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Jessica Marshall

Very disappointed with La Bella. I've had massages, facials, and mani/pedis there and all were mediocre at best. I tried them twice thinking maybe it was a fluke the first time around and I received the same terrible service. My pedi was very sloppy and smeared. I didn't have time to change it since they were closing and rushing me out the door. I went home and removed it immediately. I also requested an eyebrow wax which they evidently forgot to charge me for. They had the audacity to call me back the next day and charge me for it. They are extremely overpriced and not worth it whatsoever. Do not go to this salon.

Garrett Heiser

Jordan Maestas

Love this place! Debra keeps me pretty!

Cheryl Bonaguidi

Inez Dominguez

BEST Hair Cut EVER!!! I got a trim, long layers, and blow out by Ken. She is stellar with her work, super friendly and attentive. It was my first time there so I got a quick tour of the SPA which is WOWing! Beautiful place and wonderful team! Love It!

Anne McGurty

A wonderful oasis in the middle of Albuquerque. You can make a day of it to get your hair cut, colored, styled, then relax in the steam room, get a massage, enjoy a gourmet coffee and then relax in the tap room or restaurant at the end of the day. This salon is innovative and has the lifestyle of elegance and pampering mastered!

Haven A

Anna Sidz

Misti J

Donna Jaramillo

Samuel Martinez

Epop Ekim

I booked an appointment as a birthday present to my girlfriend and her and her sister (who just had a baby) to come in and have a full day of treatments together. When I was on the phone with the service center I explicitly requested that they keep my card on file and charge the treatments and tip to that card when they were done. I did NOT want my girlfriend to know what I was paying for this present as that somewhat defeats the whole purpose. I even called the morning of the appointment to confirm they still had my card on file and that they would not try to get my girlfriend to pay, and according to the representative on the phone everything was A-OK. Low and behold, as they were checking out at the end of the day the front desk woman told them that she did not have my card number on file and subsequently my girlfriend would have come up with the payment for her own birthday present. I think the treatments were nice and they had a good time for the most part, but I will never book with La Bella again. This was a negligent and lazy mistake on their part and that is the last thing I would expect considering the price tag.

Zee Martinez

Always a great experience! I love Don... He is super talented and it's always good conversation over a glass of wine!

Miranda Chavez

Very poor customer service. I had a terrible experience with a male masseuse. He was extremely in appropriate during the massage and made me feel extremely uncomfortable. It took me calling repeatly and finally writing into the Facebook account to be able to talk to a manager. They apologized and promised to follow up but never did. I was told he was fired but do not know for sure. Beware of any male massage technicians here. I will never go back.

firehorse nine

Stacey Goldstein-Dwyer

This was my first time at this salon and Ken was my stylist today. She is amazing!!! The people at the salon were so nice too. Will definitely come again!!

Amanda Montgomery

Great Staff I always leave a new and refreshed women!

Emily L

Most beautiful and luxurious spa I have ever been to. Dawn, the owner, is wonderful!

B Church

I do NOT recommend this place. Horrible customer service and they do not honor their word.

Adam Pryce

Cool decor and friendly staff

Julie Winkler

Tawny TB

Beautiful facility ~ superb customer service ~ spectacular place to relax, rejuvenate and re-set your mind and body!

Monique Valdez

The environment is absolutely beautiful. Dawn (owner) cuts my son's hair. My son is three years old and has down syndrome. He is not an easy client. However, Dawn works fast and does a great job at making him feel as comfortable as possible. She's a gem as well as skilled. The challenge of giving an extremely active three year old a haircut, she manages to get the job done quickly and done well. We appreciate you, Dawn! ~Monique

Kevin Whitehat

Jay Hoskay

Ivan Avramidi

It is now much worse than it used to be. It is pretty clear that it is understaffed and been allowed to run down. They need to shut it down and remodel it if they want to stay in business. It is certainly not an “upscale spa”. I arrived an hour and a half before my massage appointment. The showers in the men’s locker room are broken, one cannot control them at all. The water pressure is mediocre, at some point there was no water at all. The dry sauna is cold and it did not get hot in almost two hours. The blow drier is also broken. The TV in the rest room does not work, the sound system is scratchy, the light bulbs in the light fixers are missing. The massage was just OK. The therapist did not pay enough attention to the problem areas I told her. Anyway, I am not going to go there anymore.

