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REVIEWS OF Moxie Blue Salon IN New Jersey

Sara Stenger

I was very hesitant to switch salons since my move from Philly in May. But Moxie Blue has been great! I have been there twice once for a haircut and once for a formal style for a wedding. Both times they exceeded my expectations and made me look and feel like a million bucks. Megan is an absolute sweetheart! I would recommend this salon to anyone of my friends or family. They are very quality and customer oriented and it shows!

Hira Alam

To start off this review i want to note that this is the first review I have ever left in my life but I’m just that satisfied. I’ve been really skeptical about making huge investments in my hair considering past experiences where I laid down large sums of money for subpar results. But if there is one review that will change your mind let it be this one. Firstly, the services here are costly but my stylist Sam was very transparent and informed me of her pricing further in advance, you can inquire on the salon’s Facebook page as well. On that note, my resulting hair and the entire process was worth every single penny. I believe prices are higher because they are inclusive of the highly customer-oriented service and environment. The entire staff, from the front desk to the individual stylists, was very warm and receptive. I got a haircut and balayage done, but the process took roughly 4 hours due to my thick asian hair. In the past I’ve faced a lot of stylists that would get frustrated with my hair or start to rush the process near the end. However, Sam was incredibly patient and meticulous. She truly put in the utmost attention to detail and now the results can speak for themselves. I also really appreciated that when it came to styling she walked me through what she was doing step-by-step so I could recreate the look at home. All the stylists are on venmo which is really convenient for people who don’t carry a lot of cash like myself. And a few days later I received a follow-up call on my results which I also appreciated. I’ve been receiving compliments on my hair left and right and cannot be happier. Moxie will be my new go-to salon!

Eleanor Pilotti

This salon is beautiful! I went here for the first time a few weeks ago and Paige did a great job on my hair.

Christina Howard

The best Salon and Service!! I highly suggest Beckah!!! She's the hair fairy.

Ryan McKenna

I've been to moxieblue three times now. Two different stylists. The first one was okay, but not worth the price so the second time i tried a different stylist and he was great the first time around, really attentive and took care of everything. The second time I went back though he didn't really listen, and cut my hair in a way that i'd have to be back sooner than I wanted to - even though I asked for something else. The front desk is almost always rude or not paying attention to the customers. No greetings when you walk in the door and every time i've been there they have a sour look on their face as if they can't be bothered to help me. If you don't have anywhere else to go this is okay, but i wouldn't really recommend it. You also can't tip on a card so if you don't have cash with you, you have to use their ATM and pay the fee. In today's day and age you should definitely be able to tip on a card like the rest of the world.

Evelyn Cooke

Great salon. Friendly staff and very helpful.


Overpriced, make an appointment and come in just to be told the stylist is not able to do what was needed for the appointment. Why not just say this from the start at time of appointment call and not after waiting 2 weeks and then an hour inside. Take your business elsewhere this place thinks they can charge Manhattan prices in Marlton . SMH

stacy miller

Jill is the best. She always does a great job on my hair and know just what I want.

Cheryl Wetzel

Joan was my stylist. She was very professional, knowlegdeable and listened to my concerns regarding my hair. My color turned out wonderful and I look forward to my next appointment. It is a busy place and my appointment did run late but that was explained when I walked in. It was worth the wait!

Chrissy Rzepnicki

Such an incredible professional place from the time you walk in until the time you walk out I will never go anywhere else but here. My daughter and I are true fans.

Lauren McHugh

I found my forever salon today! I had the best experience at Moxie with Sheena. She listened to what I was hoping to achieve and made it even better than I imagined. I'm obsessed!

