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REVIEWS OF Sugar Salon IN Montana

Quinnelle Sager

I did research on the best salons in Helena for my daughter's senior picture hair color. She wanted bayalage and I knew we had to go high end to make sure it was done correctly so we made an online apt. with Tanna for bayalage, glaze and a cut for $150. We arrived at the apt. to a very young girl but we assumed she must know what she's doing to work there so we weren't too concerned. When she was done with it all, we had to leave immediately because we had a car apt. we were going to be late for. We got in the car and started looking at it closely and there were two very distinct, "choppily" painted colors , an orangey color and a red/purple color, which did not go together at all. There were also sections underneath in the back that were yellow because not enough color was used over the "bleach". The hair was also not "painted" evenly across the top so it started and stopped at different points. We tried hard to talk ourselves into it being ok but after looking and asking opinions of strangers, we knew it needed fixed. We went back and showed her the blocky, unmatching colors and asked if she could fix it with just one of the colors. She couldn't that day because it would harm her hair so we made an appointment for Sunday. Over the next two days we realized the color was not good and that the bayalge "lines" were still unbalanced at the root so even if she "fixed" it with one color, it would still be wrong so we decided to just go dark and even it back out. She did that but then charged me another $60. As she combed through it, there was no way she couldn't see her mistakes and there's no way she should have charged me more. I was not pleased but I'm also not going to refuse payment. She is a sweet girl and I think she has great potential but I don't believe she is ready for bayalage and needs more work there and if there is an obvious mistake, the customer shouldn't be charged again to fix it. Update: I updated my rating as Tanna contacted me and refunded our $150 plus tip and was very mature about it. As I said, she has great potential! Learning takes time, I think she'll be amazing if she keeps up with it!

Veronica Soth

I would like to respond to the review posted by Ms. DiGiovine. In my opinion, Ms. Di Giovine's "review" is not merely an attempt to share an unhappy experience , she goes beyond that, turning her "review " into a personal attack, making many incorrect assumptions about my intentions . I'm sorry Ms. DiGiovine's experience with me at Sugar Salon did not meet her expectations. I care about the experience that each and every client who visits the salon has. I have a history of exemplary customer service in Helena spanning over 20 years. Her statements are not consistent with that history nor my reputation as a stylist in Helena . Ms. DiGiovine 's defamatory account of her visit is not only over exaggerated and grossly inaccurate, but much of her account is completely fabricated. Again, while I am sorry Ms. DiGiovine's visit did not meet her expectations, I believe my history and reputation as a stylist in Helena best represents what customers can expect from me when they see me at Sugar Salon or anywhere else.

Brian Jacobson

Melissa DiGiovine

This was the single worst salon experience I've ever had. Veronica Soth was my hairdresser. Upon arrival at my appointment I was greeted in a rush by the hairdresser and was told we needed to get started because they were a little behind today. So she was in a rush, and boy did she let me know about it. I was first 'scolded' for having thick hair, and it was remarked upon how much longer that would take. Strike one I guess. I was then asked if I had already washed my hair that day, seemingly in the hopes that she would be able to skip that step. When I replied that I hadn't, she responded "I guess we will have to shampoo it then", before she rushed me over to their very uncomfortable sink. It being apparently unbearable to wait for hot water, the hairdresser proceeds to wash my hair with ice cold water. May I add it was 2 degrees outside. So after I was good and freezing, she rushed me back to her chair to begin the cut. And what an apt word it was for I felt like I had become a piece of meat at a butchers. She rammed her comb into my scalp countless times, hitting my ears and shoulders in the process. Again, she was in a hurry, and she made sure I knew it. She then sprayed my hair with more and more ice cold water as the cut went on. As I sat there freezing, I became very envious of the hot tea the other hairdressers had gotten for their clients; if only I had been offered one. I might add at this point that this woman had said almost nothing to me thus far, as she hacked away at my head. Only once to remark about a piece of hair at the back of my head that was longer than the other side. "This piece is way longer. Man this piece is so much longer, did you realize? Did you not notice that?". Uhhhm, I apologize I guess? After more silence, now appreciated so as not to be shamed for the back of my head any longer, she finishes the haircut with a trim of my bangs. As she pulls them forward she unceremoniously states "These are crooked. Do you cut your own bangs?." I say no and she responds "Do you want me to cut them crooked?" ....... I say no, I would love you, a hairdresser advertising as a professional, to cut them straight please. Sigh. After this the cut is finally over, she then gives the most pathetic attempt at "drying" my hair with two minutes under a hood and 30 seconds of diffusing. She then takes off my cape and heads to the counter without a word, making sure to let me know just how much contempt she has for me. She then charges me $60 for the worst hour of my life, again without a word. Swipes my card and then just turns around and leaves. Saying. Nothing. So out I walk into the 2 degree weather, in silence, and with wet hair.

