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2229 NW 138th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73134, United States

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REVIEWS OF Snip-its Haircuts for Kids IN Oklahoma

Jennifer Palesano

My two year old and five year old love getting their haircuts away snip-its! The lines can get very long, but the waiting area is very kid friendly. The barbers do a great job each time we're go in. This place is great for kids that are nervous about hair cuts.


Julisa Velasco

Hans Hernandez

R williams

Great place for kids haircuts.

tracy markum

They were great. Our son wanted a hair cut until we put him in the chair. She was wonderfully patient and made him eventually like the haircut. Great atmosphere

DuAnn Gardner

Jennifer VanSkike

First time was great. Second not so much. My daughter wanted a pixie cut and I told the stylist this and she got a Bob. My son doesn't like hair cuts and the stylist had to cut more of his hair line in the back to try and "blend it". Not coming there again for the price.

Katherine Kim


Christina B

Heather Bates

I took my son to a salon that was close to our house and that was a mistake bc I ended up having to take him to Snip-its in the end anyway to have the damage fixed. Becca made my sons hair beautiful again! Thank you Becca. Lesson learned of being lazy and not wanted to drive. We need a snip it’s in the heart of EDMOND. With Becca there!

Denise Morris

Great and fast service did great with both of my grandsons hair. Kids looked great.

Amy Varughese

We had a great experience today with Audrey. She was really patient and made sure we loved the haircut before she was done.


Maria Ysabela Viso Flores

Cole Phillips

Great for kids haircuts!

Andre Wallace

Angela Hornsby

Megan Pope Whitehead

J.R. Gutierrez

Anand Jogalekar

MJ Downing

Bethany Thompson

Perfect for kids... Esp if you have rowdy boys! The stylists are friendly, patient, and great with little kids. Prices are decent and they give the kids a toy at the end. Our boys love going for hair cuts!

Selena Harper

I live going in to see Ashley! She's awesome and great with my son!

Lauren Sutherland

Cathrine Morrison

Messy, loud, long long wait times. The host was uninterested in greeting people, the hair stylist did a good job, but when my 19mo son started crying because of the clippers I wasn't very impressed with how she handled it.

Kelly VanZandt

I have brought all four of my kids to this Snip-its for the past eight years. We love Cheryl, and are very loyal to her services. She is fast, friendly and gives excellent haircuts. I don't take my kids anywhere else!

Andrew Henderson

Heather Cox

Dallas Roberto Rodriqiez

Cheryl has been cutting my grandsons Bobby hair for a few years and now she cuts my other grandsons hair as well... she is a true blessing and so are the rest of the staff...always going the extra mile to make sure we are truly satisfied with their services...something special should be done on their behalf...great job ladies and God bless you all..

Kayla Gruessing

Lindsey Koch

We have taken our kids there for practically every haircut since they were one year old. They are so patient and kind. Wonderful people.

Anastasiya Bowdoin

Vicki Turner

I just love Snip-Its in Lexington...I take my granddaughter there for all of her haircuts...She loves to go there and so that makes it easier for all of us. So glad they are here to serve Lexington!

Eugenio Mendez

I'm happy about the service. My son just got his first haircut ever. They made a cute picture frame for him. Best part I can see my other boy in the back waiting.

Annette Ellisor

Snip-Its is a WONDERFUL place to take your kids for a haircut! I take my neice and nephew there and they absolutely LOVE it! The stylists are so great with them and do a fantastic job! I look forward to each visit!!! Highly recommend!!

Michael Ellis

They are a nice and very friendly environment.

Amanda Pyle

My almost 3 year old had her first haircut this past weekend here! Angie was great! We’ll definitely be back!

Christy Boyle

Snip-Its is the absolute BEST place to take your child for a hair cut! Excellent customer service, great cuts, and my daughter absolutely loves the experience. Their products are the best on the market! We love Snip-its!

Trina Winde

Love this place! Great stylists that know how to manage little ones and accomplish the perfect cut!

Brittany McDaniel

Highly recommend this place! Took my almost 2 year old who has never had a good haircut due to freaking out every time we tried. We left with a really cute, styled haircut and a happy boy (& mama)! Miss Tyrrell was awesome!

Kara Hoffman

Great place to go for a personalized experience for children. The atmosphere is very friendly and kid-friendly and the stylists are great!

Amanda Durr

Love that you can check in before you go to minimize wait. Very kid friendly and have always done a good job. The only con is they are pricey but worth it because all the above!

