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REVIEWS OF Johnny Matthew's Hairdressing Training School IN Oregon

Cheyenne Phillips

My name is Cheyenne Phillips and I attended Johnny Matthews from 2017-2018. I performed as a level 4 student and specialized in coloring such as highlighting and balayage. I had a great experience at this school and I really believe that if you take advantage of the tools and resources provided at this school that anyone can be a successful hairdresser/barber. I am fully confident that I will succeed in this industry and am very thankful for the great instructors that have provided their knowledge to me. Anyone is welcome to follow my hair page on Instagram @triple_c_hairdesign or follow me as I will be working in Mcminnville Oregon!

Cheri Reinke

This is my third time at Johnny Matthews. I booked my appointment online with Lacey. I love seeing people learn new things. Lacey is a newer student but her openness to learn was evident. I mention that because the caliber of work that is done by students is evidence of the leadership from the top down. These students are taught well, and they are not afraid to ask questions of their instructors. They respect their leadership. I am always impressed by the response and interaction of the instructors. Johnny, one of the instructors, is always willing to help, give gentle guidance and makes his students feel like they are amazing and they can conquer anything. Lacey listened to what I wanted, made suggestions and flat-out did an outstanding job. I will be back and Lacey has a new customer for her time at the school and beyond! A+++

Na Naaa

One of the instructors were kinda rude but the hairstylists are pretty good at what they do


I started going to school here in October 2015 ready to learn how to cut, color and style hair. At first I was scared and didn't know ANYTHING... but then with all the staff/ instructors help i felt so ready and prepared to graduate. It's a really fun school, we all get along together and always make sure everyone is doing good! Johnny was my favorite instructor!! I totally recommend coming to this school you will feel ready and prepared!!

Arnold Hernandez

My name is Arnold and im a level 3 barber who is motivated to giving a good service and experience you could find me at #lowdownbarber

Kellie Graham

Loved our gals Kiana and Bella!

Brady Andersen

I now work at Backstage Barbering in Downtown Salem.

Will Morris

My name is Will and I attended Johnny Matthew's from January 2018 to January 2019. In my year in schooling here I attained a level 4 status and specialized in highlights, hair cutting, and balayaging. I completed the Hair Design program and I also obtained the international license while I attended school. I would reccomend this school to anyone in the area wanting to learn how to become a hair stylist or barber and get their licensure to continue to work with hair in the future. I will be working at 12th street salon in Salem, OR also check out my instagram to see my work:

Emilio P

Just finished the hairstylists program at JM as a level three in the program. Great environment, guidance and location. Planning on coming back for the barbering program. You can view my work, and contact me through my instagram account @emilioscissorhands

Abigail Bobb

I completed my hair design course here at Johnny Mathews in August of 2018, it’s truly a great school! I obtained the highest level of student nearly my entire time enrolled. The instructors made it easy to comprehend color theory, and haircutting skills. I specialized in haircolor with mostly a blonde and balayage clientele. I will be opening a salon this fall in Dallas, OR check out Ryan Made Hair Co. and follow @abbyt_hair on Instagram for my hair/business updates!

Garrett Hilzer

Thanks to Johnny Matthews, my career is set. They have awesome instructors and staff. When ever you need assistance they are there for you. It is like any other hair salon/ barbershop, there are bumps in the road. But it makes it worth while. They teach everything you need to know in order to cut hair, do hot towel shaves, etc. looking forward to my future.

Hayley Barrett

I attended Johnny Matthew's as a barbering student and enjoyed every moment of it. The environment was amazing and kept clean. The instructors showed compassion towards the students and pushed us to limits we never thought we could reach. If you're an inspiring barber or hair stylist, Johnny Matthew's would be the place for you to become GREAT!

Katie Spenner

I'm a graduate from Johnny Matthews! I formally attended ACC for nail technology and esthetics. I am now a fully licensed cosmetologist and will be working at Le Motive here in down town Salem. I'm so thankful for the education I have gained from Johnny, Shawna, Rachel, Lucas, and Matthew. All amazing teachers and stylists.

anahi Portillo

Empese en johnny matthews el 4 de enero de 2016 sin saver nada sobre pelo o de cortes. Recivi toda la educación y entrenamiento necesario para poder obtener un trabajo fue una buena experiencia los maestros son buenas personas y amables! Todo moderno y divertido yegue al nivel 4 y me gradue el 28 de diciembre. GRACIAS johnny matthew shawna lucas Rachel y leek

Troy Sartain

One of the best hair cuts I have recieved at a college.

