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REVIEWS OF Skill Cutz Barber Shop IN North Dakota

Adam Stonesreet

Excellent customer service, great environment and the people seem to know what they are doing. There is one little thing though I feel I should mention. If you are a white boy, be prepared for your haircut to have a little more "swag" than usual when you walk out the doors of this great establishment. I'm not complaining, just not used to the good looks.

Raqueial Goldsmith

Could be less talking and faster service but hair cuts are good

Stephanie Lamprecht

Taylor did a fantastic job! My son loves his hair cut!

Davis Beatty

Shannon Fisher

Always do a great job with my sons hair!

Eyakem Negussie

Fresh cut. Great customer service

Andrew Abdulai

Best barbershop in Fargo always get my hair cut here

Kristal Charles

This is the best in town. My boy's hair always look top-notch when they leave. My daughter's are looking their great. The stylist's always go above and beyond making them feel welcome and giving them the haircuts they want.

Paul Shields

Great barbershop, and kind friendly people who work there,

Ali Ahmed

Too expensive

Ayub Mohamed

Best barber shop in town

Atuka Brume

Jerome N

Great shop with excellent customer service!!

crystal powell

pete olivier

Paul Price

We're visiting family. Cuts Must be terrific. They charged 3 times what it costs at home. I tried Google again.

mark perry

I have a $5 coupon which I can reuse, and I got my haircut by student barbers. The cuts are reviewed by the regular barbers who generally charge $20 before you get out of the chair and any adjustments are made by them. This probably improves the student barbers ability to cut hair. I've been there twice and enjoyed the cuts I got. And I would recommend this place to anyone who's comfortable with African Americans, as it seems to be the bulk of the clientele. The posters on the wall which show the cuts available are mostly for African-American haircuts. This doesn't mean that you can't get a decent cut as an old white guy, which I am. Anyhow, these two cuts have been Price Rite and very good haircuts for me. I don't know where you would get the coupon, but they are probably available upon request at skill Cutz.

Latherial Taylor

Favorite place to go to get a cut in Fargo ND

Jackie Wolfe

Dan Novacek

This is a great place to get a haircut. I recommend any of the staff. I also love the fact that you can book in advance with the app.

Dr. Hamza Daoudi

If you want a Gangsta type of haircut, then its the place for you. The short african guy does not even ask or communicate and all he says is " yes yes yes" then talks on the phone while doing the haircut, not a clean professional place:

Jan Hough

Prompt, friendly, professional. Today was my 1st visit. Sincerely the best haircut of my life. I will definitely be back.

Thomas Tol

Miski Haji

My son love to get his hair cut at skill cuts barber.

Kings Physique

Best cut in fargo

Darius Fahnbulleh

Martha Page

They're very professional and Good at what they do.

annie .

I took my baby boy to this place for the first time and they did a phenomenal job! They took us right away and they were very detailed and oriented. I recommend this place to other parents as well.


Definitely the place to go to get a cut very good at what they do even for designs but call for appointment first there are very busy

Jackie Hart

I loved the place. tylor has always been the best!

Carl Hamandishe

Decent barbers, I personally only let AJ Dort cut my hair but everyone the is competent. Good customer service and clean shop.

Devon Hofer

Been going here for about 6 years. Everybody here is very skilled Will and AJ have been my main two barbers for the majority of my visits. I recommend either of them.

Leslie Matthiensen

Awesome barbers!

Kia P

Robert Booth

This barbershop has the friendliest barbers in town. Go see lou and tyler and all of them boys down there. They'll get you set up right, take real good care of you. The staff is very personable while providing excellent attention to detail. While I was here I saw all ages from children to old men. Clean, respectable, family friendly atmosphere. A great place to bring your kids.

Poke Scraw

Was good but messed up on sides a bit

Matthew Fulks

AJ is a great barber with an awesome work ethic

Surafel gebreyesus

My moms boyfriend used to cut my hair and not going to lie he sucks at cutting hair. Then I went to skill cuts and they did a cool design and I actually loved my haircut

David Graham

Yes I love it best haircut I have got in Fargo! Ps so far.

