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7640 Northwest Expy Suite 110, Oklahoma City, OK 73132, United States Located in: Silver Springs Pointe

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REVIEWS OF Sport Clips Haircuts of Northwest Expressway IN Oklahoma

njk flips

Michael Thompson

Nice staff and quick service, but overpriced for a simple haircut ( buzz cut). Probably will not go back due to price.

Michael Suarez

New to the area walked in and service was awesome from the get go.Will definitely be back!

Roy L

jimmy Perez

Annabel is awesome. Great place to get a haircut. Great staff and atmosphere.

Mustafa Khandhf, xz24y02 zk130dv

online check-in is must of you do not want to wait

Jay Peck

I love this place. The VIP experience is great. I highly recommend it. The wait is always short and every time I've had a professional and expert stylist. My haircuts always look really good when I go there. The quality of the haircuts is much better than Supercuts and other similar chains. Plus they always do a great job with my young boys. Try Sports Clips, and you won't be disappointed.

Ninja Jase And Family

Whenever we go and Yeri is working or Jalissa we have a great experience. The rest is hit or miss. A couple of them have done horribly jobs on my kids hair. Then the last time I went I made a comment to Jill about my son’s part line being crooked. I was the last person to cut his hair and I before I even got the chance to explain she went off on me saying “ I’ve got this. I know what I’m doing” in a super rude voice. Customer service especially towards female customers is awful and they are not very nice. Regardless my oldest son and husband love Yeri.

Chester Haywood

Drove all the way over there for my appointment at 5:45 which I booked on the app just to have to door locked in my face because they said the weather was bad. It had already passed and wasn't even raining and the employees were still there. It was an excuse to skip work early. Nothing else! I get back on the app and it wasn't taking appointments any more but the should honor the appointments already made or at least notify them of the cancellation

patrick leist

I really like the atmosphere and and overall experience and really enjoyed tmy new hairstylist Annabel I recommend her.

A Barry

Bronson Ruiz

Haircuts are trash half the people that work here are Asian don’t know what they are saying. You tell them half a inch cut off they cut off 4inches. They only people that know how to cut hair here are the black people. I will never be coming back!


Lucia Velasco

Anmar Alsaadi

Expensive, $20 for kids less than 5 years without tips

Kate Stanton

Went and got my sons hair cut after leaving and getting into the car he told me the stylist was very rude to him ripping on his head to move his head up/down or side to side instead of simply asking him to look down or up she also told mummbled comments to him and told him several times "if he would hold still she could get done a lot faster" he is 9 years old has had his hair cut many many times knows how to sit still and has never been treated this way. I was blown away that she actually said these things and acted that way, it is completely unprofessional and unnecessary.

Glenn Jernigan

Came in with bushy head came out with a great haircut.

Sam M

Jamie is fantastic! Best cut I've ever got.

Anirudh Varanasi

Friendly staff but the hair stylist don’t seem professional

R. Smith

This place is garbage. The on-line check in feature does not work. I kept getting a note that the wait was 0 minutes and I did not need to check in ahead of time. When I got there the wait was 51 minutes. The stylists at this store are very inconsistent and my boys and I have received very bad cuts. I am not going back ever again.


Professional haircuts done quickly. Only $1.05 more than Supercuts. Regular haircut done very fast and precise.

Darcie Biggers

Take my son in my husband to get their hair cuts here and absolutely love it been coming here will continue to come here

Bill Penn

This location is my favorite. They seem to have adequate staffing so I never have to wait too long. And they do a great job with my haircut!

Steve Adkins

I'd recommend using their online checkin service. When I was notified to come in for my appointment, the pic shows the wait that I would have faced otherwise. I waited 2 minutes tops and the stylist was top drawer.

Karthik Reddy

Gregg Boonstra

The "stylist" should not have been customer facing or cutting hair. In the waiting area, she asked what style my son wanted. She then proceeded to tell me that "I wouldn't do that to my kid". When she cut his har, she made very obvious gouges in his hair with the clippers. When I pointed them out to her, she said "You don't see them when you stand this way" and "It's his head". The hair was different lengths all over. She had to ask another stylist to fix her mistakes. She stood there arms crossed and hostile as the hair was fixed. She continued to make remarks to the stylist fixing the bad hair cut that she doesn't see the problems. When the hair cut was finished, she didn't say a word, not a thank you, sorry, please come again. She simply took off the cape and told my son he could go. This type of service should never be acceptable. Sport Clips sent me a survey about their service. I provided them the same feedback that I'm writing here. Their response was that they would give me a coupon for a future hair cut. If you do decide to have your hair cut at Sport Clips, be careful on what stylist you get. You may be in for an unexpected surprise.

