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REVIEWS OF Pump Salon IN Ohio

janet donaldson

C Rick Bishop

Was not at Pump Salon. I didn't want anyone to think that Pump Salon is not a good place. Google keeps asking for a review but I was not at Pump Salon. I have only heard great things about Pump Salon.


Carly Cirillo

Vanessa really did magic on my hair, been seeing her for 3 cuts so far. She really listens and understood what I was going for. Absolutely love my hair, it frames my face and gave me the look and feel I wanted. I am already planning to go back for adding color.

Karen Kaup

Great place. Julia styled my hair. Excellent results. Just love her !!

Rupa Mandal

Awesome service.... Anil Bhatt and Bharat singh koli......... Thankyu

Maggie Waller


Very professional but comfortable atmosphere. Never get my hair cut anywhere else. Shannon is fantastic!

Elaine Bennett

Melissa Tittle

Courtney is an awesome stylest! She is always attentive and listen to what I want with my hair.

Lara Greife

Rodney Ichikawa

All the stylists are great.!!

Kayley Sanger

Dan Woeste

Ryan Hall

I have gone to pump salon for years and have always had a great experience. Whitney is extremely talented and does a great job giving me what I ask for each time - I always leave very satisfied with the service and quality.

Sauve House

Charlie is the best!

Erika Moeller

I had my hair cut and colored by Kori Alexandra. She is great! Very sweet and personable. Kori did exactly what I asked for to perfection. My hair is shiny and gorgeous. They offer you beverages upon arrival, very attentive to the client. I recommend Kori highly. Pump seems to be geared towards young and hip clients, I am neither haha , but they certainly didn't hold that against me. Thanks Kori

vivian moore

John Angel

Love this place, I always went to cheap joints like Supercuts or Great Cuts, never knew who was going to cut my hair or if it would look terrible or not. Decided to give Pump a try, even though they were a little more expensive. I got Fallon, who suggested something different than the usual style I had for years. It turned out great, my wife loved it!. Now I have one person, Fallon, that always does my hair, and I always get exactly the same haircut that looks great every time! Highly recommend. Also, they give you something to drink while you're waiting (which isn't usually long), which is a nice gesture, I think.

Keely Eads

Tiffany B

Local hair salon with great stylists! Who knew You don't need to spend 100s of dollars to get a great haircut!

Ashley Kasper

I have had a wonderful experience with Pump Salon and the sylist Morgan Curtner. I have a short haircut and really thick hair so I am always worried going somewhere new, but she does an amazing job! I have been going to her ever since I moved back to Cincinnati and have recommended her to my friends and family members, who now all love her, too!

Liz Loomans

Brennan Portz

Nice salon but no seating to wait. They do a great job but if your a walk in its horrific no where to sit I counted a total of 4 seats in their lobby usually all filled with teens waiting for their parents what about the paying customers.

Kelly Stewart

Clay Wanstrath

I started going to Pump salon sometime within the past two years. Since then, I've experimented with other salons, barbers, and even places like Sports clips; nothing compares to the timely service and friendliness this place has to offer. Caitlin is an expert in her craft, seemingly endless potential emanates from her chair as she formulates a perfect style for each individual. Plus, the products they use are stellar. Highly recommend this facility.

Alexandria Schramm

Emily Bent

Vanessa is amazing! She does great, I so recommend her.

Brittany Glass

Alice is hands-down, one million percent THE BEST hairstylist I have ever been to & the only person I trust with my hair. Words honestly cannot describe how talented she is and always incredibly friendly, down-to-Earth, and relatable. I feel very blessed to have such an amazing person that I can actually look forward to having my hair done by (anyone who has ever experienced a botched hair cut or color can relate to how anxiety-provoking it can be to find a stylist who you trust). The receptionists are always very friendly and helpful as well. Love it :)

Donna Elder

Great staff!

Tricia Garrett

Paul Wilhelm

Good salon for mens cuts, little expensive but worth it for the quality.

Joanne Lacey

Great experience all around and a fabulous haircut by Caitlin (not sure for spelling). She's a talented stylist! I live 30 minutes from the salon but will definitely be returning.

Melissa B

Shannon was awful. My hair looks terrible and she bleached my shirt. She shouldn’t be doing by hair.

Robert Watka

Clara Baggett

Absolutely TERRIBLE experience here. First of all, when I called to schedule my appointment, they said that they style I wanted would be only $26 since it was not an updo... well, it ended up being $50. Not only did I pay more than they told me, I had my hair styled formally for a ball, and it fell out literally 30 minutes after I had left. The pictures I posted were taken 30 minutes apart.. I called to see if I could receive a discount or refund and received nothing. I would not recommend this place at all.

