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REVIEWS OF Academy of Hair Design IN Oklahoma

Timber Robb

Loved getting my hair done here by Torrie! she did a great job and I would definitely recommend!

Jenna Davis

Love the atmosphere and the students/faculty are always helpful and go above and beyond to make my hair goals a reality! :) Jenna & Molly worked on my hair and did a great job! Even stayed a little late to see the process through and make sure it was a beautiful end result!

Penni Maxwell

Was in the chair for five hours with bleach in my hair two of those hours, charged for the extra material they needed to repair the color they did not do correctly, and the lady said nothing to me. Left with wet hair and barely any color!! $107!!! Will not recommend for students or client!

Reana Jones

best school in Oklahoma to get your hair done at and nice prices ❤❤

Nina Guidry

I've been going to this school for more than 13 years even after moving to Tulsa 4 years ago. I trust the instructors and students to listen to what I want and suggest solutions to my hair's issues I experience. Great prices, highest end product, clean salon, and a great environment!

Samantha Wright

I love going to schools to get my hair done, and I have gone to several. This place, however is absolutely amazing. It's super cheap and professional, and everyone was so nice. I think the girl who did my hair was named Tatum? She was so sweet and nice and did an amazing job. I will definitely be returning for all of my hair services.

Jessica Roberts

Molly is amazing! She has done an awesome job on my hair from cutting it exactly the way I specified, to styling it different ways and making me look fabulous!

rkorgill .

Great kid cuts and loved mine just as much!!! Great job. Highly recommend Tori Orgill.

Rylan Hess

Highly recommend and ask for Tori if you go here. She always does a great job!

Jennifer Rollans

Love to be apart of the academy family learning something new everyday. With the help of the schools amazing instructors. A special thank you to all my client's giving me your time to show you how talented I am . for those who haven't been to the Academy of hair Design we would love to meet you!!!!! First time clients receive 50% off your first highiest service just ask for Jennifer R tell the lovely ladies at the front I referred you! See ya soon :)

Kodi Townsley

Love to get my hair done here. Megan Longacre does an amazing job!! Perfect color and perfect haircut every time!

Marsha Saysana

Tori Orgill is great with color! I have red undertones and my hair always gets brassy. Not anymore. I love my hair!! It is a beautiful blonde! Thank u!!!!!

Gregory Yurich

I had my hair cut by Amy Nealis and she was very professional and did a great job, I will be coming back again..

Ashley Williams

Best cosmetology school in OKC!!!

Dora Miller

Absolutely LOVED walking in and having a general idea of what I wanted and walking out with more than I expected. Christine did an AMAZING job at listening to my ideas, and explaining my options according to my hair needs, and my lifestyle style options. I went from a growing out, dead end blonde to a full head of luscious, shiny, deep burgundy with firey end and accent pieces. I have recommended her several times, as I am receiving daily compliments and look forward to my next experience, as well as bringing my daughters

Rebecca Lozoya

An absolutely wonderful school to learn how to fulfill your dream as a hair stylist! The instructors are focused on giving the students the best possible education they can. As in everything else, you get back what you put out! I couldnt be happier as a student of Academy of Hair Design! I have had an amazing experience here.

Kasey Smith

Tori Orgill is AMAZING! They have taught her well and she loves what she does!

Andy Schneider

The service from Tori was amazing. Love my new hair style and color!! Can't wait to continue to go to her. -Angie


I book with Christine Reichert. I can’t even count how many hairstylists I have had over the years. I am extremely picky, hair is crucial. She is the first one who actually studied my head & hair growth tendencies to get the exact cut that fits me. I’d been trying “cookie cutter” cuts based off pictures but, for my hair, it just wasn’t what was best. In the past, I would take my hairstylists a picture and they’d try to duplicate. Christine took that picture and customized it according to ME! She repeated that with my color. I am in love and blown away at how meticulous and informed she is. I drove an hour and half to get my hair done by her....I’d even travel 4. Hands down natural talent and great personality.

