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2900 N Classen Blvd O, Oklahoma City, OK 73106, United States

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REVIEWS OF Connie's Hair Salon IN Oklahoma

Natasha Moore

Ms Connie is so nice. She really likes to make people look their best. She knows hair, I have thick natural curly hair (very dry) and when I first starting going to see Connie 2 years ago it was over processed and a mess. It is now healthy, beautifully dyed, with a good cut that isn't too short after the first wash. Her prices are also very good.

Francisco Moreira

Angela Sinnett

Well I walked in looking like a hot mess and left there looking like a million bucks! Thank you Connie you're awesome!

Donny Ho

Connie makes me look so good!

Christina he

Sandy Pham

Connie is such a sweet loving person. She been doing my hair over a year now and it always looks amazing!

Kim Fitts

Love her service the best....making you feel totally a different awesome person when you walk out of her hair salon...I always give her a thumb up every time to visit her to get my hair done!!! :-)

Michael Moncado

Connie is the only person I let cut my hair ✂️

Blake Funston

Connie is good at cutting hair for the price. She is really nice and funny too! Go Connie!

JayandMona Porter

Connie had been my hair, then my daughters, for a little over a year now. Connie is always very hospitable, great with children, and she, somehow, always has a joke in store , for my wife . We can say that, with her professionalism, courtesy a and reasonable pricing, Connie had earned her spot as our family's hair destination. Thanks, Connie!

Thi Nguyen

phil ellis

I have trouble describing her..she is awesome.. she makes us look good..feel good..she has so many customers and all regulars..yet knows their names and stories and family friends bring their families.. she can fix others mistakes..she has a beautiful soul..a true master at her craft...I can go on and on..but I will never go anywhere else..

Brice00g Fowler

Great place for ur kids to go. Connie is so good with them.

Gern Blanston

Connie is the best in the city. People drive from out of state to see her.

Keneesha Y

Connie is great! My husband always gets his hair done here

Jessica Carrasco

Amber Mehdi

JoAn Lamson

Connie is the hair stylist of my dreams.

Nash Robinson

Luis Diaz

Mitch Smith

Jason Baxter

Ngoc Tran

James Riddle

My whole family gets our hair cut here and we love miss Connie. Great service and excellent hair cuts.

Kelly Phan

She disregarded what I asked for and did her own thing and her style of cutting causes split ends and breakage. My hair ended up being very uneven, choppy, and damaged. Aside from my cut, she had a rude and pushy personality. Don’t waste your money and save your hair.

Chetan Ahire

Gene Atauvich

With giving great hare kutz and a great person, Connie's is da place to get a great buzz for yo cranium!! I love this place!!

Mary Harris

My 2 kids & I have been going to Connie for 7 years. We have followed her from 2 other haircut places & then to her own salon!! That is how good she is! She definitely has a gift with hair!! My son & I have EXTREMELY thick, curly & very coarse hair. She knows exactly how to handle my son's 4 cowlicks! She can cut it short without it looking like he is wearing a helmet & she can cut it longer (he asked for a haircut like Shawn from the show Psych) & he loved it & it looked great on him. My hair is longer & it doesn't faze her at all. I have had many people over the years butcher my hair. So whenever I find someone that can do my hair, I STICK WITH THEM. My hair never fazed Connie & she did it well right from the start. I once went in to an expensive, high end salon & said I want a change but I don't want my hair chemically altered or dyed. They were in awe of my hair & said it was so lovely they wouldn't do anything to my hair. They couldn't handle it. I have known for years that I couldn't go short because I would look like the comedian Carrot Top ( like I stuck my finger in a light socket). Well Connie easily came up with a haircut above my shoulders!!! I have never been able to do this. I didn't look like I stuck my finger in a light socket & all she did was use the tools of her scissors. She really understands how hair grows & lays, she is gifted!! And she does all this cheaper than anyone around!! I almost forgot to mention my daughter, she is great with little kids. She is very loving & caring & has been cutting my daughter since she was 1 yr old. She squirms & my daughter's hair has always looked awesome!! So far my daughter has lightly curly hair (not as difficult as ours but you still have to know how to cut it to where it lays well) & she always looks like a little princess, with long layers & everything. My daughter is now 8 & adores Connie! Connie is truly gifted & people love her so much, that is how she was able to start her own salon & run it successfully with all her own customers!!! That is why people may have to wait. I have NEVER been double booked as another poster commented. Connie has incredible attention to detail so YES she takes time & people wind up having to wait because she does her best!! I have seen Connie be so booked she doesn't eat!!! She is so dedicated & doesn't want to make people inconvenienced. When I come in it is common that I ask if she has eaten & I am happy to wait. Over the years, & times when she has been backed up, she has skipped a a couple of steps that my son or I are use to. I can only think of 3 instances in 7 years. I simply went back when it wasn't as busy & she GLADLY & for free, fixed my son's hair (it just needed thinning)!! And mine, it wasn't that big a deal, I still looked good, so I just waited until my next cut. Connie is dedicated, has a dedicated following, gifted with hair & is true to her heart! It is a winning combination & that is why we have followed her & drive almost 30 minutes to have ONLY Connie do our hair! She has very capable assistants but we all love Connie so much, many don't want anyone else. And yes, I recommend her to anyone, especially those with thick curly hair!!!


