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REVIEWS OF Euphoria Color & Hair Salon IN North Carolina

Alexandria Miller

I can not speak highly enough about euphoria and the ladies that work there. Everyone was so friendly and professional. My stylist Maral is the absolute best. She goes above and beyond to make your hair not only beautiful but healthy . My hair was not in good shape and she gave it life again. So if you are looking for the best place around I highly recommend maral and the ladies at euphoria!

BigBangMills 45

Jacki Lemmerman

I have been going to Euphoria Salon for almost a year now but will not be returning ever again. The owner of the salon, Kristina was my stylist. She is very unprofessional as well as unreliable. She was late to every appointment I had, even making me wait almost 2 hours for her to appear on a Saturday morning. She kept texting me telling me that she would be another x amount of minutes late. Had I known it was going to be almost 2 hours I would have rescheduled. She didn't offer my any kind of a discount for the inconvenience. I did not like the atmosphere of the salon either. It was never relaxing like many salons I have been to in the past. She would always talk about her life, talk to the other stylists about the salon, things that needed to be ordered, other client's hair, or speak to her apprentices. I could never get a word in. I continued to go to the salon because I liked the way that Kristina did my hair. The last straw was my appointment that I had last Saturday. When I showed up for my appointment that morning I was told she was running late. When I asked how late she was going to be they told me she had texted me to reschedule. I checked my phone and she did text me an hour before my appointment but I did not see the message until that time. I don't know why she schedules Saturday morning appointments if she can't get out of bed in time to be there. Kristina has not called or texted me to apologize for wasting my morning or offer to make it right or reschedule at all. At this point it doesn't matter because I will find a new salon. It's a shame because Kristina does nice work. I wouldn't reccomend using her as your stylist if you value your time though. It is hard for me to make arrangements for my children and set aside time for myself so when I do my time needs to be valued. I can't speak for the work or professionalism of the other stylists there but if the owner behaves like this I imagine they do too.

Rossana Allup

I loved my experience at Euphoria! Great environment, tasteful decoration and at a nice location in downtown Fayetteville. Maral is awesome, she is very sweet with customers, and she perfectly understood what I was looking for. I definitely will be back! 100% recommended!

La Rose

I have been going to Euphoria for about 2 years. After what I call the "Trump Experience" (bleached my hair at home to a stunning orange hued mess) Kristina was able to bring me to a beautiful platinum and has kept me there without issue since. I get my roots touched up roughly once a month which takes about 2.5 hrs and I spend around a thousand a year on upkeep. When you have a high maintenance color you have to 1. do your research 2. be prepared for the reality of what can and can't be done and 3. be committed to the home care and in house treatments. The entire staff at Euphoria are very well educated, honest and hardworking. I constantly have people asking me where I get my hair done and I am constantly referring them to Euphoria. Rose Hogan

Google User

Super late writing this but loved my deva cut by Christina!

Ashley Tutwiler

I had the best experience here. The staff is wonderful and the salon is amazing. Lauren is so talented. I will be going back again and again!

Jaclyn Ramos

Kristina, the owner, is very unprofessional. I received a job here thinking I was going to make some money because apparently they had a waiting list of people who wanted to get their hair done. I start working here an made an average of $250 every 2 weeks. I did not pay thousands of dollars for school & continuing education classes to be paid worse than minimum wage. All of the stylists and receptionists who work there are very helpful and sweet. I wish I could stay but I can't be robbed of my work and only make 35% of my services. The owner always complained about how she owed all this money for these loans for the salon but can go on vacations and put her kid in private school. Sounds like greediness to me. She messed up my very first paycheck so I'm sure she messed up all of my other paychecks and shorted me money. With that being said if you're a stylist and need to make a living DO NOT WORK HERE!

Yolanda Bennett

David Reign

M Bannar

THE BEST SERVICES & PRODUCTS IN FAYETTEVILLE! Thank you Euphoria Salon, for always making my month better. My color is gorgeous (always)...amazing coverage and shine, especially for someone with so much gray (yikes)! Additionally, I've never been happier with my haircuts. No matter who I see at Euphoria, each stylist has proven to be on point with precision cutting AND styling!! Lastly, I am so grateful to walk out of your "on trend" salon with the correct product prescription, since we all know it helps with our daily regimen. You all are TOP NOTCH!!!

