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REVIEWS OF Salon Ethos IN Oregon

Lindsey Nielson

I went it to get my hair thinned and left with it chopped and not what I wanted at all. I asked the stylist 3 times to thin and make it into a V and she ignored me by the 3rd time i just quit. I was trying to show her photos of what I wanted and she wouldn’t look at them, ignoring me once again. I come home to wash it because she had left conditioner in my hair making it greasy. I went to straighten it and noticed she had sculptured my hair and it was uneven on both sides. One side has chopped up pieces that doesn’t match any of the rest of my hair. Left with it still being thick and not being able to wear it down... my stylist was Nicki.

Terri Lorang Foust

I received the best cut and color I have had in my life. It is a very comfortable atmosphere, the quality and quantity of the products offered is extraordinary, the stylists are friendly and extremely talented. This is more than a salon, it is an experience. I highly recommend Salon Ethos.

Karin Nordlander

Fast service. Great cut.


My recent and first visit to Salon Ethos in Newport was for a shampoo, haircut and style appointment Feb-2018: I filled out the questionnaire form given me indicating that I would like a classic style cut; desiring a bit of a change from my current style, and that dryness & calicks were the main issues for my hair. The hair stylist was nice and I enjoyed the shampooing & treatment she applied to my hair. I explained to her before she started the haircut, that I was only wearing my hair in the current style due to a prior mishaps haircut elsewhere and that my hair was finally grown out enough to be able to go back to the style I enjoy. I informed her that I usually enjoy a few layers in my hair (the classic cut I had indicated on the questionnaire form). But apparently she only trimmed my hair according to the style & cut I already had and styled it as it were when I came in the door. I could not quite tell at the time if there were layers in it or not, due to styling. She told me before I left to call her if I had any questions or issues, so tipped her $10 on a $34 haircut, along with buying the product she used in my hair and pitched for, bringing it to the check-out cashier with her ($18). I figured okay, maybe she gets commission on it and I could help her out that way too... So I spent $62 at Salon Ethos that day when I only needed a simple haircut. I also scheduled an appointment for a hair coloring 6 weeks out. Let me explain what happened: I went home and washed and styled my hair as normal, but my hair was not going back or away from my face the way I had wanted at all and realized it was still needing some layers cut in. I returned to the shop the following day and asked the receptionist to speak with the stylist, who she said was busy. I kindly stated that I needed to see if I could get a few layers put in my hair, to which she looked and replied oh, well yes a few layers would look good and then scheduled an appointment for me. The morning of the appointment and on my 1/2hr drive in to Newport, I received a call from the salon receptionist saying that the stylist could not make it to work for the appointment and would call me to reschedule. After 6 days passed and no call from her, I called the salon and asked the receptionist about a return appointment, who told me she’d have the stylist call me, then she hung up without even taking my phone number. Four more days past and still no call. If the issue were payment for another hair cut, why not simply state so! I consider no call back as an intentional choice and not a mistake, and I consider it customer service which has no regard for the customer’s satisfaction, nor for the return of the customer. Now I’m thinking they’re good enough at the sales pitching parts, but then offer very poor quality customer care and follow-up, which will actually not help retain & serve many repeat customers… As a result of the poor customer service and follow-up care, I do not intend to return to the Salon Ethos for my coloring appointment or in the future, and furthermore, I would not recommend it to others. I do hope however that the time I took to write a review of the unprofessional services currently being offered at Salon Ethos could help to ensure better customer service and satisfaction for future customers.

Sonya Sanford

Marie Murphy

Salon Ethos has raised the bar for excellence. You owe it to yourself to experience this place. Waxing, pedicures, nails, excellent hair coloring and design by stylists that are knowledgeable and well trained. Prices are reasonable, the salon is beautiful, and several products are available without pressure. Make up products are supreme, any questions , staff will consult with you easily. The owner, Liz encourages the staff to keep learning, has received several awards and hosts an annual fundraiser for local interests. I respect the business acumen and the success of a woman in a small town. I patronized this Salon for 10yrs. and watched it and the employees grow, leaving the bar for excellence high.

juan pablo regalado

These ladies are great at what they do. Love to get my hair cut here and drink a mimosa

Barbara Powell

This place is the best and the experience is one you will never forget!

