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At present the business has a rating of 4.2 out of 5 and this score was based on 86 reviews.

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REVIEWS OF Duncan Bros. Salon-Quail Springs Mall IN Oklahoma

ashley lundy

Mummzie Lazur

Natalia Mora

Bethel Hackett

I was very unhappy with the haircut that I got the last of may. I wanted some soft layers added to my sides and on the top for some height. My hair was a mid length. I even had a picture to show how I wanted it. It was so short in the back I could not pick it up. I had never had it so short before. My husband did not even know me when he saw me later in our car. I had a special event to attend that next weekend and I wanted my hair to look good. I have waited for awhile to post this because I have never given such a negative response before for any type of service. Just want anyone who is getting a haircut to be very vocal about how short they want their hair.

Duaa Fatima

Bad experience ever

Ashley Lundy

Jordan Schneider

TheRonaldChase .

Rhey did an amazing job actually working with me on my hair and shaping the style that I wanted to my face. That's a hard thing to find in many salons anymore. Absolutely will be back to have her cut my hair in the future!

SessoFiore .

Heather T

Love this salon! I’ve been coming to Chelcie for a couple of years now. Love it.

piper rutledge

sensible survival tips

Love the friendly staff and my hair always looks great! Amanda is very talented!!

Emily Beverly

Giggle Bug

Rhey is awesome!

Randa Ogden

Just got a much needed haircut at Duncan Bros Quail Springs and Carina did a wonderful job.

Brandi Hix

I absolutely love this salon, I have never been anywhere else. My stylist, Amanda Ellis, always does an exceptional job! Thank you Duncan Brothers and Amanda for keeping my blonde hair beautiful!

Ashley Ford

I love this salon! Everyone is very professional and sweet. The energy in there is great!! It's super convenient too because they're open 7 days a week! I recommend this salon to everyone!

Erica Clark

Sent a text @6:10 asking for appointments. Got nothing. Decided to stop by at 7, was turned away because they didn't have anything available before close at 9. (So literally for two hours). Seen two people without clients in the window so thought it wouldn't be a wait at all. Why have a text app or say you accept walk ins until 9 if you don't? Not like I showed up at 8:50, ten minutes but two hours before close.

Kari Coppedge

Extremely talented group of stylists who specialize in legendary customer service! Whether you are looking for the most current hair trend, or something more classic, the search stops here! Duncan Bros Salon has been in business for 45 years for a reason! Come let us give you the best hair of your life!

Taylor Younkin

Always have great hair service! Wouldn’t go anywhere else!

Jo Ogden

Alexx did a wonderful job and loved the service.

Beth Hart

I havent had my hair professionally done ever and just moved here so i picked this place. I had Rhey and she was so fun to talk to and super sweet and nice. They all seemed so friendly and close. Dillon had me laughing so much and Allex was nice as well. These are the kind of people i would hang out with. Now i have my new hair stylist! Happy with the results! Thank you Rhey! see you again in 6 weeks!

Roxanne Walker

Love the staff here. They are the best

Daley R

Amazing salon!

Shelly Thompson

I have been going to Duncan Bros. for the last few years now. I get an all over color and trim each time I go, about every 2-3 months. It is always a very pleasant and friendly experience each time I go. The atmosphere is great too! I’m always greeted by the staff with a smile! Ashley Ford is my stylist and does an outstanding job every time!

Carisa Coleman

Ashleigh Rainey cut, colored, and styled my hair. She did balayage on my dark curly hair. It looks amazing. She educated me on products and how to use them to keep my hair healthy. Also explained the whole process, giving me a great salon experience. Will recommend and go back!

