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REVIEWS OF ARROJO Cosmetology School IN New York

yadira belmont

Arrojo at first sight seems very professional and now being a student I definitely recommend for all who seek and have a passion in this industry to attend there! its a great experience and youll love it like how ive come to.

Brurie Sperlin

I recently just started school at Arrojo and I must say how happy I am with my experience so far! Everyone involved at Arrojo are super sweet and welcoming, and there is such a lovely vibe throughout the whole school. Very professional staff. So happy this was the school of my choosing and can't to continue on this journey here at Arrojo!!

Anne Exantus

As soon I took a tour of the school I fell in love, not only with the school but with the faculty!! Everyone that works here at Arrojo are so encouraging, hardworking, and kind. They look out for your best interest, because they want you to be your best!! Don't take my word for it come and see for yourself!. Best decision Iv made yet!!! Let's got Arrojo #class44

michal Levin

I am currently in ARROJO Cosmetology and I really enjoy being here, the atmosphere is great, I learn so many cool techniques and new things

Fernanda Carolina Harman

Since I visited the school I fell in love with it, now being a student I love it even more... The education is great, the people are amazing and the environment is phenomenal!

sergina starmand

jessica rini

I recently started my journey at Arrojo after years of me wanting to attend the school. So far my experience has been amazing and I couldnt be more happy with my decision. Not only is staff is so friendly and welcoming but they have a lot to offer! :)

paty rojas

Arrojo Cosmetology School is one f the greatest schools in NYC I now attend to this school and I love it since the moment I walked in I felt that the was the school for me they have a great education system and their staff is incredible.

Kelley Brandon

I currently attend Arrojo and really love this school. I moved from Atlanta to NYC to specifically attend this school and will return when I graduate. I was really hesitant at first and didn't know if I had made the right decision, but the teachers show much sincerity and genuinely want us to succeed! I also love the fact that many of the teachers have had interesting careers and bring a great deal of experience.

Justin Bender

Going to school at Arrojo Cosmo has been a blast! The level of professionalism and education is top notch. I only visited two school and knew Arrojo was the school for me! I have learned so much more then I thought I was going to. I would like to thank Krista for touring me around the school and showing me the light!

jasmine khaitan

It's the most incredible school I could ever imagine being at. Everyday is just filled with happiness and I have been learning so much that not only will help me succeed on tests, but also in life. I leave every 8 hour day just waiting for the next to come!!!(:

Faigy Vail

I started Arrojo 2 weeks ago and so far I'm loving it! The atmosphere is warm and welcoming and everyone is helpful and there for you! Choosing to go to Arrojo Cosmetology school was one if the best choices I have ever made!

Maryna Grabovskiy

I love this school. Before I choose this school I visited a few of the other schools in New York City and I am convinced this is The Best cosmetology school!!! And now I'm absolutely happy I enrolled.

Felicia Tricome

I am a recent graduate of this school and I can honestly say coming here was the best decision, you get to learn from an amazing group of educators and stylist from the studios! Highly recomend this school if you want to get started in the industry!!!

Shayna Cardamone

Coming from parents who work in the cosmetology business, I had high standards and expectations when searching for the right cosmetology school. And I'm so glad I chose Arrojo! The new Tribeca location is really spacious, well-lit, open, and airy- the only suggestion I have is to provide the students with amenities in the lunch room like a microwave and water dispenser for our convenience. The staff has been very friendly and welcoming. I can tell the instructors genuinely care about our learning and development, and appropriately prepare us for successful careers in the future. I leave class everyday feeling empowered and inspired! I am so thrilled to be here and be part of the Arrojo experience!

Christina Smith

Love it , the teachers are very knowledgeable, help and friendly . There are all around great vibes.

Katy Carter

It's only day four of my experience here and I love it so far! The classes are small which is a great for one-on-one help with the instructors and the educators really care about your future and success. I'm so happy I enrolled.. The tuition is worth it!!

Veronica Castro

Love the reviews about this Academic Show the best beauty greater I been looking for

Emily Gonzalez

I've been in the school for only 2 weeks but my experience has been nothing less than amazing. I've learned so much knowledge already and I love my class and the staff. Highly recommend coming to this school.

carolina marston

This being my second school I really did my research. I decided on Arrojo because of the organization , teacher backgrounds, and because I felt like I was going to actually learn more than just "here is how to pass stateboard". Your classes are small so you get some individual attention and though you have a main teacher they all teach every class.The classrooms are big and the facility in general is big, beautiful and professional. The small downsides are that your locker will not fit all your stuff, and everyone in your class has their lockers in the same general area as your own making it a longer process to grab and put things away. There is also no fridge, or microwave , or anything but picnic tables that doesn't fit everyone. That means your stuck having to go out and buy food that can add up, or finding creative ways to have lunches. But those are minor things. Other than that this school is great, you will learn a lot, and I recommend this school to whoever is looking into a cosmetology school.

Joy Tagliasacchi

The staff is wonderful, they really make sure you are learning and take their time. There are no questions that aren't answered, if you have trouble they'll take the time to help you one on one.