Claudia Brady

Did a good job with my hair and my daughter thank-you so much

Nicole Baylis

Kelly Keaty

Well it has finally happened, New York has arrived in Newport. Do these beautiful women know where they have landed? And let me tell you these ladies are as talented as they are gorgeous, inside and out. I was frustrated with the fact that I was a minute late, and there were these ladies, waiting with a magazine and a refreshing beverage . ( So nice) . I was then shown to a very comfortable chair where I awaited my Princess to send for me. So I sat and absorbed the positive energies for a while. And then it happened. My Princess was here to whisk me away. Melissa is not a Princess. She is a color Goddess. And she was here to begin the healing process for my hair! And then it happened, my once enviable hair was back. So am I! Thank you Salon Ethos.

Chloe Adams

The salon itself wasn’t bad the new location is really nice. Besides that I had a horrible experience. I went to get my hair dyed well when I came to dying my hair it was the worst experience. I was wanting my roots bleached because I have darker hair. The stylist decided she didn’t want to do that so she dyed over my roots with the color. My hair was kind of lighter in certain areas but wasn’t lightened everywhere, but put the dye over that as well. My roots are still brown which wasn’t the color I wanted and my hair isn’t the color I wanted. For the price I paid to get it done I could have done a better job myself. I will never go back here to get my hair dyed again!

Greggory Radspinner

My wife went here the day of our wedding and they made her really comfortable and did an amazing job. The gal was super nice and talked her into red lipstick that she never wears but turned out looking great for our amazing beach wedding. The shop is located super close to Nye beach and an appointment is highly recommended days in advance. You gals rock...

Marc Maislen

Liz has created an incredible salon where the cuts are beautifully styled and her colorists are great. Fabulous ambiance as well!

Carrie Moore

It's unfortunate that people stoop so low as to make up names and leave mean content in a fake review!! Salon Ethos is one of the classiest most professional places in Newport. Too bad Google hasn't removed inappropriate reviews.

Jamie Quayle

Always top notch service from Janae. Her level of expertise as well as keeping up on continued education sets her above many people in the same industry. The atmosphere is great here and I always feel comfortable.

Shannon Speakman

Wonderful environment and everyone is nice. They are the place to go to for hair cuts@

Joshua Chamberlain

Needing a long overdue haircut and wanting to have a nice style for the holidays, I booked an appointment as a new client at Salon Ethos. Although I never received a phone confirmation, I showed up to my scheduled appointment on time. After checking in and waiting, I was told by the receptionist that there had been an error and that they couldn’t get me in for another hour and 15 minutes. When I advised that the booking agent had told me that my time was available, the receptionist laughed it off and replied, “I don’t know why she told you that. She’s done that before.” Done that before? And that’s something to laugh at? Totally unprofessional. I had made arrangements for my children and moved around my busy schedule to make that appointment and they completely disregarded and disrespected my time. Needless to say, I did not book another appointment. If you can’t handle basic customer service, you do not deserve my business. If I can’t trust you with a schedule book, I’m not going to trust you with a pair of scissors. This was no way to treat any client, let alone a first-time customer. I will most definitely be going elsewhere. They have lost my business for life.

Teldinmoore1978 .

Linda Dupree

Good hair cutting skills and reasonable prices but their egos get in the way of listening to what client wants. If you ask for a short haircut and they leave a huge asymmetrical clump on one side and you have to finish cutting your hair yourself, why are you paying $28?

Kate Warren

One of the best places to get pampered, haircut, color or ???

Marti Johnson

Great professionalism and killer style! Liz and her staff know what's important: style, color, cut, pampering, products and everything in between! From your head to your toes, Salon Ethos knows! Janae has been my stylist for almost a decade, she's amazing!