Sravanti Pappu

I just loved the way the professionals treat their customers and ofcourse the girl did a fabulous work with my hair! My husband was very much impressed with my curls. I wish i could thank her but I don't even know her name! All I know is she belongs to a German family. Hey sweety if your are reading this, I thank you for my pretty curls and sorry for forgetting to reward you :( We shall definitely meet next time :D Okay so if u wanna recall who I am, am the long haired girl from India :)

Tara Routh

Duncan Brothers is the best salon in OKC. The quality of work and relationships with clients exceed all expectations. Love all of their staff members they make you feel very welcome. I’d recommend any of my friends and family to this salon!! It’s not just any salon!!

Aron Dunsworth

Carol Sommer

Maddi is my favorite stylist in the world. She rocks! This place is so trendy and fun.

Brianna G

My sister called and asked for the 'top stylists' and price was not an issue...when she arrived she explained, in detail, what she wanted and even had multiple photos for reference. What she was asking for was not impossible...we aren't talking about going from black to platinum in a day...just a simple balayage on her already dirty blonde head...her hair came out green tinted and splotchy. Her hair cut was not even what she asked for and her multiple requests for a blowout were ignored completely due to the stylists trying to hide her very obvious mistakes. My sister then went back expecting them to fix it (for free - like they offered) and came out with nothing fixed and the woman explaining she couldn't fix anything because of her timeframe. The second stylists, instead of reschedualing to insure customer happiness, tried to "tone out the green" from the previous stylist as quickly as possible. The stylists made sure to remind us frequently of her lack of time to handle the situation correctly instead of being a professional and handling it. All in all this was a nightmare and my sister and myself will be taking our business elsewhere.

Tiana Doan

I had an appointment with Alexx today. I am very happy with the haircut and will definitely come back.

brandye gage

Normally I would b giving 5☆but, 2day I went in 4my cut & color & @4:30pm & they didn't have me on the books until Sunday at noon there's no blame my husband made the apt 4me my nice is getting married on Saturday. . My hubby just made the apt on Wednesday so only 1day between my apt time got really messed up & now my hair won't b colored or trimmed 4the wedding! It's a SIMPLE MISTAKE HAPPENS EVERYWHERE &IN THIS CASE NO BLAME! WILL I STOP GOING 2 KORINA @ DUNCAN BROTHER'S IN THE MALL NOW? NO!, I WILL DO BEST I CAN ON WEDDING DAY & WAIT FOR KORINA ON SUNDAY! MISTAKES HAPPEN & I'M ALL IN WITH HER !THIS IS A STATE OF THE ART SALON & THEIR STYLIST R FABULOUS(mine is worth the wait) Just a bit upset that I dropped everything & drove all the way 2b told can't see me until Sunday. So I will wait till then & then maybe 5☆!

Kevin Kelley

Called and got an appointment within an hour on the the same day! Dillon was perfect! He gave me a great haircut and made sure I was happy with it every step of the way. Fun and easygoing without the forced conversation awkwardness that usually keeps me away from salons! Great experience, will definitely be going back!

Sam Hansu

I have been here many many times and I would like to remain anonymous, as I don’t want to hurt any feelings. I’m not sure what is going on in the last couple months but seems like if you want to reach anyone on the phone you either have to wait on hold for 20-30 minutes and that’s only sometimes that they return to the line, or call later on towards the evening. I like to book closer to seven at night. Online booking is great for my haircut but if you want color call at night. Don’t bother texting during the day either as they only respond at night to that. Maybe they’re just really busy, maybe it’s new management, or I don’t know. Definitely not the duncan brothers I have grown to love. I enjoy getting my hair done by ray and Chelsea and most of the girls are friendly. I am getting annoyed at how hard it is to book there. And anytime I try to contact the penn location it either goes to voicemail, I’m placed on hold, or this salons night receptionist (I don’t remember the girls name) answers.

Lindsay Fetters

I have been getting my hair cut and styled here with Shelly for the last 15 years. Even after moving away to Colorado and now Kansas I wait to get my haircut when I came back to Oklahoma! She is so wonderful that she even gave my babies their first haircuts! I always get complimented on my hair and would recommend Duncan Bros. Salon to anyone!

