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REVIEWS OF MessLook Hair & SPA IN New York

Abby Torres

Best part was the massage and part of the facial. I got a spa package with a friend, that included the massage, facial and mani/pedi. My friend and I were great until the end. The pedicure and mani were horrible. They appointed someone who’s never done nails before to do my nails. Don’t waste your time. Person who collected money was also extremely rude, looked disgusted as she demanded tip and tax.

Jing Sha

Jean Lai

Joseph Wang

Great place.i recommend Sandy

John Ziberman

walked into without an appointment wishing they'd be able to squeeze me during my lunch hour. I needed a last minute trim & cut before my summer vacation. Not knowing what to expect, they were pretty busy as it was 12pm but they didn't turn me away. Score! The salon owner was very professional, happy & willing to help me. They took me to the back for a wash right away. It was heaven. The salon stylist took her time and gave me a fabulous wash and massage. I loved the smell of the shampoo and conditioner so much. I was sent to a seat where the owner started to ask me a few questions about what I was looking for and what he recommended. He got out his gear and started snipping away like an . Awesome cut, so happy. He worked quick knowing I had less than an hour but he was so efficient. I didn't ask for a blow-out style but he did dry my hair to get all of the water out of it before I left. Which I appreciated. I will be back again, for sure! Thank you

Baig Olivia

Yue Sun

Michael Olson

A friend and I got massages here and it was terrible. We were both uncomfortable the whole time, should have walked out after the first five minutes and demanded a refund. The groupon "deals" appear to be the standard prices, so don't get lured in by the price. Not worth it. Very weird place. They have you pay upfront and don't offer refunds, only store credit (which we obviously don't want).

shuo wang

Horrible hair cut, don’t waste your money here. My hair was cut like a prisoner picture.

Chaitanya Iragavarapu

Gabrielle Ughetto

Unique DaRee

The girl was rude.

Gabriela B.


(Translated by Google) Cut chaos (Original) 乱剪

Yong H. Wu

Leanna Pham

Usually love going here to get my haircut and hair dyed every now and then. Definately recommend either Bill or Hugo, they're the best.

Gina Johnson

I received the 3 spa package off pulsd . The only thing I can tell you is be warned about how they would like to be tipped ! If you only use 3 out of the six girls you have to tip others that did not service you ?! The facial was nice but I’ve definitely had better in a better atmosphere ... disappointed

Patricia Liu

Ricky the hairstylist does great women's haircuts!

Chen Wu

Piece of S**t! They made me curse. Their Japanese Straightening severely hurt my hair like this. And they even refused to refund because they don’t have this kind of “policy”. That’s ridiculous.

Izabella Rekiel

Quick and cheap shellace manicure, would go again

Kenneth Eng

Good stylus , Ricky.

Zak Vidinovski

Honestly! These guys were amazing! Highly recommended, friendly and super well priced!

Chao-Wen Tan

Liz McDonough

It was really fast, everyone was friendly. I got just a simple blow out but my hair looked fantastic after

Haowei Tang

(Translated by Google) Craftsmanship is very good, 30 knife is very good value (Original) 手艺非常好,30刀理一次很值

Wynne Kwok

I did my hair there with Lee. I went it with no idea on what kind of hair style i want. Lee give me good recommendation, so I did what he recommended, and the outcome is great. I love it. He doesn't speak English well, so it will be better if you can show him a picture.

北京晚报 dope

(Translated by Google) Do not come too rubbish (Original) 千万别来 太垃圾了

James Sawyer

Menboo is terrible for my haircut. He is a newbee and have no experience for men haircut

Shirley Ram

Their customer service stinks also the receptionist is very condescending and obnoxious, cannot speak or understand English!!!!! Does not deserve any stars for their customer service.

Margie Michael

Wow! I had an "EXTRAORDINARY "! experience. The staff is very friendly and professional. I am able to say this is another first for me( at this establishment). It was a treat from a friend.... i can't thanl you enough for introducing me to this "HAVEN"! mass & facial.... you must try them! We will see you soon! Ahhhhhh!!