Alyssa Cochran

I love this school so much. It's really showed me so much about myself and my creativity. AOHD is the best education you can get when looking into cosmetology.

rachael williams

Tori is the best! My hair never looked better!

Julie Newton

I've been going to Tori Orgill for the last few months and she has done a fabulous job with my hair. Highlights, lowlights, glazes and haircuts. All around a great job and I always look forward to getting my hair done with her.

gabby Caldwell

Great service and awesome hair designers they did a really good job on even my thick damaged hair


I absolutely LOVE AOHD! I've been coming here since 2006 and always leave happy!

Cassie Martin

Not a very good experience my head is so so sore from her "washing" i was quoted a price and paid $30 more then expected because they used toner which i was not aware of my hair did turn out very beautiful but i wont be going back

Cris Carpenter

Just had a great experience. The instructor was very helpful and made sure I got the cut that I wanted. Very laid back atmosphere. The stylist who cut my hair was very sweet. Can't beat $18 for a haircut! I walked in and was seen right away.

Cody James

Tori does a great job everytime.

Janice Miller

You go to a teaching school, to get your hair done less expensive. I was told one price on the phone, the 1st girl said a different price which was still reasonable and then a 2nd instructor came over and oh no, you have to have $ 40 for this and $ 50.00 for that and $ 20.00 for toner and $18 more for a cut and $ 10.00 more for another color and another $ 25.00 for base color and another $25.00 because of this and before long what I thought was going to cost as much as if I went to a professional salon! I have gotten my hair cut before and they did a good job but I will never consider letting them color my hair as every instructor gives you a different price which is inconsistent and not very good business. STAY AWAY!!!!

Kari Coppedge

I attended and graduated from the academy in 2009. Going to this school was one of the best decisions of my life! The knowledge that was shared with me will be treasured forever. I feel like the things i was taught prepared me for the real salon world and i always felt comfortable, even when i made mistakes. The instructors are so invested in the well being of the students and genuinely care about their success in this industry. One of the things i loved the most is that all the work being done by students is supervised, so as a student, you will never be alone and nervous, and as a client, you can always rest assured that you will end up with a great result.

Bobette Deignan

Tori does an amazing job!

Jaid Owens

I have loved being a customer! Jenna always does an amazing job, and I couldn't imagine going anywhere else for quality hair care.

Karsten Fleak

Tori J. did my hair yesterday & is awesome!!!!! I love the color and cut! She’s awesome!

Tara Routh

I absolutely love the Academy of Hair Design !!! The students an staff are so welcoming. The students education is very elite.. Best of the BEST! Anyone wanting to get their hair done at an affordable price but amazing quality should definitely go there!! You will love it!!!

Kathy Hart

I have been coming to the Academy for several years. The instructors and students are always pleasant and professional. I enjoy the teaching atmosphere. I have recently had my hair done by student Jennifer R., and she did an excellent job with the color, and she gives an awesome head massage at the shampoo bowl!

Beau Deignan

Tori is awesome, always does an excellent job with my hair cuts!

Shana Lewis

Megan is amazing!!! I won’t go anywhere else, I love my hair ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Ann Jensen

What a terrible place!

hinata3487 .

It's so much cheaper to come here then any other place I've been too. Usually cost me 60-100 for other places here its 25. I've never gotten my hair done by the same person when I get it done but it doesn't matter cuz it always turns out to my liking. I hope next time they can do the same but idk cuz I'm going to ask them to do something that is not very american since I dont feel like traveling to korea for my uncle to redo my bangs I will try to explain but we shall see.

Kristin Godwin

Tori Orgill was so fun, patient, great at what she does!!

pany norakhout

This is such a great School all the instructors are all so talented And Experienced!!! Tara our hair basic instructor for hair coloring and men's Barbering is amazing !!! The best part of it all is you learn something new everyday, Love all my instructors their always there to help me grow as a stylist. The faculty are all super helpful!!! I highly recommend anyone who's debating what school to go to Come here!!!!

