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REVIEWS OF DevaChan Hair Salon IN New York

T Fisher

Latoya and Yasmín made my curls look better than ever! Great experience and I look forward to going back.

Amanda Ephraim

Danielle was amazing. She knows curly hair. Wish I had found this Gem first. Very chill, such a warm soul.

Lori Folene

Bad customer service, really bad. I need to delete some stylists from my preferred salon site and requested it a month ago - they are still there. I emailed Mr Mauro with questions and he never replied, it's been a month. Also. Additionally, If Deva wants to support their stylists why do they sell products online and through Ulta? We carry deva and get nicked by this. One more thing - We are in Washington state, we have little direct support except from our distributor. the only way we can get training above level 1 is to go to the east coast. What is with that...thanks for listening

Arendse Paige

The salon is very nice and my stylist were great. I was happy with the outcome of my hair however was very unimpressed with the reception staff. I found them to be obnoxious and rude.

Heather Solares

First ever that I paid more than 50 bucks to get a hair cut and I have to say I do not regret it one bit!! My hairstylist Latoya was amazingggggg and incredibly helpfully when it came down to taking care of my curls!

Andrea Takacs-Carvalho

This place is beautiful, the services are quite reasonably priced for a prime location in NYC, and their store is well equipped with hair product supplies. I didn't find the staff super friendly, but I was decently treated. Also they didn't tried to oversell me anything, and I have noticed a positive change on my hair using their products.

Khadijah Stevenson

Good wish I would of got my hair done

jsmithee1 kim

not professional staff and not satisafied my style.never recommend the hair salon.

Jessica Belle

ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE WITH SALON. The staff was very pleasant and offered you beverages of choice. I felt like a princess. I made my appointment with Susan who is a Senior stylist. She gave me a great cut and reshaped my curls. She was such a sweetheart and is very knowledgeable in her work. I felt like I was home being surrounded with a bunch of TEAM CURLY PEOPLE :). It was totally worth it!!

Lana Mann Rizzo

They make my curls happy. My highlights always comes out amazing as they are painted on. The hair cuts are not cookie cutter and are tailored to how the curls fall. They do a great job on making their customers feel pampered. During my Valentine's day appointment they served chocolate and champagne.

C. Leigh

I have healthy hair now....incredible

Deirdre Chadwick

So overpriced. Don't drink the kool aid. Cut would have been fine, if it had been what I asked for. But the stylist neither listened to me nor paid attention to the curl texture I had when I came in (duh, that's the texture I want to walk out with). Took way too much off, after I asked for a basic re-shaping of the back. I hate this cut and it will take about a year to grow the length back. I should have just done it myself.

Debraluz Hernandez

Extremely disappointed!!! I’ll be getting a new hair cut in about 3 months from someone whom actually knows what there doing.. I went in looking better then I came out. I spend almost two hundred dollars my hair is uneven, still has dead ends, frizzy and just a hot mess.. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY!!

Christina Marie Joubert Kardooni

Just a happy curly girl ! Lidia gave me a SOLID dry cut, followed by a customized wash and styling. So worth it. I already follow a pretty specific wash and style routine myself, but she helped me refine it and identify some new tricks that will assist in obtaining the desired, curlier look. ALSO - 5 stars for a stylist who follows your exact wishes (please keep the length - y’all know how that usually goes)!!! Thank you, Lidia!

Jackie Ganuza

Came for a cutting class and i loved every min of it.

Jennifer Mateo

It was okay, but if I knew they was just going to wash and leave it wet I could of done this at home!! Their products seem pretty good they did not need a salon!!

Jessica Guzman

Charles and Dominique were AMAZING!! Charles recommended a color to match my style best and Dominique's haircut was amazing to watch him work. I can't remember who washed my hair but she was awesome! She recommended the best way to take care of my hair and how to style it and she is super nice! I am only giving it 4 stars because when I was going to pay the lady at the counter with short hair was rude and unprofessional. It would've been a perfect experience had it not been for that towards the end.

Naysha Diaz

I went to the DevaChan salon in SoHo for the first time on August 17, 2019 and received a wash and style. However, after the appointment my hair looked terrible! When I style my hair, my curls are voluminous and defined often lasting a few days before I have to wash or restyle. However, after my apt on August 17, my hair was frizzy, undefined and did not last longer than a few hours before I had to put it up. I went to this appointment during my lunch break and thought that if I reached out to DevaCurl Customer service online, they would be able to provide an adequate response within a reasonable response time. I reached out to DevaCurl via their instant message feature and was connected with a very kind and responsive customer service representative, Lisette, who promised that a store manager at the SoHo DevaChan salon would be in touch with me within 2-3 business days. This conversation happened on August 17, 2019 and it is September 9, 2019 and I still have not received a follow-up email or call from anyone at the DevaChan salon or at DevaCurl Customer service. I am very unsatisfied with my service and the quality and timeliness of customer service at the DevaChan store.

Amanda A

Maybe Thelma (sp?) was having a bad day but I ended up with bangs I didn't ask for and a cut that will grow into helmet head on one side and a staircase on another. Actually, no, it already looks like that. Still looking for a stylist that will consider the different types of curls in my head and not cut it like they are trimming a hedge and leave all sorts of uneven looking areas. If this was a 20$ haircut the story would be different but they charge you 150+ for a cut and set.

