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REVIEWS OF Scalp Micro USA IN New York

Angelo Paliotta

Very professional Matt is exceptional at his craft no pressure relaxed atmosphere

Rafael Abreu

Val Lameirao

Matt is the man! Great service and great work.


Joseph Estrella

Kevin Hunt

I started balding when I was around 20 years old (I am now 38), when I found out about micro pigmentation I started doing tons of research. And I checked out many companies, read tons of articles, looked at tons of websites, and watched tons of videos. I chose micro scalp USA because honestly I just had a good feeling about them and many of the other companies I just wasn't sure about. In fact I flew from all the way from Nashville Tennessee to New York to meet Matt Lulo in person. He performed the procedure and I could not be happier. Matt is awesome, the people and team there are awesome, the atmosphere is awesome and my head is awesome. Thank you Micro Scalp USA. I don't think 5 stars is enough.

Jr Latin

When i went for my consultation Mike was very cool and answered all my questions. I just had my second session with Mike this past Friday and he is great st what he does. I’m so happy with the result. Matt and the whole team made me feel comfortable and have literally changed my life. I now have more time to myself instead of trying to cover thinning hair. Thank you guys!! If you are thinking about getting the procedure done, defintaly do it here !

mahesh doiphode

Allyson Hugley

Great experience with Scalp Micro. Could not be happier with the results. Matt led my consult and was patient with questions -- especially around expected outcomes and considerations for female clients. Ken was my technician. He did an amazing job. Final results after three sessions exceeded my expectations.

Chris Scott

good guys over there. They were very very experienced and knowledgable about what they were doing. They took their time with me. They answered all my questions ( I had a ton ) they were cool people to deal with. They were CLEARLY very concerned about the quality of the work and how it looked. and turned out. Very very glad I went to them. For me it was a pretty nice, positive lifestyle change. THUMBS UP !!!

Jose Diaz

Yohanny Celadilla

Matt is a true professional, he exceeded my expectations, I highly recommend anyone interested in getting a procedure done to see him. This is a game changer guys!!

Jesus Callejas

I went there for my micropigmintation. Matt Iulo is a amazing in his Craft recommend any body that wants to get the procedure done. They are the best on what they do.

Michael Ciulo

Literally just left Micro USA in New York feeling more confident than ever. Just had my first session with Ken and I can’t believe the job he did. I feel like a new person. My friends and family love the new look. All the workers at Micro treat you like family and make you feel comfortable. Can’t wait for my next session with Ken!

Eric Blumenthal

Fantastic results! Best thing I've ever done. Matt is the Best!

Rick Cantor

I just finished my 2 sessions with Matt at Scalp Micro USA and I really can't be more thrilled. I have been looking into this treatment for some time and all roads pointed to Matt in the New York area. He was professional, communicative, and has a great skill for this treatment. The scalp micro pigmentation at Scalp Micro USA changed my life and I am happy I made the decision to go through with it. HIGHLY recommend Matt Iulo, he did an amazing job


Top notch service and results from the best practitioners in the industry!

Liz Martin

MATT IULO is worth every penny as a teacher and the work every artist does is AMAZING. Huge thank you to everyone at Scalp Micro USA. You made this Delaware girl so very happy and proud!!!!

Jacob Banach

Amazing experience and results. Staff were proffesional and on time. Highly recommended!


Matt is great. I feel very fortunate to be able to have booked him as he is beyond a doubt one of the best. Very appreciative of this service he provides. Also had the chance to meet Mike who went out of his way to introduce himself and make me feel comfortable as Matt worked on another client. So far so good. Looking forward to my second session on October first.

fernando tellez

Joshua Tecchio

First off, Matt is a consummate professional and amazing at his craft - as a beneficiary of his own services, Matt knows exactly the reasons why we come through his door, the fears and the reservations we have, and what it is that we're looking for. His method is consultative, not prescriptive. He did exactly what I wanted, and he went back and made all the little changes that I asked for. For those of you wondering if there will be pain, the answer is yes. Don't fool yourself. I'm sure some feel it more than others, but you are getting a semi-permanent tattoo on your scalp. There's pain. Matt, as the artist that he is, takes all precautions to make sure his tools are state-of-the-art and sanitized, and makes every effort to keep you comfortable while he stabs you thousands of times to give you what is truly the look of a really sharp, buzzed haircut. In a sense, he's an artist. And I'm grateful for his artistry. The confidence it gave me is so real. Also, his office manager, Tara, is pretty fantastic.