Jason A

I wish I could get my hair cut there.

Kenna Hoover

We love Tiffany! I would give it five stars except for about two months ago we went and they are supposed to close at 5. I had called earlier in the day to ask what time they would the last haircut and I was told 445. We got there at 435 and they had the lights off and told us they wouldn't take us

Alex Huggins

Snip-Its provides a great experience for our two kids to get their hair cut. Our kids have been going to Snip-Its for 5 and 3 years. Never had a bad experience and kids love being able to play games while getting their hair cut. Staff has always been very friendly.

Steve Cassano

Snip Its in Lexington always does a great job! They keep notes on your last cut so whoever cuts your child's hair knows how short and instrument that were used. This is great so you can tell them to keep it the same or change it up from the last time. Angie is our favorite, but they are all great!

Vanessa Thompson

Absolutely love!! Great with kids, give great haircuts!!

Rebecca Burriss

We had an amazing experience for our daughter’s first haircut. We will definitely be back!

Elizabeth Harlow

My daughter really likes it here!

Anca Brabeteanu-Kelly

Great experience every time we went. The ladies are very knowledge and patient. Will definitely continue to visit them.

shaun thacker

Staff is great! Very attentive and caring

Melissa Silcox

If you are looking for a good party place, they offer glamour parties. I had my 6 year old’s party here and I was blown away. Price included hair styling, make up, nails, cupcakes, juice, goody bags and a walk down the red carpet. I didn’t have to set up or clean up. With being in the process of moving, a party at home was not in the books. Thank you Snip It’s for giving my girl a fantastic party and putting my mind at ease.

Tammy Phillips

The hair cutting place is great but some of the workers have bad attitudes and don't need to have the job working with children or in the public

Megan Schulke

Great place to take children of ALL ages too! The staff is so friendly and the Salon is always so clean! Not only are the haircuts fabulous but also the spa features too!!

Nicole LeVan

Love them

abby downey

Super cute and fun with a very friendly staff:) Thank you Angie!!!

William Hauk

Really like Snip-Its! Our youngest has sensory issues, and they are very good at working with him so he is relaxed while getting his hair cut.

Kelly Hagerman

Snip-It's Lexington is an experience all in itself. The store is pristine, the staff is friendly and professional. My son ALWAYS walks away with a superb haircut and a trendy style.

Matthew Beveridge

Not in a super busy part of that stretch of road, which can get crazy. Tucked in the corner of the plaza, a fun visual place for a kid to get a cut. They get a prize and whatnot, and have other dollar store type toys for sale. Price is reasonable, but one downside. The staff is very friendly and welcoming, great with my boys. However, they kinda missed the mark with my boys cut. They did an ok job, but maybe just s little more suited for girls type haircuts


I’ve had a good experience before but the last two visits were not good. I didn’t realize during the last visit that we had the same hair dresser as the time before. Both times the hair dresser did not listen to what I wanted done. This last time she cut the hair so short nothing could be done. And when I mentioned a part of the hair that had to be fixed the hair dresser snapped at me. We will not be returning there.

Misty Stathos

Snip-it’s is always a great experience for my family. The atmosphere is fun and the stylists are great to work with. Both of my kids love getting their hair cut here.


Cheri Tointigh

Robin Duncan

Amanda Robinson

Awesome place! Go see Cheryl.

Heather Moore

The atmosphere is pretty cute and the lady that cut my daughter's hair was pretty nice but really didn't do that great of a job. Her bangs are uneven and cut waayy too far back. She told us she was going to frame her face but it isn't what I'd call framed. For this quality I should have just gone to super cuts.

mrs beverage

Nice, fast and cheap!

DeWitney Langley

Quick, fun and great stylists

Paul Abercrombie

Ema Foley

They found it challenging to cut my child’s hair and by the end of it my child looked like he had been in a fight with a weed wacker. I took before and after pictures and I think my kid could have dont a better job on his own. Still paid for the services. Wish the stylist would have treated my kid like someone she cared about, but lesson learned; this place does not care and will hack your kids head up.

Justin Slaughter

Iruntodrink .

Great place!

E Nguyen

Marva is the best!