Chelle Sands

I've already been here a month & have learned so much than the old Cosmo school I was in 2 years ago, I was there for a year & didn't know the basics of layering, & now within the first week I know how to cut women's hair and I'm so happy!! My first day was fun, everyone was nice & it's so easy to get along with everyone here. It's already like my 2nd home, I can have a bad day outside of work but come here and already be in a better mood. The instructors here teach you techniques until you know them. You can ask them a question 8 times in a hour and they wouldn't get frustrated, they sincerely care about your learning here. To say this school is amazing & a perfect place to learn is an UNDERSTATEMENT for sure!!!!!! I love academy of hair design ❤️

Amanda Smith

Went for 1st time today. Got an all over color. Lyndsie W. was amazing and gave me exactly what I wanted! She is great!

Kelsey Ridder

Kyla did a great job doing my hair, she suggested the color based on knowing me and I just fell in love with the results!

Jonathan Wedin

Tori is the bomb! She is the only person I trust with touching my loucious locks!

Shyla Seale

I looked through the window walking past the academy today to see two "stylist" in the back right corner throwing towels and play hitting each other. One was blonde and had Long hair and the other girl had her hair up and looked Mexican you could say.... I chose not to take anymore interest because I do not want my child around that atmosphere, I have always heard great things about this school, I was very disappointed to see such a good school I had been told about have only 2 girls change my mind about it.

Harlin Trumbo

Love this place. Staff does a great job!

Rawle juglal

Place looks nice receptionist helpful. Do not allow kids so sit in the lobby so do not bring them.

Jake B

Loved the haircut I got from Tori. Great service and attention to my hair!

Carol Taylor

I really like her styles and enthusiasm! ! Wish I were closer...she does great work !!! Hard to find a good stylist. ..She is the one to get !! TORI ORGILL

Willie Mears

Tori is a stylist there that cuts my hair. She is awesome! Best hairstylist and service I have ever had! Will definitely be back because of her!

Tim Pedersen

Tori is the best hair expert ever you guys are lucky to have her, can’t wait for her to cut my hair again!

Shaniece Coates

This was not a good tour for me. I felt out of place. The staff and students was looking at my friend and I crazy. I want to go to a school that teaches how to do all kinds of people hair. They didn't show me nothing about black people an when I ask they had an attitude. They should be more diverse be a little more professional instead of acting stuck up and acting like something was wrong with working with black people hair. Or like its something wrong with braids or sew in hair. I don't see nothing wrong with black women hair or men.

Christine Reichert

After touring multiple schools in OKC, I am beyond happy that I chose the Academy of Hair Design to start my Cosmetology career! The support staff and instructors are fantastic and give much support and confidence to each student attending. They not only aid in the basics and extended studies of Cosmetology, but take action in providing us with business classes to help guide our careers with financial goal planning , social media marketing, and the importance of top notch customer service. They provide a beautiful facility, with top quality salon products and an amazing student kit! I love this school and urge you to check it out as either a student or a client!

Keagan Hiberd

Tori cut my hair nicely

Travis Cambell

I absolutely loved this place. The professionalism from the staff and students was incredible. I was impressed at the knowledge and confidence the students portrayed and how the instructors were readily available and extremely helpful to the students. I felt entirely comfortable the entire time I was there and I could tell the students and instructors were genuinely excited to help customers leave with a result that made them happy. 10/10 establishment. Will definitely be coming back!

Marissa Alvarez

Tori is great!!!!!!

Tori Johnston

I am currently a student here and I absolutely love this place! The education we receive is unmatched and our educators are amazing. I am so happy I chose to start my career here!

