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5805 NW 50th St # E, Warr Acres, OK 73122, United States

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REVIEWS OF African Queens Hairbraiding IN Oklahoma

Nelda Riggs

Cyreese Stewart

markeisha freeman

This place practices bait and switch methods. They will tell you one price over the phone and by the time they are done providing their service, the price goes up. This occurred every time I went and I will never do business with them ever again!

Veronica Barrow

I Love my hair each time I get out the chair, if you call today you get it done today fast this shop is Everything!!!!


Charlyce Davis

My Mother have been going to Fatou for years. She and her staff are the best braiders in the city. They can do any braided style you ask for. We love them!

Michelle williams

This post is late the ladies were great my hair is still holding strong after 2mnths

Danielle Berry

Very pleased with the service rendered. My Style of choice were small long blonde box braids to my waist. Going into this I was skeptical because my 2A hair length about 1 1/2 inch (very short) but the ladies were able to grab and secure the braids. Total time 6 hrs not bad at all if you consider my length, their were total of 4 people helping. Great customer service in time management. Pleased and will go back. Thank You.

Tamaree Walker

I've been getting my hair done here since I was in elementary . The service is good , the people are friendly . i wouldn't want to go get my hair done anywhere else

Nwando O

I am not sure where to start.. I usually don't leave reviews but I feel this one is warranted. I called to get cornrows done, I was quoted one price on the phone and another in store. I just wanted what seemed like a braided Mohawk. It was an uncomplicated style... I had to explain it 15 times, it wasn't a language barrier. The ppl including the owner didn't seem interested in my explanation and then they will ask me to explain it again. I did have a picture. Half way talking, they will start talking to someone else. Let's just say I just wasted my time coming here...

Brenda Johnson

My daughter got her hair done and didn't even look like the picture! Havana Braids she had empty spots all ttrough her head with the crochet braids. She went back the next day and they wanted her to go buy more her. If I could post pics it was the worst experience. So be very careful if you go here, cause you will not get what you want .WILL NEVER GO BACK THERE AGAIN! Bad Business!!!!!!!

Nicole King

I've been coming here for 3 years. Fatou has always done a very good job on my head. I've done box briads, and cornrolls. I like simplicity styles. She has shown me other hair styles that work for me. Just give her a call she can braid or do weaving any way you like.

tiesha coffee

I went their Today and it was worth my money. Positive vibes and my hair turned out way better than the picture i showed her im loving it African Queens is the place you want to get your hair done at if you want perfection

Adrianna Johnson

I absolutely love fontu they always have me walking outta their looking right

Trenida Velasco

Deb Carrington

I had just moved to OKC from NY, January 2014 and was driving around trying to find a hair braiding shop. Saw African Queens Hair Braiding and stop in. The owner was there, she very pleasant to talk to. I explained what style braids I wanted and now August 2016 I'm still going to African Queens Hair Braiding!! I'm always looking very beautiful when I leave out of the shop. Thanks for keeping my hair looking fabulous!!


Do not get your hair braided here. I have a Mo Hawk and want to get loc. The 1st lady that did my hair used styling gel to loc my hair. This did not work because I sweat in my sleep. So they braided my hair, platted my hair, individual braids. The stylist that did my hair this time put weave in my hair. I didn't say anything, she said that I should leave this in for 2 weeks and come back. When I went back she wanted to inter loc my hair. I asked her to take the weave out my hair. She lied an said there is no weave in your hair, that is all your hair. I am not stupid and I know my hair from weave, besides I took 1 of the braids out. She took my hair down, then rushed through platting my hair again. She did not braid all the hair and make the plats very big. I have patches of unbraided hair in my head. My barber looked at my head and asked who the hell braided your hair, looks like they just rushed through it. When i asked my wife to go up there to get my money back. The lady was very confrontational with her, saying that you did not give me the money your husband did. If he doesn't like his hair he can come get the money. When I called stylist to explain why i didn't like my hair and wanted my money back. She wanted to argue with me. This is why I asked my wife to call. I told her never mind and hung up. This place is very unprofessional, and the workers are very disrespectful and rude. They bring their kids to the shop while they braid hair, which is not a problem. But they have no control over the kids. 1 on the stylist kids tried to take my food off my plate and his mother did nothing to stop him. They will never get another dime of my money.

malonda kelley

I am so happy for my boxbraid i had in this place, they are friendly and they have reasonable price.