Cindy Schafran

If you enjoy a factory where everyone walks out with the same curls that go limp an hour after you leave, this is the place to go. You may also find the hairdressers very lazy and keeping your hair trimmed, not being bothered to really shape and style your hair. I'm not sure why it took me so long to realize this. I can normally get by trimming my hair every 6 months but $150 for a trim, along with $50. in tips is quite costly. This last trim lasted 3 months as my hair lost any shape whatsoever. Even requesting that they take off more for that lift and bounce is not even done. Forget about the torture of having your hair washed/ combed. Very uncomfortable. Washers are very heavy handed. I'm white knuckled until it's over which takes too long to be in such discomfort. I'd rather comb out my hair myself and ended up doing that the last time I was there. They couldn't be bothered being a bit gentler in their method. I'll never go back again. I went too long and I thankfully found the best salon / hairdresser in Chelsea at the same price and I actually enjoy the experience.

Mecca Williams

My hair turned out amazing. My stylist really took her time defining each curl and helped me understand how to achieve the look. The only reason I didn't rate it 5 stars is because my stylist was running way behind and I had to wait 45 mins after my appointment time to be seen. That said, given the results, I'd give it another shot.

Jacelyne Bonilla

I LOVEE my haircut, Dominic did an amazing job. Super friendly staff and great customer service.

Nicole Manzanillo

I went to this location for the first time , I had high expectation from debachan but I left with a bad experience . First the lady was late almost 30 min meaning another girl was arriving in 30 more min. She washed my hair and took care of someone else while I was drying It. And the worst part was the cut, that’s definitely not what I wanted , 6 month ago I had my hair horrible and somewhere else I got the cut I wanted , now that I asked for it , she insisted that it wasn’t right. Once home was when I notice how horrible I look. Deanna did the cut , next time I rather pay more and get a nice haircut

KaMalte .

Made a big detour on my last day in NY just to go to the flagship store and not to Sephora and get a good consultation. When I entered the store a male receptionist asked me if I wanted to check in for a haircut and I responded that I just wanted to buy some products and he made kind of a face and told me i should come back to him If i had a problem. So I checked out the products and got back to the reception with two sprays because I couldn't figure out the difference between them. I addressed him asking if he could help me with something and he looked at his colleague with a weird face mumbled something into his beard I didn't understand and she was the one that replied in a very harsh way what kind of problem I had. Replied to my question and that was it without even asking if she could help me further or with some other products or what I was even searching for. I felt very badly treated and walked out immediately. With products in this price class and all that "we care for you and your curls" mentality on the website I really expected better customer service than that I am really disappointed and am not going to purchase again!

Caren Shapiro

Treatment didnt help at all. Staff was nice.

Carolina V

Love it!! Dreams made true

Xena Simone

The person doing my hair, Navila was super kid friendly and I felt like I was in fantasy land surrounded by a bunch of Team curly people. Also, she styled my hair so nicely and really observed the picture I gave her of what I wanted my hair to look like. I was afraid that they would cut to much of my hair off and make my bangs a different length than I wanted it, ( this is due to previous hair experiences) but she cut my hair the perfect length and my bangs are on fleek, also, They put layers in my hair which made it look much healthier and curly.

Kevin Jéan

Worst customer service ever... the team who's running the front of house needs proper training and an attitude adjustment. When you're paying for a premium product , expecting a cordial shopping experience should not be too much to ask for

Steph Says

If you value your hair, do not book an appointment with Dominique. I am very disappointed with my visit today 12/22/18. Not sure If he just got his license or he’s just poorly skilled. Either way, what he did on my hair its just a joke. I specifically told him i just needed a trim, to which he replied “that should be simple”. However, he went ahead and cut 3 fingers of hair and, im left with an uneven mess. I wanted to cry. Not only did he do that , he styled my hair in such a terrible way. He only applied gel and dried it. My hair came out so hard with so much residue of gel in the roots. My hair still breaking after rising all that gel off. Also, i told him not to cut the hair in the front because I wanted it to grow evenly with rest. But, he gave me freaking BANGS!!!! I am so disappointed, and stressed out about this. This salon just lost a customer. I gonna have to fix this mess myself after paying $135. -Before trim: Curly 8in Straight 14in -After trim: Curly 5in Straight 8in. He cut a total of 6 inches off.

Christine Garmendiz

OVERPRICED. HALF DONE JOB ON HIGHLIGHTS. I was so happy in the beginning walking in until my 4pm appointment was dragged to 8:30pm. I had to wait an hour and a half to get my highlights after I got my cut at 4pm without notifying me in advance. My hair was rushed and my stylist (which was not the person I requested) didn't check my highlights when my hair was washed by her assistant. By time she was done (after attending to 2-3 other people), there were highlights ONLY on the top of my hair. The rest of my hair had no color from the highlights at all. I have 2 giant brown spots in my hair. She made me pay EXTRA ($250) for a half A job. I'm so disappointed and so upset I'll have to go back again to get the rest of my highlights done. 2 stars instead because the stylist's assistant was honestly such a sweetheart and handled my hair and myself with a lot of attention and care when she washed it, as well as Nick, he was so helpful and it wasn't his fault for anything bad about my experience. He cut my hair and did a good job. My advice, research your stylists and unfortunately here you need to look out for your hair and cant sit back and relax.

Monique Isaac

It's a lot. First time in a Manhattan salon. Very busy. Atmosphere was light. The wait time was fair to long. Product availability was good. The person I was with had a decent stylist. I'm thinking about booking an appointment.

maya johnson

The only place I get my curl locks cut and colored I highly recommend Mia she is amazing!

Rosalba Buzzetta

Ms Sage is awesome, down to earth and she cut my hair with love. I recommend Ms. Sage to anyone Ms. Julie. (CLAWS) Colorist is awesome. She colored my hair and did an awesome job. I'm def going back. P.S. tipping cash is the best way.