Joann DeMott

For most of my life, I have avoided using products on my hair. I used shampoo and conditioner with each wash, but afterward, I wanted to go "natural." I certainly didn't want to use what I thought were the gummy creams and lotions that hairdressers recommend. Unfortunately, what I got was frizzy, unruly hair with easily broken ends. That has now all changed. After listening to Liz Rose, Newport's own haircutting wizard and a nationally-acclaimed trainer for Redkin, I decided to give quality products a try. Liz helped me realize that I was "cooking" my hair when blow-drying it without protection, and that products these days aren't gooey. They're light and they're effective. Products, I've learned, have been created to help, not hinder, hair. My hair now behaves and is easy-care in our coastal climate --- no frizz! The style stays from one wash to the next, and my hair is stronger and healthier than its ever been. Liz is a hair expert and is someone I truly trust. I'm glad I finally listened.

Kimber Henry

The absolute best salon in Newport. Would trust any of these FABULOUS ladies with my hair any time! The team is always friendly and upbeat, and the salon itself is GORGEOUS. Highly recommend for anyone looking to get pampered!

Jess Maier

Salon Ethos had amazing service, my stylist was very relatable and upbeat. Along with getting a great cut, it was exactly what I needed at this point in my life!

Marcia Glenn


I am vacationing from Ohio and was in need of a blowout. Liz and her associate were Amaya d my blowout turned out amazing! Thank you so much! I would highly recommend Salon Ethos and will be back again when I am back in Newport!

Thomas Elliott

This is a full service salon and worth every penny I spent. I couldn't be happier with my hair. Definitely 5 stars.

Dixie Yoder

Everyone here was amazing! My bridal party just had our wedding hair and makeup done here on Saturday and Liz, Erin, Nikki and the entire team did a fantastic job! My hair and makeup stayed in place during a windy outdoor wedding for 12 hours! Highly recommend this salon.

Jennifer Hamilton

Melanie Edmondson

I love coming here. They are excellent with my curly hair. I love in Portland but drive to the coast just to get my hair cut. I know there are people in Portland that could do my hair, but I trust Salon Ethos and they have always made my hair look great!

Justine Schmidt

M J Melneck

I had an 11:30 appointment with Veronica--a stylist I enjoy very much. It was clear that she was nowhere near finished with her customer at my appointment time and I had to be in Grants Pass at 5PM--I couldn't wait.

Elizabeth Martinez

These ladies are wonderful. They even accommodated a same day appointment - which is rare! Mel gave me a pedi and was great to chat with! I'll definitely be returning.

Hannah Denlinger


I have lived in Newport for 30 years and have been a client at Salon Ethos for about 5 years. I am so delighted to have Liz and her excellent staff at Salon Ethos, providing great hair care, as well as professional, attentive service, in a modern, relaxing space. I travel a lot, and like to have a hair style that looks groomed, but at the same time can be easily managed by me. Liz works with me, listening to my needs, and I always leave the salon feeling polished and confident! The salon has a very body-positive vibe, which I really appreciate, helping all of us to explore the full potential of our natural beauty, regardless of who we are. Finding a great stylist can sometimes be a challenge, [OK... a First World "problem", I know!], but with Liz and staff I know that I am always in safe hands, and that they will provide a consistently good product. Thanks for all the great cuts, and many more to come!

Felix Vaux

Laura Petry

Great place...very relaxing. Nothing better than enjoying a Mimosa and having your scalp massaged after a long day's work. Nikki Baylis was my stylist and she did a great job with my hair. She even followed up with me to make sure I was happy. Something I've never experience before with my hair stylists. I'm so happy with it. I can do so many different styles with it now. Thank you Nikki and I will certainly be referring my peeps to you!!!

K. Bohannon

Best haircut of my life.

Brooke Hilbert

Great team of ladies, provided a great consultation and service for bridal hair and makeup. All around great experience.

Jennifer Pena

Colleen Hammett

Always happy with outcome!

