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5430 N Tryon St, Charlotte, NC 28213, United States

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REVIEWS OF Aabies African Hair Braiding IN North Carolina

Somara Shapheem


First time getting my hair done was last night. Great work and attention to detail. All the ladies were nice and polite. They were very helpful. Awesome selection of hair. I will be returning.

Shaveda Clemons

Horrible service they don't even honor their own coupons . If I could only post a pic of what the finish product looked like you would understand how horrible my braids look and all I asked for was cornrows straight back.

Martina Echols

It was the worst experience I have had in my 44 years of existence. They need to be trained on customer service regardless of the language barrier. Rude equals rude in any language. I will not be returning and I will let others know how I feel as well.

camee michelle

they are scavengers.. i got my hair done last year there.i was getting my hair done(sewin)..i had been going through my purse while sitting there as the lady worked...several workers began to come to the station where i was....they were aguing in their language with each other and looking at me....i mean..each one keep looking at me... and argue with the lady doing my hair, this went on until the lady was finished. i didnt think anything of it b/c everytime i come they always talk aggressively with one another.i goes into my purse and discover that the $100 bill i had just saw in my purse before coming in the place was missing...i looked around on the floor& in that area and couldnt find it...i didnt think anything of it..i told the lady i had missed placed the money in my purse and just needed to go to the atm. i got the money, paid her and left. it dawned on me that while i was sitting going through my purse, my $100 must of fallen out...eureka!!!!this is why those scavenger rats were arguing...they were arguing over my money!! i guess one of em found it and the others were trying to claim it! and they knew it was mine and thats why they kept looking at me!! i was heated...i called back up there to tell them the whole scenario& if i could speak with aabie and they keep brushing me off...saying she want there nor the ladu who braided my hair was there...i called a lot and left messages for aabie and she never responded...those dam scavenger skanks thirsty for crumbs..if you go there watch your bags and be very sure theyed dig around in your purse for money if they got the chance!!


They were very nice and friendly and did my hair the exact way I showed them ! 5 Stars !

spunky ole' me

Fast service.

Bianca Gamble

Melinda Watson

They gave me a price of $225 and the sample braids didn't have that price on any of them. I started to leave because I've never paid that much for box braids so they lowered the price. Then the hair they used must have been cheap because my hair is bulging through and the hair is frizzy like it's too silky. Just awful. Its only been 3 weeks it shouldn't look like this. I will not be back. Also I think they try to see how much they can get off of you before lowering the price. They need one set price list!

princess cole.mnnnj

Loved It Janet Was The Best My Box Braids Took No Time and Was Perfect GO SEE JANET AT ABIES

Imani Kinsey

I am absolutely disappointed in the bad customer service that I received on Sunday 4/19/15 at Aabies. First of all, this is my second trip to Aabies. I got my hair done in 2011 and I did not have any issues....I was completely satisfied with the service. However much has changed from 2011 to 2015. On Friday 4/17/2015, I made an appointment to get a sew-in for Sunday 4/19/2015. They told me that without the hair, it would be $70 which is expected. The stylist also told me that they had a $90 special going on, hair included. Sounds great right? Well, I get there on Sunday morning 4/19/15. I walk in, get signed in, and go in to the salon area where they braid. I told her that I had an appointment and wanted the hair that was included in the $90 special. Immediately, I sensed an attitude from the stylist/braider. She acted like she did not want to give me the $90 special. So we go to the back room, get the hair, and she starts on my hair. She starts braiding my hair for the installation. She gets a call on the phone (of course I cannot understand the language). When she got off the phone, she told me that the price is actually $100, not $90. Mind you, $90 is what we agreed on when I made the appointment and $90 is what we agreed on when I began getting my hair done....but she waited until she started on my hair to tell me its $100. I know its only a $10 dollar difference....but how rude and unprofessional is it to increase the price while I'm getting my hair done? I gave her the $100 once she was done and I was very unhappy. I will NEVER go back to Aabies African Hair Braiding at 5430 N Tryon ever again!!!!! Please, if you are looking for a place to get your hair done by Africans, consider these reviews. They are accurate. Do not waste your money at this establishment....doesn't make sense to pay a large amount of money here and get treated like crap. And the sew in wasn't all that great either but I am making the best of it... Do not go to Aabies African Hair Braiding!! Please research the other African braiding shops in the area!!

Sherri Harris

Some of staff do not use manners. One staff member had a confrontation with a customer.

Artrice Johnson

I came in last minute, without an appointment. I showed them a picture of what I wanted, and they perfected it!

tiffany nelson

Went in for micro braids and was charged 205 bc my hair is short. The braids are sticking up and the braids in the middle are 3x the size they are in the front. I got 14 inch hair but the braider clearly didn't know how to stretch hair or braid bc the hair stops right below my shoulder it looks more like 8-10 inch hair. I will never go back there and I hope whoever is thinking about this places sees my review and runs. I am very upset and this place needs to close


The ladies keep me looking fly!!!

Brittany Brown

Do not get your hair done here!! You would think with as many stylists they have that it wouldn't take long to get your hair done, but that is FALSE!!!! My stylist stopped in the middle of doing my hair to do someone else's!! When I said I was going to leave, she came back to finish mine, then started working on someone else's again while another lady worked on the back of mine. The amount of noise in the shop is also horrible! I was siting right by the tv and couldn't hear it due to all the loud talking by the stylist. I will never go back and will be happy when I can get out of this chair!! They also tried to charge me and extra $50 (which i refused to pay) for the hair when the hair I used costs $2 a pack at the hair store! Just a bad experience overall!

Alicia Adams

Always hook me up when I go

Ramona Wiggins

Price negotiation is ridiculous. They will overcharge if you don't know any better. Do your research and compare prices before you visit! Braiders do good work.