Tommy Alvarado

Let me start off by saying I'm not a morning person at all, but ever since I started school at Arrojo I can't help but wait to wake up and go to class ! I've been in school for a week and already I've learned so much and I can't wait to see what else I would learn ! If you're considering on signing up you should do it, you won't regret it I promise you !

alexa boyle

I am a current student and Arrojo Cosmetology School and I could not be happier. Everyone is so caring and supportive; it is truly like a family. All of the educators want to see the students succeed, and it is evident that everyone truly cares about what they are doing.The school is preparing me for the professional persona that is kept in the salon world and I could not be more grateful for the skills I will use for the rest of my career. -Alexa Boyle

Marty Thomas

I've had a great experience at Arrojo so far. It's sparkling clean, and I'm getting a great education.

ronnie jimenez

This is my second week, in the Barber program, and I am shock on how inform, I have been on hair. "Who knew" there more to it, then just styling and clipper work.. I can not wait for each day to go to school, that says alot. And to finally have a barber school that can show us a real instruction on doing scissor over comb, then how other schools that think clipper work is all it take to be a barber..I feel like it a British form of teaching which is to be well rounded.. I'm happy with my decision for this program.

Kimberly Guarneros

Attending Arrojo is definitely one of the best decisions I've made. I enjoy Every second spent in that school. I've been attending for just a week and i feel like I've learned so much. Absolutely everyone I speak to is so helpful, generous, and kind. I feel very welcomed.

gal monus

It's only my second week of school and I couldn't be anymore happier with the decision I've made to come to arrojo cosmetology school. From the instructors to the acedemic levels to the friendly people, it all just makes me want to pass these 8 months with the best of my ability

Younghawk Bautista

Great razor cuts!

Gillian Hunt

This school is great for individual attention. The staff is so kind and open to any questions you may have and will repeatedly demonstrate the task.

Rocio Solis

Arrojo is the best cosmetology school ever. Ever since my tour, I knew this was the school I wanted to attend. The educators and administrators are all amazing. They're all willing to help you with whatever you need. No disappointments at all.

Francesca Dee

This was the first time I visited Arrojo's beauty school and I must say, I was very impressed with my experience. Everybody I met, from the first person at the reception desk to the students and educators I interacted with on my tour, I found this school to be professional, tidy, fashionable, and exciting. I am very much looking forward to signing up in the fall. Thank you Krista and school team!

Simone Mason

I have been a student for just over a month at Arrojo Cosmetology School and I couldn't be happier with my decision to choose Arrojo. The educators are very knowledgable and dedicated to helping each student succeed. The program is organized and very thorough. I feel confident in my decision to attend Arrojo and look forward to continuing to learn all that Arrojo has to offer.

Mollie Savit

I have been waiting a very long time to start at Arrojo Cosmetology School. I am very lucky to be apart of the first graduating class in the new Tribeca location. I have been wanting to attend cosmetology school my whole and It feels amazing taking the first step to achieving my dreams of becoming an editorial stylist. I started school on Monday November 2nd in the Tribeca location and I fell in love immediately with the school, my classmates and my future career. I have been in school for a total of five days and I have learned so much and I am very proud of myself. I am so excited to learn more and find myself throughout this new chapter of my life.

Rondale Pritchett

Great staff, very detailed and informative program.

Carrie Chapman

Britani Vazquez

I am currently a student at Arrojo and I truly love this school, not only for the teachers and the amazing technique they show you but as well the positive attitude everyone has towards another and each other's achievements.

Tiffany Colon

Kathryn Zawodzinski

I toured many cosmetology schools before finding Arrojo and as soon as I walked in the doors I knew this was the place I wanted to continue my education! The student salon, instructors, and curriculum are top of the line. I couldn't be more pleased with my decision!

Love_ Filo

I love my school! It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to do about my career, but when I finally decided on Arrojo, I never second guessed myself again. All of the educators and staff are there for you every step of the way, even once you start taking clients and long after you've graduated. I was a part-time night student with a full time job, but honestly, going to school was the best part of my day. Arrojo is just a fun place to be and to learn. I've met some wonderful people and continue to feel inspired about my future because of the training I've received. I'm actually on my way to take my state board practical exam right now, and I can honestly say I've never felt more confident. So on that note, to anyone that is reading this and wondering if Arrojo is the right school for you, IT IS!

Megan Carver

GREAT PLACE FOR CURLY HAIR!!! I came here for a cut a while ago and loved it! Then I tried another salon (just cause it was closer to me) and was given an awful cut... Learned my lesson! I came back here and they fixed the cut. Love my hair again! I also got to listen to a class going on while my hair was being cut, and the instructors are SO SUPPORTIVE!! I loved hearing the positive reinforcement and guidance for students. I absolutely will come here again and again.

Odele Cape

I started ARROJO in January and although it can be difficult at times, it's a good difficult because it pushes me to learn/try new things and go outside my comfort zone. So far I'm very happy to be here.

steph102sm .

I've recently graduated from arrojo cosmetology and I can't believe how much I have learned these past 7 months. On my first day here I didn't think I would learn how to cut hair, let alone even color or style as well. I've learned so much more than I can even imagine. The instructors are so patient and experienced, you wouldn't want to learn anywhere else. All staff members are helpful and nice. I'm glad that I received my education from such a great school.

Mary Alice Durkin

I am currently a student at Arrojo Cosmetology school and can honestly say coming here was one of the best decisions of my life. The instructors are passionate, talented hair stylists dedicated to preparing us for this amazing journey we are just beginning. Not only are the instructors inspirational but the other students attending Arrojo are nothing but nice and just as passionate about the cosmetology industry. I am thrilled to be here and a part of such an amazing school!


So far my experience at Arrojo Cosmetology School has been very good. I am a quarter way through my program and i have already learned numerous techniques. The staff and educators are all wonderful and i cannot wait to continue my program here at Arrojo. Highly recommend this school.

Mel Boss

This school is an excellent choice ! I decided to go with this school the minute I went on a school tour, I feel in love - the environment, the layout, they are even very nice and willing to help you achieve your goals in life. Love my teacher Grace she is amazing


The school is a great school! The teachers really teach the students well!

