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REVIEWS OF Sharkey's Cuts for Kids IN Oklahoma

Carl Parks

My son loves this place!

Ashley Carter

Great job cutting my 1 year old's hair. The stylest was great with my child, very relaxed and calming, so much so, he didn't make a sound and just let her cut his hair. Thanks for making it a great experience for his first haircut.

Megan Johnson

Such a fun experience. My 4 year old LOVED having his hair cut and styled by Cami. She was very soft spoken and gentle with him. I was highly impressed with how well she did with his curly hair! She gave me some great advice on how to care for his curls and sold me the product they use. It’s great stuff. Makes his curls more defined and super soft. I think it’s called Hannah’s curls??? Something like that. I would recommend it for anyone with curly hair. We will for sure be repeat customers. Thank you for such wonderful service Cami! ❤️

bridgett fulwider

I'm a little disappointed. I showed a picture of what I wanted and I got something similar but not what I wanted. I even asked for it to get made shorter and she didn't do enough. What I got is cute but not what I wanted. Also they didn't paint my daughters nails like I was told over the phone. I consider that a waste of almost $24 dollars for a 4 year olds hair style. I was expecting what I was told over the phone which was a style, and painted nails. This was my babies very first hair cut and it wasn't what I expected and it wasn't what I was told as stated above

Anna Ratliff

My son loves you to come here to get his hair cut. They make it fun with the power wheels they can sit in while getting their hair cut. Staffs friendly and they do a pretty good job.

Christen Peery

John Fisher

Staff is super nice but that doesn't help their ridiculously high prices for kids cut.

Charlie Nguyen

Joshua James

Prices are going up..'s expensive for a kid's haircut.

Adrian Munoz

(Translated by Google) All right (Original) Bien

Nicole Burton

I give this place 5 stars! It was my son's first haircut and it was the best experience for all of us!! And his hair looks sooooo good! Our stylist was Wendy and she couldn't have been better♡ loved every minute of it. Very satisfied

Brenda Fox

My son loves getting his hair cut here. He loves that he can play games as he is getting his hair cut. We always have Tonya cut his hair and she does a great job!

Katherine File

This place is great. They specialize with children and can handle even the craziest ones. They also distract the kids with cartoons or video games and give them free stuff like suckers, balloons, etc. They have reasonable prices and online appointment setting. I have yet to be disappointed. I have all boys so we haven't done any of the spa stuff, but I have heard little girls talk about how fun their Manis and Pedis were.

Eluria Creations

Shan Wilcox

Krissy Easterday

Great with our little one

Cecy M

When we arrived for our appointment we were seen right on time. The woman cutting my daughter's hair was friendly and patient with my daughter even as she was getting increasingly fussy and squirmy. I would highly recommend the place as the concept really works to keep even the most active toddlers like my little one entertained.

Ashley Basile

Great job

Jenel Cavazos

Love this place!

Jasmine Aldridge

I used to love this place I’ve taken my 5 year old here and my youngest here to get his 1st haircut by Tonya she’s amazing I was told she no longer works there

alyssa juarez

I have I 5 year old autistic child and doesn't like hair cuts. They are very patient with us and try and make as comfortable as they can. Really appreciate it.

Daniel Duenas

Erin Thompson

Katherine June Lee

Amazing place and perfect for the first haircut. She was so patient.

Jaynee Noel

This is a GREAT place to bring your kids for a hair cut!! My daughter loved it !!!

Samantha Marion

Carolyn bennett

Amanda Gillespie

I been brining my son here for almost 3yrs and never had a problem untill today the lady who cut his hair shoudlnt be allowed to cute hair ,not only did i have to tell her twice how i wanted it and she still messed it up, she got hair all in my son eyes nose and mouth and he freaked out cause of it and his poor eyes are so red from the hair being in it. Now i have to take him somewhere else to fix her horrible hair cut I ask for the manager but she said she was the manager . i will never take my kids there again worst place ever

Today's Project List

Kids had a blast. Great 1st haircut for my son and my girl got her nails and a gliter tattoo.

Betty Spaulding

Dlisa M

Jennifer Low

Miranda is amazing!!!! This was my 20 mth Olds first Haircut and she was so fast and his haircut is so cute . Thank you for making this a good experience.