Jane Cranston

DO NOT GO TO THIS SCHOOL OR HAVE ANY SERVICES DONE HERE! They are CROOKS STEALING money from innocent students AND clients! They TERMINATED students today after a group of students expressed their concerns to one of the owners Shelly, about the school itself and all the wrong doings to clients AND students. They took student's FASFA money and loans the students will have to pay back ($17,400) then TERMINATED the students without even putting them on probation or ANY warning as a punishment for students standing up to the staff. They blame it on absences etc which include missing 3 Saturdays and then you are suspended for THREE days even if you have a CAR ACCIDENT, DOCTORS NOTES, POLICE REPORTS! All they want you to do is go over your contract date which they pushed back A MONTH recently blaming the holidays etc which doesn't add up because the students were only out A FEW days NOT A MONTH! If you go over you're contract date you have to PAY them per hour/day so they PURPOSELY miscalculate the student's hours! Almost every student has had problems with the miscalculation of hours. One student named Bree who just graduated made a spreasdsheet and had to CORRECT the admissions director SEVERAL times about her hours! A lot of students are too scared and they make you act fake and scare you into introducing yourself to new students as being so happy with the school etc before they figure it out for themselves. They just got audited for federal funding and PAID for them to "pass" them. For instance, they made a check out to a student and told them to go cash it and then they owe that amount back to the school which makes NO SENSE just like them terminating students today AFTER they got their money. They are obviously mishandling money as the students are not allowed to use products to practice on each other's hair or learn. They are also racist and single students out. They now make the students check out EVERY product including Hair spray etc so that they "save money" even though each student pays over 17k to go to school for cosmetology and there is no curriculum for MAKE UP OR NAILS and they have been asked several times to implement that and they DO NOT CARE. They do not allow anything but foiling, etc because the color director is a fake lazy liar who doesn't teach anything relevant besides "basics" so the students do not get to do "real world" work like balioge, sombre, etc. One of the owners had state board come in and gave them a gift of a swell bottle. All they care about is how they LOOK and SADLY being "the number one school." Cockroaches are in the breakroom, no refridgerator for students who work as slaves for free, get belittled, AND have to clean the entire salon every day or they get punished because they are too cheap to have it cleaned properly. They make the students scared to speak out in fear of the student's career after they graduate, since they are "The Duncans". That is why students have posted about how "happy" they are, because they bribe you to write a good Google review instead of writing 50 things to get an extra 30 minutes added to their hours and out of fear from graduates' careers. These people ruin lives and are out ONLY for money! It's ALL FAKE so do not be fooled! They will know they are under investigation for FASFA after these shady transactions etc. They are NOT scaring the student body any longer as many are getting lawyers :) They make up new rules and recently had to rewrite the handbook because they were making up new rules and sending people home but it only abides to certain students and depends on their mood for that day. If you clock in at 9:01 it counts as a tardy. After 3 you are sent home so you miss hours so that it goes against you. Instructors that actually care have offered their FREE time for students to make up hours but they won't allow it because they want you to miss your contract date and get even MORE money from you! This place is DISGUSTING and IMMORAL to say the LEAST! DO NOT LET THEM FOOL YOU!

Seth Carey

I am a student of Aohd and I absolutely love it here! Shout outs to the instructors, Joe, Jenna, Tara, and Jeffrey. Aohd has given me the best education. Very relevant and leading edge. I feel very blessed to have been able to attend this school. I am very confident in my skills and I love doing hair! Sethro Lieland~

Micah Miller

I went to see Brittany A today & was extremely happy. She did an awesome job on my balayage. Very happy with it!! ❤

Emily Ann

Megan longacre is awesome!!

Lisa Johnston

Tori Johnston colored my hair and it was an excellent job. I’m very happy with her and will definitely go back.

