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REVIEWS OF Garbo's Salon & Spa - Regency IN Nebraska

Kiel Ruiz

Aaron has been cutting my hair for the last five years with the last two being at Garbo's. They have an excellent selection of products and services and Erin actually helped me find a gift for my dad for Father's Day. Erin has always done a phenomenal job with my hair and takes her time to make sure that it's done right the first time. The prices are reasonable for a salon but still relatively expensive compared to some of the lower cost options that are out there. I've tried several other places and people over the years but I always go back to Erin.

Carly Clemons

Absolutely loved it! The place was super nice, the staff was very sweet. I had Bobbi and she was AMAZING!!! I got color, highlights, a very drastic, complicated cut and eyebrows and it looks great! It was $200 for all of that, including tip and I was happy to pay it- it was worth every dime! Bobbi was so sweet and definitely knew what she was doing. Everyone there seemed both friendly and experienced. I would definitely recommend it.

Mandi Johnson

Hayli W gave me the best cut, color & highlight! Trendy salon in a great location!

Deborah JohnsonColbert

Always get great service, great haircut & excellent product. Kennith is the the best!

Terri Morrow-Raasch

Ashley was fabulous!!


Bijana Valentino

The stylist who did my hair (Chrissy) was kind, accomodating, and honest. I came in for a consultation for future vivid colors and I ended up getting a cut, treatment, and a curl. I am *very* happy and so is my hair. I also left with an appointment on the books. The staff I had interactions with were all nice as well. 11/10 will visit again.

Vicki Melvin

I was nervous about a changing salons after going another salon for 7 years but Erin did an amazing job meeting my expectations. I love my new haircut!

Chris Verhage

Clair was amazing. I would ask for her every time

Courtney Hensley

My hair did not look anything like the picture I had shown the stylist & it fell out within half an hour of being done. I had to completely redo my hair prior to the wedding I was in that afternoon. It was a lot of money to spend on something that did not last & did not look the way I wanted at all.

Bhoodha S

My girlfriend recommended we come here for a massage. Great decision and experience.

Heide Hibbard

I am sure most of the hair dressers are nice and proficient but the snobby lady who answers the phone and works the reception desk assigned me to the worst ever hair person. She was crass, loud, self-absorbed and I should have known she had problems with color since she was wearing a turban with a peek-a-boo of orangish hair showing in the front. She wanted to put in a low tone to cover my 30 or so silver hairs when I was having foil highlights done and I told her I liked them and did not care about covering them. She said it would condition my hair and would make the highlights stand out more so I allowed it. My hair turned out really gold looking and I have naturally ash colored hair. The next time I came in I told her that I hated it and it really damaged my hair and printed out pictures of ash hair so she could see the color I wanted her to go over the gold with and she was annoyed with me. She then made my hair brown. After a year I am still dealing with the extremely damaged hair she had colored and because of that experience have decided I would rather just have my bland ash-colored hair and not have to go through this kind of experience again. I am practically hiding out in my house until winter when I can wear knit caps and hopefully by next summer it will all be grown out.

Kate Linder

Kenzie Phillips

pamela das

best for haircuts

Nida Siddiqi

Got appointment for Erin after reading reviews here and it was the best decision I made She was AMAZING and did a wonderful job and I just simply loved my hairstyle. Highly recommend her for Garbo’s at Regency Court.

Andrew Gilbert

I had Rose and she did a great job. She did what I had asked but added her expertise into the cut and it turned out great. The place is well kept. I recommend Garbos

David Kudlacek

My cousin Dani works here and she does a realy good job. I will continue to go here to get my hair cut by her. Thanks Dani!

shannon sanchez

Way over priced

Holly Fritze

Wendy Rieger

Paige was amazing. She knows what she is doing and is very personable. Definatly will be coming back :)

Sharon Lee

Holly Richardson

I went here back in June to have my hair done for my wedding, I specifically asked for someone that was experienced with curly hair as I wanted a style that would require a flat iron and then recurl, the lady spent several hours on my hair doing 3 different hairstyles when before we had even started I showed her what I wanted needless to say I went in at 8 and it was almost 11 before I had told her it'll just have to do as I was in tears considering my wedding was at 1 and still had to do my makeup and get dressed and my hair looked terrible I could have done what she did myself and saved the 75 dollars what made it even worse is the front desk girl had the gull to choke out a you look pretty as tears were running down my face... I will never step into a garbos salon ever again.

Lindsey Carraher

jeremiah hurley

Christy Sueverkruepp

Michaela gave me a great cut that has made it soooo much easier to style my hair. The length is just right for wearing up or down. She gave me some tips on how to work with my hair type. The blow out she gave me felt and looked great for days. After seeing pics of her color work on line I am looking forward to a new look for spring/summer.

Liz Sass

The best hair salon

Katie Vanzago

It was a disaster and that's shame because I have been able to trust garbos for over a decade. I have never had a particular stylist that's the main reason why i loved them i knew i could trust anyone there I have been in hair hell since my last visit. Had pictures & requested a LIGHT perm with big curls I left looking like a disoriented poodle!

brenda Miller

Excellent work, pleasant experience!