John Holland

DeAnn Raymond

Great service, loved my hair, it's my new salon!!

Sheena Sutton

This review is way late.Liz is an amazing women and hair stylist.Also patient. I was going though a ruff time and she made me feel brand new again. Thank you Liz so much!

Jake Mattson

Nikki Baylis was awesome! I'll definitely be seeing her again soon.

Lisa Rogers

Mindy Martin

Liz, Kayla and Melissa were amazing! They took care of my moms bridal party and worked in all the extra stuff and clips we asked for! Our styles were perfect.

Candace Hayes

Over priced, takes forever, and didn't do as asked.

Nathan M

Great salon with talented artists and a wide variety of services. Janae takes care of my hair and I'm stoked to have found her

Maverick Okima

They did a great job!

M Schub

Friendly & knowledgeable staff & amazing stylists with a great product, everything from makeup to moisturizer and of coarse hair care essentials, Salon Ethoes has it all!

Brandy Walker

I have thin hair and I like to keep it long, even though short has always been recommended. So it's not easy to find a stylist who can cut my hair and keep it looking full. I got the perfect A-Line layer while keeping my hair below my shoulders. Thank you so much Nikki! You did a fabulous job! I can't wait to bring in my Granddaughter for her first cut. :)

Shannon Connor

Best salon on the Oregon Coast! Anna is AWESOME!

Emily Wilson

Mike c

Beth Dougherty

Finally a haircut I love! The staff was friendly and helpful. My stylist, Anna, did such a wonderful job. She took the time to listen to what I wanted. She did such a great job washing, cutting and drying my hair. I felt so pretty after I left! Will definitely be coming back again.

Bunny Manson

annamaria singer

Veronica is the best hairstylist I ever had, the shop is beautiful and you get a good deal for a quality service

Melody Sibayan

Mary Mosley

Nikki did my hair today. Exactly what I wanted. I'll be returning!

terreh rajala

Kayla did my platinum blonde today, I'm so impressed! The cut she did was also fun and fantastic!!! Thank you Kayla!

Pamla Rouse

Love this place love Liz


jack nickleson

they suck, they mess up and make you pay full price they blow

Tony Klein

Melissa is a artist. I am very pleased that my girlfriend found her. Make an appointment now. You won't be sorry.

Jasmine Moeck

Honestly not really impressed... I wanted to go to blonde, and do kind of an ombré / balayage and my stylist didn’t help me achieve that whatsoever. She did and charged me for 2 different color corrections, and didn’t even get all the red out of my hair. My appointment took 4 hours and didn’t really make much of a difference except lighten my ends a bit more. I asked for a trim and she BARELY cut ANY of my hair, only cut the back but of it and ignored my bangs, and the front right side of my hair. I’ve heard really good reviews of this place but this is the second time I’ve gone and they’ve messed up my hair and I paid WAY TOO MUCH for it not to turn out the way I wanted.. I hate being the person to complain but I’ll more than likely stop by tomorrow to see what can be done, because I don’t think this was worth $273 plus a $40 tip ($10 for each hour of her time, but I kinda regret tipping so much..) I understand it’ll never look exactly like the picture but I asked for more blonde and after 2 color corrections ($73 each time) my hair is still red and looks like nothing was done.

Deborah Coblentz

Melissa Hammett was my hairdresser today Was my 1st visit to the Salon Ethos and was relaxing, upbeat and fun. Just moved to Newport and saw that salon was near where I lived so went in and was helped right away. I was impressed with the overall cleanliness and how all the hairdressers interacted with the incoming patrons. I met Judy who owns Nye Beach Cafe, she was very friendly and welcomed me to town and gave me information about things to do. So far have been welcomed by many businesses and all have offered any help they can. I love my haircut .

Sandra Oettle

Susanna Yunker

Salon Ethos is a wonderful surprise in a small community. I have been to three different hair stylists in the salon and each one is a gifted artist. I have lived in much larger areas and this equals or surpasses my previous experiences

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