Vicky Taylor

Great quick, quality service!!!

Ingabire Nadine

Nice and fast

Bonnie Fisher

Loved my hair will be back thanks

Brenda Blackwell

I love the way fatou awa,and Rokya do my hair the way I look when I wake out of her shop is all that and some they are the best that I've had on my head you must go and get your hair hair done there at African Queen.

Ernesha Houston

This place is a joke. They got roaches and dont ask for a style because it will not look anything like the pic. The Fatu lady will go back and forth with you about a style that you specifically showed her. She or the lady that do hair is unprofessional and they talk on they phones the whole time. Wont ever go back. Dont know how they even open.

Sade Coleman

I’ve never came out of this place disappointed. They do great work you want your hair done the correct way..This is the place to be..

Sarah McCombs

Called and they said dreads start at $65, went in and they took one look at my white husband and told him they couldn't do his hair. Messed up. I'd give them 0 stars if I could.

Sheila Vester

Waste of money, i got micros was told one price when i got there they changed the price. My braids started falling out as soon as i left. Dont think i will go back to them.

Stephanie Willis-Smith

Love it. I came from omaha,nebraska. She did a great job on my hair. Thank you It was nice meeting you.


I had my hair braided by my good friend here last week and I LOVE IT

Me Inspired

Shenika Perry

bethany okchie

African Queen Hair Braiding is top notch! I love their customer service, friendliness, and professionalism. African Queen always go a step above and beyond to make their clients happy. I love my braided up-do!

Deloris Moore

This shop is no longer owned by fatou, she has left and moved back to Senegal, she’s been gone for about 4 months, they will not tell you that, I found another shop and the ladies their know Fantou and told me, also the other ladies that used to be in the shop with Fantou works with them. So that 5 star rate showing was from past ratings. Fatou braided my hair for years. So I decided to let these new people braid my hair; let me tell you it’s absolutely not the same quality, I wanted my hair down to my behind so I could wear a high bun; I asked how much, let her know I didn’t have a problem paying the price, when she quoted me the price I was like no problem. when I got home and looked at my hair I had 4 different sizes and Lengths I called to let her know I wasn’t happy, that I didn’t get what I paid for, I explained why, she told me that it’s not possible to have all the braids the same length, (which she didn’t say when she took my money) but I let her know that wasn’t true Fantou use to do it all the time. On top of that my head hurt for days, I had to take down some braids because my head was really sore. also the braids were loose at the end, not braided all the way down, a complete mess!! I really wish Fantou much Happiness she totally deserves it, I just wish she would have let her clients know she was selling her shop. Good luck to anyone who’s use to getting GREAT SERVICE..and PRODUCTS. It won’t happen unless this shop goes under new management or the new owner gets better braiders.

Patricia Ashu

I have been going to the present owner of this shop 2 years before i moved to Texas. she is very good with every braid she does. I tried convincing her to move to Texas to no avail but trust me I will not hesitate to fuel my truck to OKC to get my hair done to my taste when I need it done she is so patient and I don't get any headache with her braiding. LOVE her brading.

Alexis Owens

Octavia Lindsey

Best experience ever in Oklahoma. Fatou was wonderful and my hair looks wonderful.

C Williams

Great, proficient service!!!! If you want a NEAT and professional braid hairstyle come here!!! From Oklahoma to Texas I had so many compliments on my hair!!! Made me feel extra fly!!!!!

Rena Abbott

I love coming here. I have been coming here for years. A lovely place to get your hair done. I even bring my children. And they love it.

