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REVIEWS OF Bumble and bumble. IN New York

Carlos Fuentes

If you like to trough your money stupidity...this is your place, even the guys that wash the floors pretend to be rich

Besy Revolone

Joel Wirāmu Pauling

If you want a taste of inflated sense of self purpose that New York oozes, for what amounts to a cut you could get in chinatown for 10$ but at 12x the price, this is the place. To be fair for that increase you a nice view over Manhattan and coffee and some superfluous coat check fluff

J Hoover

In NYC for a few days and desperate for a haircut, I was thrilled that Bumble and bumble could take me for a walk in. Regrettably it was the most expensive and worst haircut I’ve ever had. Absolutely amateurish, like one side longer than the other. I would have done better at a beauty college.

Kira Mulshine

Sean Earley

Charles Grindstaff

brittany kennedy

Hyon Jung Lee

More cramped than it's earlier encampment on the 8th floor, but excellent staff and talented stylists and colorists.

Aadra Gunashekar

Ashwin Desikan

Charles Stimson

I got the best haircut at B&B University. Been going for years. Takes time, but worth it.


great staff and services

Angelyn Faust

Gabrielle Belli

Aj Sapinoso

Diana Freytag

Great staff and great products . I am ❤️ the Sunday shampoo . It really cleans my hair and doesn't leave it dry .

Chuck Marsh

This is a fantastic fantastic place. Beautiful interior on the 8th floor of a very high ceiling Meatpacking loft. They have the entire floor. Floor to ceiling windows. Coffee shop and attractive furniture, outlets and WiFi. Perfect place to take a break!

Shama Subramony

Gustavo Marcus

Louise DeMartin

Got a really great haircut! Its such a beautiful space with amazing views. They also have a complimentary cafe.

Kelly Moran

Kanushree Jain

I honestly can’t express how much I hate Bumble and Bumble Model project. I had one of the worst haircut experiences of my life here. I had come in for the razor cut layers workshop and I was told I would be losing 2 inches in length. Although I had told my hairdresser, Shelby, I wanted to lose as little length as possible (2inches is really max), she ended up chopping off 6-7 INCHES!! And then she had the audacity to say that my hair jumped cuz it was dry. My hair was still pretty wet and wavy hair does not jump 5 inches! She also said that at least there were layers now but the layers weren’t even symmetrical nor graduating. She literally over directed them in the WRONG direction. There was a serious lack of supervision as my hairdresser couldn’t even figure how to hold the razor and was corrected halfway into the haircut. She even cut herself twice which shows that not only was she not experienced but also not concentrating. She literally was chatting away the entire time instead of focusing on the hair. When I expressed my concerns after this disaster and wrote an email afterwards, all they could say was that “don’t worry, it’ll grow back. The hair looks beautiful.” That’s utter BS! They didn’t even have the courtesy to offer to fix it. I literally was depressed for a week because of how wrong my hair felt. Bottom line: STAY AWAY!

Ada-Simona Popescu

Heather Cha

Henry Chiu

Jasmine Pai

Tulie White

Color Mastery

Wendy Amstutz

Tom is wonderful. A true artist. I have been going to him for over a year, and I love every cut he has given me. The salon is beautiful, and the whole experience is always great!!!

Hannah Munro

The girl washing my hair got me soaked, the entire back of my dress was soaked, my whole Face was wet. I asked her to be more careful and instead of being more diligent she just handed me a towel. I asked the stylist to curl my hair with an iron to which he just blew dry my hair with a blow dryer and left it at that.

vivian moore

Emily Keller

I came here on a Monday morning at about 11:30am for a hair cut appointment as a model for a BbX class. I had a great experience with my hair student. She did an awesome job. I told her what I wanted and showed her some inspiration pics, for the direction I was trying to go for. I’m growing out my hair from a short layers pixie cut. It was already quite grown out, about 4 months, and I wanted to change the shape to be suitable for growing out into a bob length. I always have a good experience here. The students are basically all working professionals, taking courses to hone their skills. It's hard to have a bad student, but it can happen. I recommend staying open to hair changes, as they have to do what is suitable for each class. Don't go in with very specific direction. They’re quite strict with their cancellation policy as a model, so if you can’t guarantee you can be there, don’t sign up. You can cancel anytime up to 1 week before the appointment. You can cancel only 2 times, 48 hours before the appointment.

