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REVIEWS OF Scott J. Aveda Salon Upper West Side IN New York

Jocelyn Borgner

Love, love, LOVE this salon. Great service, very attentive assistants, and prices are what you'd expect for the neighborhood. Tanya is the ONLY one I'll let touch my hair -- she's a magician!

Doris Noveck

it couldn't have been worse!

Crystal Victory

Christina C

You would think that NYC is so big and there are so many salons and stylists but I just couldn't find a decent hair stylist. Especially after my previous experience at a different salon on the UES. Ugh, what a nightmare. Until I came across Scott J Salon! The stylist who did my hair, I can't remember the name, but they did such an amazing job on my hair. So professional. I explained my problem with the previous stylist and how she ruined my hair and made me look like a zebra!!! At Scott J salon the stylist listened and knew how to correct my hair. After I was done my hair felt so soft and looked EXACTLY the way I wanted it to look. Thank you for saving my hair.

Chris Doyle

Quality stylists and comfortable setting. A little overpriced.

Laura Cristina Licona

Julissa is a goddess, and a damn amazing stylist. Come in to the cooking school at Fairway UWS to see her work. Best haircut EVER, hands down, not hyperbole. @sugarandboneschef

Xavier Vasquez

I’m a very simple guy, after getting a haircut with Miriam I realize the difference it makes and average haircut from an outstanding haircut. I was very impressed by outcome. Exactly what I wanted and more. She was in tune to what I wanted even if I didn’t know myself. I would definitely be back to see Miriam

Hannah Turner

The environment is peaceful and the staff is great. This was my first time going and it definitely won't be my last.

Brian Mayers

The staff is very helpful.

Audrey Weiss

I love my haircut. Lifted my spirits - much needed. Feel like a new person. Thank you!

shaina collazo

I love this place! I've come a couple of times and it never fails me. Not only is everyone super nice and friendly but I always walk out with hair that I love. I've had a balayage and cuts and Kristen always does amazing job! The style and color last super long and my hair feels super healthy. Will definitely keep coming back!

Megan Arazi

Went to Scott J. Aveda for a much needed haircut. I'll be honest, I was a little concerned by a particularly bad review, but I decided to give it a chance based on personal recommendations, familiarity with the Aveda brand, and the convenience of their location. My stylist was Mary. She was very knowledgable, listened to my haircut requests, and gave appropriate suggestions in response to my likes, dislikes, and desired outcome. The space was clean, well ordered, and designed as a relaxing reprieve from the busy city streets outside. I was not disappointed! The staff was welcoming and courteous, and the experience was very relaxing. After being offered a refreshment and consulting with Mary, my hair was shampooed then conditioned using hair product and a wet, hot towel. Very nice! A complimentary head, neck, shoulders, and upper back massage was offered and accepted gladly :) A complimentary hand massage was later offered and gladly accepted again :)) The price for a haircut is very reasonable and Aveda is famous for their coloring, which may be sooner rather than later for me! Overall, I was very happy with my decision to go to Scott J. and I will definitely return!

Brittany Dempsey

George Reis

Liz Logan

Nice hand massage while getting hair cut. Affordable and free bangs trim in between cuts!

Suz G

Love my haircut. Lifted my spirits - much needed. Feel like a new person.Thx Lyn! & thx to staff for help in booking appointment.

Rosanna Almonte

Amazing full head of bright blonde highlights and a beautiful cut. My first time getting color at this Aveda location and it is PERFECT.

Angie Keilhauer

Best! Amazing full head of bright blonde highlights and a beautiful cut. My first time getting color at this Aveda location and it is PERFECT.