Julia Di Simone

I had a wonderful cut from Carli yesterday! Just went in for a simple trim and loved the service. I was taken at my appointment time, and was out of there in an hour. I paid $10 for the cut (to the salon) and $10 tip (goes to the stylist). I have been to this salon about 5 times and only had one experience I didn't love. So your results can depend on which stylist you are with. That being said, I am also not very picky when it comes to my hair. If you're nervous but want a great cut, request Carli!

Mallory queen

Hi, my name is Mallory Queen and i’m a recent graduate at Johnny Matthews. I started as a level one and quickly moved up to a level 4. I specialize in extensions and color. I’ve so much enjoyed attending this school, i couldn’t ask for better instructors or education. I highly encourage people that are interested in hair to attend here. I will be working at Backstage Salon in the Reed Opera House very soon! #missqueencuts

lexie rivera

I was a student at Johnny Matthews I became a level 4 and graduated! I will be now moving to Glamour Salon next door 285 Liberty st specializing in color and hair extensions!! I hope to be back soon to teach new hairdressers in training how to install extensions! Instagram: colormycrown Facebook page: Hair design by Lexie Marie #GlamourSalon

Alberto Padilla

Justo terminando mi programa en Johnny Mattews, y listo para hacer mi examen del estado ! Un buen lugar para aprender la profesión y con una licencia internacional, buena experiencia y buenas herramientas para el éxito en este ámbito laboral.

Natalie McAllister

I transferred from Paul Mitchell in Idaho to Johnny Matthews. I attained a level 4 here at Johnny Matthews within a month of starting school here. I will be working in Lebanon Oregon. Check out my hair page on Instagram at @natalie.doeshair

Frank Slyter

Great hair cuts student, Garrett, listened to what I wanted. He made a few suggestions and has done a great each time he's cut and styled my hair.

Jeremy LaDuke

We took our two year old here to get his woolly mop cut and we had the best most patient stylist set our boy up for a successful hair cutting experience. Left with a stylin' hairdo too! And only $6! Thanks JM! You're training those stylists to be more than professionals!

SimplyyJordann .

I enrolled at Johnny Matthews in 2015 and wasn’t able to fully complete the the program durning that time. I returned in 2017 and the instructors were more than supportive and helpful in my choice! I am now a graduate from Johnny Matthews, I am very happy with the educated I received.

Shawna Kellum

I am a student at JohnhnyMatthew's Hairdressing Training Systems. My training experience has been great! I would recommend this school to anyone. The instructors are awesome and the learning environment is top notch. If you are considering a future as a beautician I would highly recommend you come and check the school out and visit with Matthew. I guareentee you will be impressed! Shawna Kellum


It's such a great environment! Plus they have helped me so much with my barbering and, my styling skills.

JP Franklin

Great cut for a great price. Student rates, pro experience.

Rachael Fuller

I am a student at Johnny Matthews and I absolutely love it here! I have learned so much in the past 11 months, and I feel prepared to go out into a salon and work. Fran and Johnny do an amazing job running the floor, and providing help and expert advice to us students. Shawna runs the class room, and I have learn SOOO much from her. She really prepares you for your state boards, and will do anything to help you succeed. I am so glad I chose to come here to Johnny Matthews, it blew my expectations out of the water!

Stephanie K

I am recent graduate of Johnny Matthews. I obtained a level 4 status as a student, and received incredible training from the instructors here to prepare me for my career in hair design. I highly recommend this school to anyone wanting to pursue their passion for hair design or barbering. I will be working at TodaysNextExperience in Albany. You can view some of my work at @hairbystephanieklein.

Bailey Delacruz

I’m Bailey Delacruz, I graduated from Johnny Matthew’s as a level 4 student. I will be working in Le Motivè hair salon, downtown Salem. Check out my work on Instagram @BaileyHairBeautyy . Also a huge thank you to Katie & Johnny they’re the best!

Jessica Rash

I attended JM and learned more than I thought was possible. It's a great environment with awesome instructors.