Yanghui Shi

Amber Nicole

I have been attending arrojo cosmetology school in TriBeCa location and I'm more than ecstatic about my decision! Everyone is so nice and such a good help, they want to see their student succeed. I'm learning so much every day and it's so interesting. I excited to learn more. It's such a trending environment. It helped me before more organize and it's taught me to be more punctual. There is so much more to learn and I'm so happy to be apart of this family.

Danielle Strelec

Arrojo was my first and only choice for a cosmetology school. i looked into a LOT of other schools both in NYC and in New Jersey and of all the schools i looked at and toured Arrojo stood head and shoulders above the rest. The school is run so professionally and is so much more cleanly, and high end than all the others. It really feels more like a Hair Academy or Institution where as all the others felt like i was visiting a high school with students not paying attention, not taking things seriously, not maintaining a professional or hygienic environment. At Arrojo the staff is wonderful, There are so many extremely talented teachers who each excel in different aspects of our field so you get to take away something different from working with each educator. They focus on MORE than just the state board tests, you learn EVERYTHING you will need for your exams obviously but then you also learn more tips and tricks, more advanced techniques, and just more of everything. I feel like i am already so very prepared to go out into the salon world and i still am not even half way through my course of study, i can not wait to learn all the rest of the vast array of things the Arrojo staff has to teach me. and for those of you wondering, YES Nick actually does visit the school quite often. For those of you who are already licensed professionals Arrojo also offers advanced classes. so no matter where you are in your cosmetology education or career you can benefit from classes with a staff handpicked by one of the best hairdressers in the business today. Arrojo deserves nothing less than 5 stars.

Molly Chaffin

Kerrisha Potts

i absolutely love attending this school, the staff and students are amazing :)

joseanne harper

I've been at Arrojo for almost two weeks now and so far I'm having a great experience. The educations is great and so are the instructors and classmates. There's so many things I've learned just in these two week. I'm looking forward to furthering my education here.

Christopher Cruz

As a current student of Arrojo Cosmetology School, I cannot say enough positive things about this place. The teachers and faculty are so passionate and dedicated to your personal success and overall experience-It really makes it impossible to not feel inspired every day. I feel so welcomed on a daily basis, and I could not have handpicked a better class to spend the next 7 months with! After touring other schools, Arrojo without a doubt, was the best choice for me and my future career.

Lola Rivera

I absolutely love Arrojo Cosmetology School. I was a hair model for my friends class and I learned so much just from being there a few hours. The educators were all so helpful and encouraging. They even gave me some blowdry tips. Im already enrolled for the next class and I cannot wait to start this new and exciting chapter in my life with Arrojo Cosmetology School!

Natalie DeDona

Arrojo is a brand that surpasses your expectations in the world of cosmetology. There's a sincere care of clientele, the staff in the salon is helpful and really looks to cater to your specific needs. Their hair products are end, smell amazing and do WONDERS to your hair. On top of that, Nick Arrojo, the founder of this amazing brand, has created an amazing program for stylists in training. There's a real dedication in the education system here and it real shines through everything about this company. Arrojo NYC is amazing.

George Jacob

Great staff and wonderful teachers. A great school to go to if you really are passionate in doing hair. Definetly one of the best cosmetology schools you could go to.

Stacey Higgins

I always get my highlights done at Arrojo Cosmetology School and consistently have had fantastic results. The instructors are all stylists at Arrojo, a top salon. The students have a great attention to detail and it's so great to see them take pride in their work. And in NYC, the price can't be beat. Fantastic location, as well!

Maritza Gonzalez

From the moment I first step into arrojo I knew that this was the cosmetology school for me ! As soon as you walk in you can tell that this is a place that not only lets you be yourself but allows you to be the creative and a passionate individual that you are and a place that will accept you for you! From the beautiful clean location , to the amazing, friendly, informative, caring and loving staff to all your classmates who become more than friends but more like family Arrojo is just the best option for any future student ! You won't regret your time here because not only will you be getting top of the line education but you will also be getting an experience and memories that will last you a lifetime ! This is truly the best decision I have ever made and I'm proud to be a student at a school that strives for my success.

Caitlin Boland

Amazing staff and passionate faculty! Great studen salon space and spacious classrooms. Poorly designed student area. Not enough tables and chairs for all the students, nothing to even make hot water! It would be great to make a proper cafe with a microwave and hot water dispenser so we don't have to go out for every meal!

Drew Martin

I'm currently a student at Arrojo Cosmetology and it has been a great experience so far. The full-time program is rigorous but the teachers are knowledgeable and encouraging. A unique aspect of the program is that at least once a week they incorporate some kind of inspiration into the curriculum, whether it be a face-to-face with Nick Arrojo, a demo from a master stylist, or an industry-related film. These moments have proven especially helpful when I've had a tough time picking up new techniques (which are slowly getting better!). I'm only about five weeks into the program but I'm already getting the sense that I will graduate with a skill set above and beyond what most cosmetology schools are able to provide. If you're interested in taking a tour, don't hesitate to contact Admissions; they will be more than happy to show you around. Best of luck!

Nicollette Czajkowski

I'm so happy with the decision i made going to arrojo cosmetology! Hands school in NYC! I love everything about it, most importantly the education i'm receiving. Not only are they preparing me for the state boards, but most importantly for the real world! THANK YOU!

Eileen M

I Love this school! The staff is great and extremely helpful. Learning how to blow dry and the different techniques was amazing. I would recommend this school to my friends and family. Very professional.

shannon doccola

I just recently graduated from arrojo cosmetology school and I can honestly say it has been the best 7 months. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. This school is feels like home!