My hair loss started ten years ago, when I was 27. The tiny bald spot quickly grew from a tiny little circle in the middle of my head to most of my forehead. It was such a detrimental feeling that I am sure all of my balding brothers share. I tried everything to hide the bald spot. When things really worsened last year, hair fiber can no longer hide my baldness, So I started spray paint my scalp black. It used to take me 40-50 minutes to get ready in the morning. I would never let anyone get close to my head and forget about touching my hair. Hair loss completely killed my confidence. I would never go anywhere where I can’t wear a hat. I didn’t want to get into any kind of relationship because I was too afraid that girls are going to find out about my deepest secret and look at me like I am a freak. This all changed when I finally decided to get SMP done with Scalp Micro USA. I binged watching all of their YouTube videos before the procedure. Everyone looked so happy and most importantly, liberated from the old self. I wanted the same feeling and I got it from the amazing team at Scalp Micro USA. Since my very first visit they have made me feel so welcome and comfortable (thank you Tara). Both Mike and Matt worked on my head and I could not be any happier with the results. I didn’t get to work with Ken but he’s also super cool and friendly. Because all of them have been through the same experience, you can just tell that they genuinely care about the client. Getting SMP done made me feel like a whole new person. Now I have joined a gym, got a personal trainer and even started a new relationship. Thank you Scalp Micro USA for making me and the world beautiful again! :D

Fish Man

The top SMP company in NYC.

Antonio Reyes

Matthew Gaines

I’ll keep it short. Amazing results, cool as hell people that treat you like old friends. I recommend Scalp Micro USA 100%, I couldn’t be happier w Matt’s work and attention to detail.

Tara Gleason

I had my eyebrows done and I couldn't be happier! I highly recommend the techs at Scalp Micro USA!!!!!!!!!

Emanuel Gilbert

Great service. Quality work. Will recommend !!!

Jamie Remmers

The team at Scalp Micro was incredibly helpful leading up to my microblading appointment and helped any nervousness subside. The day of I was incredibly impressed with the amount of detail that went into everything. They took their time and really got to understand my desire of how I wanted my eyebrows to look. I never felt rushed nor swayed to settle, so that was a relief! The process itself was not as painful as I thought, and just over an hour later I was basically a whole new person. I had a newfound confidence because my eyebrows are more full and even. One of the staff even messaged me a day later to see how I was feeling! Now 6 weeks later they are still holding up terrifically. I never thought such a simple procedure could make such a huge difference, and I have all those at Scalp Micro USA to thank! :)

George K

I just got my first SMP session done with Matt. Already after 1 session the result is amazing and very natural looking. Matt is a true master at SMP. This is one of the best decisions I've made. Thank you Matt, Tara and Scalp Micro USA.

Luis Murillo

Great school and Mr. Scalp is the best teacher in the industry.

John Chandler

As a professional SMP artist myself, If I were in New York I'd go to Scalp Micro Usa no doubt. Matt and Aris are some of the worlds best SMP technicians bar none. John Chandler Scalp Co. SMP

Jose Rodriguez

If you have any thoughts about getting this done look no further than these guys at scalp micro. Great staff, comfortable place. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable... I was in for a procedure and multiple ppl came for a consultation and these guys treated everyone the same. The work is great I just finished my 2nd session with Ken and I must say I’m loving the results. Thanks @scalpmicro

Alex R.

A three inch scar from a childhood accident is no more. or at least, I can see it no more... Thanks for the thoughtful care and the skilled attention I received from Mathew Lulo at Scalp Micro USA. I fully recommend Mathew and his entire NYC staff.

Michael Davekos

Just completed the SMP training course at Scalp Micro USA in NYC. Great course, taught by a great guy and practitioner, organized by a great staff. Would highly recommend to all. Dr. Michael C. Davekos

Paul Malcolm

Such respect for Matt the owner!! I love Mikes personality AND his work... These guys are so professional but also very cool and likable...they made me feel so comfortable through the whole process...I HIGHLY recommend this place PM

Jerrod Pace

Lots of research lead me to Ken Boyle and Scalp Micro USA. I read all the magazine articles. I scoured their social media. I watched all of the videos. I looked at all the pics. If you are thinking about getting this procedure done then stop researching and schedule an appointment with Ken. I was very trepidatious about getting this done. I work for a big bank and am client facing everyday. The treatment is perfect. My wife loves it. I love it. It looks awesome. It looks real. Highest recommendations. Zero regret. If you'd like to speak to me about my experience, Ken has my info and I am happy to give you the run down. Good luck!

gpnbe1a6 .