William Davis

Absolute horrible experience. Staff was rude, and the lady who cut my son's hair was too interested in getting it done fast so she can go back into the back room. Didn't engage at all with my son. We asked her just to trim it and not use the electric clippers because he's afraid of the noise and she acted disgusted with the concept, then used them anyway. Was rough with my son, forcing his head around with her fingers instead of just asking him to look in a direction. My son listens well, an it was completely uncalled for. Hair looks choppy, is expensive, and the staff is rude. Definitely will never even consider going back.

Emily Graves

Not worth it! First and last visit to this excuse for a hait shop. I told the "barber" to fade the sides and leave the top long on my son. She said she didnt know what a fade was. I explained, she said shes got it and then cut all my sons hair down to a 2! Even the top I said not to touch. My son was nearly in tears. I had to tell him it looked fine (when it didn't) and that it would grow back. I also got the glam package for my daughter for her birthday. I could have saved a lot of money by buying her the same cheap makeup from the dollar store and doing her 'updo' (that looked nothing like the inspiration picture) myself. This place was Horrible! Besides what's listed above, only ONE person does the glam packages, so they decided to give her the kid right before my daughter. My son was done before my daughter was even taken back to the chair and they signed in at the same time. On the plus side they did comp my sons cut.

C Roz

Fast, cute haircut, boy not freaked out. Will be there again!


They are good at kids. The environment is so nice for kids, they have cartoon shaped chairs, and cartoon playing TV's, colourful desk, walls, sure kids will love it..

Steven Proto

They cut our 16 month old hair, they always finish a cut. 15 dollars for a hair cut they have coupons on the website. Kids get a toy on the way out friendly staff. Kind of cramped if you have to wait inside. Friendly staff.

Jasmine Stephens

My son has sensory issues and one of the things he hates is getting haircuts. I've had good experiences with all of the ladies there but one. Prices are comparable to the likes of Supercuts or Great Clips but they are more tailored to my sons needs. My only complaint is that they can get REALLY busy which makes for long wait times. There have been a few times we have left due to long wait.

Sylvie Koffi

Great for children

Sam M

Great place for child cuts. Although the theme seems way older than this current generation of kids it still seems enjoyable for most. Our barber does a fantastic job with our cuts and always makes them clean and lasting. Some barbers are less patient and open to suggestions so we stick to ours as she is spot on and super nice even if we have to wait. I wish Maria was still here. Best kids cuts we've had.

Nataki Moore

I love Snip It's. This is the only place my son and daughter will sit still long enough to get there hair cut. That's saying a lot when we are talking about a 3 & 5 year old. The only downside for parents are the toys they have in the middle of the room for you to buy.

Carrie Heitert

It was fast and the staff is nice but they don't know how to deal with kids. My sons hair looks horrible it's choppy and they left a rat tail. The front is not cut straight. It's made for kids but they really don't know how to deal with kids. It's over priced and they don't do a good job will not be going back!

Alex Jain

Decent place. They know what they are doing but for a toddler they need to be little more flexible if it's their first cut.

Collin Cross

Sabriyya Hossain

Overall, AWESOME!!!! My baby brother looked JUST LIKE Zayn! Though, the barber said 'Drinkin whiskey huh?' when mini Zayn was holding a bottle. GURL. If you want inappropriate hair-cutters, Snip-it's is the place! (Not a positive comment)

Ebony Jernigan

Cheyenne Davis

My daughter decided to get her haircut really short and the lady did an AWESOME job! She was nice, friendly and didn't rush or make unnecessary comments or suggestions. Luckily, we walked in when there was nobody there because I've seen it get busy before. I'm sorry I forgot the name but thank you so much to the crew!

Tiffany Lippert

Cheryl is awesome!! She always does an amazing job! We love coming to see her!

Leah Conner

Kid friendly. Quick.

Julie Cooksey

Kim Frasher

Anyone who can cut my squirmy kid's hair evenly and in 5 minutes is a rockstar.

Pavan Kulkarni

Carlos Lira

Madi Garoutte

Dee Brock

Basic haircut that took forever. Not because of the childs behavior but simply because the lady cutting his hair just couldnt seem to get it even...

Cee Me

Very nice concept

Toni Chastain

They are very good with kids

Sara-Mills Tucker

Snip Its is awesome! My kids love getting their haircuts because Snip Its makes it so much fun for them.

Shannon Carmichael

So thankful

Krista Payne

Totally worth the price and the drive from NE Columbia!

Candi Davis

Mrs. Angie had so much patience. I'm very appreciative of that!

Susan Judd

My kids love getting their hair cut by Angela!!! She is the best. Kids love her.