Brittany Boehme

Went to get a trim, just to take the ends off of my hair. The salon is EMPTY and the hostess told me "sorry, but were fully booked today and cant fit you in."

Janice Raines

This is a great salon with very friendly stylist and receptionist. The product knowledge and skill of the stylist here is impeccable. I would recommend 100 times over! I also personally recommend Kristina P for her coloring and hair cut skill set. I usually just let her do what is best and it always looks good!

Irene Melvin

The owner has been my personal hair dresser forever - was so excited she got her own shop and it's just awesome salon - Kristina is a color expert and trainer. I always get a lot of compliments on my hair.

Rockstar Freddy Love fnaf

They charged me $30 for an 1/8 ounce of Oleplex!!!! You can buy an a 3.3 oz bottle for the SAME PRICE IN AMAZON!!! SAVE YOUR MONEY!!! WALMART DID A BETTER JOB FOR 1/4 of the price!!! They are an OVERPRICED AND UNDEREXPERIENCED SALON! I Spent a few hundred dollars within 2 weeks on hair services and product. Would not refund $258 after they attempted to lighten my hair with no result and didn't even style or cut it!!! They charged me for multiple items without telling me first and my hair was darker when I walked out instead of lighter!!! EXTREMELY DISSAPPOINTED!!!, will NOT be returning. IN RESPONSE TO THE OWNERS COMMENT, This is not true! They wanted me to get my hair fixed by the same stylist who ruined my hair?! Why would ANYONE want to go have the person who ruined your hair do it again?!? SAVE YOUR MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jeannette R

Exquisite experience!!! I drove over an hour to get a Diva Cut by Maja. Maja listened to what I wanted, viewed my pictures and made my hair dream come true! Lol . She is super sweet, took her time and made sure I was ok with my big chop every step of the way. If you have curly hair, you need to call and schedule an appointment with Maja; you will not be disappointed! I will be a repeat customer! Thank you Maja, your skills are amazing!!

Peruvian Qulqi

Maja is amazing, I am always pleased when she cuts my hair.

Ashley Williams

Edit: I asked for a portion of hair to be trimmed from the top layers of my hair which hung down and under the remainder of my hair and a general trim all around. Months later, still have an awkward short layer at the top that doesn’t blend into the remainder of my hair. I cried the entire 40 minute drive home and a few times the rest of the night after my haircut. I knew going into the appointment that I would lose a little length and at least a 2 inch trim would be needed. (My stretched/straightened hair has about two inches of split ends which I usually trim myself) I also needed a little bit of a shape. Going into the appointment we agreed that the top would be short to give it the volume and shape, we agreed that we wanted a similar length around that would transition a little better to straight styles and we agreed we would do so by keeping as much length as possible. I’ve had several devacuts in the past so I also knew what to expect going into it, as I’ve always had good experiences..until now. After the dry cut the shape looked good but it was difficult to tell how much had been cut off. She washed, styled and dried it before going in and cutting off what seemed like an equal amount to what she cut during the dry cut. I typically don’t use devacurl products all the time because they shrink my hair so much and my hair also shrinks a little extra after trims because it’s healthier. For those reasons I couldn’t tell how much of my hair had actually been cut off. It was significantly smaller than when I went in but I thought it was attributed more to that. As soon as I got in my car I pulled on a couple curls at the bottom only to realize just how short my hair was. The trim became a full on haircut. I lost 6-8 inches of hair in a lot of places, more in others. And this wasn’t from the top to create volume because I understood that from the beginning that it would be shorter. It wasn’t from the sides that were taken to even out my hair. I could stretch my hair to near waist length going into the appointment and left barely able to stretch it past shoulder length. The only reason I went for a trim was because I was so close to my goal length and I wanted the trim now so that it could continue growing healthy to my goal length of waist length and be able to wear it straight for my grad school graduation in May. I went into grad school with the haircut just like the one I received today and it took me two years to get it to where it was going into the appointment. I was so happy to be able to wear it at its long length for my big day because I hated my first pictures in grad school of my short awkward hair that didn’t touch my shoulders while curly. And now that’s where I am. I wish I could turn back time and go back to my curly hair that sat on my shoulders and was big and full, but instead I have a short Afro that basically falls just pst my ears. I could wear my hair however I wanted before and now I have to be selective about the type of ponytail I wear so that it will all make it into the ponytail. I will never get another devacut again in my life. If you’re looking for a shorter cut or have shorter hair than I think Kristina would be great because the style looks good and I would love it if I went in for a something like it, but I didn’t. I loved my hair before and wanted it spruced up. I look at myself now and I hate it, hate that I chose to go in for the appointment and hate that I didn’t realize sooner exactly how short it was going to be. My hair doesn’t grow very fast so now it’s a waiting game, probably another two years to get it back.