John Holler

Utarzan 13

Beware - do not pre-purchase treatments. Once they get your money they don't care about you. I paid up front for a years worth of monthly treatments. They constantly cancelled appointments - calling at the last minute to reschedule after I had taken time off of work. Twice I showed up for my scheduled appointment and they did not have it in their schedule. They do not return phone calls or emails and many times the phone just rings and rings with no answer. I have a ton of money tied up there and I can't get an appointment or even talk to a live person! Ridicules! And it is a revolving door for employees - I can never seem to get the same person for very long. That high employee turnover is very telling of the type of company this is. Find a more ethical salon!

Elaine Gauden

I finally got a haircut that's even.

Linda Story

I had a less than anticipated experience with a Paradiso pedicure, but received a call from a manager offering to fix it. I didn't want another pedicure, but she offered a European Facial to "over" compensate me for my experience. The facial was 5 star.! Antoinette did an excellent job. If you want to be pampered beyond belief, take the time to experience a facial at La Bella Salon. I don't think I would go back for a nail service, but I will definitely go back for a facial. TOP NOTCH!!!

Anna Beery

It was a wonderful experience. The staff was friendly & very Professional!

Lec B

Ken at La Bella Salon is fantastic! I received a color on my much needed hair touch up and it turned out great! I'm so happy! We had fun conversations and Ken is so nice. My overall experience was great. I'll definitely recommend my friends and family to Ken at La Belle Spa &Salon

Naomi Kaiwyn Rowendolas

I bought a groupon and they refused to honor it. They made excuse after excuse as to why I couldn't get the services I paid for (I paid $495.00 for the Groupon) In the end they said that groupon put up the coupon without their authority and had nothing to do with them; even though their name is clearly on the offer and on the coupon. The only result is that I'm $500 poorer and with nothing to show for it but a bunch of excuses. Do yourself a favor and bypass this joint and go to a more reputable place. a place that actually has integrity and caters to its customers

V Bratton


Joanna Hernandez

Today was my first visit to LaBella in Albuquerque and as soon as I walked through the door I felt like a princess in a castle. I was immediately greeted by the receptionist Priscilla and the general manager Mark. I felt so welcome. My hair stylist Don Martinez was amazing I have to say he is the best in Albuquerque!!! My hair has never looked better or felt better and I must say I walked in feeling like a princess but leaving as a queen thank you staff at LaBella....Love Joanna Hernandez

hailey sanders

Wildweed Flower

Brian Montano

good place

Andrea Hernandez

I called three different times to schedule a spa day but never got an answer. I went to the website to book a time and date. I left my phone number and email address. I recieved a confirmation stating they would get back to me within 24 hours. That was three days ago. Still nothing. I'm glad I didn't waste my money if their customer service is this poor. I have booked a mini spa day at a competitor. Spent $450, and I'm already sure it will be worth it.

shanna Gallegos

I went to get a hair cut not realizing I was going to get the best salon experience as well as the best cut I've ever had !!! I highly recommend JAY !!!!!