Sima Karshenas

I am just so happy about my decision. I went to some cosmetology schools and I found that Arrojo is the best. Because I am an international student, I was always nervous about going to school in the U.S. But everyone in Arrojo cosmetology schoo is so friendly and nice. I started my classes one month ago. It goes so fast! They prepare us for the state board exam everyday. My teacher Sherilyn is so sweet and knowlagebal.

Joedson gomes

I'm on my second week and I'm so happy about!! Good school and they really teaching us all the time

Samantha M

I am very proud to say I am a part of such a wonderful motivating school! Every teacher and student only wants the best for each other and to work towards a successful career and it shows!

Suzzette Villanueva

I am currently attending Arrojo cosmetology school and I absolutely love it! has to be if not the best one of the best cosmetology schools in the country. The educators are amazingly talented and so helpful. You do not only learn the basics and fundamentals of cosmetology but techniques and practical work you might not learn anywhere else. If cosmetology is your passion and you want to learn the best from the best this is definitely the school for you!!

Katelyn Fagan

Choosing Arrojo Cosmetology School was definitely the best decision I could’ve made. The educators are all extremely knowledgeable and passionate, and so willing to help with anything and everything! After the short 7 months I spent there, I feel more than prepared to pass my state board exam and I’ve already started an apprenticeship at the Arrojo Studio Salon. I wholeheartedly recommend Arrojo Cosmetology School to anyone who is looking to start their career in this industry

Caitlin Schoenhardt

I am currently a student at Arrojo Cosmetology School and i absolutely love it! My fellow students are so amazing as well as my educators, who want to see every single one of us succeed. I've learned so many new skills while being here and have been able to perfect my own techniques with the support of my class behind me. If your looking to attend a cosmetology school in NYC i definitely recommend checking out Arrojo, you wont find a better place! -Caitlin Schoenhardt Class 35

Nilsa Astacio

As a new student at Arrojo, I can already tell that this school was the best decision I've ever made. The teachers are remarkable; experienced, knowledgeable, friendly, inspirational; I can't even say it enough. When I walk in the morning, I just feel so excited and lucky to be there. Their curriculum is thorough, even when starting from the ground up. I find myself barely having any questions, and if I do have a question, the teachers always make me feel comfortable about asking them. I've been to other cosmetology schools before, in my search for the perfect school, and NONE of them clicked to me the way that Arrojo did. If you feel like this is your passion, this is the place for you to be!

Nikita Looby

This is the best Cosmetology school in NYC. They're professional, friendly and care for their students. If you want the highest education in hair care, you should attend this school.

Evonna Sellis

I have been attending Arrojo Cosmetology School a little over a week now and I could not be more happy ! The staff is very welcoming and friendly since the first day I walked in the doors. I have only been attending the school for a week and I already feel like I have learned so much. My instructor is a very well educated teacher and is extremely passionate about what he does. Ive never been so excited to wake up every morning and start my day to go to school. I feel confident that by the time I graduate from Arrojo Cosmetology School I will be more than ready to accomplish my dream !

Olga Lushchenko

I'm already studying at Arrojo for about 2 mouths and I love it ! The teachers are amazing and the facilities is beautiful!! I had no problem to understand program ( English my second language) . All students is very helpful and friendly! If you decided to become a hair stylist , Arrojo it's to best place in New York to learn !!

Jennifer Reilly

I am a currently a student at arrojo, about two months now. It was a hard decision for me to make and I am so happy I came to ARROJO to persue my career. The best part is that the administration is the most helpful and accommodating staff I have experienced in any education environment. All the teachers are upbeat and enthusiastic which helps on days you may be dragging. Do not come here thinking it is going to be a bunch of easy work, this is a thorough education. Compared to other people I know whom have gone to other schools, the education here is above and beyond.

Abenna Khitt

I looooove this school. I've learned more than I expected. If you ever decide to study cosmetology, Arrojo is the place to do so. With a comfortable atmosphere and detail teaching, you can't go wrong. Get serious about your career and schedule a visit. You won't regret it.

veronica altamirano

Best Comestology school in New York City! From the moment I first emailed them just asking for more information about the school, one of the staff members got back to me within hours.That really made me feel confident and happy to know they were very serious about their school. Everyone is super friendly and professional, I started three weeks ago and I couldn't be happier. I can't wait to start working on fun hair projects and getting my own clients. My Instructor, Sherilyn, is the BEST. She's super sweet, friendly and always very helpful on the workshop floor.

Ellen Kahn

Awesome!!! love getting my haircuts and color at the school. It is very professional and I always look and feel great when I am finished! Thanks Arrojo.

Nicole Kyriazis

so grateful to be a student at this fantastic school! the staff is wonderful and all the teachers are amazing! i would recommend this school to anyone and everyone who even thinks they might want to get involved in cosmetology!

Jalen Barone

I feel incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to attend such a wonderful school. I arrive each day truly happy and excited to learn. Without a doubt the best decision I have made towards my future. So excited for what is to come during my time at Arrojo Cosmetology School!

Demi Ann

I currently attend Arrojo Cosmetolgy and in just a week I have learned so much. I have learned so much in just a short amount of time and the environment is amazing. The educators really care about you and push you to do your best!

Minnow ///

I'm a student just starting at ARROJO and I have to say so far I love it. It's not a cake walk all the time, but if you care about this it's incredibly rewarding. You'll make friends quickly here and feel yourself learning and growing with them. The school has an overall vibe of professionalism, but is simultaneously comfortable. Everything is clean and colorful. The front desk staff is cute as hell and incredibly sweet and the teachers will make sure you get all the information you need. Thus far, I'm confident this school was the right choice.

