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REVIEWS OF Michigan College of Beauty IN Michigan

Nicole Dragoi

Wow, horrible! Not kid friendly, rude tacky staff! Save your time and money. Response: My children were being supervised, they were contained in one area and my son yells often because he has cognitive and language delays. You were told not to tell me how to be a parent after you very disrespectfully told me I was a bad mom for not making them sit in a chair for 30 minutes past my appointment time of 11am. Amazingly, we just had their hair cut in a salon that provided two toys in a small area for children to occupy themselves, maybe you should consider your clientele by providing the same.

Morgan Brown

I attended MCB and I am happy to say they were a wonderful welcoming group, and the director was very accommodating. I has such a great support system from teachers to students who were cheering me on to finish. I meet so many wonderful people through the adventure of Beauty school. It's a great place to reach your goals.

jordan hall

Great service and affordable

David Horst

Gina Carlesimo has an STD, make sure she wears gloves. Or just dont go to her

Lizz Moosman

I would give 0 stars if possible. The staff has been bullying myself and a couple others into removing the bad reviews that were posted when they turned my friend platinum hair green going to a 7N. Said her pics were not from their service. This school also threw an elderly lady out of their school with wet hair who is in between chemo treatments and was out to be pampered for the first time in over a year due to her cancer. One staff member (Deanna) told my friends mom and the elderly lady’s daughter that her name was George when she requested it to know who she was addressing. Another (Kim Wells) took it upon herself to hunt out my personal information and post it to the schools Facebook page, afterwhich she insulted me numerous times asking if I knew how to count, calling me a child, the list goes on. The professionalism of their staff is terrible! They send the students to peoples inboxes to insult and threaten them when a bad review is posted, and they toss people out when they make mistakes. DO NOT GO TO THIS SCHOOL I IMPLORE YOU!! Do not waste your time, money, and even tuition here. They are not preparing you for a real behind the chair job, they are setting you up to fail. Cellphones out and all.

Ashley Guziak

Cheyanne Sanchez

Not really sure what all the bad reviews are all about , service is really great and the students and instructor are super nice! 10/10 would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to get their hair done on a budget and get wonderful results.

Amanda Rez

I went in to get my legs waxed and I seriously regret it. I had one girl working on each leg and neither of them knew what they were doing. There was zero instructor involvement from beginning to end. The girls began the wax appointment with strips that were about a foot long. It was more painful than any other wax I've had done as they weren't applying the wax correctly and they were trying to rip wax strips off of me that ran from my ankle to just below my knee. I finally spoke up and told them to cut the strips of paper and do smaller sections. I thought it was common knowledge you need to be able to rip those strips off in one quick, fluid moment?! They would rip half of a strip off and the rest of it would be stuck to me. One of the girls reused the same strip of paper with my wax and hair on it over and over again to do a whole section. She did not hold my skin taut when she was ripping the strips off either. I don't think she has ever been told the fundamentals of waxing. I am so frustrated that I wasted my time growing my hair out and my money, as they refused to reimburse me. I know this is a school and I wasn't expecting perfectly smooth legs, however both of my legs are now prickly with patches of long hair and I experienced a GREAT deal of pain more than I ever should have. Prickly/hairy legs after a wax means the hair was not removed correctly -It broke instead of being removed. The instructor should have been present to make sure they were doing the service correctly or at least came to check their work at the end of the appointment. I hope someone at the school can teach the girls proper wax techniques so no one else has to experience the pain and frustration that I did.

Isaiah Negron

The school is great for those who are serious about learning. The staff will work with students and treat everyone as adults. After all, it is a college we are all adults at this point. Had no problems attending this school. I am a recent graduate and currently a salon employee

Amanda J

Very reasonable priced for being a school. It is a great place to go if you want to get pampered on a budget! The facials are amazing and the blowouts are wonderful as well! It's nice giving your business to a family owned and operated company. The teachers always seem willing to help with services if the student isnt quite familiar with the service they are performing. Such a friendly atmosphere! I highly reccomend!

Cecelia Stinstrom

great customer service. Instructor Kim very helpful and friendly. Naomi senior stylist does a great job on color and cut. Check them out.

Dragos Dragoi

My wife came in for an appointment for my children to have their hair cut. After 30 minutes of waiting a female staff member informed her that our children were not welcome because they would not sit still. My son has ADHD and can't sit still for long periods of time. My wife was informed she was a bad mother and could not obtain services at this facility.