Mitch Harvey

Ryan Tisserand

Sable Ann

Love Rhey! If you ever need a change with your hair color, she’s you’d be girl!

Aimee R.

I have been going to Duncan Bros. Salon-Quail Springs Mall for more years than I can remember. I often have a different stylist, but I am never disappointed. They are all fantastic, kind, and I think they charge an incredibly reasonable price for the service they provide. I love Duncan Bros. Quail Springs.

Rhey Rhey Shrader

Such a great environment to be in. The education is impeccable and what a great team of ladies who really pull together.

brett coulston

Rhey did an awesome job on my hair so i will definitely be coming back. Also, jessica was a very nice person to talk to at the front since my nana had spent all my inheritance on used mini vans. They made my bad day much better

Annie Zachariah

Janet McMaster

Rhey at Quail Springs is the Best!

Bob Hartley

Rae is very talented!

kostner coppedge

Great experiences here to be had by all who decide to enter! This is not your run of the mill “mall salon” like Regis. This is a customized, specialty service opportunity. Try it out, you won’t be disappointed! Duncan bros is awesome AF

Jayme Roberson-Hatfield

Rhay is amazing she always takes great care of me!!!

Sara Lehman

The girl who styled my hair was very nice, but I am completely unhappy with my hair. This was my first time to get my hair dyed professionally so I was not really sure what to expect. I wanted a balayage, and I repeatedly said that I didn't want my hair to look yellow, but now my hair is yellow along with 2 other colors and it doesn't look nice or well-blended. I thought that I might have been overreacting, so I went to THREE different hair salons and they all said that my hair looked poorly done, especially since I paid $140 for it. One of the stylists at a different salon looked through my hair and said it looked like "checkerboard." I am going to a different hair salon tomorrow to get it fixed, but I am just very upset that I invested so much money into something that I am so displeased with.

Troy Johnson

Alexx did my color and it was a fantastic service! She provided me the knowledge I needed to make my color last as long as possible and even dyed my eyebrows to match! I was very impressed and will definitely be returning.

Beverly Shaffer

never again! Wanted a stacked inverted bob and she did not angle it enough nor stack it properly! I am very disappointed! They obviously need reschooling! They need to restyle their hair ! Look awful!

Ciara Dauphinais

This was hands down one of the worst experiences I have ever had in a hair salon. The stylist I saw spent about 30 seconds discussing with me what I wanted (golden blonde highlights) and then left to mix color... I didn't see her for a good 20 minutes after that. When she was gone, there was another stylist who was popping her pimples and talking about her "camel-toe", not only in front of me but also in front of another customer. Completely unprofessional and GROSS. My stylist finally came back with my color and began foiling my hair. She did the back within 5-10 minutes and then one half of my head in 15 and the other side took 30, which I knew would make for uneven highlights. During this whole process, my stylist barely said a word to me. She told me a story about a client she had that hated her hair and how frustrated she was with the client and how she refused to fix the client's hair, which made me nervous about telling her if I didn't like my results. After she finished foiling, she let my hair sit for a good 20-30 minutes and left to go get lunch. This made me incredibly nervous because my hair processes quickly and should be watched. When she washed my hair, she used cold water and yanked my hair causing pain. She put in a toner and let it sit for about a minute before rinsing which I knew was not a good sign because it barely had time to process. She brought me back to the chair and brushed my hair so hard that I literally felt like my scalp was bleeding (and I consider myself to have an extremely tough scalp and high pain tolerance). As you can probably guess, I did not like my results but due the earlier story she had told, I did not say anything. I had bleached streaks, not golden blonde. She brought me to the register, again without saying anything to me, and watched me sign my receipt and didn't stopped hovering until she saw me tip. It was incredibly uncomfortable. Needless to say, do not book an appointment here. You will leave disappointed.