Kelly Mccammon

I graduated Johnny Matthews as a level four student. I received my international certification, and feel confident to get out into the career, and start working . I specialize in balayage and color correction. You can see my work on Instagram at

Ciera Eastin

I am a graduate of Johnny Matthews Hairdressing Training School school, I had transferred hours from a previous school that I was not happy with, and matthew and his staff helped me through the whole process. I received top notch education, and was very pleased with my whole experience. The school is in a great location, and provides up to date education! I’m currently working at Salon 12 on 12th street in salem oregon! Follow my Instagram page @hairbycieraeastin for up to date work!

Dante 3000

i’m Dante Garibay, i attended JM from October to June. finishing the program 2 months early. i attained a level 3 while i was there. i learned so much thanks to Johnny, Katie, Jordan, and even my fellow classmates. from here i will be moving to Backstage Salon in the Reed Opera House! check me out @ dante3000cuts on instagram!

Maya Weismann

I’m a graduating level 4 from Johnny Matthews hair design and absolutely love my Teachers and made great friends while I was here! Johnny is the most helpful guy there is when it comes to hair he really helps you understand the fundamentals of color and hair cutting. Follow my hair page @hairbymayalayne and visit JM for new style!

Cooper Hall

I enrolled in this school 6 months ago without cutting hair a day in my life needless to say the training here is exceptional, I went from shaking to being able to tackle any haircut that walks in.

andie rodriguez

I'm a graduate of Johnny Matthews where I received an excellent hands on education and worked as a level four stylist. I'm going to be working downtown at The Backstage Salon.

chris olheiser

I came to Johnny Matthews to refine my style and build my talent. I started cutting my son's hair in our kitchen like my dad used to for us. I decided to make it my passion and Johnny Matthews helped me achieve that. I built up my skills with other barbers learning how to provide hot towel shaves and gentlemen's grooming. The education provided broadened my skills beyond gentleman's services to be able to provide long hair cuts or blow outs. I truly feel versatile and ready to start my career and growth at Backstage Barbering in the Reed Opera House. You can follow me @olythebarber on Instagram.

Jasmine Ruiz

I obtained a level 4 status at Johnny Matthews, and look to be working at Ulta Salon, check out my work on instagram @hairbyjasmineisabel

Amber Wynne

As a student at JohnnyMatthew´s I believe I'm getting the best education there is. The atmosphere is great, and the teachers are very educated and will not want to go to any other school once you've toured johnnymatthews hair dressing school. Amber

Luis Coctecon

Andy Wilson

Johnny Matthew's is great! Perfect location, the space is modern and cool with a great atmosphere. Matthew has been cutting my hair for years and his energy and attention to detail can easily be seen in the store, school and products.

Jay Bravo

Got a haircut by Bailey & it was awful. My hair looks chopped off and uneven. Supposedly shes a level 4 student but I don''t see it. Usually a supervisor checks the clients hair before you leave but not this time. You get what you pay for! Don't book w/ Bailey!!!!!!!!!

Hair Dr. Craig

I am so thank full to have found Johnny Matthews . I love this school . By far the #1 school in Oregon. So so patient with me and my disabilities that I have come up out of. Constantly encouragement and uplifting environment and believing in me when even I didn't pulled me through to where I am now with diploma in hand taking the state test tomorrow . Now looking forward to working at Salon 554 on 554 Ferry St. Salem Or. I hope to see you soon the Hair Dr. Craig Birks

Aleecia Duran

So I’ve never been to a school to get my hair cut before, an I was a little nervous, but had to try somewhere new. Ellie who cut my hair was so nice an awesome, she really did try an do okay for the most part, but I do have to say I was a little dissatisfied because what I asked for I really didn’t get, I wanted A-line cut an got basically my hair cut super short in the back an left longer pieces in the front. It wasnt blended like a Aline should be so I was disappointed in the fact that the instructor saw that an yet left it that way? An told me how nice it looked, without me being able to see it actually how short it was till I got home. It was way shorter than what I asked for so I’m not happy about that, but it’s so short now, their honestly isn’t much that could be done to correct without chopping more length off which is horrible. So I’ll iust have to leave it be an let it grow out, :( not sure I would be back here again, but I did give 2 stars because she is so nice an tried, however I more so blame the instructor for the cut an she didn’t bother to correct or do anything, as it’s her job, to teach.

Samantha Dubenko

Hi my name is Sam Dubenko. I attained a level 4 status under the education at Johnny Matthews. After schooling I will be working at Backstage Salon. Thank you to the instructors who taught me all I know.