Brendan A. MacWade

Michele Opton

Amy Gepfert

Love this place and travel several thousand miles just so I can get my hair cut by Andrew. Charming and hip staff, great products and yummy tea while you wait.

Brittany mohrhardt

Minnah Seoh

Caroline Anaya

I'm part of the Bumble and Bumble University Project that offers free cuts and styling to hair models. First you have to register online for a hair consultation so they can assess your hair type. Then you sign up for a cut or styling session. Cuts last close to 3 hours and are done by professional hair stylists who attend Bumble and Bumble to learn new techniques. I've had great results and it helps that it's a free service. I would highly recommend trying it if you have time during work week.

Marsha Sanor

Xochi Adame

Wren is excellent with long, wavy hair. Perfect layers to remove bulk and frame your face.


mel buck

Go to McKenzie for cut

Natalia Mantini

Chiara Palmieri

Amy Hsu

Zen Pace

Wow. great! super. very professional

House of Lux Athens

We always LOVE going to BBU!!!

Terresa Ling

I'm reviewing this for the Bumble and Bumble Model University Project they have here. After attending a Model Call to see if your hair is qualified for FREE haircuts, styling, updos and coloring, you can start booking appointments for FREE!! As a part of the Styling frequent Hairmiles program, you can rack up Hairmiles every time you style or do an updo at Bumble for $40, $80 of product credit or a hairdryer and hairbrush! This is AMAZING!! This said, you should know that all these sessions take place during work hours during the weekday. And the stylists are professionals who already cut hair at their respective salons, but they just want to learn a Bumble and Bumble signature haircut or updo!

Anna S

I'm honestly confused by the negative reviews. The staff were incredibly attentive and kind. They got my mother and me cookies and diet cokes while we waited, and continued to do so during our appointment. The salon is beautiful and spacious. Everyone we spoke to was very friendly and professional. We were only waiting for about five minutes before they came out for us, and i think that was our actual appointment time anyway. Yes, it was very expensive. And yes, it took a while. But my hair has never looked better. Totally worth it. Ask for Amelia and William.

Kim Macpherson

Dana and Nissan rocked! The front desk was on point and attentive too. Couldn't imagine better.

Dominique Dassum

Mg 0

Wheelchair accessible thanks to a lift to the building and a wide elevator

Tiffany Herklots

I’ve been going to Bumble for years. My stylist is so hip and talented and the staff are so friendly. I’m a huge fan of their hair products - I use them all the time at home!

Katrine Romedahl Vacher

Krikor Daglian

Mystique Ruiz


Ronit Levin Delgado

Always get so many compliments after I do my hair there :)


Adam N

Most inspiring place to learn about the beauty industry.

Susan Phung

Amazing experience there. They treat you like VIP

Kristin Callahan

Anna Hyclak

Best salon in the city. I've seen several different colorists/stylists there and always trust them to do an incredible job. It's expensive, but worth it - they'll transform your entire look. The space is cool, sleek & sexy, too, with lots of great magazines and art books to peruse and a nice little cafe that serves up tasty bites and coffee.

gurinder dhillon

Lin Randolph

r agarwal

Absolutely shocking service! Nissan the hair stylist made me wait for 45 minutes before telling me that it would be at least another 15 minutes before he can take me. Absolutely no value for a clients time. Absolutely shocking behavior! This happened twice in a row. Needless to say, Bumble just lost a good client!

Susan Lazor

Good service, high prices

Mara Chomsky

Great salon experience. Go see Tipze for color!

Beto Galés

Gaurav Jindal

Expensive but great place for haircuts.

Nitzan .

I love this place and their Bumble and Bumble Hair Model Project. Everyone is so nice and skilled!

Katira Garabito

melissa buck

The best hair cut I’ve ever had!

Thom Foolery

Always leave with the hairstyle i like.