Tristian Bolongia

My barber was so rude it was the worst experience ever. If you do not know how to cut black hair you should say that before you take peoples money. I told her three times how I wanted my beard styled and she failed to to it. This also coupled with a disgruntled look and horrible attitude. I understand that she did not have the tools to do a wet shave but she should had atleast had the right clippers to to do a zero cut. The edge up was crooked and so poor it looked like I hadn't even shaved. I have a lot of ingrown hairs however as a barber you should know how to cut this. I know how to but I feel It wasn't my job to show her as cutting hair isn't my profession! She actually had the nerve to tell me I needed to go home and cut my hair because her clippers won't cut my hair. I then informed her that other barbers could do it with the andi's clippers. She still failed to do it after saying she would give it another try. Not only did she lack the proper clippers but she failed in her technique. Not wanting to cause a scene or confront her I just paid and left the store ASAP. it was the worst experience I ever had! There was one caucasian woman and an asian woman monday Morning at the 7640 Northwest Exp. #110 location. The caucasian woman cut my hair. Again if you can't cut black hair or ingrown hair tell someone before you take their money. I even had to tell her to fix the edge up and to wipe my face with alcohol. It's actually illegal for them not to wipe your face down with some sort of disinefectant!!! I had to tell her to do that! don't go here black people!!!

Eric Winkle

I was quickly told to sign the clip board when I entered the door. After that, I sat quietly until one stylist finished with her customer. At that point I thought I would at least be told that she would be with me in a second. Instead she played with the register then went back and talked to the other stylist. I guess they dont need walk in business. Even supercuts does a better job of updating customers on when they will be with them. So I got up and left. The one stylist came out after me and said I would be next. If they pay this little attention to their customers I would hate to see how little attention they pay towards cutting hair.

Bill Hodgson

Different stylists every time, but they always do a good job for a reasonable price -- not that I have all that much hair left, anyway.

Danny Eagle

Im never going back. Ive gone to this sportsclips many times over the years but as of the last 5 times ive gone they have given me a horrible haircut. I ask for half an inch off and they take 3 or more full inches! i used to think that it was just the different stylists fault but now i see that it's the chain's fault for hiring low talent workers. 2/10 would never recommend to people with curly, coarse, or african american hair.

kyle kuykendall

I went in this morning after a failed haircut attempt by my wife and Ali was my stylist. She took on the challenge and made me look great! Thank y’all so much! Keep up the great work!

Ericka Russell

Always very attentive and efficient. Lovely cut every time.

Joy C

Jimmie-Cody Fisher

Juan Izaguirre

Mike B

Pretty neat place Amy is amazing

Collin Fink

I've been getting my hair cut by the same person for years, so I was very nervous to go somewhere else. I decided to try this place because it was close and my hair was out of control. Jolissa was very friendly and did a really good job following my vague and unhelpful directions. 10/10 would recommend.

Jody Bowie

I've always been treated well by the staff here at SportClips. They always do a great job on my hair and have good recommendations for products.

William Smith

I will go out of my way to come back to this one if they are always this great. The stylists were very friendly, had a very clean store, and since I checked in online they got me in and out of there in like 15 min! (And, the haircut looks great!)

okcguy 427

Gotta good cut.

Oscar Lemuel

I took my sons there (10 & 8) Julissa and Sarah did a great job with them. They both had a high fade with a hard part. Great service!

Bradley Murphy

K What

$30 and guys get a "spa" treatment

Travis Kirby

Im visiting from Georgia and needed my ears lowered. Jamie took excellent care of me, carried on great, professional conversation and even gave me free at home hair care advice. The wait wasn't long and I got to watch racing while she worked. I'll definitely be back!

Mark Shawnee

Julissa had a terrible attitude. Didn't offer triple play, didn't talk to me at all. Transaction 197251

Byron Brown

James Thompson

Great haircut thanks lyndsy!

Jon Nakata

I've been multiple times. Not all of the employees are bad. One absolutely butchered my kid's front line and left me with an uneven fade. Today was the last straw, made an appointment online because I have 2 boys on my own and in a hurry, show up to find out my son's alot got bumped for a walk in. I'm done. If I cdidnt need to get haircuts after 6pm I would never have bothered.

Ricky Koch

Mobile app makes it easy for timing of haircut without long waits.

Billy Bowls

Should never tip these people they don't tip their pizza delivery driver working in a profession where a large portion of ones income depends on tips would think they would tip a delivery driver

Paul Stubbs

Love this place! Been going since I moved over to the NW side of OKC almost 4 years ago. Not only do they do a great job on my haircut every time, but I just love how friendly and nice they always are. And not only to me, but to pretty much everyone! Lynsay and Yuri have been the stylists taking care of me over the last several visits, and if you can imagine this...they actually make me "look forward" to my monthly haircut! Just as nice as they can be, and it seems like they always have me laughing or just having a great time in general from the time I walk in, to the time I leave! Who doesn't like that!?! Just can't say enough great things about Lynsay and Yuri and the store as a whole! Well done ladies, and thank you so much for the great haircuts, and making your store like going over to a good friend's house for a haircut!

Adam Barrett

Kevin Lake

Felt welcoming and appreciated Amy. Definitely recommend

Lance Reynolds

Rachel is a great addition to the sport clips family. She works with a diverse group of clients and is very nice to the customers.

Larry Wallace

Great as always. haircut perfect

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