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REVIEWS OF Floyd's 99 Barbershop (Cambridge) IN Massachusetts

Patrick T. Hoffman

This place is an okay option for a men’s cut. It has a unique vibe specific to the Floyd’s brand but like other locations they have it is really hit and miss when it comes to the quality of the cut. I’ve been to similar types of barbershops in NYC and Floyd’s isn’t close to as good. If you’re just looking for someone to use the clippers then it’s a good spot but if you want anything more advanced it’s not the best option in the area, and it’s a bit pricey for the cut you get.

Anthony Bissell

Go here often. Their team members do a great job.

Smith S.

Went here for my first time after reading the positive reviews. I was very impressed and satisfied. Steve was great and gave me a very nice haircut, shampoo, and massage!! Definitely coming back!

Peter Danilov

I've been coming here for 3 years, and I always get a great haircut. The stylists here are fantastic. Last time I came in, David did a superb job.

Travis Reese

I've been coming to Sam A. at Floyd's 99 for almost a year now and have had great experiences every time!

Alejandro Laguna

Great service and no wait. Awesome music!

Justin Buchard

I've been getting my haircut here for over a year, and I have to say I'm always pleased with the service I've recieved. Shout out to Nick who does a great job! Thanks!

Ashley Kras

I could not have been clearer with my instructions to take less then half an inch off everywhere and to keep the same shape, which is longish on the sides and tapered in. They ended up shaving the whole side off to the top and taking off way too much off the top. Strongly advise against this place

Spencer Edwards

Fantastic! People are nice and make you feel relaxed :-)

hani shraideh

a short white young lady cut my hair as I go there for the first time. She didn't introduce herself. I told her what I wanted to do (a 1 buzz on the back and the left side and a fade on the right side) she said that doesn't make sense and she gave me a fade on both sides. Then she called me "oh, you are one of those.." because I told her I like my hair to be short. Finally, she told me I'm annoying because I told her I want my hair to be shorter since she didn't listen to me the first time! I don't understand her attitude at all!! she was rude and gave me a hair cut as she wanted not as I wanted!! Like excuse me, this is my head and my hair and I know how I wanted them to look like. I asked for a very simple hair cut and you were so rude and unprofessional! even if I asked for a monkey hair cut you shouldn't tell me I'm "not making sense", "one of those" or "annoying".

Ryon N

This is the first haircut in a long time that I've been very disappointed with. When we started, I told the barber, "short on the sides and back and leave the top alone". For some reason she took this as "cut it however you like". She cut the top that I was trying to grow out, by many inches, and never asked me anything. Now I'll have to wait months to get back to where I was. She never spoke to me during the haircut even being the day after Christmas. Normally people ask how your holidays were. After doing whatever she wanted with my hair, she didn't even ask if I liked it. Then I had to pay $26... supercuts gave me better service.

Jane Winans

I love Floyd's! You can beat the price and the people! Melissa X is awesome and friendly and sure knows how to cut straight hair. I had long hair I wanted to chop off and she was amazing transforming it into a pixie cut that shaped my face. I've also had her color my hair and it was well done. Also the music and atmosphere is top notch. You can tell the people love coming to work here.

gregg Killman

Nick is a very talented guy

Fabrice Schlegel

Friendly hairdressers but not very punctual. Had an appointment and have been waiting for an hour...

James Yang

Horrible service-very rude.

Marta Angelini

I have been coming here for six months, and I have always received excellent service. The stylist who cuts my hair is Cheila. I usually book an appointment in advance, so I don't have to wait because she is always on time. She does very nice haircut and since she remembers me, she knows how I like my hair to be cut. Way to go!!!

Mx Macabre

I've had marvelous experiences here, and my expectations have been met or exceeded. This is a chain barber shop. I come in knowing what I want, and they deliver to the best of their ability. I have seen both Kelly and Jason, with appointment or as a walk-in, and both have been very outgoing and friendly and really listened to exactly what I wanted. I have received excellent haircuts from both for a very reasonable price. I try and maintain a very 50's style Bettie Page thing, and they've both rocked it far better than any snootysnoots Newbury/South End salon ever has, for a fraction of the cost. If anything they were far superior and meticulous in giving me the haircut I wanted than many of the more "upscale" salons in the Boston area have been. Again, if you know what you want and are clear with your desires, you'll come out top notch. I give them five stars because I have always left satisfied and have had a great experience, from getting an appointment, walking in off the street, to their great products and unexpectedly exceptional haircuts.

Oliver Ames

I'd waited a few-too-many weeks before cutting my hair so when I was recommended this place by a friend I went instantly! I had the basic haircut which was pretty cheap and was helped right away. They tend to be busy so if you want your hair cut day-of but don't have an appointment, call right when they open to get one booked (they fill up fast!). I was pleased with the cut but my particular hairdresser was rough with my scalp. She did a great job otherwise, and the hot towel at the end was amazing. I'd recommend this place to a friend!