Abigail Brown

I LOVE this place! I personally never wanted to pay a salon price for my hair cuts, but I had a Downtown Helena gift card & I finally had to get the new balayage hair coloring. My stylist, Cayla Clark, really got to know what I wanted & did the best cut & color I've ever had! Their BB hair products are amazing & I'm definitely sold on getting my hair done their for life!

Amy Carr

I love sugar salon. I have been going there for years, Cayla Clark is my stylists and she always does a great job. We love to play with fashion colors on my hair, she always gives me a scalp massage and offers hot tea. I would definitely recommend sugar for your hair!

Renee Sconfienza

Lindsay W.

Jerry Hall

Jane Thiemens

Thank you to Veronica. She did exactly what I had hoped for and I love my cut.

Yvonne Nelson

I saw Tanna for my hair the other day and I'm super impressed! She treated me like an old friend and listened to how I wanted my hair. She suggested helpful tips and really took her time with the cut. Friendly stylists and amazing service. Well worth tipping.

Rose Fox

Laura Brian Andersen

Brychan DeMoney Gross

I got my haircut by Tanna at sugar, and it is the best haircut I have ever had! The service was amazing and I’ve been getting non stop compliments about my haircut!

Ronda Rainey

It was nice and relaxing. Very nice people.

Melissa Huffman

Holly LaBounta

Great stylists and fun atmosphere!

Karen Hughes

AMAZING! THANK YOU VERONICA! I have been to see Veronica twice, I can not even begin to tell you the changes in my hair. Veronica has spent hours working with me and has transformed my hair. I was way tooo dark and washed out and in just 2 appointments I look younger, healthier and can no longer even count the amount of compliments I have received. Veronica has a wonderful demeanor and I felt so comfortable from the start. I drive 2 hours to get my hair done by Veronica. Thank you so much!

Jill LeBlanc

Laura did call me and assure she would take care of this issue and that I was welcome back at the salon anytime.

Ellie Hampton

Daniel Wood


Nichole Smith

Olivia LeBlanc

The employees are very kind, and I love my hair! I went to get some highlights, and love how they turned out. They also do free bang trims, which I am a big fan of.

Tabitha Johnson

Veronica was fantastic and gave me exactly what I was wanting, and made me feel welcome and at ease right away. Saw someone else once for a last minute trim and she was great too. Definitely recommend!

Megan Sullivan

Shawn Swift

Melanie Sederburg

Jill Leblanc

I have gone here faithfully every 2 months for over a year. Initially Laura was my stylist, who was great, however because she is always so booked, she suggested I try Veronica. I did and she did a good job. I worked with her for 6 months trying to get the right formula and get my hair the way we wanted it. The last time I went, it was perfect. She stated how she was so excited, posted my pictures on instagram and stated she couldn't wait to do it again. Unfortunately, the problem comes in weeks later when I text Veronica to schedule my next appointment. Days later i get a response stating that she can no longer do my hair and she would be happy to refer me to someone else. She gave me no reason why. It took over a week to reply with some referrals, and all she did was give me name of other salons, not specific stylists. I asked for the formula so I could get someone else to do my hair correctly and she refused to provide this to me. I am very disappointed in the customer service and the way I was treated. You would think after a year of being a faithful customer, spending over $200 plus tip each time, I would have been given some sort of explanation.

Kasandra Reddington

I have some of the thickest most difficult hair to deal with ever (broken equipment before it's so bad), Steven gave me the best haircut and treatment I have had anywhere. Worth every single penny!!!

Aimee Hawkaluk

Jason Cech

I love getting my hair cut here. They really get to know you as a person and they remember you, your hair cut, the styles, and what you like.

Pat Christian

Cristy is great for hair!

heidi hohmann

First time at a real salon in years! I wanted to freshen up my style with a fresh cut. I had Jesi Donaldson as my stylist and I knew she was newer, but she exceeded my expectations. I had an amazing experience here and will definitely be back! Service was awesome and my haircut only took about 40 minutes. Jesi was very polite and she was overbooked that day, but she took care in my appearance. The interior is lovely and welcoming. Location is very convenient! Parking wasn't an issue.

Darcie Kelly

Top salon in Helena. Features BB products. I've been going there for years now and love the staff, they are always friendly and happy to see me. Fun friendly environment.

Rob Edwards

They keep there shears very sharp. Great group of stylist.

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