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REVIEWS OF Anita Kurl IN Massachusetts

Rachel Reynolds

I have never in my almost 29 years been able to wear my curly hair curly. If I did, it was always in a bun immediately or would be within a few hours when I realized that there was zero evenness between the front/ back and top/bottom of my hair. I saw Taylor at Anitakurl last week and I honestly never knew that my curly hair could be so manageable and tame. She did an amazing job with my cut and color, but most importantly she taught me how to do a better job washing and styling my hair so that I could re-create the style at home. You won't be disappointed. Price was extremely reasonable compared to other salons I've visited in Boston.


Today was my first time getting a rezo cut Diana was amazing thank you so much! Can’t wait to come back for my next appointment!

Kerry Molloy

Trent makes your hair looks fabulous with DevaCut.

Marianna Reddick

Kristin Prout

4 out 5 only because it was my 1st but not last time. Kandice is my go to. I'm natural, heatless, and live that kinky curly girl life. She gets me. DevaCut and products girl right here! If I was a regular I probably would have gave it 5 starts

Marcus 03

Men´s haircut by Kandice: Worst experience in 20 years! Unfriendly, very unprofessional haircut, "holes" in hairstyle were still visible a month later and my new barber was truly shocked - NEVER AGAIN!

samie Bouguillon

The review states that they handle all type of hair but when I called today I was told it’s a diva hair salon therefore they only handle curly type of hair. The lady was rude and went on how it’s a diva salon and the ladies are level 3 certified. Booooooooo

Crisleydi Lithgow

Amazing atmosphere! Got my first chop and it wasn’t as drastic as I wanted it to be. Talked to Candance and she suggested I came in again- I went with an big chop. Candance is how every boss should run their business. She made sure I was comfortable and left satisfied! I’m so ready for this natural hair journey!!!

Shreya Shah

This place is great! Diana always seems to read my mind and give me these amazing hair cuts. I asked her to shave the side of my head (i was terrified but wanted to try it) and she ended up making it look better than I had pictured.

Kandace Cummings

Monica Branco

Diana is absolutely a pro at what she does I moved from jersey and trusted no one with my curls till I met Diana and now compliments even from the girl at check out at grocery store thank you Anita curl salon and I come from Plymouth to Boston toget this cut its the rezo cut love love

Athalia Mcintyre

Elga Monteiro

Celia Pearce

Was trying to find a place in Boston that did Deva "curly girl" cuts, and I really wanted to get my hair cut on short notice. All of Anita Kurl's stylists got great reviews on Yelp and I was fortunately to find someone available for a same-day appointment. Diana was great. Really sweet and very responsive to what I was looking for. When I told her I wanted to go for a shorter style and showed her some pictures she said "I'm really excited about this." She did a great job and even gave me a discount since I was a first time customer. Added bonus: the whole cut took less than 45 minutes!

Jason Courtemanche

Anne Martland

Taylor cut my hair a few weeks ago, and it was a great experience. I wasn’t sure what I wanted, but she talked me through some styles to make sure I got a cut I was happy with. She was clearly very knowledgeable, and thought about the shape and curl of my hair specifically when suggesting looks. Even towards the end of the appointment she was patient with me and happy to make adjustments to make sure I loved the look. My curls are looking healthier and more defined than ever! Thanks for the awesome cut, Taylor!

Reya Schmidt

blake galway

Nejat Sirag

Supriya Choudhary

Corretta Robinson

Rachel W

Ann G.

Love the staff. Parking is awful.

Sheila Coleman-Castells

Kandance is such a good stylist that I fly in from West Virginia several times a year just to get my hair done! Great atmosphere and excellent service and notch!

