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1124 W Central Ave, Missoula, MT 59801

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REVIEWS OF The Man Shop IN Montana

Jeff Conrad

Favorite place!

Jason Courville

The only place I have found that cuts my hair the way I like!! With multiple different stylists.

Zech Memelord

Cut my hair way shorter than I asked

Matt Derosier

Paige did a great job. Took the time to make sure everything looked good. Definitely got my moneys worth.

Sabriand F.

Cheap, fast, bad haircut. Regret going.

Colton Ask

Bo Kline

Great haircut and good view also! ;0)

Andrew Moore

Great hair cuts and beard trims, smiled professionals

Nathan Stone

Favorite place to get a haircut in Missoula. Plus, you can grab a burrito at Taco Del Sol if there's a long wait.

xavier burns

laid back atmosphere and alt-professional stylists make this a good place for a haircut. Prices are average for regular cuts and buzzes but can start getting up there when adding things like a razor finish. Due to popularity, they can get a little backed up during certain times so don't expect to come in, get cut, and get out at that time.

Chris Taurman

Great prices, great female stylists, fun concept.

Troy Zastrow

This place is a great place to get a hair cut I used to always have to fix my hair when I got home from other shops. The ladies do a really good job plus today my 2 year old got a hair cut and was difficult but the stylist did pretty darn good!!!!!!! Happy happy customer you ladies Rock

Michael Brooke

Good prices great service

Cami Ballenger

Out of the 5-6 times my son and boyfriend have been to this place to get their hair cut they've had decent cuts about 2 times. I understand a little uneven cut here and there but the last cuts each of them got there were HORRIBLE. Talk about butchered. I mean how do you mess up a men's cut SO badly? Not to mention the wait times were EXTREMELY long on two different occasions. One time was 45 minutes and the last time was over an hour! I really liked the atmosphere of this place and the location was great, but just can't see going there anymore. Hair Headquarters is the way to go in my opinion.

Tyler plouffe

Adrian Adams

This is a tough review to give. On the one hand, I have enjoyed both haircuts I've recieved here. On the other hand, the feel of the place, and the vibe given off by the employees is less than great. Both times I've been in the shop, no employee smiled once. I very much just felt like they were there for their paycheck, and not because they enjoy their job. I asked for a shave, because, yknow, a barbershop for men. But I was told rather bluntly, no. I was told you have to get an extra licence for that. Not the end of the world, but when all you want is 20 minutes of pampering, a shave, a haircut, shampooing, etc, and you're told you can't have the shave and the shampooing lasts 30 seconds, I dunno. If you just need a fast (and I mean fast) haircut, this would be a perfectly fine place to go. But if you're looking for a barbershop to call home, this would not be on my list of suggestions. Now I dont wish to discredit anyone else's experience here, but two similar experiences have been enough for me to know I probably wont be back any time soon.

Adam L.

Fast and friendly, but they gave me an uneven fade! The hot towel was a nice touch though. Also, the picture of young Emma Watson as a "future hottie" was pretty disgusting. UPDATE: I went in and they fixed my hair cut, but still not satisfied.

alec laing

Best haircuts in Missoula

Lawn Lawn

Worst hair I've ever received in my life.

Jessica Hopcroft

They did a great job on my husband's hair and beard. The price was also much cheaper than other salons.

Sarah Pavey

Casey Dorsey

Only place I get my hair cut. Nice ladies that know their craft.

Gigi Yazzie

Great place to go get hair cut in a hurry... except, when there are only two workers and the line is long. Fun games to play while you wait though.

Glenn Mckanna jr

The lady's are always nice and polite and never have too wait long.


Just got my haircut here. To be fair, I was not too specific - just asked for high and tight. Before I could really say how long on top I looked up had a haircut you would see on 10 year old Mormon child at church. Think free institutional haircut at a mental institution. Think a haircut your grandmother would give you. The back of my head looks like a carpet cut into a half circle. No fading, just one length then boom, my neck. Keep in mind, I am not picky about my hair. Really. I was just driving by and stopped in. As long as I don't look like serial sexual predator I'm cool with it. Well, apparently that's how I look now. I'm going to go home and buzz my head with a beard trimmer. Thanks guys. You can keep my 15 dollars next time. Otherwise, the vibe is trashy and cheap. Cliché "man" stuff like tool boxes and arcade games. Save your money and just head to a barbershop.

russell hitchens

Great place for a haircut. Friendly professional staff.