Melissa Pilotti

When I first walked into Moxie, I was pleased to be greeted by more than one staff member. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with my hair because of the condition another salon left it, so naturally I needed help. Danny the owner took about 15 minutes examining my hair before I even had it washed. I ended up going with exactly what he said and I couldn't be happier with the results! I tried a new treatment called Diamond Oil which recently came out and I'm excited to go back for my touch up and to get a Diamond Oil mask again!

celina koch

I’ve been going to Moxie for over 2 years now. I don’t know how anyone could say there is a rude soul in that building because that is so far from the truth. The front desk is always so friendly and welcoming along with the rest of the staff. They’re always asking what my name is and if they can get me anything. I was referred there by a friend, I don’t know anyone in this salon personally, so it was very easy for me to go once and never again..but that wasn’t the case. I went once and never went anywhere else. Thanks moxie! keep up all your great work and trainings! My hair and I appreciate you lol

Kristin Pragle

Love it here! Ashley and Jimmy are awesome

Shireen Timmapuri

Moxie did my hair and makeup for my wedding and my henna party the night before - and it was awesome. I had a different look for each night and loved them both. Dan and Corrine are simply amazing! I used Moxie on the go, so they came to us and I would recommend it to anyone. They were there before time both days, so friendly, and all of our hair and makeup looked fantastic - we got so many compliments from everyone and my husband said I looked like I belonged on the cover of a magazine!

Michaela Gunther

I've been coming to Moxie for the last year and I LOVE IT! The atmosphere is comfortable, clean and relaxing - exactly how you should feel when you're pampering yourself. Johnny is my stylist, and he is a miracle worker. I normally let my hair grow out for months on end, and whenever I come to him for a cut, he sculpts my hair back to perfection! You can run anything by him regarding your hair and you can always expect an honest answer. If you haven't been before, give Moxie a try, it's worth it!

Diana Freire

Terrible customer service! It's a jungle there, obviously money/quantity is more important than quality. Recently my sister had a BAD experience with DEVIN. She rushed, had an attitude with her and did a poor job. The owner/manager had an attitude as well over the phone, he doesn't know how to deal with clients and defended his "perfect" employee, please! He had to fix the mess at no cost, however, everything my sister went through was so unpleasant, we are not going back, and do not recommend it.

Hallie Bertino

Devin is my hair goddess and now my whole family goes to her! Big fan of the team at Moxie Blue Marlton. Vibes are good, place is clean / big, and everyone’s so friendly ❤️

Dana Sanders

Very satisfied.The price isn’t an issue when you get what you pay for.Devin is great and if I’m ever in the area again I will be back. Left there feeling awesome and my hair feels and looks healthier than it has in years

Laurel Tyrrell

Always great service - talented stylists and assistants and friendly, personable front desk staff! Would go nowhere else

Tiffany Nguyen

I got my hair done by Gabby for the first time, and I ABSOULETY LOVED IT. She did an anazing job, she talked to me first about what I wanted and than told me about the prices which is awesome because most salons just do it and never give you a price range. She gave me exactly what I wanted and I would recommend coming here, everyone is so nice and caring. I will definitely come back for Gabby!

ute thompson

The best service and experience all around for many years

Julie Solecki

Victoria went above and beyond. When initially, I wasn't satisfied with the color both the owner of the salon and stylist did everything they could to make me happy. I had brought in a picture of what I wanted and it didn't exactly match- I was upset. BUT after sleeping on it and letting it settle for a day my hair is actually much prettier than what I thought I wanted and my hair is healthier too. Very highly recommend. They really know what they are doing.

Samantha Nasuti

Kelley does an amazing job and is so professional! Always leave feeling like a million bucks!

Thomas Little

This is a very nice place. The ladies are so nice.

Tracey Sierra

Initially I thought this salon was excellent. The customer service and hair services provided were excellent. However, the consultation I was given was completely different than what I was given. The actual cost of services were inflated x2 by the owner herself and the prices were different every single time I went. Each time I went I had students working on me, which is fine, however, it doubled the amount of time I had to be there, and I was never asked if this was okay with me. I am considering taking them to small claims court. Do not fall victim to their facade.

