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REVIEWS OF Regis Salon IN Minnesota

Brittney Britthouer

DeAnne Ridge

Howard is the best!

Kayla Firdauz

Howard was amazing!! He’ll definitely tell you his honest opinion on what you want. He colored and cut my hair and it turned out just how I hoped it would. I’ll surely be back. Make sure you request him!

samantha haddad

I went and got my hair colored and I will admit, the first time around, it wasnt the greatest(I believe I just happened to get the ONE inexperienced girl there!). I made a redo appointment and the manager and I have NEVER loved my hair more!! I have been trying to get an ombré done correctly in my hair for over a year and she pulled it off like it was nothing. I am definitely going back again! I don't trust anyone else with my hair anymore! Also, all the ladies are beyond friendly and make you so comfortable!

Nancy Ghafarianpoor

Howard is the BEST!!!!! Go check him out.

Jessi Lane

The customer service was great! Unfortunately my haircut was not. This pains me to leave such a review because the person that cut my hair had a great personality. When I left I did not realize just how badly my hair was cut. I had shaved spots and long pierces all over my head. I had to go to another the salon the following day to see if this was even fixable; they had to give me a VERY short pixie. This is not at all what I wanted but had no choice due to the cut I received from what was supposed to be a very experienced stylist, not to mention the cost of having the hair cut. When I had called to ask for a refund or fixed I would have had to see the same stylist..... ARE YOU KIDDING ME! To receive a full refund I would have had to let that stylist “fix” the mistake. Yeah no thank you. Terrible experience and lots of tears....

Elizabeth Oltman

Great place to get your hair done! Hospitality was amazing and the work done on my hair was even better!

Abbie Smolik

Rochelle Osman

Always polite and friendly. Great ladies!

Clinton Meaut

sayrejacob383 .

If you want a standard haircut it works but don't expect to go in with a picture of a specific hairstyle and expect to get it. Every time I make a request I can't seem to get it. Also if your'e a guy you won't find any books with hairstyles for men at the salon. If you want a place where you can go in and get a very general idea of of how you wanted your hair to turn out than Regis is fine but don't have anything too challenging in mind. I understand they specialize in womens hair but I would assume that a mans hair would be easier to cut correctly. I wouldn't say they are terrible at all considering that most salons in Kearney suffer from the same problems but I wouldn't say they are exceptional either.

Audra Wells

Julianna was great friendly efficient!!! I'll be back... Thanks

Collin Chambers

I walked in with no appointment and Harold was kind enough to use his break to take care of me and get me cleaned up. I’d highly recommend going to Harold. Very bright personality and a wonderful conversationalist all while giving an awesome haircut!

samantha meserole

Azrael The Angel of Death

The guy working practically ignored us. He didn’t answer the ONE question we asked. He was more concerned with when his enployees come in. The store also had a horrible stench to it.

Yana Edwards

Dedra Kuiken

I never write reviews however my haircut experience here was so very terrible that i needed to. If i could give it a no star review I would. I received my haircut by Tricia or Patrica. She was very rude and did not give me the haircut I wanted. I tried my best to explain it to her and I even showed her 2 pictures of what I wanted and she proceeded to tell me that it was not what I wanted. Her exact words "the haircut that you want isn't the haircut that you want." I will never go back and I advise to find some place better.

Johnny Cortez

Back to school time and only 1 hair stylist working the entire store. Are you freaking kidding me?? Over an hour wait when told it be a few minutes. Very disappointed with today's service..Never again.

Sherry Johnson

Luke Maleski


Madison Galloup

I had so much fun at Regis! My stylist was Cassie and she was wonderful! My hair looked fabulous and the other stylists that were working at the time were super friendly. I felt like I was amongst friends! My service was friendly and efficient! I would highly recommend Cassie!

Any Hahner


I thought this was a salon, not a butcher shop!

Glitched soul

They were super nice and talented!