Hannah Stahl

Michaela S. always does such a great job! When I tell her I want to take a leap with my hair she has suggestion after suggestion. She truly knows what's best for your style and comfort level. She also is so gentle and friendly when cleaning and styling your hair! She is my only hairstylist (I don't trust anyone else, sorry mom) The price level is great! With her quality I feel like I'm going to get a 500 dollar hairdo for a fraction of that! I am constantly getting compliments on my hair and you can to. Just go visit her! But tell her I sent you! We will both get 25$ off! (Me for the referral, you for being a first time client)

Shelby Nosal

Paige W. is awesome! I have thick and short hair and she always does a great job!

Peter Boll

Go to Melissa Birdsong, she is the best!

Jared Cummings

Go see Thomas. Best hair cut I've ever had.

J.D. Miller

Rachel Miller is amazing!

Jessica Ciochetto

I just finished at my appointment. WOW! Renee did a wonderful job. She was really sweet and masterfully colored, cut, and styled my hair. The color looks amazing. I will keep coming back!

Amanda Hall

Writing this for GARBO'S and for my AMAZING Stylist there, Michaela Sueverkruepp. GARBO'S is a great salon, I really like the range of products they offer (lots of lines you can't find elsewhere) and have always been treated very well by all of their staff. I love the salon, but my stylist is even better! I first found Michaela about 2 years ago and tasked her with fixing a botched color job from a chain salon. We're talking highlighter orange streaks, brassy nasty brown, it was BAD!! Not only did she fix it, she absolutely exceeded my expectations! I can give her vague ideas of what I want and she nails it, every time. In two years of seeing Michaela every 8 weeks, I've been thrilled each and every time. I feel totally safe in her hands, she knows what works for me and gives me new & exciting without pushing it too far (though if I ever want a drastic change, I know she can do it!). She does the best color I've ever had (I'd say the best in Omaha!). She can do anything--funky bright colors, natural highlights, blondes, reds, amazing brunette shades that never look flat. She does great cuts & styles as well, every bit as good as her color skills! I have naturally wavy hair that I usually wash & wear; it looks great when she styles it for me and looks just as good when I air dry at home.

Amanda Kis Cramer

I asked for an ombray balayage, and the stylist put bleach on my whole entire head. :( This was two years ago and I am still upset about it. I had virgin hair.

Jason McCracken

Paul Berrios

Ask for Paige !!!!! I seriously had the best experience at the regency location ever ! I went in and got an all over color and not only was the product that they used amazing , when I say amazing I'm not joking because dark color doesn't usaually last that long for me but I didn't have to recolor for two months and usually it fades and this time it was so vibrant and shiny, but also the staff there treat you like family which is hard to get that kind of experience in a Salon now a days . I would definitely recommend to everyone !!!!!

Pam Voss

Have been coming to Garbo's now for years, Julie Rix has been cutting and coloring my hair and does a fantastic job. The reason for this kind of poor review is because I just spent 15 minutes on hold to make an appointment which is unsatisfactory, if you don't have someone to answer customer calls hire someone, if there is a meeting or training happening tell your customers on the message, don't leave them thinking that someone is going to answer their call as soon as they help another customer on the phone. UNSAT!!!!!

Ashley Biggs

John Paul at Regency was absolutely amazing. The best I've had. He understood what I wanted when I was unable to really convey it well. I have a lot of hair and curls. Usually when touched with a blow dryer it gets so poofy that no one knows what to do with it which makes me hesitant to let anyone style my hair, but not him. It's gorgeous, straight, and shiny with a perfect amount of curl towards the ends. He gave me a perfect cut and style, and not only did he do that, but he explained to me how to do it at home! I'm going back and have already recommended him and the salon to friends and family alike.

Joe Diril

Samantha Campbell

Joe Mattia

Eileen is one of the best, if not the best in the business when it comes to men's cuts! She makes you her only priority in the chair and actually cares about building rapport with you. Her knowledge in cosmetology is awesome because she knows what looks good and won't let you leave until you have exactly what you want. I get compliments all the time thanks to the work she's done and the best part is her attitude! She's always extremely happy and excited to see you and she's hilarious!! Go see Eileen today!!

Shane Barbee

Gail Berigan

Kyleen Dewey

Eileen Staley did an amazing job putting in my hair extensions. I was struggling with lack of volume and extensions seemed like the only way to achieve what I wanted. Meeting with Eileen was such a great experience! She explained everything thoroughly and really educated me about the whole process. After it was all said and done, my hair LOOKED BEAUTIFUL! People at work had no idea I got extensions---they just kept saying "Wow, your hair grows fast!" I love that I was able to make such an abrupt style change, add volume, and have people only notice the beauty and not know that it's artificial. Wouldn't go to anybody else!

Michael Downey

The salon is clean, reasonably priced, and staffed with polite professionals. They will take good care of you.

Gary Dunteman

Great hair cut every time with my stylist Rachel, been going to her for years. The staff there are very helpful and nice.


