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REVIEWS OF Supercuts Central Square IN Massachusetts

Huang Fred

Good cut. Bad attitude. Rushed to finish in less than 8 minutes. Very impatient of listening to what you want, or maybe I am not a regular? And please don't ask how much tip you want to give. Give customer the privacy of tipping. And the lady was pressing the tool so hard on my head. Thought going to be skinned. Really.

Adnan Mahmood

Terrible place. The lady who cut my hair didn’t bother to ask me what I wanted. She was so preoccupied to get it done and get rid of me.

Tushar Yelhekar

Friendly staff

Andrew DeShields


(I think her name was Jamie) She was super nice and I think I overheard her being new when I got my haircut. A great experience and good service for an even haircut.

MARIA Cruzado-Rivera

Zoha GBaboli

Ellen Murphy

It is what it is a 20 buck haircut.Usually I've got cuts and nicks from the stylists being really fast and furious but today didn't need a bandaid.I Hate my cut right now but Ill love it in two weeks..Be advised anybody with young children no bathrooms!!!That's a big minus for me.If you need a bathroom Rodneys has a bathroom and you don't need to buy anything.Rodneys is that great used book store near Au Bon Pain.I only go because its cheap and the only haircutters in the area.I would like to add one thing.I got my hair colored the other day.Brown.It looks like I'm wearing a brown hat.They don't include any highlights with your coloring. If you come in looking to get your hair colored be aware! I'm walking around with a brown hat the next two months. They don't include highlights because my hair dresser --who was extremely nice by the way two thumbs up to her--said my hair needed to breathe between the coloring and getting highlights. They just want you to pay extra for highlights.Dont get your hair colored here.They are called SuperCuts for a reason.A plain cut is $20 and it's an extra $40 for the coloring.So I spent around $70 because I bought leave in conditioner too.The stylists are nice! Come in for them! But highlights are extra and they won't do both a color and a highlight for you the same day.

Matt Quan

I've had both good and bad experiences here. It truly is "you get what you pay for here." It's a cheap $15 haircut, good for the majority of guys, but if I were a girl I'd look elsewhere. It depends who you get as a stylist and you can never really count on having the same person twice without a ton of research.

Bill Gillen

Fast and efficient!

Sunflower Seasons

Do not go to this place she did an awful job on lining and trimming my child's head. And the wait takes forever

michael acton

Abhilash Reddy

Not sure about other stylists but a person with nose rings and tattoos on his hand was such a rude, he hurt me with comb couple of times and took breaks in the middle and went somewhere. I have been going to super cuts since last 3 years but this is the 1st time I felt not to revisit again. I advise don't choose him.

jorden wiggins

tzerchyuan wong

Unhygienic, unprofessional and not worth your money.

Zigurd Mednieks

Did a great job on my haircut. Listened to what I wanted, exceeded expectations.

Linda Hamblin

Got a cut with a free wash I am very happy about it

James Roberts

The person, I was suppose to get a cut from, was running late, so the manager said she would cut my hair. It was the fastest and the least amount of hair 'cut', of any I have ever gotten! When, I went out to dinner that night, my friends asked: "Thought you were getting a hair-cut?" It couldn't have taken her more that five minutes! So, that's about $5 a minute! I'll never go back there again...

Wilbur Li

Jason Oettinger

Jimmy Magrath

Mohammad Shaheen

Just ruined my life for the next two weeks

Nick Flores

Staff ignores wait-list in favor of people they know.

Mostafizur Rahman

Scott Mackinlay

Ask for Jenny, she gave me a great haircut this morning!

Tushar Narayan

Matthew Burckardt

Friendly, capable staff. Easy online check-in process available online to avoid long waits, drop ins also work during off hours.

Peter Fiascone

Ask for Dan, he's awesome!

jifei ou

I asked for a buzz. The lady did it in a very very casual way as if she is in a rush. The whole process took only 5 min or less. No trimming on the edge as you would usually get for a buzz. And she burned my scalp by leaving the buzzer too long on one spot. Don’t go there. Just don’t!

Barbara Sands-Marcinkowski

For a cut: FINE, especially if it's nothing complicated. For color: STAY AWAY AT ALL COSTS! Asked to go 1-2 shades lighter with gold tone since my natural color is medium golden brown, and requested NO reddish colors at all! She said she'd make the mix so that all red tones would be neutralized. What I got for my result was DARK RED which looked horrible on me and made me look totally pale and washed out. NEVER GET COLOR DONE HERE!

L. Colburn

Bob Geller

Jaime...knows her stuff. Best person to do your hair. She's young, has talent.