Ken W

Holly was amazing. Good luck with your career.☺

Amelia Lisdero

My experience at Johnny Matthews has been the absolute best! I am graduating as a level 3 and will be going on to work at Clemente Porras. I will be specializing in eye lash extensions, which I received training for at Johnny Matthew’s. Follow me on instagram @hairplayby_a

Joseph Maxwell

I am a graduate from Johnny Matthews. They provided an excellent environment to learn and grow in, and I am more than appreciative for the education they they have given me. I went to phagans for a brief amount of time and the atmosphere and professionalism from Johnny Matthews surpassed any prior experience I've received. Check out my work here and hit me up for any appointment! Instagram./fades_by_jojo

Paul Klopping

A $60 haircut for 6 bucks, you've got to be kidding!! No joke. That's what I received yesterday from Hannah K at JohnnyMatthew's. What an amazing salon filled with gifted and talented students and teachers. There is such a positive energy in the salon that I am compelled to write this note acknowledging it. JM students--know that the work you are doing is special and important. Hard to put a price on a great haircut, but $6.... for a $60 haircut........amazing. Had money left in my pocket for a well-deserved tip. Looking forward to my next visit to JM.

kevin earls

Please post your hours of operation. Thank you.

vianey falcon vazquez

I'm giving a 2 because the girl who did my hair is my sister and for being a level 2 she really accomplish for the most part what I wanted. Or else I would have given a 1. How ever there were lots of downs with my appointment. The head instructor told my sister she should not be putting that kind of work because she was going to leave my hair orange. Then after my hair got to a level 9 and I was getting the color applied and my hair was not changing color I asked my sister and she was like I know im wondering that too. She told me she had made a color and that Megan (the instructor at time)told her not to use that and instead instructed her what to mix. When I asked Megan she was confused and said she thought I wanted my hair icy blonde, then I showed her a picture of what I was going for ( silver lavender) then she began to explain my hair was not at a level where the color I wanted would take and that like she had said I may need to go again. To that I told her that the issue was there was no color and that my sister had mix something and Why was that not used? She then said she had never used that. Well for one she obviously didn’t know what I wanted even though my sister told her at the beginning of the appointment. Well after all of that she told my sister she could just get the color from some store to which my sister told her I was already spending money, and her reply was it was only $5. Yes it’s only $5 but I payed $340 for a color of hair I did not ask for. Then my sister told her thats not the point, so then Megan offer me to go back the following day to fix it. After that my sister was going to wash the dye off and the lights were turned off then set to a lower light level. My sister then told me she had to let me go with wet hair because the instructor had to leave right at 7pm. When I left there was still another customer there and yet I had to leave with wet hair. I felt bad for my sister because shes there to learn and yet instead of receiving encouragement and advice she got opposite, especially from Megan. Not only that, but the fact that She did not know how to guide the appointment and was rushing my sister because she wanted to leave. Also there was issues with pricing and after spending $340 and not getting a good service from the instructor was upsetting. I did go back the next day and after figuring out color because they did not have the color I wanted I left happy with my result, but I will not be returning because of what happened the day before. I feel bad that as a sister I left with such a bad impression I can’t help my sister through the school because there’s was so much more drama than what I wrote. I will say go get your hair done by Karen! Just watch out for Megan.

Trix Yogurt

Pacific NW Carpenter

I have gone in for multiple haircuts so far. They have great Barbers and stylist. they always hit what you are looking for. and I like to let the person cutting my hair style my hair and it always look great. if you want to get a hair cut at a great price then go here. Also they give back and do free cuts for vets

Cody James

Claire Verstrate

I went in to two separate appointments, totaling around 8 hours, and came out with hair that looked only slightly different than what I walked in with. I had asked for a brown and pink balayage, but even after attempting to dye the bleached sections pink, my hair came out blonde. I was told I could come in for a 3rd appointment, but that I would be paying for any of the touch ups and extra dyes (even though I was already paying twice my original budget and hadn't received the look I had asked for). The other stylists talked not even a foot away from me about how they couldn't believe I wasn't staying longer to pay for touch-ups when I was already paying almost $150, the price it would have been to go to a professional salon. In the end, they wasted my time and money. I recognize that these individuals are learning, but they should have been upfront about the time commitment, cost and capabilities of the stylist they matched me with (he said he could do it in 4 hours or less). I will not be returning.

andrea warnock

This school taught me the necessary skills needed to be a successful hairdresser and barber. I completed both programs and was completely satisfied with the curriculum. As a veteran, I used my G.I. Bill ® to complete both programs. I would highly recommend this school.