Alicia Chesser

Kari Essex

Got my haircut today! I absolutely love it!

katelyn belzer

I needed a fix up from a bad dye job from a different salon, kesley (who I think is fairly new to Regis) did an amazing job with what I told her I wanted and was so nice! I love this salon and I think they are really underrated! Great staff and talented workers.

Hunter Ament

So I have bangs that swoop off to the side kind of like Taylor Swift and I’ve been here multiple times and they usually do decent. But today I went there for my appointment at 11:15 and I had to wait 20 minutes to get me in even though I had an appointment. The hairdresser was very rude while I waited for my haircut. Finally they got me in. I asked for a bang trim but I begged her not to go above my eyebrows and the first cut she did was way about my eyebrows. She cut my bangs way to short. The cut was uneven, there was no technique, I had so many stray hairs through my bangs. It’s three inches of bangs, it shouldn’t be hard to cut. After I got done, trying not to cry, I walked up to pay and she tried to charge me 26$ FOR A BANG TRIM! Now I have to wear my bangs up for the next two weeks. Thanks for nothing. I’m never coming back here. I’d rather go to theory hair salon and pay 75$ for a haircut that I love than 8$ for a bangs trim and literally cry while looking in the mirror.

Randall Hensley

Great hair cut!! Great service!!

jordan Dood

I've gone here for years, largely good experiences.

Mahir El-Amin

Very friendly and good customer service

Terri Henry

Best hair cut and style ever. They really listen to what I say and made me feel better. Thank you

Caleb Springer

Literally the worst haircut I've ever had. Thank you Taylor for ruining my senior pictures. I showed you what I wanted and you could've asked anytime to see it again to help me out. Instead you basically just got out the clippers, didn't think for a second, and said done 5 minutes later. I'm so upset about this it's ruining my whole week. Next time maybe care about the people who trust you with their hair. Obviously you just wanted money. Thank you for literally nothing because guess what. That's what's left of my hair.

Horse Face Guy

Melissa Gonzalez

The people were friendly but if you want a perm, DO NOT go here! Angelina did a "french braid" perm in my hair, i trusted her after showing her the type of curl i wanted. She burnt my hair! It was like wire and it was extermely frizzy. I contacted her, went in and showed her, she agreed it was not looking good and put some conditioner in it. There was absolutly NO curl in my hair and she blamed it on highlights that i had done almost a year ago. I kept in contact with her, NO response, asked for a refund, NO response, just ignored me! My hair was FRIED and unmanageable! It was falling out in gobs and still is. I had to go to another salon and have it cut to take some weight off. They explained to me that my hair was very burnt and gave me conditioning treatments. I contacted the regis office and 2 months later recieved a refund. I am still suffering from the mess she made! DO NOT let AGELINA touch your hair. You will end up losing all of it!

Roger Amos

Danielle Hart

J Koontz

Always great service and great haircuts!

Lydia Hubbard

Im from out of town, but swung in to get my hair shapped back up. I cant remember the girls name, but she was a red head, super sweet, & did a great job!

Adrianna Fulmer

felicia martin

Great group of hairstylist very knowledgeable listens to what you want will you prescribe products for at home care.

Kayle Thomas

I had the pleasure of meeting felicia today. I am brand new to the state, and so thankful I was placed with her! She is FABULOUS! Cant wait to come back in a few months to see her . She has great skill and wonderful personality! Thanks felicia!

Dana F

Nice salon, polite staff.

Austin Drieling

Angelina is really great at cutting hair! I recommend everyone to ask for her next time you need something done!

Veronica Pack

Had to take care of my hair and wax had no appointment they gave me directions had no problem finding the salon. Extremely nice and the best shampoo ever it's at Edgewater Mall. Thanks for taking me at short notice.

Courtney Kababik

I was recommended Howard by a friend of a friend who also had thick hair like me. I’ve struggled to find someone who could cut my hair properly since I moved here. Howard did an absolutely amazing job on my hair! I’ve gotten so many compliments and it’s only been a few hours lol. I’ll definitely be returning!