Katherine Gutierrez

I had gift cards one was for 100 and the other was 65. I had my daughter make us appointment to have nail and pedicures done. Very dissappointed. All they hire is students wihch have only worked there a few weeks. They did a lousy job for the price they charge. I called the week before to make sure my gift cards were good. When I went up to pay i gave the lady my gift cards and she told me that's one was for 65 and the other was for 50. I told her the 50 dollar one was a

jonayzee unicorn

Best Salon of ever been to stop is wonderful brilliant caring always concerned for the customers at atmosphere beautiful just love it

Diana Nicoles

I have been to Crissy B for YEARS now to get my hair done- cut, highlights, color, feathers, everything. And I followed her a few places she has moved to, she has even cut my hair at my house! I absolutely adore her and I would never stray- she has been amazing and never fails to please me. I called to make an appointment with her at La Bella, she has been there for awhile now, and they told me she was on a leave of absence? They offered to book me with someone else, but I said I would call back. So GET THIS? I was on my way to meet my husband for lunch in Rio Rancho at Intel and I saw her name on a Billboard on 528 for ANOTHER salon! Frankly, I feel LIED to by La Bella, and I am offended that they would try to push me off on another stylist! I will no longer bring my business there based on integrity alone.

Yvonne Villescas

Excellent visit. I loved my facial with Priscilla. She did a wonderful job.

Christine Butler

I am surprised that they are still in business. I had the worse experience with a massage a while ago and never got a 'sorry ' from management. Loud music and ads playing during a massage and the women locker/changing area had no soap in shower area. At check out I spoke to staff and received no discount - nor a certificate to come back so we can do better... not sure if under new management now but I would say -- many other places exist so go elsewhere... images on line picture peacefulness and that is not what my experience included.

Diana Enriquez

Horrible place don't go there The owner is so rude

Annie Nymous

Not everything that glitters is gold. I worked at La Bella. This review is not slander and is 100% true behind the scenes review. This is a VERY unethical and unsanitary company in every aspect. Dawn Davide (owner of La Bella) trains and encourages her employees to reuse one time use spa products it's also common for skin products to be expired. Kris Kos (Dawns sister) handles payroll it is VERY common for employees tips to go missing when Kris is there and paychecks are consistently short, when you bring it to their attention it won't be fixed. Employees never get paid for mediatory meetings or training they also purposely mislabel employees as independent contractors so they don't have to pay them hourly. Dawn will comp her friends or "VIPs" meaning the provider you saw that day didn't get paid for the service you received. Mold as been found in the steam rooms. I once got a glass of water from the pitcher from the salon took about two drinks from it than looked down to see a huge chunk of mold floating in the glass, I told the receptionist what happened she took the pitch in the kitchen and we cleaned it the spout was covered in black mold it looked like it had never been washed before I'm assuming the fresh fruit had gotten stuck and grown mold. It's common for the water pitches to not be cleaned properly with old fruit from the day before stuck on them. There is a huge leak in the ladies bathtub the water drips into the small break room downstairs also there are exposed wires directly under the leak. The most depressing experience I had working there was when Kris filled up the tub for a romance package ($350 package) there was a huge black ring around the tub and it had hair from the last party obviously it hadn't been cleaned from the last time it was used. There is a short in the wires as well sometimes the spa lights do not work and the hall in the spa will be dark. I've seen Dawn yell and belittle one of the hair dressers in front of the rest of the staff. The packages are very overpriced and the products are sometimes old or have already been used. This is a terrible company all around I would never recommend it unless you are okay with putting your health and safety at risk. It's an extremely toxic work environment as well.

joanne brougham

Ivonne Ramos

shelle neese

I have had many great experiences at La Bella. Especially lately! Owner Dawn Davide added Joseph Bogart as Creative Director and so many great things are happening! They have a CBD dispensary with knowledgeable people to educate the customers on the right CBD for you. The spa salon has a great hair & make-up staff including Ken Whitehat. I was REALLY lucky to get my hair colored & cut by Dawn and Joseph- LOVE what they did. Then there is La Bella Medical Laser center....Maria Klein and Ericka Romero are facial artists!!! I could go on and on. La Bella Spa Salon has the complete package!!!

Jerome Lovato

I love La Bella Spa and Salon! The staff is so friendly and helpful! I got a gift card for my mom and she loved the laser service she got with Rachel. She made another appointment to see her again. Thanks La Bella!