Katelin Hagner

Hi my name is Katelin Hagner! I graduated Johnny Matthews as a level 3 student. I have learned a lot thanks to the amazing teachers and staff that work here. I feel confident in being out on my own in a salon. I will be working at the reed opera house at the back stage salon! Thank y’all very much for teaching me how to be the best stylist that I can be. @hairbykch

Lucas DeWilde

I couldn't ask for a better place to start a new career. The staff is amazing. Students are fun. Great environment for learning. And the haircuts are pretty great too!

Mariah Kath

If your looking to join a hair dressing school johnnymathews is amazing and I highly recommend you come and take a tour and it will speak for itself.

Monica Vogel

Went here for a perm and haircut today. I wasn't able to get the perm as they were honest about how my hair might hold it. My haircut was great however! I love it and would recommend this place to friends! My sister-in-law also came with me, however, and although her color correction turned out great, we would have appreciated a more accurate price list as it ended up being a lot more than expected. A price list online would be great!

Matthew Olemun

I was a student at Johnny Matthews, from April to December, and in the time I was there, I achieved level three status as well as obtained an international license for barbering, with credentials to professionally practice in the state of Oregon. The staff at Johnny Matthews was great and always had a cheerful and professional attitudes. With the skills I learned from attending this barber program has set me up for a life long career in an industry that has fascinated me for years. If you have ever been into this school and experienced quality service, I will be carrying that with me in my professional career. Follow me on Instagram @The_Executive_Contour

Kaitlyn Paasch

I graduated from the hairdressing program at Johnny Matthews as a level three and I now specialize in women’s hair cuts! I have my ITEC license which I will be using to do hair on cruise ships! Excellent school.

Katie Gerlicher

I am a graduate of Johnny Matthew's. I have watched this school go through a lot of changes and grow through the year. If I wasn't so excited to start my career, I would have wanted to start this year. The education I received makes me feel 100% confident to start in the salon. I highly recommend Johnny Matthews. Between all of the instructors, they have a wealth of knowledge to impart upon their students, & the students have become close friends to me. I greatly appreciate everything they have done for me, and what a great experience school was for me.

Chris Birt

I knew nothing about cutting hair. I wanted the best and that’s what I got the best. The friendships I gain both personal and professional will take me far. If you are looking for a great a great opportunity to better your life and you need top notch instruction please don’t hesitate in roll you won’t regret it. @chrisbcuts

James Brown

What an experience! We have an upscale atmosphere and don't appear like a school. The hands on instruction is progressive and the training makes you feel well rounded as a hairstylist. Discover your vision with JohnnyMatthews!

Selene Ye

Michaels Twelves

My name is Barber Dozens and I moved from WA to Salem, OR to attend JM. This school is fantastic! I really appreciate their dedication to their students and providing us with a great space to learn. I look forward to becoming a licensed barber now that I’ve completed their program. The best part... this is only the beginning! IG:trueblue_barber

Ryan Ferguson

Johnny Mathews was an excellent experience. I pursue things I have a passion for, they helped me develop not just the skills and structure to succeed, but to over achieve and want more on my path of growth.

a m

I spent 10 minutes on the phone with someone just to schedule an appointment to get my hair colored. I get there and I wasn't in the system even though the person took my information 3 times. And then when they figures out their error. They had scheduled me with someone who doesn't even do hair color. And then I was told that I scheduled wrong and to late in the day. Won't be returning.