Sara Nkemontoh

Do NOT get your haircut by Laurell. She ruined my hair and gave me the worst haircut I have ever received. I went back into the salon to have them fix it and everyone was kind and understanding (that’s why I’m not giving them a 1 star rating), but after Geneva tried to fix it (by having to cut off even MORE of my hair), there wasn’t anything they could do but recommend hair growing vitamins and apologize. She even told me how upset she would be if she was me. I don’t normally post reviews like this but I want to spare anyone else the awful experience that I had and the next 6 months that I have to live through while waiting for my hair to grow back. The worst part: As I was checking out, crying, the front desk staff had to call to check to make sure they weren’t going to UP charge me for the complementary “fixer” haircut. Thank goodness for the sweetest soul (I don’t remember her name but she had long, reddish hair) who came and hugged me, said “we should do something for this girl!” and said she would call her manager. I would at least like to have been offered a refund for my $70 HORRIBLE haircut that even your own staff apologize for and can’t fix. Bottom line: don’t get your haircut by Laurel.

Monica G

Tulie White

Ashley Goodman

Disappointed in my haircut. After discussing taking off one to two inches, my hair was cut a lot shorter than discussed and my “layers” are very choppy and uneven. It sucks because I tried to research the best I could to find a place with great reviews, but now I’m just left back at square one and having to wait a good amount of time just to get my hair to length I wanted and long enough to try and make the cut what I wanted.

Stacy Smith

My salon! Andrew for hair, Thomas for brows and make-up

Diana Acevedo

William Hudson

I love this place. Kaylea gives me the best haircut of my life every time. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Laurell G

Indra Klavins

John Moore

laurence jacobson

Have been using same person for years as i trust her n she knows my hair n style. Expensive is a relative word but certainty premium n high end in all ways.

Viji Shamanna

Great staff and service!

Scott Weber

She cut the back of my hair very close and left the sides long. Not even close to looking even. It looked crazy. I've never had such a bad hair cut and for the price and location I expected a lot more.

Jennifer Berkowitz

I have been getting my hair done here for 3 years. You can find cheaper haircuts in the city I am sure. But you can't beat the caliber of stylists at Scott J. Ask for Tanya or Chloe!

Melissa Rosen

Patrick Armstrong

This place is terrible. The hairdresser only spoke of her life in Jersey, as if I was interested. I told her I wanted a skin fade... She trimmed it down to a one or two and seemed offended when I reiterated a skin fade. She then proceeded to manually trim my fade further, not with clippers folks, with scissors, and then asked me if it was better, like she was ready to move on. The fade was crude and amateur at best. Further, when I asked the price of a men's haircut, she stated she didn't know. When I got to the register, the charge was $67 dollars for a men's haircut. What a sham this place is. Will not return.

Chasya Kellman - Siliceo

I’ve been going there for years. Happy customer with amazing and talented hairdresser and colorist Julissa!

Jeremy Hirsch

This was my first time having this kind of salon experience for a haircut. It was fantastic, everyone was so kind and wonderful and attentive. I had my hair cut by Tanya, who along with being a beautiful, kind soul also gave me the best haircut I've ever had. This is an example of getting what you pay for. Excellent - Highly recommend!

Mila P

I would give just zero stars. False advertisement about complimentary bang trim. Over the phone it was promised to be complimentary and in reality when I came to salon it was estimated as $70. $70 for bang trim? REALLY??? Shame on you!!!

Rose Palucacos

Been going to Scotts for yrs Love the service The staff and my stylist Misty... Its a must place to go For hair and makeup needs


I love the shop, hate waiting on hold to make or change an appointment.

Maxime Roblot

A Spa for your hair! In a trendy underground style salon with very professional staff and great products, this place is great. You can make it fast or take your time, they will adjust for you, customer first that's for sure! The results are amazing and the price varies depending on which seniority level you require. For an amazing blow dry, you pay $45, not bad!

Chicken Nugget

jeanne Cathcart

I have lived here for 7 yrs. and finding Charlie at Scott J Aveda has been a dream come true. I get compliments every day and from a cancer survivor who lost all hair and now has beautiful hair this means the world to me. Jeanne Gari

Hab Le Hibou

Ghourri Smart Art

Orli Ross

Karem was awesome. Had a great conditioning treatment that worked so well on my hair. I'll be seeing them more often !