Alyssa Blea

I'll be honest, I was very hesitant about going to La Bella due to the reviews. However I received a gift certificate for Christmas and wanted to use it. I had a GREAT experience. Setting my appointment up was a breeze and very convenient. I got lash extensions done by Desiree. She was so knowledgeable, attentive and very personable. The support staff was GREAT. I had amazing customer service. The less than ideal reviews this place has received is unfortunate. They do not give La Bella justice. I had a wonderful time and I can't wait to refer my friends and family here.

Marlena Mora

My daughter and I purchased the mother daughter package and it was exactly what we wanted. We had Brook for our facial and she was amazing, she was very nice and took her time very professional and answered everything I asked. Next we had Celeste who gave us the most amazing massage, she took her time and hit all the right places. They called us back right at our scheduled time and kept us relaxed the whole time! Amazing, we will definitely be back again!

Kristie baca

Ginger Anderson

I called in to make a hair appointment because it is near my house. The place has a flashy exterior and a nice website....but I'm always turned off when I call a business, leave a message and no one returns the call. I left a detailed message one Saturday requesting for someone to call me back so that I could schedule a cut and style...and even to pay that pretty penny. No one ever called me back, and to me that is just a red flag, and frankly a bit snooty. No one is there checking their messages, so why do they bother having voice mail? Personally this is my standard for any business; apparently they aren't concerned with building clientele. Now, I would like to get a massage, and I will not call for that either, especially after reading the other reviews here. I'm new in town, so thanks everyone who posted honestly about your experience,so I can steer clear of this flimsy spa!!

Lisa F

WORST SPA EXPERIENCE EVER!! I had to wait 10 minutes before anyone noticed I was there. I had to ask if I could use the sauna upstairs, the hostess told me to wait downstairs. But I shouldn't have bothered, the sauna and steam room were both cold. My massage started 10 minutes late and was HORRIBLE! I was laying there wishing it would just be over. The facial was slightly better. The pedicure hurt, and I had to wait an additional 30 minutes before I could get dressed because they don't have dryers. Finally, I was asked to write a statement explaining why I was disappointed and told that someone would call the next day to rectify the situation. Big suprise - no one called. Do not go to this salon. Betty's is a thousand times better!!! La Bella is all show, it looks nice, but actually provides a terrible spa experience.

Dominic Shoats


Michael Anthony

Trudy Read

I've been to La Bella on multiple occasions, for massages, and always had a lovely experience. You can get some bubbly after or before, there's a steam room, sauna and shower at your disposal as well - all spotless and beautifully tiled. I really feel transported when I go to La Bella. I moved to El Paso a couple of years ago and haven't found anything like it, so when I found myself visiting Albuquerque I was sure to book a swedish massage. Gonzalo did an amazing job and helped me to relax, massaging my sore aches and stiffness away with deft hands. He was so calm and professional! Lastly, I noticed that they've added a bakery since I was last here. As I was checking out I asked about the cannoli. Unfortunately they didn't have any - the bakery was being remodeled. I had just left when I got a call - come and get a free cannoli - owner's treat - and sorry for the inconvenience - I was floored. I went back and boy howdy am I glad I did! The cannoli was delicious, not too sweet with a crispy, non-greasy shell - just how it should be. It's the closest to Mike's Pastry I've had in Albuquerque. I also got to enjoy a lovely coffee with it. Overall I will always recommend this spa. People say it's overpriced - they don't know what they're missing :) I've gotten services at random nail salons and chain massage clubs, and nothing has come close to the experience at La Bella - it's not just a massage - when you are there you know you have treated yourself to a luxurious break from stress and life :) 5/5 stars!