Jon Van Delden

Always great service, only place I get my hair cut.

Trenton Thomas

The whole experience from walking in to leaving is accepting and awesome. Prices are fair and your freinds can relax and play games while they wait.

Devyn Poole

Great cut.

Daryl Lee

Great service with a military discount, the only place is Missoula to get a razor fade.

Mishana truitt

My husband had his hair cut here and it was a disaster! Not sure the girl had ever cut hair before!! I spent an hour undoing what she did so he could feel confident again. Never going back!

Will Smith

Most the girls are good

Jesse H

Kayla Grimes is my stylist of choice! I've tried out a few different places, but she definitely takes the cake! As soon as it's time to go in she's nothing but a joy to be around, she's funny and she's driven to do her absolute best to make sure you look EXACTLY the way you wanted to by the time you leave! I HIGHLY recommend asking for her the next time you make it in to the Man Shop that way you can see exactly what i'm talking about. Cheers!

mike Sunderland

I am from Spokane, the shops over there are awesome. However, I just visited this one and it was the worst haircut I have ever received . I had Chunks of hair on my head. I was not offered a wash or any product. I had to run back to my motel to fix it. I will not be returning.

Nick Giese

Been getting my haircut here since they opened. Have always been happy, they do a great job!

Cindy Cole

I went in to fill out an application for possible employment. I wasn't greeted. Once the person who I was there to see saw me she seemed annoyed and apologized to on-coming clients for taking a quick minute to talk to me. Not a happy atmosphere, friendly or professional atmosphere at all! There are MUCH nicer, cleaner places for men to get awesome cuts.

Matthew P Boyd

The man shop is the only place I get my hair cut at. Great friendly service, and always look Sharpe when there done. Best, fastest hair cut I've ever had. Beautiful women that cut hair. You girls rock . Keep that hot lather coming

June gacha

Staff is very friendly. And I usually dont have to wait very long .

David Evans

Michael Keefe

Good service, review is more price based. Didn't notice much difference over a $12 shop, had a few hairs to do myself. Still got me cleaned up and out the door in a reasonable amount of time. The young woman who cut my hair was fast and friendly and didn't talk my ear off.

Dustin Sutton

HusbandBOT 3000

I like the atmosphere, I normally go in for a buzz and it's just $10

Kevin Hauge

Jayden Bell

Bryan Wheeler

Lady messed up my sons haircut after she said she could do it won't go back now

Mathew R

The name says all you need to know

Justin BC

Great environment

Nathaniel Williams

I'm 43 and never left a review in my life. I thought this deserved one. This was the worst haircut I've ever had by far. Recently I went in and asked for a trim. I said to leave about an inch on the side. Of course immediately she took out the electric cutters. So I said again, to leave one inch on the side. Then she took the whole side off and left less than a half inch. I let her finish. I paid and got out. So bad I wont be showing my hair in public anytime soon. I look in the mirror and only get mad because I look so bad. Finally i just decided to shave my whole head. If you are looking for a professional looking haircut, dont go here. Never going back.

Brian Lawrence

Great quality hair cuts and friendly staff !

Jennifer Wills

Somehow my daughter got talked into having her haircut here after my son got his cut. They do a nice job on boys hair. I am astounded at how absolutely butchered her hair is. Why in the world would they do that to a 14-year-old? She’s heartbroken. Please don’t ever take a girl to this place.

Rob Shropshire

I like the barbers and the atmosphere.

Evan Cazavilan

Don't go here if you have curly hair.

Lee Crawford

Wonderful staff, great listeners and visitors too!

Arron Johnson

Great haircut.

Richard Curry

Bob Dylan

Becca is amazing and does a great job. 12 out of 10

Robert Sanchez

Been going here for over a year and always very happy with my cut and I do go 3 to 4 times a month!!!

Kelsi Crisp

Quick and affordable. Only walk in though no apt. Which is a little inconvenient. It's also a little tacky with the stereotype man theme but if that is your thing then it's your spot all the way!

Alex Gush

Not a great hair cut, felt run down

JD Mewes

Most of my cuts here are fantastic, quick, and easy. My last one was not any of those, but i still enjoy the place a lot.

Brent Gyuricza

Great cuts great price!

Jason Murray

Friendly staff and great environment.

Kyle Krstulich

Best place for a haircut.

Alan Wells

Michael Holohan

Well staffed. Convenient business hours. Reasonable prices. Pleasant peeps. Quick intake for a walk-in. Checks most of the Barbershop boxes in my book. Solid haircut.