Catalina Bower

Best kids hair place. Love Ms Angie!


My child got a good haircut here, but it is expensive and when I came back they had changed the hours to close an hour early, without reflecting the change on their website.

Aaron Lanning

Angie and Karen were great with our boys!

Trent Jackson

They do a great job with my children!

Candace Ruffin

Keeps my child's attention and we love Jessica! She does a great job on my sons hair every time!

Holly DiFrancesco

Love it!


Wait time was incredibly long even though we checked in online and it said our wait was about 5 minutes. We waited for about 45 minutes. Most of the staff was nice, but overwhelmed by the amount of clients they had. Our hair dresser was amazing and if I could I would give her 5 stars.

Charleigh Simpson

Have butchered my sons hair twice. And he’s great, sits still and doesn’t fuss. This last time it was right before his fall pictures, of course. Save your time and money and go to Sharkies.

Dan Freeman

I have worked with Jill personally & professionally and found her to be examplery on all occassions.

Chasity Stratton

Took my daughter here for her first haircut, and they were wonderful! Everything was tailored to making kids/toddlers comfortable and happy, and my daughter's favorite thing was prize machine thing that gave her a bracelet as a reward for sitting still for her haircut!

Soran Parker

We came in to get our sons first haircut. There was two stylists inside, with one giving a haircut. As we checked in the other stylist decided it was more important to take a personal phone call and left us sitting inside for 10 minutes. Needless to say it was very unprofessional and we decided to schedule a appointment elsewhere. Maybe this is why it is so empty on a Saturday!

Ashley Gandy

We drove from Augusta to Lexington for no reason. Their times said they closed at 7pm on their website and their Facebook. Arrived at 6:04 pm and they were closed. Called the # and the times listed were completely different from both the web, social media, and the door. I messaged customer service, they read it and changed the time, but never even apologized.

Jennifer Sines

I've taken my four year old to Snip-Its twice now. She loves it and looks forward to her hair cut! She loves the toys in the waiting area and the little prize she gets when it's all over. Angie has been fabulous with my whimiscal little one's request to make her hair "look like a bird," and does a great job! I have just one complaint: the wait has been really long both times, and long waits and small children are a terrible combination. If we could manage to get in during the week instead of being restricted to the weekend, this could probably be avoided.

Ashley Diandra Taylor

Long wait for an overpriced kids haircut. And the barber/stylist made the excuse that "it's a kids place" as to why she couldn't give my boys a line up.


Got my grandsons first hair cut there today. The stylist was wonderful with him and made it a great experience.

Alexandra DiFrancesco

Brought my grandchildren to get their hair cut. These ladies are amazing! So sweet and they gave the kids great haircuts! Love the shop!

Amanda Braxton

Love it there! The only place that I have ever & will ever let cut my 5 year old son's hair! They're great with kids and cater to them! Stop in and say "Hey" to the manager Angie! Great place, great stylists, great atmosphere, great everything!!

Christy Mills

Love this place! My daughter is autistic and they work so well with her! I don't know what I would do without the Snip-its staff.

Christopher T

james Mcneely

Great place

Melissa Gerasch

Tony Birchfield

Cristal Veech

They are very patient with kids especially first timers! Will definitely go again!

Dalen Thomas

Very kid oriented, fun atmosphere for young children. Stylists were great, quick and kind. Only issue is small, but there is a kiosk in the lobby with post-purchase toys that may cause some difficulty. Great for marketing and sales, not so great for having to keep toddlers from snagging them and taking them away can be an issue for some children. It wasn't an issue for us and other than that small quirk everything was great.

Rebecca Jacks

Nice hair dresser but the floors were gross! Hair was everywhere! From the front door to where they cut..there was hair everywhere! The front desk lady could sweep? It was gross

breann robinson

Piper341 .

The haircut was fine. However, the woman working the front desk could not have been more rude. It was obviously an inconvenience to her that we came in today.

Kia Yeager

Great place for kids to have fun while getting hair cut!

Nicole Graham

Wouldn’t recommend this place to anyone. Terrible service. My son has autism so he is a littler harder to work with and the lady was just rude and hateful that I could calm him down

DeeJay Bettes

Tori Meeks

Kinda pricey but my son did pretty good getting his hair cut there!The first few times he did not like getting his hair cut at all. We went to a family member to get hair cuts for all of us(mom ,dad,and boy) he Screamed and basically fought to get out of our laps, but here he stayed calm and was distracted with all the stuff around him. The stylist was good about directing his attention to something other than his hair being cut. I would recommend them, however we noticed the hair cut was a little choppy in spots but my son was moving around so not the stylists fault

Jenny Alvarado

We love going to Snip-Its the staff is great and my kids get excited for their hair cuts.