Janell Richards

My first visit two years ago was great. I got a nice cut and experience. My second visit with the same stylist was not so great. I did not like my cut or the styling. However I do love the Devacurl decadence products.

Alex Moulton

I don’t get my hair cut here, but just buy the shampoo and conditioner, which I’ve been using for many years now and love. Strangely they sell the bottles for more than you can get them online, but the product is great.

Laura Tolzmann

We had unauthorized charges on our CC from this company. There were 3 different charges of $125 we had never even heard of them before.

Rosanna Wyatt

I have gotten my hair cut by a deva stylist, and generally swear by it. I moved to New York recently and was excited to go to a Devachan salon. This was my first haircut in over 2 years and I was so disappointed. I feel like the stylist and the woman who washed my hair both deeply misunderstood my hair type and what was needed to get the best results from my curls. For some bizarre reason they used "Wave Maker" on my hair, which is weird, because my hair is curly, not wavy. My hair is fine, though, and easily weighed down, and the amount of product they put in made my hair feel tacky and disgusting. After they washed my hair they sat me in a hair dryer and left me there until my hair was almost completely dry. Barely any diffusing, except at the very end. The result was that my curls were completely flattened. My hair ended up puffed up but not curly. She couldn't even do anything with it once it was dry because the result was NOT my natural curl pattern. I didn't say anything because I was in shock. I left the salon with my scarf wrapped around my head and on the verge of tears. When I got home I got in the shower immediately and washed and styled my hair like usual and THANK GOD my curls came back. The cut turned out to be fine, but not great, and DEFINITELY not worth $150. I do not recommend that anyone get their hair cut here. They have too many clients and aren't able to dedicate enough time to each person to actually give the quality that they charge for. I will be finding a smaller salon that specializes in curly hair.

Ana Bishop

The only place to get a great haircut for curly hair. Wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Kira Marie

Love you curl, come to this place for real!!!

Kristin York

Changed my life! I have been natural since I first went 3 years ago. Not only did I get a cut for my fine curls but I was taught how to care for them & continue to seek the wisdom of my stylist

jennifer iospa

I got my hair styled by Emma and Candace on two separate occasions. They’re both awesome and I love the salon and the services they offer.

Nat Lopez

Latoya is my stylist and the best! Won’t go anywhere else and their decadence no poo and conditioner work well for my hair. The Deep conditioner heaven in hair is great too. But one of their products I just tried that came free with their package of no poo and conditioner, broke my face out. Don’t even wanna try it again. It’s the B’leave in. The same thing happened to my skin in the same area that my hair touches, when I tried a product from Bumble and Bumble. Something in their product doesn’t do my skin well. Only parts where my hair touch broke out just like that first time with Bumble and Bumble. Not taking my chances. To the trash it goes. But overall best hair cuts for my curly hair and not going anywhere else!

Susan Martin

My hair was very dry so i decided to get a deep hair treatment at devachan. I had been there a month before for styling before a bar mitzvah and the guy who did it was nice and the result was fine but this past week with Lynette was superb. She did the deep conditioning and really knew what she was doing. I showed her a picture of the hair style I wanted and for one of the only times, I was very pleased with the likeness. I kept it for 4 days, as much as I could till the frizz returned. It was superb, just what I wanted for my daughter's wedding next year. I really recommend Lynette if you want a styling or deep condition I will definitely go back to her and the cashier said she is known for knowing how to style curly hair really well.

Carlita Salazar

Have been coming here for years and never had a bad cut. See Latoya. You can't go wrong in her chair.

Sam Doyle

Ask for rick!! My curls have never looked so amazing.... they know what they’re doing and it’s worth every cent. Highly recommend !!!

Thelma Gregory

Best highlights I've gotten in 20 years.

Diane Bader

Very overpriced for an okay cut. For a person with fine (thin) curls, they put 4 products in my hair to style. Literally, I hated how my hair looked leaving. I like the cut and the customer service. Cut is worth $50 nowhere near the $150 plus tip you pay. They also say to tip 10-15% the stylist and 15-20% the hairdresser. Double tip seems odd. I did 15%&5% to equal 20% for tip.

Ashley Hoss

I just got my first Deva cut with Deanna and it exceeded my expectations! I loved seeing my curls go from lifeless and full of split ends to shiny and bouncy! Everything exceeded expectations. The dry cut is helpful because I didn’t have to worry about my hair drying and ending up shorter than I had intended. Deanna asked a lot of questions, really listened to what I had to say, and worked to give me what I actually wanted. The Deva transformation was also really helpful because she gave product recommendations based on my hair type. For the transformation, I held a mirror to watch as she washed my hair and she gave step by step instructions to increase hydration and volume. Overall, I’m very pleased with how it all went and this is definitely going to be my go to salon and go to stylist from now on.

stephanie escandon

Went here for my first time. The staff was friendly and I am happy with my haircut.

manasa gandra

Bad hair color experience, rude staff. I had spent whole lot of money for the hair to be colored and they just did a horrible job with it. Never going back

Enid P.

My haircut and curls looked amazing. Not a five star because I waited 45 minutes. No one addressed me about it. I had to address the front desk. They were unaware, which made me a bit upset but only because I was starving. My appt was at 11am, with the commute, I had no time to grab anything to eat.

Gabriel Hawkins

Awesome hair salon!!!