Chang Xio

Dont recommend the owner is a snobby little twit.. do not enroll!!!

Rebecca LaTurneau

Thank You .Rebecca LaTurneau.

Jazmine Bonner

The time I spent at MCB was amazing... I learned so many new thing... Sometimes doing thing with a group of people give u the strenght and confidence to conquer ur challenges. Haircuting and fingerwaves were my weak points, but the motivation the teachers gives to you and the encouragment and the support system is perfect... I walked out learning m much more than even expected.. My passion is for hair and nails and I'm Thankful for all the teacher the administrators and the friends that turned into family.. I love my MCB FAM..

Jaclyn Boucher

I've been going to WCOB for years to get my hair, nails and brows done. I just got high and lowlights a cut and my eyebrows always amazing work ladies. Every time I go I'm in and out within 2 hours. I wont go anywhere else. As I read through the reviews I was a bit shocked. I've been going to WCOB for several years with not one issue.

Angela Munroe

My mother and daughter and I went there today. My mother is 71 years old and Has cancer. She is in between rounds of chemo and wanted to get her hair permed. Well her perm came out nice and her stylist was very courteous there was very little inspection done while they were doing my moms hair and when my daughter asked to have her hair colored blonde and inform them that she had use box die her hair no one said anything that this would / could be a problem . When her stylist did her hair she never inform my daughter there WAS a problem . The stylus left when she was done with my daughter hair. Wgen my daughter looked in the mirror she saw that the back part of her hair had a green tinting to it! We showed this to the stylist doing my moms hair and this young lady went to the supervisor will look at my daughters hair and said her only option is to fix it or to pay $20 for a toner that was simply wash out at the next hair washing or to have the color stripped which would be would be an additional fee and would strip all of the color out of her hair including the color she just paid $30 to receive that day. I explained that they had messed up my daughters hair and they needed to fix it or refund my daughters money, long story short that supervisor went got the owner or owners daughter not sure really sure she told me she wasn’t The owner, however than an employee referred to her as the owner and when I said she had lied to me about not being the owner she informed me that technically she wasn’t the owner because her mother owned the place. Anyway she informed us that it was not the salon schools problem or responsibility to fix my daughters hair because the problem came in at when we used to six dollar bottle of non-professional hair dye and that was our problem not hers. I told her I would be leaving her negative review she said go ahead she just rebuke it. I told her she was missing the point, that if I having boxed dye in your hair was a problem or could cause a problem that they should’ve had a warning sign posted or have said something to my daughter especially since my daughter told her there was box dye in her hair and she once again informed me that it was not her problem it was our problem and when I said she lied to me about being the owner she got angry flipped up the hairdryer that my mother was sitting under leaving my mothers hair wet , pointed to the front door and said there’s the door have a blessed day! I said you are going to throw a woman who is 71 years old and has cancer out in the cold with wet hair? That shows a lot of compassion for your customers and again she pointed to the door and said there’s the door have a blessed day . She repeated this several times . We put on our coats , got my mom‘s walker and were walking out the door . I turn and ask her what her name was . She told me George. I told her I highly doubt that and she was lying again at which point she followed us to the door again repeating over and over there is the front door have a blessed day! This was supposed to be a mother ,daughter ,granddaughter day ; a good time, one of the few last ones my mom may have considering she’s in stage four cancer and can barely walk or get around, but instead of it being a nice day for her, my mom was horribly upset and it caused my daughter not only the time she took off from work to do this with us but also $30 for the haircoloring which was screwed up and now she’ll have to pay to have their hair stripped and re-colored! We consulted with another cosmetologist who said this was a Lotta bull in this never should’ve happened. My advice is beware beware beware. Some people might get lucky And have a good experience here but if you don’t you’ll get nowhere with trying to resolve it!.

