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REVIEWS OF Salon West IN Oklahoma

Super Batman SuperBatman1

Sydney Sherrill

Stephanie Jones is amazing!!! 10/10 recommend!!

Ashley Jones

The receptionists is very rude, unkind, and unprofessional. The female in particular has run off many clients . Need to hire qualified team members. Especially an employee who answers the phone. Apparently this receptionist hangs up the phone line either out of lack of knowledge of using the phone line system itself or has no capacity to communicate and hangs up being unable to assist in communicating for the 30 hair dressers and their clients. Hoping they hire better


Loved it

Jessica Arlene

I love David! He is truly a hair guru. Expert colorist!!!

Jonathan Maw

Eva Reis

My hair is very important to me so when I looked at the online reviews on Salon West and saw so many glorifying Stephanie, I was very skeptical. However, I decided to give call the salon and give it a try. Believe me, it was beyond worth it!! From the get go Stephanie was extremely professional, polite, and genuinely kind. She got me an appointment the moment of, without the hassle of calling back and forth or dealing with any unnecessary banter. The moment I stepped into Salon West I felt comfortable and like I was in good hands. I have had an exact idea of what I wanted for a while but I hadn't quite found a place that I was willing to trust. Stephanie talked with me and made sure that everything was just how I wanted it the ENTIRE TIME!!! I am truly impressed with how good my layers came out and how up to style she was. I am incredibly pleased with my haircut and I can say with no doubt in my mind that I will be returning to Salon West-- THANK YOU STEPHANIE!!!!!

Vicky Webster

Hayden Mulanax

Stephanie is a miracle worker!! I've been going to her for 4 years now and everytime I see her I walk away happy and excited to see her again! She has a great attitude towards clients and a kick ass talent for coloring and cutting and everything in between! Don't know what you're wanting? Go see Steph! Give her your budget and she'll give you a complete makeover! She's the best I've ever been to! ❤️❤️

Karlyn Blumenthal

Great hair color and cut by Stephanie., every time. I'm lucky to have her as my hair person. She's kept my hair healthy through years of chemo and can cover thinning spots with a incredible cut.


Stephanie does an amazing job!! With my hair and she also gives the best advice on what products to use for my hair! Highly recommend her to anyone :)

yunie maxwell

I tried to make appt here but when I got appt, they would tell me to change it because they had a personal issue..... several times... SO service is not good :/ how sad.

Karla West

David is a sweety.

Steve Jones

Catherine Peterman

I have been seeing Ashley Mason here for years and she is amazing... Very affordable, great at getting me scheduled and always does an amazing job! I'm so glad I found someone affordable and great at doing my hair locally... Thanks Ashley!!!

Shandell Esmond

Rosanne is amazing and she’s really nice :)

Traci Schaeffer

Great haircuts, eyebrow waxing

Paige Palmer

Rosanna has been doing my hair for many years, she is very throuogh and a perfectionist! I wouldn’t go to anyone else. The shop is always clean and everyone always has a smiling face! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Jennifer West

See stephanie. She is amazing.

Mike Martin

Lorie back does amazing work!! The other ladies in the salon are all very sweet and talented!

Haley Toone

Stephanie was lovely and found time for me in her busy schedule! Permed and chopped my beloved long locks. Couldn't be more happy with the outcome! THANK YOU


Called in the other day and they take walk-ins and are cash only. Was in desperate need of a haircut after another salon destroyed my hair due to improper perming techniques and just wanted to cut it short so I can grow out most the damage (which happens to be all around the crown). Angela was super sweet and got me in the chair within the next hour. She's been doing hair for decades and is very knowledgeable about different products to use. I asked her to cut it dry so I could realistically see how my hair would look (my hair is fairly thick). She was very accommodating and did an amazing job. Can't wait to come back so I can continue fixing my hair.

Sonia Santiago

Actually, I visit here to get my nails done by Nina!! She is skilled and versatile in her specialty, she always rises to the occasion no matter what the challenge. She is professional, very clean, takes her time and ALWAYS aims to please. As for the hairdressers, the are a fabulous, fantastic group of people who truly love their jobs. I've never seen an unhappy customer, and they don't mind walk-ins. They provide various related services. You won't be disappointed in the results.