Fredrica Rivas

Overrated!! Admittedly my daughters had a good hair cut that’s where the buck stopped for my youngest. The person washing her hair, didn’t seem to know how to handle her hair was a bit too rough with her type 4 hair and mine as well, lets just say my hair looked better going in and I do a way better job at washing and conditioning my own hair and my daughters’ hair thank you very much! Just a mess!


Ruined my hair and didnt even give me the cut I wanted. Ended up with super short hair that was uneven and made me embarrassed to even go out in public.

Jackie Banis

Ita a curl utopia. If your a curly person you feel right at home here!

Ashley Alba

Loved my haircut

Karen Arkin

I have been getting my curly hair cut at this salon for about 10 years and will never go anywhere else. Before coming here I cannot begin to tell you about all the horrible cuts I received in my life. If you are a curly girl I am sure you can relate. At Deva your hair is cut when dry and every curl is given attention. Before coming here I never walked out of a salon loving my hair. Deva really knows what they are doing when it comes to curly hair. You are taught to embrace your inner curl and will never look back!

Rukiya Charles

Dominique did my hair and he did an amazing job! It was exactly what I wanted. Cut, wash, style.

Johanan Ottensooser

The only place I get my hair cut now. They know my hair type. Well worth it if you have curls!

Christine Peralta

I wish they gave a price estimate before, because I ended up spending so so much. Their iced tea was super delicious though, and the way they treat customers seems awesome, just be prepared to spend close to $300 just in case. Their products also do work as advertised, so maybe start with those. I got a haircut and detangling.

Lee Bryant

First things first, I am an African American woman with 4c hair. I cut my locs about 2.5 years ago, and grew tired of my hair not having a shape--I love my natural hair, but I needed it to look like something, you know? I had grown tired of constantly having to double-strand twist my hair, and figuring out new styles. Combing and brushing, after a while, just seemed pointless. A friend of mine told me about the Devacut, which prompted me to investigate this process. After attempting to understand the products and the process, I made an appointment at the Devachan salon in SoHo. I chose the Devacut for $150. What one needs to understand, is that the focus of the process is the client's curl pattern. The goal of the products is to hydrate the hair and define the natural curl pattern, nothing more. If one's goal is deeper than this, then Devacurl and the salon are not for them. I say all of this to say that I was uncertain how I felt about my hair AFTER my visit. The service itself was great, and the stylists were excellent and communicative. I chose to purchase, from the salon, the products that were used in my hair: No Poo Decadence, No Poo Decadence Conditioner, and Heaven in Hair conditioner. I found, however, after using them, that I needed more moisture, and purchased the Leave-In Conditioner and the Coconut Stretch Cream, and the Microfiber towel, which all really seemed to enhance my style--I purchased these later products from Sephora. I use the products every 3 days, or so, to revive the style. It seems like a lot of work, but once one gets the hang of their preferrred products, it's fairly easy to navigate your way to a defined wash-and-go, that lasts a few days.

Reinilda Fernandez Blair

My cut was horrible, the stylist wouldn't stop cursing and then she rushed me out with my hair still matted and wet then got upset when my cousin mentioned it. Horrible experience!

sabrina alexander

I read many reviews and was scared that my hair was going to look choppy. But Jessica listened to what I wanted and explain why my hair was as damaged as it was. The cut was AMAZING!!! and I'm in love with the shape. Lynette was the one who washed my hair. She explained everything thoroughly and she made my curls look great. My hair hasn't been this curly in years. The service was definitely worth the money.

Kira Waters

I went there with high expectations. When I first arrived, the lady at the front desk told me to go to coat check without explaining where it was. Since I didn’t know where it was, I kept my coat on. A few minutes later, I saw her escort 4 white women to coat check and offer water. I tried to not think the worst but I noticed all the black guests with their coats on. My stylist was over30 minutes late. I get it, so I didn’t hold it against her. I noticed that there were a lot of people with straight hair in the salon at the time. When I get to the chair. The my stylist yells out that I have a funky smell and I have fungus in my hair. Which I KNOW FOR A FACT I DONT. Due to me constantly taking the best care of my hair. She goes on disrespecting my hair telling me how damaged it is. I tell her how I have server shrinkage. Multiple times. She clearly doesn’t care. She cuts my dry/noncurly hair based on the shape of the hair that it is. (Since I put it in a bun going to the salon). I was expecting help and tips on how to upkeep my hair. I asked multiple questions... nothing but the subpar answers. The wash and detangling was very rough even though I made sure my hair was very de tangled prior going to the salon to avoid this situation. The staff made me feel very uncomfortable. At the end. My cut came out horrible/ everything I didn’t want. My stylist said “oh you have bad shrinkage “.... I KNOW! I TOLD YOU THAT! She didn’t realize that it’ll be the length that it actually turned out to be. I started with mid-waist length hair and ended up with cheek length hair. If I could give this place a 0 star I would. I never write reviews. But I was soooooooo disappointed is this place. All you African America queens save your hard earned money. This place isn’t for us. I have 3c-4a hair and they made me feel like my hair was the most disgraceful thing they ever saw. This place is the worst and 1000% over priced.

Karisa Putman

I recently went to the Devachan salon on May 25th. It was my very first time there. I LOVED it! I used to go to the Ouidad salon but I no longer go there because their products make my scalp very itchy. Anyways everyone at the Devachan salon are all so nice and so informative about everything they’re doing and about the products they are using. They listen to what you want and give great curly girl suggestions. Mia cut my hair and Emma styled it! I felt so relaxed while getting my hair washed it was great! The ONLY reason I did not give five stars was because I was put under the dryer to set my style but I left with very loose waves and not curls. When I do my hair myself at home it’s very curly so I’m not sure why that happened. As a result my hair turned into a big puff and I could not wear 2 day hair I had to restyle with someone else. I will definitely go back! Maybe that one little aspect will come out differently!