Caitlyn Lacey

Ashley Schirone

To expensive. Hairstylist didn't listen to what I was asking for or showing her. Was to busy with her friends and food to invest her time with paying customer

Glady Jimenez

Maria Thompson

I normally never write reviews good or bad but my experience was just that bad that I'd hate for someone else to go through what I did. I had an "advanced" stylist and she used bleach on my hair causing it to break. I have very dark hair and she left the color on too long causing the top to be dark and the bottom to be an entirely different color. Definitely not highlights at all. It took my stylist in Raleigh 6 hours to attempt to fix it but she found in incredibly difficult because of the damage done by the person. I can't believe I actually paid money for this and will not be returning.

N Bernard

Nichele Lopez

I had a great experience here all the ladies were friendly, I especially loved Lauren who did my hair. They do Deva cuts here which is a plus!

Jasmine Mason

Euphoria is an amazing hair salon! The salon has a comfortable atmosphere and all the people are friendly and funny. Recently, I had my first Devacut with Kristina and I loved it! Not only did Kristina help me get the volume I wanted for my hair but, she also answered all of my questions and gave me tips and advice. Kristina was extremely knowledgeable and I appreciate that because that is not what I have had in past experiences! I will definitely go back every time I have a question or need a trim, style, or anything. I’ve been to other hair salons and Euphoria is one of the best!

kourtney sibley

Amazing!!! Just moved here from NY & was very nervous about getting a cut as I have very thick/curly hair & have had numerous bad experiences in the past. The owner listened to everything I wanted & even asked me about what I didn’t like about past experiences. With that being said, she went above & beyond to be sure that I would love my new hair! She did awesome & for the first time in 24 years, my curls are actually flourishing! I don’t think my hair has ever looked better!

kelly mcdonald

I’ve been going to Kristina and Euphoria Hair Salon for three years. My sister and best friend also use the salon and I’ve never had a bad experience. As a blonde, I’m super particular about my hair and Kristina never disappoints. She’s is so professional and has TONS of knowledge on chemicals, colors and much more. Recommend this shop to anyone who wants a great hair color, wash and/or cut!

Janette Keaton

Katlin Neese

I absolutely loved my experience at Euphoria! It’s such a cozy, unique, and inspiring place. Maral does an excellent job and I always leave so happy with the results! I’m so glad that a salon of this caliber is conveniently located downtown! I’m a loyal client for life

Aaron Jackson

If you're looking for a real hair cut that goes beyond the basic clippers and trim, this is a great place. High quality hair cut at very reasonable pricing. Very pleased with my hair cut and will be a repeat customer.

Nicole Pouget

It’s been about a month since I’ve gotten my curly hair cut by Gabby. She did a fabulous job. I’m new to the area and was nervous about finding someone who could do a good job cutting my curly hair. I was pleasantly surprised and plan to go back to see Gabby again.

Lisa Lee

Love these girls. If you have any hair needs, get it done here. They are professional at anything hair. You will not be disappointed.

Francesca C

Overall a pleasant experience despite my anxieties about haircuts. Maja did a grand job and was very calm and attentive to my needs. Only the Purple shirt is before and the rest are after. Got a nice shape with a spunky face frame. The only qualm I have is that it’s a little choppy like the distance between the front face layer is quite different from the back so it’s like I have this tail but. I suppose it was the only way to give the illusion of the length being kept xD but it’s cool because I can just bring it forward so it doesn’t look toooo weird. I just have to play with it to get it in the right position. (Excuse my tired looking photos)

Claire Hansen

Euphoria is a great salon. Their space is beautiful and clean. They are always friendly, and I love the reminders they send so I don't forget my appointment. I always go to Lauren and she does a fantastic job every time. I would definitely recommend them!