Eric Burlison

It is hard to review this place based on quality because I don't believe the same person has ever cut my children's hair. I can say they have not ever received a bad haircut. At the same time, I have never been super impressed either. What you are paying for is the kid friendly atmosphere. The stylists do seem more patient with little ones who move.

Andrea Worden

Unfortunately, everyone has their first horrible haircut. The manager apparently doesn't have the authority to refund a $15 haircut, silly. We will not go back but will have to go somewhere else to fix this ridiculous "trim".

Tamara Harris

The only place we take our 3 yr for haircuts

Dustin Bishop

t thomp

Sarah Rydholm

My son's first haircut. 13 mo old. They did a great job with the texturing so it looked soft and not choppy at all. Quick and painless

Erik Christensen

If you want your kid to look like he/she cut it themselves this is the place to go. The top, back, and sides are extremely choppy and inconsistent. Bangs look like the stylist was trying to give a bowl cut but had the bowl on crooked and the bowl had broken edges. Will not return.

Dana Bowman

Best place to get your kids haircuts! I have been taking both of my boys there for years. They both had their first haircuts here! Sherrill is the best!

Mckinsee Cabutti

Ladies here are so kind and patient with your little one. You do pay LITTLE more , but try taking your kid to great clips so somewhere else and it all will come very apparent what you pay for and will come running back!

kimberly shelton

Kelly Patrick

Ikechukwu Jideofor

Amanda Soto

Was terrified to take my 3 almost 4 yr old daughter for her first haircut. Her hair was butt length and brushing it was a daily battle filled with tears and tantrum. She lived the kid friendly atmosphere and fun kid chairs and video they had to help ease her worries and mine the staff was very friendly and enthusiastic and helped her be excited they did an amazing job and were very patient and understanding when she would start to get nervous or move! Have been going here for about 5 yrs starting with my son and have always had an amazing experience

Jesus Botello

They did a really good job with my baby and they are really good with kids

Michelle Hankey

Theresa Andrews

This is the only place we take our 3 year old for his haircuts. They keep notes on file about what you got last time to speed up the process if you want the same cut. The little toy the kids get at the end of the haircut is good incentive for them to follow instructions. And the wait usually isn't long although there have always been other customers in the shop.

Ms Cyn

Was at the tag agency

sarah porter

Cami Levi

Angie was great!! She was very sweet, patient and informative. She did a perfect job on my sons first haircut, I highly recommend her.

Brian Hobson

Great place for kids' haircuts. Only downside is that they're almost always crowded. They have great service and my kids enjoy getting their haircuts there.

Amanda D

Snip-its is great for younger children (ten and younger) due to their cartoon like atmosphere. The kids can play on tablets or watch little shows while having their hair cut. We have never had a bad hair cut ,but when they are busy the customer service tends to decline, granted they are dealing with children. You do pay for the upgraded experience since I pay a minimum of $20 each cut for my little boy (but it may be cheaper for others).

Joel Hendrix

This place was awesome they cut my grandbaby who is too and have her first haircut they did a haircut package and all for her with her new cut and locks and pictures it was awesome highly recommended

Fred Bartholomew

Did a great job with my two boys first hair cuts

Erskine Jacks

Had a great experience taking our little boy for his first haircut. Despite him being scared, the stylists handled it very well and had him smiling in the end.

William Mancke

This place seemed pretty fun the first time we went but it was crowded so we left. The next time, though, it was great. The child didn't cry once and he got a prize.

Mae Pennington

Love the ladies there! They always do a great job! My son has Autism and would not let you cut his hair. We tried snip its and he as been getting his hair cut there since then! I really love the atmosphere and how they cater to your individual child. Won’t go anywhere else.

Hillary Lundy

Super fast and great with and for the kids!

Allison Wrenn

Jenifer Lybrand

Angie is the best!

Jason Cochcroft

Both of my children refuse to get their haircut anywhere else after their visit to Snip-Its! Both were terrified of the thought of gettting haircuts and threw all out fits in protest. But Snip-its Nipped it in the Bud. They create a welcoming environment where the kids are completely entertained to the extent that they forget a haircut is even occurring. I would highly recommend Snip-its to anyone with children with unruly hair and/or unruly behavior!!