Ashley Mabus

Viola Jackson

Jan Doolittle

Howard has been my hairdresser for more than 20 years. Best stylist and colorist I've ever had.

Kerry Winslow


Came in to get my daughter's eyebrows done. Told her what we wanted. Natural not to shaped just cleaned up. My poor girl's eyebrows looked like ladles! We still had to pay and I had to go home and try to fix them. I should have known not to trust that woman when she had ladles for eyebrows. Not going there again

layton henry

Kesley Henry did a wonderful job. Great experience and great price! ;)

Danetta Half

Very poor! I had to reschedule my appointment a second time in a week, because my children are sick. And whomever the person was that picked up the phone wouldn't reschedule me for a second appointment because in her head "I purposely missed the first appointment and a second appointment (that hasn't been considered missed yet!)." I'll take my business elsewhere. Not cool!

Dolan Cain

This is the perfect place to get your hair cut if you want to look like a homeless person!!! The people there have know idea what they are doing and will ruin your haircut!!! After going here I needed to go to a totally different hair place to try and get my hair fix because of how terrible they did! DO NOT GO HERE!

Katie Kraus

I’ve been getting my eyebrows done here for 6 years and have never had a problem until today. The prices have gone up which I wasn’t to concerned about because it’s happening everywhere, but I came in today for an eye brow wax and was left with uneven, jacked eyebrows with many small hairs that didn’t get plucked. I had to remind the stylist to not forget the middle as she almost had me get up out of the chair before she did. Also, as I was checking out the gal flipped her phone out while I was still at the counter and started messaging someone. Will not be returning for any reason.

Leah Welsh

I came in to Regis in Bozeman Mt today for a cut and color, Wow I love my cut so much the color looks awesome, thank you so much Kelsey, your awesome! I needed this so bad

monica vargas

2nd time I go there and they are not able to attend me. I know they don't care but I won't be coming back ever again.

Sandy Carey

I'm confused why I was charged for a hair cut, then for a hair cut and style and pad for it to be straightened? So for two hair cut, style and straightened? Why??

Travis Anderson

rose ohr

I loved it and my hair looks absolutely amazing

Amanda Johns

I will never go back here again. I brought my daughter to get her hair cut for her birthday. My daughter does have a super dry, flaky scalp which we are going through process to treat for Psoriasis, which would be a slight case of it to prevent it from getting worse. The two black ladies in there kept saying she had lice. They didn’t see any bugs but kept arguing the situation of her having a head full of old knits. Now I’ve experienced this many, many times before with my daughter when she was younger unfortunately as well as my niece or other friends children. No it isn’t a pleasant situation when a child does get lice but unfortunately it does happen. My daughter has not had lice and did not have any eggs or old knits In her hair. I had picked her up from her dads that day, which she did spend that weekend and she didn’t wash her hair like she was suppose to the night before or that day, so when she does not, she has really horrible dandruff. I will not go back there again and the employees need to be better trained on the difference of really bad dandruff/flakes or lice. As I said we are treating for Psoriasis. She kept telling me to rub the strands between my fingers and I kept showing her it was all dandruff flakes. Knits you literally have to pull between your nails just to get it off the strand. They kept saying, “see it isn’t coming right off.” And I kept trying to show them it was by barely touching the strands. It was just dandruff and flakes. My daughter left in tears. We did go someplace else and the lady even said the same that it was all dandruff not lice.

Sarah Monroe

Ashlynn was amazing. She did a beautiful job on my Anne Hathaway Pixie Cut. I got so many compliments today. I would recommend her to anyone. :)

Brandon Sharpton

Great service, great people stop in and see Kelly perfect haircut every time!

Amanda Potter

Denea Woodley

Took my teenage sister here to get a style cause she cut most of her hair off and they revived her hair lol I love the hospitality they showed her aswell!