Colleen Sullivan

BOW to the curl God - Antonio! Absolutely amazing experience from the moment I walked in. I have been following/watching all the Deva stylists work on instagram and yelp. I decided to take the plunge with the Master Stylist Antonio because go big or go home, right? No regrets. Not only was he a fun but he taught me a lot about my own hair and how to style. The cut was superb and with Pintura highlights he was able to transform my hair into a low maintenance honey color. <3 I have had a Ouidad cut before and I will never go back. Deva cut for life. Also I am not a city girl and was super stressed about parking. On a Monday evening it was a non issue. I was able to easily find a spot and there were plenty others when I left. You can pay using the app and update your meter from your chair while you wait. Although I cannot speak for the other stylists work, the salon was buzzing. All the customers seemed happy and staff were attentive. A Deva cut is a long process so be patient. The salon knows this and is accommodating. They offer phone chargers and refreshments.

Barbara V

First Deva cut ever and it came out great! Diana did an amazing job, I'll definitely be coming back

Jessica Pires

I've finally found someone I can fully trust with my mess of super curly hair! I've found Diana and I'm never letting go.

Stevie Bristow

Absolutely love this place I won’t go anywhere else with my curly hair! Such amazing talented people

Hugh Barry

Open Sundays and love the online booking feature. But since I've been going to Anita Kurl my hair has never looked better - says everyone at work.

Niles da Silva

Awesome for curly hair!

Mark Childers

Been going for years. Great place. Great vibe. Cool staff. Consistent cuts. Best massage washing ever!!!!!!

kasey jenkins

Love my curls!

Alexis Harewood

I was SUPER excited to have my first ever Devacut today at 4 pm. In fact, I told a host of close friends and my sister about my upcoming appointment and they wanted pictures after the experience. I arrived to the salon around 3:50, checked in and had a seat. 4 pm arrived and I remained seated. 4:10 pm came and still I was seated. Around 4:15 pm, my stylist, Diana, introduced herself and walked me over to her chair. She proceeded to ask me what I wanted and I explained that I hadn't had a perm in over 8 years and found straight ends when combing through my hair the other day and thought they could be heat damage. She said the two strand twists with extensions I had been wearing could be the cause of it (I had never heard this rationale before but okay). She took a look at my hair and told me that my front and back were longer than the middle and began cutting from the back because she didn't want me to have mullet hair. She confirmed that she saw straight ends and I asked her to cut off the straight ends. She told me I would be transitioning to natural again, which was totally okay in my book. I am really trying to wear my natural curls and learn how to manage and care for them. She then walked me over to the sink and conditioned my hair. She claimed my hair didn't need another wash because it was dry from the wash I had done a few hours before, which was a requirement for the appointment but whatever. She used her fingers to detangle my hair with the conditioner, then rinsed it and applied some Angel gel and a leave-in. Along the way, she apologized for her rough manuever through my hair. I understood why this might be necessary because my curls are super curly and kinky and braved through it. She asked me if I wanted the front of my hair to hang to the left or right, I explained that I wanted a part on the right. She moved some hair over but no defining part was created. After, she sat me under the dryer for 20-30 minutes. I emerged from the dryer and sat in her chair once again. I asked for the part once again and she rudely told me that, "my hair was too thick and a part would not stay." Isn't that why gel was created? She cut a few more strands of hair and I asked her if all of the straight parts were removed. She told me no, there was a lot left. So what exactly did I pay for? She claimed she couldn't remove them all or the cut wouldn't be the same. I left disappointed and crushed. I had seen amazing before and after photos and my after was just a shorter cut. I paid and left the salon and went to further look at my hair in my car mirror. Upon further review, I noticed longer strands of hair sticking out from the shorter strands she had just cut. I went back into the salon and asked her to cut them. She begrudgingly reached into a desk and grabbed some shears, located one of the pieces I was talking about, made a snide comment about it only being that one piece and snipped it. I pointed to another one and she told me, "when you pull on it, it causes that." I left yet again even more frustrated and defeated than a few minutes before. The first DevaCut was supposed to be 90 minutes as advertised on the salon's website. I was home by 5:33 pm. I live in Jamaica Plain near Whole Foods. It was very evident that Diana did not want to do my hair and I DEEPLY regret sitting in her chair. It was definitely not worth the cost + tip. It was not the investment I was so excited for. I received an automated email from Anita Kurl thanking me for being a customer and offering to alter the look within the next 3 days but I had enough of a bad experience that I'll just suffer until my hair grows back. I guess I'll just wear a hat whenever I can for the next year or two. Thanks for nothing!