Marcus Moore

Melanie Moniz

Taylor hooked my son up!! We will be returning customers!

Moe enforcer

Its a nice place to get a haircut.

Jayce Kay

Best cut ever had.

Christopher Lau

The best haircut I've ever had.

ferhad mayi

Awesome place ..

Riwaz Bajracharya

Awesome place and awesome people. The best haircut in town

Kyle Olson

Taylor is fantastic. He takes his time to understand what the client wants and delivers a precise cut above and beyond other men's hair in Fargo. I would recomend them anyone of my friends and real estate clients! He has the skillz!

7878Cherry .

They do a good job but could be better organized and make sure you get one of the old barbers and not the new ones

Shawn B

Go here. Ask for andy. Get killer hair. Receive days worth of high fives

Sehku Massaquoi

Excellent barber's


horrormovie100 .

Jawad M

AJ my homie is the nicest guy... Dont depend on him being on time but the hair cut is always worth it.

Jackie Hunt

My boy loved his haircut!!! People were very friendly.

Milton Bowens

I'm new to the Fargo area. I've gotten all my haircuts here. Very satisfied with there work. Its always a bit scary going to a new barber. But after the first cut I was worry free.

Michael Prazak

Worst service of any barber shop I've ever been to in my life. I waited an hour and a half while they took walk ins who arrived after me based on whoever they felt like

Tylor Kappes

Eli nyabenda

Robert Valley

Got a haircut there last year, and I've gotten my haircut done there every single time since. Only place I trust to do an incredible job every single time!

Eli Boi

Tami Crane

Could have been better

bobo Arkan

Best in Fargo Moorhead area by far! Awesome service

Tai Leathers

My son gets his hair cut and the cut is very nice. The bathrooms are not clean and they are never on time.

Savanna De Castro

Got my haircut done by Andy, and all I could say was WOW! He’s the first person that was able to actually get what I wanted perfect the very first time. Loved my hair after. He’s amazing at what he does, definitely will be my go to barber

paul hearne

Great service found my new barbershop

Husklsn Husinsosn

Omg don’t ever go there. By far the worst place to get a hair cut in Fargo. I went there a month ago to get a hair cut for my son, after a week of waiting I came in 10 mins early just in case it was empty because my son gets anxiety everytime he gets a hair cut, so when we walk in there was only one barber and 2 other guys waiting for him so we sat down and waited since he was finishing up another customer so after waiting 10 mins our time finally came

Christian Juarez

Great haircuts

Wendy E Lara-Modesto

Some guys are rude with kids while doing hair cuts,kids complain but they don't care.

Tenasa Darden

Awesome place to get your hair cut

jool rood

Para Latinos no es Lugar . ojo .

Will Boduo

Very professional barbers n friendly environment.


Oh yes, AJ and his team are the folks to recommend in the Fargo Moorehead area. Nice cuts and friendly guys. Very intelligent folks. Live them.

Cameron Maccabe

Best barber shop my main go to barber shop

Shericka Teague

My son is attending college in Grand Forks and there aren't any barbers in the area that can cut his hair. We drove 72 miles to get his haircut and AJ did a phenomenal job. We will definitely go back.

Corey Massey

Long waits without appointment

Joseph Larosier

Michael Day

Very nice place very professional and excellent haircuts and beard trims

Nemo Capri

Skillful barbers here

Kae Byrd

Great job on my sons hair. Very neat and precise. Worked very will with a jumpy kid lol

Tracey Janisch

I truly love how my hair came out. They definitely took a lot of time to do my hair. The lady who did my cornrows was fantastic and she even fixed my bangs that another barber shop messed up. I honestly would not let anybody do the designs in my hair but this barber shop. My husband even got his haircut and a straight razor. He was very pleased with his also and really enjoyed having a straight razor done for the very first time. The only reason why I gave a four-star is because we had an appointment for my husband but we ended up getting somebody else that we did not set up the appointment with. We will definitely be back.

Lukas Da Raindeer

Best barber shop ever!

Romario Collins

Joseph Landin

I drive an hour and a half to to get a great line up. Feel and look fresh.

TANYA Johnson

My son's hair always looks good after coming here. They take there time perfecting it so it can be a wait.