Chavonn Norton

Took my daughter to get her hair done for the first time. Was there 3.5 hours. Walked out with chunky uneven bangs and the color was completely different from what we said we wanted. Stayed until they closed. The instructor said go home think about if you like it if you don't give us a call and you can come in Saturday we will fix it. And that's exactly what I did. We get there on Saturday the lady starts doing her hair and halfway through I'm asked if I want to pay now or later I wasn't going to make a big deal about it because my daughter was there. Are you flipping kidding me I have to now pay for a color correction? I came back because her hair was messed up I shouldn't have to pay for that. Not to mention the instructor never said I had to pay for it I was under the impression that it was going to be free considering they messed it up. What the amount of money I spent on all this I could have gone to a proper salon. This is absolutely ridiculous and absurd. I was certainly okay with tipping the lady but paying not one bit. The lady also was going to fix her bangs and told me she was going to wait for her instructor to help her because she didn't know how to fix it and that never even happened. They fixed her hair slightly but it still is a completely different color then what you showed her it's not even close extremely disappointed what an awful experience for my daughter I will never go back to this place

Christina McKay

Excellent staff and services. Great products.

Sydney Dobesh

The instructor Miss Sonya is very kind and helpful, I have had only good experiences here. The students are diligent and they are always happy to help. Spoil yourself on a budget.

Liliana Rapson

Chelsea Nedrow

I am beyond glad to say that I searched around and did my research for cosmetology schools and landed on attending this one!! This school was flexible with me and my very busy schedule, helped me, encouraged me and made me the stylist that I am today. I even managed to graduate in just under a year and feel confident in my skills that I built here at MCB. The staff has always treated me with the same respect that I gave them. They allowed me to learn as much as I could and gave us the opportunity to try different products if we so desired. If there was something specific we were interested in learning Deanna and the staff jumped on board and was always willing to help students that were hungry to learn. I know that Deanna and the staff at MCB have always had nothing but the best intentions in helping their students that are willing to put in the effort. They are a school that prides themselves on making sure that their students feel comfortable when it comes to performing tasks on the floor, speaking to guests as well as learning how to work the front desk. Since MCB is a school the staff does everything they can to make sure not only does the client have a good experience but so does the student. All students learn at different paces. I highly recommend that men and women seeking a career in the cosmetology industry look at MCB! I had a wonderful experience and have nothing but respect and a number of thank you's for Deanna and the lovely staff.

Julie Hauler

My daughter has several learning disabilities and just completed the esthetician program. The staff at Michigan College of Beauty was absolutely wonderful. They implemented every one of her accommodations without hesitation to ensure she would be successful ... and she was! I am so grateful that the staff made this such an amazing experience for her.

Falicha Strickland

Stylist was nice! I was told one price when I started, however when I was finished the price had increased by $10 for the same service. I was told if you purchase the items separate it’s different than a bundle price. This is not good customer service!! When you tell a customer a price at the beginning of a process that price should be honored if nothing additional was added. I definitely WILL NOT RECOMMEND this place because of this!!

Barb Larsen

I've had my hair done here a number of times and have been very pleased. The students are supervised and if you have the extra time to spend I feel it's a win-win. The students get the practise and I get an afforable salon experience!!

Infinite Products

Very unprofessional

Marie Laird

Trevor West

My daughter has had an excellent experience going to school here. The staff is nice and courteous, the prices are reasonable. Overall an excellent experience.

veronnica deanne

This is my school! I previously went to Recency Beauty Institute which shut down years ago, which I still do not have an answer as too why!! I have filled loan forgiveness forms and requested copies of my hours. I have yet to be forgiven on my loans and denied the request for my hours. The owner's at MCB have helped me get my loan out of default and even accepted hours on a peice of paper in which i found.. I came to this school expecring no help because no one has! The owner's helped me straighten everything out and lift my spirits back up! Hair has always been my dream. I highly recommend this school! I have all the support and help i need and am not afraid to ask for help when needed! Every instructor is encouraging and mentor-like. I feel ready and confident to graduate now! I'm living my dream as a hair stylist everyday at school! Thank you all at MCB! Family for life <3. Veronnica-

Christina Smith

I understand this is a school and there learning but, when a student doesnt know what to do a teacher should be more guiding I sat down for 5 hours just for them to put color in my hair that was blonde I wanted brown on top for a ombre effect. After her taking 5 hours and missing so many spots she had to go back in and get the spots she missed I left the salon with dye still in parts of my hair and a bunch of splotches.