Monikia Credle

Really they deserve no stars they are rude!!!!! Called ahead if time because I would be making a 2 hour drive the lady I spoke to said it was fine that someone would be able to do my hair set for 3 hours and still no one would do my hair they were taking people that had walked in after me this has been the second time this has happen trust and believe I will never come back!!!!!!!

Shantelle Mason


Tricia Gay

Where do I began? First, I chose to ignore reviews. DO NOT!! This is my third chance with Aabies (Bignons much better)! Went to Rock Hill location they were closed. Decided to then call North location and they said come up here. I told them I didn't have enough time to drive all the way up there. She said she had availability to put 3 braiders on my hair, I told her no and I could just come tomorrow. I eventually said yes because I had coupon for Tuesdays. Get there and I am asked how much I want to spend, I say $130. They start my hair and ask me if I can do $150 and I thought to myself I have a coupon for $20, so yes. Plus, i can use discount money on tip.They are braiding, everything I asked for they just wanted to hush me up and say there is only one way to do it ( ie: asked for layers) and they said no, after stating that they do it at the other place, they finally did it. Everything was an argument and they were super unfriendly. Then they ask me to pay when I was only half way done. When I walked up, I said you quoted me for this size braid and hair was included. Right? She said yes, I then said I had a coupon and she said all discounts have been applied. She said she didn't charge me for the hair, I said hair states its included. Than she said she didn't charge me for multiple braiders. I believe they pulled this the first time I went too. HORRIBLE! I pay, reluctantly! (there goes your tip). They finish my hair on time (which is the only compliment). They dont dip, barely trim and leave long strands dangling and hairs sticking out. If you are not discouraged yet from this place, LET ME SHOW YOU (this is how I walked out)

Tiganie Smith

The absolute worst ever. I dont understand how this place is still in business. I wait patiently for 2 hrs for a so-called braider to tell me she can't braid my hair. Then called the owner for her to yell at me and say someone is on their way. First of all, customer service 1 on 1.... dont yell. I've heard the horrowlr stories about this place, and I figured i would give it the benefit of the doubt and go anyway. Well, the stories are true... they will never ever get my business again. After i left, I went to to Agou hair braiding to get my hair braided, not only did she say she had time, she was very friendly didnt not ignore me, and I didnt wait 2 hrs. I got in and out in 5 hrs. If you need your hair braided go to Agou hair braiding. Oh and later I received a text message saying braiding specials. Stop texting me. I dont want your business and stop texting me. This salon is trash. Oh and by the way, the braiders do not do customer service as told by the owner... wow. Never visit.

Miki Sullivan

Went and got my hair braided yesterday and the service was good. The people were nice and great hospitality.

Mabooh Roberts

Change the price once I got there...Very bad customers service I would not recommend no one to go her... Aabie have nasty attitude also.

Vonzetta Butler

I just got my hair braided by Paty & she did a wonderful job!!! I'm so happy with how my hair looks.

Sheka Cauthen

I was lied to and tricked I showed her a picture of goddess braids she called them Ghana braids. Now the total of everything came up to 120. 35 for take down of 8 big braids and wash and 85 for the braids. Check this out though, she told me if I gave her 130 that would include everything.Ill never come back and I mean never. It's been 4 long years since I been here and I now know why I didn't come back. Never again.

Terri Jones

I had a good experience at Abbie’s I came there and showed them my hair style I wanted and they did it perfect. My next hairstyle I will like dread loc extensions. I was wondering if you can hand make them out of HUMAN HAIR the size I want is a PENCIL size and the length I want is to my shoulder.

Curtis London

Get my locs tightened here most times no wait just service

Camrin Patillo

My first experience was nice. The lady that did my hair was exceptional. All around good vibe. I love my hair too.....

Beverly Bush

After reading these reviews I am going to rethink about going to this place. I was happy about findind a place to have me and my daughter's hair braided for the first time. Dont need no unprofessional people in my life. Seekung real african braiders..


Mello Yello

LIFE THREATENING HORRIFIC EXPERIENCE!!!! EXTREMELY UNPROFESSIONAL!! I went in yesterday to get kinky twists. After speaking with the owner over the phone she stated that she would charge me “$130 and that it would only take 3 hours”. When I arrived no one knew of the price that she quoted me so I had to call her and have her speak to them. Secondly she stated that “it would only take 3hours”. The woman that was doing my hair said “no, it’s goung to take 4-4.5 hours”. Once again I had to callthe owner and I explained to her that all of the back and forth was reduculous and now she says my hair will take longer than you said it would. She proceeded to tell me “ don’t worry I’ll call her and tell her to get someone to help”. While getting my hair done there were at least 3 unhappy and irate customers. Arguing with the employees because they hated their hair, they were upset because of the prices differences going back and forth. One woman was so upset because of her sew in was not done properly. She asked to take her hair out and she wanted her money back. (Her rightful choice if she is not satisfied). She began to become even more upset when the employees blatantly started talking about her in their native language. This went on for about 20 minutes. I broke down crying because it was an extremely uncomfortable environment. I have never experienced such trauma while getting my hair done. These braiders are terrible and I would never ever everrrrr recommend them to ANYONE!!! My hair turned out extremely frizzy and I hate it! Please don’t waste your time!! Find a professional braider on IG!

Bribery Shortcake

They do braids really good nice and neat been going to them for years since 2006! Its 2018 now

Tiffany Bowers

Rude and prices change each visit

Ebony House

They are ok for what I need. I get my hair braided down so I can apply my wigs. For that purpose, the braids are done well. What I don't like is the wait, even when there aren't a lot of people and the constant changing prices. I always have to tell them what I'm going to pay.

