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1500 N 19th Ave Suite G, Bozeman, MT 59718 Located in: Bridger Peaks Shopping Center

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REVIEWS OF Sport Clips Haircuts of Bozeman IN Montana

Humberto Rodriguez

(Translated by Google) Great service (Original) Buen servicio

Sea Jae Cocalope

This Sports Clips location needs to figure it out or just close. I’ve been a sports Clips regular in Missoula and Billings, and moved here this fall. I’m blown away by how unorganized and inconsistent this place is, never going back. Oh and ALL other locations did free haircuts for Veterans Day, but not this location. Imagine that. Hence why they’ve lost another monthly paying customer.

Mindy silva

Emmett Waddell

Great service and fair prices, I Will go back

Taylor Stults

bus tub tony

If there was a half a star review that wouldn't describe how terrible this place. I went back to have the dude who cut my hair just shave it bald he messed it up so bad. Epic fail.

Brodie Bergeson

Three times this week we tried giving these guys our business. Tried checking in online but the stores location wouldn’t show any availability. Two visits to the store during normal hours mid day and the store was lights out, locked and no sign on the door. But I will report this store as closed on Apple and Google maps.

Mikala Rodriguez

Evan Tetrault

Never know when it's gonna be open or not and it's not open on Sunday or Monday so these times are not reliable.

Dorian Dugas

Slow slow and slow

Elliot Bates

This Sports Clips location needs to figure it out or just close. ive Checked in online twice in the last week and pull up to the store being closed. Unacceptable

Herpetology Lover

Tim Halbritter

They were great with myself and my son extra mellow clippers my son who is hyper sensitive to vibrations and noise was able to get his first crew cut with out any issues thanks ladies

Adam Osiecki

Went there about 15 minutes after they were supposed to be open and the doors were locked and the lights were off. Went back to my truck and checked in online and when I came back after another half hour when it said to online it was still closed. Came back a third time about 45 minutes later and they were finally open. When I said something I was told they were there and probably just in back setting up and if I knocked they would have let me in. After arguing about it for a couple minutes she said that someone brought the keys home. My questions to that would be A, how did you get in then? And B, how were you going to let me in like you said when the lock also requires a key from the inside? She absolutely lied to my face and I also watched a number of other customers try to get in before they decided to open. The stylist then proceeded to have a bad attitude while cutting my hair, presumably because she got called out on her lie. A simple apology off the bat would have went a long way. Now instead I doubt I'll go back after being a long time Sport Clips customer.

John Mace

Love it here best place to get a cut by far

Shayne Miller

Benjamin Peppenger

thomas dwyer

Chris B

Dan McGuinness

William Oliver

Royally messed up an easy haircut. Wanted a normal shorter on sides and longer on top and ended up with a buzz cut.

Jordan Smith

I always go to cordel. He's great to talk to and does a great job

Matt Smith

Store must be closed, but somehow I made an appointment online even said there was a wait time! Only to find the store locked up

Jason Irvin

Adam Prall

Really appreciated Ty. Was my first time with him cutting my hair and he treated like a piece of art. Very talented and friendly guy. Would highly recommend trying to schedule an appointment with him. Wait times in the past have been long so I highly suggest going to their website and scheduling an appointment there before you arrive to the shop.

Cy Aleman

This place is closed down

Brandon Arnold

I love this place

Tonya Harrington

Niklaus Schmutz

Summerhill Family

Hours are wrong Wait takes forever Went in at 4:45 and they were open until 6:00, told they were done for the day Bad haircuts Don't go there.

Justin Fox

Jason Volkersz

Close this store and put in one thats open at least 5 days a week.

Nicholas Smith

Fast and a short wait time, plus a good location.

Daniel Jennette

Wait was entirly to long. Only two people working and they both took breaks while waiting room had a minimum of 6 people waiting. Their new, "Self Check In" system really sucks. I usually love SportsClips but this one needs some serious help

Chad Sacry Electric

I just went to this Sport Clips and it is 4:30 when I walked in they close at 6 it was one person ahead of me and they told me they were booked up for the evening

Jason Schramm

Just took my son to get his haircut. Place was very clean, the cosmologist who helped us was very friendly, and his haircut looks great. My son is 9 and he felt pretty special after getting a cold towel treatment, shampoo, and shoulder massage. Will definitely go again.