Damont Long

Keda Play

First time I got my hair braided, they raised the price after I got there. 2nd time, fatou literally argued me down about the type of hair she needed to use. I let her know I couldn’t find the xpression in the color I needed so I got the fretress. Had the nerve to tell me it’s not going to look good with the fretress Hair. So she really annoyed me before she even did my hair. Then she over charged me for something that wasn’t even worth what I paid. Their work is decent, but I really don’t like being robbed of my money.

Shavonna Butler

This was my first experience with a braid shop in okc & I usually don’t leave reviews but I felt I had to let ppl know what they’re in for. Now, Ive had my hair braided by African shops many times in the past, so I had a pretty good idea of what to expect. This shop was rated highest in the city so I chose the best, so I thought. My appointment was for feed in braids at $160. Not bad, but since they didn’t have the color I wanted I had to purchase my own hair. At other shops this would’ve lowered the price, but I wasn’t upset, I still wanted my hair braided & the price remained the same. I will suggest that if you have natural hair to have it blown out & moisturized before you go, otherwise they will fry your hair with a blow dryer. There is no regard for the state of your nature hair whatsoever. They continuously ripped my hair out with each section they braided because she would comb my hair with a rattail comb, which I cannot use on my hair. I ask them not to comb my hair with the comb but the torture continued. They lady who started my individual braids in the back began the cornrows at the top of my head, but she couldn’t get the style correct. So she took it down twice! Then she called another lady who came in to do the feed ins. She also started braids on my hair & had to redo them twice! My suggestion to this shop is if you cannot do the style clients are asking for stop baiting ppl in by just saying yes to every style someone sends you! My braids were NOT what I asked for, so I feel like I did not get quality work. & because they re-braided the right side of my head 4X the next day I had a headache out of this world & literally could see colors out of the right side of my eye, which really scared me. I have never had this happen with other shops. & any inconveniences as such would’ve resulted in some sort of compensation. (In no way was I looking for discounts, but good customer service goes a long way) It’s been a week that my braids have been up & my hair is already coming out of the braids. The women were nice, children tamed, but the quality of work is not worth it. There was a young lady who got braids before I did, & she literally had hair coming out of her braids before she even left the shop. I felt bad that she had paid for subpar work. I will not return to this shop, nor will I recommend. I don’t know how their quality is with other styles, but will test my luck at a different braid shop. Good luck future customers

Michelle Buggs

August 7,2017 I made an appointment with Fatau the day before, and she called me to confirm my appt that next morning. She's very professional I wanted box braids and at first wasnt too sure if I would like it after being finish I looked in mirror and they were perfect, just as I wanted them. I highly recommend this shop to anyone looking to get hair braided. She Braid very fast very neat work. The shop was clean use the bathroom and it was clean,very good place. Iam from Cali but if iam every in okc and in need of a good braid shop thus is the place to go. Clean professional neat work, your in and out and like most shops they have to eat smoke a cigarette no she's straight to the money.

Gilly Gilz

Work not worth the price

Fatou Balayara

Connie Ijioma

They pulled my edges that I had bumps on my hair. A week after the braids came off. The just don't know how to do individual or box braids. I asked for long braids but I got the opposite for 160. Stay away from these people

Tawana Middleton

Amazing job

Kathleen Ellzey

Reasonable pricing and quick service!!

Stephanie Buggs

Very professional. Neat work I believe more places should focus on your natural hair ,before braiding wash condition ends clipped with a additional fee of course. I like the work that was done braids are very nice recommend thus shop for braids.


Rosemary Lee

The did a great job on my hair thank you

Just India

Great choice and quicker than I expected...definetely going back!!

Princess Oluwabunmi Okunuga

Hope Victorian

This lady is sorry u should never go to this place they missed up my hair refuse to fix it and was very rude when I asked her to fix my hair please don't waste your time or your money also while I was getting my hair done they had another unhappy customer come in and raise hell about her daughters hair was so missed up she had just got her hair done a day ago it looked weeks old please don't go to this shop I know they been open for ten years I don't know how but I have called the better business bureau and I have a family lawyer I'm going to get my money back and some I'm not letting it go so see you in court fatma

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