Bryan Baker

Nova Giron

Sonja Codding

First off, I had an appointment with one person, but wasn't even informed they decided to switch me. I arrived to my appointment on time, but had to wait 25 minutes because the replacement was running behind. I was given a mimosa, which would have made the wait worthwhile, but the service just continued to be horrible. I had gone in to get my hair colored a darker brown, but she put in red tones which I was not aware she'd do until I saw the final result. She left me with hair dye on the side of my face, never wiping it off. I had to ask her to rinse the nape of my neck, as she'd finished rinsing, yet left dye there. I walked out of the salon with stains on my face, forehead, neck and nape. To top everything off, I go to another salon one month later, with my hair lighter at the top vs the bottom. They told me that the salon who'd previously colored my hair (La Bella) used a demi permanent to dye my hair; probably to make sure if I'd gone back to them, I would need more than just a root touchup. I was so upset that I'd wasted $115. I will never go back to this place. You've been warned.

KneeCoal Lyb

I went to La Bella for the first time a few weeks ago for a haircut. I was able to book a same day appointment! Adriana cut my hair and did an amazing job! She gave me the haircut/style that I wanted. She explained everything that she was doing and the reasons why. Adriana was very friendly and bubbly. I will be going back!

Tanya Griego

Amanda Morgan Davis

My good friend had his legs waxed here and ended up with SEVERE burns. He ended up in the hospital that night.

Jackie R

I received a gift card for my birthday. The first time I went I think William cut my hair, and he gave me a nice haircut. The second time, I wanted to have my haircut by the owner, Dawn Davide. I went in and asked when she would be available and they told me she had an opening for the next weekend. When I went in the next weekend they told me that I had scheduled it with someone I had never heard of. I told them that was a mistake and asked when Dawn's next opening was and they told me to come in the following weekend. I came in the next weekend and they told me that Dawn canceled all of her appointments that day because she was throwing a Valentines Day Party for her staff. I never received a cancellation call. They told me that they had some great hairstylist working and that they could squeeze me in. I finally got sick of trying to schedule an appointment with Dawn and had my haircut by Bobby, who did an ok job. I don't understand why they would think that I would want to be "squeezed" in. That defeats the whole point of making an appointment! If I wanted to be squeezed in I would have gone to Great Clips for a fraction of the price. I don't appreciate Dawn canceling her appointments just because she was partying either! I'm just glad I used up my gift card. I made two wasted trips down there. I would never consider going back. Apparently they don't value their costumers time.

Nomi .

Meranda Anderson

Went in to get my hair done yesterday and I’m so disappointed. I went in to get an ombré done and showed the girl the color I wanted and it looks nothing like what I showed her. I’m going back to work in a week after being on maternity leave and was really looking forward to getting a nice freshened up look as I haven’t done anything to my hair in a year. On top of the bleach in my hair not looking the way I wanted, she bleached my EYEBROW! She even made a joke about the foil resting on my eyebrow and how awful it would be if we bleached it. It looks like I lost a patch of hair or had a piercing on my eyebrow now. My hair looked really gold after and she said she might not even do the toner, I wanted the gold tones takes out but after the toner they were still there. Then during the visit she kept talking about how she has been financially struggling, and brought it up several times. Even though I wasn’t happy I still wanted to buy some shampoo and conditioner before I left and I asked her the price difference between the smaller and larger bottles and she even repeated my question and the completely disregarded what I asked and put the smaller bottles on the counter for me to buy. I’ve been really happy with this place in the past every time I have went, but this experience with my hair is just awful, especially for the price I paid and still giving her a 15 percent tip.

Sylvia Boucher

I recently scheduled for a party for sixteen people. We all had massages, manicures, pedicures, and facials. We were all very satisfied with every service! La Bella was able to accomodate our large group without any delays. Absolutely beautiful spa!! We are all planning to go back for our next spa day!! Highly recommend!!!

Marisa Jones

The staff are absolutely amazing! This was my first time going to a spa and I can't wait to come back. Elizabeth and Brook made sure to make it a memorable experience for me, thank you so much!! I highly recommend anyone looking for spa services to book yours at La Bella Spa and Salon.

Anonymous .