Danielle Hartman

I was hesitant to post this review because I don't want my favorite stylist to book up, but Danielle at Moxie Blue is phenomenal. I had the same stylist for years, but when she stopped doing hair, I bounced around to every salon in the South Jersey area for two years. Luckily, about nine months ago, I found Danielle. She is fantastic. Yesterday, she did the best highlight I have ever had. I have been coloring my hair since I was 17 (a long time ago...) so that's saying a lot. Danielle is meticulous with her cut, color and style, and I feel great every time I walk out. I saw some other posts about the prices, but honestly, I don't know what these people are used to paying. For a nice salon, their prices are very competitive. Great service, great prices.

kelly almasy

First time at my new salon. Ashley my stylist did a great job and listened to what i wanted and made suggestions that worked out perfectly. Happiness is a good haircut. Tiny bit pricey but worth every penny

Sandra Getchell

Very disappointed with how the stylist Marlee took advantage of me and the owner Danny did nothing. This was about the 4th or 5th time I had gone to Moxie Blue usually seeing Roula, who I love, she just is now a level 3 stylist and prices are more expensive. So I called and asked to get the same service done, cut, color, and partial balayage(which by the way I had done 5 weeks ago with my friend at her salon) so all I needed was a partial or really toning since my hair was mainly blonde with a different base color at the root because my base had a reddish tone that just needed to be covered with an ash. I asked for a new girl a level under Roula who was good with balyage since Roula's prices were getting more expensive than I wanted to continue paying. They set me up with Marlee who was very nice and informative about products, but had me sitting in her chair for 6.5 hrs. Never in my life have I sat for that long, usually only 3 hrs, clearly she had no clients for the day. There was no reason to be there for that amount of time because it was not like I needed corrective service where they had to strip color from my hair. I was getting what I always get. Well when I left the salon they charged me $278 not including a tip. I could not believe this, my heart sunk in my chest. I asked to be with a level 2 girl to get the same service I normally get so I didn't pay more than $170 which is about the norm when I leave there. I would have never thought a level 2 girl would be more expensive than a level 3 to do the same thing so, of course when Marlee asked me in the beginning if I want a price break down I said no because she is a lower level stylist doing what I alway get. All in all the owner did nothing, how greedy can you really be. I mean when you look at my history and see what I always come in for and the price I have always paid, how could you even think this would be right and the fact that she wasted my entire day sitting for that length of time because she is extremely slow and had no clients. Extremely disappointed with how this was handled and will not be returning since the owner is clearly not for there clients.

Alan Rosen


Danica Czepiel

I just recently experienced in April Alopecia Areata which if unfamiliar is hair loss. This was my first time getting my hair done since this loss and I was so excited!! I chose Moxie because of a referral. I anticipated it to be a huge confidence booster especially with reassurance from the hair dresser that she had worked with clients with my condition before. I never in my life felt so unimportant at a salon. My stylist only bleached my hair and let a brand new Shampooer dye my hair. Not only did the the stylist not dye my hair, but she would disappear and I wouldn’t see her. Due to the lack of experience from the shampooer dying my hair, I was left with stains all over my ears, my bald spot, and my Neck. I was not treated with special care due to my alopecia. Instead I felt more of an inconvenience. When my timer would go off that my hair was ready to be washed or checked the Shampooer would skip me and take care of another client. I was never told how long my appointment would take. I also was never told how to maintain my hair. When the hair dresser could tell I disliked my hair she did offer to darken the color, but even that would not have fixed the coloring since I wanted Hombre and received something different. I had to leave due to another Appointment. I got in my car and cried. Rather than leaving and feeling amazing after this traumatic hair loss I left feeling worse than I did going in. I went back int he morning to speak with the owner, who then denied that I wasn’t being neglected. She also kept assuring me it was normal for color to get everywhere including my lower neck. I have never experienced such a lack of empathy or care from someone at a salon. I did not trust anyone after this experience and I did not want them touching my hair. I just wanted a refund and the color off of my skin. The owner unwillingly refunded me just to shut me up in front of her client. They never removed the stains off of my skin. It should have never even come to this. I even heard there was someone working there who saw the shampooer doing a sloppy job and still no one said anything to her or tried to correct it. I can’t believe such a high end salon would allow someone to walk out the way that I did. It was careless and the customer service I received was extremely disappointing since I saw so many great reviews.

angela shtutman

The only place to go for the best wax. Ally keeps my brows looking perfect !!

Juliana Ciccarelli

Gabby is a hair magician. I travel almost two hours to Jersey from PA to see her. The staff is very attentive as well.