Traci Pippin

Stephanie Jones at Salon West DEFINITELY knows her stuff. Had a horrible color done by another salon and she corrected it and made it look AWESOME!!! Not enough stars available to rate this wonderful stylist

Morgan Sharpton

Andrea Yancey

Sara Tsoodle

Ask for Stephanie. She's great!

Stephanie Jones

I am a stylist of 20 years and have worked in Salons in Okc and in Dallas Tx....Salon West is a very clean,well ran Salon...My coworkers are very talented and passionate about making our guests feel confident and pretty...Alot of salons are very "clicky" ,if you will! We are like family!!! Come see us !! My passion in this industry is enhancing your inner beauty as well as outer.. I specialize in color, extensions, mens cuts and straight razor shaves.. I also enjoy haircuts for the entire family!!! Come check us ---Stephanie Jones

Jeff Brown

Great salon, everyone is really nice and talented.

Sheila Gage

Love this beautiful place and the beautiful staff

Emily VanRosendale

Called multiple times to make an appointment and never got an answer. Physically drove to the salon and went inside and there was not a soul in sight. There was a child running around and that was about it. No one up front to greet or make appointments, and even when I poked my head in the back there was no one. I could hear people off in the back talking but that’s about it. waited a solid 5 minutes and walked out. Sad thing is, I’ve been here multiple times over the years and it’s been great and that’s the only reason I actually drove up cause I thought they might have been busy, which they were not.

Rudi Pennington

I called at around 4:30 on a Tuesday to see if I could get a haircut as a walk-in, and 30 minutes later I was sitting in a chair! Stephanie did an excellent job! I'm usually very particular about who handles my hair, but I'm totally comfortable with trusting her.

Renae Nail

Oh my goodness walked in with a botched up haircut not knowing there was enough left to soften up around my face. Curly or up was the only way I could go to camoflouge the bad cuts . Rosanna Smith / Jones took me by the hand and she rocks. My sides look longer than they did and now I can go straight or curly again . She made soft angles and my face doesn't look harsh anymore . Highly recommend .

Christopher Oliver

I know everyone says it’s easy to cut guys hair, but believe me when I say there is a wrong way to cut it! I know that now thanks to Stephanie and her awesome technique, but also taking the time to teach me about my hair. I’ve been going to her for almost a year now and even drive from Midwest city to come to her. She does a great job, is so easy to talk to, and has become like family to me and my wife. She’s very professional and can always make room for a haircut I needed a week ago. The shop is so clean and has a great atmosphere as well. But hands down, Stephanie is one of the best!

Sally Wojciechowski

I love, love LOVE Stephanie at Salon West! I’ve been using her for about 4 years now and she always does my hair just perfect. She also makes sure that when I am on vacation or if I take a trip out of town that I get the right products to take with me for my hair! Most of all, she listens to what I want to do with my hair and, BOOM.... she makes it happen every time!

Stephanie King

Beautiful shop!

Lizzy Brittain

My first time at salon west, i was referred to David by my cousin, David is a great guy and he did an amazing job on my hair!!!! Im very particular about my hair I've gotten a few bad haircuts in my life, and I'm hooked David will be doing my hair from now on until he stops accepting my money lol

Deborah West

Stephanie Milli

I called and scheduled with Jo who was persistent in getting an appointment. When we arrived no one greeted us. So we sat in lobby. A woman came in and asked if she could help us. I told her we had an appointment and she said “with”? Her attitude was a put off. Come to find out she has one of the “special “ locking booth/ rooms in the front. Woo! Jo took forever to do a simple boys hard part cut with a short comb over. Ugh. I’m not real pleased with the way she left it. And my son couldn’t explain exactly what it was but he didn’t like her. It was my first visit but I won’t go back to Salon West.

Scott J. Hamilton

Lane Parker is a unique hybrid of barber/stylist/hair dresser. His talent extends to women and men, and he truly enjoys his clients. He also provides the best eyebrow waxing in town.