Cole Venus

They butchered my girlfriends hair then refused to color her hair. No one ever go there again

Alexis King

Catalina is a creative & talented stylist. I appreciate her holistic approach to hair care. I'm growing my hair out and she cuts it beautifully. It's hard to find someone who is great at cutting and Catalina certainly is. You know you are in the right place with the right stylist when your husband asks if you are going to get the same cut & style as last time =D

Rose Knapp

Mia Sutherland

Kristina Perrigo

Awesome salon with highly professional stylist and products!

Morgan Beasley

Enough is enough! I've been going to this salon for years but I just can't anymore. No personal attention, ridiculous wait times and just no common courtesy. I've been there for 5 HOURS just for a color and cut. Kristina over-charges for the level of service she provides. I've waited almost 2 hours past my appointment time, it's just unacceptable. She takes personal calls during work, complains about personal drama with other workers rather than talking to her client, even washes my hair with ice cold water as if she can't feel that it's freezing cold! On my last trip I was overcharged because SHE decided to combine two colors for my hair after I'd already picked a single color. After questioning the price I was told I have to pay more because she's the owner and an experienced stylist... I've never been treated so unprofessionally at a salon my entire life. If she's going to demand a high dollar price her clients should receive high dollar service.

AshLeigh Pienkosz

This is a wonderful salon! Fabulous stylists and the receptionists are wonderful as well. I consistently receive compliments on my haircut and I always recommend going to Euphoria Color and Hair Salon ! Very happy that I found stylists who are dedicated to learning and keeping up with the newest trends.

Kyra Freitas


My appointment was for a haircut and color. I felt like a million dollars until I went to check out. Never in my life have I ever paid $575 for my hair! The joy I felt briefly with the cut and color was quickly ripped and I was nauseated! Here I am 2 days later and I'm still upset and terribly disappointed because I don't feel my hair is $575 worthy. As a single parent that is a mortgage or car payment. I expected this to cost me an upwards of $200-$300 including tip, but never imagined near $600. I had gone for a consultation a month before my appointment, I could have been told (and I could have asked - my mistake too) how much this potentially could have costed me. I could have made changes to my services. I understand my hair is thick and curly and I was there for a long time - but this isn't the first time I've gotten my hair done professionally and it was never near this price. While I enjoyed my experience before the price, the cost of it all will not allow me to go back. Don't make the same mistake i did, be sure to ask how much this will cost before committing! You may decide to go on a vacation instead.

Angela Williams

Maja was awesome! She knows the Deva cut and products. She is great with ALL hair types. Very satisfied

ashley punis

Just had a complete hair transformation I have been box coloring it and box bleached it and Kristina complete brought my hair back up life!! #curlyhair #bleachlove

Lily S b

5 Stars! Cute, chic, welcoming, and knowledgeable. I neglected my hair for far too long and was worried about getting chewed out by the stylist... a lot of places are judgey and snobby. But that wasn’t the case here. My stylist understood busy schedules and that hair isn’t always the top priority. She gave m a DevaCut and found out my curl hair is curly not just wavy! She gave me Heaven -In- Hair and now I spend the same amount of time as I did before but it looks great! She told me I was washing too much so I’m saving even more time! It’s super full and healthy now. They did raise the price on the cut but it’s worth it, still cheaper than Raleigh or Southern Oines. This salon is way better. TDLR: stylist was friendly, I wasn’t embarrassed. I walked away with good cut, products, and healthier hair. Decent price. Would recommend. C. A.

Sohui Park

• UPDATE I couldn't reply to the owner so here is the update. Also I updated the picture that shows to hair stylist. And I'm sure this is the picture because I even Photoshop the picture and renamed. My head was down few time and I couldn't even text when I was getting a hair cut. I remember I kept looking at the hair stylist trough the mirror because I was so worried about my hair when she was cutting. And yes I did show that picture to her, BUT she didn't even look at it saying "this is an easy style. The result came out horrible! She was so busy to talking with other customers or workers I don't know. Also, I NEVER mentioned about cutting BANG. YES we talked about 'FRONT HAIR' length. Not the 'BANG'. I know the difference between front haid and bang even if I'm a foreigner. I told her I want my front hair length to be around chin and I even pointed where my hair length wanted to be with my hand. So now see the picture and please tell me HOW that length is 'AROUND CHIN' ? I think your distraction with other customers(workers) and unprofessionalism ruined my hair. =========================== i wish i can give negative 5 star. i got a haircut from Kristina on last year October. this haircut was THE WORST haircut in my life. i am not even sorry to say it. because i paid $54 for bad haircut and still have those ugly hang or whatever. so i showed the picture to her and she said "that's easy." and you know what? back of my hair was meh~ but OK whatever. and front of hair was the worst. i told her cut it around my chin. and she started cut around my nose and kept cutting. i was like '......?'. and my hair got shorter. and i said it to her. i said around my chin.. and she said she was doing give some texture(?) or something. i mean.. i didn't ask any texture on my hair. and she style my hair with dryer. ... it was so damn hot. i kept move away from dryer. but she didn't even care. because she was more busy to chit chat with other customer. i after bad haircut i come home check my hair. so damaged and burn my scalps. i'll never gonna go this hair salon again. and for some people I'll left these after picture. you decide.