Awesome place. I drive an hour just to get a hair cut.

Richard Ellis

Been coming here since she opened her doors. Great haircuts and more for a reasonable price. Wait is minimal.

Grace Silva

Connie always knows what's best for my hair. Been coming to her for years. Great price, great service.

Christina Mcdaniel

Melluckie Branstetter

Shes very good!


Connie dyed my hair for me. She is a very funny lady. She did a wonderful job and i am recommending everyone to her.

Maria Contreras

This place is great. I came here on a Sunday right after I had gotten a bad haircut from some girl at the mall. The guy that works there was so nice and professional. 10/10 would recommend.

Rick Mcclellan

Best hair salon in town !!

steven Byrd

Very nice lady does a very good job on the haircut the man in the women lover excellent experience she's open six days a week 365 unless it's snowing heavily.

Rebecca Sabourin

Great service, great prices and always accommodating my last minute appointments!

sarah porter

I love this salon and Connie! She does such an amazing job, and is SO NICE!

Aaliya Briggs

Connie is okay at what she does, but very flaky when it comes to making good on the appointment time she commits to. She is understaffed with only a part-time assistant and often ends up with a long queue of impatient customers waiting to be served. So be prepared for endless delays even if you have been given an appointment time, it's one of those things that can't be helped if you're a regular patron of Connie's. She also double-books multiple clients for the same appointment time so it's not unusual to see several people fighting for their turn at her salon.

Quang Le

thuy dinh

Connie is the Goat(Greatest of all time)

winnie L

I have been to many different hair salons in several different states, and this is the first awful experience I ever had in the past ten years (great job Connie!). I came in with joy and left with mad and anger. If you are a regular, or you speak Vietnamese, then you are probably fine. But if you are neither, and you come here irregularly or for the first time, I would wish you good luck. She ignored me for up to four times during a hair cut, sometimes she ignored me for three to five minutes, sometimes about one minute. I exploded the last time she ignored my request and went to service her favorite customer. What's worse is that she didn't realize that ignoring a customer during hair cut is bad, and argued with me that she only ignored me for one minute and totally forgot that she had ignored me several times before to find color book and colors for other customer. When she did come back to continue with my hair cut, she was very careless, and focused on discussing with other customers. She maybe talented at haircut as other reviews say (although I didn't feel this way, and it was actually quite painful sometimes).. But she does not have the basic manner and respect to her customers, and does not value other people's time.

Dheeraj Aluri

Andrew Soliven

Connie is a lovely lady. I've been coming here for four years now. She knows her customers by name and treats everyone kindly. I always enjoy coming in to get my hair cut. She always makes sure that your satisfied with your hair. I've noticed the reviews about wait times and such, but that's what happens when you're a successful person running your own shop.

Steven Kessler

Connies awseome this place is so good!

Roman Reubens

This place is horrible. Connie is one of the worst hair stylist in all of Oklahoma City, and completely ignorant to anh direction given to her about the way you like your hair cut. She will style some ones hair however she wants. And is extremely bias to none Asians.

Hung Vu Nguyen


Mel Barnett

She always does an excellent job. Never had found anyone that could cut my hair the way I like it until I found Connie. Her prices are great. If you don't like her scheduling, go somewhere else. I've never waited more than 10 minutes. Super Cuts and Pro Cuts are a joke. She cares about her customers. Her personality is wonderful and would keep me coming back even if her haircuts were subpar. Love Connie.

bruce forgason

Friendly, Expert Haircut. Probably the best hair cut ever.

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