Simon Blanchard

Pointless check in system. I make a check-in at 9:50, tells me to get there by 10:15. I get there at 10:10, am told by Jenny that it'll be another 40min.There's two stylists, two people in their chairs, and 2 more people waiting in front of me. How is it possible that 4 people were check-in before me? I asked, to verify, that they checked in before I did at 9:40. I am then told they can't verify, and that people who get to the store before me have priority. Seriously, what's the point of an online check in system if you're not checked in until you come to the store? Huge waste of my time. Don't waste yours. Note: Of course their complaint form on their website doesn't work either...

Aleksei Isin

Had a pleasure to have a haircut at this place. Just wanted to give couple advice to stylists: Please treat your customers like humans, because we are. Don’t break a neck to client even if it is more convenient for you to cut that way. Please don’t cut ears, I know you want to get your tips faster but it hurts. And please clean your tools every time you have a new client. As a result of that pleasure my head was bleeding and my ears were red. When I asked for antiseptic they simply did not have it. This is obviously lose–lose situation. Why not to start taking care of your business?

Elana Simon

Enaytul NJ

Waste of money....They cut hair but they don't even know how to cut the lines...horrible Experience...

Anupam Jena

Excellent staff and service

Ameera abu-alsaoud

Loved my haircut

Nehal Farooq

I brought my 1 year old baby boy for a haircut on a rainy late afternoon thinking it would be comparatively quieter, which it was. Jenny, the hairdresser, did a fantastic job! Not only she was meticulous, but she made sure that my baby is comfortable while getting his haircut. They were moments when she had to stop and let him calm down. She was very patient and gentle towards him. There was absolutely no cut or injury to my baby’s head, though he kept moving his head away from her. I totally recommend this place! Will definitely come back again!

steven fortey

Mohammad Shahin

I went to that place again and some other worker did an absolute disastrous job.

frank borghette

Patriots win number 6 Super Bowl

Jonathan Hohrath

Barbers are good but a bit expensive for simple cuts.

Morgan Turner

Got a haircut today and really wish I had said something in the moment, but I wasn’t seeking confrontation. I had this person cut my hair over a year ago or so, and I actually had to come back and ask for it to be fixed then. Today I was too frustrated to go back in as this is this second time this person has done a quick, sloppy job and clearly not cared about it. I’m surprised to see that this person still works there and I wish I hadn’t let them hack at my hair ☹️

A.J Judkins

Enjoyed my haircut

Chris Mathews

Pretty terrible service. And really not that good of a haircut. Le sigh

Nick Johnson

Not sure about the other reviews. It's a place to get your haircut. Just walk in, and wait. I went during off hours and the Asian guy (I think his name is Dang) was super nice and did a great job cutting my hair. Very efficient and knowledge, polite small talk, just a nice dude. Good location and relatively affordable for Boston.

Suren Karapetyan

Inexperienced and rude staff, that only cares about doing it quick and getting a tip in the end. Never going there again

Kollin Wasserlein

What is the point of having an appointment if walk ins still get put ahead of you?

Justin MacDonald

This was my second time here, i went the first time in a pinch and didnt hate the cut i got. Today I made an appt with Jamie for 230, checked in with 2 people while she finished her cut (as i sat 8 ft from her)... she went to break at 235 didnt say anything. I waited, annoyed but i waited. She got back and must have had a 3:00 and took him. I promptly got up and left. Will absolutely never go back, ever.

Jeremy Sumner

yeah, not amazing

Gina Tyk

Ruined my hair. I wear short hair and in order to change thw style I have to wait out the awkward growing. I grew my hair out for 4 months to get a specific style. A stacked cut, with a shaved underneath and long bangs.When I arrived at this supercuts I asked if I could wait for a stylist and askes her (3 separate times) do you feel comfortable with cutting my hair this way? she assured me she was. She completely hacked my hair, giving me a fade with one side shaved heartbroken. I hate my hair so much I bought a hat and am still wearing a hood in June.

Rosangely Otero-Headle

Best spot to get a great hair cut

Ozan A

No time management skills.. Waiting becomes torture

Pratiksha More

Torrick Kurdi

Joseph DeBartolo

Dan is excellent.

Rebecca J

Much more reliably good than any other Supercuts I've been to. Never messed up my hair. Several of the hairdressers are very friendly and remember my preferences and have figured out how to take a month or two off the length of short hair when I couldn't describe it well. Can be a little rushed and sometimes has a long wait even with a reservation.

Daniel Musto

Babak Cohanim

Make an appointment, then still plan on waiting. But the people who work there are nice

Giorgio Seano

Paul Wilson

Had a larger white women with tattoos cut my hair and it went horribly. The haircut took less than 10 minutes, hurt and left me looking worse than when I went in. I had to go to someone else who was unable to fix some of the damage.