Paige Chandler

I love my cut but the styling was awful. I just got it done today and I’m definitely going to have to redo it again tomorrow. Also the staff (excluding one young chick at the front desk) as well as my stylist were incredibly rude. Definitely will never return to this salon. The attitudes and terrible styling are not worth the cost at all.

Rachelle Veasley

Love love LOVE THIS PLACE! Have Latoya cut your hair and your curls will thank you. Super easy to make an appointment online, very time efficient (I was in and out in 2 hours, appointment started as scheduled), and overall it has a luxurious spa feel. I loved the coat check and thought the selfie wall at the end was a nice touch.

Amani Bethea

I was expecting a LOT more from this experience..... As a curly haired black woman, I was so excited to go to a salon with such an amazing reputation and so many experts on my hair type (not the case, will talk about later). From instagram to youtube, so many women have experience pristine customer service, hair tips, and in general smooth operations with their stylists. Unfortunately, for me, this was not the case. Based on their Instagram, website, and several tutorials DevaChan appears to cater to all curl types including those on the kinkier and coiler side. When I stepped foot into the Devachan Salon I, by FAR, had the most hair and the coiliest curliest hair, and for reference, my hair is a combination of 3C/4A. So let that sink in. My 3C/4A hair was the COILIEST hair in the ENTIRE salon for the entire 2 hours I spent there. If devachan inc stylist and clientele focus on looser textures, that is totally fine. But it is almost a scam, to market towards women with kinkier curlier hair and then have only 1 stylist who styles that texture with the majority of stylist, customers, and hair products based on looser textures. Let's move on to my styling session, my stylist was Lynette. During my time there, there was another lady with a similar hair texture as me (maybe a little looser) and Lynette was also working on her (hmmm the same stylist on the only two black clients in the shop?). As Lynette examined my hair, the very first thing she said was "Ohh, do you always wear your hair this big?" pointing out the fact that I LOVE to have volume and have no shame in rocking my afro. This was the first instance that she made a shady remark on the state of my hair. Next, we moved on to the sink, throughout the entire process I was asking questions and trying to be friendly towards her, but she was in no mood to have any small talk with me. As she was washing my hair, she ROUGHLY detangled my hair to the point where I had to ask if she was using a brush because I could physically feel the hair being ripped from my scalp (my scalp hurt for two days after this, no exaggeration). As she continued to roughly wash my hair, she explained that I had "a lot, a lot of silicone buildup" that I contributed to my wetline extreme gel, that I honestly did not know had silicones in it and I tend to stay away from silicones. I happily took in this criticism because I am always looking to learn and grow in the managing of my hair. Unfortunately, she did not take this as a teaching moment she took it as a degrading moment to tell me how dirty and bad for my hair using this type of gel is (when in reality i know SO many girls who use eco and wetline extreme gel, so are we all just dirty and damaging our hair?) When I was done the deep conditioning, Lynette took me back to the sink and rinsed out my dc and started to style. Once again did she rough af rip through my hair. I honestly don't know why I didn't get up and leave and I know you guys are thinking the same thing. But i was truthfully hoping for the best in this situation and I wanted to see the end results. The styling finished and I sat under the hooded dryer. Lynette was ghost for at least 30 minutes, and this nice bubbly stylist came over and asked who was working on me and if I need anything. She checked my hair and it was dry and searched for my stylist. Lynette came back and started the scrunch the gel cast off my hair. Once she did that step, she was almost shocked that my hair actually came out nice. Because she was hating on it from the moment she saw it, she never once tried to see any value in my hair until it was staring her in the face. Her exact words were, "wow its actually so nice and quite beautiful", who expects a reaction like this from a so called expert who is guaranteed to rejuvenate your curls? I walked out of the salon with my mom certain I wouldn't be back. I was really looking forward to a nice salon experience that was a birthday gift and it just was a huge disappointment.

Yolanda Amato

Both my daughters got a hair cut here with Mia. I and one of my daughter's were here previously. My daughter liked the cut the first time. The second time not so much. She said she barely cut any hair and she looked the same as when she walked in. My other daughter wanted bangs and didn't get them. Again, she said that she barely cut any hair and seemed like she was in a rush to get out the door. I had my hair cut by her once a few years ago. It was ok but I also felt that barely any hair was cut. It's a little too expensive to not get what you asked for.

Shiloh Mazin

I went to a salon called Curls Rock in Florida. It was like being in a NY salon in the East Village. I love all the DEVA products it's an addiction and healthy one. I have just one issue How come the tops on both the shampoo and the gel have such tiny, tiny openings that clog up every time. I hope this review is seen by at least someone at your headquarters who is responsible for the design of these fabulous, but totally unusable products. Thank you,

Argery Giavasis

Great for curly hair cuts and styling. A noticeable difference in cuts between regular salons and this one which specializes in curly hair.

Cyn Nightingale

Love! Client since 2010 (I think), and Melanie is my girl. I can't let just anyone touch these curls honey. Their "shampoo" staff need work and guidance, but they're probably fresh out of school so *shrugs*.

Madali Navas

First time going here, and I loved it. They really listen to you and do exactly what you want.

Marcelle Craig

Had a great experience with my stylist. Expensive... but for me it was worth it.

NysBrUjA Cortes

Love the atmosphere and treatment they give clients!