Thank you so much. I literally cried when looking into the mirror. I can’t believe how good and natural this look. Now I look younger than I actually am.

Austin Alecxih

I can’t speak highly enough about Matt Iulo, his business and the quality of his work. I had some reservations at the start of this process but when I did my research and saw the results of past customers I knew it was the right decision. Matt truly exceeded my expectations with the final result and was a pleasure to work with. Going to Scalp Micro was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Sir Classic

Friendly staff

Pierre Ly

I’m from toronto canada and I had many options to take a training from my home town at half the cost but I still chose Scalp Micro USA instead because I had a good feeling about that company and I was certainly right! From the first contact by email with Tara to the training with Matt and his whole staff, they are all super nice. At the end of the day, it’s not just the training but the whole experience as well and I was very happy with this company. If you chose Matt, you won’t regret it. Trust me.

Joab Jett

Top notch! Best in the business!! Matt and Graig are great practitioners and trainers!

Jacob Gotschall

Ken was great and the team at scalp micro USA is very professional and friendly. Highly recommend these guys and the SMP to anyone who is having any type of hair thinning. Thanks for everything

A. Skee

Very welcoming, I loved everything about my visit. Definitely recommend!

Jason M

This is by far the best thing I have ever done for myself. My confidence is through the roof and I finally don't have to go another day worrying about my hair loss. Having dealt with hairloss since the age of 17, I have tried every solution from shampoos to surgery to hair systems, and this is hands down the best, and most natural, result I could've asked for. Prior to meeting with Matt I did tons if research on other practioners and facilities. Some looked pretty decent, but Matt had the most natural results by far in my opinion. I opted to go with Matt and I am so glad I did. He took ample time to answer all my questions and listened very closely to my expectations on the final result I was hoping for. He provided perfect recommendations and constructed a hairline and density level that was appropriate for my age and hair loss pattern. And as for the end result...... I have yet to have a single person question my look other than to say how good I look with a shaved head. If anyone is on the fence about having this done, please take my advice and book a consult with Matt and see for will be extremely happy you did!

Anson Holzer

Brilliant. Total art work, not just anyone can do this. Above and beyond the call of duty. Perfect results. And I was a sceptic... And this is only my first session. Scale 7 alopecia, the most extreme. I rarely review places, but take the freakin leap! Thanks Ken and Tara.


What can I say that hasn't been said already. I had my second treatment completed a couple of weeks ago and I'm super satisfied and happy I finally got it done. From the beginning to end they are extremely helpful and knowledgeable in answering any of your questions or concerns. Matt is a super talented personable artist and I will definitely recommend his services to anyone and everyone looking to improve their appearance and boost their confidence....I can't forget to mention that Aris and Tara were also great and made you feel very comfortable right from the start. Thank you Matt & ScalpMicro USA NYC.

Michael Hutchinson

vance hamilton

The ULTIMATE SMP TRAINING CLASS within the entire country . Instruction, tutorials, theory and hand-on training was phenomenal. THANK YOU MATT, THANK YOU GREG AND KEVIN. SMP PROFESSIONALS at the highest level. Cheers Vance L Hamilton Scalp-micro USA Certified

Mark Griffey

I can't recommend these guys highly enough. They are very professional and Ken is a true artist when it comes to micropigmentation. I originally had the procedure done by another clinic that was driving distance to my home, BIG MISTAKE !!! Save yourself the time and money and just go to these guys. They are truly the best in the industry

Naomi Land

I just attended a Masters course in SMP by Matthew Iuolo and Graig Lauricella in Houston, TX One of the best experiences of my life. Worth every penny. The whole process was organized, clean, didactic information of great quality, and hands on workshops the best. They are right there watching and giving critical feedback with a great professional, and yet personal and calming approach. I can’t wait to start SMP and get to take the Advanced Masters . These guys are truly the best in the industry!! I know, as I am a SMP client, from the South. I know how much this great art helps ones self esteem. That’s why I reviewed and spoke to many places with the decision made to go with Scalp Micro USA to learn this art. As a registered nurse this gives me a happy outlet. Sincerely, Naomi Land

Michelle Hale

Guys did a great job at educating us. Made me feel very comfortable and in control. Highly recommend!

angeSol Lillerts

Didn't work for me.

Paul P.

Cutting to the chase. Ken Boyle is a gd rock star. Nothing but amazing things to say about him, his work and the whole staff. If you're on the fence allow this review to be the kick in the rear to get you to speak with these guys. You went regret it. They make you feel comfortable during and confident after. Take the leap.