Dillon Franklin

If you're not a rich white girl from Edmond, don't expect to be welcomed by the students or instructors. Being 1 minute late will get you kicked out, and if you're not wearing what they expect you to wear, they'll likely send you to buy whatever they're not happy with. Which in turn prevents you from being on time, for which they'll kick you out. Never seen somewhere so catty and cliquie as this "school". It's absolutely preposterous that a person has to pay $20,000+ only to be kicked out, or passive aggressively bullied until he or she quits.

kamber caulkins

So proud to be part of such an amazing team!

Sharon Taylor

I love this place! Tori does a awesome job coloring my hair! I would recommend this place to a friend!

Nanette Orgill

To: Tori Orgill I have had several color treatments from Tori. The best I have every had. My color looks so natural, covers all the gray and helps me feel and look years younger.. I get many compliments on my color and cuts. I have been very pleased.

Kpop Panda

Love this place!!

CiCi Ducky

I am currently a student at the Academy of Hair Design. I graduate soon, and I have enjoyed my experience at this school! I have learned so much in so little time! The instructors and staff are easy going and really encouraging!! :)

briggette Norris

I absolutely love this school and everything it has to offer. One of my favorite hair stylist Jennifer Oulette is currently in school here and her customer service is out of this world.

Jenni Edwards

This is an amazing place with talented stylists. My favorite would have to be Jennifer Ouellette! She is talented and has a passion for hair design.

Sami Music

The staff there are fantastic n efficient. Josh was great, taking great care of my hair n ensuring I was smiling n happy every step of the way. The instructors rotated frequently, making sure that each student had everything in hand. I recommend Academy of Hair Design for all of my friends n family looking for a great experience with fantastic results!

Jessica Jones

I loved attending this school! I learned so much and I truly believe I was taught by the best!

Darien Crowe

Tori is awesome. You should definitely let her do your hair!

Emily Smith

Tori is amazing with hair!!! I only trust her!

Megan Haynes

Chris Jackson was amazing!

sheryl bauman

I have been going to the OKC Academy of Hair Design for 3 years and my hair has never looked better! The students are very professional and highly trained with adequate supervision to ensure clients receive the best of services. The color director is among the best in the State. She keeps current on all the latest products and trends and ensures the health of the clients hair is a top priority with every service. The price is reasonable and leaves room for customers to kindly tip the hard working students. My most recent appointments have been with "Holli", "Kandice", and "Sechi". Each of these students are amazing. They listen to me as their client and I was very pleased with their expertise,

Eduardo Velador

Tori was amazing! Very attentive to detail

Sarah Bushman

I visited yesterday and had Tori Orgill as my stylist. I had highlights and lowlights done and a hair cut. She gave great advice on what colors would work best for my hair, and did exactly what I wanted. I LOVE my hair. The color is perfect and the trim didn't make me lose my length, just cleaned it up. Perfection!!!

thedfish77 .

Had my hair cut by Amy Nealis was fantastic! !!

Justin Wright

I absolutely love the Academy Of Hair Design I will never forget that starting completely over and doing hair school the 2nd time will completely change the starting point of my career and my future in the hair industry. and also been given the opportunity of getting to work at Duncan Bros. Salon!:))). If you are someone interested in getting a service done or curious about this school I highly recommend both!!!! because the education is TOP NOTCH!! they make you prepared to be in the working environment as a stylist and having you leave the school knowing how to cut!! and color hair and being prepared for state board. the other best thing about this school is that you are guided 100% of the way when you have clients to just working on a mannequin your never alone and clients are left happy and fully satisfied every time. The students!!!! and the instructors!!!!! are so amazing it feels like you are part of huge family when your part of this school:))

Deby Harrison

I went had my hair cut and foiled Christine Reichert did fantastic job. I will go back and i have told some friends. The instructors were so friendly great school

Brittany Thomas

I have been to a ton of hair schools and loved it every time. This time I asked for layers and explained exactly what I wanted to the girl and the instructor. It is the WORST haircut I've ever had. The layers are awful and the instructor told her they were good. This was her last week at this school. Obviously it is not that good of a school if shes about to be done and cant do layers. I did not care for how it was styled but it wasnt a big deal. The chairs didnt go high enough so I had to stand for most of it. The product used was awful and killed my hair. I felt like it really dried it out and broke it off. I will NEVER return. They give really rude and snide responses to people who give them less than 4 stars so I'll look forward to that.