Sam Ivette

If I could give this salon less than a 1 star, I would. I'm here to add onto what my grandmother, Claudina Toledano, had posted 2 months ago. First off, it was my hair that was being done and there was no cut involved so that was false information you provided in your response. Second, I had not had my hair done by Diana. Third, I was no where near 40 minutes late. I was actually 10 minutes early hoping to have my hair started earlier since I knew I was going to be seated on the chair for 6 hours. You must have confused us with another client. Now here was my hair horror story that took place at Anita Kurl. I had an appointment with Taylor Callinan on March 9th, 2018 to go from a dark blonde/orange color (posted picture), to silver. I was hoping to have my hair silver by today May 24th 2018, for my senior prom. Taylor had stated that she would try her best to have my hair the desired color by the time I had given. She also had said that the whole process was going to be around $350 in TOTAL. I ended up paying around that amount at the FIRST APPOINTMENT. My hair was damaged beyond belief after the bleach she had used. She did not explain to me what products she was using so for all I know, she could have used a 50 volume developer that was frying my hair. I left with my hair 3 different colors NONE BEING SILVER (picture posted) and she could tell that I was upset. She went on to talk about how I needed to come back for another bleach appointment but I did not make another appointment. I don't think anyone would after what they did to me. 2 months later, I have dark brown hair since I hated the 3 different colors I was given and I just got my hair cut above my shoulders at a different salon. This salon that I went to could not FATHOM how damaged my hair was after the bleaching and they even recommended that I go back to Anita Kurl to get my money back. They said that Taylor should not have even agreed to bleaching my hair and going silver with just 2 months to my prom. We spent a total of 5 hours in this salon that day just to get my hair fried off and a ridiculous $350 on something that should have been free. I have been to Anita Kurl several times now with hopes of redemption but this is the #1 salon that I would NEVER recommend. All that is left to say is that when you put your hair in the hands of a "professional", you should NEVER leave without a smile on your face.

Clayton Celander

Karla Whitten

After leaving my beloved Deva stylist back in Asheville, NC, I had three cuts from Boston area Deva stylists who had no idea how to cut my hair using the Deva technique. Today, I had my second cut with Candace ad must say, she's a keeper. I'm so pleased! As soon as colleagues saw my new cut they were immediately complimentary. What a relief to have found you. Thank you Candace.

Nana Azili

Jennifer Steele

Avilia Guardiola

Just do everything right for my curls.

Matt Walczak

Sophie Rushton

Juliana Kerrest

After doing quite a bit of research, I chose Anita Kurl and Annie for a Deva hair cut appointment and I was 100% pleased with my selection. I hadn't had my curly hair (type 3a/b) cut in 2+ years, so it really needed it. Annie was so great in terms of discussing with me what I wanted (just a trim, but volume), explaining what she was doing, walking me through the different steps and products (but not pushing for me purchase them), etc. The way she styled and dried it also made it so that there was no, repeat NO, frizz--it was amazing!!! I have never had bangs and was considering trying them, and she talked me through some different options and we settled on starting me down the path so I could kind of try it out, with a length that could still be easily swept to the side if I wanted. I was so glad she discussed it with me, because I hadn't made up my mind and wanted some opinions and advice and she really helped. I'm also interested in getting my hair colored a fun color and we discussed that as well, with me showing her pictures and her giving me advice about what to think about before I make the appointment. Overall, I was so pleased and were I not moving away from Boston soon, she would definitely become my permanent hair stylist (and I wouldn't wait another two years to get it trimmed!!). I'm looking forward to making another appointment with her to get it colored and will update my review after that! Highly recommend this salon--everyone was nice and friendly--and Annie, who was terrific.