Jake Bradford

There is always at least an hour wait no matter the time you go you will never ever be able to get in unless you want to wait in the store for over an hour. One person usually working at that time too

Dominic Ruvolo

Gary Stathatos

Nice people

Tanner De Long

Jeff Langton

I have tried three times to get a haircut here and have been turned away. Each time I have been there 60-90 minutes before they were closing and they said they were full. There were only two people visibly working. If it is a regular thing you would think they would do a better job of scheduling so they don't have to turn away business.

Wilma Jones

Always in a hurry and not a good job done. I've been to places where the hairdresser/hairstylist took the time to make sure they did their job right. This place rushed to get my son's hair done. When asked if I wanted his hair washed, I gladly accepted but they didn't wash his hair, rinsed was more like it. I see them taking time to get hair debris off other customers or wash their hair properly but for us, they want to get us out of there quick. ?? Our first time there, we were treated good... by an employee whom we haven't seen there since. ?? Is it like this at other locations?


They close randomly and only seem to have 2 people working at any time. I have tried to go here 3-4 times now and tend to be 1-2 hours til they can cut my hair. If they had more staff then they could get more customers. Thanks to the bad management they lost a customer for life.

Josh Jones

Went three times to different people and nobody can cut a straight line. Environment was nice but as far as stylists, they are lacking in talent and skill.


The worst customer service ever. The hours shown on the website are wrong and need to be fixed. It is very hard to get it. I don't understand why they are closed on Mondays, that is the perfect time to get my haircut done, therefore you just lost a customer. Very bad, very very bad

Nick Austin

Craig Hines

Excellent service. Absolutely no wait time, professional and friendly service. You even get a free conditioning and shoulder massage with your first visit!

Zach Ary

By far the best hair cut I have ever received! MVP treatment was awesome! Megan was so helpful and kind! Not sure why this place isn’t rated 5/5 stars, truly best haircut and experience!

Kristina Price van de Ven


Arjen van Garderen

Awesome place. Love Amanda!

Jake Carlson

carlos gonzalez

Jeff Sykes

I used to go there all the time, but they kept changing their hours, and had pretty strange hours at that. They seemed to have figured it out (more stable schedule), so I've been going more often lately... but I just went to get my haircut on a Thursday afternoon and they were inexplicably closing three hours before their scheduled closing time. The stylists are nice and do a great job, but they never have enough staff, and randomly close midday. I'm not wasting my time with them anymore.

Tom Halbritter

cordel nelson


It was a pleasure having Jamie cut my hair. I felt very welcome here and enjoyed my experience as a first visit . Thank you SportClips!

Gavin Van Eyk

Ariel is fantastic! Will definitely be going here from now on.

Brent Peyton

Always have had a good cut there.

Kayla Picotte


Went in and sat down for a haircut. The lady that greeted me gave me this odd feeling that she hated her job. As I explained to her that I wanted an a few inches taken off the top and sides, she gave me a blank look. After about a minute of the blank stare, I just got up and left.

Tyler Jozovich

Friendly staff, quick and reliable service.

jori smith jorismith1

Waited 3 hours just to get a horrible haircut. I would not recommend this place

michael lee


Mathew Thi

matt woody


honey badger

Megan Coburn

My two boys LOVE the "manly" experience here. A real treat.

Michael Seaholm

Came in for the MVP instant replay where it is 2 for 1 MVP haircuts. Not only did the guy not give me a second MVP he tried to get out of performing the massager on my first one. My haircut was much shorter than I asked for and the overall experience was very poor. Will never return to this establishment again... They don't deserve anything over a 1 star review.

Braeden Roesler

I use Sports Clips in Billings often living there and love it. Here in Bozeman, I find it hard to ever make it here because of the very short hours (which are also hard to come by because they seem to differ between website/Google/phone/and store), so it's hard to know when they actually open and close. 5 or 6 is way too early to close, when that's when a lot of us are getting off work.