Tim A

Contacting Scalp Micro USA is honestly the best thing I’ve ever done for myself and has boosted my confidence more than I had ever imagined. Before the procedure, I spent so much unnecessary time worrying about my hair. I would try different shampoos, spend hours combing my hair, and avoid wind/water at all cost. After the procedure, the way my hair looks is no longer one of my worries. I have finally gained back so much peace of mind every day. Matt was extremely helpful with deciding on a shape to fit my face but allowed me to fine tweak the hairline however I wanted. He is truly an artist and I would not trust anyone else to touch my head. I have zero regrets about making the trip from Rhode Island to NY and would have travelled anywhere for Matt’s level of expertise. If you’re on the fence about the procedure, just check out the company’s photos on Instagram. Read the reviews, watch the videos, and know that they are simply the best in the field. I cannot recommend Scalp Micro USA enough.

Craig Ryding

I love the results I got. It took 2 sessions. Matt was professional but also personable and makes you feel comfortable. I would not change a thing about my experience. It was obvious Matt was a pro. So glad I did this, and glad I chose Scalp Micro USA.

Fernando Torrent

I am Going tomorrow for my second session , I can't tell you how exacting I am .this has gone beyond my expectations , Matt gave me back my confidence , I feel more assure with me self , the way he design my hair line and did the top and the crown of my head is so natural .I work in the Fashion industry it is a lot of pictures, videos tacking backstage and on set by models, celebrities who I work with, before I never took my hat or cap off , now ...........It's a new whole story . (sorry for any miss spelling ) I speak from the heart ,

posh Horm

I had 2 sessions and it is definitely one of the best decisions I ever made. I was thinning for 5+ years and I was letting it drive me crazy, everyday I would think about it, I was scared of pictures, wind, water, my nieces and nephews climbing on me etc. When I found SMP I was way more on board than any other solution because SMP was permanent. So then I started looking for the best with great reputations, and now I know why Matt Iulo kept popping up. Matt hooked me up in 2 sessions and my only regret is not doing it sooner!! Matt was very professional, he was very patient and helpful when deciding on the hairline. I'd refer Matt to ANYONE who is concerned with their hair loss and is looking into SMP. I really can't thank you enough man!


After doing some research on micro scalp pigmentation business in NYC I decided to stop by the Scalp Micro USA office in midtown to get more info. I had no appointment but after waiting for a bit one of the practitioners, Mike, came out and sat with me. He was extremely nice and helpful, giving me his recommendation on my personal case which actually was to not do the pigmentation yet. What an honest professional! Way to go, Mike. I think I will eventually need the treatment and I will sure come back to them. The place was very neat and cool, too.

Aryan Patel

I just had my 3rd session with MIKE and I'm very very very happy with the result, awesome Amazing look after this treatment, MIKE was awesome scalp micro changed my life,. if u r thinking about this treatment, must do it here. Matt and his all team was awesome. ONCE AGAIN SCALP MICRO........THANK YOU SO MUCH...see u soon

Dr. Mills

THE BEST IN THE COUNTRY!!! I don't say that lightly- I spent months researching Scalp Micropigmentation and all over the internet there was a general consensus that Matt Iulo and his team at Scalp Micro USA are the best in the country and are at the forefront of revolutionizing SMP. I do a lot of research before making any decision, especially one involving permanent cosmetic changes to myself and I could not find nothing but the highest praise for Matt and his team of Scalp Micropigmentation practitioners. I emailed them and Tara was very responsive when I contacted Scalp Micro USA about a consultation and I sent them pictures and quickly received their recommendations. So I booked an appointment and bought a ticket to fly over 1000 miles from where I live to see Matt at Scalp Micro USA in NYC. There are countless Scalp Micropigmentation clinics way closer to me but I am the type that wants the best of everything- and Scalp Micro USA is it. When I arrived Tara greeted me and got my info. Matt greeted me and analyzed my scalp and got his game plan together. They offered me beverages and provided a true concierge style service while Matt was getting everything ready to started. I was expecting the procedure to be very painful, just thinking of having a needle poked into my scalp hundreds of times made me cringe. I was quite surprised that it was just mildly uncomfortable at worst and nowhere near as bad as I was expecting it to be. Matt was super friendly and we had a great conversation during the treatment. When I was finished the results were great, their was some redness which was normal. The next morning when I woke up and looked in the mirror I could not stop grinning. The results were fantastic even with just the first treatment. I scheduled my second treatment, flew back home and 2 weeks later was back in NYC for my second treatment. After my second treatment I was ecstatic. It turned out way better than I could have imagined. Matt is truly an artist and takes pride in his work like very few people do nowadays. While I was there I got to meet a few of the other Scalp Micro USA practitioners and see some of their work with other clients and they have put together a team that is exceptional at what they do (and take pride in it too, as they should!). The treatment has been life changing. I literally save an hour every day not having to try to make my thin hair look half decent and I no longer worry when the wind blows that my bald spots are showing or avoid standing under bright lights knowing it will make my thin hair look worse. I had my treatments over a year ago and NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON HAS NOTICED THAT IT IS NOT REAL. It looks so natural it fools me every day I look in the mirror. The only people that know are my fiancé and my barber (a friend of mine). He stares at scalps all day long and his mind was blown when he saw my head. He stared from every angle scratching his head in disbelief that my "hair" was not real. I literally can't say enough good things about Matt and the Scalp Micro USA team. They are THE best in the USA, hands down and Scalp Micropigmentation was worth every penny and more. Thanks again, Dr. Mills