PART ONE Just so everyone is aware, I attended this school. The learning environment is not very professional and they will treat you like a child. I actually loved going here at first-- I loved my instructors, I really liked Deanna, and I enjoyed being here, however, that changed about half way through. I unfortunately experienced a death of someone extremely close to me and it put me in a bad funk for the rest of the semester, but that didn't change my work ethic while I was physically there, or my mental capacity to learn. There were two instances that sent me through the roof about this place, and they lay within the spectrum of professionalism. Two instructors were hired while I was attending (Nita and Kelly), which I questioned their abilities immediately considering their advice was strange and not up to the current trends. One Saturday I was blessed with a young client wanting to go from black to blonde (a stylist's nightmare) in one day. It was informed to her that it was an impossible task, but it could be lightened as much as possible. I lightened her as many times as I could, safely, however the client pulled very orange and toner was barely touching it. She (client) was sent on her way with "We cannot keep going today in fear that it will heavily damage the hair, give it a couple hours and if you don't like it come back and we can try to fix it". Which is true. Well, the customer walked back in within 2 hours and demanded we fix her hair. Since I was the stylist that did it, I was told I had to fix it. This is where I got extremely uncomfortable, and declined (privately with Nita) because I did not want to be the one to damage her hair. It was told to her (client) that it could damage the hair, but I KNEW it would. I was told I had to do the hair or go home (which is punishment for those who dont know-- we have to get our hours otherwise we will not graduate on time) so I regretfully started doing her hair. As soon as I got about 1/4 of the way through putting bleach on her head (for the third time) I watched her hair start to shrivel in my hands and become rubber-band like. I immediately panicked and walked to the back of the color room because I was extremely uncomfortable finishing the service and was on the verge of tears due to the damage I was doing to this girls hair. Nita did nothing to comfort me and stated "Then just GO HOME" which I responded with "No, I will not go home. I am not finishing that girls hair though. It is becoming severely damaged." I then walked to the client and explained why I was finished with her hair and I was told that was extremely unprofessional. Being honest is extremely unprofessional? Ok. Anyway, Nita finished her hair and I watched. I have a second story, however, its far too long to post here. If you want it you can find it on yelp.

Angel Corner

I have recently graduated from the Michigan College of Beauty, and it was an amazing school which had a wonderful program for those who are serious about working in the beauty industry. The teachers and staff were always very friendly and helpful. I had a special schedule, which the owner of school approved, because I also work full time. I am very grateful because without the approval, I would not be able to finish the esthetics training. The curriculum was easy to understand and all of the concepts easy to grasp. Our teacher was very knowledgeable and always available to explain. I had no problems passing the state board tests, and I am ready to start out into the aesthetics business. Also, the pricing for the training is very affordable compared to other schools. I would definitely recommend coming to the Michigan College of Beauty of Waterford for your education.

Kourtney Stampfly

I recently had my hair done here by a senior student, Jackie. It was a great experience! I showed her a picture and she performed! The staff is super friendly and are always willing to make sure you are happy with the results! People need to understand that this is a school and not an established salon, these are students who are learning so they are going to take a little more time and there might be mistakes, everything can and will be fixed. I will for sure be following Jackie to whichever salon she goes to post graduation!

Nicole Peters

walk-ins are NOT WELCOME apparently!!! Even tho they told me they were on the phone when I called & also on the front door!! So, might I suggest CHANGING the door sign to say "Call Ahead" or "Appt Needed", as I drove 40mins to b turned away! Needless 2say, I wasn't pleased. & their 'customer service' skills need some work, as i didn't feel welcomed or even wanted. More-so pushed out the door. Could have been nice about it, even offered some type of coupon or anything of the sort to show appreciation 4my business, & time/gas I wasted 2get there just 2turn around & go back!! Unpleasant &, obviously, I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS PLACE! I know they certainly lost mine & my friends business! Will NEVER return. & its unfortunate for us all (friends & fam). May I suggest learning business & Customer service skills for future benefit of yourselves 'College of Beauty's in Waterford!!!! Good Luck!

Caitlyn Winship

How much is it to get the nails???

Miranda Morgan

The director Deeana was very rude when I called for an appointment. She even cancelled my appointment after I said she was being rude. Sad that the director would behave in such a disgraceful manner.


I do not recommend this location at all.

Nicholas McVety

The only reason I am rating them lower right now is because of laziness. I arrived before the closing time and they want to lie about not being able to work the job because some are packing up. Bull. They had 30 minutes before closing. They are just lazy.

Veronnica McCabe

Good school. Miss you guys

Debbie Thornton

Took their time giving me a good trim. Not rushed at all. Debbie T.


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