Ashley Larson

Great school, I attended and graduated in barbering and hair design from Johnny Matthews. I've enjoyed my time , and have learned so much.

katherine whitney

This is my second career after being a pharmacist in Seattle. I'm 58 years old, and I graduated, and opened my own salon. Wahoooooo:-D

Anay sandoval

Insta. @Anays_Hair_And_nails Graduated a level 3 Went into the barbering program knowing nothing and now I’m graduating with skills thanks to all the helpful teachers and students

Hailey Owen

I started my education far WOU when I was 18 and quickly decided hair design was my calling. At Johnny Matthews they didn't just teach me how to do hair but to be an established hairdresser. I feel confident in my skills as well as ability to manage a clientele. They worked hard with me to get me where I needed to be and pushed me to grow as a hairdresser. I was continually inspired my teacher Johnny Rawlins to build my knowledge and to have integrity in my work. Even on days that I didn't want to be here Johnny pushed me and reminded me why I'm here, I could not have completed my schooling if it wasn't for the constant encouragement he gave me. I don't think I could have gotten the education I did anywhere else.

beverc zapata

Daniela Montiel

I am a 2015 graduate of johnny Matthews. Graduated as barber and a hairstylist and had a job lined up in the pearl district thanks to the support from my unstructures. The instructors are amazing I love all of them and can honestly say that I can come to any of them and they will always be there. Thank you johnny Matthews for the great experience

Maria Garibay

I’m a Johnny Matthews graduate. I really enjoyed my time at the school and so grateful for a all the mentors and friends I made through this experience. I will be at Le Motive hair Solon to pursue my passion with hair. You can fallow me at mg_ hair.

madison bellish

Great instructors, great atmosphere, and great experience. I learned a lot going to Johnny Matthew's and I feel confident going out into the world of hairdressing. If I had to go back and choose a school again, I'd confidentially choose Johnny Matthew's.

wyatt wurdinger

I’m mouse_the_barber Just graduated from Johnnymatthews when I started I knew nothing about cutting. Now I can cut all day with no problems. I’ll be working in canby come check me out anytime.

May Chan

Did a cross over program to barbering. The teachers here are very educated and talented. One of the best schools for education in the area.

Eric Tolento

JM provided me with the necessary skills to go out in the world barbering world and execute better than the average person. My skills were elevated while at JM and the culture is unreal! Most people who come in for services mistake the school for an actual salon/barbershop! JM does a great job to prepare you for what the hair industry has to offer. I was happy with my decision at JM because it allowed me to express myself and grow as an entrepreneur/barber. I will always come back to JM for the best services a school can offer!!

Jaycie Malia Kerr

As a graduate of JM I recommend this school based on the education they can provide. It's a smaller school therfore more clients per student, more one on one time with instructors, and lastly feels more like a family.

Pauly Avendano

Enrolling Johnny Mathews was one of the best decisions I ever made. With only a limited amount of money left to my name, I decided to invest it into achieving my biggest dreams. I was only a level 1 when I attended but I pushed myself. I graduated a level 4. I learned so much while attending, I even mastered requirements that I didn’t think I could. Everyone became more than just classmates, they became friends. Everyone who comes across this should definitely check out Johnny Mathews and come give everyone a chance to practice on your hair! It was an amazing journey! I’ll be located at Hair Express in Woodburn once I am licensed ! Thank you!

Ashley Powell

I'm a student at Johnny Matthews and I absolutely love it! The instructors are so caring and helpful! And the students are all so encouraging and fun! By far the best school!!!!!

Michael Akin

Awesome place to come and get any hair needs done. Great low prices!! $6 for men & $9 for women. Love the straight razor shave they perform still!

Cheyenne Martinez

I needed a color correction. I went to Kelsay Hoover and she did amazing!!! Matthew was awesome to work with as well as everyone else. The atmosphere is amazing and so energetic. I am now confident in my hair and so thankful for Johnny Matthews!!

Alysha Watson

im currently attending johnny matthews and this is a school like no other. not only do we get an excellent education that is hands on we have our instructors right there next to us for every client to make sure every customer leaves with fabulous hair and a smile

Ryan Young

I’m a current barber student here at Johnny Matthew’s. Right now I am in the final stretch and about to leave here to become a licensed professional. When I first started school I knew absolutely nothing about hair. I barely even knew how to style my own! However, with the help of my instructors and the people around me I was able to master my craft. I’ve gained an incredible amount of knowledge both in hair and life in general. I feel like Johnny Mathew’s has really helped me gain confidence and grow as a person. If anybody is in the position where they want a positive change in their life, looking to master a skill to make money, and have fun doing it. I would highly recommend enrolling at Johnny Mathew’s Hairdressing Training School. You can check out my work and book with me @young_thebarber on Instagram.


The education I have received at this school has surpassed my expectations. I am so very glad to be apart of this establishment! The instructors have changed the face of learning hair, and have you jump right in as if you have been doing it for years. I have learned so much already just being here for four months. I can't wait to finish off my year, and be the best hair dresser I can be.