Joel Lindstrom

Every other time I've been here they were closed, the hours shown on the website/Google are wrong

Cameron Sullivan

Do not go here!!!! They gave me the worst haircut I have ever had in my life I asked her to barely trim any of it and she ended up almost giving me a buzz cut. Do not let your kids go here do not go here they will mess up your haircut.

jose Garcia

Yes they dou goog job.

Steven Duke

Shannon Foley

Checked in online, even received a message saying our stylist would be available in 10 minutes but when we showed up they were closed

Brandon Lavinder

I WAS a regular at Sports Clips. Lately due to cut back hours, it has been difficult to get in, but for the environment I put off getting a haircut until I could find time to get there. When I finally got in I received the WORST haircut I have gotten in my life. For nearly 15 years I have had the same haircut. #2 fade to 1.5 inches on top during the winter, #1 to 1.5 inches in the summer. The thing I liked about this place is I shouldn't need to explain my haircut. They keep it in the computer so no matter who cuts your hair, it should be the same. The woman who cut my hair this time SHAVED THE WHOLE SIDE OF MY HEAD and then asked me if I was sure I wanted it that short. As disgusted as I was I explained it was supposed to be tapered, not shaved all the way up. Her response was "it's a Friday" Then to "blend it in" she shaved of my cowlick. Thanks, now I get to spend 2 months with a hat on so my hair doesn't stick straight up! To top it off, the other girls that worked there stood in disbelief, yes I can see in the mirrors. I know you are losing customers to only being open 20 hours a week. Keep allowing people to work there that can't accomplish a simple men's haircut and it won't matter how many hours you are open!

Willy Rodgers

This place sucks I have gone there 4 times and each time I had a different stylist that screwed something up big time. They are short staffed the most stylists I have ever seen in there was 3 and their waiting area was completely full. DO NOT come here they couldn't even get my sideburns the same length and on the back of my neck wasn't straight. This place is a joke you might as well cut your own damn hair. Oh and its way too expensive for the service you get.

Jeff Pickett

Good hair

Chase Norwood

I have always been very satisfied with my haircuts that I get here. The staff is also very friendly.

Sabrina Baukol

They always do a good job on my son's hair. Usually fairly quick getting in and out.

Blake Willhite

Elijah Kushner

Shoutout to the lady who couldn’t do a simple military fade. Thanks for the $20 bowl cut:)

Gennaro Real

Mckenzie Schmitt

Super patchy haircut. Left several uneven spots on a boys haircut with many spots left uncut. Didn’t listen to request from client. Stylists thought smoke breaks were more important than helping customers who were waiting in line. Overall, disappointed with service..lack of service.

Cam T

Chris Johnson

Booked and not taking walk ins. Way to screw a normal customer. If you can't handle the work load then open on Sunday! Ridiculous the worst customer service in town


Always busy

Douglas Drysdale

Great atmosphere and a great haircut. Loved the hot towel. I would send anyone to Tyler for a haircut, awesome guy, does great work.

Danijel Tasic

Lucyballesteros Ballesteros

We scheduled an appointment on-line as they suggested. On-line it says that the location in Bozeman is open, however we waited to see if they would eventually show up to open the store for our appointment and no one ever showed up! Would have been nice if they blocked out that section on their appointment schedule OR at least put up a sign at the store explaining why the store was closed! Will never go or use Sports Clips again! Other people waiting outside we’re just as upset!

Hunter Schmitz

Usually, I go to the mall to get a haircut but as of the last two years, I've become disappointed with the quality of the mall haircutters. So I found a much better place, Sports Clips. I almost always get a tall dude named Cordel to cut and style my hair. He has done a wonderful job. I love my hair every single time, especially his fades. Highly recommend this place.

Alexander Wendt

The staff is usually very friendly but there is a huge turn around so my haircuts arent always consistent. Also it seems the management doesn't hire enough people nor trains the new hires in what is offered. I tried to get the Triple Play (MVP without the massage) and no one working new what it was. They then called the owner who told then it was something completely different. I like Sports Clips but this one doesn't seem to have it together and it is apparent it stems from poor management.

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