Gigi Allen

Just had my hair done there a complete disaster . My first my last. Went in blonde wanted dark lowlights. Came out with brown hair black n grey streaks. A DISASTER! !!


chockalingam kr

Jing Mei Huang

Some "stylist" guy named Gavin accidentally chopped 5 inches off my hair and gave me a bob haircut when I just asked him to cut one inch and layer it. When he was trying to fix it, he said he couldn't do much because my hair was too short. He had the audacity to stand by the register and wait for his tip. Time for a new salon.

Angela Gil

sarah jung

Review for spa - Very thorough. Highly skilled. Clean. Great pricing. They offer package deals and specials too. I go for maintenance facials with microderm and they always do an incredible job with cleansing, extractions, face and décolleté massage, mask, eyebrow clean up. Always gentle with facial massage or product application so skin doesn't feel like it's being pulled. They don't limit the time rather they go until your facial is complete so usually ends up being ~90 min. English speaking isn't great but manageable. Love that they are open til late too so able to go after work. Only con: sometimes they are pushy trying to sell you their other products or services.

Shengruo Zhang

Taslim Mohammed

Outside of the smell, really great place. One of the best hair cutting places I've been to so far. Haircut at the time was $28. First place I've been to that wash and shampoo'd my hair before cutting and washed again and styled. Loved the place and definitely will go back :))

Wesley Kuo

Simon is a very good stylist!!

Tai Liu

Ask for Bill. He is great!

cheri Perry

Horrible experience

John Kwong

jessica cruz

Terrible service!

Haoyu Yang

They told me pay $10 tip of $30 massages ... . haircut is ok but other service isn't recommended to anyone.

Pseudonym A


Fay Feng

Yusing Chan

Yan Chen

Cindy Tsui

Love getting my facials there but they often pressure you into upselling their services. For example, I went in for a facial and they insisted on having me do a IPL. I’m on retin A and the last thing I need is to burn my face having an IPL.

Eric Ren

Angela Gonzales

Great hair cut every time

Maria Jimenez

Went with my husband after purchasing a Pulsd package and we loved both our massages, facials as well as manicures/pedicures. Will definitely recommend!

Ale Arevalo

pokemon go

The assistant who washed my hair today was being so rude and unprofessional. The towel dropped and she complained "why you pulling it off?" When in facts it's her fault because she didn’t tie it tight enough! If there's such a rude assistant exist in another salon, they would have get fired right away! Just saying... Shouldn't have tip her but I did it anyways because I have great manner! And guys if you don't bring enough cash for tips, not only the stylist or assistant who get your hair done that day will hate you, but also all the other staff in the store! The only good thing about this place is the service with fair price. I don't care if they hate me over those kinda little things, as long as they done my hair right. Btw, the intensive makeup front desk girl should learn how to ask Qs to clients rather than being aggressive at some points. And some stylists just don’t even know what customer service is, especially bill and lee. Their attitude was extremely horrible!!


The haircut looked simple and extremely average.It wasn't worth $27. It resembled the same cut i've received from the barbers on Doyer Street for $8 plus tip.

adavis10101977 .

jiniya azad

Seriously one of the worst massages I’ve ever gotten done. The woman has absolutely no idea what she was doing. I went for deep tissue and she had no capability to even apply any pressure to my muscles or even pinpoint my knots. Such a waste of money!!!!!!

Chenzhao Yu

(Translated by Google) well they might really mess technicians cut customer service, poor attitude will face a fight in front of the boss is also very annoying that we will not come (Original) well 他们的技师可能真的是乱剪的 服务态度很差 会当着顾客的面吵架 老板也很讨厌 大家不要来了


I bought the package on pulsd. The massage and facial is only worth it . The nail polish they have is old . It was my time to pay and the lady told me that my tip needs to be $260.00 . They really try to rip you off . Go anywhere else but here .

Ian Wong

Dania Ellis

Protoss PC

Yolanda Acevedo

Charles Borlaug

The Visitors

First of all the place is very nice and clean. Secondly, the prices are more than worth it!! They are very professional and spend time to make sure of what you really want. Bill and his team are the best I totally love my hair!!

Anson Eng

They botched my hair so badly that I will have to wait an entire year for the damage to grow out. Do not go here! You have been warned.