Darilys Matos

Ana Teixeira

EDIT: Three stars for the haircut, one star for the service, during and after getting a haircut that I don't think was very appropriate for my hair type. *** I didn't love the haircut, which is fine, but I had a bad experience with the stylist, Trent, who doesn't seem to have a lot of patience (he got incensed when I said I didn't like the texture of gels and when I asked if my hair needed to be 100% dry, among other inane things). After he washed my hair I was quite displeased, but I said only that was not what I had in mind. He got reeeally defensive and we had some tense exchanges. Turns out it looked really (really) weird wet, but went back to "normal" as soon as it dried. If he had just told me "wait until it's dry" instead of "this is what you asked for and if you didn't want this then why did you get a deva cut?, etc.", I would have been fine. I really don't mind not *loving* a haircut, but I do mind when a stylist tries to shift the blame entirely on the client. In any case, it's just hair, it grows again ;)

Mari Ramirez

Friendly staff, great work done, organized and clean place with good ambiance. I went for THE haircut, for shape and to remove damaged ends. My stylist patiently shaped my long, thick, and tightly curly hair into a great look that got lots of compliments for weeks. She listened and provided great service, while also managing the salon (the woman has the brainpower of 4 regular people). Initially I felt that the price was steep, but it was money well spent and I left very happy with that.

Elizabeth Murphy

I've never spent more than $40 on a haircut ever before but after getting my hair cut at Anita Kurl today I can say it was 100% worth the price. Peebo was incredibly knowledgeable and patient, and helped me figure out what I wanted. I love the results! Cant recommend highly enough

Carole Martins

Annie I'm am the happiest I've ever been with my hair, you are an amazing artist, thank you, thank you, thank you! This is the first time I've cried HAPPY TEARS with a haircut!!!

Katherine Blakeslee

Let me begin this review by saying, I waited impatiently for over a month for this appointment with Kandace. The morning of, I followed all the rules before my first Deva Cut. I arrived on time and waited approximately 30 minutes before getting in the chair. I told Kandace my bare minimum length which was a little past my shoulders - curly haired girls will understand this. At shorter lengths, there is no telling how my curls will behave. Long story short, a 2-hour appointment interwoven with several other of her clients in between, I'm left with hair up past my shoulders and layers to my chin - my curls (eek!). Now let me say for this final dramatic part that I know my hair will grow back...eventually. I called my mom crying immediately after leaving. My hair barely goes back into a ponytail and as a runner this will be a challenge for the next month or so. I will never go back again and advise anyone reading this to look through all the reviews carefully - I wish I had!

Sarah Em

First curly haircut ever. Visited in April 2019 (I believe with Diana). She brought out the best in my hair and two months later I am still in love. Favorite part about the haircut is my hair looks good leaving salon AND continues to look good when I do it myself. First timers - COME HERE!!! It is worth the price. Do what the salon asks and wash your hair well, show up with it dry so they can see your natural curl and understand how to cut it. Bring pictures of the cut you want if you have a specific idea. Also experiment with the salon's product recommendations - I can't believe the difference it made for me (my curls can be shiny and beautiful but it's tough to bring that out, and they easily frizz - using a different conditioner changed everything).

Gillian Peguero

Iris Abrahantes

Super friendly, my hair feels so loved and looks better than ever


I have my cut with Anni she is pretty good, she knows exactly what she is doing it, I talke her please cut my hair, but something that match with my face and she did it, it is expensive, but I feel like I paid the value of her job, thank

Gabriela M

Love love love my curls. They never looked better. Tylor was very professional. Besides the great haircut , she also gave me a further instructions on how to take care of my curls. Very nice and clean place. Higly recommended.

Ashley Baez

Ashley Acosta

Natalia M

Great first Deva cut experience!

Melissa Hector

Great customer service. I've been coming to Anita Kurl since October 2016 and I get Deva cuts by Diana. She's super knowledgeable, shows you how to work the product in your hair. I'm always in and out, I love it!

Claudina Toledano

My experience is so badly that I don’t want to share

Michaela Freed

Teresa Cosenza

I input 1 star by mistake the first time. My visit with Antonio went wonderfully as usual. He always gives me a great haircut and wonderful conversation !

Caley Chase

Great haircut from Annie!! She listened to me and was so smart in her treatment of my tricky curls. Even at the end of a long day, I felt like I had her attention. She is skilled, kind, and professional. YAY! THANK YOU!