I had an unpleasant experience here. First of all, it is nearly impossible to get a pedicure appointment. I live less than 5 mins away so I figured this would be my go to place for summer pedicures. I tried to make an appointment and they are pretty much booked every Sat. morning for the next 5 months. Maybe they should hire more staff. I finally got an appointment for a pedicure and I arrived about 10 mins early. I gathered that the receptionist must have been late to work because it appeared the manager was checking people in. I checked in with the manager and she told me to have a seat. Eventually the receptionist arrived to work but the manager did not fill him in on who was waiting. I ended up sitting there for about 25 mins. I finally went up and asked the receptionist what was going on and why I had been waiting for so long. He did not apologize for forgetting me. He was rude and acted like it was no big deal. I will probably go back, but only because it is close to my house but I think management needs to provide more training on how the staff should provide better customer service. When you are paying $50+ for a pedicure you expect to be treated well. Actually even if the price was less I would expect better customer service.

Rosabella Gonzalez

This place has been better and better every time I come. I think they have been listening to the bad reviews and changing things. My nails look better every time I'm here and they haven't been nailing me with the prices like they used to either.❤️

Oliver Riggle Pérez

The team at La Bella are beyond superb. They were friendly, professional, knowledgeable, and sincerely welcoming. Elite service at accessible prices. Scarcely will one leave a business anywhere feeling as valued and catered-to as I did today. Without exaggerating, a simple men's haircut left me feeling 10 years younger. La Bella may be the best kept secret in the whole southwest. Don't hesitate to treat yourself to an hour in their company. I'll be back for many years to come.

Lynette Chavez

Larry Salazar

Marissa Gallegos

I usually don’t do reviews but I had to write one after my experience. I’ve never been to La Bella but thought it would be a great place for trial on hair and makeup for my upcoming wedding. (Since it’s a “high end” salon) I was looking forward because i never used a makeup artist and did not want an updo just a nice curl. I ended up with eyeshadow that was not blended that my eyelid was literally half dark purple and the other 1/2 gold. (When I asked for subtle white shimmer with a touch of purple.) My foundation also did not match and contour was messy with NO blending. She was very rushed and did not finish. I then got my hair done and asked for beach waves instead I got a tight curl with zero volume. She blamed it on my hair. During the styling the hairdresser was burning my ear to the point I had to yell out STOP! In which she barely said sorry and continued curling. My ear was blistered. I talked to the manager and I was crying because it was not what I envisioned my first bridal experience to be. They gave me a “discount” but still was extremely expensive.

Geneva Blackmore

Amazing I found treatment for everything I needed ! Staff was very experienced and helpful !!!!

Donna Gengenagel

Shannon Easton

Exceptional customer service! The staff went over and beyond to make my daughter feel special on her birthday. I was hesitant at first to make an appointment given some of the reviews but I'm glad I decided to give them a try. I did have a issue at the beginning of my appointment with the flow of my daughters services but after pulling Catherine to the side and explaining the issue I had she turned my daughters day into a unforgettable experience. Thank you so much ladies for your attentive care . You all made my daughter feel like a princess!

Anisa Goodman

Bought my husband a certificate, they shortened his massage and did a crummy job. We complained and management wasn't very concerned. I will never return.

Maggie Welch

I got a lovely pedicure at this spa. Loved the environment, the staff, and the pedi! Would highly recommend if you want to feel pampered.

Isabella Maldonado

Andrea Graham

Adrian Johnson

One word: Unprofessional

Louann Sandoval

Amanda Hendrix- ReReSparkles

I have been a client of La Bella since the original on the Westside going on 10 years. I have watched La Bella groom, train, and spend thousands of dollars on education and providing a 5 star world class environment. Its comical to get phone calls and emails from former employees of La Bella begging for my business. Lets be real, theres only one original and these people that thought they could create the facade of La Bella somewhere like Bliss are cleary only fooling themselves. There is a reason why La Bella is growing their doors while others are closing theirs:)

Jessica Thurgood

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