Kelly Payne

This was my second time at deva curl. The first time I had Latoya cut and Natalie for color both ladies did an exceptional job. Latoya is a sculptor. Her skills are unprecedented. I was sold I wanted them. This time I was booked for both but due to me being late the front desk recommended 2 other ladies making me think Natalie & Latoya were unavailable due to me being late. So I was almost there & decided to go for it. The color was good because Natalie gave this other colorist the formula she used on me last time. Unfortunately the lady that did my hair really made a mess. It wasn't good I knew it but she insisted it was my hair. Oh and I found out Latoya was available & could have seen me but no one even asked her. In the end Latoya fixed my hair I don't know how she did it because the cut from the other lady was short and looked like a mullet. Hard to fix. Latoya did it. So that is the only one I will be seeing. This lady knows curly hair she knows her stuff. She has something special. So I would recommend her.

Angela Romero

Great products from deva curl

Tiffany Reyes

Horrible I brought my two daughters they chopped her hair and made her look like a raggedy mop! Then they blamed her texture of her hair. She has a lot of hair and they claim they can do her hair, but they didn’t.

Sade Bowman

Amazing experience, the explain exactly what they're doing and they're so helpful

Zaida Lydia

The process was amazing. The receptionist are friendly, and my hair stylist, Sophie took her time to address my hair texture and style it in a way that complemented my face. Mellow, the hair assistant walked me through the cleansing and conditioning process step by step. Both ladies answered every question (and I have many!) with patience and enthusiasm. Had an awesome time, will definitely visit again as my hair grows out!

Laura Galbraith

Loved seeing so many curlies under one roof. The stylists specialize so if you change your mind about what you wanted to get done to your hair, you might have to reschedule your appointment.

Maria Sicurelli

I adore Brian and knew he was destined for great things. As an assistant he was loving and caring and could clip and style me like no other. As a colorist he truly listens to what I want which is a rarity with colorists. He will tell me what he thinks is best and I value his opinion because he's always right. You will never find a colorist who is not only the sweetest angel but his technique and artistic ability is truly one of a kind.

Rebecca Scheckman

This salon style is one where you have to wear your hair to their style advice rather than a hair cut based on your hair maintenance. I was not very happy with my cut but I also understand it is a stylistic thing. Just be aware of that.

Jen Martin

Keith is a magician withy curls and is always willing to experiment.

Tari Bardoo

Latoya was amazing . I have never had a deva cut before and she was informative and put me at ease . I will definitely be going back. I got bangs curly bangs!!! I have wanted bangs for so long but was skeptical about having someone cut it or me doing it myself . Latoya made my vision come alive.

Endygo McCall

Awesome people. I recommend the decadence line and the super stretch for us super curly gals ❤

Blan Haile

Totally west of time don’t book here I booked my appointment at 5:15 I specifically told the receptionist I get off from school at 5:00pm and she asked the stylist and she told its ok to come 5:15pm but when I get to the spa they told they can’t take me because they don’t take customer after 5pm which is not professional I’m really disappointed and they wasted my time I’ll Never come here and I’ll not recommend any of my friends!!!!

Ginny Jennings

I love how Melanie cuts my hair! I've been a DevaCurl user for years now, and I love my curls. The salon offers an indulgent experience with an excellent scalp massage and friendly staff. There is a coat check for your convenience. Try their delicious iced tea.

Nadya Pena

I had Nick do my haircut and though it was a good straight cut, it was nothing like what I asked for (and paid for). I went in with waist-long hair, asking for a small trim and to redo my **layers** with **side-swept bangs** I used to look like the picture on the left. Came out looking like the right. As you can see, Nick did not layer my hair, did not do the side-bangs and he cut off a lot off the bottom. The length wouldn't have bothered me if it weren't for the fact that my hair still has no shape and I had to go home and do my layers myself...

Abigail Gonzalez

First time visit and I LOVED IT. Nick is an artist. I love my DevaCut. I showed reference pictures, explained what was best for my curls and I was Wow'ed. THANK YOU!

Meckila Britt

*Dom did a great job shaping my hair exactly how I wanted, but it felt a little rushed. *Had my hair colored by Sam and she did a good job asking what kind of Pintura highlights I wanted based on the photos I brought. *The assistant kinda scoffed at the fact that I had only used the no-poo product *Overall environment felt a factory and less like a salon

Briana Bolasingh

Beyond disappointed with my second appointment. Went for a devacut that was recommended by a colorist and paid $150 for a hair cut that looked the exact same as when I walked in the door. Friends and family are demanding I go back and get a refund. I got a wash by someone named Tiko and literally heard my hair RIPPING multiple times when it was being washed. The hairstylist advised the hair washer “Tiko” of which products to use in my hair and he used the products HE wanted to use. When I was getting my hair dried they left a part of my hair in the front wet ... didn’t even let it fully dry.I would only go here for a color done BY ONE SPECIFIC PERSON (Analis). If it weren’t for her, I’d never set foot into that door AGAIN.

Shannon Marcec

Great spot for a curly cut. I just had to knock a star off because it’s a little over priced.

