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REVIEWS OF Floyd's 99 Barbershop (Boston) IN Massachusetts

Alejandro Ramírez Cisneros

I just had the worst haircut of my life! And it happened at Floyd's 99 Barbershop at 189 Mass Ave! please don't go there! You'll waste your money and your integrity!!

Carla M. Gee

Tyler Lambert-Perkins

I go here every time! Randy is fantastic and nails it every time. A bit pricy, but I feel it's worth it to look your best!

Sandy M.

Everyone is so friendly and very ,very good with hair

Brenton Dowd

Always a fantastic cut, I usually don't know what I want, so I leave it in the hands of the stylist and have never been disappointed.

Mike Petschek

Simple no frills haircuts at a good price.

michael bradley

Jake Keyslay

I paid for a barber haircut (showed him a picture of what I wanted) expecting a fade and straight razor line up as the website stated. Instead I received something that I could’ve gotten from super cuts. The person cutting my hair was clearly not a barber and had no idea what they were doing. I should’ve known something was wrong when I repeatedly had to tell them that they weren’t cutting it how I asked. Overpriced and uncomfortable experience all around.

Marc Alcarese

The barbers and stylers are great people! The barber today was great to talk to and was such a nice guy. But only if his skills were as good as his banter. I came for a beard cleanup. The trim is a bit uneven. And I have a cooked line. But whatever. Again, the people in there are pretty awesome. Just not as skilled barbers.

Thiago de Araujo

Salt n Peppa

my haircut always ends up shorter than I ask because they go over the same spot *acting precise* while forcing conversation. So many useless add ons too. I don’t want all that. I’ll go to a spa for that.

Alexander Wyckoff Mahler

Good atmosphere, affordable prices, and great barbers.

Andrew K

Quality haircut, D wiz & Tim give great low fades!

Udit Rathore

Fil Ramil

Nathan Donahue

Went here for my first time after reading the positive reviews. I was very impressed and satisfied. Steve was great and gave me a very nice haircut, shampoo, and massage!! Definitely coming back!

Nick Jones

Richard Russo

Nice place

Andrew Karhan

Decent Spot

James Ricker

Anna Tarnow

Huge waste of time. Asked to be booked for an undercut, they said I could come back the same day, so I hung around for two hours and then went back at the time they told me. When I sat down in the chair, the barber said he “didn’t feel comfortable” doing an undercut. Wasted so much time on this shop! What kind of incompetent operation is this?

Jackson Waldron

Not sure what people are talking about with appointments. I made one a day in advance. This was my first time here and I didn't know that if you don't ask for a barber you will get a "stylist". As a barbershop I think everyone in there cutting hair should be a trained barber. Its not fair that you can end up with someone with less training for the same price. When the cut was finished I thought it looked okay... Kind of what I would of expected at a supercuts. Then when I got home I noticed that my hair was uneven, and left longer in the back. If Floyds wants to keep customers coming back (which I wont be) they should tell their customers that they can choose between a "stylist" and a barber for the same price. No one would choose the stylist.... So how about just not hiring them at all. Have actual barbers in "Floyds Barbershop" and the stylists can go work in a salon. Its false advertising.

Samantha Miller

Really cool atmosphere. Very clean and professional.

Andrew Lee

Bosco Layne

I go to Yaritza for my haircuts. She knows what she’s doing and is fun to work with.

Daniel Sabourin

Easily my most enjoyable experience getting a haircut in the city since moving here a few years ago. I've tried my fair share of spots, but this place takes the cake. From walking through the door to walking out with a fresh cut, the atmosphere, people, conversation, treatment, everything was top notch! Think I've settled on my place.

Garrett Swenson

He place is nice and people are friendly but their barbers just absolutely suck. I had a half off coupon so it was only a $12 haircut but it honestly wasn't even worth $12.