Brandon Nance

The brilliant staff at the front didn't schedule me enough time to get my hair colored despite repeatedly telling her a week in advance that im coming in for a bleach. Then was basically told to go home even after telling them i live over a half hour away. Clown shoes

Gladys Colon

Very friendly.First time I went I was treated with kindness and the results was awesome

maryann todd

Had a charity event last week. Nicole did my makeup, Tony did my nails and Devon did my hair. Everything was perfect. Best makeup job I every had .

Meghan Leidy

I won't go anywhere else. Johnny is the best! ;)

Karen Rogers

I always have a great haircut from Amanda. She takes time with much precision which makes my hair lay perfect.

Monique Barrile

I totally destroyed my hair color and Emmy came to my rescue !!!! My hair looks fantastic!!! THANKS.!!! YOUR THE ABSOLUTE BEST!!!!

Jennifer Malave

I love this Salon! Took very good care of me and Rikki is the best!

Danny Stratton

The eye candy is a bonus for going to. Oh and Sheena made me beautiful again.

J. K.

Set up online apt and got a call the same day to confirm my needs. I wanted a back to back for me and my daughter. They made sure to book enough time for discussion since we were new. Had Becka as our stylist. She was AMAZING! she took the time to answer all my questions and gave my daughter and I the best cuts we have ever had. The front desk woman was super friendly and helpful as well. We will def be back!

kim beard

Kelly is very knowledgeable, highly skilled and professional. I was amazed at her depth of knowledge. Thank you Kelly!

Mary Noel Whelan

Joel Garcia is fabulous!

Natalia B

Had an appointment with Devon. Checked in on time. Twenty five minutes of sitting, I finally asked how much longer. They said 15-20 more. What's the point of the appointment? No apologies, no offers to reschedule...

Deborah Regina

Sheena ruined my hair! I have used Elumen by goldwell for six years due to allergies. After specifying exact product and highlight color (chocolate with bronze highlights) I left salon 3 hours later with maroon hair and orange highlights! Was charged for a full set of highlights and only applied partial! Total greed! Was promised that it could be corrected! More bleach and a violet toner and 3 more hours! Left chocking and scalp burning from product! Next visit I was referred to the color specialist and was confidently assured by Danny the owner that I would be satisfied if not he would return my money which was excessive by local Salon standard charges! Guess what-3 hours later left with a violet toner again hair still maroon! Lesson learned! Have had correction at another Salon. No reimbursement from Moxie Blue! A very expensive lesson! Hair is severely damaged! Receptionists are rude and techs are pushing products and additional services! Save you Time, Money and HAIR! And most importantly stay away from Sheena!

kris z

The experience was not a good one at all. Let me start off by saying that I've had my hair dyed plenty of times and never experienced anything like I did at moxie blue. They stylists had no care in the world about how I wanted my hair to look, THEY decided for me what they wanted to do. It was as if I was a practice dummy to train the newer stylists. It was very clear what I wanted and it looked absolutely nothing like how I wanted it. Of course they try to cover it and tell me how amazing it looks. Not only did they mess my hair up once, but twice! When I went back for my redo, they completely messed it up again! And they tried telling me it was what I wanted. I ended up getting a refund for my horrible hair service experience and ended up box dying it which looks better than both of the times they attempted at the hair color I requested

Deanna Renee

Amanda is awesome i go to her all the time, she really listens to what you want, and cares about her job!

Loretta Napierkowski

Perfect coloring, great service, beautiful setting! Marlee is the best! #BookwithMarlee


Absolutely fab experience. Went there to see Jaymie, who was recommended to me by a friend. I had a bad haircut experience prior to seeing Jaymie. I also needed color. She took her time and not only fixed the bad haircut, but fixed my color which was absolutely gorgeous when she was finished. I have brown hair that tends to go reddish when colored, especially when I'm due for another touch up. My color was so beautiful and shiny! I'm due again for color, but still really no red in my hair. She is awesome and really thinks about what is best for her clients. She thinks out of the box and takes her time. I highly recommend her to everyone. Great job Jaymie!

Dorothea Hayes

The best haircut I've had in years.