Leslie Kittredge

Laura Marafetti

Just love the place, very well-designed, in a nice neighborhood and with an amazing terrace. The service is also very good and the products are amazing.

amelia lee

So happy to have been picked for their model project. I went for the first time today and got the round brush blow dry. I loved it! My stylist was very friendly and really took her time with my hair. I felt bad for her as my hair is quite long and we were partially the last ones to finish. She did a great job and I came out of there with great shiny bouncy hair. Plus they give you free hair products! Yes, it is time consuming. Be prepared to spend the full two hours at the chair. But I would definitely do this again. In fact, I'm going to sign up right now.

Linda Newman

free services. hurrah, its really free services if your hair qualifies. you need to set an appointment ahead of time. this is a must, the staff is learning, but, there is plenty of qualified workers that over see all the work. this is how the students learn, hands on, fun

nico saulle

Lena P

busy. famous. personal experience- too pricey, had a more professional cut and style at a local private salon.

Vivian Tu

The B&B stylists always do a nice job, but this place can be a bit pricey. At $175-225 plus 20% tip a cut, you’re looking at a pretty hefty bill. I’ve gotten cuts that are of similar quality for much less, but if you’re in dire need for a “sure thing”, and have a little moolah to blow, I would recommend this spot. I go to Erickson, and he’s a great listener and never does anything you don’t want. Even better, find something on his insta you like and show him exactly how you want your hair to look!

Christina Jolie Breza

I am apart of the Bumble U. program and I LOVE it! Every chance I can I go and get my hair done by the students! They are the best and I am always treated like royalty! Bumble has the best service and the best products! Thanks so much! Highly recommend!

April Mulroney

Lando Nel

Hair Butchered for $130

Annie Vaughan

Maria Hollweck

Walked out being very happy with my fresh cut. Loved the atmosphere and everyone was very welcoming and nice. Thanks for the cut Andrew!

Izabela Lopes

Daisy Daeschler

Darwin Ballesteros Abadía


Sarah M

Wendy Lau

Overpriced place and the staffs are not nice or accommodating. The manager is rude and arrogant. They are not open to any feedback /suggestions and gets defensive. They consider requests or questions to be combative. The salon looks nice but it is just the surface. Employees here requires training on interpersonal skills. I do not recommend this place.

Steve Rura

Expensive but worth it. Good service, talented stylists, nice space, nice views, and complimentary coffee bar.

Paul Mecomber

Kim Light

Love all the styling aids!!! Surf Spray, Prep, Thickening Spray, Hair powder! How did I live with you?

Toni Middleton

Rohan Jacob Rao

Denise is incredibly experienced and did an amazing job! So nice to be in capable hands and leave looking and feeling great.

Lily Meng

Friendly staff, trendy salon, my stylist is cool, on the expensive end.

Sophiya Khan

Heather Beck

I've had the same hair stylist for 15 years and have made the trip from NYC to Philly suburbs for over four years to stay with her. I've tried a few other salons in NYC in between and have always been super disappointed - and broke. I've been too busy this summer to travel to Philly so I took a chance and went to Bumble & Bumble. It was the BEST decision I've made since cutting out dairy, except for cheese, of course. I had a consultation on Tuesday with Ricardo for highlights. He was super chill and easy to talk to and make me feel really confident in him. He recommended Evanie to do my cut and they got me in at 4pm today - Fast. This is the first review I have ever written on the internet and I work in Adveritsing - that should say something. My hair looks amazing and I feel amazing and I can't wait to see these two handsome gents again. If you are scared to try someone new, go to these two. Thank you for making me feel beautiful.

Laura Arhire

Though they were really busy, they made time for a walk in late Saturday afternoon. The color came out really well too, and the stylist was really keen on doing a good job, including giving me tips for my very damaged hair.

Carmen Pena-Peralta

It was nice and clean

Briana Bernstein

Jamie Jung

Paid a premium for a last minute cut with a stylist I had never met - William - and it was worth every penny. My hair, which has been super flat my whole life, is now completely voluminous every day with little to no effort on my end. Im still not sure how he achieved this...I guess combo of the razor cut he did and two products he recommended. And he barely touched the length! Anyway, I will definitely be back!

Nancy Lee

Luv this place. They treat you with kindness. I get to be a hair model & get a fabulous haircut.

Marissa Mann

Oralia Espinola

Jane Brokaw Eve

completely amazing place.... every haircut i get is fantastic. love the low key vibe

Teddy Kyung

Hair school for designers

regina pearl

Went for a class. Great space to learn!

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