Patricia Mensa

I visited the Devachan hair salon on Sunday, May 5th for a hair shaping and styling. I scheduled my appointment with Latoya at 4:00PM. I decided to have Latoya handle my hair based on the reviews and testimonies I saw regarding her work. I arrived at the salon and received a warm welcome from the front desk personnel. I unfortunately had to wait about thirty minutes after my appointment time due to the number of customers they had. I was finally seen around 4:30PM and sent to a chair to wait for Latoya, as she was finishing another client's hair. Latoya was very personable and open to answering all of my hair related questions. The first negative about my DevaChan experience was the shampoo woman (I cannot remember her name). It was obvious that she was a novice to the kinky, curly, coily hair care field. She suggested that I spritz my hair with a mix of water and 2% milk to refresh it during the week. I was a bit shocked at her suggestion as I have NEVER had any stylist tell me that in my 28 years of living. I chucked it up to her being new and left it at that. She then proceeded to wash and style my hair and place me underneath the dryer. Unfortunately, the DevaCurl products did not take to my hair. The products were not able to penetrate my scalp and thus was sitting on my hair. Upon notice, Latoya led me to the shampoo area and tried to restyle my hair, but received the same result. I was then told that the reason why the DevaCurl products were not working was because I used silicone based products. That was the second negative thing about my visit. I have worked with many hairstylists in the past, one of them being Jaded Tresses, and SHE was able to work with my hair, silicones and all. Granted, I do use some products that contain silicones but I do not believe that they were the cause of my failed styling. Simply put, DevaCurl products DO NOT work for me. I think the staff is more concerned with pushing their products onto all hair types and are quick to blame the client's hair if their products do not take hold. In my opinion, I think this is very unprofessional. As a leading curly hair salon, I expect DevaChan to understand the common knowledge that a specific product cannot work for ALL hair types, especially when working with kinky curly coily hair. The only positive thing that came from my experience was the hair shaping I received from Latoya. I came in the salon with a specific hair shape (heart shape) in mind and she made it happen. With that said, I am glad that I was able to experience DevaChan Hair salon for myself but I will not be returning in the future.

Colleen Zayas

They definitely know what to do w curly hair! My hair looks amazing but I didn't get a styling consult at end or any kind of product info because it was like your done ,bye. Everyone was friendly and offered tea etc. I hated how my curls laid when I left but thank goodness I know how to style my own hair or I would of been highly upset!

Yasmin Martinez

Not my first time at Devachan but this will be my last. Long story short, I had a bad experience with colorist Brian. I actually feel like he discriminated against my curl pattern. He was rude and insensitive to me during my visit. Don't need that. On another note, if anyone is looking for a great curly cut especially my fellow Latinas with curly hair please see my previous review and book an appointment. She is amazing! Adios Devachan!

Michelle Bloodworth

This is an awesome place for curly girls and great for continuing education for licensed hairdressers. Cant wait to return! They raise the bar in the salon industry.

N. Mays

I left feeling very upset at Devachan. I've done a lot of research before coming here after years of traumatic experiences in hair care. The first time I paid over $200 in August 2018 to have the most experienced professional cut my hair. The second time I paid over $100 with Candace in February 2019. I came here after seeing the YouTube videos highlighting the prestigious customer care and education. They are talented at cutting hair here but, there were major components missing from my experience. The first time. I paid the highest rate and was rushed. The stylist was so busy with other clients and it seemed like I didn't make an appointment at all. The stylist complained about detangling my hair and used a comb. He frantically moved me 3x. And he allowed his colleague to make a hurricane comment about my hair when it was brushed out. This is completely unprofessional behavior in a business catering to curly hair. Not worth the 200 dollars AT ALL!!! The 2nd visit... The only people who provided me the same quality of customer care I saw on YouTube were the hair washers. From the moment I walked in, I felt like a burden on the staff. No one offered me a robe or coat check. The hairstylist came over and seemed surprised I was still in my winter coat surrounded with my bags. She was the first person to offer me a drink. I don't appreciate being talked over my head without being acknowledged first which is what happened while my hair was being washed. When it came to sit at the blow drier dust came out. I told the stylist and said maybe it is product buildup in the hood. She said yeah and put it over my head. What I would have appreciated is taking a quick moment to wipe it out for me. I noticed dust on top of the hood joints. After sitting for 30 minutes once again I was approached without being acknowledged with a "how are you" or "I'm back" or something. She did a good job with the cut though. I had some follow up questions about color and was told to DM them because they were 20 mins behind and had a 2 month waiting list.... And to tag them in my pictures ☹️. Why would I promote your business after being treated so poorly by you? After paying I went to use the bathroom. I waited outside for 5 minutes thinking it was a single stall. No one took time to inform me otherwise, even though staff was staring at me. I then realized I never got the list of products to describe the way they styled me. And that was the final straw for me. I broke down and left. Getting my hair cut is such an intimate process. I had done so much research about devachan and the stylist and I was so excited to work with both. I felt like I was trying not to piss her off most of the time. Trying not to question authority and trying to follow the rules. And I saw other people who were treated like royalty, told to take their time, relax... I was never invited to take my time or relax either time I was there. No one offered me products as I left or gave me any of the small courtesies I desired and saw others receiving. I was interested in purchasing product. I would have even prescheduled my cut 4 months on advance. I can't subject myself to subpar treatment. I am so upset because I thought this would be THE place I would be accepted but both times I left feeling pushed out. If you want me to promote your business with pictures I at least expect to be treated like you really want my business in return. I waited until today to post this review because I wanted to offer alternatives to Devachan. I recently went to Filament Salon and had a wonderful experience. I would highly suggest getting a devacut from a trained stylist in an independent salon over Devachan. It will be cheaper and you will be treated much better by a stylist who cares about their business. They have forgotten their original intentions and have become a factory for egotistical hairstylists at Devachan.

Emily N Mateo

I went for a consultation as a walk in and they accommodated very well for me. My stylist Dennielle was very informative on how I should take care of my hair in terms on deep conditioning, detangling and washing methods. I will be going very soon to finally have my cut. The experience was great, I spent very little time waiting and was out in less than an hour.