Lauren Brimhall

As a mother of a toddler and a four-year old, I don't get out often, so when I do actually find a little time to do something for myself (like getting my hair done) I expect it to be a relaxing, wonderful experience. My appointment for a cut and a PARTIAL highlight was at 2:45 and having gotten this same thing done for over 20 years, I anticipated being out of there before 5:45pm to get home in time to relieve my babysitter. Three hours for this SHOULD be plenty even with the processing time. My appointment was with Jaymie, and while she was very sweet and chatty, I NEVER saw someone take so long to put in foils. From the time she started the first foils it was about 45 minutes to the last foil, and then she told me I need 40 minutes to process. I was a little concerned that the FIRST foils had ALREADY been in for 45 minutes, but didn't argue as she sat another client down and began cutting and styling her hair. When that client was finished I expected my foils to be taken out, because it had been an excessive amount of time and I'd been burned before. I asked her to use color to highlight because I'm already light (no bleach to avoid damage on my virgin hair), but I believe she either used a small amount of bleach anyway or just used peroxide instead. After finishing the other clients cut and style I asked her how much longer. She said 10 more minutes of processing. OK. I set a timer this time and waited 12 minutes. During this 12 minutes ANOTHER client sat down in her chair and she began HIGHLIGHTING her hair! A cut between processing is pretty standard, but TWO clients, one a highlight? SHE DID NOT EVEN CHECK MY FOILS ONCE... AT ALL. Then, to top it all off, I told Jaymie of my time constraints and at first she said she would try to hurt things along after I finished processing, only to come back 1 minute later and tell me (in spite of being the slowest person I'd even seen) "she finished me EARLY and in spite of my processing being done and it only being 4pm that my appointment for my cut wasn't until 5pm. It was clear she needed at least that much time to finish the highlight on the other client. I told her that I'm sorry, I made ONE appoinement, not two separate ones just so I could sit for 45 minutes in the chair with wet hair waiting for her to finish this other girl. Clearly annoyed at me, then she proceeded to STILL not remove my foils. After my 12-minute timer went off and she was still coloring the other girl completely ignoring me. Finally, I marched to the front desk and told them to get someone to take the foils out of my hair right now and to see if anyone else was available to do my cut. I don't care what anyone says, but well OVER an hour of processing is sure to do some serious damage. They tried to convince me I had "one minute left," before taking me back for a wash. Please. After my wash I got a quickie cut by Joane who was VERY nice. We were all in a bit of a rush though at this point so I went with something more simple and safe than I had wanted. She did a great job with my request but I did immediately notice that I couldn't see the highlights Jaymie had done in my hair AT ALL. I have two young au pairs staying with me and my husband who all said I came home looking pretty much exactly the same OVER $200 later. I even presented Jaymie with a referral card for 20% off and did not get the discount. I was too angry to think to check my receipt and unless they charged me for a full highlight instead of a partial, it's the most expensive salon I've ever been to and my experience there was MISERABLE. The hair on my left side where she put the first foils is considerably dryer which never happens when you just use color, and like I said, I don't even see the highlights, so the damage is for nothing. Also, I'd like to point out that there are four or five five-star reviews of this place after they received a bunch of other one-star reviews. The five star reviews have NOTHING written. Seems fishy to me... I wouldn't trust the 4+ star rating AT ALL. This place is a rip off.

Liz P.

I definitely paid way too much money to get my hair done here.. and I don't think it was worth it. The salon was nice - I loved the collaborative and fun environment & I my hair stylist was great. She helped me select a color and hair cut that fit my face & skin tone. BUT when it came to checking out - I was not happy about the $360 price-tag (pre-tip) for a hair cut and balayage. I have been to many professional salons in south jersey and philly & this was by far the most expensive place I have gone for an okay service. I didn't walk out LOVING my hair, I was just okay with it. This salon just wasn't my place and not for me.

Jessica Ward

A bit of a drive for me but it's worth it! Love Devin! I get compliments all the time about my pixie cut. I even get strangers that come up to me and ask to take a picture of my hair! And the Staff is always very friendly!