Floyce Young-kirkpatrick

Josonda is the best! She is very knowledgeable about hair color, and the latest hair styles. I’m super happy after a visit with her. She makes me feel and look beautiful. I’ll never go to anywhere Else.also reasonable priced. She also does my daughters hair....

Stephanie Nelson

Stephanie Jones has done some miracle work. You can definitely depend on her to come through!

dex ster

what about debby ? she’s a total babe

Ladleladlegiraffe Giraffe

I called in on a Thursday for a walk-in. Stephanie saw me within the hour. I showed her a picture of the (sort of unusual) style I wanted, and in about half an hour we were done! She did a fantastic job, and made sure it was how I wanted it and that it suited my personality. The salon itself is very clean and cute. I went on a Thursday, so it was nice and quiet as well.

Elisa DeCesaris

Stephanie at salon west graciously fit me in during lunch on a Saturday. She was incredible! Helped this new mama with her greys and gave me the best hair cut. She took what I showed her in a picture and used her expertise to cater it to my wants and needs. I told her I loved having my hair washed and I swear she did an extra run through so I could relax and close my eyes for a bit. The blow dry and flat iron curl was quick and looks great. After years of leaving salons “somewhat satisfied,” I finally got the hair cut I always wanted! Thank you, Stephanie! The salon itself is well lit and clean. I will definitely return.

Angel Scott

Rosanna did an amazing job with my hair!! She did exactly what I wanted done with my hair and the results were amazing!! I would recommend her to anyone whose looking for a professional hair stylist!!

Tracy Brown-Selfridge

Stephanie Jones does awesome work! Another hair stylist severely damaged my hair; beyond repair I thought, but Stephanie did some magic and in 3 sessions my hair looks great! I can't give her enough accolades! She will do my hair for as long as we live!

Glen Wolfe

Brandi Cook

My daughter's annual gift for my birthday is a trip to the "beauty shop" to get my "HAIR DID" her friend from high school works there! ~CHASITEE~TALL~BEAUTIFUL ~& SKILLS ON POINT~ HER work is HOT! MY HAIR IS SO NOW! I LOVE IT & SHE IS FAST! MY WHOLE HEAD OF LONG HAIR THAT IS PAST THE MIDDLE OF MY BACK WENT PLATINUM & WASHED & TONED & BLOW DRIED & CURLED IN LESS THAN 2 HOURS!

Traci Brown

Stephanie is the best and she stands behind her work! I have been going to her for many years and will not go any where else!

Regina Varghese

ASHLEY IS AMAZING! She gave me a balayage this morning and she did such a great job. Before and after pics below!

Filthycoffin Frankenstein

Stephanie did an amazing transformation on my hair I absolutely love her and have a new hairstylist!! Words can’t describe how great she did. She took my copper red hair and made it into a beautiful melt of colors!


Stephanie Jones is my new go to girl. She is great with color and makes my hair silky smooth. My cut is spot on with what I wanted. Today was my third appointment. Everyone here seems so happy and glad to be at work. Walk ins not a problem. 03/12/18 Had to add my latest visit results. Had a Keratin treatment to help with super lackluster hair, absolute miracle! My hair looks and feels so smooth. Got a discount for adding the Keratin treatment with my cut and color. Pic was taken at the end of the day after being out in the good old Oklahoma wind.

Jennifer Davis

Beautiful salon! Stephanie cut my hair for years, then I moved to Texas. Have not found anyone in my new town that comes even close to the quality and value that I get from Stephanie. Went back to Oklahoma for a quick day trip, and Stephanie graciously fit me in after a last minute request. Love my hair again!! And love Stephanie! She just KNOWS hair and how to cut it. My hair is very thick, and no one else seems to understand how to take the weight out of it. Stephanie gets it right every time. And she’s a sweetheart, that’s just a bonus!

Angelica Renae


Jenna Hyden

Crystal Sanchez

Stephanie jones is an amazing stylist. She cut my hair yesterday. I love it. Warm and welcoming.