Lillian Caputo

This school is exactly where I want to be, and if you are interested in hairstyling or deciding between beauty schools, this is the best choice by far. Never felt more welcomed by the staff, or classmates. And a plus, the neighborhood is so safe and there are such a variety of places to get lunch. If you are looking for a great education and hands on work, come to ARROJO!

Gianni Nolasco

Choosing a great school can be super stressful. BUT Arrojo has made this decision very simple and great. It's only Week 2 & im so happy I decided to come here! The BEST decision I have ever made in my life. Between the environment and educators everyone has made me feel comfortable. I LOVE ARROJO ♥️

Shanelle Wilson

So far I love this school! The environment is great, the teachers and staff are great, and I'm looking forward to the next year.

carisa beckford

Why is everyone on who has posted a review just finished heir 1st or 2nd week of school? Is it a requirement for you to come on Google and write a review? Something seems a bit fishy, just trying to find honest reviews since I am looking into different cosmetology schools

Sarah Dahan

I am currently attending Arrojo cosmetology school and I absolutely love it!!! The teachers are so amazing and so nice to every individual! They are very patient and always are willing to take your questions. They give us lots of review to make sure that we know everything and are very well prepared for the state board exam. The atmosphere in the school is so warm, everyday I walk in and everyone says good morning to me and greets me with a smile. Everyday we learn something new and interesting. I am only in my first stage but I already learned so much and I feel very confident with my work. I am so thankful that I chose to attend Arrojo cosmetology school it was the best decision I ever made.

korii J

currently enrolled and loving it. I visited other cosmetology schools in NYC and this one was above the rest. Come see for yourself.

Gabriela Cruz

Gab and Gary are amazing!! Thank you for making me feel like a star on my birthday!

emily Show

The staff is so unbelievably helpful! this is the perfect place to begin your career with a profession that you love. I'm so glad I chose arrojo.

ava hassett

I started Arrojo cosmetology school in January and ever since I got here there has been hands on education. I love how they give me the chance to express my artistic side. No matter what there is always someone to answer your question! I really recommend looking into this school if you are choosing the path of cosmetology school !

Nicole Fontana

Great experience and learning environment!

Emani Daniels

I'm confident that after graduation I will be ready to conquer the field! From the beginning of my journey as a student I've learned so much about the many opportunities available to newly licensed cosmetologists and how I can secure mysuccess even on roads less traveled.


I've been here for a hair model for discounted rates and I've always loved my experience. Who knew you could so fab for so little!

Jacob Havoc

Being a recent addition to the Arrojo family, I can say that attending this cosmetology school was no mistake. From the administration to the educators, you can truly tell that everyone loves being here. Their passion for what they do is evident. The facility is bright, clean, modern, and really unmatched by any other school in the area. Fellow students are exceptionally talented, and being around such a creative bunch is really inspiring. As a 27 year old male, going into this great endeavor of switching career paths, I had zero formal training or previous experience involving hair. But now, only being a few days shy of being in the program for a month, I've already learned proper techniques for a blow out, utilizing a marcel iron for barrel and spiral curls , and how to do a roller set. For those that have any uncertainties of coming here, I really urge you to just take a school tour; so you can make the right decision for yourself. But this program is designed to not only prepare you for the state board exam but to help you develop confidence in your skill set. Speaking truthfully, I couldn't be any happier. One of the best things I've experienced so far are the various teachers and their teaching styles. Shout out to my main educator, Sherilyn. She's always coming up with fun ways for spicing up our curriculum. I can't wait for what's in store!

chaya weisz

I'm finishing up week one of school and I already learned so much thanks to the amazing staff. So excited for what's in store!

J Miles

I’m currently near the end of stage one at the TriBeCa location, and I’ve already learned so much. The staff is incredibly supportive and encouraging. The students are also super supportive. It’s a great school and the education is worth every dollar compared to other schools. I am very happy to be apart of the Arrojo team.

Lizzah Lohse

Wonderful place!

Roman Pines

Arrojo Cosmetology provides the best education to jump start you career as a cosmetologist available. You'll receive all the fundamentals and discipline required to succeed in the industry. Thank you everyone at Arrojo Cosmetology for helping me progress to the next level. Nothing but love ❤️ If you don't know you better ask somebody!

Gianna Galluzzo

I am completing my second week at ARROJO as part of class 39 and I absolutly love it! I'm learning so much and finally following my dreams. The instructors here are amazing and really understand the students (especially Monique). By choosing ARROJO cosmetology as my school I have changed my life.

Krystal Morris

I'm Currently enrolled, This school is amazing and has its own edgy style which I feel apart of! Very happy to be apart of the ARROJO Family. My Instructors are amazing and well educated! My main instructor Sherilyn is very inspiring, sweet and very knowledgable!

Melissa Santos

Even though I have only been a student at Arrojo for a few weeks, it is obvious that the educators are extremely knowledgable and talented. I am very glad I chose to attend Arrojo over other cosmetology schools and I very much look forward to completing my education here.

Jaclyn Seabrooke

I have been attending Arrojo for a week now and I could not be more happy with my decision. The staff and instructors are the most kind, encouraging and passionate people. I leave class everyday feeling very empowered, determined and excited to challenge my creativity!! Everyone deserves to feel this passionate for what they want to learn and accomplish.

Jairo Morales

Arrojo is an amazing school, not only do they teach you how to pass the state test but they also teach you how to be prepared for the beauty industry in general. The teachers are talented and kind, they go the extra mile to ensure that each and every student understands the fundamentals of beauty. Not to mention the incredibly friendly staff who always welcome you with a smile on their faces. If you have the passion, are willing to work and strive to become successful Arrojo is the place for you.