Devin Engichy

Name is Devin Level 3 just graduated. Nice school. Good hair program for hair styling

fandomgirl 1223

Very nice people also a nice place they did a wonderful job on my hair i will so be going back

Lacey Roten

Hi I’m Lacey Roten, graduating from Johnny Mathews as a level 4 student also passed my practical exams with a score of 100. I am also ITec certified. I will be working at Salon 12 coming December. If you’d like to follow me/schedule or see my work my IG page is @laceyloojm

Juan Guillen

Finished the barbering program at JM! Plannning to go work at q's. Largo proceso pero ya esta listo.

Christy Norriss

I recently graduated from Johnny Matthews Hair Dressing school and am truly excited about my future. I decided to make a career change after having children and am so glad for the choice that I made. I was welcomed at school by both the students and staff and have appreciated the way that the staff genuinely care about my success. I would recommend this school to anyone wanting to start a career in the hair dressing world.

Kaiya Crenshaw

I attended johnny matthews and had an amazing time! learned so much and felt so prepared! i am now employed at a salon in downtown salem.

J. Hanson

First time going here the other day and I have always been hesitant about getting my haircut at a school even though I am not very picky. I have to say however the experience was just as good if not better than any other "professional" place I have been to in the area. The price is unbeatable too for veterans. This is my new place to go.

ashleyhouse21 .

I love coming here everyday. Its a good environment with fun/loving people. It doesn't have that strict school vive which makes it better. For the most part the prices are pretty good. The teachers are the sweetest most amazing people, I've told so many people about this place. Love it!

Becca Wulf

I came to Johnny Matthew's to get my hair design license. As this was my second career and I knew I wanted to go to the best school possible to jumpstart quickly. I received an excellent education and am leaving school prepared to being a career at Le Motive. Highly recommend Johnny Matthew's if you are considering a career in hair design. #hairbybeccaelaine

Meighan Cordie

I attended Johnny Matthews and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to be a hairdresser! I went to two other schools before I came to Johnny Matthews and I got the most experience and training with the up to date trends here. At Johnny Matthews you receive advanced training to become a master stylist with the best instructors. If you are looking to become a stylist I would choose Johnny Matthews above anywhere else!

Francisco .Alfaro

I’m a graduate of Johnny Matthews hairdressing training school. Was a level 3 barber. Well rounded barber who specializes in urban style fades, intricate design work and razor line work. You can follow my work at blend_griffey on Instagram and book aswell in the bio.

Kelsay Hoover

I am a student at Johnny Matthews, and while I have been here I have learned more than I thought possible. I moved hundreds of miles to come to this school, and I believe it was completely worth it. Both Johnny and Matthew have taken their individual time with me to teach me skills that most school don't teach. It is a very hands on school, that has a professional salon atmosphere. The tools and products that we use are some of the best in the world. In addition to learning great skills we learn about retailing, which will give us an edge when we enter the professional world. They push us to be the best hair designers and barbers out there. Overall my experience has been phenomenal here at Johnny Matthews. If you are wanting to be an incredible hair dresser or barber this is the place to go!

Zoya Howe

Great location. Great Services. Great Prices. AWESOME experience!

Marvel D

Got highlights with olaplex and a Brazilian blowout not long ago. Stylist said I should alternate between the Brazilian blowout shampoo and olaplex shampoo. Well, I've washed my hair twice in the few weeks since getting it done, once with Brazilian blowout and once with olaplex. My hair after using the olaplex shampoo is now FRIZZIER than before I got the Brazilian blowout. So not only is my hair not blonde like I asked, just a lighter shade of brown, but frizzy as heck. What a waste of $300

ashlynd newman

Thank you Johnny Matthews for the awesome training! I obtained a level 3 and we’ll be working in Salem. Follow my Instagram @hair_by_ashlyndnewman.

Urslie .

Hey all, I am a student at Johnny Matthews, and this school rocks! After having a bad experience at another school I was a little nervous about transferring to another school, till I walked into Johnny Matthews. The teachers are great and know their stuff. They are all super nice and super helpful when I have any questions. They have also helped me so much, and have been very understanding of my physical limitations due to my disabilities. The school is clean and nice and we have a awesome group of students here that are my classmates. Come by and see us all here at JM downtown and I bet you'll know right away just what I'm talking about.