Huong Vu

Kimmie Cheng

Came here for a massage with my mom. Initially they tried to place us in massage room across from the restroom which reeks of urine. However they did move us when we requested a room change. The massage was great but They verbally requested a specific amount for Tip ( over 20%) and had a person from management come over to demand the same. Overall, great massage but management needs to change.

sami tung

piedad retamal

Israel Cruz

Xiaodi Sun


Jeffrey Cheung

its a great place if you find the right hairstylist for you. I recommend Bill

Emily Faka

Timefly Shi

Helen H

Don’t dye your hair here! My hair was in great condition, however it was ruined here. It even didn’t meet my minimum requirement. I said no yellowish a million times before I did it. However it was yellow as sponge bob. I did twice but still, I went to another spa they said my color was not removed professionally. Now I need to wait until new hair come out.


(Translated by Google) Don't come, communicate with the hairdresser what I want, and the hairdresser forcibly censored according to his own consciousness, and he also said, "When you come in, I know what you want to cut." Silent, it’s the same as the alopecia that I have cut. I haven’t been able to lift my head for more than a month. I’m still confident and full of self-satisfaction. It’s really the most terrible and bad experience. (Original) 千万别来,和理发师沟通完我想要的样子,结果理发师强行按自己的意识认知剪,并且他还说“ 你一进来我就知道你想要剪什么样子”,真令人无语,给我剪的跟得了脱发症的一样害我一个多月抬不起头来,竟然还自信满满的自圆其说,真的是最可怕糟糕的一次经验,

Ron Lane

Horrible. I brought a 4 treatment spa day package for a couple. I arrived at 230pm and left the spa @ 7pm. Way to long. The best part was the massage. After that things went down hill. From waiting in the waiting room almost nude for about 45mins. Yes while people where coming and going. To, continuously being left unattended during my facial which last needlessly about 1.5hrs. What topped it off is I was pressured to give more than the customary 18% tip. The manager explained that my “tip wasn’t enough for her workers”, and became upset. I will never go back because of the bad management of time, personal attention, and visible anger when deal with my wife and I as customers.

Zhechao Zhou

Kevin Wang

Jiaqi Shen

The Olympus Sensey

Jordana Schacht-Levine

They make you wait forever for each service. They say 5 minutes, but it turns into 40. Definitely give yourself enough time to spend an hour or two more than you expected. Seems like they severely overbook and they expect you to be okay with sitting around even when you make an appointment. Also, if you are sensitive to smell, don't go to this place. It smells horrible since it's a hair salon and spa.

YeShu Tat


Rina Wang

I go to the spa. They have very aggressive sales that will push you to buy a package. It is relaxing to go most of the time for a little pampering.

Xingyao Li

Good price,great skills. Love it!

Eric Tan

Don't go their without asking for a particular person! Fair prices for what you get

tony chu

It's great

Corina Liranzo

Love this place! I always come here to get massages which they have downstairs, JENNY IS MY FAVORITE!!! Also to do my hair which they have a salon upstairs. All the hairstylists there do a fantastic job and I highly recommend this place to anyone in the area

Lisa Vollen

Went for a massage. The staff was friendly. The facilities were ok but not super clean. I was burnt twice from the hot stones which definitely didn't make for a relaxing experience. Other staff members came into the room and started having a conversation with my masseuse during the massage. Also, they put a lot of pressure on gratuity. Wouldn't recommend.

Mika Sharon

The worst hair treatment I ever got. Very bad service and no skills.

Harper Pennie

Great stylists, fair prices.

Linlee Hermann

Trent James

I have gone here now 5 or 6 times now and every time I ask for Jerry to take care of me. He has always had me leave there feeling more handsome then when I arrived. I have done, different cuts, different colors (platinum blond, black) , and hair treatments. Jerry has been there since they opened this location over 6 years. I would recommend him any day.

Benjamin Liang

(Translated by Google) I don't comment on the shop but ricky's technology doesn't work. I let him fix the place directly to me and use a fader on the spot. (Original) 不对店做评价 但ricky技术真不行我让他修一下的地方直接给我用了推子 当场晕厥

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