Brad Petrowitz

Pretty good prices compared to other barber shops in the area when all I need is a simple haircut

Gaurang Deshpande

Andrea Forro

Ashley Iervolino

Matthew Tarr

Good cut, good price, this place is good

Benjamin Heymann

Went to the Floyd's on Mass Ave and got a cut from Dwayne. Without a doubt one of the best cuts I've ever gotten. Dwayne was super friendly and helpful in explaining the basic concepts of hair cutting (what a 4,3,2 length is +how much hair grows a month typically), and gave me a Damn good cut - all while in the middle of a great conversation. I can't speak to any of the other barbers, but Dwayne and the woman who checked me out were very friendly. Thanks Dwayne!

Hugues Boucher

I hate to say it, but this new crew is horrible.

Vshnu Kchittibhooma

Great service

Karthik Ranganathan

Great haircuts

meiqi Fu

Morningstar333x2 Productions

Best place for an all around hair care for men and women of all ages

Jack Abramowitz

Warning: Avoid Joe at all costs. I have gotten a line-up from him a few times, and was always hesitant to go back but since he was so close I went back. The last time was absolutely terrible. I told him to follow my NATURAL hairline in the back and he pulled it up at least 3 inches. I told him to stay with my jaw line for my beard and he pulled it in way too much. Not to mention, he was too lazy to use shaving cream and sprayed water onto my face and neck getting me soaking wet. Awful barber.

Erik Paine

Went here two months ago and the guy was a total jerk. He didn't listen at all and actually got angry with me; completely over reacting. He kept using only 1 hand and smacking my head with the clippers. He also was cutting my hair with me facing away from the mirror so I couldn't see what he was doing. I wasn't being demanding or rude and I still tipped. I'm just never going back there.

Lucy Phillips-Kassanis

I paid $250 a couple of weeks ago for a cut and colour. It looked OK when I left because the blow dry was done well, but when I styled it myself I realized that the cut looked like it had been done by someone who had never cut hair before - uneven, random short bits at the front which didn't flow into the rest of the cut, and no texturising whatsoever. It was almost as if it had been cut quickly before being coloured and then the stylist forgot to complete the cut. Additionally, I asked for my roots to be coloured and the balayaged ends to be toned and without checking with me, the hairdresser bleached a bunch more of my hair. I assume this is why it ended up costing so much. For fear of further destroying my hair, I went to a different place on newbury Avenue which was amazing and fixed the mess. They were shocked at how awful the cut was. Unfortunately, I was leaving town for a few weeks soon after the appointment so didn't have time to go back and show a manager what had happened. Also, I knew that they would insist on letting them fix it and didn't want to risk making the situation worse.

Antonio Torres

Victor Montepeque

If you want to wait for over an hour and pay 40 dollars for a simple hair cut.. Then this is the place to be.. #NoIDontWantYourShampo #TooHyped #DontDoIt #NotWorthIt

Pranav Yamjala

Upcoming concept: Themed barbershops. Very tidy service and good feel to the place.

Lulin Huo

Simply bad. Avoid it

Lane Hook


steven yu

very nice haircuts and Comfortable



Paul Ford

My first experience with Floyd's was about 8 weeks ago in Baltimore. I loved it. Today I went to Floyd's on Mass Ave in Boston, and while I received a decent cut, the experience was nothing like Baltimore. The person cutting my hair had his phone constantly going off, to the point he had to answer it. Later, with one hand in my hair, I watched him texting with the other. His use (over use) of the electric trimmer was very rough. When washing my hair he couldn't get the chair to the right spot over the sink to support my neck so my head just hung there unsupported.

Aj Hazard

I go to my man Jesus R. Every time and leave happy every time. If ur looking for a clean line up or fade Jesus at Floyds is where it's at.

Mason Hall

Hair go snip snip

Nima Janmohammadi

Worst haircut I have ever had, I could have done a better job cutting my hair rather than the lady who spent less than 2 min for my haircut! I felt I am in the middle of a game and they want to sell me some shampoos rathe than cutting my hair! I ended up paying more than $40 for nothing!!! Do not recommend this place at all!!!