Shakeyna Williams

We got here at 3:30p. They say no wait but I got one child done and I still waited for another child 3 1/2 hours later. All they were getting was goddess braids. I ask to have the ends pin up and I was told an additional $5 a piece. I walk over to check the other child and the lady said it was included in her style. I'm highly upset at the wait time. Then one child gets a pin up and the other doesn't!!! I WILL NOT RECOMMEND THIS LOCATION! Poor customer service.

Darrian Robinson


Mrs Mc

unorganized and will have u waiting all day even when u scheduled an appointment. they took so long I found another place and the place I found is excellent and they honor their appointments

LaCherise Crawford

Daisylee Cumberlander


Adrianna Jackson

They are unprofessional. They will tell you one price then try to raise the price on you in the middle of you getting your hair done.

Samantha Wallace

Horrible!!! I stopped and got a price. The next day i come to get hair done they tried to charge a much higher price!!! I said girl bye and went somewhere else and got better price and service!!!!

joyce christian

NEVER AGAIN As they advertise there was no wait. And it was finished in a couple hours. This was my 2nd time going and neither experience was good. Unfortunately the quality wasnt the best. The technic was good so it was tight and solid. But my styles never turned out right. My first time I received senegalese twist. I paid $180. By the next day my twist were coming unraveled from the middle from where they were sniped by the person that did the trimming to clean it up. I came back a couple days later and instead of them replacing the cut braids they just unraveled the cut part and cut it off some more to hide it which caused it to untwist some more. After 2 weeks I had to remove them. A year or so later this March I go in to get box braids. I figured why not pay somebody to do it really quick I work A LOT and I thought it would be more convenient. I was wrong. They charged me $250 this time. I specifically asked for longer braids. And Asked them NOT to cut the hair in half so my braids would be the right length through my whole head. It was cut anyway. Since there was a different person on the front than the back I ended up with my front braids WAY longer and thicker than the back braids. This prevented me from wearing my hair down all together. I called the location to voice my concerns I couldn't go up there because I was going on a cruise the next day. After I let them know the entire back of my head needed to be redone. They told me to come back and they would see if there was a problem and fix it. To be blunt I didn't have another 3 to 4 hours to sit and get my hair taken our just to be put back in. For almost $300 I expected it to be right the first time. Ultimately I ended up have to go buy hair and redo it myself which was upsetting because I could have saved my money and done it myself in the first place. As I was replacing braids the hair was so chopped up with so many pieces it was disappointing. Especially since they tried to argue with me and tell me the stylist Never cut the hair after I asked them not to. After a bunch of back and forth and them having to call me back. I was told they dont do refunds. So it was pretty much come in and let them attempt to mess up again or take a lose. And at this point they already have my money lesson learned. Funny thing is people ask me about going to Abbies almost Everyday because Im in their commercial lol. But These were just my experiences. May not be that way for anyone else. But I won't be returning

Nikia Hill

I called early in the morning to make an appointment but was told to just come at any time. I arrived around 5 and someone was able to do my hair right away. The staff was nice. The only negative impact was that I was quoted a difference price over the phone than what was told to me in person.however the charge me the first price I was told. I would definitely come back.

love it

I wish I could give this place a piece of one star . Do Not go to this establishment it is horrible customer service is horrible. I'm telling you ,you will be mad.

Tianna Samuel

Call and ask can I get hair done, they told me to come immediately only for a long wait time. If there was going to be a wait, she should have made me aware of that!

Arleen Glover


Tonya Cunningham

Unbelievable service will never go back!!! was here for more then 7 hours first they kept changing prices on me secondly I should of had two people but I had basically one !! I see whyyyyyyyyyy you have a low start!!!

Nicholas Blake

They do a good job hair..

Justine Narcisse

They over charged lots of people to do hair. I spent $200 plus on braids that was mid back length. New York doesn’t even charge that much for that length. For me being a first timer at that location I realized that I was ripped off. I could over hear lots of women saying that have been there before saying “That’s not how much I usually pay.” A few days later my braids came out. Plus I took some braids out and lost lots of hair. Only if I could upload the pictures on here to show the length of each chunk of hair that I’ve lost from individual braids. I’ve gotten braids on so many occasions and never did I have to worry about my braids falling out and losing hair. So much for a protective hair style. I forgot to mention that once they start on your head they won’t finish they’ll do some and go to another person head. This place is so unprofessional. What they do is place you in a chair thinking that they are ready and will start on their customers head so that they won’t lose customers if they go to somewhere else because it’s taking long.

denise Foster

Always a great experience when I come here! This time I showed a picture of some Lemonade braids I wanted and she did it color and all!

Elizabeth Navarro

I always go to Aabies to get my hair done and I a really recommended it.

Person Anonymous

I give them 2 stars because the hairstyle is fairly nice but when I entered the shop asking for one thing, sat did around 7 hours , and left with another hairstyle because they don't listen well. When I called before I came I was told 5 hours $200 & when I got there I couldn't be given a number of hours and was asked for $260. Very Unprofessional, wouldn't recommend them.

Charlene Currence

Fast customer service and hair looked really good!

Sharita Jordan

I went in June 10th requested box braids for my daughter hair. Emily did my daughter's braids and they are slipping out constantly I generally get her hair braided and they last a month and a half. I am disgusted that these are falling out and they look like dreads. They never have to worry about my money again which is why I don't frequent Aabies bir needed something ASAP....