Eldon Passey

Tori Orgill is an awesome student. She cut my wife's & 5 kids hair; everyone looks spectacular! Thanks!

Stephen Williams

Melissa Burr

I was super impressed with The Academy of Hair Design and with my stylist, Tori Orgill. She listened to what I wanted and especially with my I-don't-really-know-what-I-want and she cut and styled my hair perfectly!! I loved my cut and can't wait to go back for a color!

Joshua Johnston

Tori cuts my hair and does a great job!

Tori Orgill

I have been a student at the Academy of Hair Design since last October. Taking the plunge from a stay-at-home mom to full time cosmetology student was pretty scary. The Academy Of Hair Design has totally made this transition worth it! The instructors are incredible. They work hard to create an inviting and inclusive learning environment. They work hard to teach each skill until every student completely understands. They work hard to ensure they are turning out amazing stylists. The education I am receiving here is top notch and will carry me throughout my entire career as a stylist. I highly recommend the Academy of Hair Design to anyone young or old who is looking for an education in cosmetology!

Pam Wilson

I had my hair cut and colored by Jennifer Ouellette and am very very pleased. She is friendly and did exactly what I wanted. The staff and establishment is super friendly and clean. I recommend anyone reading this to go and see for yourself. You will be extremely satisfied. Ask for Jennifer Ouellette.

Brittaney & Faith

I'm currently a student at AOHD and I've loved my entire experience! The instructors are all very attentive and have so much knowledge to share! If you're considering cosmetology school, I'd definitely take a tour of the school and check out all we have to offer!

Sheryl Barrett

For years, I have maintained service at the Academy......I have known Joe, the Mgr. during that duration who has always been diligent about my requests regarding my thin/fine hair. It has been a pleasant experience, with usual good results, of which I've acually looked forward to each visit. However, my 4-hour experience there today was stunning. I was told on the phone that Tara would do my root color today. I was assigned to Kimberly. Didn't know it'd make any difference as I like all of them and find them friendly always. However, today the case was, in defense of Kimberly, that she was given a client that she just wasn't savvy enough to know how to handle the job. It was strictly that I needed my grey roots covered with straight DARK BROWN. I always stress NO RED tint, just DARK BROWN. And, then, most of them have been creative enough to pull random strands through with the "root color" to blend it a bit. I decided I'd pay, also, for an additional few streaks of a redder tone to "pop it" a bit as I am going to have family photos taken in S.Francisco next Wed. with my whole family, grandchildren included. It was a big deal, as I told them,that I look my best. A NEW procedure was used which was very time consuming, called "meshing" which I questioned immediately. JUST wanted the USUAL! But, despite my requests with three of them, the "meshing" was done anyway, then it turned ORANGE. Even the hairdressers called it orange. As it was. Then, it had to be dyed a darker tint, but Kimberly rubbed, massaged the "root color of a dark brown, through my whole head of hair. Result: harsh, inappropriate straight dark brown over my whole head of hair. I am 66 years old and the last thing an "older woman" needs is "black hair!" I was ignored on the highlight request after the whole thing turned very dark and was charged $60. On the phone, I was told $45. and in the shop as well when they first began. I am willing to pay for what I "get," but not for what is the opposite of what I clearly requested on the phone and in person to three people. And, after the hair color, the orange one, was clearly their mistake, as Kimberly apologized and nearly cried (felt sorry for her), I am charged for TWO hair colors AND a toner of which I never even heard a word about. So, now I look in the mirror and cry. I look harsh, older, not like myself and have been told by two close friends that it is not even "me" at all. I have spent 4 hours, constant coaching that was disregarded entirely, no sensitivity to the salon's mistakes, and SIXTY dollars for giving me nearly black hair, not just dark-brown covered roots and a bit of highlight that was hoped to be of a COPPER tint of which we had even selected in the BOOK. There were NO questions LEFT to the "professionals!" What more can a client SAY?! I asked Joe when I showed him the results if coming back in before my special reunion would work for next Tuesday. He pretty much implied that the job was done. I am devastated by this experience.

