Karen M

Dana Roberts

Finally a place with a stylist that knows and understands my thick yet fine hair type! Rachael was amazing and she listened to what I wanted! She understood how to cut my hair and I'm so thankful for that!

Christina Black

Looks salon is absolutely the best in town. The outside and inside are so chic and modern, and the stylists really know what they're doing. I've been coming here for about a year now and I LOVE it. You will never have a bad cut and the salon owners give their stylists plenty of opportunities to keep up with the latest styles. It doesn't matter what stylist you get, you'll always have good hair and a good time.

Dr. Amy Gustafson

I went to Looks to get my hair and makeup done for a special event. They were very kind, and they gave me orange juice and snacks. A sweet girl named Avery did my hair, and she did a decent job. I was pleased with the updo, and although I added more pins and hairspray later, I was pleased the style held all day. I also got my makeup done. I cannot remember the name of the young lady who did my makeup. Despite being very professional and pleasant, I felt like she did not take my requests and feedback seriously. I asked for very little to no foundation, and I ended up with what felt like pounds of foundation and powder on my face, which almost immediately settled into my fine lines and pores and honestly looked awful. I was extremely disappointed by the makeup job, so I went home and immediately washed my face. I did my own makeup for the event. UPDATE: Raised to four stars from the initial three because today the manager instructed an employee to reach out to me about the fact that I was unhappy with the makeup job. She called me and was extremely apologetic. That was an unexpected gesture, and shows the salon is under excellent management. By their actions they have made it clear that they have integrity, and that they care about their clients' satisfaction and experience, not just about making money.

Tracey Besemer

I love this place. Everyone is friendly and professional and I always leave happy and looking fabulous.

CJ Jones

Vera Gordienko

Camila Paz Gutiérrez

Sara L. is your go-to stylist if you are trying to grow your hair. She's fantastic at working with layers without taking away from your length, and she's super nice! Thank you Sara!

Michelot Bien-Aime

It was a good place, with a nice atmosphere and service. The cost might be a bit steep for some though. There is parking basically right outside. Also, expect or just set up an appointment.

Chelsea Johns

Manraj Dhillon

They did worst job in my case( haircut and highlights)

Shahrzad Fadaei


Jodi Johnson

Their staff and expertise is great!

Sara Cudemo

Went in to get my eyebrows waxed and she took off way more from my left than my right. Save yourself.

Ashleigh Woodward

I was in love with how ombre looked and was looking around at some different hair salons when I found this one. I was so impressed with how Lien's ombres looked so I booked an appointment with her. I will NEVER go to another hair salon again! Lien is the best hair stylist around! She is always so helpful and actually listens to what I have to say. I'm very pleased with everyone there and they all make my experience there memorable. I will be a lifetime customer!

Katie Ritchey

Viktorija Nargi

I feel like given the amount of years I've been going to Looks (at least 7 years) I should probably leave a review but my gosh, I couldn't have asked for a better salon to go to. I've been going to Sarah V. for at least 6 of those 7 years and I've never left with a hairstyle I didn't love, and bless her for talking me through times in which I've wanted emotional bangs (not a good look on me trust me.) For years stylists would always mess up how to cut thick curly hair and finally a salon that knows what they're doing. If you have even remotely thick or temperamental hair, trust me when I say go to Looks. Also, although I haven't been a regular quite as often they also do an amazing job in the Nails and Waxing department!

Marleen Matsko

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