Sarah Straney

Great place to get the kids hair cut! The staff are really good with kids, the place is always clean, colorful and fun. My kids like getting their hair cut!

Chad Jones

Snip its is always very inviting to me and my kids and they do a great job kids haircuts.

Jason Laughlin

They di a great job with kids. A bit pricey. They have snacks and tablets for the kids. We always walk to Sandy's for ice cream afterward.

Angela Hinson

We love Snip-Its!

Candice Grossi

Tyrell did an outstanding job cutting my son's hair. We've had an absolutely terrible time getting his hair cut in the past and I expected this visit to be no different. She was calm and attentive, gentle and respectful of his fears. We'll definitely be back for his next cut

Jennifer Copen

"I take my 3 year old son and 6 year old daughter here for their haircuts and we are always very happy with the results! The stylists are fantastic with young children and they do such a great job. Both my son and daughter have multiple cowlicks and somehow always end up still having a fantastic haircut even with their crazy hair! We love this place and keep coming back, even though it's about 25 minutes from our house- it's so worth it! "

that_weird_ kid_katie

They are excellent with kids and give them the cut they want and very friendly staff. A little expensive but it's worth it.

Breezy Shelton

Love love love

Amber M.

My son is autistic and HATES haircuts. It's always been a struggle to get his hair cut and resulted in everyone feeling miserable...until we went to Snip-Its. No, it's still not his favorite thing and he doesn't love it, but everyone at Snip-Its is so nice and so understanding and so willing to work with him, I can't imagine we'll ever go anywhere else.

Alley Bouknight

Great place for kids to enjoy their haircut! Great staff.

Joseph Fuseler

Good with kids.


Kyle Daugherty

Mark Vieta

My boy has gotten 4-5 hair cuts here and I've always been happy when we left.

Elisia Ja'Net Beasley

Stevenhart0813 4053137789

My kids loved it there, daughter still does and she's 10. Rented the party roof for her friends and they had a blast.

Jayson Hopek

Lacey Bynum

matthew seely

Jane Doe

We enjoy taking our children here about 85% of the time. For the most part we get engaging and skilled hairdressers. The other 15% you get choppy hair and hairdressers that would rather be somewhere else. Stop hiring people who can't cut hair please. If I wanted it to look like that I would continue doing it myself with the kitchen scissors.

maryann Henderson

brandon cole

Very friendly stylists.

Tiffany Hathorn

Besides the long wait times, my kiddo loves getting his haircut here. The hairdressers are amazing with kids!

Mayra Hernandez

S Tobiasz

David Heilhecker

Brittany Morehead

Kyle Hirsch

William Thompson

Eric Beard

Great place to get your children’s hair cut.

Victoria Thompson

Brent Willey

Fast haircuts for the little ones.

Ujima Services

Michael Pedder

Stanley Brent

Sarah Maune

I took my daughter here for a haircut thinking it would be a fun experience, but extremely disappointed. For one the staff were not very friendly( you work with children put a smile on your face), two my hair stylist that cut my daughter's hair took all of five minutes and didn't cut her bangs straight on a part line, which is now taking time to regrow which has made for strange hair now for a few months later with even more time to come, thirdly the place was extremely dusty everywhere( you had a front desk staff that was one her phone the whole time i was there while she was checking customers in). I will not be returning and i definitely will say buyer beware.

Blake Cochrane

Kimberly Bucher

Wrangled a screaming toddler. Washed peanut butter out of her hair. Gave her a fast and precise cut. Convinced me to let her bangs grow out and gave tips on how to manage her hair until then. Can’t recommend them enough.

Miranda Stoner

Great service & friendly staff! My 3 year old daughter had a great time & Catherine was wonderful. Thank you!

Barbara Wilt

Francis does a great job on our 2 year old grandson. He’s been there 3 times now and has never cried. Thank you.

Hayden King

The ladies have always done a great job with my daughter’s hair. She loves the games and kid friendly atmosphere. She loves the mini mani too. I would recommend!

Ashley Witherspoon

My kids love love love getting their hair cut here. I have to admit I've tried to take them other places because I would love to pay less but they are so happy here and the quality of haircut is so good that I have surrendered. This is our place...friendly staff and of course very entertaining environment.