Kathy Trail

Danielle Freudenberg


C. R.

I went to see Kristina with a very faded reddish brown color I’d had done over the summer, she took it and transformed it into a gorgeous wine/burgundy color. I love it so much! My hair also needed a trim badly but I’m trying to grow it out now (I had it stacked in the back with a longer front) so I was hesitant to have it cut but she listened to my concerns and gave me a lovely “lob” cut that frames my face and will grow out looking good. Her salon was very clean (loved the building architecture), I didn’t have a long wait and the atmosphere was relaxed. I very much enjoyed my visit and will be returning for my follow ups.

Noël Ash

Jeremiah really listened to what I needed - a hairstyle that looks great with very little effort and just one product but can also go up to get it out of the way when I'm cooking. I got it all: My hair looks better than it has in years, and I put very little time into it in the morning! Now, I have no skills in the beauty department, but Jeremiah really did a good job explaining what he was doing and why, so I was able to replicate his styling steps at home. I usually love my hair the day it gets cut, but can never make it look that good again. Now I love my hair more every day! Thank you, Jeremiah!

Jessica Bundy

Kevin Rogers

Callie Farmer

I loved Euphoria!! I will so be going back to Jaclyn she was beyond awesome. She knew exactly how to cute my curly hair so it will look beyond awesome curly and beautiful straight!! My favorite thing is she didn't get scissor happy and cut off all my hair she started longer and worked from there so I left with a long bob just liked I asked. Next time I am going shorter I completely and fully trust her and Euphoria!!!!!

Sam Art

I love it my experience here! I had a DevaCut with Maja and it was the best experience I ever had in a salon . Since the moment I walked in, I felt connected with the people. The environment is very pleasant. The receptionist was very professional. And the services : (OMG) Maja is the best. She educated me about my hair, and did a beautiful haircut. I am in love with my hair for the first time in my twenty some years of age. She recommended the right products. I wish every curly girl could experience this!!!!! It’s worth every penny. Thank you Euphoria for providing such services in the area ! I am more than satisfied and I am sending everyone that needs these services your way!!!! <3

Victoria Wooton

Do not go here ! The owner kristina is terribly unprofessional. Worse palce in fayetteville.

Gigi Bowen

New to Fayetteville, I Googled local hair salons and have found a great place for sure. My first visit for a cut and color with Maja was wonderful! One of the best cuts and colors I have ever received. The atmosphere is clean and great. Maja was on time, professional and friendly. The first cut for military wives is on the house, cannot beat that. I have already scheduled my next appointment.

Kristina Burgers

Great Deva cut. Fun atmosphere, and they really take the time to make it a good experience.

Belmont bbc

Blerta Mehanja

I absolutely look forward to seeing the ladies at Euphoria. They are so hospitable and definitely make you feel at home. My hairdresser Lauren, who always takes care of me, is amazing and immediately understands what it is that I want her to do with my hair. She can get any hairstyle and color mix. Additionally, they use only the best products, like Aveda. It took me a while to find the perfect hairdresser for me but now that I finally found her, I can just sit down and relax because I know Lauren has got my hair covered

maja lewandowska

Evita Coronado

Love this place. First salon I let touch my hair since 2005 after a bad experience. Catalina does a wonderful job with my hair. I had highlights done a month or two ago and it still looks beautiful. I always get exactly what I ask for. I have never had a cut I did not love. I took my 2 year old this week. Catalina worked through all the tears and made my baby feel comfortable. I do agree that you get what you pay for and I will continue to pay for Euphoria's services.

Stacey Buckner

Kristina is my favorite. She has a fabulous sense of style which comes through not only in her color and cuts but in the Salon itself. It is hard to find this kind of talent in Fayetteville. Go check out Euphoria Downtown and you'll see what I mean.

