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REVIEWS OF Haute Coiffure Salon IN Massachusetts

Farnaz Pezeshki

What George does with hair is nothing short of magic. I have soft, flat hair that doesn’t hold style easily but his styling technique and expertise leaves me feeling like a hair model every time. Seriously! I just want to twirl my hair and have people take pictures of it.

Attia Qureshi

This review is for Tiffany, for a keratin treatment and haircut. Tiffany is simply amazing, and I highly recommend her for either/both services. I have been getting keratin treatments for over five years now, at multiple places across the country... Tiffany's treatment stands out! She takes the time to make sure it's done right, not skimping on any part. My hair has turned out wonderfully, it's smooth and shiny and perfect. In addition to Tiffany's wonderful technique/skill, she's also a delight to be around. She's energetic, has a great personality, and made the time go by quickly. Thank you, Tiffany!


Alyssa Turnor

Found my go to salon! Went in for a baylayage and hair cut today. I had stubborn red that would not come out until I came here. Zena was my stylist and she is amazing! She told me exactly what she was doing step by step, made me feel relaxed and made sure I was comfortable the entire time I was there. I came in on my 3rd attempt at a blonde color coming from a deep red, I am so happy with how this came out! She even added oplex and it was still reasonably priced compared to other salons. Great prices and great service, the vibe in the salon is as laid back and everyone there was friendly. I would highly recommend coming here. I know I will be back! Thank you so much!!!

yumi lee

George was my hair stylist. Very professional, friendly and skilled! I couldn’t explain well the color I wanted but he did such a good job. I’m loving my hair color! Thanks for the magic George.

Nikhila K Reddy

Michael Gaman

Super friendly staff. I stopped in on my walk to ask for a cup of water for my dehydrated puppy, they were so nice.

Yara Yosif

I heard about this place from two different people who don't even know each other . It is a go to place for middle eastern hair . George has a great reputation . My hair is somewhere in the middle, where it feels soft but its wavy / curly . Can get frizzy easily . So I went their for Keratin treatment before I go ahead and apply my tape in extensions. I love what their team does . George did my hair treatment and then I have Tiffany do my tape ins . Each of one them is really good at what they do . I've done my tape in extensions there at least 5 to 6 different times. Everyone is nice and well trained by George . Tiffany has done tape ins enough number of times that I know she's a pro at it and I can trust her each and every time. She puts in the tape ins distributed the best way possible and then she gives me a nice trim to blend it all together. I don't even bother look to do this any where else . Simply because going there is a one stop shop . Plus George is a really really genuinely nice guy . his staff loves him , he's awesome at what he does , and you see that in his team as well. As Tiffany is just as awesome , kind , friendly and professional . And knows her stuff.

Hillary Stein

I just went here for the first time today, and I'm so glad I found it. Paula was wonderful - she did a great job with my hair treatment and trim, and she was also super nice and easy to talk to. After reading a few reviews it looks like this place may be geared toward middle eastern hair, but they're also fab for my non-middle eastern hair. Thanks, Paula!

Aly G

Tiffani was amazing

Laura O'Malley

I came for a balayage yesterday with Elena and honestly it was the worst experience ever. My hair smells fried and feels brittle/dry. 1 star because the hair color is somewhat ok. My scalp is very sensitive so when she was trying to brush my hair after washing, it hurt really bad. She told me "beauty is pain!" and that I needed to schedule extra time next time or just not get balayages because I was too sensitive. She also criticized my haircut which I had just gotten a week ago, I wasn't sure how to respond. I also told her I didn't want blow dry or curls (because she had already hurt me too much) but she insisted we continue. I made her stop after a few curls because I just couldn't take it anymore. The total came to $225 (seems too expensive) she said but I had a 25% off coupon so she'd charge me $150 instead, that is honestly what I could pay on Newbury street for a much higher end service/salon/stylist. Really disappointed with my service, she wasn't nice and didn't seem to care about new clients at all. I will not be returning, my hair may even fall out at this point.

Japanese Hair stylist Taka in Boston

Ashish Solanki

Great place Very professional and detail oriented

Morgan Sharp

George has been my #1 for over 12 years now. He’s literally the best at blonde and the times I’ve HAD to stray, I regret it immediately. His girls, Paula and Tiffany, are equally as gifted. Recommend their expertise to everyone.

Candace Gregorian

Amazing talent and wonderful staff. Everyone knows your name and wants you to have the best experience.