Passion Williams

I went in for passion twist and they told me they could do it but throughout the process they kept laughing saying kinky twist not fluffy twist in their native language and when we was done she pulled it all back so I couldn’t see what was up until today I took it down to try to style it and I have some pieces sliding out two different twists in my head, some short and some long and the ends needed to be clipped. She used shiny straight hair i guess so she didn’t have to open another pack of hair so I have pieces of straight hair poking out no matter how I try to hide it and it looks like I’ve had it in for a while when today is only my third day... I spent 200 on some bull I wanted to go back in and complain for some money back or another hair style but I feel like I’m going to be disappointed again so I’m not going to waste my time but don’t go there they have definitely fell off I’ll what they put I my head but it defo isn’t kinky twist or passion twists y’all better hit up stylist on style seat as they do very well. Aabies should be closed because the manager over everything walked over and asked what was going on with my head in their language and they think because we don’t understand what they are saying we can’t put context clues together. I am not the only one who left that day not happy


Couldnt do the style I actually wanted done last wk

Tamischa Savage

Go to Lydie or Zozo they are the best ones to do your hair

Victorian hillman

My daughter and I got our hair in box braids great quality and they done great but just took forever . Beauty is pain

Crystal Davis

My first time was so terrible. 4 of us went.we called to check on prices for 100 micros we were told yes and box braids for a 4 year old we were told 75 after driving an hour the prices was nothing what we were told. My 4 year old was charged 100 dollars for box braids. They didn't want to do micros we were told they don't have those. The lady that started on my daughter hair left her for almost an hour while she started on someone else's hair. I mean left a 4 year old that long. We all ended up getting box braids and paid more than what we planned. The lady that done my hair well i should say started on my hair asked if she could have 5 minutes to eat when it was only 10 clock am well 20 minutes later i looked she was on someone else's hair and then she looked at me and started laughing. My sister had to tell them they had left the middle side of her hair undone. The lady who started doing hers left it and it was covered by other hair she had braided. Aabies are falsely advertising and unprofessional. We got there at 10am and left 10 minutes till 5pm. My 4 year old asked the lady when was she going to come back and finish her hair. That's how bad it was. She also said she don't want to go back there anymore. I will NOT recommend this place to anyone. We all ended up getting box braids because they didn't want to do the micros. We went on Saturday 12/2016 and today is Wednesday 12/2016 and i already have braids that are loose and hair sticking out, 4 days later. This place is no good.

Tiffany Love

They lied to me to get me in the chair when I just wanted to get my little auntie some box braids for half her z small head that see has the sides cut off. They started my aunt and I told her I'm on a time crunch. She badgered me again saying she could did my hair with 2 other ladies. I crazily allowed her to start my hair. I have thick hair so i asked her to section my hair as she does it. The woman could not half understand that I wanted 4 sections so I grabbed the comb after she almost fried my hair with the dryer by keep going over the same areas just waiving instead of parting my hair and finishing one section at a time and making sure you comb the dryer though from root to ends. While my lady was taking forever after my hair wash. The girl doing my aunt was still in the back of her mohawk head and decided to stop and take a break without Waring or notice. Smh. They were just slowing her head because I clearly stated "I need to be done when she done, I don't have time today, I'll come back." They only had 2 people on my head. Talking about we work fast smh. 6 hrs is the normal tine and shouldn't have taken that long for my aunt who finished minutes before I did, with the break everybody was taking smh. Great Product, Rude employees, and barely-lingual.

N. Celeste May

They have poor customer service.

Candice D

If I could give Aabies a ZERO, I would. Brought my daughter in at 8am, right at opening, and there were 3 people in front of us- they only had ONE braided until almost 9:30!!! I only waited because the one braider said more would be there in 10 mins. When they finally started, the braider pulled and tugged until my daughter cried. They obviously don’t care about anything but the money. I even witnessed a braider argue with a customer about the customers daughters hair. Some of the braiders are disrespectful and rude. They lie about how long you have to wait in order to keep you there, the work is sub-par and the prices are inflated! My daughter says she never wants to come back...ever.

Tanara Chambers

Dont let the radio fool you! The first time i went to aabies was years ago and i was not satisfied with my micros. They were too tight and different sizes and i said i would never go back. My hair dresser was full recently so i tried aabies again for 3 goddess braids. Im thinking how could they mess this up! First my greeting was rude. Then the girl wanted to go back and forth about how my hair color was a 3 and its a 2. I was told the braids were 10 a braid...she charged me 40 and i asked why and she said because of the hair. REALLY! I watched a lady tell a girl to leave even though her hair was not dry just because they needed the hair dryer. Once my hair was done i had to wait for a hairdryer because only 2/10 work. 10mins after i got under the dryer a lady checked my hair and said it was dry just so i could get up for the next person. My hair was still wet and i told her that. She a an attitude and walked away. Once i was dry i left. Aabies can do good hair sometimes but they have THE WORST service all the time.

Paula Marion

They did my neice hair and they did it better than me and I do hair for a living

jamiyla mcgill

My experience was absolutely and utterly DISGUSTING and UNPLEASANT! I WILL NEVER GO BACK AGAIN NOR DO I RECCOMEND THIS SALON FOR ANYTHING ESPECIALLY NOT A CHILDS HAIR!!! Myself and my 7 year old daughter who has a HEAD FULL OF NATURALLY CURLY HAIR, came here to get our hair done. I was pleased with my hair although they told me one price in the beginning of my hair ($130) and then changed the price near the end to ($180). I paid it. When it came to my daughters hair, I gave the lady a clear picture of how I wanted the style to be and even asked them about putting the beads on the ends of my daughters hair. The lady suggested putting a little bit of weave in my daughters hair (although she clearly didn’t need it) saying that the braids would last longer that way. When they were done with the braiding, I asked were they still going to apply the beads to her hair. They asked me how many and I said “ I just needed a few beads on EACH braid” they only put beads on half of her braids and some of the braids were two braids with one set of beads- absolutely tacky! I kept asking them were they going to finish and they proceeded to loud talk me saying that they had to go tend to their family and that I needed to go ahead and pay. Frightened, I paid the ladies and my daughter and I left. I was still very upset about the situation so I came back the very next day and asked if they could re-do my daughters hair but that I didnt want it done right away due to all the tension and pressure put on my 7 year olds head. The lady advised me to come back and get her hair re-done but before that could even happen, one of the braids pulled my daughters hair COMPLETELY OUT LEAVING A BALD SPOT IN HER HEAD. I brought my daughter along with the braid back up to the shop and they told me there was nothing they could do for me because she was a kid and that she most likely pulled the braid out herself- insinuating that I was lying about her hair falling out while I was standing there with a whole braid with beads attatched to the end of it. I was sent to another store where they told me the owner would be. I came here and she was mysteriously nowhere to be found. I waited inside that store for two hours since I was told “the owner” would be coming. While the women snickered and laughed about my situation as I was clearly upset about my daughters missing hair and acted like I was the problem. As I sat there, I called the number where I had previously reached the owner and she blocked my number. I can say that this is the WORST experience as far as hair goes that I have ever been into in my life and am going to try filing a law suit about my daughters hair.