Muhend Abakar

I have been getting my hair cuts from Skill Cutz since 2012, I never had any bad experience in that place. They are very talented/ skilled barbers, and they also know how to treat their clients and make them feel welcome in the community. You will never leave the shop not having a smile on your face and satisfied. Therefore, I would % 110 recommend you to go to Skill Cutz to get that fresh cut!!

Sandi Mellies

I heard about this from a friend.. A++ I absolutely love this place.. Everything from atmosphere to the people to the cut! Looking forward to future visits and designs on my undercut!

Bryan Dean

Best in Fargo

Eli Pierce

These guys have always been on point. They have a family friendly environment, great conversation, great tools, and make you feel like part of the community. I've never had a bad experience here. My only advise is for everyone to book a reservation so that you don't have to wait long to get your hair sliced. These guys are really popular and busy every day so scheduling a chop is gonna help you avoid wait times. 5/5.

Prospect DaGift

Jermaine Mill

Great place love the guy there

jlaverdure10 .

Best barbers in the FM area.

Easton Heglie

I've been coming here for years. Wil and Aj do a great job. Dont go to any other barber shop.

Steven Dey

Got me in quick when I walked in. And did a great job! Thanks Wil

Thomas Nelson

Super friendly people but got not idea how to cut white people hair though. Didn't blend my length in at all had me lookin like a mushroom top

Rico Suave

I waited almost a half hour after my appointment time. I asked where AJ was so I could find out what was taking so long he was about to cut someone else hair that showed up 10 mins after I did. Come to find out he was calling my name from across a loud room but how can I hear when he is on the other side of the room trying to talk to me when everyone is talking a once. During my hair cut there was someone who kept on making AJ stop cutting my hair momentarily so he could show him somethin on his cell(completely rude). That happened multiple times. When I got home and looked at my hair it was cut uneven in several spots and the length was uneven in several places. Biggest waste of 21 dollars I ever spend. How bout a lil professionalism guys.

Paul Sethre

I had never been here before, and I got probably the best haircut of my life from Jacques. He got it right down to the very last detail.

John DeGroat

I have received haircuts from Thomas, Tyler and Will, and they have all been great. I never make an appointment, and whenever I walk-in, I'm usually seated within 3-5 minutes. I have always been very satisfied with the cut, and the skill of the barbers. Keep up the good work.

Keech Bior

Best barbershop in fargo

David Schuster

Will Dort and his team do great work. Clean atmosphere, great haircuts, friendly barbers. Highly recommend them!

Traci Sethre

Absolutely the best haircut my son has ever had! Professional and highly skilled barbers, and a great, fun atmosphere. I'd give this place more stars if I could!

Ajit Subba

PERHAPS, YOU MIGHT WANNA SEEK DIFFERENT BARBER SHOP. Worst customer service. I recommend some other place rather waiting. I walked away 3 times they just busy talking on phone. If you don't know anyone there you will be waiting days to cut your hair. They just don't take their business seriously. If you making appointment it's even worst because never show at time. How come business with worst customer service charge more? This guys are not TRUST WORTHY.

Junior Jean-Simon

Tim Abbott

First time here, attentive and quality job

Farai Hamandise

Great customer service and not cheap.

Frantz Mehu

Professional staffs, very good service

Dustin Rider

I have been here 2 times, its the best cut I have received since I got out of the military. The staff is great. Felt like I had been going there for years. If you need a haircut, or beard trim, this is the place to go. edit: I still go here for every cut, Will is awesome.

Molly willson

After a few failed attempts at an undercut design at other salons Tylor at Skill Cutz nailed it. I will never go anywhere else to have my undercut done again!


If you need a barber. This is definitely the place to go. It's clean and neat. The guys are great and are always willing to give you what you want.

Robert Kinyanjui

LaRae Sifuentes

Gina Wolfe

Reggie did an amazing job takes his time and everytime the cut looks amazing!! The shop is the best in town I swear


Great service

Boqor Mohamed

Experience Barbers nice location clean atmosphere

Nicole Baem

Anthony Rome

Will and his team are consummate professionals! Amazing cuts and customer service

Charles Richardson

They need more professional barbers. Only 3 good ones they have to rest are just useless.