Randy Cram

Briana Henderson

I always get my hair cut and styled at Regis. All of the hairdressers are super kind and listen to what you want done with your hair. Prices are comparable to the JC Penney hair salon, but you are absolutely paying for quality. I highly recommend Miss Lee! She does some awesome short hair cuts!

Taralyn Judy

Great Stylists, great products! Very impressed and will be back! Thank you Angelina!

Jocelyn Albrecht

Walked in at about 1215, put my name on the list. Two hairdressers already with customers. Waited. No one addressed I was there. Two more hairdressers walk in and set up stations. Both walk over to the front counter, tap on the sign in sheet. My name is the only name not crossed out. Still no one recognizes I am there. Waited 30 minutes only because my husband had not returned to the mall.

Melissa Leigh

By far the best haircut & color I’ve ever had!! Lacey Larson has me as a new client!! I highly recommend her & Regis Salon in Kearney!!

Michelle Bain

Joshua Mathison

Jeremy Gauthreaux

The wife likes it

Diana Jewell

Lacey Nicole

Kelly Oliver

They close at 6 pm and my son and I showed up at 5:20 for a haircut for him and they turned us away saying it was too late...did I mention that there were three employees and not a single customer in the salon...they must not like money. Sucks for them because I’m a good tipper.

Tina Cajun Bam

Reading the past reviews I did noticed Howards name was mention many times as the best hairstylist. I never been to Regis in Biloxi to know who was the best. After reading the reviews I decided to meet with Howard. I do have to say the five star compliments were very true.. Howard is straight forward but yet kind and very friendly and has years of experience. I will be back as a regular client as long as Howard is employed. Price was a little high but worth having someone who knows how to cut and style hair correctly. Manager wasn't to friendly she never said good morning or smiled. I would recommend calling ahead of time making appointment with Howard, at times he's booked. Thanks Howard for your outstanding personality.. from Louisiana Cajun Bam ;)

Karie Ferguson

Mitzi Elliott

I moved to the area about 4 months ago and went to the Regis in Gulfport. I was disgusted with the service and when I left my hair looked like Ronald McDonald! I called the Regis in Biloxi and made an apt for the next day. I went in, nearly in tears, Angelina took her time and explained everything she had to do to my hair. She also explained what may or may not happen, she worked on my hair for 5 hours and discussed everything she was doing. When she was finished my hair was the closest to my natural color it had ever been. I have been using her every since and although she knows me and my hair now, she still explains everything and tells me what she would like to do the next time. I have lived all over and been to many hair stylist and Angelina is by far the best. I would recommend her to anyone! Great service!

Paris Jaye

Because I've asked around just recently, I've heard a lot of mixed reviews. Some good some bad. I think it depends on who you see; which is probably the case anywhere really. But I will say this, Maggie is the supervisor and she is FANTASTIC! I called her because I had a previous terrible experience (elsewhere) and my color job was a disaster. Even though Maggie didn't know me she got me in right away and spent nearly 6 hours fixing my hair. She was detailed, effeciant, and put her all into. She took a horrendous situation and turned it into a miracle. I knew when I went to her to fix this, what I was originally going for was out of the question... But she still made it into something beautiful. What's even greater; she communicates. She's not afraid to tell you what will or won't work. I will be going back to her. She's fantastic. Also, there is another gal in there, Taylor, and she did my daughter's hair (blond/blended/ombre) and did amazing as well. Except I felt terrible I didn't tip her enough and I'm going back to make that right. I would 100% go to Taylor as well. She will also be very direct with you. I hear Mauri is good too. I can't speak to that but I will tell you she is extremely sweet and based off talking with her I'll tell you she knows what she's talking about. If you're like me, dropping $$$ on your hair is difficult to do, but these gals will make it worth every penny. I'm telling you, if you're ready for a great color- go see Maggie or Taylor for sure. I would be down to give Mauri and shot as well!!