Lauren Smith

Great prices, Bree is a great stylist. Very friendly, talkative, attentive to what you want and will give suggestions. Complimentary massage after wash is very nice. Botanical Therapy is also great, reduced fizziness and hair looked healthier

Ryan Mugford

Ita Cadwell

Always amazing

Holly Marie Dunn

Sofia is the best! Amazing full head of bright blonde highlights and a beautiful cut. My first time getting color at this Aveda location and it is PERFECT.

Tina Johns

i love aveda!

Batya Levine

Mairin Rooney

Caitlin Marovich

I have now seen Jessica a few times and I can’t reccomend her enough. She always listens to my exact needs and uses her quality skill and expertise to deliver desired results and create a style that is easy for me to maintain at home. She truly is a great colorist and designer. She also has a very easy going and calming demeanor that makes me feel completely comfortable in her hands. I can’t wait for my next appointment. Also the salon itself is clean and the overall atmosphere is inviting. Support staff are also very plesant and professional. The experience as a whole at Scott J UWS is very enjoyable.

pucci loo

Kevin Ericson

Absolutely outstanding. I was a member of a Midtown men's salon until recently when I decided to go with something a bit more local. Having been to Aveda salons in San Diego, Portland and Seattle before with great experiences, I decided to give this place a try. In short, I couldn't have been more pleased. The staff was not only professional and courteous, but the stylist they paired me with Mikaela, was absolutely brilliant. My hair isn't easy and there's lots of it, but she gave me the exact cut I was looking for on the 1st try. Top marks; I will definitely be back..

Finn Hermes

Laura Phelps

I would give this place zero stars if I could. I booked an appointment for a trip to New York over my Birthday and neglected to ask about pricing when I first called. When I later asked closer to departure (when it made it difficult to book with another salon) I found out that they charge a blowout fee of $65 as well as $45 for the two simple french braid and a part down the middle of my hair. This would bring the price up to $155. I have been getting this style done and have never been charged this much. It takes most hairdressers 15 to 30 minutes to do. My hairdresser in my home town charges me $15 -- I usually tip %25 percent on top of that. I brought up the pricing information and the front desk person glibly responded, "Good to know!" and then said, "This is what we charge here" as if to tell me that she did not care whether the pricing was fair -- if I did not wish to be gauged, I should take my business elsewhere. I would not mind being charged the $65 for a regular blowout (even though two french braids takes less time than flat ironing etc., but charging me an extra $90 on to of that is RIDICULOUS! What is it about braids that should make the style this much more expensive. On top of that, I asked again and again for a quote that included a total quote and the person I spoke to seemed reticent to give me one as if they knew it was a weird amount of money for the time it would take and so didn't want to give me a complete quote. Thanks but no thanks guys! I'll be cancelling my appointment asap.

Greg Waugh

Tamara P

Went here for a smoothing treatment that they said would permanently make my hair more manageable . . . it did not. However it looked great until I shampooed it again. Nice hot towel and aromatherapy service.

Anastasia Candy

Tanya Cedeno

Chloe is amazing!!! Her hair color and haircuts are phenomenally.

Leila Manion

deborah ronnen

Love Richard !!!!

Lynn Forrest

Riana Erickson

Just got a haircut by Karem and it is wonderful! It's exactly what I asked for and yet tailored to my hair and face! I also loved Pricilla who washed my hair and did light massaging! I will definitely be returning!

Rosanna Plasencia

I am a huge fan - I've been getting my thick curly hair cut by Karem for several years and love her expertise & professionalism. Awesome!

AkieF Baby

Betsy morris

Best hair cut I've ever had. Misty is marvelous !

Ifrah Chaudhary

I hate my hair, worst experience ever. I can't believe I spent so much here. The stylist was repetitive about how she knew what she was doing. I stressed that I didn't want her to take so much off and I still got what I was trying to avoid the entire time. The service was so quick, I felt like I didn't get the time for a stylist to take care of my hair, it was so rushed. Our visions were completely different. I walked out of the salon ruining my entire day and vacation. Not only did I get a bad cut I spent so much money on it too. I'm so sad I spent so much money on something I hate. Never coming here again.