Corey Wingate

I had a wonderful experience! To start, the salon is super cute. It felt really inviting and comfy. My stylist, Ashley, was just a few minutes behind (which I ALWAYS expect at a hair salon, it's just the nature of the business), but nothing that was at all problematic. I have a LOT of hair. It's annoying. I always ask stylists to thin it and give me lots of layers, and I can never get them to do just what I want. Ashley was on point! I had my glasses off the whole time, and when I put them back on at the end I was immediately thrilled with how my hair looked. She framed my face just right and gave me so much more depth and volume. We talked the whole time, and my appointment flew by. My hair appointments usually feel really long, especially the blow drying (because I have such an absurd amount of hair), but until she told me to take a look and see what I thought, I had no idea she was done! It had been 45 minutes and I couldn't even tell. She was so sweet and we had a great chat and it never felt awkward or uncomfortable like I've experienced in the past. We even talked through all the loud blow drying. To top it off, the price was fabulous for a quality salon, and I got a new client package of coupons and incentives. Everyone was so sweet and I had a great time! I am editing this to add that I just had an appointment with another stylist, Maja, because Ashley was unavailable when I needed to make my appointment (sitter availability, school, etc - I usually try to stay with the same stylist but sometimes it's unavoidable!) and she was just as fantastic! I got a drastic cut and had her chop my hair off and I could not be happier with how it turned out. She was so nice and I loved that she explained her techniques and then showed me one way to style it at the end. Thank you again for a great experience!

Aleicia Decosmo

They called and canceled my appt right before I was leaving to go. Said the stylist was pregnant and her back hurt. OK but my appt was 2:30 on sat. They had told me when I booked it I was her last appt. So I would have been her last appt before 2 days off. I had already waited 3 weeks for her to cut all my long hair off. I was nervous and excited but I don't trust someone that blows off and dismisses new business. Oh and I did hair for 10 years and while pregnant with twins soooo..... yeah.

Victoria Slonaker

Got hair extensions for the first time here and I love them!! Everyone was very friendly and I enjoyed the experience

Patricia Barron

My new color today by Christy Dale...

Heather Hickerson

Evelyn Alvarado

My friend and I came here to get our hair done and we're NOT happy with the results. We called Kristina and told her how upset we were and she was EXTRA RUDE! She yelled at us, told us to never come back, and then hung up on us. As the owner of the store you would think you would expect more respect and professionalism but clearly not!

Shania Edwards

Went in today for a deva cut with Maja . Very good experience. My hair looks healthier than every. See you guys in 4 months (:

Lexi Jc


Had called to inquire about bridal hair and makeup appointments and asked if the stylist would travel to the onsite location. I was told that although they generally don't offer this service, the owner wanted to start offering this service and she would call me back. I did not receive a call back after a week. I called again and they said they would get back to me within the day. Guess what? They didn't. Euphoria: you just missed the business for hair and makeup services for 7 people and the opportunity to have positive word of mouth from those 7. Update after 'Response from Owner': I think that the owner's ability to decipher "this client" as referenced in their response is impossible to infer based on my user name being only shown as 'B S'. Therefore this response perfectly highlights the lack of integrity and accountability one could expect from this establishment. The call(s) the owner referred to was only a singular call of someone-- not the owner-- to inquire further about my request (which was information I gave during my initial call...). Never were there 2 ADDITIONAL calls. Owner's response of "We have always offered traveling services" should be information they give to their employees in the salon as they seem to be unaware of this. I was told on several of my call backs that this was a new service the owner was considering. The owner's response I think is a perfect representation of the type of customer service one can expect from "Euphoria" Salon.

Leigh Jack

It is always hard moving every 3 years to find a great salon but more important a wonderful stylist. It usually takes me at least a year to find someone that I truly trust with my hair. I am happy to say that I found that quickly here in Fayetteville! I have gone to Ashley only a handful of times, but my color is so awesome and EXACTLY what I asked for! My haircuts are perfect! The way that she cuts my hair is amazing! It is growing so much better now and growing how I have always wanted it to. She knew just how to cut it to get my hair to lay right! I tell everyone I can about this salon and Ashley!

Christina Petrucelli

Maral was amazing as always!