Spencer Jacobsen

This is a wonderful place to get your haircut, especially when its Taylor cutting your hair. The staff is always polite and ready to service your hair needs.

Shelly Larson

Every time I have gone here, even though I've never gotten the same person twice, they have been friendly and do a good job with my hair whether it's been cut, highlights, or a hot oil treatment. They are more spendy than a place like Cost Cutters, but I've come away with some poor results from Cost Cutters, so I stick with Regis now.

Rowdy Smith

My girlfriend recently got a haircut here and her barber was very lack luster in her performance and didn't even finish the job. She walked out with wet hair and the barber didn't even bother to let her look at her hair to see if the length was enough. She was basically rushed through the seat and given a 5/10 haircut.


Casey Normandin

Haley Lindgren

Had a great experience thanks to Rachael! Would definitely come again!

Ryleigh Rickard

Diana Smith

The worst!! I should have waited and went to my regular stylist. Timing was the issue..what a mistake! I sat in the chair from 4:15 To almost 8 pm. This is not the first time I have had color..this gal started putting the color on at 4:30 and did not take it off until almost! Damage to fine hair.......the "trim" is horrific. I asked a week later after trying to make it work to have the stylist at the very least try and correct the trim job. She was frustrated right off the bat and asked her manager what she should do since she had no answers. The management was never smiled and had no corrective idea except for a refund of the hair trim job. They did such a bad job the manager could not give any ideas. I spent 190 in there that day....I was grossly over charged. One thing I did grasp while I was there....the manager's daughter was treated very well when her mother was doing her colors. What a joke!! Regis affilliates should be embarrassed.

Matt F.

Just got the worst haircut of my life and it was only like half a inch off the top

Veda Barlow

The lady walked off a couple of times while doing my hair and seemed distracted. I asked for the bottom to be rounded and she said she didn't know how (seriously??) The hair cut was uneven, my part was crooked, and she didn't straighten it when she was finished cuz she "didn't have time" but "when you get home and straighten it and you dont like it, then you can come back." Omg I'm really disappointed.

Cynthia D

I love coming here. Super friendly staff, competent, and professional. The prices are great and they have a super convenient location. I

Samantha Lemaster

That messed up my son's hair so bad

Donna Benard

Made an appointment on Monday afternoon for 5 PM no one was available to do my hair at that time...duh why did you allow me to make an appointment. I rescheduled to an appointment on Thursday. Had an extensive consult with the stylist. She seemed to totally understand what I wanted. Got there Thursday for my appointment stylist quit. They didn't call me and tried to sell me another stylist. The longer I talked to them the more they turned me off. No way. Never again.

Justin Bang

Good work but ridiculously expensive.

Meagan Pixley

Great experience every time, love the people and the work they do. Patricia never disappoints!

Carlosep3 3

Terrible service they even made me brush my own daughters hair before they gave her a haircut. No shampo or blow dry but still charged me 48 for cutting 4 inches of the hair. And the lady just cut the tips and in like 3 minutes and then said ok we are done it will be 48 dollars

Stephanie Christian

I always get my hair done by Taylor. Not only does she listen to what you're wanting done, but if you have questions, she has amazing ideas. Especially when it comes to coloring your hair. You can see the passion she has doing hair in her eyes. She's absolutely amazing all around.

Taylor Schreibung

Paul Fretwell

Serenity Rose

Its not about the place Its about the person. I saw Howard and he was the best. He is very experienced at hid job and loves what he does I belive if u schedule an appointment with him you will be satisfied.I got my hair shorter to trim my face and he did just what I asked. Not only will u find a great hairdresser you will also seek the great man he is. Superb job Howard thank you and I give you 5 stars it just wont let me finish clicking

darla yates

Howard is awesome. He has cut my hair several times. Always listens to what I want and has never disappointed me. I usually color my own hair but if I want a color change or something I could screw up at home the only person I will let do color on my hair is Howard. I have referred several people to Howard and they all agree if you want quality ask for Howard.