J-Lanae Mitchell

Nautica Mosby

jonathan calisto


Olivia Stork

Michael Jarvis

Saad Farhad

I gave this place a 3 star review because I have had good haircuts here and bad haircuts. There are a lot of barbers here so you need to be careful who you get your haircut from. Also, make sure you are very specific about what you want because I've had a barber "take liberties" and I ended up with a haircut that I did not want.

shantanu tawte

Kaylee Klenk

Worst worst worst service I have ever received in my entire life. I walked out of the place in tears. I asked for silver hair with black roots. I came in the next day for my appointment with Steve. And I don’t think he did one thing correctly. He started by bleaching halfway down my head when I asked for almost all to be silver. Then he BURNED ME with the bleach. He took another few customers while the bleach was sitting on my head. My scalp was burning, I couldn’t move my head because my hair was burning my neck and he didn’t notice until my friend had to yell for him to come over. When he took the wrap off my head STEAM came off. He completely ruined my hair, it was so damaged and broken and burnt because he just wasn’t paying attention to his customer. Next he toned. Keep in mind I asked for silver hair with black roots. He toned my entire head. My hair was ORANGE at the roots and BLUE... I asked him to make it more silver and still nowhere was it silver. I wish I could add a photo, it was so bad. I was on the verge of tears, no thanks to him yanking my head and being really rough the entire time. My hair was a mess- blue & orange and he tells me I’m all set. Looks at me and sends me home with that. Doesn’t even try and own up to how badly he messed up, doesn’t offer to continue the next day. Tried to send his client home with orange and blue hair. I will never ever be going back there. Thankfully the front desk girl was really nice and tried to help me out with setting up another appointment to fix it. I really regret spending $200 on that, when even after it was “corrected” I never received what I asked for. Would not at all recommend for hair coloring. At least not with Steve.

Jacky Wu

Great service and hair cut is decent and very affordable

Nathan Malynn

A good haircut place with great music, but the shave is overpriced.

Rachel Starr

I love my stylist at Floyd's, Sameena. She is an excellent stylist, who always gives me a great color and cut. She is patient and helps you get what you want, while still taking into account your hair type and personal style.


I've been coming here for a good 3 years or so. The people here are really cool, really consistent and solid at what they do. I have never been more convinced of the quality of Floyd's 99 barbers and stylists then after the time my hair (probably one of the most simple styles in existence) was messed up completely at over at SuperCuts. I came to Floyds to get it corrected, and even though my hair was super-short the stylist corrected it easily, quickly, and perfectly. And they felt pity for me and charged me next to nothing. I have been coming back consistently and they always do a great job. Plus their "full-treatment" I think its called — with the cut, wash, and massage — is so worth it.

Leilani Mroczkowski

Shout out to Steve M at Floyds! I walked into today with about 2 feet of dreads that I've had for the last 7 years and asked for a haricut. The staff at the front desk got me in right away with Steve. Steve was amazing! I showed him a few examiles of men's/androgynous styles that I liked and left it up to him to cut and style my hair in a way that would work with my face. I wanted it to be a dramatic change and some thing with some flair. Steve gave me a nice fade in the sides into a longer, styled top with a sick curve buzzed into the side. The look is killer and is flawless. Would highly recomend working with him! Plus the price was great, imo, for the amount of work it took to transform my look. Go see Steve!

Claudio Quintana

I've been to some great salons and barbershops in Boston. Figured I'd try my luck at this location for a simpler cut that I had planned. This place is poorly managed, expensive for what you get, and is very unprofessional. Only pro as that they were fundraising for JDRF, which I was happy to support.

Christopher Taylor

A consistent quality cut.

Niko Tsop

I tried a couple of Barbershops, this is so far the best.

Joe Carpenito

I have had a couple decent cuts here in the past, but I typically go to an actual barber shop in the south end. My last experience was pretty bad though. Leo cut my hair and basically didn't do anything? I told him I like a number three on the sides and then fade it into the top. He never picked up a pair of clippers the whole time, except to stab then at the back of my neck a few times.

