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REVIEWS OF Supercuts West Lebanon IN New Hampshire

Robert Rule

v v

Scott Ellis

Best chain haircut place I've been to ever.

Lee Lamott

A cut above the rest.

Simon Allen

I went to Supercuts and to be honest the service was good but my haircut was awful they used two different blades on each side and the woman who did it made it look awful


Great haircut, loved the service.

Kelley Herro

Always busy, rude service and there is no point in calling to make and appointment. They will take who they feel like taking. They have two people to answer 1 phone and only three stylists. That makes sense, clearly.

Stacey Van Cor

Staff is friendly, do nice hair

dan jones

Always call ahead, because they are usually busy. The haircut really depends on who you get. There are a few very good stylists there. Some... Not so much.

Joshua Persaud

No straight edge cuts.

Tamara Hill

Always kind and great service, very welcoming atmosphere

Kevin Donahue

Everyone there is always so friendly and know how to cut my hair correctly everytime


Bad haircut for a low price. Also, an appointment means nothing.

Nikole Spaneas

The lady rushed my haircut and it didn’t come out very good and my hair was uneven in the back ☹️

Chris Hollis

Nikhil Karkare

I always go to Supercuts. They provide a good service and I like using their app to check-in online and reach there right on time.

Donna Lee

I was treated like a queen, I didn't have to wait long for them to wait on me. I had Sabrina for a stylist and she did a wonderful job with a cut and highlight! Really, really happy camper!

Steven Gerow

More of a haircut factory or barber shop. Too rushed for what they charge. All about numbers. Open on Sunday though.

Chris Agneta

Laura Pirttiaho

Britney W is the best.

Dean Normandin

Affordable and friendly.

Melanie Bertrand

nick roussel

People shouldn't be making comments on your appearance or smell.

Steve Berecz

Charge more than Great Clips, and my haircut was only ok.

judy conte

Fast food hair cutting in their prices keep going up and up and up low prices was the only good thing about them other than walking service. And they separated out everything they do to you. So for instance shampoo is one price, haircut is another price and blow drying is yet another price. all additional prices added together drives the cost up and makes them almost as expensive as a fancy salon

K.J. Sears

Good service and a perfect haircut

Charles Barnes

George blood

Daughter thought place top shelf speed price and perfection of hair styling.. awesome

Youngsoo Jun

Michael Rodriguez

Staff is excellent, extremely pleasant and does a great job at getting you exactly what you are looking for. Offers many services other than hair cut and the staff is well trained in all services they offer. Tight waiting room but they get you in asap!

Ang Therrien'Seymour'

Great quality

Santosh Niroula

I would highly recommend to everyone! Staff are so nice & friendly.

ExploreTheZone !

Sooooooooooo busy. Waited 5 hours for a 5 minute cut. Staff was not nice. So massively understaffed. Wish they had a better service.

Melissa Bledsoe

ABRO Transport

Shelly Heist

Great staff. Good service fast convent and affordable.

Melanie McDonough

Bill Adams

Always great

Mark Dwyer

Too expensive for a place that employs barber college graduates.

Bob Scanlon

Angel Blanchard

Eleanor Bronder-Major

This is a good place to get your hair cut. I am impressed with the staff's professionalism every time I go there. Even when they are faced with a waiting room full of stressed and annoyed people, they remain patient and helpful--no mean feat! I also appreciate how knowledgeable the staff is here. They are always giving me tips about how to take care of my hair, but in a tactful and helpful way. Plus, my hair looks great :)

Philip Juanes

Katelyn is fantastic!

Elissa Brown

They are great with my 7yr old son. They are reasonably priced, good at what they do and they always except walk ins with minimal waiting time.

Shelly White

We love Brittany! My daughter and I have gone to her a few time. Shes great with my 7 year old and does a wonderful job.

Grace W

For an inexpensive haircut option, it’s okay. Professionalism? Not so much. The young woman who did my hair didn’t know how to handle a smooth cut. She tried to be nice, but ended up being the most awkward haircut conversation I’ve ever had with a stylist. Since I look Asian and unintentionally mentioned we live in Japan currently, she automatically assumed that I don’t speak good English and is ethnically Japanese......self-fulfilling prophecy coming true for the stylist. Overall, it’s still a decent place to get a simple haircut.

Heather Nantell

Kimberley Montroy

Patricia Rogers

I went in for a total different hair cut. I like to come here because im a spure of the moment kind of person. My stylist was very nice. We discussed what i wanted and everything seemed great until she started to cut. She was slower they i was used to, which prompted me to ask how long she had worked there. I found out she was new to the career. It all turned out okay, but would have liked to have known she wasnt experienced in my cut.