Alisha Romanik

I love this place! Rachel is literally the best! I always leave feeling more confident about my hair! ❤️❤️

Meredith glover

Absolutely love Moxie Blue Salon! So hip and trendy atmosphere. My stylist Aaron knows exactly what I want. He spends so much time consulting with me first to understand exactly what I need. He knows my hair and is not afraid to tell me if I am asking for something too funky. Therefore I always leave happy.

Stefanie Charles

The salon is clean and modern, the employees are all friendly and helpful, and Domenique is like a magician with color and haircuts.

Erica Rothkoff

Toni gives a very relaxing and thorough pedicure. When I leave, my feet are perfectly smooth and my nails are beautifully polished. I also get facials with Nicole. Her attention to detail and knowledge about the skin is unlike any other esthetician I have been to. I always get complimented on how beautiful my skin looks. I credit Nicole with that. Toni and Nicole keep me looking my best.

Nilda Beatty

Staff are very friendly. Very talented group of hair stylists.

Dana Leone

LOVE this salon! Prices are right on point! Service is amazing! Everyone is soooooo nice! Had my hair done by Olivia and i couldn’t be happier! I’d recommend this salon to anyone who’s looking for a salon that does amazing work!

Danielle Jubanyik

Emmy is an amazing colorist!

Trevor Gregory

WOW, $400 makes it a little difficult to compliment your wife's highlights. Wasn't even able to get a trim. A little heads up would be nice before you SCREW people over. What a complete RIP

Melissa Luna

I have not yet gotten any services here YET but my sister works reception. She needed me to go in for an errand while she was sick and the other women were so warm and kind. The salon looked impeccable and smelled amazing not harsh at all and there were a few stylists using coloring products. I definitely want to make an appointment soon, seems like a wonderful place to treat yo self!

Anne Carangi

Always great service!

Danielle Shine

Emmy does AMAZING work! She takes time to listen and make sure you are comfortable. I love my blonde highlights and haircut. Thank you Emmy!

Sarah Steele

Aron is my stylist at Moxie Blue. I have been a client there for 2 years. He is a major talent and I am so happy to have found him. He cares about the health of your hair and will assist you in having the best hair you can have. Check out Moxie Blue, I give Aron 5 stars!

Elsa DeSousa

Everyone here is super friendly and very knowledgeable about their craft. Although its somewhat pricey, it's worth every penny.

mjhackett100 .

This place is excellent; atmosphere and service! My shampoo girl Gina and stylist Ayanna are a dynamic duo!!!

Amy White

Rachel is the Best!

Robert Gibbs

Great and friendly staff! Walked in with a mess on top of my head and walked out ready to take on the world! They really what they’re doing.

Danielle Maldonado

Very professional and courteous! My first time here and it was a fabulous experience. The staff is fantastic!

Raquel Tirado

I've tried to get my money back after my hair began to break and fall off from being overprocessed. They refused to. Had to cut a foot of my hair off. I cry everyday from this traumatic experience. Never again am I going to any salon.

Tanya Mancini

Joel is amazing! Loved my haircut and he is excellent with hair color!!!!

Deborah Ruge

Have been to this salon twice. They recently doubled its size because of how successful it has been since its opening approximately 7 years ago. According to what information I could pry out of its employees, the salon is owned by a husband and wife team, both of whom are hands on in the salon. The salon is very modern, clean and spacious. Everyone who greeted me or provided services was polite and very professional. They had state of the art nail dryers and other state of the art equipment. All employees who provided me services were extremely enthusiastic about the salon, each other and especially the owners. That is so refreshing. I was paying top dollar at another salon but I believe the owners there didn't care about their customers any more. Moxie Blue clearly does. I would highly recommend it to anyone for hair, color, facials and nails.

Katherine Grullon

Devin is the best! She completely transformed my hair. My total experience was great with her and her assistant Val, we spoke and laughed the whole time. I will definitely be going back and recommending them to my friends as well. Thank you girls!

Stacie Bond

Corrine is amazing!! I went blonde and cut 6 inches off my hair! I feel like a new person and I've received so many compliments! I would recommend anyone to her!

Susanne Galanek

Busy salon. Prices are high


I love this place! Ask for Nicole for facials and waxing. And Ricki for hair and color! You won't be disappointed. ;-)

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