Rose Melonis

Jing Gao

Very rude place. Over price but the very arrogant hair stylist. Never going back.

Jenny Holling

Ash is my girl! She does fabulous color & styling. Always happy with her creations and latest edgy cuts plus her head & neck messages are so relaxing, hands down the best!

Michaela Stahl

Mustafa adnan

Aloha Moake

Go see Paige Wieting at Regency! She always gets my color right, she's super thorough and makes sure you are getting exactly what you want. She gives the best shampoo/conditioning massages AND I have long hair (and I want it to stay that way) and she knows not to take off too much when I'm getting a trim. Also, the discount you get for referring a friend or family member is a definite plus!

James R Sawyer

Eileen is amazing and always gives an amazing men’s cut! She is talented and always makes you feel like a top priority when you are in her chair! Book an appointment with her and see! You won’t be disappointed!

Kristin Meisinger


great experience here. I had Rose and she was very skilled and clearly knew what she was doing. I would definitely recommend Garbo's.

rachel miller

Josie Petrulis

IS THERE A WAY TO GIVE THIS PLACE ZERO STARS?????? UGH!!! Ok so I used to have really nice thick eyebrows and I was going on vacation soon. Well I needed to get them waxed, and this would not be my first time, so I figured she would just do my already shape... right? So we booked an appointment here and went in and I got all ready on the table and she did her thing. Well then she went to show me the mirror and I HAD PENCIL THIN EYEBROWS! I've never been more discussed in my life. I smiled at her and we payed and walked out. Soon as we got out of those doors I lost it and started balling! Then I went home and cried for over an hour because of how bad I looked. I DO NOT RECCOMEND EVER GOING HERE!!! We used to have a Garbos by my house and they did a great job on my brows.. THIS ONE HOW EVER DID NOT! This lady ruined my face, my vacation, and my summer.

Riannon Simmerman

Rave review for Erin L. at Garbo's Regency! I have been seeing Erin for a while now to get highlights and style my hair, and she is always great about educating me on new products, treatments, and just overall doing wonders for my hair! So when it came to wedding hair, I knew she was the only person I could trust. She did my hair for my wedding on September 8 of this year, and not only was my hair beautiful, but holy cow that sucked did not move all night and did great through pictures! After two accidental veil pulls, dancing at the reception, and even some moderate wind, the intricate design remained beautiful. Please understand that I have a lot of hair, and it is very thick, so to have my intricate hairstyle survive the night beautifully is a big deal! Please go see Erin L. at Garbo's Regency for your general hair needs, but truly consider her for your wedding hairstyle!!

Kevin Forrest

Paige W has been cutting our 4 & 5 year old daughters hair since long enough to need cuts. She always does a great job, and gives us honest advice on cuts, recommendations. I'd highly recommend Paige regardless of your age or need, I have no doubt she'll do a great job for you.

Andrew Brabec

I have been coming to Garbos in Regency for about a year. I have liked my experience each time. Everyone is very friendly. Ashley is my go to stylist.


Worst experience ever at Regency. Considered never going to any Garbo's again.

Catherine Hartauer

I’ve been going to Eileen to get my hair cut and colored and my eyebrows waxed for over a year now and she always does a fantastic job! She makes sure to spend quality time with her clients and does not cut any corners in order to make sure everything is done to perfection. During my last appointment I was ready for a change but did not know exactly what I wanted, thankfully Eileen is very creative and helpful and I ended up leaving with a color I adore! I have also had so many compliments on my eyebrows since she started waxing them and will only ever go to her from now on. I was happy to find out that she is now taking appointments at both the regency and the midtown locations.

Sherry Minge

Worst experience ever! Our "stylist," Jamie, was incompetent, insincere and showed lack of remorse when she butchered 9 inches off my daughter's hair after we specifically told her she did not like short hair and we wanted to keep the length. Terrible service!

Timothy OBrien

Audrey is awesome! She is a natural! I've received many compliments concerning my hair cut! Thank you Audrey!

Michelle Day

Thank you to Darcy for helping me resolve a gift card problem and for recommending Rachel, stylist. Rachel at Garbo's Regency did an amazing job coloring and cutting my hair. I had some color challenges and am growing my hair out so she used her creativity and listened to what I was looking for to make me look fantastic for my new job. Thanks to Rachel, too!

chris graves

Got a haircut here and they actually messed up the amount i wanted them to take off. they definitely don't know what their doing and will mess up your hair.

Sandra Montgomery

I love,love,love my haircut. Evy listened to what I wanted and executed it flawlessly. Thanks

Kaitlin Capouch

Eileen Staley is amazing at doing blonde colors. She made me feel so comfortable and confident about my color decisions and isn't finished until you are 100% satisfied. She's flexible and bends over backwards to make appointments work. Her cuts are also always exactly what I ask for!

paula beal

Mark Irvin

Derek Eskens

The new location is very nice. Obviously the quality of the service will depend on who you get, but it seems like they try to keep a high bar.

Aubrey Schieuer

Service was terrible. Haircut was not at all what was requested.

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