Steve Welgoss

To get a top-end stylist here is pretty expensive, but the quality can't be argued with (I always book with Nikki!) Everyone is friendly, and the whole process of hair wash, scalp rub, and light shoulder massage just puts you in a good mood for your cut.

Fini Strumza

Billy Kaye

Excellent service. Charlie is the best!


Danielle Arnold

My favorite salon. The stylist is very polite, friendly and their prices are very reasonable.

Martina Marie Reynolds

Very good experience, staff were very nice, saw Julissa. She did a great job. Excellent colorist and then I went for the cut

Gicela Espinoza

Jorlyna Pujols

My amazing hair stylist Miriam was able to achieve everything I wanted in my hair without damaging it. Not only did she give me the color I want but she also provided me with the knowledge I needed on my hair products, gave me the best head massage, and was very sweet to me thru out the whole process. She is my Gem ! come see Miriam , you will never regret it

Nicole Whittier

I have been a client of Kandacey who works at the 72nd and Columbus location for almost three years and I wouldn't dream of going to anyone else for cut and color. Kandacey has phenomenal stylist skills and really listens to what I want in terms of both cut and color. Its never too dark or too light and she never cuts more off than we have discussed. My highlights and lowlights always turn out natural. Plus, she is great at layering and cuts my bangs better than any other stylist I have ever had. Her blow outs are amazing. In terms of demeanor, Kandacey is down to earth, friendly and extremely professional. We chat sometimes and, she always remembers our past conversations. However, when I am looking to enjoy some quiet time, she lets me peacefully chill out in her chair undisturbed. She also doesn't push me to buy products. To me, all this is definitely worth coming to the UWS from Brooklyn!! I can't speak to the other stylists at Scott J but the overall salon is nice. The front desk people have good customer service skills and the whole place smells like yummy Aveda products. The prices are very reasonable for the quality.

Terri Garcia

Carly Crittenden

Great haircut for reasonable price. Love the Aveda products!

Laura Barbiea

Karam was excellent! Highly recommend her. I've never had the same stylist twice in New York City, but I will travel back to the UWS so she can cut my hair again.

Jay Lee

Great stylists. Front desk and other staff can be lacking.

Marc Quadagno

I always get my hair cut here.

Eva P

I haven't even been to this salon yet but I need to write this review for Brandi because she has already gone ABOVE AND BEYOND for me!! I called Aveda panicking because I had just gotten a color/cut from another salon that I was dissatisfied with (to put it nicely). I met with Brandi for a complimentary consultation and she gave me honest and realistic advice about the next steps I should take. She gave me options including her personal services, how to alleviate some of the bad color myself, and what shampoos/color washes to buy. Last night, I called her to ask about extensions, and she is doing research on my behalf to find out prices, maintenance schedules, and other stylists as she doesn't do extensions herself. I have an appointment with her next week and I can't wait :) Brandi, I can't thank you enough for everything you've done so far!!

Jennifer Cunningham

Nikki colored my hair for the first time today. it looks amazing!! I was referred to her a couple of years ago and have come back to her intermittently because I really love the way she cuts my hair. She cuts hair with excellent precision and always asks and listens to what you. If you have been elsewhere and someone has cut or colored your hair any less than what you should expect, she will fix it and offer you her honest feedback, in a professional and courteous manner (ok-sometimes she just calls a spade a spade; and love that, too! Lol). She explains what she’s doing and confirms and clarifies throughout the cut. The color was impeccable. Highly recommend Nikki to everyone. PS: I never take time to write reviews.

Nancy Gutierrez

Great service but pricey. I love my stylist but the assistant is always a hit or miss.

Laura Kate Garner

Have been a client for many years. Excellent service when consistent makes loyal patrons. Use color services and hair cuts and have recommended friends to this salon on numerous occasions.