Emma Forman

Carrie Monestime

Excellent and friendly service. I learned so much in a short period of time during my FREE consult with Peadro. I given his business card to several people to also consider natural hair. I would recommend their shop to everyone.

Felicity Walker

Luv this place ann ambience.

Rosaura Vidal Mata

This place is fantastic, I was in Boston for the summer and in desperate need for a haircut. I have had Deva cuts before in my hometown (with a certified level 1 specialist) and while I thought my stylist was good (at least better than stylists that work only on straight hair) Diana completely blew me away. My hair is wavy with a few tighter curls here and there, however my lower layers are almost straight. My hair was getting a bit long and unmanageable, I also have lost of volume so no matter how much I tried to get it under control there was some section or the other that was frizzy. My stylist would usually just remove a bit of volume from the top to give it a bit of shape, but due to my bottom layers being straightish I would end up with some weird looking straight sections coming out here and there which I would notice within a few washes after my cut and assumed was inevitable. When I sat down at Diana's chair within a few seconds she mentioned the different hair texture of my lower layers (something I usually have to point out), suggested using some rezo cut techniques to give me better shape and volume and removed A LOT of hair (I wanted to go from mid-back length back to shoulder length). I was a bit nervous when I stood up and saw all that hair gone, but I decided to take a leap of faith. She shampooed, conditioner, styled and then out me on one of these blow drying machines for a while. I really appreciated that she showed me everything she was applying, the quantities as well as why would she recommend it (ouidad weather control for Boston's humidity). I left with some soft well defined waves. I was pretty happy overall but I wanted to wait for a couple months to make sure that that feeling lasted after washing and styling my hair on my own. Boy it did!! After a few hiccups here and there with me trying to figure out the new length, my hair seems to be pretty happy with this change overall, more locks have a tighter curl and even my straightish later has some waves going on down there! I can say that I am in love with this place and is probably one of the things I will miss the most from Boston (I am secretly looking for an excuse to visit Boston again just to come back to this salon!).

Lanell Williams

Trent is AMAZING!!! I love this place. Very professional. If you have kinky/curly hair this place is amazing. No texture discrimination here!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Britney Willingham

Love this place! It's beautiful and bright inside, staff are incredibly friendly and stylist are really knowledgeable. I had Diana and she is phenomenal. She was patient with my damaged hair and literally brought it back to life; in addition to giving me some helpful tips for future care. I can always count on the stylist to help keep my hair looking fresh. Thank you!

Annaleigh Curtis

Perfect place for curly or difficult hair. They have a fun hip vibe and will do right by your unruly locks.

Stacy Jean-Claude

They are clearly skilled, however, it feels as though they have an aversion for more textured hair... at least that was my experience. I felt second-tier to the other customers in the salon. It felt like I waited longer in some instances. I called ahead and asked for a specific style and was told my stylist can and will do it only to be “persuaded” by that stylist to do a simpler style... one that was less time-consuming. She even went so far to say “this style is done on shorter hair... your hair is too long”... it was not. On a separate occasion, I called ahead and asked if I should wash my hair prior to the appointment because I had put a lot of products in it resulting in buildup and I was told “no, it won’t make your service any cheaper”. Cue eye roll but I bit my tongue... When I came in, however, the stylist said with a side of attitude “next time, you need to do a pre-wash before coming in” and proceeded to take out all of her frustrations on my hair and super sensitive scalp (she knew it was sensitive due to CCCA as I told her numerous times). The owner was very unapproachable each time I came in and downright rude the last time. Other than the fact that they are skilled (however rough, with me), there was an associate/junior stylist who was just awesome when it came to shampooing my hair... she handled my hair with the best care and took her time detangling my hair. Her patience was better than my own! I have no idea if she is still there. All in all, the service for ME was 1 (especially when I witnessed that they were capable of treating their customers nicely) while their skill is at a 4.5, hence the 3. A few other things happened which I addressed in my (unanswered) feedback but the point is how low I was made to feel, while paying for the service. Needless to say, I never returned after my last visit in March 2017.

Ray Gilette

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