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REVIEWS OF Bella Institute of Cosmetology IN Oregon

Linda A.

Great place and staff. The students are well trained and do amazing haircuts.

Brynn Swearingen

I had the most awful experience here. I went to have highlights done and left with orange hair! The lady used three bowls of product on my hair! I have a lot of hair, but that is ridiculous. I expressed my concern when I was leaving with slightly damp hair (that was my choice because the lady was raking her fingers through my curly hair ripping it out, breaking the spirals apart, and frizzing it out). I told her I wouldn't know how it was to look until it was dry but I couldn't let her continue messing with my hair. So I went home and fix my routine and it was [surprise] still orange! So I called them and a great lady came in and put a blue gloss over my hair to counteract the orange. But it was only a temporary solution. I made another appt to get it fixed. They cancelled the appt because they no longer offer evening classes and then they told me if I did not come in this week they would have to charge me for my next appt. EXCUSE ME!? You cancelled on me, you can't tell me when I have to come back in by. You ruined my hair. I paid for a service that I did not get. I asked for VERY thin highlights, what I got was (well three bowls worth) or an orange mess. I will NEVER GO BACK to this place. It was terrible and very UNPROFESSIONAL how they handled things.

Cheryl White

I just hired an amazing stylist who cuts hair beautifully and delivers spectacular customer service. She is on the road to a fabulous career with advancement opportunities as part of a wonderful team. Thank you for providing such a great education and making your graduates so ready to go to work!!!

Trey Williams

A man without a often like a unattended row boat . They are a good place to get a haircut. As a black man looking for a shop in a city where you don't know anyone. I called and was seen on time .....On A Friday

Mei Mei Sayers

I had a lovely student cut and wash my hair here. She styled it, chatted me up the whole time, and did a stupendous job! It was one of the longer haircuts I've ever had, but well worth the wait.

Ashwin Prabhu

The place has ample parking space. The staff is really polite and responsive to your questions. I was assigned Juliano for haircut. He was friendly and was easy to talk to. He was patient and listened to all the requests I made. The prices are super low compared for the great and professional Service provided. I will definitely revisit this in 3 months

Connor Stevens

By far the most professional, clean and amazing school I have seen. Amazing cosmetology programs and even better staff and students.

TKELECTRIC75 Safety and Compliance

Stu Dent

Poor customer service, as soon as I walked though the door I knew this wasn’t the place for me.

Mark M

I appreciated the great haircut and fantastic prices for them. The teachers are always around supporting the students. Do glad they are open nights now. So convenient for me.

Cassie Beadle

I’ve been to a lot of beauty schools over the years, and this is by far the best! My hairdresser understood what I asked for and executed the cut! I love my hair and will be back for more services!

Lexie Arenson

Jo Bury

I called to inquire about scheduling a time to come into the school, see the location, and get information about the program. The woman who picked up the phone immediately met me with a tone of inconvenience. I asked her about coming in and she said that they were in the middle of moving, but If I wanted to come in and be among the mess, that she "guessed" they could give me information. I was surprised by this response. If I was in the middle of a move I would address a potential paying student with, "I'm sorry, we're currently moving, we can schedule a meeting time in X weeks when we will be finished." But she chose to snap at me like I knew they were moving and just wanted to make her day more difficult. I chose to give her the benefit of the doubt, I tried to still make something work, despite her lack of enthusiasm. She gave no indication what their moving timeline was, so I asked about time next week. For all I knew they could've been done by then. She replied with, "Next week? Well that would be really interesting, that's when we're going to be putting things away in our new building. But if you want to try, I guess we try and find time." Seriously? Maybe you shouldn't meet perspective students with an attitude that they're a disruption in your life. She could have saved all of this interaction by simply stating from the get go that they were moving and offering ME a time that would make the most sense for them. But instead she found it more prudent to make me guess their timeline and make me feel like an annoyance for asking. I promptly told her I would not be making the trip in and ended the phone call. Customer service is key, even if I am just a perspective student. I would rethink who you have answering the phones.

Ron Davis

This school was fantastic! I really enjoyed the staff and curriculum, and have found nothing but success since I left. It being competency based, you are able to finish your programs as fast as you want, if you’re willing to put the work in. I finished the barbering program in just over 7 months, and the Malady curriculum is the industry standard. I’ve read recent negative reviews and they are absolutely false. It’s very suspicious when they only have one review and it’s bad. You are expected to show up, and be accountable for the work you put in. Anybody that had a problem, must not have done that. The owner is very polite and knowledgeable, direct at times, but never ever rude or any of this other garbage I’m reading. I highly recommend the barbering program if you want to put in the work, get out there, and start making money. I hold barbering licenses in 3 states, have barbered in Canada, own a very successful barbershop and it’s all thanks to Bella Institute. Thanks Kim!!!

Rylee Doyle

This school is a great place to receive services and staff are kind hardworking and helpful. All around great facility.

Kristi Rose

Then it takes for ever!

David Resk

Kayla Carvalho

I had a wonderful time getting my very first facial done. It was amazing and I enjoyed every minute of it, from start to finsih! I got to enjoy the full experience of being pampered and Rose (the student) had done an excellent job and told me things about my skin I didn't know! This school absolutely offers an all around fantastic service and quality work.