Amanda Holmes

Brad Y

Made a last minute call to get my spouses’ nails dipped, toes done, and a haircut for myself. They have been sooooo kind, accommodating and seem to be the place to earn your business!! Awaiting the finished results!! I am sure we will be well taken care of and please with their services!

Shanna Williams

I came in in a panic and Stephanie Jones got me calm and beautiful!!!! Thank you so much!!!

Leona Wright

It Was great better then the other hair shop i have wheat to befor this one is so friendly and help and clean just all out GREAT I WILL GO BACK AGIN AND AGIN.. ASK FOR JAMIE SHE IS GREAT REALY SHE DOSE JUST THE WAY U WONT IT..SHE IS REALLY GREAT DOING HAIR LOVE HER WORK AWESOME

Karl Kent

Great group of people. Not at all like other places

Shayna Bowen

I have been using Stephanie for years! She is a family friend and has never let me down... She always does what I ask. She will tell me her honest opinion. Could not be happier with her!!

Jess Austin

Melanie Cabrera

Great things heard of this place and got to experience it my self ,Stephanie is awesome! Love my new Hair do.

Chrissy Schmidt

Stephanie Jones did an amazing job saving my very damaged hair and making it look beautiful again!

Brooklyn Austill

Stephanie Jones did my hair exactly the way I pictured it! I walked in scared because a lot of people mess my hair up but when I called I felt I was going to like it so as I assumed I walked in and she greeted me and made me feel at home. I recommend going here for any of your hair necessities she’s AMAZING!!

Tracie Quine

Kim Tucker is the bomb. My hair looks awesome.

Kylee Comstock

Josonda is great! She does a great job on color, color corrections, women's cuts and mens! She cuts my husband, my two girls and mine and takes time with all her clients. Very reasonable on prices too!

Rachel C

I made an appointment at salon west for a cut and color. I asked the if they could make my blonde hair strawberry blond and they said yes. I ended up with an ash brown color.

Canyon Vaughan

Tonnie Swartz

I have gone to Stephanie for years and will continue to. She's the best!

Adrienne Adesanwo

Teresa Conley

Rosanna is a very respectful person. She listens to how you want your hairstyle. She has my hair styled the way I like it. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a hairstylist.

Katie Gillean

Trishia Erickson

Cheyenne Smith

Stephanie was amazing!!!! love my what she did to my hair. this place is great positive energy beautiful salon.

Dawn Burks

Kelsey Oliver

Stephanie at Salon West does a fantastic job for our family. She is friendly, professional, and does amazing work that is affordable. She made my hair look the best it has in years! Highly recommend her and Salon West.

Carolyn Merritt

Stephanie is great with hair!! I have hair that is hard to cut and style correctly and haven't found anyone that could do it well. After she was finished with my hair I couldnt believe the difference! Fantastic! I highly recommend her!

Kortney Brown

Stephanie is the absolute greatest!!! She always works great with my schedule & loves her clients like her own! I have never been let down with her & my hair condition has never been better! Highly recommended if you want your hair looking the best!

Shane Madison

Stephanie Jones is an amazing well trained hairstylist! Always flexible and willing to get me book on short notice. Most stylists have issues cutting/dying my hair type but, not Stephanie. I know my hair will be pampered and well taken care of with her knowledgeable skill set.

Keri Windle

I love Stephanie! She's great! She's super friendly and easy to talk to. Her prices are fair and she's always teaching me more about my hair and the products I should be using on it. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my hair. I gave her a tough challenge with my hair and she nailed it with a smile the whole time! She works well with my schedule and did a great job on my hair. It's right where I wanted it to be! She is just the sweetest and really great at what she does!

Kelsey F.

Stephanie Jones is the best!! I always leave feeling great about my hair. She makes you feel like family! ❤️

Chelbi Vasquez


Stephanie I will go back!