Emilio Variopinto

It just depends on who you get. Some are terrible, others will give you the best haircut. 50/50 if it's your first time. Overall I have had more bad experiences than good. The bearded man is the best

Marcello Rusciano

I am a custom of italian barber shop and I can say that this is not so good. 20 $ just for an haircut. It's not expensive but it's not the best deal.

Joe Addante

I always have a good time going to Floyd’s. Been a regular for a few years now. Everyone from the receptionist (Kristen) to my stylist (Yaritza) is top notch and professional.

Stephany Burns

Wouldn't go any where else...

K Kulhade

Drew Starr

This score is specifically for Sameena and the management at Floyd's. Your mileage may vary based on who your stylist / barber is. Sameena is great at both men's and lades' cuts and is capable of doing the kind of color and styling work that you usually only find at much more expensive salons. Most services at Floyds include a shoulder massage with an old school hand held Oster massager -- a nice relaxing touch to whatever you just had done. Barbers in the shop also do barber shaves, but I've had a bit of a mixed bag there. I've had both the smoothest and worst barbershop shave of my life there, but when brought to the attention of the manager they immediately made things right. All in all, a pleasant experience and it's hard to get this quality at this price anywhere else

Lea Juillard

(Translated by Google) A team at the top (Original) Une équipe au top

david curran

amy reebenacker

Didnt go there with high expectations after reading reviews, but i wanted a quick cut and color anyway. Ive definitely gotten better cuts, but nothing that wont grow in. The color is absolutely amazing, much better than i expected for $60. What shocked me is a simple blow dry was $20. For a salon with $5 shampoos i thought that was outrageous. I ended up getting on the T with soaked hair. And of course you can never fully see a cut until your hair is dry.

Mjolnier Odinson

Marcus Hamblin

Tim is the best!

Martín Levallois

Yingkun Cui

John Connelly

Amazing haircut done by Steven. He's quick, professional and the hair cut looks good two weeks later. I got exactly what I wanted and also the neck massage was awesome.

Emmett Perkins

Tim was SO NICE. Told him I was a trans guy and he didn't bat an eye. Whole staff seems LGBT friendly. THERE WAS ALSO A DOG NAMED BOWIE HOW GOOD CAN ONE PLACE BE

Kyle Smith

Steve is great, always friendly and a positive experience. Pricing not too bad for Boston

Lynn Quagliato

The WORST haircut I've ever had. Went today and showed a guy a picture and my hair didn't look like the picture AT ALL. They also didn't have a razor or hair spay. All the chairs were about 4' from the mirrors. The washed your hair and cut it in the same chair. AWFUL. It's going to take months for my hair to get back to normal. Go anywhere else or cut your own hair. It will turn out better than going here.

Patrick Gdovic

Lady rushed through my haircut, just trying to get it done as fast as humanly possible. Did a pretty bad job. Went a 2nd time for a straight razor shave and got my scalp shredded and was bleeding everywhere. The barber was also incapable of following a line against longer hair to shave along. Absolutely horrible experience.

Kevin Cantrell

I have been living in Boston for 5 years at the tome of writing this, this is the only place I get my hair cut. Very nice

Candida Berrios


I have been there at least twice and both times was a huge disappointment. The only reason I went there again was because I really needed a quick haircut, and Floyd's was the closest place. However, if you have a time and care about your hair, I highly discourage you from going to Floyd's. Some masters are extremely rude, the area and the equipment they use are dirty, overpriced ($24 minimum). Supposedly, you can make a phone call and make an appointment 30-45 mins prior to the arrival, so that you avoid the long line. However, both times I called and both times I had to wait like an hour. The mean lady, who was going to cut my hair, just left the barbershop for at least 25 mins because she needed to re-park her car. In general, dirty, overpriced, horrible customer service, and super quick careless haircut. DO NOT GO THERE.

Demichael R.

Great professional staff. Cool comfortable waiting area and great cuts. Calling ahead or scheduling in advance is recommended but walk-ins are welcomed. This isn't a particularly cheap barbershop, but the quality is worth it. I'd recommend this place.

kirk coy

Not bad.....