Allie Ballie

Tiffany was kind, listened & cares about hair. She did a corrective color & cut on me, so my hair finally looks bomb!

Latasha Marshall

Love this salon!! Caitlyn Mergard is the best! Every time I am in town I have her touch up my balayage and cut my hair. Staff has always been super professional and they carry great products. Highly recommend.

Rachel Souders

Miranda Bojangles

Sarah Karch

Kid friendly, fair prices and great work


Finally leaving a review after a few months --- I went in for a "balayage" (over $130 before tip) and the hairdresser was clearly in a rush. I hate leaving bad reviews but my hair looked so bad that I went back there the next day and my whole head ended up being platinum (she refused to tone it again the second time). Even when I asked her to fix the splotchy areas she said she just couldn't. I ended up toning my hair at home and paying a lot of money for another salon to put brown back into my hair and make it actually look like balayage. The salon I ended up going to was way more professional and knew what to do right away. PLEASE save your money - a very disappointing experience. The first picture (orange looking one) shows how bad my hair color was before I toned it at home, the second picture shows the unevenness and how it was not balayage (after I toned).

Lindsay Gorman

Booking was super easy and Julia did an amazing job on my color!

Starr Brock

Jodi Harden

Great service. High price.

Suzanne McGarry

Great atmosphere and superb, talented stylists!

Natalie Palazzolo

I usually get my hair done by Tanner (EXCELLENT JOB) but since he wasn’t available the time and day I needed my hair done, I had a woman named Vanessa cut and dye my hair. When she was washing the dye out she said something about her adding warmth to my hair and never mentioned that “warmth” was going to be $30 extra dollars. When I went to pay, the price was over $100 and when I scheduled my appointment, the website said it would be $85. I was shocked because that’s nearly half the price of the oringional cost more!! I was fooled and so I will not be returning to her.

cmreynard .

Kori gave me a great cut.. exactly what I wanted.. and was super nice

Rachel Kersey

Go see Hannah here! She does a great job

Lois Cone

Wonderful salon! I have only had good experiences at Pump. Morgan Curtner is my favorite hairdresser for all time !!

Samir Mehta

Been going here for years. Great haircut, - Joshua is excellent - BUT unbelievably bad service at the front desk. Don't bother trying to call in for an appointment, greeting asks you to press 'one' to reach a receptionist or schedule appointment (it's the only option) then it rings and goes to hold music. Forever. After calling 30min later, receptionist answers and tells me that that they could not answer and ask me to hold, they were busy with too many clients and could not make them wait. I noted that I was also a client, and a simple answer and request to hold would have been enough - she disagreed. Other notes - Cash only tips and an ATM that just spits out 5ers. I like the haircut, and recommend Joshua if you don't care about the rest of your experience. Good luck. I'm done.

Saraswathy R V

Josiah Combs

Been getting my haircut by Joshua for 4 years now, always does an excellent job. Could not recommend more.

Judy O'Neill

Caitlyn is a super stylist and always treats me with care and respect.

Kristen O'Halloran

I have been to Pump once before and although my previous stylist was attentive and professional, the results were streaky and unnatural. Taking the responsibility for perhaps not communicating clearly, I had no problem trying this salon again. I am noticing that the trend here is that these are relatively new stylists. With that being said, my experience missed the mark in quite a few ways. Within the first five minutes of sitting down, my stylist informed me that the more “natural” highlights look I wanted was not properly booked- I needed a “balayage”, not highlights. She proceeded to do a balayage but only on the top quarter of my hair/sides. When rinsing my hair, she didn’t even get all of my hair wet. When toning my hair, it only went on the top half of my head. The toner definitely stayed on too long and ended up essentially removing all the blonde that had just been put in. At one point she dropped a clip out of my hair onto the floor and immediately picked it up and put it back in my hair (I know enough to say that’s a big No). Multiple times when discussing the color and tone, she used the phrase “well this is the best we can do right now”. Sorry, but I am pretty sure that I will be paying for my services like everyone else- find another way of saying that without making the customer feel like they are getting a sub par job. Early on she asked how I wanted to be styled, and given that I do have very thick and curly hair, I asked her if she was comfortable straightening my hair. She missed what I was asking, as her reply was a fairly snarky, “we’ve all been trained in how to do that.” Then her comments about styling my hair turned into, “well IF I have enough time” down to “I only have an hour left and I have another appointment coming in so I can’t do it today”. If she were able to gauge by my roots, she would realize that I only get my hair colored about once every 3-4 months. Leaving with a straight style is a really nice way to feel pampered. Don’t say you’ll do it and then slowly let the customer down. I ended up leaving with my hair dripping wet and having to twist my own hair after she didn’t listen and “scrunched” my hair all over. In essence, she missed the mark in nearly every way. When my hair was getting rinsed- the water was super hot and she didn’t ask how the temperature felt. When we got back to the chair she started scrunching my hair and told me she didn’t have any “gel” or “cream with hold” as I asked for- but didn’t ask me how I liked the color... at all. I had to tell her that I wasn’t really liking the way the toner looked. She casually mentioned that she *could* dry a piece so that I could look at it...why didn’t she just do that, when I mentioned I was unsure of it? Ultimately she started saying that I could come back and get it re-toned... but again, why wouldn’t you just dry a piece as a stylist and answer the question honestly instead of saying “it can be fixed at a future time”? I understand that I need to leave with my hair wet sometimes, even if my bill is upwards of $250 dollars and I’m expected to leave a $30-$70 tip. But please realize that my time is valuable, too. I don’t want to have to book another session to correct the color you toned it to, or somehow find a way to magically book myself for the right block of time so I can get the effect I want or even leave with my hair dry in the middle of winter. I use Mitchell’s Salon quite a bit and I really have never had anyone there tell me that there wasn’t enough time or make me feel like the style/color I was requesting wasn’t “right”. I’m surprised that as a sister business, Pump, is using this as a training ground but with stylists that haven’t yet learned the basics. If you’re going to do that, then you need to significantly lower the pricing. Don’t polish the salon up as a reputable one that commands full-professional pricing, when the stylists are not technically skilled enough to pull it off.