This has been my second week, and by far its been very amazing. The staff, educators and students are great. The environment gives off positive vibes. ✨

Tara mulholland

the education you receive here at Arrojo is unlike any other ! The positive learning environment not only sets you up for success but makes coming to school something to look forward to every day. We get one on one time with the best educators as well as some of the studio's best stylist and learn things that seemed unable to attain. Come to Arrojo and you'll be ready for a career with nothing but success!

Victoria Fun

Coming here to Arrojo was absolutely the best decision of my life. I don't know why I didn't do it sooner! Every day, I am sitting with like-minded individuals who are passionate and eager to learn everything about this field. I can see that the friendships created here at Arrojo will continue and grow even after our time here. The staff here are extremely helpful. When I came in for a tour, the admission director was kind enough to answer all questions relating to the school and even brought out the financial aid counselor to talk and sort out all finances relating to enrolling. As I was in the process of applying, I was free to email them any questions and concerns and they were very prompt in replying. Our educators are dedicated, patient and thorough with going over techniques, State Board exam materials, and real life examples. They truly go above and beyond to equip us with the tools necessary to succeed in this field, answering any questions, sharing life experiences and giving us tips. This school does promotes good habits for they are very organized and do stress out the importance of cleanliness. My time here has been nothing but a great learning experience!

Stephanie Fabrizi

I'm a current student at Arrojo and I've here a student for two weeks now and it's been amazing. The staff is friendly and kind along with my fellow class mates who are supportive and encouraging. I've learned so much and it's only the beginning.

Ann Causey

Inspiring environment! I love being in a smaller class, which allows for one on one time with educators. Currently enrolled and looking forward to learning and growing at Arrojo.

Kathrine Gonzalez

Its an amazing school! Best decision of my life coming here!

Picture This

Hanna McGaha

Michael Warren

Current student at arrojo and im entering stage 2 of my process soon and thus far I'm having the best experience. I feel like i know more than what i did know before i came to school. Arroyo gives you the best foundation in NYC.

Miranda Marzorati

I just finished my first week and I LOVE IT!!! I feel a connection with each teacher and feel like im getting the education i need! I also love my class mates:)

Java Foti

Julia Mannino

After just recently graduating from Arrojo cosmetology school, I can say whole heartedly it was the best decision I have ever made. Leaving with so much knowledge and excitement for the future. Created such a strong bond with my classmates as well as with my educators. So grateful to a part of this hair family and I can not wait for what's to come! Would recommend this school to any aspiring hairstylist, it's the best education out there.Thank you Arrojo!

Madi W.

Current student. The atmosphere is great for individual attention and caters to the needs of beginners and more experienced students. The teachers each bring a unique style to the school but are all equally committed to our education.

Gabriella Simo

I started my Arrojo cosmetology career the beginning of this week October 24th, after my first completed week, I can honestly say this was the best decision I have made for my life and my future! Everyone is so welcoming and makes you feel apart of the Arrojo family immediately! All of the instructors are great and ensure that you get the most out of this education and experience. Mark at student services is great! He always is there with whatever you need and if you have any concerns or problems. All of the other students who have been here longer are very helpful as well. Everyone is such a huge support to each other. I’m so excited and can’t wait to see what the rest of the year brings!

Stephenie Foster

Arrojo is THE best cosmetology school in NYC. I toured all the schools here in NYC before choosing Arrojo because I wanted to be sure I found the place with the best education out there. From the moment I entered Arrojo, I knew it was for me. Their professionalism won me over from the minute I began touring the school. I could tell I was going to learn not only the basics, but also much more - and so far, I have. They encourage all of the students to have their own unique style with everything they do. The Part Time classes are smaller so you really get the one on one attention to learn that much more. Come on in and get a tour! You will love it!

Lydia Sarju

I am currently attending Arrojo Cosmetology School and I just want to say it's been the most exciting and informative experience ever. The teachers are great and provides more than enough information needed to become a cosmetologist. Class 49!!!!!!

Alexa Roventini

Very proffesional and fun. Love my class!!!!

Michele Aquino

I’m a recent graduate from arrojo cosmetology - my experience while there exceeded all of my expectations, from the kind and always giving staff to the elite educators and rock solid curriculum I couldn’t have asked for a better education. Nick Arrojo has created an opportunity for future stylist that gives you a platform to set, achieve and surpass your goals!

Almighty Niko

Thomas Vasquez

The atmosphere is very outgoing, cheerful and high end. It inspires me to reach higher standards that I could not achieve without the proper guidance of the friendly instructors. The faculty treat students as part of the family which allows me to realize I am not alone, we are in this together to the finish line. Im so proud to be a student at Arrojo Cosmetology school.

Deyana Patterson

Arrojo Cosmetology School definitely prepared me far and beyond my expectations. They not only focus on making sure you are well prepared for the state board, but that students are well ahead of their peers that attend other Cosmetology schools. It's not an easy road, but one well worth taking if you are going to take your career seriously. It has also been a great head start in the industry as the Arrojo name is highly revered by salon owners and professionals. This is truly the place to sculpt your craft and become the stylist you've always wanted to be.

Isabella Dwumah

If you're on a search for a cosmetology school in NYC, ARROJO Cosmetology is the place for you! Two weeks in already and it is everything and then more. Everything from the teachers, students and atmosphere is great. I wouldn't want to spend the next 7 months anywhere else!

Ly Sanz

Great School! If you're looking for the best education in NYC, Scheduale a tour! Arrojo also has a very high graduation rate. These were the two main reasons I chose this school, and I'm very glad I did.