Olivia Cody

Keith was amazing! I was really nervous because I did a big chop but I am in love with my short haircut. He really took the time to listen to what I wanted and help me achieve the look. Definitely recommend

A Lock

They KNOW curly/wavy hair

Maria Delpilar

My granddaughter went in with the hope of coming out a blonde but instead was given highlights which was not inform in detail of what they had in mind of doing. She was then charge an exuberant amount for which she was not informed about either. This place is a rip off. This is not the end of my complain.


Top 2 worst hair salon experiences and its not number 2. My hairstylist, Deanna, knew everything about styling curly hair but did a terrible job putting into practice. I paid $60 just for her to wash and condition my hair and send me on my way. I did not feel valued as a customer as the first thing she said after my hair finished drying was, "I'm sorry" which is not what you want to hear after getting your hair done. She did not even try to fix my hair before I left and was clearly unhappy with my hair. She just kept apologizing for how it looks. My hair looked dry, my curls were not defined or refreshed--- I looked worse leaving than I came in! I could have washed my own hair at home and walked outside. How is it I am at a salon that specializes in "all curls", that sells hundreds of products for curly hair and I walk out looking like my head was in a vacuum. Very, very, very disappointed in my first devacurl experience!

Keithy Victory

Bad hair experience, with rude staff. never come again....

Melanie Gaspar

After years of bad haircut after bad haircut my curls have found there home. Nick did an amazing job transforming my hair. I can't thank Nick enough.

Emma Pfister

My first time! I finally understand what a good curly cut looks like on my curly hair. The unmanageable is tamed and beautiful. Plus I got all the goods on how to care for it. The products are actually reasonably priced. Love this place and 110% recommend!

Carmen Pena-Peralta

It's a pleasure to take my girls here for their curly hair care...Jessica is amazing looking forward to our next visit

priyanka kulkarni

I have been coming here past 2.5 years and love every bit of it. My stylist is Mia and she has been amazing every time she has styled my hair. Very attentive and understands what is asked of her. I recently also did color highlights which have turned out pretty good. Its not just for curls but people with straight and wavy hair also come here. You need to come here with a good 2 hours in hand. Thank you for taking care of my hair past 2 years :)

elisha peterson

This is place is why black women have "hair journeys". I should have known better. Made appointment online for transformation service which I thought cut was wasn't. Stylist was too busy to take me and since I live over 62 miles away from NYC and can't just reschedule I took first available with Dominick at Soho location..cut was fast which I don't mind since I am one of those sista who don't like to spend all day in a salon which I normal do because my hair is so thick and doesn't dry fast under stick you under dryer come back and check a hour later. Which they did...BUT when they checked me I was able to Clearly see the products flaked in my hair & completely left a white film over my entire head...when mentioned not only to "assistant" but to stylist as well they told me it was Normal...sprayed some curl refresher on top layer and back under dryer I went. I am not a "super curly" as ticket and products they used indicated but more of a mixed chick curl..I am completely aware that I have 2 different textures. The top and front somewhat wavy with no curl pattern and the back a little more curly. When this so called stylist insisted that I was using too much oil in my hair causing the top not to curl no I told you when I sat in your chair that my hair had almost no curl but thick as all get not only do you not know which products to use, you . also can't judge hair types. I know this is lengthy but for $133 I should not have to wash the flaky products out of my hair the next morning...looking like I had a really bad case of dander...Deva cut fail..could have achieved same cut @ the Dominican shop.

Cristina Auriemmo

I was here with my friend getting her haircut and the service was unmatched! Everyone was very knowledgeable and also so friendly and accommodating.

Priscilla Ciscart

They did an excellent job on my curls. Wonderful atmosphere and my hair stylist was gentle and informative.

Miss Aneudies Hernandez

I love it.... I was happy with the outcome of my hair however love the place and my stylist Tico nice person ❤️❤️❤️

Jay Penny

First of all, shame on me I showed up 30 minutes late! Their grace period is 15 minutes, but they don't turn you in right away they check with the stylist first. Julie, lead stylist and her assistant were phenomenal! Julie was quick and new exactly what I wanted! I typically go to a barber, but the cuts come out a bit to masculine for me. Julie knew exactly what to do. I got washed, conditioned and styled very quickly and I was on my way! Can't wait to schedule a color! I'm pregnant and really short hair is gonna be my thing. Julie slayed my cut. I've found my new stylist!!!!


This place was easy to find. Friendly staff. I love my cut! My stylist didn’t cut off too much of my hair and six months later it’s grown out so nicely.

Susanna Mostaghim

DevaCurl is the only place in the city I trust to cut my hair. I have type 2c, 3a, and 3b curls mixed throughout and they're able to cut it very well. The stylists are knowledgeable and the staff is super nice. The layout is a bit confusing when you first get there. My biggest complaint honestly would be that my stylist the last time I went kind of imposed the hair cut I got on me versus what I actually wanted. It looked great but it's been a pain growing it out to get the length I want with the dramatic difference in layers he gave me.

gabrielle bryen

Great cuts. A bit expensive but if you have curly hair, this is the place to go!

Nyome Coverdale

Got my hair cut by Blanca and she kind of cut one side of my hair thinner than the other

Lia De Feo

Great haircut, but the worst customer service experience!!! Two out of three of my last appointments they LOST MY APPOINTMENT and then blamed me for not having a confirmation. My last appointment they had me see a stylist who was $175 (!!) when I was meant to see someone who was $135. Not going back... don’t like being treated like it’s my fault when they make a mistake.

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