Melvin Lewis

Nice clean shop with friendly staff very Suitable Family Atmosphere with great service. Highly recommend .

Monique Charbonneau

Best in town forsure ! Wouldn’t recommend any other place!

Josh Swanson

Tarley Mike

This place is a good place to go get a haircut, Daniel is the best barber

James Day

Best fade I got in my life, fun atmosphere. AJ hooked it up

Bailey Ernst

This place was absolutely AMAZING!! The next time my daughter needs to get her hair done, we will definitely make the 200 mile drive to come back. Brenna did quality work and was willing to take us as a walk in. My daughter is in love with her hair!!

Sylvanus Teboh

The guys here are super-skilled. Best to make an appointment but even if you walk in, they're always ready to help you out. Very friendly service.

Jibburz .

They pushed my hairline back half and inch, i asked for a taper thay gave me a flat top, and my hair is very uneven. The people are nice but the haircut is terrible

Eric Nelson

Leanna Wells

Great pricing. Fast walk in service also friendly barbers

Angel Dallas

Raul Lemus

10/10 The name does not lie they are "Skill Cuts" for a reason I'm on a out of state trip from California and trust me no better place than here, polite,skilled,talented & most of all they know how to taper you up! If you are a local and are not going to this spot you really aren't a local! Take it from a person where tapers are always given and these right here are if not close to Cali's but even better from experience! Definitely coming back!!!!

Belly Estima

Best shop in Fargo. Love it here! Great customer service, friendly barbars, and the vibe is always positive. I've been coming here for a few months now and I must say, the talent is legit. A.J. and Will are my go to guys...

Nashwan Amedy

Xavier Wilbourn

Good hair

jesse johnson

Worst place ever. Had an appointment at 530. Showed up at 520. Kept taking walk ins over me and said he was behind. What kinda BS service is this? It’s 620 and still no haircut. This place is a joke and I will never come here again and I most deff won’t recommend you.

Yann Mulonda

Best barbershop in the FM area, family friendly and the barbers are amazing. Thumbs up

\\\ ButtonsForEyes ///

I love going to this place....the people there r so nice and friendly, they continue to ask you if you like the style throughout the cut And make conversation. Every time I go there I always have Will do my my hair

rezza shateri

Great haircuts and awesome barbers! If you want the freshest fade in Fargo, check them out!

Oscar Humberto Boche Carrera

(Translated by Google) Here we come to cut hair (Original) Acá venimos a cortar cabello

Tiffany B

LISTEN!!! A blessing to find a great female barber. Sharon's clipper game is Crazy! Very nice barber shop, professional and courteous staff. Thank me later

Cortland Dorsett

It's worth the nearly 2 hours I gotta drive to get there. I'm from the west coast and gettin a cut with that "west coast flare" is amazing. On top of their amazing fades I get my beard lined up and it's probably my favorite part. These guys can do it all. 10/10

AMY Butler

Nice place but didn't get what I wanted an for the price kinda nuts

Joshua Freese

Been searching for a place like this in Fargo! Wil and his guys are awesome. Definitely the only place I'll be getting my hair cut and beard trimmed from now on.

Wantee Waort

Great place I cut my hair there and always love my cut.

Obie Madison

Awesome barber and owner Wil

W.T. R

Great barber. If you like your hair looking on point, these are the guys to go to! Highly recommend!

MH Video

Great place to get a haircut. My favorite barber. No matter if Will, AJ. Or any of the students cut your hair, you will always get a perfect haircut.

Jay Harris

Aj did a wonderful job

Boris Beginning

Been going to the same place for about 9 years now. Pretty hard to get another barber shop to do what this guys do. They create a good atmosphere, they are polite and respectful, Their barber skillz are beyond exceptional. Will is my guy, and you can forget Brandon and AJ. These guys are real professional. I'll never cur ma hair elsewhere unless I am in

keith neuberger

Great place, very knowledgeable and friendly

Ali Farah

I like it this place Great hear cutz & keep on time apointments thanks guys great job

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