Daniella Shein

Paula did an AMAZING job. I got my hair cut and colored before work and I got a ton of compliments. She also curled it and having thin hair curls don't usually hold but they lasted all day even though it was super windy. The color is also amazing it came out even better than what I imagined and it looks so natural! I can't recommend her enough!

Shruti K

Stacia Woldorf

LOVE this salon!!!! I have only been to Tiffani, and I can say that she is amazing at color! I have dark hair and she does a great job highlighting it just right! I have friends who have been to Paula and George and have only good things to say about them as well!

Noah Ong

C J is the man. Get him.

Lauren Tzirides

The staff is like a family by now and incredibly nice (and fun!). I get my short blonde hair cut and colored by George and can’t go to anyone else— he is truly a wizard. I cannot recommend this place enough!


Awesome Keratin treatment by Jennifer! Nice fun place with friendly staff Products used are great

Naufal Khairi

Very nice people

Stephanie Shin

Elena is the best! I've been here three times since February, and she always does an amazing job. I get the balayage. People are always complimenting on my hair and I always tell them to go here if they want the same style. Elena is super friendly and great at what she does. I highly recommend her.

pamela antonios

Thank you Paula for always making my hair beautiful. Ive been here for few years now and the whole team works wonders. I wish i can work at this shop because its never a dull moment Nd they work together like a family. You guys need a reality tv show lol. Keep up the good work

Tiffani Papadopoulos

Love this salon! George is the best at color and styling, and whenever I leave I always feel like a celebrity! Patty is great at eyebrows and I love the hair washes because I don't feel like I'm drenched after! I also like that they offer tanning now so that I can get tan and my hair done all at once before a big event! You won't be disappointed here!!

Martha Ortiz

Mary FT

Great place and good service. Pricey

Hyun-ji Choi


Joseph Yoon

Great Cuts. Great Staff. Great Service. Also, ask for Tiffany to do your hair; she'll make you feel brand new (just a preference :p) I would recommend this salon to anyone :)

Margaret Miller

Daniel Goldberg

Best haircut I've gotten in a very long time, for less than I usually spend. Danny (the person who cut my hair) seemed to know how to make a longer cut look good for very thick hair, which I have.

Paula Eldoueihy

Megan Kelley Marina

Went here with a Groupon for a haircut, and it was not a pleasant experience. I felt like the stylist did not listen to what I wanted at all, the actual salon is fairly small and dingy feeling. Worth paying a little more for a better cut somewhere else.

Amogh Katwe

I got an haircut and loved it. Would definitely recommend. Discount for students too.

Rucha Borle

individual Individual

BEWARE OF GEORGE!!! I have had my hair cut by George for a long time. In the beginning, I paid $ 25.00 for the wash, cut, and blow dry. After a while, the price went up to $ 30.00 for the same service. I went in this week. In the middle of my haircut, George told me e wanted $70.00. I DO NOT THINK HE IS WORTH THAT. THEN HE SAID, $55.00. Then $ 35.00 for the cut (which I was in the middle of getting and $ 35.00 for the blow dry. I ended paying the $35.00 for the cut . I asked if Icould go under the dryer. He said yes, but he did not let me do it for long. I ENDED UP GOING OUT WITH WET HAIR ON A COLD DAY. It was a very unpleasant experience from a very bad business man.

Katie Morris

I dealt with Tiffani and she was absolutely lovely. So nice and friendly. I had just moved to Boston from Ireland and I was glad to find a place that does such a good job and will leave you feel really happy after you leave! Thanks Tiffani!!


Twice I came. Twice some lazy looking Hispanic dudes cut my hair unpassionately (I love my rice and beans nonetheless). By the register, if you look to the left, there are some paper cup crosses stuck to the door. I asked. A lady answered that they were proud Catholics or something with all the heavy makeup on her face. Very distasteful. By that time, I very much wanted to throw the basket of jolly launchers off the counter. But I held myself. Won’t be back again hopefully. Unless maybe—I’ll try Takasann.

lilas turk

Lisa Menendez

Great salon with friendly staff and a fun yet professional atmosphere. I have been seeing Paula for years now and I wouldn't trust anyone else with my hair!

Kaoutar abbou oucherif

George was above amazing ! Thank you for the color, the blow dry, and the cut. Super talented, very attentive, and kind. Definitely going back!

Pamela Sarian

George is the best. Have been a loyal customer for 11+ years. Great salon, service and great price. He always has me in and out in just over an hour for a color + cut. Amazing.

Niusha A.