Cara Smith Baines

Prices are shady based on who walks in...if you want less expensive style such as Goddess braids, they make you wait, then when someone walks in wanting micros or tree braids they take that person.

Tonia Shaw

Poor service

Kayla Benfield

First experience was well I had to wait an hour but it was worth it I got my Ghana braids done by Paty she is an excellent braider I highly recommend her she is pregnant but a hard worker will be coming back

Latricia Collins

Never ever if you want your hair...


I love Aabies I come for all my braid styles

John Bently

Tarasha Smoutherson

I went to the one on N. Tryon in the shopping center, absolutely horrible service I've been a couple times first experience two of the braiders got into a fight in the shop while kids were there and the lady braiding my hair was still upset and spills boiling hot water down my back......... Next experience I called to make an appointment and was quoted $100 for crochet braids when I get to the shop the price changed to $160 and still did not get the style I wanted.....

Natoria Hall

I’m from Delaware and they are all genuinely nice. They have pleasant smiles and the atmosphere is wonderful.

Barbara McClinton

Very good business didnt have to wait long at all very good price great braiding.

Lakara Beatty

Rating zero starts: My hair looks horrible... it's only one day old and looks like i had it in my head for two weeks.. i was hesitant about going to aabies but since I could not get an appointment anywhere else i decided to come here... worst decision ever.... take it from me save your time and money and go somewhere else!!!!!

Nancy Altidor

Worst experience ever. I was told my fox braids would take 4 hrs with two braiders. It took six hours with one person at a time. I got up to run to my car and the braider started someone else hair and I had to wait 30mins until she got back to my hair. I tried to use my debit card to pay and the worker asked me can I help hook up the electrical breaker box to the machine to take my payment. Of course NOT!!!!! I would have been opening myself to an electric shock!!!! Then she asked me to run across the street in the rain to use a atm at another establishment to get cash back which charged me $2.50 to withdraw money twice each transaction. My hair was hideous and I was charged $270. This was unacceptable!!!!! I will be contacting Abbie her self!

Linda Holland

I had an appointment at 9:00 a.m. on Jan.2, it took them until 9:45 before they waited on me. Several other customers came in and they left my head and started waiting on them. I told them I needed to be at the Hospital at 4:30 and it didn't matter. Also they had 3 different people working on my head, they left me wziting for 1 hour before they came back. I will never come back here again. Now I know why the bad reviews.

Retta B

Real real nasty Africans I drive 45 minutes every weekend to get 2 feedins and I told her it look bad I had to take it out o couldn't make it into Friday to get it done over she told me no, FaceTime jer to make sure I took it out l. I told her I wouldn't lie I don't like looking bad but they will lie lie lie and never give you a call back as they claim they will don't come here

Dannai Dawson

Their customer service at this location is horrible. I only go to this location if the other location at 5030 N. Try on is closed. I always seem to regret my choice when visiting this location. They always want to over charge me for a hairstyle and then proceed to talk about me in their native tongue..but when I ask if they're talking about me they insist that they aren't. The customer service here has gone down the drain and I refuse to continue to go here.

Chavonne Rivers

It was awesome. All the ladys were great and they did exactly what i asked for. Amazing experience. I feel really beautiful with my Goddess Locs.

runetta mickle

I will never in my life go back. Quoted me one price over the phone and when i drove there which is a hour away charged me higher. My hair looked old after a week my ends or nappy like i had my hair done for months. She didn't catch all my edges cut my ends when i told her not too. I showed her a picture on how i wanted my braides to look the size and length its looks nothing like the picture my braids or way smaller an shorter. Please dont go their work SUCKS

Cherika Jordan

Charge me 140 for my crochet that didn't even last 2 weeks in my head. Braid down is coming up from my scalp. Asked the manager for a refund or a new do for free she tells me no that they can fix it if it can be fixed. I will go back to doing my own hair as far as braiding

Curtisha Watson

My experience was horrible. Service very unprofessional, not friendly, and very nasty. The lady did not even know how much change to give me back I had to tell her...

Tanjer Brabham

The wiil charge u twice then think u wrong for comeing in peace to ask for it back very rude and in professional in every way.

kearason kirkland

TERRIBLE, HORRIBLE, & *ROACHES* EVERYWHERE!!! They did a terrible job on my Marley twist. My hair was showing through the braid. Hair didn’t last 2weeks. Ends are coming loose and They are rude. When called to complain Abbie and her sister Bella said they couldn’t do anything. I paid 160$ for nothing. I hope they get this because I will be calling to Raleigh to report there unsanitary place of employment. And reporting to every social media of there unsatisfactory and unsanitary business. They don’t even deserve 1 star.

Lavonya Leach

I have been here plenty of times and today they put in a lot of work... I had 3 woman on my head at once and they did an awesome job. I will be back again..