Kathy Fraley

Nathan Gabriel

David Parlato

Always great service at Pump

Michelle Cowles

Told me untrue information about my past stylist just because she didn't work with them anymore.

Travis Schrode

Erin at Pump Salon is an awesome stylist. My daughter recommended her, now she does my hair, my daughter, granddaughter, and grandson's hair.

Michelle Hummel

I highly recommend Pump Salon - ask for Charley! She has been doing my hair for the last 3+ years and I highly recommend her! I used to bounce around different local salons/stylists because I could never find someone who continuously did a great job with my hair. I finally found that person who I trust 100%!

Kelsey Anglin

The girls here are so nice and take their time making sure everything looks like how I imagined. I've seen both Vanessa and Jess, they are both fantastic!

Mandi Lynn

Im sure there are other stylists there that are wonderful, but my experience was less than average. I just went in for a tone. One receptionist was super friendly, the other looked very uninviting.. My service was on time and the waiting area was super comfortable. Right away when I met my stylist she seemed either in a rush or just not into me as a client. I had my hair in a bun, no makeup on, and was probably one of the least fancy people dressed there. So i felt kind of awkward. But i was out running errands, having a crappy day and figured i would treat myself. My stylist did give me some good advice on maintaining grey hair AFTER letting me know my hair was super dry, my ends looked horrible, and that im using cheap conditioner.. Of course it wasn't worded snooty, but thats how it made me feel. She tried to force some small talk, but didn't really seem interested in me. Afterwards, she asked if I wanted her to blow dry my hair but mentioned it would cost more so i said no. Ive never been to a salon where having your hair dried when you leave is an extra cost. At least include it in the aervice cost and make it mandatory. I left the salon feeling gross and a mess as I still had toner, conditioner or something still on my cheeks, ears and neck.. I may go back and try someone else. But likely ill just look for a different salon.

Tesla Hernández-Spires

Today was my 1st time in Pump Salon.Very nice people,very clean.But overall satisfaction of the work done on my hair...HORRIBLE! Went in for a perm.Have had one before,supposed to be tight spiral curls.Instead I have just some regular frizz like I'd normally get when I get out of the shower.No curls what's so ever!Wave and frizz 100% but NOTHING else.$169 plus tax and the tip.So basically $200 spent on nothing!If I wanted to get a wavy frizz I coulda stayed outta the shower and not brushed my hair.


Anna did a spectacular job!

Ashley Phillips

Kori did an awesome job giving me an all new color and style and was super helpful with care and styling tips!

Nate Dietel

Got a haircut here before and was very pleased by the experience. This time was the complete opposite. I was told the haircut would be 30 dollars which was pretty average to my understanding here. At the end of the haircut I asked for a beard trim which I had received last time for to my knowledge was free only to be told at checkout, with absolutely no former warning that the beard trim was an additional 20 dollars and that the prices were dictated by the employees themselves and that was why I was paying more this time. The haircut is awful and the trim, by a girl who freely admitted knew nothing of trimming beards, was not worth anywhere near that. This place is a con in my opinion and I will not be returning.

Marjorie Karimi

Lady Saya R

Julia Rocks! I love her patience when loads of questions are asked.

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