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Good for boys and girls , they have a pink room just for girls, they CAN GET HAIR BRAIDED AND NAILS DONE.. Prices are ok

Emmerenciana Hise

Rafe loves it

Karley Briggs

I have been mentally preparing myself for get my son his first hair cut for a week. My son is almost 2 and he is very fidgety and active. Because getting a hair cut especially a first hair cut for a child is hard on both mom and child, I did some research and asked some friends for recommendations. Sharkeys was at the top of the list. With my work hours being the same as theirs I was excited when I got off early enough today that I might be able to make it. So I called them at 5:35 and asked if they took walk ins. The lady answering the phone said that they did. I asked if they had any availability tonight, she said they did depending on how many kids. I explained I was only bringing one child in. She said that would be fine. We got in our car and drove the 20 minutes to the salon, walking in at 5:56pm. Shortly after my husband and I walked in, one of the ladies working left. At that point I was asked if I had an appointment. I explained that I did not have an appointment, but that I had just called. She quickly let me know that her and the other lady working had appointments coming in and would not be able to help me. I explained again that I had just called and was told I could be helped. "She said you called an hour ago" I told her I did not call an hour ago, that it had been about 20 mins. She replied "well that girl just left because we were slow". You can come back tomorrow. I told her we would not be returning ever. I do understand that it's easier to make appointments, and I would have done that had I been told to do so when I CALLED. No one even apologized to me and my husband. I will definitely be recommending NO ONE else go there.

Angela Rusche

April Shipley

Fabulous first hair cut for my little one. He had fun! I will be back.

Robert Cline

Rose done a great job on son's hair. We will be returning in the future


Really the best place for kids cuts.

Lilyana Gonzalez

rachel inselman

The service and atmosphere in my opinion was 5 stars. The staff was very kind and quick. Which for a 3 year old is much needed. He enjoyed sitting in a car and gettig to watch Pixar Cars during his visit. The only reason I didn’t give 5 stars is the price for the haircut was around $30 plus a tip. BUT I’d pay it again because it’s worth it

Jason Camacho

Great place to take your child to get a haircut. The staff are really friendly and helpful and they know how do deal with children when cutting their hair. There are TVs and other enjoyable things that distract your child so they can get their hair cut.

copen heagen

My kid loves getting her hair cut here.

jody Sandness

1st hair cut was a success... love this place, super friendly!

Jess Dhillon

Faith Carson

Their staff is very friendly, the prices are decent and my daughter loved it! They gave her a cut, braided her hair and painter her nails.

Heather Bly

Abbey Walbert

Kandice Coyle

Sam did an awesome job on my son's haircut!


Erick Larson

Erin Lang

My husband took our 2 boys in. Yes it was busy so he scheduled an appointment for our 5 yo and asked if our youngest (2 yo) could "get a trim". He waited 30+ mins to get my oldest his haircut with the possibility of getting in my youngest and after they were done they told my husband "they don't do trims!" I called when they returned home to ask "when the next available appt is for my son to "get a trim"? She informed me a time & said it would be the same price as a haircut. I said of course and asked if they offered that service of "a trim". She said yes and I then asked why my husband was not offered the service after waiting 30-45 mins. She said oh I should have told him it would still be the price of a haircut. I said which we would have paid & they could have made more money. I understand being busy but if you're so busy your customer service is lacking and you give short answers like not offering services like a trim. I'm guessing you dont need my business or recommendations. Noted

Mimi132612 .

Tim Czubek

Kristeen Serracino

Erica Wetch

I Love How My Sons Hair Comes Out EVERY Single Time. I Just Wish There Was A Location On The Northwest Side. If There Is, I Can't Find It.

Tricia Beck

Thomas fry

Best place you young kids to get a hair cut. They take the time the kids need to learn how to get a hair cut.

Hendrix Morrow

Nikki did an awesome job on my son's 1st haircut. She was very professional, proficient, and got the job done quickly before he even knew what had happened. The store was very clean and nicely laid out with TVs, Netflix, game consoles, and the whole nine. Very kid friendly, and they also cut adult's hair as well. You can get a discount rate with a kid and adult cut at the same time. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone with a child.

Sierra Bennett

William Wright

I am so sad to give a one star. We have made several appointments with Sharkeys and love it. However, when you hustle across town in the pouring down rain and fight traffic to show up 6 minutes late, you are turned away. No I can not reschedule for tomorrow or Sunday. I have plans for both days and I live 45 miles away. Goodbye rain and goodbye Sharkeys. Sometimes you can't help it when it’s pouring rain and the traffic is awful.

Brandon Mabury

Great staff and great experience for my son!

Casey Moore

Great atmosphere and they are very patient with the kids

Harriel .