Nichole Lee

Run!!!! If you want your edges. They will rip through your hair, with no regards. Drop comb on floor multiple times and I had to ask her to use another comb. Will go from head to head without washing hands. Eat while braiding your hair. Tell u a million different prices. Then braider smelled like sewage water. Attitude was horrible. Stop numerous times to assist people walking in going back n fourth about pricing vs finishing my hair. They are savages. Very aggressive. Shop needs to be updated seriously. I was scared to pull my pants down to use restroom shop so dirty. My scalp looks like someone colored it red cause they braided it so tight. Language barrier prevents them from understanding or caring about how u want ur hair... 10/08/2016

Feather Braham

John Paul

If you say you open at 7:00, then why I m still waiting outside at 7:15?

Demonica Young

They are very unprofessional and rude .

Shanice Smith

I came to this location to get a sew-in. I provided the stylist with my hair and I was told to get a closure. I left and came back with a closure and the stylist couldn't even place the closure on my braids. It took her an hour and a half just braid my hair down for the sew ins. Long story short I sat there for 5 hours and left in pain. The worst experience ever. I tried to call and tell the manager and she she said no refunds all sales final. She said the hair needed to be still installed for her to try and fix it. But why when I was in pain and the stylist continued to ask all of you for help when I was there. After having me waste $68.00 on a closure then ruining my hair I ordered which was $255.00 and paying them $98.00 for nothing. Never again you all are rude.

Kayla Dula

The braiders were quick and helpful as well as polite. I got my money's worth and am thankful they were there late night and accepting walk ins!

Kenya Gwynn

I went to get lemonade braids they were way to tight had to take them out the same day I do not recommend anyone to go to them , a waste of money

Brook Beck

paid $170 for braids that are DIFFERENT SIZES! googled the rock hill location was told after 2nd call that they were closed and to come to the Tryon location for $25 off. only 20 was taken off. they talked the whole!!!!!! 5 hours and was soo rude. kept asking not to braid so tight and kept doing so. Called to get the problem fixed and is only is willing to re braid. If u do go. only get corn rolls if you do.

DayShvina Mcmillan

They have to get better with customer service but hair always good.

yomara roseboro

I give them 3 states because the end result is beautiful. They do great work, but they could have better attitudes and better customer service. Never give them your money until they are done tho or you will be sitting longer than they tell you. Never believe them when they say oh one more hour. Usually you will be their for 6 hours if you get micro braids or anything other than two or three braids. The work is good and worth it. Also be sure if you get small braids that they make the middle of your head consistent with the front, back, and sides of your head. They do tend to want to cheat you sometimes and braid bigger in the center of your head. Other than that you will be happy with the finish product. I've been twice and was happy both times to with the service but I was happy with the way my hair turned out. And it lasted for a month each time. I do not like getting my hair done by anyone really but they are ok. If you want good braids they are were to go unfortunately. They can use some work but it is worth it.

Zorra Smith

Love my hair style.

Sharon Dopson

My experience was very professional. Excellent customer care services provided to me

Ruby Massey

Missy Hill

I’m going to say, we pay to much money to not get exactly what we want. Even if they work with you on the price it’s still a lot of money. They take short cuts at getting the job done.... I will never go back, I would rather go to a local hair braider, pay half the cost. At least I have a better chance at getting what I want. Africans hair braided are the biggest manipulators and liars. They only want your money..... That’s how I felt about my experience there, I was not a valued customer....we’ve increased their business so good that they can afford to have multiple locations, guess I’m the dummy For coming to an establishment like this. I will never go back. I will find a small African braiding business I’m sure they will value their customer and their work as well. Aabies didn’t use to be like this, they’ve made a reputation that they no longer live up to!!!! At one point in time I was a regular kinky twist customer about 10 years ago before they got other locations. That’s when Aabies did quality work, and they would listen to their customers. I went yesterday to get kinky twist I paid $140 for $160 braids. Overall I did not like the way the kinky twist turned out they were a little on the short side. I told her that they use to be longer. She tried to convince me that they are normally a shorter braiding style. My argument was yes it is shorter style but it’s usually normally longer than this. I don’t like it..... look like a hair style you’d put on a 12 year old..... uugghh

kea Diva

Aabies did a great job. The stylist was amazing. It was quick and clean.

Moesha Brown

They are soooo Unprofessional That do NOT Do good box braids at all they charge way to much 220 for some box braids like really ? They was on my head for 5 hours all i wanted was box braids they don’t finish ur head they just walk off and be in another person head and haveu waiting they don’t braid good at all Anybody that wants boy braids DO NOT GO TO THEM they are soo rude they be talking about u in there language

Lainni Christian

They made my child head bald in the front where she got her weave done I want my 150.00 back or I will sue.

Dee Dee

Completely unprofessional and rip people off on prices. Unfair treatment to Monica, a Hispanic lady that keeps track of inventory. I will not spend my money there again. I was told one price and ended up paying another just to ensure my hair was finished. Lydia and Tonya need to learn some customer service skills, rude as ever!! The only plus was my hair came out nice, too much pulling on my edges but nice.

Allen Gilchrist

Great workers and it's was at a great pace

Milly Bee

This place deserves no stars. Every single time you walk into this place it's a fight for the price you will pay. The prices on the wall mean nothing. All the times I went my braids were done beautifully and I received lots of compliments but the poor customer service makes me sick. Don't go to Aabies for anything!!!! Please don't waste your time or money.

Love Me

Can't speak for everyone else but my experience with them was great. First off I went in for box braids without an appointment and they were very friendly about it. I was going to get solid black but Nadine made the suggestion for color. She got straight to work on my hair. They took very good care of me and I was out of there within 3hrs. The price for the box braids was $185 and to some that may be pricey but the hair was included and walked out looking 10x better than I did when I walked in. I will be returning!!!

Shaterika Parks

I came to get my hair done in the same style they installed and the price increased by $60. They’re excuse...the cost of the hair went up. Getting your hair done here is always a hassle. I definitely will not be back again.