Nicholas Rabchenuk

A great old time barbershop. Shoulder massages, shaves, and great haircuts from girls who you'd actually trust to cut your hair time and time again!

Vera Leader

Best hair cut of my life. Stacey is an amazingly talented barber. It was nearing close but she took an hour + perfecting my cut, which she did, and her personality lights up the room. The atmosphere is great. I love the whole rock barber shop theme. And to top it all off, at the end you get a message.

Zachary Neveu

Hit or miss. I've had some great haircuts there, and some less than stellar ones as well. When you find a stylist you like make sure to book with them so you don't get someone incompetent.

Joseph Gabay

I usually get my hair cut by Steve M there - he is amazing, and did a great job fixing up haircut that I'd gotten elsewhere.

Ken Bloom

I found this place on Yelp for a cut and a Nike line through my hair, between where I work and a Redsox game. I got exactly what I wanted from Pablo at a measurably lower price than hat I thought I was gonna pay. The challenge was in the communication, both when I called in the appointment as well as when I arrived. And Pablo wasn't exactly a conversationalist. All's well that ends well and I would go back there if a similar occasion.

Rashidbek Muydinov

Worthless. I don't care about their shoulder massage (which i didn't get) but a good quality haircut would suffice. Doesn't justify the overrated $24 a haircut at all. The guy was rushing to finish it I felt like, he didn't even listen to what I wanted. I ended up straightening this uneven haircut myself at home.

Jacob Mulligan

Fast and impersonal. I had shorter cut hair when I used to come here, I was never very happy with the results.

Charlie Nodus

Antonio baez

So overpriced! Customer Service sucks and Minimum Haircut is $24 - The inside is nice - But the Barbers are ass.

Srinivas Mynampati

Wissam Jawhari

Steve did a really good job in cutting my hair and trimming my beard and the prices are good too. Would recommend it

Cristina Vaira

I'm sorry to say it, but they are not able to do a professional haircut! Not even copying the style from a given photo! I tried two times and I have been disappointed both times with different people! Also for the price they are charging this is just not right! Sorry but I won't recommend it and I won't come back!

Ruslan Bulatov

Yilun Zhang

Tomi Adelusi

If you're black (like me), call ahead and ask for "Kenny L." The man's work is phenomenal. He gave me a fresh haircut and lineup. Would definitely go again.

Al Vega

Russell Wilson

Good walk in salon. But no advance bookings, except for coloring. Seems to not be a problem for most people, but if you have a popular stylist it may be a problem getting in.

B González

Haircuts are a hit and miss. The straight men cutting hair don't understand haircuts that outside the mainstream. Morning girls take forever.

Peter Beliakov

I've been here many times and never been disappointing

Chris M

I was visiting Boston while my granddaughter was in the hospital and needed a haircut. I stopped in at Floyd's and asked if they cut women's hair, they assured me they had stylists as well as barbers. When I was called, I was seated at a barbers station. He informed me that he doesn't usually cut women's hair. I should've gotten up and left. I had to recut my hair upon returning tho Virginia.

Rajarshi Choudhury

Dustin Stokes

Probably the worst barber shop I've ever been inside of. First of all , it was about 80 degrees inside the place. My barber was a nice women but couldn't give a proper fade I wanted. If you'd like to get a glorified super cuts hack job. Then this is your place. Paying 24 dollars for a haircut is a god damn shame. I should have went to Boston Barber Co instead.

Benjamin Wong

Its been 5 years and I stull don't know why I come here honestly. It's extremely expensive. The cuts I've received have been of varying quality some barbers can fade properly and some can't. For the money they charge they should be able to get it right everytime.

Sai Praneeth Macherla

Courtney Allender

Nick Keil

EDIT: Stopped in and Nikki B didn't hesitate to fix the work Pedro did. With Pedro only being certified for less than 6 months he probably does not understand hair fully. Hopefully they can critic him and move forward. I would come back again.

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