Primary Colour Salon

Hanh Nguyen

THIS IS AN UPDATE REVIEW (AUGUST 2017): I've just completed my 7 months at Arrojo Cosmetology School and I am so proud to be an Arrojo graduate. If you're looking for the best cosmetology school in NYC, this is it. It is almost unbelievable how talented and incredible every single educator is here at this school. They are so patient, so kind and will always put the students' best interest first. One of the greatest aspects of this school is that the last several months of the program, you are diving deep into salon services. You will perform cuts, color and perm on actual clients in the student salon. It doesn't get any better than that. It is one thing to learn from a textbook, but once you're on the salon floor, it is completely magical. Educators trust you to perform all services from start to finish on your own and if you're uncertain about anything, that is completely OK because they are constantly walking around, checking in, guiding every step until you are comfortable. This is the best decision I've ever made selecting Arrojo Cosmetology School to kick start my career in the beauty industry. Tons of salons in NYC are particularly fond of Arrojo students and that can only mean great things for the future. So many doors have been opened for me since graduating and I couldn't be happier. I went into this program very timid thinking that I would never be able to cut or color anyone's hair, but now I can honestly say that I am well rounded and confident in the majority of salon services. Arrojo really builds your confidence and prepares you for everything to come. BEST COSMETOLOGY SCHOOL!! (POST FROM FEBRUARY): I'm beginning my second week of school and I'm so excited! The educators here are FANTASTIC. Every single day, they remind you to be proud of who you are and to be proud of the profession of cosmetology. It's hard enough that there is negativity surrounding this field, but being here makes you forget everything else and to strive to become the best cosmetologist you can be. I can tell this is going to be a GREAT program! Class #49 - we got this!

joanne kim

Before i choose to attend Arrojo Cosmetology School i have visited other cosmetology schools as well. The reason why I picked Arrojo is because everyone there; the educators and students all seemed so friendly and passionate about what they do. I am so happy I choose Arrojo Cosmetology School because I really have learned so much from the educators and the educators are all very intelligent and know what they are talking about. Arrojo Cosmetology School is thee best school is you are really passionate about getting into cosmetology.

Vanessa Cantor

I’m a current student here at Arrojo, im just ending my first week here and i’m enjoying every single moment here. The educator’s in the school are so amazing. I totally cannot wait for the rest of my journey here at Arrojo!

Stephanie Bonilla

I'm currently a student attending Arrojo Cosmetology School and so impressed with everything I learned! Before coming here, I had no idea how to blow dry or much about cutting/haircolor. Almost coming up to Stage 4, I've learned so many techniques and advanced skills that I thought I would never be able to do. My educators have all helped me with developing my skills. Currently the class I'm in are taking clients, and my teachers are always making sure that nothing goes wrong & offers advice on how I should approach something before I proceed. If you have the motivation, hard work, and love for hair, Arrojo Cosmetology School is for you! ~Stephanie Bonilla, Class 34

Naethan Paul Imperio

I am a student that has been attending arrojo for the past month. The environment is welcoming, and the staff and students are just as great. They are extreamly helpful. Overall it's a great place for students and customers alike

nichole mcgrath

I'm glad I waited and didn't settle for another cosmetology school in Maine. I moved here specifically for this school and it was the best decision ever and grace is a amazing educator and I admire her passion for the industry

Danny S

I’ve just finished the first stage of my cosmetology program and I couldn’t be happier with how things are going! My class is extremely supportive, my educators are very thorough and knowledgeable but different in a way that it makes learning a fun experience with each of them and the very helpful staff that’s always there to answer questions. I am very happy that I chose ARROJO to begin my career and am very proud of being part of the Tribeca family and ARROJO family altogether.

Christine McManemin

It's my first week at Arrojo and I'm so happy with my decision to come to this school! I love the small class size because I get individual attention. The educators and guest speakers offer years of industry experience and are very patient with students. We've learned a lot so far both from the book and real life situations. Also, the kit you receive is very high quality! They really emphasis professional is here, which is what you need to succeed in this industry. I feel confident continuing my education at Arrojo and look forward to my future in the beauty industry.

Joseph Guinto

As an Educator at Arrojo Cosmetology I am proud to give our school a 5 star rating. Nick Arrojo has a passion and dedication towards Education and wants to offer potential stylists a place to come and receive the most outstanding experience possible. It is part of our culture, no matter where you are in your career, to continue to learn and grow. And our student salon offers hands down the best deal on services you will find in Manhattan. You get the expertise of our licensed teaching staff guiding these student stylists through the Arrojo developed curriculum and color services powered by Goldwell. Wether you are interested in attending school or looking for an amazing deal on hair services, Arrojo Cosmetology is a place you need to experience.

Elizabeth Emery

It's my second week attending Arrojo Cosmetology School and I'm obsessed. The staff and the educators are hands on, well rounded and excited to teach. They hold my peers and myself up to a high standards preparing us for the real world.

Emily Landino

I am a student at the institution and I can honestly say nick and his team handle everything very professional, all the teachers and stylist have such a very optimistic and vibrant attitude. The school itself is so big and beautiful, the environment is so positive to be in. I have great teachers and I wouldn't think about going anywhere else. I have put a lot of research into my education and as far as cosmetology goes Arrojo is the best of the best!

Megan Costello

If you want to be ELITE go to ARROJO cosmetology school!!! Attending Arrojo cosmetology school is like entering the beauty with not just a foot in the door, but your entire being as an stylist! We get thorough education, hands on training, we are being prepped so well, and it doesn't stop there! There is SO MUCH OPPORTUNITY FOR YOU TO SUCCEED HERE! Arrojo wants to see you succeed! Nothing is more empowering than that. I'm so blessed to be attending Arrojo. And anyone else should be too because it's the only Ivy League Cosmetology School.