Zach Hines

Best kids haircut place we have ever been to!!! Friendly staff, reasonable price for the quality & experience and great atmosphere. A++

Cynthia Russell

I love getting my 2 year olds sons hair cut at Snip-Its. All stylist are very patient and take their time to make sure your child has the perfect haircut. Snip-Its is the only place my son does not cry when having his haircut. Defiantly recommend.

Jen Simmons

This was my third time there and I would say the most recent was the 5-star experience. Tyrell did a wonderful job on my son and daughter. She listened to what I asked and took her time. She was thorough and careful. She made sure it looked perfect before letting them get up. Tyrell was very friendly and gave me hair-care tips for their hair in the future. I was very pleased.

Susanna Eller

I normally use the same woman each time with my son, and she always does a good job. They can stay consistent with the last cut because they keep the information in the system with your child’s name. I always prefer to take both my young sons here.

scott b

A very nice place to bring kids. The interior painting looks really nice as well. Nice friendly staff.

Vicat Mauricio

This place is great for kids! The little cutting stations are made just for the little ones in mind, complete with computers and toys they can play with to keep them still while their hair is getting cut. There's even a little mini kids play area right in front of the waiting area to keep the smaller ones occupied before their appointment. Speaking of appointments, you don't really need one as the sessions are very short, even when you get there without an appointment. The employees here were all very nice and very kid friendly, so the good customer service here is something definitely worth noting. The one thing I really liked is that this establishment is a very safe and fun environment for kids to run around in. Although they really shouldn't be running around in here, but kids will be kids, and there really isn't anything too dangerous for little ones to get hurt on, or from. Out of all the good things I can say about this place, and there are a lot; my only gripe about this franchise in general is that there's purchasable toys all over the place as if you were in a kids toy store. All the toys are right at eye level for kids to see and turn around and beg you for one, and beg, and beg, and beg, until you give in. And that in itself isn't too bad; what makes it bad is that the toys are ridiculously overpriced. A small rubber frog was almost $6! But honestly, that's my only gripe, and that's also really nitpicking. I can't think of another kids hair cutting shop that does as good a job at keeping my hyperactive 5 year old in his chair, while he gets a haircut. 5 out of 5 Stars!

Scott Shealy

Our 6 year old son enjoyed their provided entertainment and Mom & Dad love the haircut! Nice job Karen!

Ryan Davis

They are great with kids and give great haircuts. My kids actually enjoy getting their haircut here. There are toys for the kids to play with while waiting, they give them tablets to watch during the haircut, and they get a little prize after the haircut. A basic cut is a little pricey around $20 I think but it's worth it to me. My kids are always asking to get their haircut.

Shannon Duncan

Snip Its offers a great atmosphere for children to experience a professional and fun hair cut- I would definitely recommend this location to parents in the Lexington and surrounding communities!

Lindsey H

I was a little nervous about my sons 1st haircut but they did great with him! He looked very handsome! Only downside was when I was set things up to sign in it was a little confusing and staff was not helpful with it. Acted a little annoyed that I needed help setting things up. We will still be back for another haircut though.

Kylee Evink

My only complaint is how long it took to get us in and we had an appointment! If it were anything but a hair cut I would understand "emergencies" happen...But taking clients so close together to the point of missing scheduled appointments was a little frustrating. The hair cut went well, it was my daughters first, super quick and turned out well. No complaints on that portion! We will go back, hopefully our time will more valued then.

Denise Ferebee

Very nice staff and will cut child's hair like parents want it and love prizes at the end

Monica Swogger

Always get a great cut for my kiddos

Darlene Duseberg

My grandson, Luke, 4 years old, has been going to Snip-Its since his first haircut. Yesterday his mom asked him if she could cut his hair. He carefully told her, No, only Snip-Its cuts my hair.

Tiffany Gordon

My son got excited and comfortable from the second he walked in to the salon

Carlita M. Bartholomew

Hailey Simpkins

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR TODDLERS I brought my 1 year old son here for his first haircut and they offered me a cute first haircut package with some of his hair and a card. We had no wait at all as a walk in and ever since we went we have received letters and coupons thanking us for coming in which made me feel really good and like we aren’t just customers to them. His hair dresser did an AMAZING job with not only his hair but making him feel comfortable with something that was new to him and getting him to sit still (which never happens). He had a blast and enjoyed the kid themed interior of the building. She got his hair cut quickly, it looked AMAZING she made us feel great about our decision to come there and he was a happy baby! We are forever customers of Snip-it’s

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