Angel Robinson

Howard is amazing! He took my rundown old colorless perm hair and turned into a beautifully red cute style. I get compliments every where I go. Howard you rock!!

Randi Pope

Kevin Mayfield

Ashlynn was terrific, the consummate professional. She listened carefully to what I wanted, offered suggestions, and we rolled with it. I could not have been happier with the end result.

Kari Chambers

Spent 210$ on my hair and it wasn't done the way I wanted and went back for her to fix it and it was still a brass blonde. Never going back. Don't go if you want blonde hair!

Kathy Anderson

Great Place

Tammy Adams

Joseph Forehand

Worst haircut I've ever seen

Melissa Jackson

The manager Tricia is amazing. I made a last minute appt for a cut and color. I simply showed her a photo and she did her thing. The cut and color far exceeded my expectations! She definitely slayed me! Very sweet lady and very personable! I will be back!

Cheyenne Hull

AWFUL!! I had went there about two or three years ago and asked for my hair to be cut shoulder length. the hairdresser literally put a whole bunch of clips in my hair and butchered each different part to where it ended up into a damn pixie cut. will NEVER go there again. although, the Regis in the crossroads mall is fantastic. perfect hair each time.

Caitlin Burton

I went to see Felicia to trim and layer my hair. This was the first time I ever walked into this Regis salon. She did a great job! She took her time and asked questions as she did my hair. She even went as far as curling/styling for me and gave me great hair advice! I would really recommend her, she's very tedious about her work! Thank you Felicia!!!

Nicolas Grochowski

Not a good experience. Now I've got to pay to get my haircut somewhere else because I cant get by with this hack job on my head

Katy Stimatze

Mike Perry

James Meyer

LeAnn Plymale

Not recommended for young children! Took my 1 hear old to get a haircut. He was asked several times to look down... which clearly he doesn’t know what that means. Haircut turned out fine. Very disappointed when we were checking out the hairdresser was texting on her phone at the register. She couldn’t even wait the 30 seconds it took to run the card.

Ethan Vallas

Worst haircut I've ever gotten in my life the lady made my neck line really crooked and the manager was very rude wouldn't recommend this place great clips could do better

mt d

Would not recommend they will charge you for a services that they didn't Evan offer then say it policy so basically before go hear do your home work cus I know guy with one hand give me a better hair cut for half the price

Casey Chrison

They give ok hair cuts if you really need one and nobody else can do one. Sometimes you get lucky and somebody kniws what they are doing but not usually or they are just lazy and dont wanna give a good cut.

Ben Nygaard

Friendly and have never left me with a bad cut

Jeff Pickett

Melissa Thigpen

I LOVE the color and cut that Rachael gave me today! She was super sweet and did an amazing job on my balayage color. I never get my hair colored and was a little nervous going in not knowing what I really wanted or how it would turn out. She was so positive and nice and it made me feel totally comfortable trusting her. Everyone of the other hairstylists while I was there seemed very friendly and good at what they do! I would recommend Regis and highly recommend Rachael!

Bridget Claver

Was charged for a cut, shampoo and condition with my son and husband and the stylist never offered a shampoo or condition or style. They just cut their hair and when I went to pay I saw the charges and asked why I was being charged for services never offered or done and was told very rudley that no matter what you are charged for it! I expressed that we were not told that was included and the women turned to the stylist and asked if she offered it and she said no and then asked my husband standing next to me at the check-out counter if he wanted a shampoo! The rude women shrugged and said well its included so my 14 yr old and my husbands hair cut that took mabye 20 minutes and mabye 2 inches off I was charged $60 dollars for a cut,wash and shampoo and condition (that was never offered or explain was in the charges). This is not ok and I am going to make a point to let everyone know not to use this rip-off salon.

Sadie Morey

I have been to multiple people at Regis and have always had a good experience. Friendly and quick service.

Chloe Nehls


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