Lindsey Bergeron

Me taking time to write this says ALOT. I am SUPER impressed with this place. I had my hair done there as a one off like 3 years ago for a ball by Mya. I flew in for it and have not been back because well....geography. Anyway I called today to get the info on the human hair extensions she ordered for me and Lauren at the front desk was BEYOND helpful and friendly. Even pointing me in the direction of where to get them, their size, and checking on the supplier website for me to see if my particular ones were still being sold. She did not have to do that as I understand its a source for them and product sales is a thing in any business but she did it without question for me. Service like that doesn't happen that often. She is a great employee. I own a brokerage in Alaska and I am just SUPER impressed with her customer service. That speaks volumes about the management and the overall vibe there. Which obviously must translate to people's hair and experience. Thanks so much Lauren.

Keri Starrs

Samantha Murray

Wonderful place to get your hair done....definitely recommend them to everybody

Rhonda Lindsey

Ashlee Yun

So I've waited about a year to write this review. I didn't want to write anything out of anger or disgust. I am very serious about my hair and the products I use. I believe it's an investment so I researched some new places around my area to try after 8 years at the same salon. I went in Euphoria trying to achieve platinum blonde. I was already a very light blonde and the owner did my hair so I was excited to see what she could do (seeing the prices were very expensive). Immediately after she was done my hair looked a little blue, not a problem just wait a few days. A few days later my hair was literally breaking in half and falling out, although the blue did fade (didnt go away). Needles to say i had to go back and have her cut off all my hair!!! After being devastated and cutting off my hair, the woman at the front desk tried to charge me for a hair cut i wasn't ready for but had to get. After saying hell no and talking to the owner I did not pay for the hair cut. Thank God because the color was over 200 dollars!!!! I would not recommend this place.

Angela Faircloth

Luv this place and the best colorist ever... Christy Dale Bullard

Connie Wood

Go see Ramsey, she's a great stylist and the salon is really unique

Cypress Naylor

Love the atmosphere an the employees are all great an knowledgeable

Hollie Uhl

Morgan done an amazing job! Very pleased and will definitely be back there for all hair appointments.

Becky Sealey

Carolyn Carr Parker

Olga Thompson

Visit Maya. She knows how to use her magic on you!

Gilbert Barrera

Julia Burns

There are not enough words to describe how impressed I am with this salon. The color, cut and style were perfect. The staff was super friendly and very welcoming. Well done!

Jordan Mitchell

Amy Barrett

Meegan is the best beautician! Thank you for always doing a great job.

Jane Robinson

Terri Smith

My hairdresser did a good job, however - the cost of $325.00 far exceeds the results. I got a basic cut, my hair is shoulder length and straight, I asked for a root touch up and we discussed the process, I got toner and apparently high lights as well. Honestly when I got to the register and was asked to pay $325.00 I almost had a heart attack, the most I have ever paid, for the same service just as equally good if not better - was $160.00 Nice Salon, everyone is very nice, but due to the high cost, I definitely wouldn't go back.

alicia mcLemore Bal

I've been coming to Euphoria for a few years now. Kristina is an absolute artist and I trust her implicitly with my hair. If you are looking for a salon that listens to you and helps you craft a hairstyle that reflects your personality, Euphoria is the place for you. My personal litmus test for a hairstylist is the ability to walk in and trust their expertise. With Kristina, I have that level of trust. I highly recommend Euphoria!

Deirdre Hughes

I love this salon. I picked it mainly because of their hours, hardly any salons are open on a Monday, which is my main day off. They also are open until 9pm most of the days. I have been here a total of three times, all with Ashley. She does an awesome job! I always go in to get a bleach and tone or touch up. She obviously knows what she is doing and she's extremely nice and knowledgeable. I will keep going back to her.

laura roberts

Best salon ever. Super cute salon, reasonable prices and Lauren is absolutely amazing at colors. Ask for her!

totallsmallz 21

I had never colored my hair before and was very hesitant, but Kristina reassured me about the process and made me very comfortable. My hair turned out great and I continue to go to Euphoria Color and Hair Salon to get my hair done! I love this place!