Forrest Marvez

Don't bother, staff couldn't even show up 15 minutes after the doors posted opening.

Jay .

Wade Wisler

Convenient, reasonably priced, and quick place for a cut. Sign up ahead of time to avoid a long wait. Also, sign up on supercuts site for 2$ off your first cut and to have them save specifics about your hair/style.

Virginia Strasser

I paid for a $20 haircut and I certainly got one. The service was a little bit rude and the cut itself is fairly bad - zig zag bangs? Really? But all in all, it *was* what I paid for.

Khoa Tran

Jamie is great has a very soft hand when it comes to men's cut

Jake Berman

Awful service. Unique to his this supercuts too. I was able to go to another one a few miles down and they were A LOT better. I'm willing to go a further distance just to not have to go here

robert lubofsky

The customer service is unbelievable they are masters at their job

BlueBug Chang

Sarah fixed my hair. Previously... First time I went there I had a great experience , second time it went there, it all went to hell. I had an appointment but had to wait extra 30 mins. My front hair is completely trashed. I paid 20 dollars for this ridiculous mass.

Abhinav Gupta

The asian guy is good.

Bolong Xiong

The barber has no idea what is " just cut a little bit". It's not a geat idea to come this barber shop as an asian. Although the barber is an asian as well, he cuts tooooooo much!!!!! Sad face

Milos Kostic

The worst haircut in my life! When I came home I realized that they cut my hair very uneven. I regret I went there, paid and even tipped the person. I would not recommend it. I think it is better to pay someone a little more, but who is a hairdresser and knows to work, than to let your hair be butchered there!

Srinivas Kaza

Rude and unprofessional. They pulled my hair so hard that the roots were stinging for quite a while afterwards. And they cut my neck. Ouch.

Miriam Schwalm

I could do a better job myself eyes closed using my non-dominant hand and preschool safety scissors while being drunk, I said it’s fine and left without complaining because whatever would have happened next could only have made it worse. No big deal as I will just let it grow and then get an even cut again somewhere else. But also, even if they would have done a flawless job, it would be totally overpriced. I would give 5 stars for their merciless audacity to call themselves hair dressers though.

Jiannan Liu

The worst haircut I got. The person just rushed through leaving some long hair there. Not to mention, he also cut my ear.

Justin Payan

My hair looks great, and everyone in there was super friendly! I didn't have to wait at all either, I just walked in and sat down immediately. Probably the best supercuts I've been to.

Va Ry

Disgusting. Blunt tools, zero skills, plenty of attitude. It's just hair, it will grow back, but jeez, seriously, who does this??

Melanie Prior

Went to Supercuts at Summer St first and the stylist was distracted the whole time and I didn’t realize until I got home she cut my hair very unevenly. Went to Central Square location the next day and Melissa saved the day! Heading to a wedding later and extremely happy with my look. Will be back!

Mariala Morris

Very high on price

Ross Barrett

I have no idea why the ratings are so low. I went in today and had a great experience. They were very professional and didn't rush at all. You can't get better for the money.

Guy Petrover

If they cant keep their appointment time they should not make appointments in the first place or at least call to let you know they wont be able to take you on time. I arrived a few minutes early and waited around 20 minutes from my scheduled appointment time. There were 3 hairdressers taking their time, talking to the customers, waiting to sing with the national anthem on the radio instead of speeding things up and letting us know that they were delayed and are sorry for the wait, and yes I expect them to offer some form of compensation for my lost time. When it was finally time for my haircut I just got up and told them in front of all of the other customers that I am never coming back there again. This is up there as one of the worst customer experiences i have ever had.

Ines Ariceta

Went with my 2year old twins and we were done in 30 minutes. Quick and nice, just what I needed.

ruhvina rai

My hair was so damaged, it would just fall off and shredd(felt much like dry grass) but I went there for a awapuhi treatment and guess what? My hair breathes again..thank you so much for Jenny who recommended it and Melissa for handling my hair. It is much healthier now. Out of all the stylists there Melissa and Jenny are my favorites, though i feel others are good too.. MuCh Recommended

Hyunwoo Yuk

Today was my first try with Supercut but it was the worst haircut experience ever. Totally inexperienced in skill and the result was horrendous. It's just simple man's short hair cut! I had to spend another $30 in other hair salon to clean the mess but not fully recoverable. Never ever go here again.

Mohit Malhotra

Alejandro Luciano

Terrible service. Stylist only cared about being done quickly therefore she did a mediocre job.

Edward Higgins

I become more unhappy every time I go

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