Tory Chinn

Rhey did an amazing job and was super sweet!!! Everyonw there was very nice :D

James E Adams

Great quality service!

Amy Goley

I needed a last-minute cut after deciding to go short before going on vacation the next day. Not many stylists appreciate a client asking for a radical change on their first visit. There's no way of knowing just how 'sure' they are and it could end up being their last visit. Christine didn't bat a lash at my request or try talking me out of it. Her confidence in her ability was well-founded. She got me in and out within an hour with a cut that would've taken 3 TIMES that at one of the Edmond Gossip Bars...I mean Salons. And I left without feeling like I'd lost 20 IQ points from overhearing the unwanted details of 10 stylists' love lives, hangovers, or which one needs one of her coworkers to wax/spray/or tweeze something before her next 'client' comes in. I will DEFINITELY be back to see her. Professional, up to date on product and trends, and positive conversation that didn't slow her down at all. Thanks, Doll!

Kevin Kevin

The men's shampoo, cut and style only lasted 20 minutes and cost me $33! Then I had to trim more off when I got home. I would stick with salons that don't take walk-ins.

Chelsea Brand

Karina was amazing! The salon was clean and beautiful, and all the staff was friendly. I was cutting about 13 inches off of my hair. Karina showed me a few options and made sure to get an idea of what I wanted. Once she cut it she blow dried it straight, then curled it so I could see all of my options. She also gave me pointers for styling it at home. The haircut was also only $40, which was definitely worth it. I got a wash, cut, and 2 styles! THANKS KARINA!

Rj Hill

Everyone at the salon is extremely kind and proffesional. A wonderful environment and the top choice for anyone looking for the best hair stylists in OKC.

Connie Graves

brittany Butts

Alexx put extensions in my hair for the first time today and did an amazing job! Everyone at the salon was extremely helpful and nice! Will definitely be back for all my hair needs!

Amanda McKinney

We love Rae (Raleigh)!! She is the best! We moved here from Dallas and have been loyal clients with Toni & Guy for decades and love, love, love we found this little gem at Quail Springs!!! Rae cut my pixie perfect in the past and gave my daughter an amazing blue balayage this evening! #RavingFans Amanda, Stef, and McKenzie

Catherine Tang

Second time I've had my hair cut here, both Christine and Sarah did a great job and I was very happy both times.

MaryEllen Lacher

My hair was cut and curled. I didn't notice until the next day when I washed and straightened it that there were sections 2 inches longer than the rest of my hair. I had to get it recut somewhere else because I didn't trust them to do it again.. I've had positive experiences in the past here but this ruined it for me.

Justin Wright

This is the best salon I have been too great quality service, very talented staff, and very professional. I recommend anyone here. the other part is that its in the most convenient spot inside the mall who wouldn't love that.

alexis lopez

Kenna Joy Grider

My second time going to this salon at Quail, 1st time was a walk in and I found my stylist, Dillion is awesome! I definitely enjoy our banter back and forth and the conversations he makes me feel so comfortable really keeps me from having the typical anxiety I normally have with salons. Especially when your thinking about drastic changes!!! Thank you Dillion!~

Niki Miller

Made my daughter an apt online yesterday for here for today at 3pm. Showed up to find a sign on gate that said "closed due to plumbing issues. See us at our Penn location." Funny bc the other locations are closed until Tuesday at 9am! Horrible experience. Why was i able to make an apt online if they're closed?? Why could some one not call and let me know they're closed?? Ridiculous

Jasmine Griffin

amanda wilcox

Dillon did a amazing job!!

Linda Waters

Maddi is awesome and I love the online booking system.

Sheli McAdoo

Madi does a great job!

Lyon Family

Chelsea was awesome!!!!