John Jannotti

I actually left before I got a cut because the stylist seemed to want to get into a verbal battle over how to cut my hair.

K. C.

They have barbers as well as cosmetologists in all of their locations. They take appointments up to 7 days in advance but welcome walk-ins too. They clean up after every single appointment unlike a lot of other places.

Kevin Coveney

I have had haircuts from several people here and all have been good. I usually see Sarah, she does and excellent job. Great service

Obray Lyman

Aewsome cut! Good price!

Benjamin Cook

Excellent service and great atmosphere. Nick's been doing my hair for two years now and he's fantastic

Jonah Berg-Ganzarain

Great cut. Tiffanie and Stephanie are both great.

Galen Sanford

Samantha was a super good listener and made sure she understood the kind of cut I wanted before starting. Gotta appreciate that level of communication, and not just getting assumed into a haircut you didn't want.

64lundyco .

Decent haircut but terrible staff and poor customer service. Didn't explain the cuts and over charged me when I had a coupon

Audrey Horst

I came in, very much overdue for a cut. Tiffanie H. took a lot of time and care to figure out a new style that worked well for me. It's been a few days now and I'm still excited by my new cut every time I look in a mirror. Thank you Tiffanie!

Zachary Smith

Nice hip place where you'll get a real quality haircut and maybe some quality therapy while your at it with the empathetic intelligent staff. I now enjoy haircuts

Kail M.

My normal barber isn't open on weekends, so I came here for a quick shave and touch up before a date. Big mistake. The stylist who cut my hair (I think her name was Syd?) cut the sideburns so that one was a good half centimeter shorter than the other, and she somehow managed to shave my head unevenly (longer bits of hair stuck out in the back). I wear glasses so I couldn't tell until I arrived home. I debated going back but instead fixed what I could with a hand razor at home and the next day I paid for a second haircut at my regular barber, who noticed and asked about the poor cut as soon as I sat down. I didn't think it was possible to mess up a shave but I was proven wrong. Tldr; They don't know how to use a razor. Choose another barber.

Daniel Payares Luzio

First time I write a review and it's because of the fact that I've been mistreated here twice already. First time I called before coming, about an hour and a half before it closed to see if I had enough time to have get a haircut - they said yes. 15 min later I get there and they tell me that even when is an hour before they close that there is not enough time. Fine, Today I called, told them I was on my way and asked if I needed an appointment or could I just walk in.. "just walk in" the lady said. 20 min later I get there and they tell me that the waiting time is at least 2.30 hours... that's exactly why I called.. NEVER AGAIN!

Jay M. Cronin

Get my boy David Ruiz. Cuts a men’s hair cut.

Michael Hurley

Not normally my go-to barber, but I was in a pinch and it needed to be done. I was happy with the outcome. Nice to know I can get a good haircut in walking distance.

Michael Andryuk

If you need a good scissors haircut, go see my boy Nick. He's an artist.

Ed Aaron Welsh

I consistently receive great haircuts here

Michael Brown

I went to Floyd‘s for years, but I went for a specific barber, not the establishment. They have some pretty fantastic barbers, but I’ve seen that it can also be a mixed bag. I stopped going after my barber left, because I’ve since moved to Somerville and if I had to find a new barber then it might as well be closer.

Jimmie Rodgers

I've never gotten a bad haircut here. Usually they are pretty good, and occasionally they are excellent. The turnover here is fairly high though, so even if you do find someone you like, they seldom are around for long.

Mark Renouf

FInally found my favorite place to get my hair cut. I've got a bit of a phobia of old-school barber-shops assuming I'd end up with whatever they felt like. I'd always gone to unisex salons or "SuperCuts" type places in a pinch. I feel right at home in this place. I got exactly what I wanted, they have free WIfi to use while you wait, and two flat screens to keep you occupied if you're the ADD type (like me).

Nate Peters

Glad to find a Floyd's in Boston. I was a regular at one in S. Austin when I lived there. I got a dope cut and found some new hair product based on my barbers recommendation. Cool location in Cambridge and the staff was mad friendly. Use the app and book online! So much easier.


Sweet staff and atmosphere. They have plenty to offer for services and don't guilt you into getting extra. It's my new regular hair cut location.

Alex Griggs

Solid cut. Better pricing. Gotta love the hot towel. Thanks homies.

Rishi Singh

Love going to this barbershop, always a good haircut and the people there are awesome

Wayne Goldstein-Chroma360

See Jessica great cut

Wyatt Pearson

Dope cuts

Jonathan Reilly

Great service. Great haircut. Fun staff. I pass a dozen other places to get my hair cut and go to Floyd's. I really recommend it as an fantastic experience.

chris mcphee

Very negative experience today; have been to Floyds three times and only the first time did I get something worth the $24. My conclusion is the same as the other peson with 1 star. Skip this place, you are going to get the same thing as Hair Cuttery, but with lots of "flair"[ stuff on the walls, jazzy tunes, things that makes a place seem more hip]. I actually think my last Hair Cuttery cut was better than what I got today. And the attitude! Its about your customers, not you!