My daughter has been coming here since the place opened and she has always seen it as a treat. Great place to make it fun for all the little girls to have their "salon day"

Lisa Lumry

Joshua Hawthorne

max playz

Jay S

This place was so AMAZING!!! First hair cut for our toddler and he threw a huge fit but the staff was so sweet and accommodating! We drove all the way from Yukon and we will never go anywhere else!

Lexi Cunningham

I love this place! My son had his first haircut here, and every one since! (he's about to turn three May 21st) and he loves it here as well! The staff make it fun and easy! Especially for first haircuts! My son was having a very difficult time just getting in the chair, but they made him feel comfortable! In the end, he did very well! They also let you keep the baby hair, and make you a keepsake! For the older boys they have an xbox. For the girls, they have a whole room to dress up, get their nails painted, and their hair done! I don't take him anywhere else! We always have a pleasant experience! I recommend to EVERY parent!

Desmond Collins

They cut both my kids hair and they we're ok nothing to brag about a little 2 like

Michael Le

Lots of things to keep kid distracted while getting a haircut.

JflowBoricua .

Elvira Poland

Great place for kids.

Aaron Moore

Joseph Koehler

Elisha Carlisle

Cool place to take your kids to get haircuts have power wheel cats They sit in While they are getting their haircuts. But u are definitely paying mainly for the experience, $22 For a little boys haircut that took u 2 min to cut is ridiculous. I would steer clear unless u have a kiddo who is skittish about haircuts Otherwise take them to supercuts or somewhere cheap because that's the type of haircut you're getting but for 20 to $25

Carlos Lira

3 Day Blinds

This salon was so cute and decent. My daughter really love it.

Amy Wilkes

Lollipop, movie, stickers, and driving a pretend car while watching a movie?! The haircut that my child received was hardly noticed, so there was no yelling... And that's kind of the point. Good job Sharkey's

JC Ogle

Great place to get your kids hair cut!

Stephanie Ragon

This place was superb! If I could offer more stars, I would. The staff was amazing, super friendly and the very accommodating. My children loved this establishment. This was our first visit here. Wish there was one back home. Establishment was clean and inviting. Appointments are recommended*, but they do accept walk-ins as well. Children can get their hair cut while sitting in cute cars: police car, Barbie jeep, or Lightning McQueen while watching their own personal television cartoon choice. For older kids who enjoy gaming there are personal gaming systems available while they get their hair cut/styled. The back half of this establishments are for princesses and rock stars. They have beautiful vanities with adorable chairs for little princesses and older ones. There are beautiful dresses available to wear and even outfits for boys. The back half also has a manicure station.

Olivia Nia

Super patient with my rowdy little one.

Anthony Amos

Lainne Trusty Miller

We went for my son's first hair cut. The stylist was so nice and so gentle with our little guy. She took her time & made sure he wouldn't be scared of getting his hair cut in the future ❤️

Elizabeth De Loera

Onyx Abell

johnna mcnair

Jeremiah Nielsen

Great places for kids, the have TVs, games and treats.

Dustin Bishop

Great place, great cuts, nice people.

Francisco Quintero

They suck ,the girls are stuck up they feel like the ultimate hair cut salon ,the place it's small and no many seat if you need to wait good luck on that

Mrs Huge

My son loves coming here to get his hair cut. Wonderful staff!

Aspen Alred

maya moody

Messed up my sons haircut horribly. Will never go back. Waste of money

Karl Wheaton

Very caring towards my daughter, it was her first haircut and it went great. Will definitely go back again!

Oscar R

Judah Jude

Aubrey Hill

Tihomir Atanasov

Wonderful experience. Rose was great. First haircut for Michael. The saloon had everything to make the haircut AMAZING ADVENTURE. Even the adult would like to be kids for ones more. Xboxes and videos for entertainment and the staff are careful with the kids. Definitely recommend to all parents if they want the first haircut to be SPECIAL.

Serena Shields

Very friendly, and listen to you.

Stephanie Dillard

Worst haircut experience my son ever had.

sarah porter

I LOVE this place!! Tonya cut his hair and it's the best haircut he's ever had! I'm so happy. Thank you, Sharkeys!!! Oh, and he had a blast there. He's obsessed with lightning McQueen and he got to sit in a lightning McQueen car for his cut!

Austin Murray

Jessica Monasco

The staff is always friendly and have the right attitude to work with children. The store is designed for kids, and offers fun whether you have an older or younger child. My daughter loves to get her nails done and looks forward to her haircuts now. My son enjoys being able to play x-box while they style him. I highly recommend giving them a try!