Maral Larson

Lyz A.

this place is amazing!! i realized a curly haired woman i follow on social media got her curls cut & trimmed (& highlighted) at this salon and i have wanted a curly cut for YEARS but had put it off for multiple reasons. but after seeing this is where one of my favorite curlies go i had to go too! we had a little bit of a mishap with scheduling when i arrived (i wasn't on the schedule in the computer, but had confirmed through email multiple times), but they got this taken care of right away and i was in the chair in no time! maja (pronounced maya) did an AMAZING job on my curls! i have never been happier with my hair! she asked me what i was hoping for & how i normally style my hair, what products i use, everything. even before she washed my hair (the deva cut is done on clean dry hair for curls) the shape she had cut looked a million times better! then she washed & deep conditioned my hair & styled it & fixed up any more pieces that needed a little more trim before finishing. i even let her cut bangs for me - which is what i was most anxious about bc i never liked my bangs in the past after about 3 days. well, it's been a week & i am SO happy to have curly bangs! they look perfect! i left feeling so good about my hair & myself! i can hardly wait to go back for a trim in a few months!

Alexis Cancel

Lauren did amazing ! Asked for a deva cut or a trim with lots of layers. Didn’t want to get rid of length. First experience was awesome . Curls came back happy ! Good products even diffused. Even went back the next day to tip her !

Mallory Valle

I love everything here from the customer/guest hair survey to the salons decor to the friendly employees to the wonderful haircuts! I recommend this salon to ALL of my friends. The prices are a bargain for the experience! I'll ONLY go here for now on while living on Fort Bragg. Thanks for all y'all do!

Haley Vrad

I really enjoyed Euphoria! The design of the salon was nice and the stylist, Gabby, did a great job! The only critique I would give is that I had my haircut during an event downtown and so many people were coming and going from the salon to find items related to the event. I wish I would’ve been notified that there was an event going on during my service so I could have rescheduled for a quieter time but that won’t stop me from going back.

Felicia Jones

I went to Euphoria for my first devacut in Oct and Maja hooked me up! I ended up being invited to a photoshoot with Devacurl in NYC! So of course 5 months later I went back to her for another Deva cut and pintura highlights. I stressed to her that yes I want lighter curls, but I would hate to damage them for it. She ended up giving me gorgeous highlights better than I imagined AND I noticed very little damage. I've never gotten so many compliments before! I am obsessed!

Lea McLemore

Kristina has been doing my hair for about 5 years now. Quite honestly, she's the best stylist and colorist I've ever had. I highly recommend Euphoria to anyone I know who's looking for a stylist. After I turned 45 I was ready for a change. Kristina helped me go from log, straight, boring blonde to short, spiky, ever-changing awesomeness! I can't wait to see what we try next!

Kelli Ayers

Lauren is great! I have come in with pretty high expectations and every time Lauren has knocked it out if the park!! She is friendly and very attentive! I love her, the salon, and my hair!

Emily Pauley

The salon had a very cool vibe. They were all very polite and friendly I will definitely go back there again.

Jessica Dove

Maya is AMAZING! I will only see her from now on! She turned a bad cut into a rocking awesome style! Love her! Thanks again! Jessica D.

Kelsey Abad

I recently move to Fayetteville from Chicago and was weary of finding a new salon. After some online searching and social media browsing I decided to go to Euphoria and was very happy about all aspects of my experience. Kristina, my stylist, was friendly, informative, and very welcoming. She answered my questions and made me feel at ease in the chair. The front desk staff greeted me when I walked in and helped me feel welcome immediately. All the staff I interacted with were also friendly and seemed very professional with the clients in their chairs. You can tell that the stylists get along and enjoy working with one another too. I also purchased some new hair care products and am happy with Kristina's recommendations. I will be back again. Thank you!!!

Sharon Wydrzynski

I have been getting my hair done by Christie Dale at Euphoria for months, regularly every 5 to 6 weeks. Christie is awesome-the best hairdresser I have ever had. She is personable, makes sure you are comfortable, and puts you right at ease. She cuts your hair the way you want it, and that my friends, says it all!!!. The salon is neat, clean, and very fashionable. It is a quaint, old building, with all the modern things a salon needs. I would not go anywhere else. Sincerely, Sharon Munoztorres, K9 Styles Pet Salon.

Brianna Soler

I’ve been to this hair salon a few times since I’ve moved here. I am very pleased with the environment of the salon and how friendly the staff is. Kristina P does a wonderful job every time! She always shows me how much she plans on cutting BEFORE she does it. I love how she pays attention to detail and doesn’t use a flat iron on my hair!! I am very pleased with my haircut. Everything is very clean and refreshments are offered right when you walk in. See you soon!

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