I went there because of the 25% off that they had on their website and because it was mentioned that they have middle eastern hairstylist. It was a very bad experience for the following reasons: 1- the lady charged me full price and when I mentioned the coupon she said she has already applied the coupon! 2- I went for a hair color,haircut, and keratin . The hair color was very bad so I decided not to do the rest and the lady was offended. 3- The roots turned dark blonde while rest of my hair(which had highlight) turned very dark brown! I wasn't happy with my color and the lady who did the work said even if she color it again it wont match because I have gray hair!!!! isnt that the reason people color their hair?!!! to cover the whites?!!! 4- The manager wasn't there and the employee's treatment was not respectful neither helpful. 5- The price I paid for the service I got is extremely overrated. (if there was a real 25% off on it.) I have been to hair salons in this neighborhood and even the fanciest hair salon on Newbury street didn't charge for the price I was charged at this salon.

Jasmin Dieb

Sabrina Campfield

Lynn Julian

I'm a regular at Haute Coiffure Salon because I LOVE my stylist, Tiffani. She treats her clients, and their hair, more like friends than customers. Her skills have made her one of the best Boston hair stylists. So, I don't go anywhere else for my Keratin Hair Straightening. Ask Tiffani to color your hair's world too...Hair Coloring is her favorite job! SPECIAL TIP: She gives the best price on Keritan Straightening in Boston!

Barbara Santos

Jen is amazing. I've gone to several places for brazilian keratin, but I've never had a place do it as well as haute coiffure's Jen. The edges, the hairline, the back, everything looks perfect and lasts for months. I've been coming here for a while now and won't go anywhere else now. What is even crazier is that despite the incredible attention to detail, their prices are the fairest I've ever encountered.

Victoria Attar

I love this place. I went there and didn't like my Ombré hair at all and stylist Zeina took care of it. She totally transformed my hair and chose a wonderful color that no one has preciviously been able to achieve on my hair.... I love my experience and recommend this place and Zeina to everyone looking for a great customer services and wonderful outcomes.

Sarah Dorman

I simply wanted my hair trimmed before going on vacation, and I was pressured into a short bob style that I completely disliked. I agreed on a shorter haircut and I ended up with a horrible straight across cut that really needed layers to look even remotely good, but unfortunately I didn't see the final style until I got home because my stylist didn't think blowdrying was necessary---in February. I'm not a picky person and my hair will grow back, but I won't be returning to this salon to pay money for a hairstyle I cannot wear. I've had my hair up in pins for the last month as I wait for my hair to reach a tolerable length. I strongly advise anyone who plans to get their hair cut here to voice their opinion and not let the stylist argue with you. I didn't argue and left with the worst haircut I've had in a long time. Lastly, the stylist also thought my hair color and current style was awful, and kept hinting at the fact that she does highlights and all over color. If you enjoy criticism from your stylist during the entire appointment, then this place is for you.

Hannah Weekes

This was the best salon I have been to in Boston! Tiffany did my hair (high and low lights and cut and blow dry) and did a fabulous job. She was very friendly and clearly passionate about what she does. The lady who washed my hair and the owner were also very friendly. The salon had a great vibe and music- clearly reflected in the number of clientele- it was very busy! Definitely recommend it :)

Ariel Anders

I go to Paula for my keratin hair treatment for almost 2 years now. She does a good job and is very efficient. I rarely have to wait until my appointment and she doesn't usually double up on clients during your appointment. Only once was she working with another guest while doing my hair.

Natalie Ma

I've been in Boston for a year and a half and still hadn't found the right stylist, but finally my search is over! George was fantastic, lots of fun to chat with, and gave me an amazing haircut and style that feels natural and frames my face perfectly. With all seriousness that I'd give these folks 10/5 stars if it were possible.

Jessica Enwere

Rejina is the best for eyebrow threading and chin threading! I went in and it was my first doing any sort of threading and I was so happy with the results! If you need your eyebrows done, ask for Rejina!!

Aditya Shrivastava

George El Khoury

Amazing staff ! U have got to ask for C K Very professional I highly recommend this place

Mohsen Haidar

I heard about this place from my friends and always wanted to try it but I did not want to leave my current hair dresser. I took the chance and went there. I was able to get George to cut my hair. I can simply say that this is the best hair cut I got in a long time. Give it a try, you will never go anywhere else :)

Elena Lemus

I've been in this place for a few times already , Elena does amazing job . Elena is a great Colorist. She does amazing keratin treatment. She's very friendly , and a sweetheart . I do recommend Elena , she's amazing hairstylist .

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