Adero Ramseur

I WILL NOT return to this establishment. They lack professionalism and make the customer feel as though they are a nuisance to them. Although a member of the staff was able to start on my child soon after we walked in the door, she stayed on the phone almost the entire time we were there. She and the other staff talked loudly to each other in French; I am certain that a portion of their conversation was about my child's natural hair and my choice of hairstyle for her as I was able to interpret only some of what they said. The facility is dirty and the restroom lacks basic sanitary items (i.e. paper towel, toilet tissue, etc.) Honestly, with this type of service, I'm not sure how this place stays in business.

Jamia Nelson

They do amazing work and very professional

LaTonya Riddick

I felt like I was sitting with 20 dogs in a Kennal that haven't been cleaned!!! They stood over me talking in there language while constantly looking at me!!! The young lady wasn't washing my hair right so I had to take my hands and scratch my scalp! Then as she combed my hair to blow dry it....she was pulling it, so I had to take the comb and comb it out myself which I have a nice grade of hair smh!!!! It was a horrible experience!!!#WILLNEVERGOAGAIN

Jessica Henry

great Customer service. I’ve never complained since I came here. Keep up the good work


they braid really good

Keisha Sprueill

I went and got my hair braided last year the were done professionally and I was out of there in a reasonable time. I went last Saturday at 8am didn't leave until 7:30pm, my hair has different textures of hair, she wanted to stop to do someone else that wanted 6 braids which took her an hour and a half to do which she said will take 20 minutes, and constantly talking, then when I complained someone had to help her finish and the braids they are not the same. They do half of your head to do someone else then ask you to pay. The next day I had braids coming out and still coming out. They will never get my hard earned money again. They don't care and sit and talk about you and the prices are never the same when you come back.

Tova Ford

Its fair some do a good job depending on who you go to its a lady name awa she do a really great job and will show you other that will do a great job if she cant do it far as prices way to expensive wasnt to bad 6 years ago but now I cant deal lol I have a new spot TOP BRAIDS beside chicken box North Tryon they do a wonderful job and prices are reasonable some styles with hair check them out

Erika Scott

Could not what I wanted. So I walked out

regina webb

I went in on Thursday September 27,2017 to get crochet braids. I normally go in on Saturdays and Miriam usually does my hair and does a great job. She wasn’t in this day and someone else did my hair. The result is terrible. The whole middle back of my head is empty. The person was so unprofessional to allow me to leave with half done hair. I was so happy going there until now. Very disappointed!!

Ashanti Tartt

This was beyond the worse service ever. I called to and set my appointment and they told me one price as I get here prices jumped up ski high .. not only that when I told them how much I was willing to pay and Julia and angelic was being very very rude and nasty when I wasn't willing to pay more. Started pulling on my hair as she was talking with her employees. I've been coming here for years and over never had this issue or amount of disrespect happen . As I sit here to get my hair done they talk amongst each other about me and another guest and it made us feel very uncomfortable to sit here and know that these ladies do not wanna do there job. I will never come back as long as these ladies are here they are nasty disrespectful and that's unacceptable for any business !

Shervena Beatty

Horrible, they spend more time finding bargains from the bootleggers at the back door than finishing their work, then expect a Tip.

Tisha Petithomme

I didn’t like there service it was good at first but when it was time to price everything just started going down. Also there not that good with sew ins so don’t even think about them. For a last resort

Ida’s Nation

Terrible service and so I paid $150 for messed up weave with my track showing and my part not even straight and then my she kept stabbing my scalp and she didn't even finish my hair she gave the rest of my hair that needed to go on top and told me to glue it in myself and then they had dirty fingernails and I better get my money back. Don't go here they actually need zero stars and don't say I'm a hater or a liar because your opinions don't matter to me

Brittany Johnson

The ladies were VERY rude I felt very uncomfortable but due to the fact I had to get my hair done I paid & was not satisfied I wouldn’t recommend this place & I will not be returning

Shania Gladden

Great service and worked with me on the prices!

Maddison Tanner

I always come here but you have to ask for kudja she is the best.

Brittany Henderson

My first time at Aabies and they did a great job. The stylist was amazing. I was in and out in less than 2 hours and I love my hair!

Jasmaine Allen

Horrible! This makes the 2nd time I've went to aabies to get a retwist and it didn't last a day.. The workers were arguing and the shop was just every where.. I DON'T RECOMMEND THIS PLACE TO ANYONE GETTING THERE DREADS RETWISTED!

Drewsara Askew-Pino

Terrible service

Agathe Sikisi

This is the best place to get your hair braided in Charlotte. They are fast, convenient, and best of all affordable prices - they work with you! I highly recommend this place.

Mercedes Holt

Hair didn't last long. And everyday they change there prices depending on business no set prices so they jack the prices up and down

Keyonna Garrett

Cheap and finished my hair quickly and I must say its very pretty 10 yrs been coming here no problem !!

Deborah Davis

I had an "appointment" at 4pm. It's now 10:00 and I'm still not done. Last time I got this done it took 4 hours. The braider who started went to someone else but not before she took 20mins to eat. Then another braider did 3 and then took a break. I'm sitting here now with 3\4 of my hair braided and my braider is working on someone else's head. And along with all this 2 braiders were arguing to the point where others had to come between them. NEVER AGAIN!!! Update -- 11:05 and I'm done only because I spoke up and asked when was someone going to finish my hair. Prices are in line with others but service and attention is below standard.

Michelle Reed

I waited over an hour for goddess hair braider to arrive. I have been here before and satisfied with the results each time. I was offered a discount of $10 off for the wait. Satisfied with the communication this time and the stylist. Although I waited over an I am very appreciative being that they are open on Sundays most places are not. Thanks again.