Debra Wilson

I was delighted to enter this school and have enjoyed it so. I am an older female choosing a second career in beauty and fun. JohnnyMathews has provided me with an educational, safe and fun environment to learn. Thank you!

Connor Duerst

I learned a lot at this school and I’m ready to start my career as a barber thanks to all the help I got here. Follow my journey @cd_babering on Instagram and keep up to date on where to come for all your hair needs.

Shantiel Simone

I loved being a student at Johnny Matthews. I transfered from North West College in tualatin and I definitely feel that Johnny Matthews was a better fit for me!! I loved that it was hands on and I could be more creative & be myself!! Matthew & Johnny were a huge support system for and I could come to them for whatever I needed! I feel ready to take on the industry after my education.

Hugo Alonzo

I attained a level three at Johnny Matthew and They call me Juice for any cuts and line ups hmu insta @juicefades #juicefades

Faith Frontier

Amazing school! My education here was off the hook! I'm ready to turn 75k this year right out of this school because they flood you with guests whilst your a student allowing you to build a clientele at school and capture a book of business even before licensure! AMAZING school, thanks Johnny & Matthew.

Marisa Lloyd

I came into this school as a transfer student from the Paul Mitchell school in Reno, NV and this school is amazing! This school helped me jump into a new environment. Even though I don't know anyone in the area, I was getting walkins daily! I recommend this school to anyone wanting to go into the hair design industry!

Christie Kammerer

My daughter is presently enrolled at Johnny Matthew's. The advanced hairdressing skills and training that she's receiving are apparent. As a parent, I enthusiastically endorse what these guys are doing down at the hair school and I think it's an amazing asset to hairdressing and barbering in the Salem area.

Jordan Duty

I am a graduate of Johnny Matthews, I came to get my hair dressing license and also obtained my international license for hair dressing. While in school I achieved the status of a level 4 stylist. The education, skills and tools I received here gave me everything I needed to start my own salon, Salon 12 here in Salem. I would HIGHLY recommend JM if your looking to start your career in hair dressing, or barbering. #hairbyjordanlee @salon12oregon

Emily Tobias

Thanks to Johnny Matthew's and all of the instructors here, I've established a well rounded foundation for my career in Hair Design in less than one year. I moved to Salem from Cincinnati a little over a year ago, and knew I was interested in the school before making the transition. My hopes were high in regards to what the school had to offer and my expectations were met entirely. I enjoyed a good mix of independence as well as discipline, both of which have enhanced the skills I am walking out with. I am extremely grateful to Matthew, Johnny, and all other employees under the name of this establishment and what they have taught me will stick with me for the rest of my life and my career. I am proud to say that I already have a part time job set up at the Backstage Salon in downtown Salem and I am thrilled to see what my future has in store.

Sarah Lilly

I am a transfer student from another school in the area (touted as the “best” one). I had been at that other school for over a year. I have been at Johnny Matthew’s for a week and I have learned more about advanced color and cutting than a year at my old school. If you are thinking of attending cosmetology school, this is the best one by far. Come here and you will learn how to do hair in today’s world, not just 1950′s perms and wet sets. Sarah Davis Lilly

Gustavo Hernandez

JM was the perfect school to start off my career,i would recomend anyone thats looking to get their barbers license to go here :)

Lara Love

I always get my hair done here and I'm always happy with the results! They listen to you and give you suggestions. They have different levels of experience and instructors who are always walking by making sure everything is being done correctly. I highly recommend this place. You can come in with an appointment or as a walk in. Will definitely continue coming!

Alexis Mendez

Hi my name is Lexi Mendez. I graduated as a level 4 student from Johnny Matthews. Going to school here was amazing and helped prepare me for the real world . With the help from my teachers I graduated and have a job at a beautiful salon in west salem called Max&Ro. I’m so excited to start my journey as hairstylist and make the world beautiful. Check out my Instagram

Ashley Allen

As a senior student at Johnny Matthew's, I was not only taught how to profiecently manage my books, sell retail, and manage a business page, I was also taught amazing hair cutting and styling techniques. I've graduated and will soon be working in Portland! Check out my work on my Instagram @yulan_beauty

Brett Thurston

Don’t listen J Bravo. Dudes a clown. Bailey is great at cutting hair shout out @baileyhairbeauty she’s great at what she does

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