Ashley Gibson

Google User

Cody Leake

Macie Bentley

I am fairly new to the area and have been hesitant to shop around for a hair stylist out of fear they will scar me for life, but that's the exact experience I received when I walked into Duncan Bros. I called and was quoted a price at about $100 for a cut and color for long hair. When I picked a color, close to my usual, from the swatch, but was very surprised when it came out purple. The stylist, Karina, assured me that after a few washes the purple would fade. I requested a second stylist's opinion given that the color I picked (a dark brown) was nowhere near purple! The second stylist directed Karina to put toner on so the purple would be less vibrant. Two and a half hours later I walked out with hair that was STILL purple, hair dye all over my face and a bill that was $40 over what I was quoted on the phone. The cut was good, but I can't believe Duncan Bros. had the audacity to charge me for the color when I had to walk out of the store and make an appointment to get my hair fixed elsewhere! I called on my way home and asked for the pricing for long-hair for a cut and color (again, just to make sure what I had originally noted was correct) and was given the same $100 quote, yet I was charged $140. After asking to speak with a manager about my experience, I was told one would not be on duty until tomorrow morning. Needless to say, I am very much looking forward to my conversation with her. On a lighter note, I am very thankful to the second stylists who helped direct Karina on how to be proactive and fix her mistake. Also, to the awesome stylist who dried my hair since Karina had another appointment. Wish I had scheduled my appointment with either of them since I watched four customers of their's walk out completely satisfied!

Whitney Judd

Had a terrible experience. My hair was very uneven. My color was stripped and because they started it so late they did not fix it and wanted me to come back another time. I live 2 hours away. I paid over 100 dollars. Looking back I should have never excepted it. I will NEVER be back.

Courtenay Caudill

Your website states cuts for boys under 12 cost $21 yet for 2 boys (7 & 10) I was charged $60. When I questioned the total she explained they were charged on 2 different levels. There was no mention of levels of charges on your website. The cuts were fine but as a single working mom I can’t afford those prices and wished I had been given the correct information beforehand.

Just Elise

Not happy at all except that I decided to not let my hair butcher cut my hair any shorter once I realized she wouldnt know what she was doing with my babyfine curly hair. Was charged their second price up for someone who supposedly knows what theyre doing. First she didnt want to cut as short as I wanted it - i thought fine, as long as its layered, it'll be fine. But instead of doing her job to layer it, she fought that and tried to talk me into using products instead to 'weigh it down'- I just finished telling her and the other stylists I caretake for 2 elderly people, I dont have time to do things like apply product, nevermind washing it out as much as it would need would kill my hair moisture and make my babyfine curls even more brittle. Despite knowing my hair was curly, insisted on cutting it wet - now i have uneven curl ends, and my head looks like a half circle because there was no layering cuts to trim down the top volume, I look like a medieval pageboy. I've gotten better cuts and the same cut for 30 bucks less at chain hair chop shop. The only saving grace is that her first cut is longer than I originally wanted, so I can go elsewhere to get it cut right. I dont know if she just didnt want to cut my hair so she could go home(even though there was still an hour to go) or if she thought, oh, this fat b!+@# doesnt need her hair cut well and spent less than 10 minutes on me hairwash included, refusing to cut my hair properly in order to try and sell products.

John Beaver

Jerzee Noggle

Savannah did an amazing job! She also educated me a lot on how to recover from damage, was very knowledgeable on products as well. Highly recommend her.

Dave Wilson

Ray did a fabulous job on my hair.

megan stokes

Rhey is amazing! My hair looks so good!

Amy Hare

My first time here. The service was professional. Rhey colored my daughter's hair a stunning red. She was so kind and friendly. Maddy did a phenomenal job cutting my long dry, dull hair. She put a leave in conditioner on it too. Now my hair looks like it has life again.

Jesus Fierro

Amazing hair salon and the hairdresser Rickey did an amazing professional job!

Riley Gitthens

Great haircut, very convenient location,

Christopher Hance

It's ok nice employees and get done the way they like it and way to expensive they charged me 210 for what I got and it was not worth that

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