Ooh lord. This was possibly the worst haircut I’ve ever had in my life. I asked for long layers, but my hair was cut short and the layers were choppy and uneven. I walked in with beautiful long hair and walked out looking like David Bowie from the Labyrinth. I cried when I left. All my friends have commented on how bad my hair looks. I have to wait for it to grow back before getting it fixed. I’m never trusting reviews on the internet ever again.

Michael Kaufmann

R Quick

great salon. great service. Love them. the massages are great.

Sarah Olick

Went in for a simple trim and came out with incredibly uneven hair. My friend did a better job with a pair of safety scissors. Definitely not worth the hefty price tag.

Kaitlin McClamrock

Laurell at Scott J Aveda on 72nd is the best! Everyone here is super knowledgeable and the staff is very kind. I actually look forward to getting my hair cut now which I never did before!

Sau Chau

the staff are helpful. not a busy place, so if you have questions, they give you helpful tips. they advertised their products well.

G Marsh

Senior stylist Kristen is a miracle worker!

Alexis Guerra

I've gone to Scott J. Aveda's Salon twice now and had fantastic experiences both times! The first was for a cut (done by Nikki), which I loved; the second was for color (also done by Nikkie, and also AMAZING). The salon is clean and the stylists are professional and talented - I brought photos with me both times I came in for inspiration and Nikki really listened to what I wanted and took in the photos. I've been to salons in the past where the Stylist barely took in what I really wanted and that is not the case here. They use a multitude of Aveda products and the ones I have purchased through them always make my hair look great. Price-wise it can be a little steep but over the years I've learned that you get what you pay for and regarding hair care sometimes it's worth the investment. I'll definitely be going back!

Peter Vaszari

Fresh Design

My first time here . I had Micaela and Gia. Micaela got my color spot on. She is really friendly and didn't push, but when said my hair gets dry, she suggested a treatment that worked well. Gia was wonderful. She did such a beautiful job blow drying my curly hair. It looks amazing. She spent closer to an hour just blowing it dry and making sure it was perfect. Both ladies really care about getting it just right. The price was very fair too. I will definitely be back.


I love this place! The service is always great and my haircuts always turn out well.

Gina Harrison

I love Jennifer. She understands how to cut thick hair so it's easy to style and doesn't look like a frizzy mess.

Mary Moore

I gave been a client there since their first little shop. Not only do I have an outstanding colorist/ stylist but I enjoy how all the front desk staff know me.

Alyssa Smith

Highly recommend Scott J for a Haircut on the UWS. Alyssa and Michelle are both great and highly recommend either of them. The service here is excellent and the little touches like the shoulder and neck massage after you get your hair washed and the hand massage during your haircut are all added perks.

Brett Lewis

My wife has been getting her hair cut at Scott J for over 20 years and my daughter has recently been going there as well. Hans and Richard are both fantastic hair stylists and my wife wouldn't consider getting her hair styled anywhere else.

Tania Stephanie Soris

Do NOT go here!!! I would give it zero stars if I can. I had honey caramel highlights already, and I wanted to color my whole hair colored light brown. The stylist, Michelle accidentally colored it JET BLACK (she also later admitted that the color was very dark). I went in for a simple enough single process color, and Michelle (a senior stylist apparently) was adamant that in her "professional opinion" I should use a new line of color at Aveda. The manager, Janice was EXTREMELY RUDE and asked that I pay full price for my JET BLACK hair!!! And I was a FIRST TIME CUSTOMER HERE! Ridiculous! Janice kept saying that my hair was brown and not black! Do not treat your customers like they are color blind Janice! Aveda Upper West Side has no sense of what customer service is. The Manager needs to go to school to learn what customer service is. Michelle did a horrendous job, and she said she has 17 years experience!!! What a joke of a place. I will never go back to the Aveda Upper West Side again. I have attached a picture of my hair BEFORE Aveda Upper West Side ruined it, and I have also attached a photo of the hair color after Michelle ruined it. --- UPDATE: A week later, the salon replied to this comment saying they will fix their mess up - I would NOT trust Aveda Upper West Side again with my hair after their initial mistake, and extremely rude interaction in handling the situation.

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