Sean Jackson

These guys are great. I have had a couple different stylists on separate occasions and they have consistently been great!

Peter Aher

They don't accept checks and have no signs stating so. I was told 45 min wait and turned out to be 90 mins and then was told about checks but they never said so when I first asked when first arrived.

Briana Smith

Okay place to go. They're always busy, they don't take appointments, and the few times I've gone my hair was cut much shorter than asked. They are VERY pricey for cuts that are not done well. But, they do great cuts for men and decent price.

Pauline Bickford

They need more hairstylists too long of a wait over 1 hour.

Stephy Aylya

They were very good and clean and quick...they also did a wonderful job with my fiances hair

Jeremy McWhorter

Great experience.

Drew Bradley

fast service and great people who work there.

Sherry Sunshine

Love Supercuts gals and guys always wonderful. West Lebanon NH

r g

Longer wait than the DMV. I had a booking that I showed up for about five minutes early for and checked in. Unfortunately, all the walk-ins had a shorter wait than I did. I waited 35 minutes without any service. I stated to the people at the register that I had booked in earlier and had not received any service and at this point elected to pass on the haircut as I was disappointed and perplexed by such a display of customer service and had doubt about the quality of hair cut I would be receiving. Apparently this was hilarious to the people who were working there as they laughed as I left. It amazes me sometimes what type of service and behavior is acceptable to people.

Rebekah Anderson

I got my eyebrows waxed + haircut and my hairstylist did a GREAT job. Definitely a hit or miss depending on who is working that day though. I went on a Sunday and had about a 20 minute wait which gave me time to decide if I was going to trust my eyebrows and hair with one of the ladies. I would recommend this place, nonetheless as I had a good experience.

Sarah Morgan

Jacob McGrew

Quick and easy. But just shut up and cut my hair. You're way too stupid to engage in any kind of conversation with me.

Heather Albrecht

Ryan Tanski

I have never received a worse haircut.The wait was far longer than they had promised, and I will never again go to such an atrocious place for a haircut. The person cutting my hair took no care whatsoever and should be fired for the way in which they massacred the back of my head. I hope this establishment goes bankrupt.

Will Johnson

The haircut was okay, but their prices have gone up quite a lot, and after telling us it would be 35 to 45 minutes it was an hour and a half before they got to us.

Jason Avery

Suzanne RandomWord

They always do a great job! They never over-promise when it comes to waiting times, which helps you plan your errands a lot better.

Tim Cardwell

Good place for a cut and wash but the waiting time can be unreasonable. Not into waiting over an hour to get a haircut. Otherwise 5 stars.

Teresa Volta

All ways a good wash & cut from the tall guy -- Ken. Good variety of shampoo, conditioner, and hair styling stuff, plus beard care. Paul Mitchell, Redkin +.

Meagan Hannigan

Bill Riz

always professional though understaffed, service is not bad, surprised seeing all these poor reviews. Weekends are busy like any other salon.

Randall Woodward

Very nice ladies, usually very busy though. Best to use the call ahead option.

Justin McDowell

Don't even bother. You schedule a time and an hour later the might get you in.

Jillian and Gerion DeMarco and silva

They were very nice, and they did a great job on my daughter and my haircut. I showed them pics and they did our haircuts perfectly!! I will be a return customer


The wait there is super long. If the wait wasn't so bad then I would give it a higher rating because the staff is very kind and they do a great job! Calling ahead helps somewhat with the wait time, depending on the day.

Aatif Kamal

Rohana Miller

The stylists all cut well and get maximum experience with all ages, genders, trends!

Carolyn Buckley

They did a fantastic job on my husband and kids hair, as well as waxing my eye brows

M Wilkinson

Love this location! Call ahead because I am not the only one!

Mary K Rowland

Admittedly, at times depending on what new girl they hire, it may be hit or miss and I have been disappointed in the past, but I chalk that up to poor communication on my end. I go exclusively to Alice. She is such a talented artist.

Rick Wolf

They do a great job with cutting, however Made an appointment for 9 and they didn't start till 10.

Sylvie Coltey

Worst eyebrow wax I’ve ever experienced. After the lady was done waxing my eyebrows she handed me a mirror and asked me how they looked. I instantly noticed that a layer of skin under my eyebrow was taken off. She didn’t care to tell me what she did and she didn’t apologize. I’ve been getting my eyebrows waxed for 3 years now and this is the first time this has happened. Now I have to walk around with a big mark under my eyebrow. I will not be coming back.