I had a hair transplant almost 20 years ago, along with a scalp reduction, which left me with very little "new hair", and scars. I researched MSP, and Matt's name kept coming up. I met with Matt and he answered all of my questions (I had a lot!). I even checked with my dermatologist and primary care Dr. who gave me the green light. I had my 2nd session last week, and the results are nothing short of remarkable. If I could have done this 15 years ago, I would have! Matt and his staff are awesome. It was such a hard decision for me initially, but Matt's words "you're in good hands" stood true. No regrets and many compliments. I keep looking at myself, in amazement! Thanks Matt!!

Atis24 .

Scalp Micro USA is simply the best. I’ve had the greatest experience there and my SMP work looks flawless. I come all the way from NC to NY for my sessions with Matt and it’s completely worth it. I’m so happy with my results that I will continue to go to Scalp Micro USA even if I lived overseas.

Amir Kassam

Having the Scalp Micropigmentation procedure done at ScalpMicroUSA has been life changing. Mike Sosna was the technician/artist who saw my pigmentation procedure through, from beginning to end. Mike, I must say put me at ease from the time I met him. He answered all my questions thoroughly and with confidence. During the procedure, Mike made certain I was comfortable. To achieve the look I was going for, Mike not only asked for my input, but also consulted the two other technicians (Matt and Ken) for their expertise. If you looking are looking to have scalp micropigmentation procedure, I’d highly recommend you pay ScalpMicroUSA a visit. All three, Mike - Matt - Ken, are equally as qualified and passionate about what they do. Amir Kassam

carlos castro

Ultimate professionals, Matt made me feel comfortable in making my decision and helped me to reach my goal in the type of look I wanted...Awesome experience, if you're interested in getting this procedure done... This is the place to be!!!

Russ Faircloth

Katrina Breen

Excellent training, appreciated the attention to detail Matt is an energetic passionate teacher, leaving this training with a wealth of knowledge feeling confident and ready for SMP. Great team as well, great energy excellent ethics and care.

Chidubem Okam

Great training and scalp experts.

Lauren Speelman

This training was one of the best trainings I have ever been to. Matt and Graig offered a training environment that was not only professional and in depth but also one that was fun! I loved every day and I feel very confident in micropigmentation thanks to these guys! I can't wait for a master class! Thank you guys so much!

Jose Abad

Skyy Breen

Matt and his team are beyond amazing and truly the best at what they do. They were so professional and supportive during the entire process. If you are thinking about SMP, stop... Just Do It! No regrets except I wish we would have done it sooner. You are in the best hands when you see Matt and his team. Thank you for changing lives in such a vital way. You are the best Matt! Continued blessings....