Colby Prosper

Great haircut and delightful staff make me a regular.

John Barber

Thomas Attard

One of my favorite places to get a haircut with my son lots of fun games to play while you wait a go

zack paul

Very good at what they do even when you aren't sure what you want.

Donald Sawyer

Good place for a haircut. Military discount on Wednesdays!

Cory McLaughlin

Who wouldn't enjoy a game of pool while you're waiting to get your haircut?


First time guest. Great atmosphere. Taylor cut my hair and trimmed my goatee. Very sweet girl, worked quickly, and did a top-notch job. Thank you Taylor!

Zaphodd Zero

Great place for a trim! I recommend the badass beard service!

Scott Litchfield

Always good haircut

Alex Cutler

More often than not I get a bad haircut here. It's cheap, but you get what you pay for.

Ted Hall

Friendly, fast, good barbers. 2nd Amendment welcome


Very pleasant experience very comfortable and excellent job

Alize Begay

My hair was cut how I wanted it and plus the hair dresser braided my hair which was done as a fish braid. The price was reasonable. Very clean and location was a great spot to have business there.

Michael Richardson

I've come in one time and though the woman who cut my hair was very nice she butchered it. Won't come back and wouldn't recommend it.

Nate Souther

They do a good job with the haircuts. Kinda fun to shoot hoops while you're waiting. My kids finally let me drop cutting their hair and now they go here with me.

xBEN_ x

Adam Cheak

They were fast, inexpensive, I was indecisive but they knew what to do. Perfect.

Boun Moua

Went in to get a haircut this morning because I was in a hurry and there was no wait time. I should have been patient and waited. The stylist seemed preoccupied and didn't want to cut my hair. Sides are uneven and top is wavy. I still left a tip but more as a parting gift. I will not be going back to this place. If you need a cut go somewhere else. You might have to wait but at least you'll get a good cut.

Cassy Leetch

Man and family friendly! Do good job and decent priced. But seems like everytime my husband goes there, it takes a while to get in.

J.B. Suess

Great haircuts

Chris Lambright

Fast and low cost cuts in a cool atmosphere. Usually no waiting too

Elizabeth Davidson

My son loves getting his hair done here

Kichōna loli queen


Jay Brox

They cut good hair!

Morgan S

Dedicated customer. Happy every time!

Jaimie Fortune

Get your hair cut by Mandi ! Shes pretty awesome :)

Drew Rieker

The gals at the Man Shop are great. I have always received a great haircut. They have even trained me on what I need to say when I come in next time. I usually call ahead to get in the queue on busy days but always can get in and out faster than most shops I have been to.


Don't get a fade here. Asked for a low got a high. Not a hard hair cut keep it low. Not on top of my ******** head.

Lisa Woods

My boys love getting their hair cut here. Friendly staff and one of the best waiting areas

Ryan Schrenk

Matt Karlson

Great haircuts are available here.

Doug Robert

Service was good and fast. The price was right and the gal that cut my hair was friendly and did a very good job. I am sure there are times of the day that there would be a wait time but when I was there I got right in.

tariq watson

Evan Capoferri

Bryce Watson

Good hair cuts very professional and friendly

Dempsey Vick

Been coming here for my haircuts exclusively since I moved here 4 years ago. The environment is always great and fun. Have always left happy with the quality of service and the price. Great conversations with the stylists and always have felt like "one of the family" and not just another customer

Michael MacTaggart

Great service, friendly staff

Tyler Claxton

Alyx Kurschner

Awesome place for guys to get hair services at, love the atmosphere and the various services

Will Adams

First timer for me to visit there for a haircut cool employer that respects people's style of their hair looking great good!

Elijah Kushner

Come here everytime I get a haircut, looks good everytime!

Dalton DeMars

Joseph Plumage

Great place to get your haircut

Jake Cochran

Great place good haircuts at a good price

Matthew Olivarez

Michael Penni

This is the only place I get my hair cut. I always leave a happy customer! Make sure to check them out. It's worth it.

Levi Brubaker

Steven Ankney


Bjoern_ Snorri

Great haircuts, depending on if there experienced or not... if there new your probably not gonna have a good time

Mahlon Manson

Great haircuts and beard trims. Wednesday is veterans discount day.


Nice place to get a high quality hair cut, they also can do kids hair which is nice as you and your little one can get cleaned up at the same time. There are arcade and table games here to break up the boredom. At times it can get busy so expect to wait a while.

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