Ethan Langdon

susan miller

Hairdresser messed my son's hair up so bad didn't listen to him he said he wanted a trim and she cut it and screwed it up ,uneven he so upset he doesn't even want to go to school or wear a hat cause his hair is cut uneven in front this is a friggin nightmare never again

Karl Stanford

I'm not sure who posts the good reviews for this place, but yesterday was my last trip there for sure. I used their site to view the wait time (30 minutes) and "checked in" before I left home, then drove the 30 minutes to the shop. I got there at 3:15 p.m and was told "I'm sorry, we aren't taking any more people today." When I told them that I had checked in at, the smiling woman said, "Oh, we've had over an hour wait for about two hours now. We have been having some trouble with our app sometimes"...without so much as a hint of an apology. I started to mention the famous Seinfeld episode about "taking a reservation vs. keeping a reservation," but realized that she was way too young. I've gone to Supercuts a few times in the last year, usually because of the convenience...because the job they have done has never been all that great. Rest assured, they've seen the last dollar from my wallet! Avoid this place!

Jim DiRenzo

Great haircuts. Good value for the money. Easy to make reservations or simply walk in.

Tonya Armstrong

Some of the ladies are great and friendly others not so much.

James Fisk

great place with fast service

Deidre Rivard

Clean atmosphere. Friendly, helpful staff

Jack Kelly

Cassie Williams

They always do a nice job with my hair and it's a fair price.

Jamie Dickinson

Been here many times. Schedule and checking a head on the app.

Dale Hall

Terrible haircut

Jonathan Belk

Adam C.

Always fast & courteous service - even many smiles ~ Awesomeness!

Molly Messier

Jasmine Davis

I got in on short notice, and received a great hair cut that was extremely affordable. I ended up getting my eyebrows waxed as well. I will be going back again.

Erin Merriam

Awful haircut for my son! The front was so crooked I could have done better. Stylist took four minutes to cut his hair. When I complained about the uneven haircut, stylist fixed it while he was standing up. I was told if I put gel in it and spiked it no one would notice. What????! Ended up cut so short in the front it looks like a haircut from the movie dumb and dumber. Not impressed. First and last visit there.

Heidi Darling

great place clean and peaceful

Mary Cain

Affordable highlights! Great coloring! Taylor gave great service. Doing the happy dance!

Patrick Bettis

Kerry Terrien

Third time I tried the call ahead service. They clearly cannot figure this out. I waited for 45 minutes as the person I had requested took three walk-ins before me and then went on break. I walked out without a haircut.

Ben Pedi

Lilly Cadow

I called ahead to put my name on the list, and when I checked in, they told me 20 minutes. I spent 100 minutes waiting for my haircut.

Jason Wark

Ruth Heselton

Got my boyfriend in and out quick and he got a great cut

Jerome Kessler

Works for me.

Mother Tornato

Inexpensive and they do a fine job, but it's never a three hour tour. Even with an appointment you must plan on waiting.

David Minshall

Excellent cut and great convo for the right price

Pamela Fidler

Clean competent hairdressers

Todd L

Nice reliable place to get a haircut. I know several people who go there exclusively. I always recommend calling ahead to check in and save yourself some wait time. I can't imagine anywhere else would be worth the higher price.

Joe butts

Hope Abbott

My boys love getting thier hair cut here, everytime they do a great job!

Greg Loupis

Ronald Bertrand

Always get treated well

Crystal rich

Ken Mosholder

Its a good place to go, they cut well and everyone is very friendly.

Jane Barrs

Brought my elderly mother here for a much needed trim; Sabrina did a great job!

Chris Dupuis

George Hartsgrove

Tanner Singleton

I have gotten my hair cut at this place for the last two years and the service has only gotten worse. If you are looking to spend an hour waiting for your haircut then this is the place for you! I wouldn’t suggest going to this place

Angella Marcel

Love the place great hair stylists ☺

John Hudson

Love this place, prices do seem like they are going up every other month though.


Walked in midday on Thursday. I was seen quickly and got a good, inexpensive hair cut.

Robert Barnhouse

Jayde did an amazing job!


I always call and make an appointment for a scheduled time but always end up waiting 40+ minutes over the scheduled time given. It seems like they schedule the time and don’t have the walk ins who didn’t schedule a time wait. Had enough, definitely going somewhere else from now on. Not worth the waste of time. Why schedule a time if they’re not going to be able to do it then anyways....

Josh Patterson

FourthofJuly CrystalLake

'Beyond busy. You would think they would hire more staff... they tend to stand and talk about 'life" rather then help those costumers that are waiting. I once did an official complaint on the Supercuts website and was mocked by one of the ladies working there. This is small town and people talk. Costumer service is key to this area. I finally found the corporate contact information and plan to contact them directly. They should really look into how the management (and I use that term lightly) is handling this branch. Thanks Supercuts for the $2.00 off coupon... too little too late. Those in the area should support the local businesses and boycott this rude establishment.

Jennifer Edwards

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