Mike B

By the time I was 23 years old, I had 5 hair transplant surgeries from 2 different doctors and the end result was ridiculously poor and I spent the next 10 years hiding under hats, couvre, toppik and every other spray on hair product. I managed to “survive” in life until about 10 years ago when I shaved my head and realized the horrific “railroad track” scars that 5 hair transplant surgeries had left behind. Again, I resorted to cover-ups, make-up crayons and anything to try to hide these scars. In January of 2015, I stumbled on to Scalp Micropigmentation on YouTube and the results looked really good, however I was incredibly skeptical and pessimistic that nothing could help me, nor would I trust anyone. I researched SMP for the next 6 months and I quickly noticed the name Matt Iulo kept popping up, particularly around the topic of scar coverage and his work intrigued me, still I was a non believer. For 6 months, I read forums, watched videos and researched SMP and Matt’s work in particular, until finally one day I had enough and made the call, and as much as I hate to use such an infomercial like television phrase… “it was the call that changed my life” and set up my consultation with Matt. Going in to my consultation, before I even stepped in the door, I felt this was all BS and was prepared not to believe anything that Matt said, nor allow him to push anything on me. I was very guarded and ready to dismiss all of the good news I expected him to throw at me. When I first met Matt Iulo, he was very easy going and he sat down and listened to my entire story as detailed here, he let me speak my mind and get it all out, every detail, he genuinely had compassion in his voice when he spoke to me. Matt looked over my scars and he had so much confidence in his voice, in his eyes, he was dead serious about what he could offer me and extremely confident, all while NEVER once pushing me to proceed, forcing anything on me, didn’t mention pricing or scheduling and didn’t sell me anything. All of the next steps were up to me…it was on me to think about it, sleep on it, come back if I wanted , text or call with additional questions, no pressure, no sale, just honesty. It is hard to explain, but I just got a genuine feel from Matt of confidence and that this is the guy that could help me. I slept on it for 2 days, discussed it with my wife and finally called Matt back to push the “Go button”. Fast forward to the part that everyone really wants to know… I had 3 sessions with Matt to cover up my hair transplant scars, Matt used varying pigments on different visits, all matching and combining different shadings with each session to hide the scars beautifully. Matt Iulo changed my life after 20 years of trying, failed hair transplants, hats, cover up, scars, …fail after fail after fail, Matt finally emerged and fixed what some medical professionals could not fix. Matt is a great guy, he is honest, ridiculously skilled in his craft and has integrity – he simply could not look you in your eye if he didn’t do right by you. Please understand that I cannot endorse scalp micropigmentation as an industry because I am sure it is trending and many unskilled may perform it to turn a buck. I can ONLY endorse Matt Iulo, whatever machines, or needles or inks he uses is all beyond me, it is the skills in his hand and his keen eye that I am endorsing here, and I would not let another person perform SMP on me. I am happy to share photos of my completed procedure to anyone

Michael Malmfeldt

Before deciding to undergo the Scalp Micro Pigmentation procedure, I did extensive research as to who was the best provider. I had seen some bad examples of botched procedures, but there were a few companies that seemed to be top-notch providers. After lurking on forums and looking at comments and doing even more research Matt's name (from Scalp Micro USA) kept coming up. I have traveled up from Virginia for three procedures with Matt and I would have traveled from anywhere in the world. I believe Matt's the best there is at this and I wanted the best. I couldn't be happier with the results, and it was a great experience from beginning to end. If you are debating, stop, go get it done! You will not regret it.


I've had numerous hair transplant and scalp reduction procedures that were disastrous and left extreme scars. However, after just 2 visits, Matt's work has been nothing less than amazing. Thanks Matt for doing a great job!

Cal Marrero

Matt, Ken, and the rest of the crew were great. Awesome customer service make you feel like home (they even let me take a few shots

Frank Pedi

I just want to say you don't have to be in your in twenties or thirties to get this done im in my fifties and its the best thing I ever did the first best thing was talking to a friend who referred me to Mike . Mike cares a lot about the customer and treats you like you know him forever he really does care . There awesome there Matt also got involved to help me with a perfect hairline , thanks again too the great team at Scalp Micro NYC .


Just finished my 3rd session and Matt did an awesome job. I used a hair replacement system for 20 years. After careful research, I knew I wanted Matt to do the procedure. I flew in from Florida three times. The results were better then I expected. I should have done this along time ago. If your considering SMP, I recommend Matt. He is was very professional and personable. Thanks!

J Vel

Its officially 3 months and I must say my results are beyond my expectations!!! Everywhere I go people think I just came out of a barbershop. If you're having doubts....just go ahead and do it. I know Matt has a long waiting list but honestly all of them are talented professionals. Ken did mine and I have no complaints.

Mike Hid

Great idea to go and meet with the staff at scalp micro USA. Matt and aris were awesome. Very comfortable environment. They explain everything in detail about the procedure. I'm very happy to say I did my procedure at there facility. I would definitely recommend these guys to anyone who is going through hair loss.

Spencer Kresmery

After the procedure, I literally felt 20 years younger. Highly recommended if you’re feeling self conscious about your receding hairline. Thanks Matt.

Javier Rodríguez

Definitely worth it. Thank you Matt ✊

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