Lawrence Ross

My daughter had hair God knows how many colors and she tried to fix it herself and it didn't work out and these wonderful people were able to get it to a single color for $40 and we were quite pleased

Kyndal Tryon

Love the professionalism of this place. Ask for Brittany!!

Aubrey Shorr

My experience is here as a student is quite amazing, learning new things everyday with very helpful instructors and lots of great opportunities to learn that other schools don't even offer. Also I trust just about every student and instructor here with my hair. They clearly know what they are doing. I see students here better than some licensed hair dressers.

Spencer Uhl

My wife, daughter and I hall had cuts with Cheyanne F. My wife also had her hair colored. All the cuts and the color turned out awesome! I had a scheduling problem due to work and the staff worked it out so I could have Cheyanne cut my hair on a day she doesn't usually take clients. It's about a 45 minute drive to get to the Academy. Well worth the drive. We'll be back!

Amy Nealis

I can't express how much fun I had today. I got to meet one of the best Simon Miller #kms at my school today. I Absolutely had best day and I'm so glad our school striving for the student body to do great things. I can't thank you enough for today. Love what you do and you will not ever work a day in your life.

Jan Case

Mischa Hill

I've been coming here since 2006. I have ALWAYS been extremely happy! We love this salon!

Kathy Schrater

TORI ORGILL, I came in with bad dry ends, and very uneven hair. Tori fixed me right up. I love how my natural curly hair acts like it should. Was fun. Have recommended to several.

Sevanna Munoz

I just love Tori Orgill and how talented she is! One of the best up and coming stylist that the Academy has produced! Everyone falls in love with Toris personality and knowledge of what she is doing.

Carissa Meade

I absolutely loved it! It was easy to walk in and get set up. I didn't even have to wait. Amanda did my hair and she was awesome. I have very fine hair and I was worried I was going to get something I couldn't maintain. She was very friendly and so were the instructors. My hair looks amazing. It's so easy to style and yet, I've never had more movement or volume in my hair.

Nhi Nguyen

Tori is the best with my hair!! Always ask for her!

Joseph Froelich

Used to love this place, my wife has gone for 3 years, and myself 1 year. But during the last visit they didn't finish my wife's hair because they were closing. After we spoke to the Academy about the issue and politely requested a refund or some way to make it right, they refused. They were quite rude to my wife and I about the matter and now are never going back there again. On the positive side, the teachers and students are awesome! I loved working with them and they did a great job on my hair. But on the negative side, don't expect management/the owner to treat you well if you run into a problem, because they won't fix it.

Julie Kline

Had a great experience with my cut and color. My hair has never looked better! The teachers and students are highly professional and friendly, consulting with you through the entire process. This is such a great way to get your hair done at a discounted rate. Ask for Meredith - she's awesome!

Brittany Brown-Clemons

This place is top notch! Great service at an affordable price. Definitely going back to see Joe and his students!!

amy yousey

I love the ACADEMY! The team always listens to my feedback and gives me the look I want. AND...they even did my Halloween makeup and extensions last year for Halloween. I loved being Elphaba because of the look the Academy created for me.

Jennifer Ouellette

This is amazing school and the instructors are amazing. When I first came to the school for a tour I already felt like this is where I wanted to be. I have been here since January and have already learned so muxh.

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Hairdressing - Oklahoma

Beauty salon

Muse Beauty Bar
Muse Beauty Bar
Hairdressing - Oklahoma

Hair extension technician