Sarah Patteson

I have been going to Rosanna for at least 5 years now... I've never been unhappy with any of my cut or color services! She's super nice, affordable, and takes pride in making you look your best! When you let her know you need a service, she does her best to get you in quickly! Her work is very professional and thorough! I had her cut my hair yesterday (after going way too long between cuts) and she did amazing! I went in with a picture of what I liked, and left with exactly that! The shop itself is super clean and everyone there is so nice and welcoming! If you're in need of hair care services, go see Rosanna! You won't be disappointed!

Whitney Migliaccio

Jo Rollins is an awesome stylist! I hadn't had a hair cut in over a year and was a little nervous to let someone touch my hair after my stylist of 8 years moved out of state. Jo did a simple beautiful clean cut for myself and my son. She was so friendly and great with kids. The environment was relaxing and inviting, we have a new stylist!


Very friendly! Ms. Jones was very fun to talk to and did a lovely job with my haircut. And the guy who did the design into the shaved part of my undercut did fantastic, it looks super cool. He also gives good hugs. 10/10

Michelle Lawson

Stephanie is super friendly, helpful, and made my crazy hair look so cute! She was very honest about the condition of my hair and helped me get to where I want to be. Definitely coming back!

Robert Bledsoe

Stephanie Jones... Great stylist and excellent cut! Highly recommend Stephanie! colorado1

Stephanie worked me in for an appointment before I left on a trip to Colorado. She did a great job on my haircut and recommended some ways to keep my hair healthy. I really appreciate finding her. I had some great stylists in Colorado and Branson, but not here. I definitely recommend her. Very kind and helpful too.

Renee Bronson

Ashley is great at coloring hair.

Brandy Evans

Stephanie has been doing my hair for 20yrs and it's always the best experience!!!! Highly recommended

J Robinson

Stephanie is AMAZING!! She took my idea and made it more than I could have ever imagine! I would have never thought I could pull Red off! My daughter and I are always happy with the results we receive from Stephenie!! We absolutely love and adore her! Always, Jillian

Mary Mulanax

Words can not express the magnitude of passion and talent Stephanie Jones has! Her will to make any client stunning and staying on track with their vision, adding a spice of Steph is beyond incredible! I have had the pleasure of being one of her many clients for 4 years now and I continue walking out just as happy and blown away as I did the first day! Y'all need this woman!! Love her inside and out and no one can do what she does better! ❤❤

Maggie Ryan

Awesome place full of positive energy! Rosanna is amazing!

Jamie Shrier

Kyle B

Syvia Vaughan

Rosanna is the absolute best! She has 18 years of experience behind her and is still able to keep up with the trends. She has always done her best to fit me in whenever I need. Her color and cut techniques are the best and there isn't anyone one I would not send to her. She is super sweet but will always tell you what is best for you hair. If anyone is the OKC or surrounding area needs a stylist, Rosanna is your girl!!!

Kim Comeaux

I have been going to Roseanna for 10years. Roseanna is awesome!!

Timm Kane

Lindsey B is the BEST

Jill Lofftus

Go to Christine, she does a great job!

Heather Hernandez

Tiffanie Gee

Kimberly Stafford

teghn13 .

I got a simple trim and re-shaping from David the other day, and it was easily the worst haircut I’ve ever had in my life. It looks like a toddler cut my hair. I have thick, curly hair, and I told him that I just wanted a trim and for him to re-cut my long layers. He seemed to know what I was asking for. He cut the layers way too short and now it looks ridiculous and downright ugly. I couldn’t believe how bad it was. Also, the experience was bad. He kept hitting my head with the blow dryer, and at one point I was choking and coughing on hairspray that he used way too much of. I could forgive those little things if it had been a good haircut, but the whole experience was the absolute worst I could have imagined. He also apparently only takes cash, which someone should really tell you before you show up. I was just lucky that I happened to have cash on me. To top it off, he took all of it without even offering change, which completely took away my opportunity to decide how much I would tip him. If only I could give less than one star. I will absolutely not be giving them any business ever again.

Darrell MacDonald

Lori Delaney

Love Ashley! She does a fantastic hair!

Crystal Baker

Fantastic salon and wonderful stylists!

Lindsey Bethea

Karen Leonard

Micah was great! Loved her knowledge and experience!

Stacie Godwin

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