Gebrielle Mciver

I got crochet braids in my hair one week ago and it looks like I have had it for 4 weeks. I don't know if it's the hair used or the way the braids are. I have to go pay someone to redo it over again because it does not look how it should. I have gotten these same crochet braids and paid less money and they looked 10 times better than this. I went to Aabies because my hair is short and the stylist was able to braid it. I will not be going back again. Unhappy Customer.

Vivian Terry

I've been going to Aabies since I relocated to Charlotte 4 years ago for sew-ins and box braids. Yacine has always done an excellent job with my hair. Yacine is very pleasant, accommodating and highly experienced with hair braiding. I have given Yacine many recommendations from ppl approaching me. However, Aabie, the owner, does not seem to be professional or sensitive. I had two discussions with her over the past few years regarding she feeling empowered to have other braiders do my hair when I made arrangements/appointments with Yacine. Aabie must realize that I only patronize her business because of Yacine.

Oyinkansola Aborisade

They speak over your head in their language the entire time which is highly unprofessional in every way. I am never stepping into that place again, no any form of decorum in this salon. I will advice you

Nekole Crawford

Good service

Brenda Wilson

Paid $120 for crotchet braids last Friday tomorrow makes a week and I already have to come Back for them to fix my hair ridiculous. Then it was my first and most definitely my last time coming there. They where rude I can not believe someone recommended this location then on top of that I tipped the woman on my hair even after her being rude. Yes they may be convient but I will Drive straight past this place to get better service and better quality

Herman Walker

Do that yes

Sadiqua Johnson

CallahanJr .

customer service here is terrible and they will talk just about while They're doing your hair. They're disrespectful I WILL HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU NOT TO GOT TO ABBIES.

jasmine mcmillan

I paid $150 for single box braids. The only down fall was that two ppl did my hair so the braids looked totally different from one another.

Quavo’s Daughter

I seen a bed bug it's dirty. The lady that was doing my hair keep coughing, I been here before and it only took 2 hours but today the lady kept talking and taking brakes and we been here since 4 and it's now 7:40 and she just got done with the top do NOT go here go to the other one.

Brittney Jackson-Jeter

Great place! I went for Passion Twists and they delivered!!! I was amazed at how my hair came out. It was just the way I wanted it.

Relate to Danijah

i am tender headed and they had many people working at my head after i told them i was tenderheaded and when i told them it hurt they completley ignored me and it was like they made it tighter never AGAIN

Cheryl Copes

I had a 730 a.m. appointment Braiders didn't show up till after 8 with the excuse that because there's no school they had to drop kids somewhere. They've walked away from me numerous times to do someone else's braids telling me micros take longer and they don't have enough braiders. I've been here 7.5 hours and still not through. Never again will I'll come here

JaVan Love


La'Heaven Stewart

It's tight but it's worth it all different choices of colors and styles

María Ortiz

Aabies did the best braids for my hair... Good job Aabies! I love my braids!!!! Their prices are ver y affordable toó.

Sierra Jackson

ZoZo and Paty very creative and can recreate hairstyles very well

Lexi Johnson

Everyone can braid really well!

Torrie Abam

They over charge you for your hair and takes forever to get your hair done want go back..never ever

DeLayna Michele Elliott

I absolutely love my braider Amina. My hair is always beautiful.

Kelly Hopkins

I called before I traveled to this location to confirm the special-Micros for $100. I arrived and asked about the special but there seemed to be some confusion even after I showed the text in my phone. I was told because my hair was thick it would cost me more. We came to an agreement on the price. I'm natural, I have thick hair but I definitely didn't expect to be there 6 hours!! The very nice stylist braiding my hair had one person assist for a hot second. My complaint is how messy the braids turned out. This is the second braid shop I've visited that did not take pride in the finished product. When she finished braiding, she immediatly put my hair up in a ponytail. She didn't take the scissors and clean each braid up so they would look neat until I asked her about their protocal. One of the ladies came over and took a couple of the braids out to rebraid only because I questioned how messy they looked. I'll admit I can't braid micros which is why I pay professionals...... BUT expect professional work. I have to keep the braids up in a ponytail because they are too messy to let down. *I will never be back*

Diamond Lamb

Quick and convenient, but the quality you get is kitchen work at best. I visited this location desperate after missing my scheduled appointment with my stylist, the braider was mediocre; constantly explaining why my hair won't look right in the styles I choose instead of just saying she can't do it. Anywho, for $50 I didn't get GODDESS braids, I got cornrows and handfuls of gel that has lasted 3-4 days at best. I will not be returning.

Love Georges

DO NOT PASS GO DO NOT PAY 200.00 IF THIS IS YOUR LAST RESORT TO GET YOUR HAIR BRAIDED DON'T MAKE THIS PLACE AN OPTION. THE LEVEL OF PROFESSIONALISM IS NONE. THE WORKERS ARE RUDE . And THERE'S NO WARMTH OR FRIENDLINESS AT ALL.the wait time was horrible. I had 3 different people do my hair at 3 different times who braid 3 different ways and the outcome of my braids were disappointing. They looked presentable however the amount of money i spent on the braids and the amount of time i was at the shop over 8 hours was ridiculous. While there 3 people came back in regards issues they had after getting there hair done. This is my first and last time coming here. I wish i could take my one star off and do no star

Beatriz Rodriguez

The service was horrible, terrible I will never come here ever again the lady there would tell me to shut up stop talking when all I was trying to do is tell her how I wanted my hair she did my hair the way she wanted to do it

Netra Davis

They did a good job but didn’t listen to what I wanted and knew what was best for my head! I knew that my natural hair was long but do not come pass my shoulders so why did the insist to braid down to my butt ? The price also went up from the beginning. I don’t think I will be returning. Money hungry non listening Africans that think they know what is best now the braids are uncomfortable to sleep on and I knew that this will happen.

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