Katie Hassell

Bella institute is a beautiful school with the newest, state of the art equipment and salon products. Great faculty and staff and The owner is perhaps one of the most genuinely caring people I have ever met. She puts the needs of her students and the people who work there before her own and it shows in everything she does and how beautiful the Bella Institute is. I have seen a couple schools in the outer lying areas and and this one is by far the absolute best!

Teresa R.

Had a wonderful experience at the salon. Everyone there was kind and professional. I always leave with a smile on my face... I would highly recommend any service they offer.

Moni Wise

Will definitely come back! Very happy with my services.

GR Vale

Would highly recommend. Very happy with results.

Mrs. Ruiz

This school could be so great if the owner and the people in charge of the school weren’t bullies to the staff and students. While I was a student here I was scared of the owner and the women in change of the students, they both are extremely spiteful, vindictive and manipulative. They Are happy and charming the first week of school and as school progressed it quickly changed, and we saw how they really were. The owner of the school walks around creating fear among students, she often would walk in on us doing treatments such as waxing, when we had guests in a treatment room without knocking, she would come in with guests to show them the school, and sometimes the guests wouldn’t have their clothes on fully and we would have to apologize to the guests. It was very embarrassing for us. Overall my education was great, but the constant fearmongering from the owner and student services person made me wish I would have never signed up.

Jennifer Baggett

The best Cosmo education in Portland.

Hayley Milder

I recently graduated from this school & I wish there was an honest review posted before I signed up, as it would have given insight to the issues that are going on behind the scenes here. While I was a student at Bella Institute I witnessed a lot of things that are just.. alarming. Hopefully this will help spare some of you from attending & giving this unprofessional establishment your hard earned money. First & foremost the owner is extremely rude, negative & obtrusive. During my initial tour of the school she told me that this is a drama free school & that she absolutely does not tolerate it. Pretty ironic because she is the most dramatic person there, out of all the students & the staff. She talks behind other's backs, interrupts class, has been known to yell at students & staff in front of guests, and had made racial remarks in the lobby area. Simply put, she is a bully. She effected my education many times. One night she was a substitute for my class & when we were doing our waxing services she "retaught us" & told us that our teacher had taught us incorrectly & that we were "wasting" her products. First off, she basically discredited our teacher, who indeed did teach us the correct procedures. Second, I paid good money for my education so I should be able to use supplies for services when I need to. Period. And third, it was extremely rude & embarrassing for us. She consistently would walk into class & distract us, sometimes up to an hour, talking about her own life or things that did not apply to us. Most of my class avoided her as much as possible throughout our time there in hopes that she would leave us alone. The only thing that was good about this school was our teacher & my classmates. Without them I would not have stayed.

Michelle Morris

I just returned from getting a facial at the Bella Institute by Myranda, Wow! It was one of the best facials I have ever recieved. She was very professional, took her time and made me feel very relaxed. All I can say is that this is a great place to get a facial at a great value. I have also had my hair done there and it was a very good expirence.

Juli Gjerman

Booked an appointment in the evening and 20 minutes before my appointment, I received a phone call stating I needed to reschedule due to my stylist calling in sick. I rescheduled for the next day, same time and received another phone call within 40 minutes of my appointment stating I needed to reschedule again because the stylist I had been scheduled with had to attend class. When I asked the lady (whom I had spoken to both days) why she scheduled me at that time knowing there was class, she tried to deny it was her I spoke to even though she had left a voicemail with her name both days. Their poor customer service has deterred me from ever using their services. Very disappointing that a business whose intent is to educate cannot be organized enough to provide their students quality care for their customers before they even walk in the door. Such a horrible way to run a business.

Gabriel Anaya

usman sheikh

Is it open

Meala Skobeleva

They tried to skip out on taxes, I had to send the mafia to get my money back.

Laura Rosas Salgado

I transferred from a different school to this one and honestly the best decision I ever made! The teachers are great, they only have 10 or less in a classroom so you get one on one. It's really hands on and you work on your book on your own time. Everyone is very sweet and helpful Would definitely recommend !

Amanda Janney

The students here are always attentive and friendly! The instructors are as well!

Alex Lee

The best school in Portland. I am a professional sharpener. I see stylists everyday. Many of them were graduated from Bella institute. They all say good things about the school, especially their program. I highly recommend.

Melissa Milne

I have had the pleasure of visiting ‘Bella’ several times for services over the last 3 years including hair cuts, hair styling (its a treat to have a blow-out!), manicure/pedicure as well as have had a facial. This is a great place to go if you are on a budget - or if you enjoy treating yourself regularly and not feel badly because you are not breaking the bank! The students are usually only a few weeks away from being licensed professionals. The instructors are very experienced and knowledgeable - they are teaching because they truly love their trades! The salon and service rooms are very clean and the school uses high quality salon products. I love that the school is conveniently located with a huge parking lot. All of my experiences with both the students and staff have been positive - I would recommend the school and promise you will not be disappointed if you visit Bella!

louanne leppert

Ricardo Martinez

Great place to get a haircut

lenny gotter

Great school, great staff. The student who provided the services was professional and did a very good job.

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