Nicky Kim

I have recently started the program at ARROJO last week. It is an amazing place, the environment is so welcoming and it has so much to offer! All of the teachers and students there are so much fun to be with~~

Tiera Blu

I feel like ARROJO Cosmetology is the Harvard of Cosmetology schools. I am learning so much and I feel completely confident that I will be more than prepared for the state board test as well as the real world in the beauty industry. All the students are amazing, friendly, and helpful. I love all the instructors and the entire staff. Sherilyn is amazing and humble. She makes me feel really comfortable while learning everything. I can honestly say this is the best decision I have made in my life and I am so grateful to Krista (admissions) and Maria (financial aid) for really being there for me throughout the process of enrollment.

Louis Victon

You learn a lot about hair, their teachers are very well prepare and the school is nice and big. Amanda is an amazing great teachers and talented and the other teachers as well. Also razor cutting is fun and I like their products a lot specially for curly hair like mine!

Heather Tan

UPDATE REVIEW! 7 months later! I can finally say I MADE IT! I'm so happy to finish this program. This school has taught me a lot from the beginning to end! I honestly miss coming to school. My last day was August 25th, I still wake up early thinking it's time for school lol. Everyone here is so supportive, they help you with everything. You learn so much here, if you're looking into cosmetology school, it is Arrojo! I came back to meet with Mark, he is such an amazing guy! He helped me set up for my state board and permit :) ------------------------------------------------------------------------ I have been in this school for almost a week now and I have to say how impress I am with the staffs and students here! Everyone here is so supportive and genuine. I knew this was the place for me. I already love this place, very inspirational! There is definitely room for growth!

Leontine Beauty

As a former student, I HIGHLY recommend this school for anyone seeking the BEST possible education in cosmetology.

Mary Curatolo

Just started at ARROJO Cosmetology and so far it has been such a great experience! The educators are so helpful and my classmates are really great! It's only been two weeks but I can already tell I'm going to learn and grow so much at this school. I can't wait to see what the rest of my time here will bring!

Erin Grant

I am new to the school, today ends my second week. I could not be more in love with this school. All of the staff is so friendly and helpful, the teachers are amazing and enjoy teaching their passion! Would 100% recommend to any aspiring cosmetology students!

divy geli

ARROJO beauty school is very clean, organized school. Staff are very helpful. It will help you or prepare you of what you need on your board exam and in real life. I highly recommend this school.

Betsy Spencer

After doing extensive research on cosmetology schools in NYC, Arrojo was by far the best choice, and continues to confirm my decision to attend! The instructors give so much real world application and inspire us on a daily basis on all the ways to be creative and believe in ourselves. Choose Arrojo - their professionalism and techniques they teach will not disappoint!!!

Antoniya Dechevska

The Best!!

Stephanie Paulo

I've been waiting a while to go here and finally I'm enrolled. I did a lot of research of different cosmetology schools in NYC and Arrojo was the one I saw myself going to! The facility is spacious and clean! The staff and instructors are amazing! My main instructor is Sherilyn, she's awesome!, very good teacher! All my other instuctors are very nice to! What I like the most is our school kits, I think we have one of the best, good quality stuff!! It's only been a month and I learned so much so far!! I'm very happy with my decision, I love Arrojo!

Megan C. Austin

Daniel Lutz

While I've only been here for 2 months, I've already learned so much. Having smaller classes and getting one on one time with the teachers makes such a difference. Coming here was honestly one of the best decisions I've made in a very long time.

Lisa Torres

Arrojo is an exceptional school and the teachers go beyond to make sure student learn the right stuff. They have the right balance of teaching the necessary state board procedures and teaching students how to have creative freedom and an extensive knowledge of hair. This is the school for hair nerds and artists.

Suzanne Rieder

Once I decided to take the leap and become a Licensed Cosmetologist, I knew that deciding on where to get my education would be of the utmost importance. After researching schools in the city, Arrojo really stood out to me so I decided to attend their open house. I stepped through the door and knew I was where I was supposed to be. The staff is wonderful and made the enrollment process a breeze. The facility is professional, immaculate, modern, and inspiring. The educators are all fantastic. You have one educator 60% of the time and the rest of the time you rotate educators, so you get an extremely well rounded education. The educator I have most of the time, Sherilyn, is amazing. She truly makes learning fun and exciting and it's a pleasure to be in her class. If you're considering a career as a Cosmetologist, you can't beat Arrojo. I'm proud to say I'm a student at Arrojo and look forward to the endless possibilities that will be available to me when I graduate.

Nicolette Dennis

I resently started at Arrojo, and I love it. I have been working in the fashion industry for years, and this is an extention if that field for me. I love that this school takes our education very seriously and is dedicated to preparing all of the students for success. Stay tuned for the review after graduation!!!

Logan Roth

I am currently enrolled in school at Arrojo and am in stage one so far. All of the staff here are kind and always eager to help you with everything you need no matter if it is just to talk or a question about something you learned. I would definitely say that this is one of the top cosmetology schools and am honored to be enrolled here and so excited to keep learning.

claudia diaz

The time I've been in Arrojo school has been just great! it has been challenging... it has pushed me at the level into not just learning things but to make myself do better and better every day. The staff is very professional and although I haven't graduated (yet), they make me feel that I am part of the team already.

Andre Nguyen

For sure the best cosmetology schools you can go to! Best educators you can have!

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