Sam Reed

A great haircut with friendly barbers. Setting up an appointment isn't too bad, and they're very helpful even when I have no idea how to describe what I'm looking for. It is a little bit expensive, but worth the price for most.

Ben Cook

I've been going to Floyd's barbershop to see Nick for over three years, and he's the best barber I've ever had. He gives a great cut, is always open to new suggestions but also has his own flair when you first come in not knowing what you want.

Charles Ponti

Best barber in Boston, no contest

Nikita Bykov

Receptionist doesn’t respectful. Barbers doesn’t know what different between tape up and shape up. Awful barbershop

Jordan Fennick

Friendly staff, great music, and most importantly great haircuts!

Sean Persson

Go with Nick “Nico”. This guy takes his time and makes sure that every hair on your head is right before you leave.

Jon Moreno

would never recommend getting your haircut there

Marc Appel

Nick has been my barber for 5+ years. I wouldn’t ever consider going to anyone else. Thanks buddy, your the best!



Andrew Weinert

I've been using Floyd's 99 as my sole barber for past five years. I've moved around the area and still keep coming here. Nick has become my guy. While Floyd's is a still a chain and not a classic barber shop don't like that stop you.

Jean Kenny

Great prices for hair coloring and highlights. I think their prices are very reasonable for a haircut. I like that they offer everything a la carte. I've always gone to the same stylist and so I make an appointment but you can also walk in and get a haircut with a fairly short wait time.

Justin Stout

Best place I have been to-Jason is great

G Walker

Feel free to show up late for any appointments, which you will need one because they never have enough stylists working it seems. Apparently if it's your time and they call you, you can just say "I'll be there in 5 minutes" and the stylist will just wait for you even if other customers are waiting. For the 25 minutes I waited after my appointment time due to stuff like this, I was given half off the haircut. Finally got out of there 80 minutes after my appointment. But come to realize, got charged a for a "midlength" when my haircut was absolutely a Floyd cut, so they didn't hold up honestly to their attempt to give something to make up for their poor scheduling


I liked the shop and reception was friendly. I did not like the approach or cut. I have ethnic hair (wavy and curly). I never saw a pair of scissors. It was just an uneven cut with clippers on already short hair. I was very disappointed.

Claudio Luciani

Cool barbershop. Super friendly staff and nice atmosphere. Recommended.

Ethan Doiron-LaRue

Played Sweeney Todd while I was getting my hair cut, and were very friendly! Come here for all your spooky hairy needs.

leo wachs

The barber Sam W. is one of my favorite people. Excellent hair cutting skills and always a hoot to talk to! Couldn't recommend the place enough

Travis Hearn

The barber was very helpful in figuring out what to do with my beard to make it more professional.

Tara Hill

I had good experiences at the Boston location 10 years ago so tried Cambridge a few months back. I'm sure people's experiences vary given all the different staff and clients, so I don't want to write this place off. But I thought what I needed was pretty simple. Blunt bang and long hair. I was a little concerned that I was given a dry cut but just went with it. I find it hard to inspect my hair cut in the salon so I left just happy I got something done. But over the next couple days after a wash and a closer look I was so disappointed. A year ago my bangs were cut too thick and too far out to the sides and I've been growing that out. This cut went right back into that and then some. I was really mad for a while. So I'm overdue for a trim again and not sure where I want to try next. If I were closer, I might try someone else at Floyd's and be more explicit about exactly what I want. I'm still searching for someone I really like AND can afford. The appeal here was price and that I think I could ask for less traditional cuts if I decided to go that route again. I still think it's worth a try if you're near by and can come back for a touch up if needed. Or are better at self advocating than I was that night. Or aren't too fussy. I think I'm the only one who really knew what was off.

yovav gavish

These guys are amatures. Realy bad hair cut

Madeleine O'Neill

Solid cuts and color for a good price! Walk-ins are welcome

Peter Beliakov

Place has a great atmosphere and usually packed so call ahead

Alex Hardy

I've exclusively gotten my haircuts here for the past 4 or 5 years. Like most people I always get my hair cut by the same person which in my case is Kristin S. She's always managed to somehow make me look good without any instruction, guidance, or clue from me about how I want my hair cut. I don't know jack about hair cuts because I didn't really get them until my 30s and spent my life before that with hair past my waist. All I know is every time Kristin S. cuts my hair, people tell me I look good. I'm probably not doing her skills justice because other people know what they want and require more work that she can also do. One FYI: If you want to make an appointment with a particular person, call first thing that morning. Your favorite person will book up early! ps. good music.

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