Travis Waskom

Bobbi Branham

They always do a great job on my children's hair the staff is always friendly the kids love it there

raul Santana

Rachael Manuel

I've taken my older son (now 10 years) there multiple times, each time to a different stylist, and wanted to return so they could fix what they did. I only actually went back once because it was inconvenient. I'm sure I just seemed like the know-it-all mom when I tried to warn them at each visit that he has crazy cowlicks and growth patterns, but only maybe twice out of about 5 visits was I actually happy with the cut. I kept going because my son at least sat still for them, and they offered a PTA member discount. That was about 2 years ago. When he actually got a good cut I'd request that stylist, and both times the one we liked had changed jobs. So fast forward to Thanksgiving, I took my 1yr old in. I knew it was a bad idea, but it was last minute the day before Thanksgiving, and we live right by there. His hair was still wet when we left, so I couldn't tell how bad it really was, but it's BAD. So bad that we have to just let it grow for a bit before we can even get it fixed. I didn't even bother going back in to ask. I'm not usually one to publicly leave a bad review, but after my baby's bad hair, and hearing their commercial on the radio recently I thought people should know.

Katherine Davidson

Seth Hotchkiss

These guys are great!

Jarod Merle

Julie Evans

Joel fraire

Alicia Miller

Dave Armstrong

Ashley Taylor

I brought my 3 year old in for a haircut because I've been to this establishment before and got exactly what I wanted so the price, although very expensive, was ok with me because I got exactly what I asked for. This last time though was a whole other story. The lady I went to before was not there(I think she just had her baby) so I showed the new lady that was cutting his hair what I wanted and she said she could do that, so I stepped away to let her work and came back about 10 minutes later just to check, thank God I did! I had to ask her to stop cutting his hair because he had nicks all over and the sides of his hair was two different lengths! So another lady came to try and fix the mistake but, no fault of hers, his hair was beyond fixable. They tried to convince me that the nicks were more blended so they were barely noticeable, that was a joke! Friends and family seen him a few days after and felt bad. They did end up acknowledging it was a bad cut. When it came time to pay I was floored they acknowledged it was a bad cut and still wanted to charge me $15.95 ($2 off) for a cut that THEY ACKNOWLEDGED was bad then wanted to give me 50% off the next time I came... Why on earth would I want to come back when you don't even know how to right your wrongs?!?!?! It sucks because I came here a couple times before this incident and my son loved it but that just really rubbed me the wrong way. BUYER BEWARE!!!

Ashley Sutton

Larry Isaacs

It's OK overrated really

Katie Tombre

Sheila Perrigan

Walked in right at 6 mins late and said we had to reschedule... I have been there several times and seen Stylist turn away people when they walk in if they didn’t have a appointment and they would just be standing there the whole time while we got our boys hair cut! There were 3 Stylist standing there when we walked in there was nobody in there getting their haircut at the time they told us that they had somebody coming in at 2:20 and we got there at 2:06 we had an appointment at two and we’re told we had to reschedule because they were busy and there was nobody in the shop at the time and all the stylist were standing around. Worst customer service! Also all the girls were really rude!! We will NEVER BE BACK!!!

Ian Pryce

Miranda Hawthorne

Great place for kids!

Ryan Huffer

My daughter continuously asks to come back here. Loved this place.

Cheryl Mcguire

Victoria Rahhal

I got perfect haircut for my kid here.Can't go to any other places as they don't have enough patience to work with my child.

Benjamin Whitley

Rose was amazing, was able calm my son and very engaging with him. We'll definitely be coming back because of her

Dan Reynolds

Staff is rude. Haircuts are over priced. And they don't honor their own incentive programs. They used to have an "every 10th cut is free" punch card. We filled up the card and scheduled our "free" haircut. After it was over, we were told that the owner conveniently changed it to "every 15th cut" and they would not honor our punch card. Ridiculous.

Gabriel Ocegueda

Luis Marquez

Our son was a handful and did not want his hair cut. The staff was very understanding and we were amazed by their patience and professionalism... End result was the cutest haircut ever....

Cindy Filip

Was not to happy about the prices.

zachary obriant

Sandra Hudson

Don't remember being there. But looks cute in picture.

Darla May

The worst haircut ever!! I took my 5 year old boy to get a haircut for his school picture day. I made the appointment for 2:40pm they didn't cut his hair until 3:30. Yeah almost waited and hr for the most ugliest haircut!!! NEVER COMING BACK!!!

Jennifer Armstrong

The stylist are great with kids. My 2 year old son loves sitting in the car to get his hair cut.

susan gore

Melissa Dufur

Great price and great with kids

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